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Published on Jun 12, 2018

JOANNA HUNTER – The Fractal Nature of Reality – 12-31-15

“Life is about floating on the seas of turbulence, drifting on the eddies and currents, flowing, and along the way, learning: whatever that may look like for each of us currently experiencing a mortal life.” ~Joanna Hunter


JOANNA HUNTER   –   The Fractal Nature of Reality   –   12-31-15


Each of us (the animate and inanimate, the sentient and the purely material) is part of one inconceivably large, unfurling fractal entity that constitutes everything, and when taken as a whole is the equivalent of what some may call “God”.

This entity does not exist within some surrounding vacuum but rather twists and folds back on itself so that it is boundless. The concept of “nothing” is therefore a logical fallacy, an impossibility.

We, as parts of this great unfurling fractal cosmic entity, are eternal, though the notion and form of “I” is temporary and in fact the “all” we are participating in exists outside of time.

“What you are basically, deep, deep down, far, far in, is simply the fabric and structure of existence itself.” ~ Alan Watts

Evolution is the fundamental process at work within this greater “all”, along with its opposite, entropy. Evolution utilizes energy to increase complexity and information over time, whereas entropy dissolves structural patterns, flattening everything out into evenness.

Evolution gives birth to difference, entropy soothes into sameness. Evolution is life, entropy is decay. They are two sides of the same coin and without them nothing would ever happen. Similarly, one cannot exist without the other.

“Nature is ever at work building and pulling down, creating and destroying, keeping everything whirling and flowing, allowing no rest but in rhythmical motion, chasing everything in endless song out of one beautiful form into another.” ~ John Muir

A System Governed by Flow Dynamics

The whole system of our universe is essentially governed by flow dynamics or the physics of turbulence. Turbulent systems are characterised by the eddies, currents and vortices of “flow”. Vortices are self-sustaining energy structures that occur everywhere naturally. They exist at the core of the Möbius torus shape.

995304_10153754891159299_7896220918376717454_nIf you think about almost any life form, you can see it is a variant of the Möbius torus and fractal dynamics. Equally, all life forms are holarchies of many lower level Möbius tori. E.g. apple seed, apple tree, apple. All are expressions of Möbius tori.





God as a Fractal – Symbol CeRa KiNi A ‘El

Jose Sanches

I present a simple explanation based on my direct experiences with the divine.
God as a Fractal

In an ever expanding and growing universe we witness a small portion of the whole. The Universe or creation as a whole has a similar pattern from the biggest to the smallest. Take atoms for instance, they are made up of similar components regardless of the elements they represent give or take a neutron or two. Now I am not a scientist so please bear with me.

If you take a cell in the human body they are all fractals of the human being they bind together to create, yet every single cell is a world onto itself. Keep going from the smallest cell or atom, and we find the similarity in patterns. The planets and stars are the same, they are fractal portions of the galaxy they are a part of. Galaxies are a fractal of super clusters which in so many ways are like cells or organs of an even greater structure or pattern. Keep going up the scale and you start to recompose the greater whole, in this case an infinite aspect known by many names or labels.

There is a subatomic force that holds all fractals or patterns together. You can call it the glue of life and the force that binds everything and the all. A finite force holding together the infinite takes on the qualities of that which it holds, thus making it infinite in and of itself. It brings to mind the spiral, you start from the smallest and true to its form, it expands like a copy of itself in each and every single layer. If you mirror the pattern it then goes from biggest to smallest again, making this a perpetual existence. Here you have an infinite living fractal of something even greater.

The flowing pattern of existence dictates the smallest will always mirror the biggest and each could stand on its own as a universal presence. Meaning each being, cell, particle carries the codes of the all and so each could be and is its own universe. An absolute truth spoken by the phrase or principle of correspondence “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

We are indeed through our unadulterated and incorruptible spirit are the mirror image or the absolute reflection of the divine creator labeled as God. Every creator being becomes a God over its creation. The essence of God or divine creators are the fractals of undifferentiated source. All combined make up the infinite, infinite existence within our creation.

