Dana Mrkich – Evolution Revolution – New Year Intentions – 1-2-15

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 New Year intentions |  Dana Mrkich – Evolution Revolution
Tuesday, December 23, 2014

We just spent 4 days camping with no access to phones, internet or electricity. It was bliss! My mind felt quiet without anywhere to rush to. My body felt a sigh of relief that it wasn’t being pushed or pressured to go anywhere or do anything. The quiet allowed a peace and clarity that isn’t always easy to maintain in the day to day of busy life.

One of my 2015 intentions is to remember this feeling of quiet and to live from it more often, returning to it each time I recognise I’m not in it. I, along with many of you, have been in one way or other working toward living from this space for decades. Like you I’m sure, I’ve had times where it’s clicked and I’m flowing along with inner peace, and times where the inner terrain is more rugged.

As I wrote recently, our evolutionary journey is a spiral, not a straight line so I’m not going to set myself up on a 24/7 inner peace pedestal that I will fall off for sure a few hours in, but….to aim for it more often. Yes that I can do. It feels essential for my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

What are your intentions for the New Year?

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Dana Mrkich – Evolution Revolution – 8-25-14


If you’ve felt like you’ve been losing it over the last few days (losing your temper/patience/marbles), or flip-flopping from inner crisis to outer explosion to inner calm to outer excitement you’re not alone.

The Sun has found his mojo again with a series of M-class flares since last Thurs/Fri with the most powerful of those recorded today. I’ve caught myself thinking ‘I can’t have another coffee I’m still buzzing from the one this morning” only to realise I didn’t have one in the morning! That’s how solar energy can feel – like adrenalin rushing through you.

We’ve come to a time where push has turned to shove when it comes to being/doing that which is truly in alignment with our truth, our heart, and our most authentic feelings. This isn’t necessarily about having grand epiphanies about why you’re here – rather it is the day to day way you go about living life that is being pulled into sharp focus. When the day to day is clear, it tends to naturally lead you to whatever your ‘big picture’ path is.

I’ve found that I can no longer ignore those little (big) inner nudges that have been saying: close your eyes and have a few minutes at least of meditation time every day, drink more water, get to bed earlier, get into the appreciation/gratitude zone when you need to feel centred, and read things that you feel inspired by not agitated by. Those are all little things but accumulated over many weeks and months, they create the ‘big picture’ landscape of my health/clarity/energy flow/receptivity to higher guidance and so on.

What have your inner nudges been telling you lately? You might be feeling called to make some changes in your routine or diet, to add, change or delete some things off your schedule or daily menu. Write a list today of those things that have been tapping you on the shoulder, and commit to doing at least a few.

How are you feeling, and what is on your list?

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Dana Mrkich – Evolution Revolution – Follow Your Inner Nudges – 4-29-14

Dana Mrkich


Christian enrolled into an intuitive awareness course today, which is something he has wanted to do for a while. The registration lady on the phone remarked that the class this term is nearly all men which was unusual. I loved hearing that!

We are all moving into a greater balance now with our inner feminine and masculine energies, feeling really strong urges to do things that we have either been putting off or not even considered doing until now. I have been getting major nudges to get out into the garden, to plant herbs, fruit trees and flowers, to re-pot plants, and this past weekend I finally got out there. It felt so good, and I can’t wait for my next gardening day.

If you have been getting some inner nudge to do something, you can be sure that it is coming from some inner part of you that is wanting to flow, wanting a voice, wanting to be expressed, wanting you to experience a greater state of balance, and even a greater state of health and wellbeing. Following our inner nudges allows more of our soul to be revealed, and from there we more easefully and naturally move toward relationships, work, and lifestyles that are in alignment with who we really are.

What are you being nudged to do lately?

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Dana Mrkich – Evolution Revolution – The Rrroooooaaaarrrhhhh – Flares of February – 2-5-14

solar flares 2

Six days into February and we’ve already had 14 M Class Solar Flares.

They’ve triggered a lot of anger and violent happenings, with bows and arrows being slung back and forth everywhere from personal relationships and intense physical body/health eruptions to government decisons and Hollywood stories spilling out onto the real life world stage.

All of this energy is due in part to a) not owning something within you and projecting it outward or b) receiving someone else’s projections because they are not owning their stuff, which feels like being punched repeatedly or hit by a truck as it reverses all over you.

Breathe in your own Lifeforce. Ask that anything that is not yours be sent back to its rightful owner. Ask yourself if you always feel that something is your fault? Where does that come from? Do you feel responsible for other people’s troubles, or do you blame other people for your own?

There is a lot of energy flying all over the place as we strive to find the right balance with our boundaries and responsibilities. Where are we healthily handing down a rope to help and where are we jumping into holes to try to push someone up that doesn’t want to budge? Where are we healthily holding someone accountable and where are we holding onto bitterness, anger and resentment that keeps festering and holds us back?

Today is a good day to shake it out: go for a walk or run, dance, scream and shout with the music turned up. Let out your Rrrrrraaaaoooaarrhhh in a good way!

How are you all travelling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014

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Dana Mrkich – Evolution Revolution – Where is our Redundancy Package

I was talking to my friend Diana about the energies of this past year and saying how it feels like so many of us have been retrenched from what we used to do, whether we\’re experiencing that literally, emotionally or energetically. She replied with her fabulous laugh: \”Yes it feels like that, but where\’s the redundancy package!!?\”

Even if we\’re still in \’old\’ roles, our old version of why we\’re doing it has changed and so it feels like we\’re no longer driving with the same purpose, direction, focus, motivation or map. We have a new role now, even if we think we\’re in an old role, which can be simultaneously confusing and exciting.

