Karen Dover – Creating Reference Points in TRUTH – 4-12-14

Karen Doonan


Karen Dover


I have had many emails and many questions regarding how to shift into flow when there APPEARS to be no reference points for the human life experience.  It is to be noted that you are a blend of ENERGY and HUMAN VEHICLE, the human vehicle is but one part of the picture, under the old 3D earth created reality this was shown to you as the ONLY part of the picture.  Therefore taking your focus to the BALANCE POINT, that is not aligning only with the human vehicle and not aligning only with the energy that you are in TRUTH sees you able to create reference points and store them in your human logical mind.  At no point was the human logical mind ever going to be totally detached from as it is needed by the human vehicle in order to understand life at a very human conscious waking mind level.

Within old 3D earth created reality and in particular within many spiritual teachings the focus is only on the energy that you are and you are taught to dismiss the human vehicle, this is a different side of the SAME COIN within the old 3D earth created reality, by this I mean it takes you to the same point which is out of balance. You can only work with and EXPERIENCE the New Earth in TRUTH at balance point.  Remember duality is a CREATED CONCEPT that was taught to you in order to explain the distorted reality which has now dissolved.  Therefore there is no “puzzle”, the old 3d earth created reality trying to place “how do i dissolve duality” in front of you. As it is a created concept it will naturally dissolve as you move into BALANCE.

The human vehicle was designed with a human logical mind in order to reference at a human conscious waking mind level that which is experienced on this planet, the reference points that were TAUGHT to you are not TRUTH, they were only ever needed in order to explain the old 3D earth created reality, this reality always sat WITHIN TRUTH, akin to a snowglobe sitting on top of a table. The table representing TRUTH and the outer universe and the snowglobe representing the old 3D earth created reality.  Many of you may be in confusion as to how you can dissolve the old 3D earth created reality and still have a reality to exist in. The outer waking reality of TRUTH HAS ALWAYS EXISTED, you were prevented from accessing it by the frequencies that you were taught to anchor within the old 3D earth created reality.

The UNIVERSE of 3 and indeed the entire fabric of existence is the LOVE that IS, in order to experience, harness and create with this frequency you must ALLOW SELF to expand into the outer universe, this is to accept that you are creating your own reference points and this is always under guidance from your SOUL, allow the bigger picture to expand. Remember under the old 3D earth created reality you worked in containment, now you work in expansion and a bit like being kept in a room for a very long time and never getting outside of said room, the first steps into expansion may appear to be both exciting and intimidating. This is where your SOUL has placed scenarios, places and events into your outer waking reality in order that you can move fully into expansion. ALL within the UNIVERSE of 3 understood that this movement into expansion may be a time of anxiety for a race that has been kept so contained hence the expansion of the energies over the coming linear 7 -10 days that are akin to sitting on a runway in a plane that is taking off.

You will reach a momentum in which you have no option but to let go and experience, indeed it is only at this moment of letting go that your human life experience will begin to make sense to you, up until this moment there may still be confusion. The heart space is your connection to your SOUL, therefore FEELing if a decision is correct is the way forward, you are not asked to make no decisions, this is a teaching from the old 3D earth created reality which sought to teach you karma and “set pathways”. This is all now negated for TRUTH JUST IS and YOU ARE.

snowglobe earth

As the energies now heighten and expand dramatically you are asked to let go and to TRUST and have FAITH in your SOUL, you are creating this life experience all moments of all moments, at human logical mind level it may appear to make little sense but you are moving into MULTI and INTER dimensionality, this sees you work with ALL parts of the unfolding picture in the NOW moment all at once.  This is a complete contrast to the linear context you were taught within the old 3D earth created reality.

You will know when you have reached ZERO POINT for this is the point of balance, this is achieved by letting go and allowing flow. As you get used to working in a multi and inter dimensional way you will begin to see the underlying DESIGN of this your human life experience upon this planet. This allows for expansion and anchoring of the New Earth frequencies to new levels.


“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


For more information and guidance on the New Earth and how to create and expand within in please see the Birthing the New Earth Book which is widely available.