As a child before my concept of God was polluted by the short sighted beliefs of religion I always questioned or wondered about God and who created God. At the age of 15, I mustered the courage to step away from religion in order to broaden my scope of life. From that point on my concept of God expanded and still keeps on expanding. Now at this point in my life my God and my understanding of God has become so much greater and without limits. I could always envision a sphere or a creational sphere where even god was part of something bigger than him/herself.

I came to understand love also as the subatomic force, the powerful glue of life that binds everything and everyone into a larger than life creation that makes up the infinite creation we are a apart of. Turns out that infinite creation when compared to the big picture of existence in so many ways becomes finite in its smallness in comparison to the greatest truth. Creation held within the existence of the divine creator becomes a fractal of an infinite being who is a fractal of an original creator and it goes on and on many layers beyond our comprehension. Prime Creator is also a fractal of something or someone who is so magnificent and beyond understanding that it is at this point when we need more than just one brain to even begin to comprehend the magnitude of existence.

I have been told by many people through my explanations and comparison of God to the larger picture that I took their God away. Yes in some ways I did take away a small concept based on religion. Granted my intentions are always pure and to take away the binders and the blinders that keep many of us from truly understanding the beauty and the incredible magnificent presence represented by our creator.

We have been conditioned to make our God or creator such a small and insignificant being by humanizing him/her. Even if we were to combine all belief systems and religions in existence here and every level of creation we would come short in how amazing our creators are. Father and Mother God are truly amazing and are the true representation of love in this existence. The Glue of life was formed through their union and the binding of their creative forces when they arrived in this space we call our creation. By understanding such union we can begin to see the larger picture and in doing so we can begin to understand the universal space within each and every one of us.

My view and understanding of God is so beautiful now that I opened my heart to the great possibilities we all carry an expansion has taken place. My God is a truly beautiful God and I invite everyone to open your hearts to the great possibilities of your God or infinite source that you believe in. The layers and levels of possibilities are simply incredible when we begin to see past dogmatic belief systems that in essence have caused so much damage by limiting and separating us all through labels.

Bottom line is we hold within us the fractal codes of the Prime Creator just as much as Father and Mother God. We are indeed created in an incredible manner. When I mention Prime Creator I’m not referring to the Prime Creator a few have written about. Instead I am referring to the absolute being who transcends and predates every single aspect of reality and ideas of Gods and creators.

The idea of a higher being who is and was even before the infinite being we call God can be a difficult one to accept when we are blocked by the ideas of religion.Have you ever wonder about how it is always talked about how God is love? Why is God love? Did you know that God is love and yet love is not God? In some ways those questions sort of create a separation, yet it is necessary to create a picture of how existence begun. Now imagine our God/Goddess a single sphere trying to understand itself and also searching for a greater meaning of its existence. Perfection =stagnation and our creator is an active and proactive force searching and wishing to know of its true origins.

Jesefia (Yeshua) I ask you at the level of a Light being, being of pure light and love and knowing God from a finer perspective what can you say about God?

Your perspective as opened as you are is still a limited one. One where you are still trying to understand an unfathomable source of existence with the limited perception of a human. Divine source a better term that just God is an unlimited consciousness that is conscious and unconscious of itself. The conscious aspect which is only about one percent of its entirety has chosen to be so in order to keep on exploring beyond the boring concept of perfection. For us perfection is but a simple idea that does not apply to the grandiosity of existence.

The creator is an inexhaustible source of existence. A divine explorer who took upon him/herself to experiment at a large scale not only just duality but also many aspects of energy and vibrations. Upon the realm of creators or better yet the council of creators he is known as an innovators and a bit of a rebel. He/she does not conform to the norm or the rules that were set before creation begun. By taking on a role of innovator and explorer in this creation alone a huge experimental process took place which allowed for the greater picture including the millions of creations to expand even more. We are fortunate to have taken part among this grand experiment or game as we all have grown and changed so much and it will lead to the creation of many more realms or spheres of existence as spiritual evolution has incremented a thousand fold.

