Russellian Science TEC, Part 12 – The Unseen Octaves of Space Gases – Ether, Aether

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The archaic theory of an aether as postulated by 17th to 19th Century theorists is taken apart in this video. Academic Science still holds to an ether theory in the form of Einstein’s work, which is not tenable and all of his theories have been debunked in great detail. See the links below:

We explain in this video how Walter Russell’s three Octaves of Space Gases account for the attributes of what has been called ether/aether in the past and which is currently called “space, or field” in contemporary academic science.

We also address the problem created by modern day dissenting Electric Universe scientists who reject Einstein’s false theories which he based on a gravity centered Universe and replace it using their concept of Plasma of the EUM based on the false theory of a Nuclear Atom.

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