AWAKENING 5D HEALING – How to Cosmic Surf out of the Matrix – 4-18-18



April 2018 is an absolute doozie cosmic surfers. Still deep in Jupiter’s retrograde, we face challenges on personal and global scale. The tide is turning, a new wave of upgrades is on its way. Withstand Jupiter’s retrograde shake down. Stay in love vibration and breathe, beautiful people. Pacing ourselves can be the difference between surviving awakening and going under. Knowing when to rest, stop, sleep and be. Self care covers our whole being, mind body and soul. To nourish each, and therefore all, we slow down. We take control of the wheel. We learn to say no. We set boundaries built on self respect. We protect ourselves from matrix fear. Now is the time for cosmic oneness. Surrender to flow. Trust yourself. Trust the universe.

We are well on our way through the Ascension process. Much work has been done on an individual and global scale to clear and heal karma. The spaces left free from negativity are like little fires of high dimensional portals. They go out if we neglect to refill them with peace and love. Blocks can reappear. As we release dense emotions, ancestral and quantum karma, we immerse ourselves in love vibration. Through nature, meditation, soul tribe and mindfulness we fill up our energy with positive, beautiful emotions. Darkness can sneak in when we are not looking, nestle and drain us. It’s up to us to practise what we preach. To protect ourselves and our homes routinely. To be responsible for our mind body spirit health.

We are not passive players in the awakening process, we are active. We engage with each step, each new moment of enlightenment through connection and reflection. We are surrounded by darkness waging a war for our frequencies, our emotional state. To give into fear and rage is understandable, it’s how we deal with the emotional energies afterwards that counts. Recognise, own and accept all negative emotions. Avoid repressing them or burying them, they only fester and burrow into our system. Dark things in the basement never stay quiet for long. Bitterness seeps into our being. Anxiety makes us ill from the inside out. By surrendering to the present we are always aware of our emotional dial. We gain perspective quicker after emotional peaks and troughs.

Trusting our gut means drawing our energies back into our core. Levelling ourselves out. Drawing a line under all consuming negativity and switching our emotional dial back up to love. Surrendering to the ocean of awakening we learn to use our mind, body and soul to stay on the surfboard, riding big ol’ tidal waves when they come. Growth is challenging. There are growing pains. Our bodies ache for ages as we realign and strengthen our core. Our minds have a mini war of their own between the programmed, frightened ego and our gut, our guides, our higher self. Our souls take flight, soars through the waves. It’s up to us to centre, ground and expand as conscious beings. Cosmic surfing is intuitive because it’s all about frequencies and energy. Like a blind man we are being challenged to use our other senses, our sixth sense, to navigate a transforming world.

We can take an instant reading by asking one simple question Do I feel good? This is not a narcisstic question, nor is it shallow or fake. The matrix specialises in demeaning us, in making us feel permanently low about who we are. We are encouraged to focus on the negatives. We are conditioned to be dissatisfied or unhappy because the matrix requires we have needs only it can meet. Low self esteem, insecurity and lack of confidence are matrix specialities. To ask ourselves the question, do I feel positive? is anarchy. The matrix wants us to ask What will make me feel good? We are told to chase the next best thing on the conveyor belt. Do I feel good? forces us to examine the moment, interaction, our environment. When the answer is no, we understand we should aim to minimise energy output and remove ourselves. We become better at knowing which battles to pick. Smaller issues don’t rile us as much. We come to accept people’s behaviour as a reflection of them and not as a result of something we have done. We detach from our immediate experiences enough to observe from a place of love. We become more circumspect. We think more about what we do and say.

Relax and enjoy the ride cosmic surfers. We are in for some high flying frequencies, windy and wild. Stay centred, grounded, hydrated and rest! We are manifesting timelines, timelines that will converge in June 2018. By staying in love vibration, learning and caring more about ourselves, mind, body and soul, we transcend lower dimensional realities. By being mindful, grateful and grounded we remain on the material plane. Inner peace is outer peace. Work on balance, alignment and positivity. Being calm is being in the fifth dimension. Knowing and trusting are surrendering to higher vibratory fields of light. We are co creating a new reality, let’s make it a truly magical place to be. In light and love beautiful people 🙏🏻


I am safe, I am protected, I am loved.

I am who I am.

I share love, I receive love, I am love. Namaste.

Purplerays – On cloudy days, Light a candle – 7-26-17

“Light A Candle. Some days are cloudy.