Simply said accept yourselves as the fractals of a God who is a fractal of something divinely wonderful and so you hold within you the key to realizing goodhood. With love and expansion reality becomes unreal and a void becomes a shining star.

Peace be with you,


**The symbol below CeRa KiNi A’El is an energetic upgrade that supports the unification of light by directly increasing the frequency of your cells individually and as a whole thus forming and impermeable layer of absolute love and creational force.

It means: From the Sea of Creation and the Sun’s light arose the radiance and power of the Word of God



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Lisa Gawles – Shift of Time and Energy – Fractals, Phase Conjugation, Electromagnetic Pulses, and Sine Waves – 5-12-14


I swear the sandman was ever-present in every single reading yesterday.  Each reading I did, I got progressively more and more tired.  By the time I got to my last connection of the day, my eyes were burning I was so tired and connection was impossible.  I rescheduled, hit the couch and fell fast asleep… until 7 flipping pm at night!  I woke up thinking it was the next day and then realized, ohhh shit… I slept right thru the soul gym time.  So to everyone who was looking forward to ET Sunday, I am so sorry for being a no-show.  No more naps for me on soul gym days!!!

However, I know it is the increasing intensity, thickness of the incoming energy.  Whatever that “influx” of energy spirit has talked about coming in May 14th thru the 16th, is already underway.  Kinda funny to think about how linear our brains still are.  We look to a “future” date on the calendar and think, well, that day does not exist yet… when in actuality, it all exists already and is very much underway.  Of course, this is what allows us to see future events, they are already happening.  But even this, can be a bit deceiving, simply because we have the ability to change our mind instantly on where we are heading.

Imagine your life is really just a footpath you are walking.  Suddenly, you come to a point in that footpath were it branches out into several different directions… any reader picks up the energy from the present moment with the current strongest potential of which branch you will take.  Change your mind, your direction along the way, that obviously changes the outcome of the path taken.  So really, there is no path, just bubbles of (non) reality all linked together so the mind does not miss a beat.

The way I “see” these bubbles of (non) reality is housed in terms of months.  May is the present moment, June is the next reality potential… an energy field all its own.  Some people may choose to never leave the energy field of May (not really a month, but a bubble of frequency, of creation itself we call, Life.)  You can look around at the outside world and see what timeline they are locked into (by choice, no shackles exist except in the mind itself.)  Some very much aligned with the 1930′s or 40′s, some, the mindset of the 1800′s (beliefs, world views, etc) is still very strong.  Then you have the wonderful crazies called US, that know even this moment is mutable and we have absolute control over any given outcome within our personal life (bubble of creation.)

Now lets take this one step further.  Let’s say we have taken ourselves out of the illusion that life has to happen as it always has.  That we KNOW we create our reality, day in, day out.  This is where the game gets fun, and the ability to see beyond this month, this moment, becomes difficult, if not impossible.  Many of us have taken ourselves off the hamster wheel and put the magic wand of creation into our own hands.  The more we use that magic wand (the emotional field of the heart) the more energy comes into assist whatever the desires of our hearts are.

This is exactly what that influx of energy is here to do.

I am so blessed to be able to read, to connect to the most powerful people on the universe… YOU!!  But even more than that, we are ALL blessed.  The more you try to figure out how you work now, the more we get to understand ourselves too.  That is a blessing beyond all blessings and the whole universe/multiverse, owes you a debt of gratitude.  Soon to be paid off… 😀

These last few days in reading land, once again we are getting bombarded with science.  Fractals, phase conjugation, electromagnetic pulses, and sine waves.  Of course, thru the last couple years, we would get wind of these things thru various readings, then (from my stand point) thank god it would leave as quickly as it came.  Ohhh my sleeping scientific brain lol.  But now, it really feels more important than ever to take what quantum science understands and go beyond that into the realm of metaphysical, if we really want to be creators in human guise.

