Polona Aurea Dawn – The Sacred Ways of Love – Expressions of Divine Love


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

There are many expressions of Divine Love, which are all One in Divine Truth of Unity/Source consciousness.

The Agape Love is love full of joy and excitement for the partner and the world. It is the purest form of spiritual expression in Bliss. Here we have the sacred embrace that encompasses awareness.

The Philia Love is love that is first friendship and is full of respect. It is the love between a sister and a bride, a broter and a witness, and also love between brothers and sisters and true friends. Here we have the sacred embrace that encompasses trust.

The Charis Love is love of Grace, commitment/devotion and honoring God in all chambers/forms. Here we find the love of mother and father, on Earth and in Heaven.

The Eunoia Love is love that inspires deep compassion and devotion to serve the world and all the godly people. Here is the love for charity and community.

The Storge Love is pure love that is full of care and compassion. Here we find the love of children.

The Eros Love is love that is a deep bodily celebration in which two Souls unite and merge in the joining of body/matter and Spirit. This is the highest form and expression between lovers, and is the most sacred in the expression of Hieros Gamos, which is the sacred/holy marriage.

There is no darkness that could not be overcome by the light of Love, in one of the above forms of expression. When all forms are present on Earth, darkness ceases to exist. It can no longer exist. Love overcomes everything.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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