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What is the measurement and condition that makes my life the way it is and what is your part in it all? Things that happen to you are reflected in your experiences and filter their way within the realms of emotion, feeling and stasis of being. The thermometer of your being is your emotional resonance within your bellies. You call this your solar plexus, how apropos and fitting. Solar or sun is of radiance emanating feeling from your bellies. It is what you keynote to yourself and is your frequency level metronome.

Here lies the centre of your base and core feeling that you transmit to yourself value and issues to the world. Is there turbulence and fear or quietness and radiance? This will tell you much about your relationship with yourself and source. It is your inner measurement or speedometer that regulates your sojourn here on earth. How can we explain to you that things have gravity? Even your thoughts that collect and gravitate the things you are experiencing right now in the moment. This is the very energy that is in your belly, what you feel and react to. Know this, you are creators and pull things into your journeys by your thoughts, actions, mental perceptions and certainly by your goals and desires.

The question becomes “what are your real goals and cognitive stance you have?”.  Rare indeed, for many of you lack the information to form yourselves on the inner. Let’s begin by stating again the gravity of the creative soul you are connected to, for information is what forms the inner. This is IN-FORMATION. There are universal principles playing in you and around your world. The energies you transmit from your centre of emotions work on the principles of attraction, magnetism, radiance, and gravity. The sediment is distilled from your physical experiences and emotional body health. By desiring to make changes you will make changes by directing your thoughts. You will with intention and begin to create the 3-dimensional holographic forms you call yourself and your life.


You can do this consciously with harmony and growth or you can be the product of others and their intentions. You feel you need to be with limited powers of your own creation and it is so. Just know this – you are creators. By stating this abbreviated scenario, we wish to inform you that by understanding some of the primordial lessons of life you can change, command and be the being you are meant to be. You must have a vision and visions along the path that serves your higher purpose and service to the Universe if you wish to have your solar plexus radiant and on fire with the dynamic principles of source.

To put this into a concept think of it as an object in space and time. It has a velocity, a course, an energy and is moving constantly on a trajectory. If you aim a force at it, it alters its course and the more you point a direct pulse of energy at it, it is affected and becomes influenced by your interactions. So it is with the mass of your being. By directing positive pulses and habits you influence the course of events that would have occurred without your intervention. This is also what happens on the negative detrimental voyage and has gravity. You term this as duality.

The dynamic of life is much simpler than you think, or should we say have been taught to think. It is that simple if you want to change what is going on, do so. You want to stop your bad destructive experiences, do so. The very act of committing deliberate acts to improve and refine yourselves alters your course and your experiences. There are no victims, only the actions and reactions you participate in. And know this – this is Karma. Many of you were hit by situations and have strong gravitates you must overcome. They can be overwhelming to be sure, especially when you are under attack from someone that has it out for you, either out of spite or because they want to take your energy and dynamic away from you.


Be mindful of the people you exchange your time and company with. They will affect your experiences more than you would imagine. Their fields affect your energies and thus your experiences. This is a real phenomenon. There are disruptive beings that can’t have it on their own (so they think), and can and will come across your paths causing you much anguish like pirates, we caution you. Strategic they are, for they will make you a host and ride you like a mule to get all they can from you and have no conscience as they suck your energies. These are psychic vampires. Learn of them. For they are children that have not grown up to be of their own dynamics.

The beings that you are know instinctual boundaries and have a compass to the interactions that do not feel right. Since they have crafted their tongues without hesitation and can speak things of untruth and non-love without any sense of remorse. So listen you must, you mind your mental. We wish also to point out that the velocity, motion, and ability to change course is what we call your ‘will’. Others can also push your mass to assert you or to take from you and pattern negativity. You will have to remove. Be careful of who Hue invite into your dimension. There are many influences around you that are negative and you must learn what you feel in your gut and listen, by avoiding in recognition the obvious that you feel is not right with direct intention. True manipulators know their craft. You will find them in walks of life, from the spiritual and churches to the corporate business world. We find it amazing how they have no in conscience or understanding of Karma. Know when to set up your instinctual boundaries to those that do not feel right. We say again, you mind your mental!

