The Voice of Freedom – Adamus Saint-Germain – Through Geoffrey Hoppe

Adamus talks about what’s going on in the world right now, the the four “S’s” that are keeping us from true freedom, the recent Halloween DreamWalk, and much more.Recorded at the November 2012 monthly meeting of the Crimson Circle, Adamus is channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe with Linda Benyo Hoppe.

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Sandra Walter – Freedom, Guardians of the New Light – Creative Evolution – 28 Sep 2013

Freedom and Guardians of the New Light | Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution

Closure on a story now completed; Expansion into a story not yet told …

Last night I stood under the stars and felt completely free from EVERYTHING. Free from the past, the journey of Gaia, HUmanity, the Kingdoms, Elementals, the Galaxy, the Multiverse, all of it. This is unusual because I AM in service – my whole journey has been focused on the Shift, sharing Light Intel and assistance, guidance, more assistance.

Gatekeeping has been intense through the Equinox, and yesterday I felt cut off from being used as a conduit. Another Shift, another upgrade – but this one is different. I needed to be unplugged from the old way of service, and recalibrated for a new beingness. Something brand new is on the way – and no, I don’t feel it is related to the lightship ISON. Masks off, Kachina.

I have been saying for a while that nothing made sense any more – the way in which we were doing things, the old (last day, last minute, all of it) seemed nonapplicable. Now I AM being shown what that was all about; the freedom of a clean slate goes way beyond what we experienced on August 25. The Equinox energies which shook me (literally) from the core (note: that’s from the inside-out) haven’t settled in at all. I AM still drawn to silence, to integration, to pushing the collective away for a little while so I may become something brand new. Yesterday showed me how deep and profound that will be.

And yet, the challenges come up for Wayshowers during this turning point in the Shift. In the interest of sharing (please, no interpretation or advice is needed; delete that OP duality program), here are a few of my thoughts this morning:

– How do I communicate this and still honor my need for silence?
– Should I remain in the role of shift-reporter and guide? How long do we need this?
– When do we get the grounded councils together and co-create as a unified effort rather than a bazillion blogs and videos saying similar things?
– Will there be support for the Gatekeepers going through this stage, or are we still walking between the extraordinary (mastering the transcendence of parallel realities) and the mundane (can I find a place to keep warm this winter)?
– What do we do with the old conversations which haunt the collective, now that we cannot engage with those topics or issues any longer? Are there teachers who will hang back and guide the newly awakened?

Honestly, none of these questions matter in this new light. The key at this moment is surrendering to the new unknown, and letting the transfiguration take place. For my journey, I was taken out of the collective entanglement yesterday – all the way up the realms and back to Source.

Give yourself the opportunity to experience all that you are, and you’ll get a glimpse of pure freedom. The codes and frequencies coming through the Sun support this step right now. REmember what I said about the prism of the Sun changing, so the way we could project into this reality would change? It’s happening Now. We’re becoming the pure intention; the reigniting of true freedom and how it will change everyone. Decisions have been made to ignite the timelines of freedom right now, not in 2015. Expect the unexpected, beloveds.

Freedom and Guardians of the New Light | Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution.

Alania – Free To BE Me



From – We Believe In Light .org

I’m not sure which exact moment was responsible for lifting my heart up to IMAGINE a freer me.     But…it is certainly CLEAR that each and every moment of spiritual awakening this year has brought me to THIS precipice!!

I spent yesterday morning giddily spiraling from this new sense of EMPOWERMENT that I have stepped into…and then receding back into the comfort of anonymity and insignificance yesterday evening.

Yes!!   You heard me correctly.    In one bright beautiful day…I was able to fully and genuinely identify with two opposite extremes of one powerful spectrum of possibility.    Both stances of genuine being impacted my body, mind, and spirit deeply.    In the morning…I was able to sense MY DREAMS COMING TRUE ~ my spirit taking flight ~ and every imaginable opportunity becoming manifest!!    Life seemed effortless and wondrous!!   And in the evening…I sensed my spirit looking back for something I’ve missed ~ my body feeling the physical weight of responsibility ~ and only the clouds of uncertainty surrounding me in all directions.

That’s my candid truth.   That is exactly what I felt.

BUT…once I recognized how quickly my energies had shifted…I stood in AWARENESS and asked to understand the shift.   And in answer to this request…I recalled a special moment with my son just a few weeks ago.

