STEVEN BECKOW – The Secret of Eternal Life – 8-2-18 – Golden Age Of Gaia



The secret of eternal life is that there is no secret of eternal life.

Eternal life is not and never has been a secret. People in the afterlife are busily trying to get the message across to us. But we haven’t been the best of listeners.

The truth, however, has been kept a deep, dark secret. Here’s the truth:

Every spark of God, every soul, every Self, Atman, Christ is already immortal, always was, and always will be.  It isn’t a state that needs to be achieved.

You don’t have to believe in or follow anyone to have it: you already have it.

You don’t need saving: you’re already saved.

What is really at issue is the cycle of birth and death associated with the Third Dimension. It’s true that we shed our bodies. So something does die. I’m not denying that.

But it isn’t us.

Perhaps let me offer two afterlife sources, from New Maps of Heaven, who look back on death and say this the medium – and they mean what they say literally:

Therold: “Death is merely the casting off of the garment of flesh, which you bury out of sight and which passes into dust. You, the real Ego, with its personality, pass at once into the intermediate world.”  (1)

Unnamed Teacher: “Death is [a] transition which every soul who incarnates into a physical body must make. It is nothing more than leaving the physical vehicle (the body) behind in preparation for a higher teaching, which all souls undergo.” (2)

The higher teaching is probably about leaving the Third Dimension and ascending to the Fifth, were there is no birth and death, no hunger or thirst, no poverty or disease. Life on the other side is about steady progress in spiritual evolution – or what we call “ascension.”

Unnamed Teacher: “Your personality, your memory, everything you consider to be you will leave with this energy [upon death] because you are energy.

“Once your work is accomplished there is no longer any need to stay in the physical vehicle which you are using on the earth plane. The body is as dust and will return to dust. It takes the energy force of the etheric body, living within your physical vehicle, to produce a being.

“At death the being leaves, and you could [not] care less about the physical vehicle which is a hindrance, like a prison.” (3)

Very few people, freed from their bodies, seem to miss them.

If we really, really got that our bodies are mortal but that we ourselves were, are and always will be immortal, the fear of death would instantly drop away. But, like everything else, we have to realize the truth of it, not just “get the idea.”

I did realize it in 1977 when the spirit that I am re-entered my body after a lucid dream that turned into an out-of-body experience.  I felt like I was re-entering a rubbery tue. I tapped against it and said “What’s this?” And realized it was my body. I was not my body. (4)

The realization deepened by watching my consciousness transfer from inside the body to outside. I really got that I the spirit was operating the body.

As soon as I realized I was not my body, the fear of death disappeared.

A comedian once said: “I don’t mind the idea of death. I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” I don’t think I’ll mind the actual event at all.  Just get up or be lifted out by a kind soul and away we go.

So no secret to eternal life. The truth is kept a secret. The truth is: There is no death; there is only eternal life.  Let it be proclaimed from the highest steeple.



Crystalai Blog – Shifting on to the Eternal Life Channel – 9-13-15

Crystalai Blog


Dr. Angela Barnett

Crystal Magic

What is Shifting?

What is Eternal Life?

What is Ascension?

How do we ride on space ships?

How do I stay in the body and move to the next body all at the same time?

We are moving into a time where many people on Earth will be creating a new version of reality. The reality will depend on how often they create their reality from their old neuronet, that is woven through their neo cortex Thinking Brain that just keeps re making old realities into emotions that must be turned into light and transformed: and, how often they create their reality from their new neuronet that is woven through the frequency specific mid brain into the secondary consciousness, that creates reality from the infinite unknown source of instant manifestation.

Those of you who are working with the techniques in the Course on Manifestation are learning how to move into the Host Body. That would be where your Soul goes when you die. However, you already know how to merge into oneness with your host body, so your Soul will have no need to leave your body, so you can not die.

You have been given the technique of Trancing out into your Mid Brain and moving into the Secondary Consciousness when you go to sleep. This means you can no longer be un plugged from your Secondary Consciousness because you have already plugged it into your neuronets.

Everyone has a choice. They can just continue living the way they are or they can transform the process of their life style. In the new version of reality, every time an old emotion arises, it will be taken up into the plasma light of the 8th dimensional sun energy and melted into a new light energy. Those who choose to do this with their emotions will be keeping their energy for eternal life, those who do not OWN THEIR EMOTIONS, will be leaking their energy, so that they do not have the light energy needed for eternal life.