Willpower should be understood as the motion of mass in the direction that is mindful and has exercised his intention along the experiences he has had. Added with the clarity of desire based on spiritual evolution, one becomes aware of their creative source and the principles of attraction. Your intention directed with focused attentiveness will make you a dynamo and your own intentionally manifesting being. This takes time, directly to the mass of illusion you must push through to reorient your compass settings of consciousness in your journeys. Do know this, everything you do to become polished to reflect your inner beauty will affect you on your path, and things will gravitate automatically to your supreme self as you begin to know yourself in perfection. You are a powerful being if you wish to be so.


Again we say when things become overwhelming for you, learn the power of intention vision and claim what it is you want and this can only make positive changes for you. The Universe will reward you by making it so with your intention. Unfortunately, this is not always being created with LOVE and respect for others and life. Understanding these principles of power can also make you a tyrant. Just remember, all things are rewarded by attraction. What is sent from your centre will all come back to you in time. So be careful to make yourself illumined and in harmony with the Universe, should you wish to experience your creations with LOVE and clarity you will find LIGHT and good things. By choosing the path of LIGHT, self-empowerment, and clarity you will bring an amplification of experiences to you.

You are creators and will gravitate to your destiny by your actions. This is why there is such a stratification of planes or worlds made up of actions/inaction and choices by the dwelling entities experiencing the Universe. Get beyond good and evil and understand that your resonate frequencies will take you to whatever dimension of similar beings you have earned yourself to be around. There are many collectives and realms for you to experience as souls.

This is the conclusion of today’s lesson. May the Fireworks of your solar-plexus shine in abundance and loving knowledge, and good luck in the forming of HUE.


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Julien Wells comment

Julien Wells

“… take care of your experiences like you would your body, you need them to continue your life and therefore everything you sucintly observe deserves your gratitude, forgiveness and respect.” -Julien

Méline Lafont – All Kinds Of Experiences And Personal Sharings Concerning The Alignment – 14 August 2013


We are now amidst the height of the most intense energies, having an enormous impact on our planet as well as on our physical bodies at present. All this implies a time and a path that will be decisive for our further evolution in such a way that we must hold our focus on our own further spiritual evolution, on our Ascension and on our inner light. The Christ consciousness is born once more in us and that is a beautiful enlightenment that we experience in our current incarnations. This is why all of us arrived on this planet and it will bring a lot in its wake.

I am convinced that so many of you are nearing beautiful times at present and are undergoing many intense shifts in difficult as well as marvelously enlightened ways. Anyway, you are being worked on profoundly one way or the other. There is no deadlock but rather progress and growth, coming to pass in a difficult or an easy way, but unfolding nevertheless.

I can hardly describe what I have seen and sensed these past days but I am going to try …. Perhaps you can find yourselves in many of my accounts, giving you some kind of support and confirmation. In every respect we are all in this together as one big family of Light, thus connecting us more strongly to one another than is commonly felt.

The energies of the Merkabah formation on July 29th represented a strong inflow of energies which has activated a lot for Gaia and for our own reality. The intent and focus of this event was to give as many souls as possible the opportunity to grow exponentially and to bring Mother Earth to a new dimension. That opportunity came along thanks to the cosmic energies arriving to us from the center of the Cosmos which in itself is a very rare event and an outspoken opportunity for further evolution. As always, everything is divinely supported which can be proven in so many things having a cosmic effect in your reality.

What I have done personally during the time of the Merkabah formation was opening myself up as a channel, accepting all these energies in my body and in my heart so that I was able to channel these energies into the Heart of Mother Earth. I have used these energies in part to ground myself while simultaneously sharing these with Gaia so She could make use of these cosmic energies for Her own Ascension process and in turn passing it on to humanity and to all beings dwelling on Her surface. Another part of the energies was used by me to activate my Lightbody in an even deeper way by taking them in my heart and expanding it from the physical to the cosmic body, to the Universe and beyond. While doing this I especially focused on my own personal projects that I would like to achieve and create in my own parallel world, all being focused on intent and on Love! Lastly I have used the incoming energies in Love and intent in order to empower all of humanity and the collective to evolve and to merge with the Light.

That specific day I have grounded myself a lot to be able to channel and take in these incoming energies. To ground oneself is extremely important to be able to work with these energies, thereby allowing them to flow and to grow. Without proper grounding there would be blockades of these intense energies in the body as they cannot be taken in nor processed the best way possible. All in all it was a fantastic day in which I felt a lot of shifts and activations! Lightflashes, shocks and especially much activations of the heart, much warmth in the heartcenter of my Being namely the heartchakra. I meditated a lot that day and I feel that it has truly helped us as the endresult is well known by all of us.

