Maurice Cotterell – Future Science – Forbidden Science of the 21st Century – C2CAM

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Coast to coast am fans this one is a ‘ don’t miss’ interview (April 2011) with the author of Future Science book Maurice Cotterell is extraordinary researcher and author who has penned several books over the years. This is the culmination of his work in which he describes the evidence that what science of mainstream has been teaching for almost 80 years now is wrong outright. And he gives examples and methods on how what he discovered is accurate to describe and explain many of the previously un-explained questions of science. Very interesting interview. I (for once) kept the entire thing intact (except for the ‘callers’ at the end of the show which i find are most often off -putting when seeking to run the seamless stitch from beginning to end. But i did keep several of his answers from that part of the show which applied fully to the rest of it. Hope you can hear the whole interview… if you have the time.. i think it is worth the time and may challenge your mind to dig deeper and find your true essence at the core.. waiting to shine. Thanks. Have a good day 🙂 !