Owen K Waters @ in5d.com – Etheric Energy – The 5th Element – 9-24-15

Etheric Energy


by Owen K Waters,

The legendary Fifth Element holds the key to the answer to one of today’s top mysteries in the worlds of physics and cosmology. Scientists estimate that 84% of the matter in the universe is composed of invisible dark matter, but they have no idea what it is. With a short venture into the world of metaphysics, you are about to find out the answer!

In ancient Greece, all material things were said to be composed of a mixture of the four elements of earth, fire, water and air. There was also said to be a more subtle, fifth element. This was called the quintessence (literally, “fifth element”), implying its very delicate or refined state of existence.

For many centuries, philosophers considered that all matter consisted of combinations of the basic elements in the Greek tradition. In the early 1500s, Philip von Hohenheim boldly renamed himself Paracelsus, meaning “beyond the medical pioneer Celsus” and came out with a counter-proposal. He declared that, instead of the old elements, all things consist of the subtle essences of elements that he called salt, sulfur and mercury. However, this only served to confuse the situation further as both theories did little to identify the basic chemicals that combine to form the enormous variety of compounds that are found in nature.

Next, fast-forward to the Age of Enlightenment. In the late 1600s, the early scientist Robert Boyle published The Sceptical Chemist, rejecting both schools of thought in favor of the then-novel idea that materials are composed of a variety of basic chemicals which, unlike compounds, cannot be further reduced by chemical operations. This demystified chemistry, laid the basis for its development as a science, and made possible the development of the table of elements that we use in chemistry today.

As the science of chemistry developed and accumulated physical knowledge, however, it became focused entirely on physical materials and ignored the old idea of anything more subtle.

The fifth element has been given various names in traditional Eastern thought and practices – such as prana, chi, qi, and mana – but it can be better understood by calling it vital life energy or etheric energy. From a physics perspective, the most concise term is etheric energy, which implies a more subtle energy than electric energy.

When electric and magnetic energies combine in complementary motion, they produce physical light as well as the building blocks of physical matter. Your body is composed of electromagnetic energy. Etheric energy is actually more common in the universe than electric energy. Its manifestation, etheric matter, forms most of the matter in the universe. Cosmologists know that it exists, even though they can’t see it (hence the term, dark matter), because of its gravitational effects on physical matter in the cosmos.

“Dark” energy and “dark” matter are roughly five times more prolific than their physical counterparts, so their influence in the cosmos is quite marked. The gravitational effect is a result of the fact that both energies – physical electric energy and the more subtle etheric energy – share a common interaction with magnetic energy. The magnetic energy component is provided by the ever-present fabric of space, which I term the God Field.

By using the term the God field, we can reduce a common form of confusion that exists today. The God field was traditionally called the aether and, although that sounds a lot like etheric energy, the two are quite different.

The God field is the fabric of space. It is a subtle, fluid, magnetic energy which fills all space. It is intensified within and around matter, where its attractive nature produces the force of gravity.

Etheric energy, or vital life energy, is the primary energy of the universe. Electric energy is, by comparison, a secondary, more physical energy. Electric energy interacts with the magnetic fabric of space to form physical light and physical matter. Etheric energy interacts with the magnetic fabric of space to form etheric light and etheric matter.

Etheric energy is a subtle, primary life energy, while electric energy is a physical, secondary energy. Both energies interact with the magnetic fabric of space, producing etheric matter and physical matter.

The great advantage with knowing about etheric energy is that this vital life-giving energy holds the key to vibrant wellness. Vital life energy or etheric energy is present in all effective healing systems. In acupuncture, it is the “qi” energy that is enhanced or balanced in its flow along acupuncture meridians. It is the healing energy transmitted in distant healing. It is the same healing energy that is passed to the recipient in Reiki or Polarity Therapy.

Vital life energy is the essence within sacred healing oils. It is the energy that flows into a person as they practice Qigong. It is the life energy in organic foods, in water exposed to sunlight, and in the oxygen that we breathe.

