Master Lanto via Fran Zepeda – Shine Your Radiance – 4-23-15

Picture of me 5 (2)Master Lanto  via  Fran Zepeda

Greetings, I AM Master Lanto, greeting you from afar, yet right next to you in your field of Light if you allow me.

I wish to speak to you about Radiance. Radiance is comprised of many things. Exalt within your own Radiance, for it is the spark that drives your Soul. It is YOU in your essential form. It is All-That-Is.

You are awash in your own Radiance when you bow to yourself and accept all that is YOU in its purest form: LOVE. Loving yourself and accepting yourself is key, as you well know. But do you live it day in and day out — Moment by Moment….In the NOW?

Every flaw, every obstacle, every struggle, every seeming impediment of your Happiness, is indeed only LOVE attempting to take hold on a deeper level of YOU.

And this brings us to your core, your essence. Do you think that it is devoid of Radiance just because you encounter unhappy times, or struggles? No…it is Radiance waiting to be revealed and embraced and accepted by you. Dear ones, I cannot stress enough to you that YOU ARE RADIANCE in full glory when you allow yourselves to be so. It is as simple as that, and as complex as that.

And while that may appear to be a paradox, consider this: Have you noticed that just looking at something with a certain attitude will color it with that attitude? You all know this. So why not color everything with your Joy, with your Peace, with your Love, with your exaltedness, your bubbling effervescent spark — Your Radiance — lying under the surface of all that judgment and skewing of the fact that you are all essentially Pure and Radiant, for you are a child of God, of Creator, All-That-Is, however you wish to term it.

Take that concept now and envelop and embrace it within you now. Look at your feelings about yourself right now. Look at your environment right now. What do you feel/see? Be honest. Now consider what that seeming reality would be if you accepted that you are the Divine and that all around you is a projection of the Divine. What would it look/feel like now? It is different, is it not?

You see, when you accept that you are as much of the Divine that Creator is, as much of the Divine as Yeshua, as Jesus, when he walked the Earth, or any of the Ascended Masters are, you begin to fan the flame of your divinity even more, so that it takes over your reality as you see it now. This shift is called Enlightenment and you can have it now…you DO have it now by accepting and basking in the Radiance that is You….the spark of your divine essence become manifest.

What douses your Divine Flame is your judgment, is your doubt, and is your fear that you could be as Radiant as all the Ascended Masters and Archangels are, as Creator is. You ARE, dear ones.

So Shine, dear ones, Shine your Radiance in everything you do and think and say, and I will be with you in counterpart as you lift from the struggles of everyday life, only a sign post to the destination of becoming fully engorged in Radiance.

I leave you with a Prayer to help you in this endeavor:

‘Divine Self, I AM Presence, grant me the pleasure of knowing you in full. Grant me the pleasure of being my guiding light in everything I do, in everything I see, in everything I experience.

‘For thou is the glory that resides within me. It is in no other place. I AM the Divine. I AM the Radiance. Allow it to emerge more fully with each breath I take, with each step I take, with each struggle I encounter, and with each endeavor I attempt.

‘And let it be known that all shall be colored with this Divine Radiance that I AM, forever and always.

And so it is.’

So beloveds, Remember I hold you in the highest esteem. Your Radiance draws me to you and allows me to share my Love and Radiance, allowing your days to be filled with all the Light that you can hold.


I AM Master Lanto in Fullness of Radiance, as are YOU.

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Higher Self Teaching – On Abundance and Manifestation – 2-11-15

Fran ZepedaFran Zepeda
 February 2, 2015

Received January 30, 2015 from Higher Self, supported by Lakshmi, Lady Nada, and Yeshua:

Abundance is a matter of intention, in full alignment with your soul purpose, and keeping in mind and heart the knowing that all you desire is at your fingertips, that all is present in your immediate Now for the taking. It becomes manifest with your full alignment with your intentions, for the highest good of all. Believing it is so, believing it is possible, is key.

Nothing is impossible. It just requires a sustained living in the energy of the intention — feeling, seeing and abiding by all the elements that make up your desire, as if it is happening now in this moment. You live constantly in that energy and it becomes manifest.

Dear ones, it is not that hard. Take away the restrictions that you cannot have it. Take away the limits you have imposed upon yourself, and live, breathe and abide in the energy of your highest dreams as if it is happening right now. It IS. It is merely not manifest in the physical until all conditions are right and all is aligned to match the vibration of the intention and for the highest good of all.