Now that the Lion’s gate was still active for a few days and the next Merkabah is about to be formed on August 25th, the energies are even more intense and everything is accelerated at a dazzling speed. Many of us are finding themselves in difficult situations or in the most astounding times of their lives : both scenarios are the result of these energetic magnetizations. It struck me that each time we are relaxed whether in meditation, in napping or in sleep, we are being worked on immediately by all these energies in the presence of the Archangels and the Masters of the Light. It feels as though they are following us each moment and are awaiting the time we take some rest and release our focus so that they can step in and say :’yes, now is the time, let’s quickly move on with our work’ hahaha and actually it goes that way, for the presence of Archangel Metatron is always by my side lately meaning that work has to be done  A lot of work is being done lately, no doubt about that.

I have felt more energy in my body than in all previous years combined and those energies seem so close and seem to be part of my Being. There is an unbelievable connection with my Twin Flame and I experience many heartwarming, astonishing processes in my body which I have never experienced before. What especially strikes me is the fact that the etheric body is definitely more active than ever before. I experience this body in a most conscious way around my physical body as a turbulent and highly active energy expanding out from my inner being and as a result I can sense more things. For instance, when something or someone enters my fields, my etheric body triggers and vibrates as if being hit, with the resulting change in vibration. It feels as if something takes over and a second body around the physical is being activated and receives and perceives all outer influences firsthand instead of the physical. This is a very odd feeling and one I still must get used to. I have always had strong feelings but now that has doubled. You can compare it with the touch of water resulting in a lot of rings/vibrations due to this contact. It felt exactly the same way in my etheric body, a feeling that was passed on to my physical body.

I have had a lot of experiences lately : leaving my physical body in a conscious way, becoming lightheaded, travelling consciously through dimensions in daytime, experiencing headaches, nauseousness, eating food that upset my stomach, getting a feeling of rest and trust, feeling a warm love in the heart, flashes of light and shocks throughout my body, the rising of the kundalini along my spine, hot flashes, activations in my heart, sleeplessness, not being able to sleep due to being ‘overenergized’, tiredness, exhaustion, feeling good and so many different experiences all due to the intense shifts and growth. Just yesterday I was overwhelmed by a very intense energy seemingly tearing open my crown chakra covering the whole of my skull allowing an intense energy to come in through this chakra during which my head and my skull were vibrating in such a way that it gave me goosebumps. A good feeling but an odd feeling nonetheless.The brain is placed in a vibratory position in separate places giving the feeling of goosebumps on the skull skin.

On another occasion I experienced two things yesterday that I had never experienced before and that seemed to be an activation of even more levels of consciousness. I was typing a message to a friend in response to a question I had asked her and in that specific moment I was overcome by a strong feeling of déjà-vu in which I received the awareness I had done the exact same thing before, recognizing it all immediately. I had written down the exact same words and asked the exact same question to the exact same person, on the exact same place and in the exact same time. I was talking to myself in editing the response :’Why am I asking and writing this down all over again, I have done this already??’ It was like I was taken over as if I was placed in a bubble travelling through time. In any case I believe that it was something that just happened according to the explanation of Archangel Metatron and of Archangel Uriel.

Both of them told me that a déjà-vu experience is a facet or an aspect of yourself that you have already done but that you erased from your memory. The moment that you remember it, it is being reactivated and you travel through time to that specific moment. It is quite unbelievable what we are able to perform nowadays in a conscious way!! And that is not yet everything, for much more is awaiting us and it will only intensify and becoming more and more overwhelming. I sense that the gift of teleportation is one of them because many have already started practicing this in a conscious way. I have begun developping this gift in a conscious way and it really is important to have trust in yourself and to open yourself to yourself otherwise it could prove to be very difficult and take way longer to experience and perform teleportation consciously.

I am extremely grateful for all of these events as it is wondrous to be able to discover yourself this way! We are all in this together and I know that many of you are experiencing the exact same things as I am for I have read this in a reaction to my profile. It is wonderful what you all are sharing and I thank you for this from the bottom of my heart! With lots of Love, Méline.

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered.   and