Without vital life energy, we would not physically exist. With additional vital life energy, miraculous healings can occur.

Pau Haider @ OM Times – 4 Ways to Cleanse Negative Energy – 9-9-15 –

Cleansing Negative Energy


by Dr. Paul Haider


Negative energy can make us feel fatigued and depressed. Being around toxic people or in toxic environments can alter our persona and even cause challenges with our electronic devices, which are sensitive to negative energy. Here are four simple ways to cleanse away negative energy from the mind, body and spirit, so that we can once again have a great outlook on life.


Cleanse Negative Energy #1 – Name of God

Saying a personal name of God over and over again is amazingly powerful. Nothing can resist the power of the name of God. The name a person chooses may be something other than just the word God. Perhaps, the name is Jesus, Buddha, Krishna or some other personal name that connects to their heart.

A person may be guided to say this name silently in their mind repeatedly whenever they are not doing some specific task that needs their full attention. The name of God can also be used in combination with other ways of cleansing away negative energy. Over thousands of years, many great saints and gurus have talked about the power of the name of God in spiritual texts.

Cleanse Negative Energy #2 – Dip in the Ocean

Another way to cleanse away negative energy is to go to the seashore and take a plunge in the ocean. Salt water is great for cleansing away all negative energies. In fact, water in general has been used for cleansing negative energy for thousands of years. John the Baptist used water from the Jordan River to cleanse away all that was old in order for people to be reborn with a positive outlook on life.

To do this, a person may walk into the water and dip down covering their head completely while silently saying their personal name of God over and over again. Do this dunking 4 or 5 times, while completely submerging the whole body in the cleansing waters of the ocean. As we are a drop in the ocean, we are cleansed of all that is negative by the ocean. At the end of this process, say a short prayer thanking God for the cleansing.


Live Inland? Make Your Own Ocean

Take a 5 gallon bucket of water. Fill about 2/3 full of water and add 1/2 cup of any kind of salt to make your own mini ocean. Mix the salt into the water and let set for 5 minutes. Then, sit on a chair, so that your feet are in the bucket, while allowing the water to come up as high as possible on your legs. You may be guided to do this for 20 minutes, while silently repeating your personal name of God. Afterward, say a prayer of gratitude to God, the Universe, and the One and Only for cleansing away all negative energies. Dispose of the water properly.

Cleanse Negative Energy #3 – Grounding in Soil or Sand

This method is something anyone can do because we all live on planet Earth, and most have soil or sand around them Some people may not live close to the ocean, but grounding with soil or sand also does a wonderful job of cleansing away negative energy. During this process, a person can sit down on the ground and bury both their hands and feet in soil or sand. If there happens to be a tree nearby, that’s even better since trees have deep roots that absorb negative energy away from the body and nullify them in the earth. At the same time, start saying the personal name of God over and over again silently.

A person may sit with their hands and feet buried in the soil saying their God mantra for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, one can wash their hands and feet, while saying a little prayer thanking God, the Universe, and the One and Only for the cleansing. Many spiritual traditions discuss the fact that we ware made from the clay of the earth. Thus, Mother Earth is also one of our true loving guardians. She even watches over us, provides us with water and food, offers us shelter and is willing to wash away all negative energy from our being.


Cleanse Negative Energy #4 – Sage Stick

Obtain a white sage smudge and pour a little water over it to get it wet, so that it smolders and gives off lots of smoke while it burns. Set the smudge on fire; this will not be easy because it’s slightly wet (I usually use our gas stove to get it started). Then, take the sage smudge stick and move it around the body 10 times while saying your personal name of God repeatedly.

Do this process as many times as you are guided to do so. Once you are finished, say a prayer of gratitude to God, the Universe, and the One and Only. If white sage is hard to find, incense will work. White sage and incense have been used in spiritual rituals by Native Americans, in churches and in Aboriginal tribal rituals for thousands of years because of its cleansing abilities. Even today, researchers have found that white sage smoke kills bacteria.