It is introspective in nature — fully living in your intentions and according to your own soul purpose. Take a moment now to illuminate your deepest desires within your heart. Allow them to take shape within you now. See yourself walking, talking and experiencing what you would want your daily life to be. Write it down and then refresh it every day with more detail and flourish, as you meditate on and visualize it, made more real by all your feelings and emotions and senses in deep alignment with what you want to create.

What emotions would accompany this new life? — Joy? Peace? Fulfillment? What divine aspects would accompany this new life? — Love? Harmony? Grace? Freedom? What do you see, what do you feel, what are the details in this vision of your new life?

How are you connected to it? Are you going within, each day, to explore it and then asking your Higher Self and guides for what action to take to make it more real? Are you listening for insights? And Inspiration? Are you paying attention to any opportunity or new idea that beckons to be explored? Are you constantly bringing yourself back to the vision of what you would like, and etching more details into it?

Take off the shackles of what should be, or how it should be, or when it should be, and allow the forming of your creation to flow in freedom and synchronicity, fueled by your deep desires and intentions.

Be bold, and bare your heart wide open to accept what you desire. Accept and allow the energy of what you want, and aim to match that energy in your heart. What do you have to step out of or let go of to clear the way? Ask yourself: If you were in the energy now of what you want, what would be taking place and what would it require you to own about yourself? To discard? To accept and forgive about yourself?

Be creative and limitless with the sketch you have in your heart of your desires. Let it take you deeper into it each day in your meditations and visualizations, so you begin to feel the energy of the intention present and growing stronger when you go about your day, it never leaving your thoughts and heart.

Be loving with yourself. Play with the ideas as if you are building a castle or a village out of building blocks like a child would. What would be there?

Allow yourself to laugh with Joy as you survey your work on this vision. And keep it within your heart throughout the day, always keeping it with you.

And you are limitless now — you are a magnificent creature of creation. You are happiness sublime because now you know that nothing is impossible and nothing is out of bounds in your New World of Creation.


Thank you to my Higher Self, Lady Nada, Yeshua and Lakshmi.

Copyright © 2011-2015 Fran Zepeda. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and share this message provided that the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been altered in any way, is distributed free of charge, and this copyright and links are included.

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Archangel Zadkiel via Fran Zepeda – Your Kingdom of Truth – 4-10-14

Archangel Zadkiel:

Hello Precious Ones. I AM Zadkiel, Archangel of the almighty violet flame, the flame of truth and purification. Many of you know me. I hover around you lately and assist with purification and transmutation. You are all clearing in immense leaps and bounds these days, and you have required much assistance of many in the Celestial and Galactic Realm to boost your awareness and boost your abilities to clear and transmute to reveal the true essence of You that is emerging ever steadily and true.


As you survey your “Kingdom of Truth”, you have been privy to many new insights and remembrances of what you are composed of and what you are made of and what your purpose is. And albeit difficult at times to encompass all that you are, without being blocked by expectations and qualifications, you are proceeding nicely along this path of ever-expansion into who you truly are.

You see, you are made up of so many things, but yet you are made up of simply the frequency of LOVE. And not so simply as yet. Many of you have been dipping into the deep deep reservoir of their Love Essence as it has been made itself more present and obvious that you are swimming in it, that you are encompassed by it, and that yet you encompass it at the same time. It has always been there, but not so obvious. There has been a wall, invisible at best, but a wall that signified separation, the theme of the day for many many eons.

As you know, the walls are coming down, breaking down, crumbling down, and with it comes a rush of this deep reservoir of LOVE and True Essence of your Divinity to flood your awareness, and to be your present truth. You only have to allow the awareness, to be overcome by the reality of it, dear ones.

And so I beseech you to continue to allow these walls to continue to crumble, these walls of separation that used to define how you look at things, that used to be your only world. You have merely adopted and taken on that way of looking at things for many many eons. It is time for you to open the curtains of your Soul and realize the immensity of your expansive world out there, made possible by your perception from within.

