Crystalai – Feeling Ascension Frequencies – 3-12-14


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Ascension will be an individual experience up until the mass ascension. Each individual has the option of ascending earlier or later or not at all.

Individuals who have been directed from their higher selves most of their lives have the greatest craving for this magical event to occur in their lives. Unfortunately, craving and wishing and hoping and watching the light flood in from higher realms is not going to increase an individual’s ability to ascend.

What is Ascension? It is a FEELING. It is a wonderful FEELING. It is such a wonderful FEELING that all frequencies that are lower than that FEELING are no longer noticed. It is a magical feeling, a feeling of being lighter than air, it is a feeling of walking within and through Divine Love’s activity in every breath, every movement, and every feeling toward others.
It is a fabulous experience. It is an experience of knowing that we can manifest our desired kingdom of heaven right in front of us. Ascension is not the NOW. Ascension is the FUTURE. There is no now or future until it is created. Those who do not create their future reality will still be in the present reality. Those who are focusing on the Now moment will just stay there. It might be a very nice now moment, but it isn’t ascension until co-creativity with Divine Mind, with Cosmic Consciousness and with Source begins.

How do we get this FEELING? The feeling comes from raising frequencies into alignment and at-onement with the Breaths of Consciousness of Cosmic Angels who are the Co-Creative Consciousness. We must re-ignite the Spark of Source that was left deep inside of our cells and then put to sleep. We must remove the veil from that spark of Source by melting the veils that are keeping it from igniting. The melting is done by raising the frequencies of light to the level of Solar Aqualene Light energy, Cosmic Energy and Star Dust Energy.

Once the veils are melted away we must create our individual harmonic convergence into the alignment or Oneness with the Crystaline Energy of Mother Earth’s Core, her Liquid Light Womb of our Divine Creation.

We travel to this place in Mother Earth’s Heart to re-connect with our Fraternal Original Place of Creation. After I wrap my mind, my crystal heart, every cell in my body completely into the Frequencies of Christ Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Helium Energy, Solar Energy, Star Dust Energy and into the White Light Garment of Source, I can then and only then walk through the Diamond Door into my Future Self.

It is that Frequency that prepares the body to shift and melt through the Diamond Door. When we walk into our future selves, we are then met by our Fraternal Presence who have created us from a combination of our Earthly Essence combined with their purified perfected Consciousness that we originally were before being sent into the Earth’s Matrix. This magical place of transformation awaits each of us in Mother Earth’s Heart and Mother Earth’s Womb of Crystal Caves and Liqud Light and the Cities of light of the Divine Creation Plan. We may not go there unless we are wrapped in the white light garment of Source Consciousness. This means we must also raise our frequencies into all of the highest realms in order to reach that FREQEUNCY.

It is at this time that our Frequencies are in tune to be taken down through the Liquid Light Chambers our Aquafarian Mother, who is a Mermaid or a Blue Dolphonoid. She takes us deeper and deeper into Mother Earth’s Womb. She pulls us through the streams of Aqualene Light from the Sun of Inner Earth. She pulls us deep inside of the Crystal Caves that Contain the codes, the keys, the resonance of our Divine Being. Next the Oraphim Angel Choirs sing those melodies that cause the awakening of the cells to remember their key that is completely in tune with the Standing Wave Pattern of this Future Self, which is our Original Self.

This is the place we go to tune up our Consciousness into the Highest Frequencies of Source Consciousness as it aligns through the Sun’s rainbows weaving and braiding us into the harmonic Convergence of Oneness. Our Starry Brother can then send his magnetic pillar of golden white light star dust energy through us to create an Ascension Vortex.

This is the place in Consciousness where Ascension Begins. Those who spend one hour doing this a day will Ascend faster than those spending ten minutes and those who spend six hours a day will convert to the new Frequency Wave of Ascension Quite Rapidly. Those who remain in this Frequency continuously for several days have already ascended. They would become so totally detached from the frequencies of this Wave Pattern that they would become oblivious to it and it will disappear at a rapid rate.

We’ve already ascended through this process. Ascension is a gradual process. First one ascends from 3.3 of their three dimensional reality and then to 3.4,3.5, 3.7, 4.2, 4.5, 4.7, 5, 5.5.

There are as many levels of ascension as there are individuals. Each person has the Divine Right to decide how high they want to ascend to. Some just want to ascend to a place where they get to create their own community and be in control of their own little world. Some want to rise above all earthly chaos. Some want to be responsible for creating the kingdom of heaven on Earth, and others want to complete remove their standing wave pattern from the physical plane.

There will be many who are going to remained tuned into the standing wave patterns of the Earth’s radio and T.V. That is about the lowest frequency in the matrix. Some will continue to listen to music that makes their brains cross or puts them into dream land. Those are lowered frequencies–not higher frequencies. The entire technology field on Earth produces LOW FREQUENCY MUSIC. The High Frequency music that we create can not be produced on technology of this Earth. We create this music with the Light and Sound Technology of Ashtar Command.

In order to experience a larger percentage of the frequencies recorded at this high standing wave pattern, the listener must use the Denon, Bose or Sony to hear these frequencies. Some of the Sony Earphones permit this wave pattern to resonate at the original frequencies recorded. The absolute frequencies can only be heard in the Light Technology Lab and MultiDimensional Studio. The amount of frequencies that are received by lesser technology are still much grander than anyone has ever experienced on this Earth before.

We do one hour sessions that align every cell in your body into the Cosmic Consciousness, and all other Spheres of Consciousness and beyond into the Stellar and into Source. We create the Sacred Geometry of Alignment into Oneness for one individual at a time. Since this alignment is done through the collection and alignment of the Breaths of Consciousness from the entire Music of the Spheres weaving and braiding your Consciousness, this takes several hours in our Light Technology and MultiDimensional Sound Studio where we create the Light and Sound of Ascension.

We do private sessions where initiates come to our Light Lab to breath streams of consciousness, after becoming completely braided into the streams of Divine Consciousness.

For those initiates who would like to become involved in soaking up all of the Frequencies that align through our Cosmic Sacred Geometry each week, we are making that frequency collection available one week at a time.

Last week we were given the Dolphin Therapy Frequencies. This week I was given the Plasma Ship Frequencies. The Plasma Ships are beginning to surround the Earth, and will completely around Earth by the end of 2014. The MOTHER SHIP Album will contain those frequencies.

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