The sun simply refuses to shine.

You feel it’s never going to shine again.

But our feelings don’t always tell the truth.

They are not always reality.

Often feelings play tricks on you.

Most often life ignores them,

And is what it was meant to be.

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Cedella Marley – Listen To Your Feelings

Our feelings keep us connected to our inner, authentic self.

via Cedella Marley: Listen To Your Feelings — Openhearted Rebel

KATIE INDICROW – What Lies Beneath The Reaction – Why Do I Feel How I Feel Right Now? — dreamweaver333

Originally posted on Dreaming With Dolphins: Beautiful souls. We are going through a lot right now, indeed. Many are feeling disappointment in the world they see around them and with it a loss of hope, a sense of betrayal, and/or indignance at the corruption of systems. If you are feeling these feelings – this post…

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Pleiadian Delegate – Feelings as Commands of Manifestation – Birthing a New Reality – 5-17-16


As your acceleration in frequency as a Being of Light continues to expand in your awareness of it, continue to breathe deeply, into your Heart. There is no need to look further than your own breath, to feel more alive. To feel more joy. More in Love and more in Peace. It has always resided within you. You are in the process of the accelerated awareness of this. This is your Destiny.

Turn your focus in, to the feelings within you. Loving those feelings. Even if those feelings are uncomfortable. Love yourself. Care for yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Never judge yourself. This is the entry place, where beautiful dreams are made real. And manifest for you, through this Being the Being of Light, filled with Love, that you eternally are.

Love does not occur outside of you. Love takes place within you. To receive takes place within you. When you vibrate with love, joy and peace, all matter, transforms and CONFORMS to this love, joy and peace. As a physical Manifestation.

This takes place through the wisdom of your Soul.

When seeking externally (which is reverse to how to receive the life of your dreams) there is a tendency to think we know what we want. If we have that. If we get this.

Inherent within your inner FEELINGS (that are not based on the external) is the COMMAND of Vibration ~ that through the wisdom of your Soul, translates those feelings into the transformation of matter that becomes the Physical Manifestation of FORM.  

There is no greater way to consciously take part in the transformation of matter into form.

You are already doing this. Your Life is the result of your vibratory frequency.

There is great magnitude of conscious power and awakening in consciously being aware of your own vibration.

Breathe and receive this download of frequencies into your heart, now. Consciously. That will awaken more of your awareness. Of all that you are vibrating as.

This outward outcome (of your feelings) so to speak, is FAR greater than any thinking mechanism of desire. Or external means of attempting to GET something. As it is always in play. Always occurring.

As you are already transmitting the directive of your feeling vibrations through the radiation of your frequency, in all moments. 

This is what creates your perception of reality.

This wisdom and magnitude of power, is the Light of our SOUL that gives us, through the system of our feelings, THAT which is inherent within the frequency of the feeling. 

Observe this going on, within you. 

This is consciousness.

This is why you cannot give or get, that which you are not being.

Your feelings are a powerful radiation of frequency.

The outer world is simply a result of all frequencies of consciousness.

Dive deep into the Source of your Manifesting power. It is within YOU.

Joy resides in your heart. It is a heart free from suffering. Love resides in your Heart. It is open and receptive. Willing to expand and receive.

Consciously turning your awareness to your own feelings, is the first step in consciously being responsible in your own alchemy of consciousness. Awaken to loving yourself. Showing compassion for yourself. Caring for yourself. It is this self Love and Awakening that draws more love and self awakening to you.

This expansion of your consciousness, through self-awareness and self-love, then becomes the experience of the Greatest Miraculous Life. In all moments.

Being the Glorious embodiment of what Source is. Consciously. Is living and breathing as Divinity. In love, In Joy. In Peace, in Harmony. In celebration for the Grandness of Being Alive. For existing. For experiencing. For observing.

As Light. As Love. As Divine. As Sacred. As Holy. As God.

This is YOU. The TRUE you.

Witness this for yourself, this Grand transformation, through the conscious receiving of the awareness of your Holy Divine Being. Through Love. Through Joy. Through Peace. Through Harmony.

Receive this Transformation.

Receive this download of Light frequencies.

This Love.

This Joy.

This Bliss.

This sacredness.

Of More of what you are.


Eternally, Divinely.

Breathe this in, Beloved Souls of Light.

Forever I hold you and activate you in this.