After using any of these ways of cleansing away negative energy, a person should visualize and create a protective bubble of white light surrounding their body, which is intended to protect their body, mind and spirit. In addition, it is important to cleanse the mind of all negative thoughts, ideas and negativity that pop into their mind.


About the Author

A Master Herbalist and Spiritual Teacher for over 25 years, Dr. Paul Haider helps people to recover and feel healthy. You can find Dr. Haider on Facebook by searching Dr. Paul Haider and Healing Herbs.

Large Microwave Energy Pulse hits Planet Earth – 9-3-15


Earth Energy

Published on Sep 3, 2015

A very large, oddly shaped, and long duration pulse of energy appeared on the Morphed Microwave Background Imagery (MIMIC TPW).



The large energy pulse was detected and decoded by the computer as actual “precipitation” or lack thereof… showing up along the same frequency bandwidths that the moisture returns reflect. The energy causes a false return to show up temporarily in the shape of the incoming waveform.





BP EarthWatch

Emerald Guardians @ in5d.com – The Science of Ascension – Positrons Have Arrived to Transform Our Reality – 8-14-15


Emerald Guardians @ in5d.com   –   The Science of Ascension   –   Positrons Have Arrived to Transform Our Reality  –   8-14-15



This is the first time scientists have ever seen positrons being ejected from the SUN because it is the first time positrons have been ejected from the sun in this reality system. The Sun is now ejecting POSITRONS. A Positron is the anti particle of the particle Electron. This means the Sun is ejecting particles of its spiritual double. This puts a whole new outlook on being showered with CME’s Solar Radiation, comets, etc. We now know that every time we are having particles falling from the sky into our atmosphere, they are actually anti particles translating the particles into a new harmonic of spiritual quantum.

This is the link.

To understand what a positron is we need to know that  every element has its opposite. A positron is the opposite of the electron. The positron is the spiritual twin of the electron. One is physical and one is spiritual. In science it is called matter and anti matter. It is the time of new understanding that Science and Spirituality are the same. Scientists are beginning to realize that since the particles and anti particles separated at some time during the birth of our star system, that they must have gone somewhere. And they have been wondering when the anti particles might come back. Well, the anti particles are coming back. Once the particles and anti particles reunite this is the same as spiritual and physical reuniting.

The teachings that were brought to Earth over the past fifteen years by Guardian Races taught us that the universal reality that we have been living in is based on has been the reverse spin technology of locking us into this density. We have been INVOLUTING or coming down into density. We were taught that when we begin our EVOLUTION and ASCENSION out of this time locked prison, there would be the electrons finally disappearing and being replaced with positrons.

If we did not have the massive influence of the teachings of the Quantum Physics brought to Earth by those who have been living in this Cosmic Reality for millions of years, our scientists would had never had the glimpse of this reality which has prepared them for realizing that there actually is such a thing as a positron.

I learned about the positron from Ramtha, The Legacy Series DVD. He didn’t use the word positron. This is just something that I deducted from doing further research into all of the subjects that he taught. Ramtha is a Lemurian from 35,000 years ago who works with Mu in Inner Earth and has been teaching the Quantum Realities that we are about to encounter since the 70’s. Ashayana Deane has also been teaching this science for about ten years, and she was also communicating with Mu. This is also not something that you will find exactly in Keylontic Science teachings. It is the meaning that I deducted from doing further research. There were many other scientists involved  in helping me figure this out, including my Starry Brother, Zaurak, from Sirius B and the Elohim of Hearing, as well as these scientists from the link above.

It is glaringly obvious when I keep watching more and more of the youtubes being put out by scientists, that they are getting closer and closer to what Ramtha was describing as our change into Evolution and Ascension.