Some are feeling full of new energy, while many others are feeling empty and lost, like we\’re bobbing around in a vast ocean with no anchor or sense of purpose or direction other than whatever it is we are doing right NOW. Amidst this foggy haze, sharp bolts and windows of clarity arrive and wooshes of \’kick up the pants\’ energy surge through us. We see and feel glimpses of our future self beckoning to us saying this way, this way!

Today I got a strong message that I\’ll be writing a long Report \’Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014\’ explaining in further depth all of the above and more. I look forward to sharing it with you I\’m guessing at some point in the New Year, and to be honest am looking forward to seeing what it says!

(C) Dana Mrkich 2013

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Dana Mrkich – Evolution Revolution – Comet ISON – The Arrow Effect – 11-19-13

In other cosmic happenings, Comet ISON is rapidly approaching its expected pass by the Sun (Nov 28). Is it affecting us energetically? Well, my feeling is – the Sun is, solar flares are, planetary movements are, why not a comet that is releasing gigantic clouds of gas and dust, moving at 680,000 km an hour (425,000 miles) with \”a tail that extends more than 8 million kilometers behind the comet\’s nucleus. For comparison, that\’s 21 times the distance between Earth and the Moon.\” (Space Weather).

When I ask what ISON\’s energy might trigger in us: It feels like a clear, sharp arrow (representing Who are you…really?) focusing in on its target (calling you to ask yourself Where are you going?), as everything in the periphery falls away in a blur labelled \’the past\’ (What or who do you need to let go of in order to become who you really are and get where you really want to go?). While these are all basic questions to be answered by everyone over the course of their life journey, there is a \’quickening\’ happening. These questions are tapping on our shoulders, the answers are nudging our sides.

It feels like the whole universe is working together to help us wake up. Forget about that snooze button on your bedside table…it will keep ringing, for everyone, (every 5 min so it would seem) until all aspects within us and outside us have shifted. Sometimes the trigger is a personal event, sometimes something that is happening in your country or the other side of the world, and sometimes it\’s the sun, planet or a comet apparently.

Who\’s feeling the arrow effect?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

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Dana Mrkich – Evolution Revolution – Living in Now Time

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It is an interesting feeling living in the NOW, almost like not standing on solid ground, yet it\’s more stable really than where we used to stand which was predominantly constantly in the past or future.  Living in the past can have us feeling emotions like regret, anger and resentment a lot of the time. Living in the future results in a lot of unnecessary and unhelpful worry, fear, doubt and anxiety. Living in the Now feels, well, strange at first. Yes it can feel very calming and soothing, allowing yourself to trust life, trust yourself and trust your connection to that which is guiding you, all the time.  At first though, it can feel like you are in a void, neither here nor there.

We are used to being very attached to things, to belongings, to people, to situations, to jobs.  Take ‘time’ out of the equation, and all of a sudden a whole bunch of stuff becomes irrelevant.  Simultaneously, a few things stand out as being truly valuable and truly precious to you, leading to a greater appreciation of what is truly important, and a stronger desire to live your life accordingly.

Living in the Now leads to a sense of detachment when it comes to certain situations that previously would have had you plugged in. Ideally this is a healthy detachment to those things that were not really serving you, but detachment of any kind can feel disconcerting. It can make you feel ‘disconnected’ if you have been overly attached to someone or something external to you, or previously received your sense of identity from that someone or something.

A very relevant comment came through recently with someone saying well does living in the Now mean we not worry about next month’s bills? For the record I have learned not to worry about bills due next week let alone next month, and yes this includes those times I have no idea where it’s going to come from. I\’ve learned to trust, not on blind faith, but from experience after experience where the money that we truly need always comes when we most need it. This doesn’t mean I sit around waiting for miracles to fall out of the sky. You learn to listen to your instincts, to follow those inner nudges and prompts. They are the keys that unlock and open doorways of opportunity. They are the Hansel and Gretel cookie crumbs that lead us to magical (natural) synchronicities. They are our inner GPS at work, providing lightbulb moments of clarity, saying this way, this way!

On a random, or not so random, note, 21 years ago I took off my watch and haven’t worn one since. Has that helped me live in ‘Now’ time, not having this watch attached to my body? Of course like everyone I have to look at the clock, there are places to be, people to meet and so on. (Actually I\’ve never had a clock in my home either –  the \’time\’ is not hard to find thanks to phones, computers, cars, etc etc) But has it made a difference not having a watch physically on my body this whole time? For me personally, I feel it has. I am curious however – has anyone else felt the need not to wear a watch, and have you felt that this has made a difference to your life?

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Dana Mrkich – Evolution Revolution – Solar Flare Peace Flare


23 Friday Aug 2013

We had an M-class Solar Flare on Saturday. For me and many around me the entire weekend had a very gentle, healing, soothing, flowing vibe.

There was a feeling of gratitude for what is, even if there is much to still be frustrated about. There was a sense of feeling joyful for the simple things that are going well in your life, even if there are issues in one or more life areas. There was a feeling of trust and surrender for that in your life that you are unsure about or worried about, letting it go to some higher part of you that is sure, and does know what to do.

There was a feeling of quite extraordinary peace, and while we can look around the world and see much that isn’t peaceful we can be inspired by the very vocal protests happening all around the world that tell us people want peace, change and freedom.

So when a huge ‘Peace filled’ wave washes over the planet it manifests in many ways. We can be soothed by it. We can be irritated by it if there are many aspects within ourselves not at peace. We can be rocked and motivated by it where we are ready to shift and transform both inner and outer aspects that no longer fit with our desired reality.

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013

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