Imagine a car. It has an engine. It runs on gas. The gas is creating energy and then when it is used up it creates exhaust fumes. In the body, those exhaust fumes would be the energy of the body leaking out. In the car, there must be more gas poured in. In the body, there needs to be new food put in the body because it leaked out old emotional energy. Now, imagine there is this car that runs on an energy that immediately keeps remaking itself by turning the plasma into the pre plasma of a vapor substance that is then densified into more plasma and the car runs forever. This is exactly what we do with the body.

We can now begin to run on the plasma body. That is the spiritual body that we don’t see now, but we can learn to see it. We can see that body and move into it by using the atomic mirror technique. If we practice doing this now, we don’t have to die in order to do it. If we learn how to move into this infinite supply of plasma and pre plasma now, we don’t need to become vaporized when we die. This is what happens when we die.

First, the secondary consciousness unplugs itself from the body, which also unplugs the neo cortex, so the brain flat lines. This causes the Infra Red body which is the Blue Body or Plasma Body to appear. The Soul turns into vapor and moves out the top of the head and then moves to the ceiling and looks down at the body. It looks down at the body and decides if there is any reason to return to the body. The soul can return to the body at any time. It can be a few minutes later, or even several weeks later, if it chooses to.

I know this is true, because I watched my husband’s soul return to his body more than a month after it had left his body. The soul decides if the body is searching for a new experience. In the case of my husband, his consciousness was busy flying through the cosmos looking for experiences in every doorway. He was so busy looking for excitement through inner experiences, that his soul stood by and waited for him to return to his body by bringing his secondary consciousness back from the infra red into the hertzian body.

This was one of the first examples of how the process of dying has been changed. In a normal death, the secondary consciousness leaves, and then the soul leaves as a cloud of vapor and rises through the top of the head and moves into the infra red body. However, if we have already moved into the infra red plasma host body by practicing the atomic mirror technique,

–And we have already plugged into the secondary consciousness by activating the frequency specific mid brain and plugging into the violet brain in the lower cerebellum, and plugged into the waves of the brain that allow the violet brain to journey into the cosmos at night and to return safely with new memories that plug your neuronet into a new reality, –And, if we begin to communicate with our Soul in order to inform it that we have already chosen to move into a continuous new Experience that is Unconditional,

When we can proove that is True to our Soul, then and only then, can There be no more death. If we program this reality into our neuronets and into our Soul now, the process of death can be de-programmed from the Soul. If this process is completed now, the Soul will not leave the body, because it knows it is already in the Infra Red Body and it knows that all of your experiences are coming from the unconditional love of the mid brain. The Soul no longer sees your body as a place that has run out of experiences and leaked out all of its emotions.

The Soul sees a body that has owned all of the emotions into a knowingness of light energy and transformed the emotions into new light energy. When the Soul sees this happening in the body, it will never leave. When the body is transformed into the infra red host body, it can continue to live as a Christ walking on the Earth for thousands of years. When we learn to move into our plasma host body, plug into the secondary consciousness and trance out, we can then float out the window at night and be taken onto space ships. After we practice doing this during our sleeping hours enough times to create a path in consciousness, our bodies can transform into the stardust that rides in the Blue Plasma Body on to the Space ship.

My husband needed to do this in order for the Sirians to re plug is new plasma body back into his hertzian body that could remain on Earth and also orb back on to the ship in the future.

THE FINAL ASSIGNMENT OF the COURSE IN MANIFESTATION is to explain how you have prepared your secondary consciousness, your mid brain, your soul and your plasma host to become de programmed from the process of DEATH.


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Use the pillar of light. Visualize a pillar of light coming in through the top of your head. Picture this cosmic Pillar coming down and wrap your body in a glowing etheric egg. Re design and break the boundaries. Devote all of your time to immortality rather than mortality. The task is now. The decade of change will alter each of your lives. Coming apart from many things and coming together with many things. Have such inner knowing that your thoughts create your world. If you think of something, it is. Once you get it, you will begin to change your life. All aspects of consciousness are attached to each other. They are all part of the whole. The energy that you generate has a purpose for your search. You are members of the family of light and we know your multidimensional selves. It is your duty to awaken a spark within the humans so this planet can raise a new species. Frequency is your identity. When your life rises to a position where you don’t recognize it as your life. you will allow the non physical to use you as a conduit to merge the dimensions and liberate the consciousness into a new way of perceiving.