Your Highest Self.

Your Divine Presence.

Your Eternal Miraculous God Self.

Holding you now and forever in the magnificence of YOU.

I hold you and Activate you In the life of your wildest Dreams Come true! Breathe this in. Receive this download of Light. 

Every Hour. Always! Receive Beloved Souls! 

And So it is, all Now. I love you.


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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Zachary Goodson @ Tiny Buddha – The Path to Freedom – Facing Painful Thoughts and Feelings –

Sad Man


“Life is an endless process of self-discovery.” ~James Gardner


My thoughts lately have been so hurtful.

Things like: I’m not a good writer. I’m ugly. I’m stupid.

I’m not funny. I can’t carry a meaningful conversation. I’ll never be special.

The world is out to get me. People take advantage of me. I’m boring and don’t matter.

Like I said, hurtful. Crippling, demoralizing thoughts. One not-so-nice thing after another, and it makes me want to cry.

Why the pain? Why the negative thoughts? Well, recently I spent two weeks playing a video game.   From the time I walked through the door at work till the time I left to go home at the end of the day I played.

It was my escape. Finally, just recently, I put the game away. I took the toy away from the little boy.

What I’m left with is that which I try to escape from—my negative thoughts and feelings.

Whether it’s through video games, women, Instagram, Facebook, or food, to name a few distractions, I’ll use just about anything to check out from me. To not be present with my feelings of low self-worth and low self-esteem.

That’s what I did with the video game for two weeks. I opted to numb out rather than sit with my thoughts and feelings and the struggles I’ve been facing with writing my first book. The video game was easier than dealing with the pain.

Funny thing is, the pain from two straight weeks of video games and the inability to put them down became much worse than the pain of sitting still with my thoughts and feelings.

Each day my eyes would hurt and my contacts would blur so much I couldn’t focus. Each day every muscle in my body would tense up as I followed around a little man on a dirt bike racing around on a tiny computer screen.

No wonder I’ve had a stiff neck the past few days. No wonder my head feels like it’s in a vice. I’ve been hurting myself.

We do that, don’t we? Run from our thoughts and feelings, that is. We run from anger, pain, shame, guilt, and fear.

We run from thoughts that tell us horrible things. Things like we wont amount to anything, that we are not likable, not lovable, and don’t matter. We run and actually think that we’re helping ourselves.

News flash: Running, checking out, numbing yourself, or whatever you want to call it isn’t helping. It’s hurting. It’s taking you away from the gift of being fully present with yourself. Yes, I just called it a gift. So then why run?

For me it’s because I was never taught how to like and love myself. I was never taught how to deal with my emotions nor a head full of negative thoughts. Self-esteem? I had none.

See, my mother died when I was three-and-a-half years old, and I grew up alone with my rageaholic father. Through him, I learned to believe that everything was my fault, that the world was out to get me, and that I didn’t matter. No wonder I want to escape.

Feel feelings of low self-worth? No, thank you. I think I’ll check out with a video game.

Don’t know how to esteem myself? Let’s find a woman. She can esteem me and solve all my problems.

Yet in the end, don’t we always come right back to where we started? Doesn’t checking out from ourselves and our feelings only offer a temporary solution? It sure did, and still does, for me.

For years I thought a woman was the answer to all my problems. A woman to complete me and make me whole. Yeah, not so much.

My problems were right there waiting for me when it didn’t work out with the girl. Hi, ugly! So, I’d try again with a different girl thinking I’d get a different result. Nope. Same result. My pain and low-self worth were still right there waiting for me.

I repeated this pattern for the better part of my adult life, until one day I realized that it wasn’t about finding something or someone to make me feel better about myself; it was about me. I realized that it was about me and my inability to esteem myself. My inability to like and love myself.

So I did something I had never done before, ever: I turned inward and chose the path labeled self-discovery rather than continue down the one labeled self-pain. Most of us have or we wouldn’t be here on this beautiful site. Be proud of that; love yourself for that.

Turning inward for me looks like learning how to love the side of myself that’s in so much pain.

It looks like putting down the video game, wrapping my arms around that side of myself, and remembering that I’m okay and that I always have been. It also looks like me getting honest and sharing what I’ve shared with you here today.

The path to freedom is learning to sit still with my thoughts and feelings, not a video game. In return, I get better at esteeming myself and recognizing the true authentic me, the beautiful man that I was born to be.

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