I am not just talking manifesting, that is attraction.  Creating is, well, creating.  Manifesting is drawing something or someone to you that is already in the field of creation.  Creation on the other hand, is producing something that a moment before, did not exist in the created world.  Fully using the field of energy that is surrounding us.

But first, we need to know the elements, the tools if you will, of creation.  Before I got doused with intense sleepy energy yesterday, I got the most profound ah-ha I have had in a while.  Each one of you that stands in the field of light (my back yard lol) and gets these instruction sets, visuals that go with the instruction set, is a major key to bringing the full understanding into our collective consciousness.

I suppose, it is easier to work one part of the machine than try and learn the whole thing all at once.  But good for all of us, the moment you understand your tool, that becomes part of the collective and we all know it too.  Suddenly, our tools become more functionable because you took the time and energy to understand your part.

Maybe this is why, over the years, this information came in in bits and bursts.  We just didn’t do the full ground work of understanding, so it comes up again and again.  Cycles within cycles until we get it, fully.  Equally, somethings seem to get handed off to others.  What I refer to as the back up plan to the back up plan.

It donned on me after I published my last post, those curlicues I was seeing coming out of my pores were actual fractals, spirals of energy elongated.  Then, someone showed up in the field that same day, with a massive fractal coming in as wind blowing from the deep west to their center field (body.)  When this intense wind (again, coming in like a spiral) connected to their body, there was this…. hmmmm… fusion happening starting at the feet and fusing into each major energy center in the core of the body.

So, I started to look up how to use fractals in energy itself.  Beyond the pretty and consistent design, I really am understanding (sorta) that there is a use, a mobility to this energy spectrum.  I found a simple website on fractal field theory that took me to yet another rabbit hole of phase conjugation.

There are also two very important power centers within each and every one of us, a gift of wisdom brought in by one of the ETs.  Our mental mind is an absolute crucial generator in creating in this field of matter.  Not the ego, but the power of the mind without the goo.  It must be a co-partner with the mind of the heart (spirit) which really fuses together the divine masculine (mind) with the divine feminine (heart.)  Lovers, creators, fertility at its max!!

And then this man shows up, a wonderful virgin upon my field (new to having me read for him, smile) putting out the energy of what looked like an EKG read out, but in an intense metallic spectrum of color.



This energy stretched from his deep west field, across his created life field and merged with the area of May 14th thru the 16th (which is now a band in most everyone’s reading.)  So I did what I do best, tip-toed to google and look up the very specific words his team laid out: electromagnetic pulse.  Yup, yup, yup!!  I see a story unfolding.

Lets keep in mind as well…  last year as the readings unfolded, in the deep west that thing I started to call a silo, where all your/our mastered energy (to include, wisdom, abilities, good karma coins and stuff) was stored for future use became prevalent.   Then towards the end of the year, what I called a nuclear generator appeared behind the silo of your personal energy stores, with the understanding that this generator was taking the energy in the silo’s and transferred it into usable energy as you progressed.  (Just a side note, for those who have done nothing with it, it still sits in waiting.  For some, the timing of release had to wait until NOW.)

Then yesterday, we start off with the energy of a sine wave, coming out of the deep west of my lady’s field, stretching across to the center of may.  The golden yellow of her sine wave really brought home the understanding of the power cells of both the central sun and her nuclear generator as a alloyed energy.

The one thing that became super clear for me, was linking the micro with the macro. The fractal energy coming out of the very pores of our skin must be connected to the incoming energy from the deep west, harnessed with the energy of our emotion, plugged into the electromagnetic pulse of the (higher) universe, and set into motion of creation.

This, is getting exciting… even if it is a bit…. sciency!!

I love you my beautiful, radiant, POWERFUL co-creators!!

((((HUGZ))))  of pulsing energy to everyone!!!

Lisa Gawlas