And so that you do not think I am talking with riddles, consider this: You are so immense, you are so expansive, that at one time you were content to house it in a small physical vehicle and a small frame of reference. like miniaturizing what you really entail.  And now that the walls are lifting and your rendered “smallness” has given way and begun to expand back up to full-size Divinity, it is coloring everything differently. And it will merely take some time to adjust, to get used to your new “eyes” and to also clear them of the sleepiness you have endured for a long long time.

And so dear ones, I come to you to remind yourselves of your progress in this, of your utter courage and bravery to let all walls and veils disintegrate to expose the rawness, but beautiful essence, of your Soul and Divinity.

Congratulations…we know it has not been easy for you. But just as a baby takes time to grow from the tiny cells of its emergence into physicality, you take time to “grow” into your new body, which is now composed of not only your physical vehicle, but all the aspects of your True Being. The integration is moving quickly for many of you and morphing beyond what your “mind” can comprehend at times. Just allow the emergence, just allow the metamorphosis, and let it take the twists and turns it is meant to. For that you will be grateful.

For it will allow you to be adapted to the frequencies of On High and give you more and more a taste of what we in the Celestial and Galactic Realm experience daily: the sweet music of the Soul, the sweet music of our Divinity. You are there amongst us and you are not far from the full expression of it.

Take this all in, dear ones. Allow for mistakes and twists and turns in your emergence. The road always leads to the same place as long as you remain open and loving to yourselves. And very shortly, you will turn the corner to reveal a bigger more expansive reality and world that you will feel so much at Home in. It only requires your perseverance and your allowance of every new venture that beckons you in your Now Moment that speaks of Love and Wholeness.

I bid you farewell for the moment but I shall return again, and I AM always in your field if you beckon and allow me.


I AM Archangel Zadkiel


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Fran Zepeda – Lady Nada – Let the Sweet Peace of Your Stillness be your Guiding Light – 10-21-13

LadyMasterNada13   /

Lady Nada:

Hello my dear ones. It is a wonderment to see you all progressing oh so well. The changes within you are astounding and although it has been a challenge for some of you, you are graduating with flying colors.

It is not to say that the difficult times are over. However, many changes have been made to your light bodies and inner selves and you will see a marked change in your environment as a result.

All-be-it to say you are a work in progress, a wonderful and delightful work in progress. If you were to see a graph of how far you have come, it would astound you.

You are now making a very steep climb, so to speak, and it is only treacherous if you view it as such. The changes within you warrant a completely new operating system, as you would term it in your computer verbiage.

And it running smoothly depends on what you allow in and how you process what you allow in. You have  installed the newest operating system in all perpetuity and now it just takes a little taking used to and great care in implementing it.

You have cleared so much, that many of you have lifted incredibly. The lightness is taking some getting used to and grounding has never been more important. You are lit up like fireflies and you are amped up considerably and your photons are generating so much light and “buzz” that your bodies may shake a bit and “hum” a bit and the energy within and around you may seem like it is swirling, especially around your head and your heart.

But you are all old veterans at this process. The game plan seems to keep changing constantly and it may be hard to keep up. But you are also developing the ability to let yourself go into the Lightness much more regularly without monitoring it, without resisting it, and without categorizing it constantly with your ego.

Which leads me to that aspect. Many of you are beginning to soar and fly without being on the customary “ego autopilot” that used to lead your lives. Many of you have successfully handed over the reins to your heart center and the ego is fading into the background.

Your ego still has a function. It can assess what no longer works in your life and agree to integrate with you, so that your Higher Self is the guiding force always. The degree and percentage of that happening now is increasing for many of you and so you often “look to the stars” and feel comfortable “in the void”, so to speak.

That “void” contains a plethora of possibilities, however. It is enabling you to let go of all that doesn’t serve you and allows you to embark with a clean slate into the unknown wonders of your new life.

Confusing as it may seem sometimes, allowing only your heart to guide you, without grabbing on to old markers of yesteryear, will soon completely take over your life.

You are perceptibly glowing and it is in complete wonderment that we watch your progress along this path of ascension and enlightenment.

Many ideas and new thoughts now have room to “pop up” in your head and heart and we delight in seeing you warm to these new notions as complete possibilities to alter your world.

Take heart in the fact that the “disassembling” of your old life is allowing you to rebuild out of the “rubble” an entirely new picture of clarity and fresh ideas. Allow yourselves to hold on to those far more readily and continue to let go of the old stale ideas of how to operate in your new world.