My beautiful son stepped into the brave new world of middle school about four weeks ago.    I was so excited for the new challenging experience he would have.     And although I had concerns about supporting his accelerated academic challenges…I never felt anything but genuine excitement for his new adventure.

Then…suddenly and without warning…on the late evening before school began…I felt this intense desire to just hold him close!!    Beyond my natural desire to cuddle and love him…I felt the need to hold onto him.    That is certainly not my norm.    It confused me…so i let it go.    But the next morning…i clearly saw the bigger picture and was able to understand.

Once he proudly and bravely left the house with a wide-eyed wondrous look firmly in place…I grabbed Flash (our dog)  to take a nonchalant walk near the bus stop.  (((Smile)))    As I turned the corner where his bus stop came into view…I intuitively knew that I needed to give him the freedom to be himself.   So i shifted directions…and began to quickly walk away.    But spirit stopped me…and clearly told me “Look Back!!   For today your beautiful son walks through a gate of initiation…and when he returns home today…he will be forever changed!!”

It was absolutely TRUE!!!    He had changed through and through!!   And although I recognized the beauty and power of transforming ourselves into greater beings of light….I TREASURED THE GIFT of TIME i’d been granted the evening before.    I may not have recognized that it was the last time that i’d hold my baby tight…but my spirit knew the greater truth.

And I can clearly see…that I’m in a similar situation once again.    Only this time…the innocent child stepping into the gate of initiation is ME!!

All year my prayers have been to help me believe in myself ~ remind me of my greater truth ~  and align my physical energies with the divine light I am!!   And my experiences have certainly supported these prayers.     I have seen myself in greater LIGHT than I ever have…and the limitations I’ve once placed upon myself are not only lifting…they are simply NON-existent!!

How beautiful is that??

I’m finally seeing, accepting, and trusting the LIGHT that I AM ~ not the Light i wish to be!!    Ooohhhhhh…that’s powerful!!  (((Smile)))

And I can SEE ~ that I have truly and fully changed who I once was.     My sense of expectation is gone, gone, gone, gone, gone!!     It has been replaced by my elevated sense of knowing!!!

I now know that I AM LOVE ~ I AM LOVED ~ I AM JOY ~ I AM CREATION ~ I AM PERFECT ~ I AM BLESSED!!!   Any and allllllllllllll experiences I wish to embrace are MINE to welcome, create, and manifest!! ♥    I AM FREE, Free, FREE, Free, FREE TO BE ME!!!

Woohooooooo!!    How blessed I am!!

And so…would you like to know what I learned about that beautiful shadowed aspect of self I sensed last night??    She was REAL!!    She was GENUINE!!    She is PERFECT!!    But she no longer represents my greatest truth!!     When I needed to feel insignificant and unseen…she helped me to hide most beautifully.

But my warrior self is now AWAKENED and FREE!!!    I choose to hide no more!!  ”I” as I AM ~ is all i wish to be!!

No judgement ~ No expectation ~ Just TRUST in the ever-changing and expanding flow of my sacred divinity!!!


And I pray that each of you see the same pure beauty in your precious journey!!

The precipice is real!!    We will always have the choice to BE FREE ~ or be defined by a limited aspect of ourselves.    So i pray…that I always choose the brilliance that is most naturally ME!!

I Love You All!!

In Blessings and JOY,


From – We Believe In Light .org

Visionkeeper – Freedom Is Here For Us Now – 22 August 2013

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I have been on this awakening journey for quite some time now and yet it never ceases to amaze me that there are still so many things to learn as I travel along. One of the bigger realizations I have captured through experience has been that we need not sit here and wait to finally get our freedom. We already have it, it is we who determine whether we are free or not, not the jailers. It is very much like the old myth of heaven and hell and where we will go after death according to how we have lived our life. Nonsense! That is but another fear tactic that was used upon us to keep us in line. Heaven and hell are right here on earth and are determined by how we live our lives. If we choose to live a loving life from our hearts and show compassion for all others yes life will be good for us. The same goes for freedom. We can either limit our lives by how we think and stifle our freedom, or we can live with open hearts and open minds and choose for ourselves how free we will live our lives.

How rigid are your beliefs? Have you looked at how you think lately and taken inventory? Could you be holding on to old and out dated beliefs that are holding you back from freedom? Early on in life we adopt ideas and beliefs that we were taught by others but we were never taught to question whether those beliefs were accurate or not. Why have we been holding on to beliefs of another persons making? What if those beliefs are limiting our own freedom to live life as we desire? It would be wise to take time to search through your beliefs and weed out what no longer fits or belongs to some other persons fears and limitations. This is your life, time to live by your own beliefs now.

