Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff – Letting Go of All Expectations of the Material Realm – 9-28-15


Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff   –   Letting Go of All Expectations of the Material Realm   –   9-28-15



Beloved Ones,

The world is in a far reaching transition into a higher level of consciousness and this is a difficult time for many as the changes within occur.

The people of Earth are asked to let go of all previous expectations in regards to how their lives in the material realm should look like and [not] to be so obsessed with it.

Each individual needs to spend time alone to readjust and revaluate those areas of their lives, particularly looking at where their personal energy is being utilized. It is a time to look at self as the creator of all that one is experiencing. It is time to take responsibility for all choices made individually and collectively.

This can be overwhelming to one who wants to live true to self yet still live their material life and interact with the others around them. It is difficult to move past the self and society imposed limitations that have beset them and to really focus on creating a peaceful and prosperous life. However, this is what will be addressed from this point on.

As one chooses to live according to the dictates of their heart rather than their intellect, it will bring greater satisfaction to every area of their life. People will start to enjoy each moment they are experiencing rather than being focused on the ‘someday or sometime’ in which they will begin to enjoy it.

There will be a reevaluation of their quest to acquire the things which this world offers in order that they be happy once they get it. Instead, their focus will shift to their inner world and consciousness, stretching and expanding their previous beliefs about what is possible, and will thereby find their personal freedom.

They will free themselves by utilizing their personal energies towards the reality they want to experience and will take the necessary steps to make it possible without sentencing themselves to a greater debt and work load. This will be a liberating experience as they realize they really did not need all the things they thought they did in order to find happiness in their personal lives.

Each time one individual frees self from the illusion of needing to acquire things in order to find happiness, a greater empowerment occurs for the collective experience. In time, this will free society as a whole from the rigid confines of the need to acquire more items as they realize through their own experience that they do not need most of them in order to live a happy life.

They will realize that spending time with their families and friends in joyous and meaningful ways is much more important to them. This shift in consciousness is in the process now as people grow and expand their concepts of what is possible for them.

They are realizing that what they empower is what will come into their experience. As they transcend former limitations of thought and expectation and move beyond into limitless possibilities, they will manifest on a higher level of consciousness than ever before.

As this occurs within each individual, it will create a desire within them to give to others in meaningful ways that will enrich and empower them to also move forward into unlimited possibilities for their own lives. When the shift in consciousness to a higher functioning level happens within each human heart, many miraculous manifestations will begin to take place and this is when rapid acceleration of the evolvement and expansion of the human species will begin to occur.

That which took many years to accomplish will begin to take place overnight. When humanity collectively focuses on creating their vision for a better, more peaceful and prosperous world for everyone; when the collective vision is to empower and give to their neighbour that which they need to move forward, it is then a better reality will manifest quickly for all.

This threshold is now before everyone, to manifest that which brings a greater lightness of being to every human heart, for it is the opening of the heart that is the catalyst that will bring about the greatest change in society.

The barometer of the future will be the beauty within the heart and its expression into the world externally. The true light of each individual will shine ever more brightly and will expand awareness of the higher realms of existence. Each individual will feel and express more joy, laughter and goodwill in their everyday mundane activities.

That which was termed altruistic in the old world paradigm will become the norm in the new consciousness that is now dawning.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

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Does Your Reality Match Your Expectations?

“Expectations” CHANNELED ASCENSION MESSAGE FROM THE HIGH COUNCIL OF ORION 21st OCTOBER 2014 / ~ Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood ~ Transcribed by Paul Marwood


Greetings Dear Ones. We are the High Council of Orion

Today we are going to talk about expectation… differently from what you might expect in terms of thinking about your expectations of yourself, the expectations you grew up with that might be family related, society related. We’re going to speak about expectation as a vibrational resonance in your life and how that vibration is going to be affecting your experience of life and how you can work with the energy of expectation to shift your experience to be moving more closely to that which you desire.

The energy of the expectation is very aligned with the Law of Attraction. Your expectations in life, whether they’re “good” or “bad”, whether there founded or unfounded based on what your experience is, creates an energetic vibrational reality. That energetic vibrational reality brings to you matching experiences. So if you are expecting great things in the day it’s likely that will be the vibrational match your day. If your expectations of your life are negative, for whatever reasons, you could even say that your expectations are reasonable based on what your experiences have been, that perhaps “good things don’t happen to you”, but that expectation not waiting for the evidence to show up to reinforce what your expectation is really your vibrational reality going out and then, therefore, energetic experiences are coming in relative to that.

How do you shift that? How do you change your vibrational reality of expectation to start creating more ease? The first thing you need to do is begin to see what it is that you are expecting. This could be very subtle. It could be surprising. It could be obvious. You start looking at what your expectations are based on where your thoughts are. What do you wake up thinking about every day? What do you think about a certain circumstances come into your day? “Of course there’s traffic I always end up being late for work” or “Of course I could never get through the pile on my desk because other things are always coming. I’m never left alone” “Of course my sister, brother, mother, father, whomever is picking on me again because that’s what they do every time they see me going out on my own” The list could be endless. The first thing you want to do is just be aware of your expectations through self-talk. Your expectations could have been given to you from your family, from your societal groups that you’re part of, whatever they might be. The idea here is once you become aware of what you’re expecting you could probably, therefore, then see what’s showing up as a vibrational match to that. Once you have that awareness of your vibrational pattern of expectation you can then begin to shift into a new reality.

Then getting clear on what is it that I would like to expect instead would be step number two. When you begin moving to this place you’re not looking for evidence of whether it’s a good or bad idea. You’re just deciding to expect that new reality. Then begin to work with your thoughts about what you expect every day. You can do this quite easily every morning when you wake up. You can go through your list of what you would expect in your day. “I expect to feel happy for the day” “I expect to not allow others to take away from my feeling of goodness and rightness” “I expect to accomplish a lot at work” “I expect to have harmonious relationships”

Then begin to see how your expectation of life showing up for you in the way you desire, how it happens. Some of you can shift into this place of new expectations and see changes immediately. Some of you may need to work at it a little bit more. Just be gentle with yourself as you look at your vibrational reality of expectation, how that’s matching you now, and how you can consciously shift what you are expecting, which that shift is not just a mental process. It is not just thinking happy, positive thoughts. It’s changing your vibrational reality, which allows life to show up for you differently it’s a beautiful subtle thing to play with, the energy of expectation, and how it can shift your daily experience. Play with this. Feel this. Begin to experience the freedom and the fun as you empower yourself through the energy of expectation versus the energy of feeling like you always are in a response mode.

This energy of expectation can allow you to start sculpting life to show up for you the way you wish.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

© 2014 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood

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