The Oracle Report – Daily energetic Analysis – Time of Enlightenment – May 10, 2013

New Moon Phase – Moon in Taurus/Gemini

Ruling Mahavidya – Tara

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We pick up even more speed as the Moon moves into fast and airy Gemini today.  The tendency is toward carelessness, superficiality, impulsivity, derelection, and a know-it-all attitude.  We don’t want to get swept up with any sort of mindset that hints of hopelessness.  So we will counter with closer attention to details, patience, and a general slowing of the pace.

The Mahavidya Tara comes on scene later today.  I would like to remind everyone that most of what you read about the Mahavidyas in “ancient” Hindu texts or on the internet is patriarchal/control-oriented distortions of the truth.  The Mahavidyas are not Hindu.  Hindu religion assimilated them, just as all religions subjugate indigenious deities when people are conquered.  The Mahavidyas pre-date Hinduism by a long, long shot.  We can, however, distill their essential natures through very loose association with prevailing ideas and engaging in direct communication or instruction with them.  The Ten Mahavidyas: Tantric Visions of the Divine Feminine by David Kinsley is a scholarly (albeit patriarchal) collection of Mahavidya information, but is the best I have read.

The goddess embodied as the planet, Sophia, communicates with each of us in different ways.  She communicates directly, but her preferred method for general instruction and communication is through a “step down” process.  She steps down into the persona of the goddess Kali, and then in turn through the personae of Kali – the other Mahavidyas.

Of all the Mahavidyas, Tara is said to be most akin to Kali.  In my interactions, Kali has very dark skin and Tara very light skin.  Kali is intense at all times; Tara has an almost genteel quality until she is pushed to activate her ferocity.  To me, Tara is very “Scarlet O’Hara-ish” – without the damsel in distress aspect.  None of the Mahavidyas is a damsel in distress, by any means.  Tara is playful, flirtatious, and wily and she loves beautiful things, but she will engage in a flash and strike down darkness.

There is a Tibetan version of Tara and a Hindu version of Tara, so if you research you will see that the versions are diametrically opposed.  We immediately see the schism of patriarchy.

Tara is known as the “Goddess Who Guides Through Troubles.”  Isn’t this exactly the energy we need right now?

I will be joining the Zany Mystic himself, Lance White, tomorrow night on “A Fireside Chat” at 10 pm ET/ 7 pm CT.  All are invited!

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Prajna Paramita Mantra – Buddhist Chants – Praise of the Sacred Feminine

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rom the album, ‘Dakini – Buddhist Chants in Praise of the Sacred Feminine’, this is IndiaJiva and Ayya Yeshe performing the Prajna Paramita Mantra, the Mantra of the Perfection of Wisdom. Video edited and produced by Vicki Hansen. To purchase the album, go to
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Deepak Chopra – God and Buddha

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Deepak Chopra and Robert Thurman dialogue on the topic of Vedanta. Also watch…
The ONLY cause of suffering is “not knowing the true nature of reality”. Self realization and the means by which we come to understand the ultimate nature of reality is vital to true happiness.

Swami Isananda – We Are All One – Service To Others

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Swami Isananda     –    YouTube

The Oracle Report – Daily Energetic Analysis – Time of Enlightenment

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Balsamic Moon Phase – Moon in Taurus


Ruling Mahavidya – Chinnamasta

Energetically speaking, the Sun transforms into something different every day.  At sunrise, a new day is born.  Today we will feel the full relief that comes at the end of a powerful transit of the Black Moon.  Over the past month, the Black Moon made a line with the Galactic Center itself – the home of the artistic engineers who, after being given/gifted the raw stuff of life force from Source/Spirit/Divine One/God/Godhead, configured life in our galaxy.

One of those Divine Beings in the Galactic Center, Sophia, branched out, if you will.  She became enmeshed with the creation, mesmerized by its beauty (in all forms – destructive, creative, loving, violent).  We are that creation.

Mysticism and religions that refer to the Tree of Life or the World Tree are actually identifying the Galactic Center.  The branch of the World Tree that is Sophia maintains connection with the Tree and is rooted there.

So since the Galactic Center is the place from whence we originated, anytime an astrological transit is made to it, the engineers there get to tweak and fiddle around with the creation.  In our case, they are assisting Sophia with the creation she became part of – us.

Transits to the Galactic Center make things shake.  The status quo or energetic field of things gets perturbed.  The transit of the Black Moon took the engineers’ tweaking and disseminated that on Earth with a Black Moon flair.  The energetic person you were is not the energetic person you are now.  We all have a new energetic signature.

You may not feel like a brand new person – yet.  But this energetic upgrade has given us more “room” to grow.  We will be able to access information/live life from an expanded panorama.  “New energetic signature” equals “new experience of life” and “deeper connection with Sources.”

The bottom line to all of this is 1) a massive wave is moving through the collective of humanity, enabling people to see through the deception and trickery of the Archons and thus leveling the playing field; 2) we are empowered, i.e. made more powerful through the purging fires of a journey through the underworld; and 3) we see ourselves more clearly because we have had a face to face encounter with ourselves and our shadow sides.

Sophia and her fellow engineers in the Galactic Center want to see what one of their creations would be after cocooning in a habitat of one of the engineers herself, waking up to that understanding, and then fighting off darkness that stood against them and tricked them at every turn.  The Divine Beings in the Galactic Center are not only invested in Sophia, they are invested in us.

When the World Tree shakes and the Black Moon joins in, serious degeneration of “what was” and serious regeneration of “what is becoming” ensues. Today’s sunrise heralds a new day indeed.  The full relief of the end of the degeneration phase of Black Moon transits happen after the sun rises the next day.  We felt a lightening after 3 pm ET yesterday, but we needed a new Sun to get the pure effect.  Today we are truly on the “rise” phase of the rise and fall of the phoenix.

Today is for soaring and re-integrating.  Take things as they come.  Reassembly of things in our lives is happening, leading us in the right (or new) directions.

The world has changed and the field is being leveled.  We’ve been empowered and the experiment/experience is going to get even more interesting.

Happy day!

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Dorren Virtue – Releasing Karma

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Dorren talks about how you can overcome your past and release negative karma

Teachings of Atlantis

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The White Brotherhood of Light are we. A group from whose inception in the golden era of Atlantis has been pivotal in determining how your evolutionary progress may be aided and where energies unfavourable to your evolutionary progress may be dissolved.
Earth beings of Light, pay attention now, as we bring our stories to you. Sit comfortable, ready to receive lessons from the Brotherhood of Light that originate in the Golden Era of Atlantis. These teachings and stories will bring into you rememberings that are necessary as you recreate the Golden Age on your planet now. It is necessary for you to understand that you already have the gifts that are needed to bring this into fruition, and that you are not to be waiting for others to show the way — for you are the showers of the way in this time.

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