Take the time to Breathe and Center constantly throughout your day, dear ones. Pay no attention to distractions and negative thoughts. Say goodbye to the confusion of the chaos and get more comfortable letting the sweet peace of your stillness be your guiding light and new norm in your life.

More and more you are being “cued” to respond to stimuli elicited within you, within your heart, within your center, and your connection to Creator is becoming more solid and substantial as you weave your attention around to only operating within the center of your Being.

Let not your fears of this new way of Being be interfering with you. You are all “old hats” by now in welcoming the unknown. It merely takes your attention upon your center and the sensations and messages coming from the vast network you are building within and without you. The old network is falling away, so allow it to crumble, and enjoy the new sensations and input that your opening up allows.

For now, your body may need considerable rest and rejuvenation as it catches up with the changes in your light body that all these current energies are eliciting. Your crystalline structure is much more established and so you only need to allow it to “solidify” by taking great care of your physical body in order to hold your light body more substantially.

And so it goes that you are progressing most splendidly. One day you will look back and notice all the substantial changes within you and without you, if you are not already seeing and feeling them profoundly, as many of you are. As you hold them in this completely new light of your divine nature coming to fruition, you will be amazed at how far you have come.

And so the story is not complete as yet, but is filling in quite nicely, and it is time to take a beat and a breath and notice how far you have come.

I abide by my love for you and I enfold you within it as you continue to unfold your magnificent statures of avatar capabilities.

Be in peace with your new selves. You are farther along than you realize. Constantly appreciate yourselves for making this journey with such grace and magnificence.

I Am Lady Nada and  I am always here for you, in guidance and in love.

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Fran Zepeda – Lady Nada – Be Prepared – More Miracles and Inspiration – Relinquish Reins To Higher Self and Divine Nature – 20 August 2013

LadyMasterNada13 (Blog)

Lady Nada:

Hello, sweet ones. Your mundane world is becoming no more, of what it has been. You are “reaching for the stars” and it shows. It shows in everything you are and do and for that we are most grateful. You are picking up the pieces from a world of absolutes and divisions and black and white, and transforming it into a beautiful one of bright colors and unknowns, but all with a plethora of possibilities.

You take in stride your creation of a world of such love and magic. Your doubts are waning and it is as it should be. For you are stepping up into a reality that only deals with Love and circumstances designed for the good of all – of seeing things from a perspective of abundance versus lack, of seeing things from a perspective of plenty for all, of love for all, of forgiveness for all, including yourself. And for that you are responsible. You are at the helm and creating as we speak.

For in your desire to be in a world of infinite possibilities, of gentle and sure creation of your utmost desires and yearnings, it is a bit foreign still but becoming more real every day, every waking moment that you raise yourself to the level of your Divine Self and see things from that perspective.

Dear ones, we are supporting this new awakening that you are engineering. We bow to you in this beautiful manifestation of a greater world based on your greater selves and abilities.

For many, these greater abilities are coming on-line more and more every day. It is a little new as you rework your perspective away from the old one of duality to the new reality of Oneness and Divine Inspiration. Take those inspirations you receive with your dalliance in the higher dimensions and mold them into reality. Take those divine inspirations and see them as infinite possibilities, while at the same time it is also necessary to maintain yourselves in these higher realms you are delving into.

For such is the way of transformation. Delve into and stay in these new realms no matter how they may still feel unfamiliar, and relish the rewards gained from being there: The peace, the serenity, the knowing – the sweet knowing and certainty that everything can be transformed with just a flick of your imagination and intent. You are practicing that, dear ones, and we watch you with utmost delight.

So please carry on with this new venture that is made possible with each new breath you take of the purer higher energies being offered to you, and settle into the pattern of expecting miracles and divine inspiration the more you get used to connecting with your higher selves and higher dimensions.

You are merging with your Higher Selves and with Source more and more each day and getting used to the altitude. It frees you up for so many miraculous endeavors. Your mind-set is important to this. Gone are the days for doubt or regret or unforgiveness for past misdeeds. For you have learned from them, have you not?

You have gathered the gifts of the experiences and you are ready to step up into the possibilities of a higher lighter future filled with abundance and grace and freedom, fueled only by your love and your compassion, and your faith and trust in your divine nature.

