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Message From Jesus – 2/1/13



Message From Jesus  –  2/1/13    –    YouTube Narration

You, all of humanity, are very close to an important boundary, and when you cross it, as you most surely will, an abrupt intensification of the divine energies enveloping each one of you, and of course the planet herself, will occur. It is the next step in God’s plan for your awakening, and it will uplift and inspire you. You have been very busy these last few weeks releasing monumental amounts of “stuff” — psychological, emotional, psychic, cultural, and karmic — that was impeding your progress, and you have been clearing the debris or residue from it that was making it difficult for you to access either the divine flame within or the intuitive guidance for which you have been calling so resolutely.

It has been hard work for you on inner levels, which is why so many of you have felt so tired, but I assure you that it will prove to have been well worth the anxiety, stress, and discomfort that you have been experiencing. A lot of this “stuff” was spiritual energy work that you had agreed to carry out in order to help others who were themselves horribly overburdened. All are connected, all are one, and so this kind of cooperative venture is utterly appropriate. Your earthly experiences have frequently overemphasized individual blame and responsibility — a seemingly essential aspect of problem resolution in your 3D reality, where it has been somewhat effective in reducing dishonesty and corruption — but as spiritual beings you naturally come together in love and compassion to resolve issues that could be divisive, and this is what you have been doing, but mostly at a level that is far below your conscious 3D awareness.

The field of divine Love enveloping you all is guiding you surely and reliably towards your inevitable awakening. Yes, your guides are constantly reminding you of this, but it is essential that you yourselves keep focusing on this magnificent and rapidly approaching event, because it is to be the most wonderful occurrence, fully and finally absorbing and incorporating you all into your Father’s loving embrace.

Every time you are distracted by events or situations in ongoing worldly relationships — personal, social, religious, political, or of seeming major international significance — return your attention to being the loving, compassionate, forgiving, and accepting spiritual beings that you are. Do not allow the distractions and disturbances that may be going on around you prevent you, for more than a moment, from focusing your attention fully on the task in hand which, as you well know, is to assist completely and enthusiastically in this wondrous and divine awakening process.