Forgiveness goes hand in hand with beliefs, for if we are not able to forgive because of our beliefs we stay trapped in our emotions. Take our assumptions for instance. We assume people should act a certain way and when they don’t and it affects us, we tend to not be able to forgive. That is old belief thinking. Try evolving to where you understand and believe that we are all free to be who we are and it is not our right to insist someone else must act a certain way that we deem correct. We all harbor these old modes of thinking but unless we stop and get quiet and really look at ourselves and see what our beliefs are, we will continue on in the same fashion we have been, even though it is halting our freedom.

Freedom like heaven is within ourselves. Are you able to release judgment and ego traps and free yourself to be whomever you choose to be? Think how nice it will be to be able to go through life not feeling slighted, or hurt, or jealous, etc. These emotions hold us captive and twist our hearts into knots. They are useless emotions. Without them we are free to soar our way through life not being jolted by emotional disturbances and life feels good. This is what releasing is all about, clearing out our hearts so there is more room for love in the inn. It is not necessarily hard work, it just takes you making the time to go within and be honest with yourself and find out how you truly believe about things, and if in fact those beliefs are even truly yours. Whatever you carry that belongs to someone else toss it aside and sweep your heart clean. Freedom awaits!

Blessings to us all,


Polona – Freedom of Being – Ascension Pioneers


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

What is true freedom of Being? How do we recognize it and how do we live it deep from within? All this and so much more in this Mountain video of mine. I AM a free sovereign Being, a Divine sovereign integral and I claim this as my natural birthright. We are all free Beings of Divine Love, but in this world of physicality, it often seems like we have to fight for that freedom. Is that really true? Who governs our inner freedom? It is all about perception and awareness anyway, and when we shift into living a simple magical life, freedom becomes a must, and it’s so natural to us. Nothing else truly matters anyway, and so we become a wayshower for others as well.

Within Divine Love, Polona

Fallen Heroes – An Original Composition by Tom Dougherty.

Thomas Dougherty·13 videos

Fallen Heroes is an Original Composition by Tom Dougherty, that speaks for a gratefull nation, in memory of those who gave their lives so that the families they left behind might continue to live in security and peace.

We Are All One

LovingItForward·2 videos

All is eternal essence embodied, all is reconciled, we are one.

Meditation on Freedom

bktampasouth·72 videos

Freedom- Most people think freedom is the ability to come and go as I please. But true freedom means I can go beyond the stories of my daily life , beyond the illusions of the world and into a dimension of stillness… into an experience of my true self. It means that whenever I wish, I can travel freely between the drama of life and the stillness of my spiritual identity.

Youth For Human Rights – We Are All Born Free & Equal

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Youth For Human Rights ad #01 – We Are All Born Free & Equal

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The UDHR has been around for 60 years and yet Australia remains the only Western democracy with no formal protection for the 30 rights enshrined within it.

We can make a difference. Visit and call on the Australian government to implement a Human Rights Act for Australia.

We love human rights (and this video version of the UDHR)

Maher Zain – Freedom (Official Music Video)

Lyrics, Melody & Arrangement: Maher Zain
Mixing: Ronny Lahti

Dedicated to all the people struggling for freedom and dignity in the world.

Maher’s Zain new music video, inspired by the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and across the Arab world.

Concert footage from Maher Zain’s concerts in Malaysia at the Malawati Stadium, Shah Alam, on the 25th and 26th of February 2011

Gathered here with my family
My neighbours and my friends
Standing firm together
Against oppression holding hands
It doesn’t matter where you’re from
Or if you’re young, old, woman or man
We’re here for the same reason
We want to take back our land

O God, thank You
For giving us the strength to hold on
And now we’re here together
Calling You for freedom, freedom
We know You can hear our call, oh
We’re calling for freedom, fighting for freedom
We know You won’t let us fall, oh
We know You’re here with us

No more being prisoners in our homes
No more being afraid to talk
Our dream is just to be free, just to be free
Now when we’ve taken our first step
Towards a life of complete freedom
We can see our dream getting closer and closer
We’re almost there


I can feel the pride in the air
And it makes me strong to see everyone
Standing together holding hands in unity
Shouting out loud demanding their right for freedom
This is it, and we’re not backing off!
O God we know You hear our call


Freedom, freedom, freedom, ooh