You are shedding the old ways and making room for the new, and in that you find gratitude and grace. Be prepared for more and more miracles and inspiration as you relinquish the reins to your Higher Selves and Divine Nature and step up into your rightful selves in the higher realms.

Go forward in Peace and Love and don’t forget your neighbor, for they are yearning for the same.

I leave you now, dear ones, to continue on your illustrious path of ascension and merging with your Higher Being, always to come from that standpoint and never to return to the old ways.

I give you my love and my devotion and my admiration, for you are all stellar and magnificent.


I AM Lady Nada at your service.

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Fran Zepeda – Yeshua and the Company of Heaven – Bask in the Glory of Your New Found Freedom and Happiness – 27 July 2013

ascensionfloater2 (Blog)

Yeshua and the Company of Heaven:

Greetings from all your celestial family!  We come in peace and love to greet your hearts and to beseech you to absorb as much of the energies as you deem capable of absorbing in the next few days. For as you take in the beautiful energies offered to you, you become expanded beings, expanded Light Beings of Christ Consciousness, your essence becoming even more illuminated during this auspicious Lions’ Gate Opening and the emerging Star of David formation.

Now is the time to expand your capability to absorb these energies by focusing on your center and the love you have for yourself and others. Slow to the beat of your heart and be still, dear ones. Take in your golden breath which is pregnant with so much potential to lift you higher and higher into your rightful place of glory and sweet divine essence.

Yes, we implore you to not let this opportunity go by. Pull yourself away from activities and thoughts that bring your energy down into your lower base focus of security, survival and old habits; release your preoccupation with the “how why and whats” of things, and be in the state of clear blue stillness as if you were floating on a placid lake resplendent with sparkle from the sun and allow it to completely support you as you surrender to the stillness and peace of it. Listen to the stillness, feel the stillness, feel the luxury of surrendering to the trust of complete support that the water gives you as you relax into it.  And much like a baby who floats in the womb, you are trusting that all is available for your safety and nurturing.

But alas, you feel it isn’t enough to just surrender and breathe in the golden light as it comes into you. But it is your job now, dear ones. Take in as much as you can and float upon the celestial energies as they come in, much like you would float on that refreshing body of water you just visualized.

Much is being accomplished right now with your acceptance and surrender and receptiveness. Much exists below the surface of it. Much is stirring. All is encompassing. All is well. All is resplendent with each golden breath you take in now. Settle into it and redeem yourself in each moment anew and renewed.

In this expansion you have the opportunity to explore many worlds within your very heart, many portals leading to more awakening and expansion. Consider it as many lotus flowers opening within you. Feel the lightness and the freedom of loosening boundaries all around you as you experience the free-floating feeling of meshing with the expanded energies in your Light Body and beyond. It only has boundaries of that which you allow, dear ones. Push them out and expand.

Feel the Golden Christed Essence of your Being expand as you envelop the energies and allow them to permeate you. Feel every cell, every light cell welcome the energy and light, the Golden Light, little by little, bit by bit, on-going and ever presently expanding into infinity, dear ones. Ground into the feeling of security this gives you as your Light Body finds a new balance and sense of sureness and placement in complete integration. You are finding a new sense of stability in the very expansiveness and lightness that is so different from your former sense of physicality. Feel the pulsing of your newfound lightness as you move through these energies.

We congratulate you on letting go and feeling and experiencing each portal opening and influx of light. By now you are seeing the opportunities to open your own portals and so it becomes a little mind-blowing as to the possibilities and the awareness you are gaining through this journey.

And so you adjust each moment to the new feelings of upliftment and expansion. And we welcome you, dear ones. You are learning to exist on so many levels and to love yourselves as much as we do and we applaud you for that. You are leaving behind those shackles of yesteryear that bound you to limited views of things. You are leaving behind attachments that only served to entrench you deeper into the old realities.

You are learning to be free, something that you have not experienced since those lighted years many eons ago when you set out to embark on this journey, that yes, became convoluted at times, but you are pulling out of it, much like a swimmer swims up steadily from the depths of a deep body of water, to finally break through the surface with so much excitement and exhilaration. You are doing that now, dear ones.

We love you with our essence, so very deeply, just as Creator does. You are becoming much more comfortable within that love, we see, and that will open even more doors for you.

We leave you now to ponder our words and to bask in the glory of your newfound freedom and happiness.

Your loving brother Yeshua with the Company of Heaven

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