ET Craft over Milan Italy

Antonio Urzi Simona Sibilla

Reader Commentary:  /  DoctorMaxMoebius

Amazing footage, and probably real. Is it Extraterrestrial?  Maybe, but it could also be an intelligent life form that lives in the atmosphere/ magnetosphere (or..?), or it might be trans-dimensional/ intra-universal (if the hyper-verse is real..).  I have seen morphing orbs myself (with 2 witnesses), and I know they are real, and they are not human covert military devices (while we undoubtably have drones with potentially hypersonic performance, and possibly antigravitic propulsion, orbs are most likely ET monitoring probes. They have been photographed leaving disks, so there is an established connection, and these disks are clearly extraterrestrial).  This star-like group of (plasma energy?) is no balloon, so please, no dimwitted debunkers here. They behave as if a school of fish, in a way. Might they be spiritual or metaphysical energy beings?  Nascent souls ? Highly evolved angelic creatures?  We ought to have vehicles that are kept on alert to investigate this phenomenon when such a lengthy sighting occurs.  Mankind’s stupidity knows no limits!