It is very obvious that in order for the Earth to turn into Inner Earth where Mu and our other Guardian Races are waiting for us, we must go throughout this transition from particle to anti particle shifting. We do not go to Inner Earth by walking down some stairway. The idea of walking up the stairway to heaven into the Cloud Cities is a metaphor for us actually becoming less and less dense until the Cloud Cities and Inner Earth and Earth all become the same place in our new Reality.

I Googled positron http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Positron and learned that scientists have been baffled about this idea of the positron since the 30’s.There were three scientists that studied its existence. The conclusions indicated that if there were a positron it would dissolve the hydrogen and the electron. Well that matches exactly what is required for us to return to the reality of H202HE3. The hydrogen must turn into helium, and the electron must turn into the positron.

Nambu discovered that positrons show a change in direction from past to future. That is the definition of EVOLUTION. We are finally moving from the past to the future. We are moving into a new future of grand possibilities. Dmitri Skobeltsyn has shown us that positrons curved in the opposite direction, again showing that we have finally turned around and we are ascending back into the Vast Field of Possibilities of our Cosmos.

Yoichiro Nambu later applied it to all production and annihilation of particle-antiparticle pairs, stating that “the eventual creation and annihilation of pairs that may occur now and then is no creation or annihilation, but only a change of direction of moving particles, from past to future, or from future to past.”

Anderson showed the positron to be Antimatter.

The discovery of positrons in solar flares was announced by New Jersey Institute of Technology Professor of Physics Gregory D. Fleishman and colleagues at the July 8, 2013, meeting of the American Astronomical Society’s Solar Physics Division.

The researchers reported the first remote detection of relativistic antiparticles – positrons – produced in nuclear interactions of accelerated ions in solar flares through the analysis of readily available microwave and magnetic-field data obtained from solar-dedicated facilities and spacecraft.

This discovery will allow astrophysicists to examine the behavior of antimatter (positrons) directly from a readily available source without the expense of creating antimatter at CERN or other facilities.

This is what is most exciting. The process of ascension or the transformation of our bodies and of the Earth requires the Anti particles or anti matter to become absorbed into the particle. We are now merging the anti particle universe into the particle universe, or the spiritual into the physical. As the Sun sprays this anti particle substance into our atmosphere our bodies and our consciousness is transposing.

This new realization of the POSITRON is on the Higher Levels of Understanding than the protons and phonons being the elements of our transposition. The Positron shows that original spiritual divine essence of our Universe is finally being returned to us. This is the beginning of our merging more and more into the antimatter- the quantum spiritual invisible substance of our creation.

And we get to SEE it happen!!!!

The more we are given some actual visible realities of these divine sciences, the more our consciousness will accept that it is happening, and that will trigger a mass consciousness of believing.

Dmitri Skobeltsyn first observed the positron in 1929.[9][10] While using a Wilson cloud chamber[11] to try to detect gamma radiation in cosmic rays, Skobeltsyn detected particles that acted like electrons but curved in the opposite direction in an applied magnetic field

Carl D. Anderson discovered the positron on August 2, 1932,[13] for which he won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1936.[14] Anderson also coined the term positron. The positron was the first evidence of antimatter and was discovered when Anderson allowed cosmic rays to pass through a cloud chamber and a lead plate. A magnet surrounded this apparatus, causing particles to bend in different directions based on their electric charge. The ion trail left by each positron appeared on the photographic plate with a curvature matching the mass-to-charge ratio of an electron, but in a direction that showed its charge was positive

This is the same anti-particle formula that we use when we walk into the mirror to translate our bodies into anti-particle, etheric spiritual blue bodies.

When we walk into the candle or into a mirror, we are walking into the full spectrum of light or the entire rainbow prism. We actually disappear into the rainbow prism and then reappear as a blue body.

The rainbow prism is coming from intense electrical field like a MAGNETIC MIRROR which is a device used in thermo nuclear processes that is the mirror.

That nuclear process is actually contained within the intense dark field within the mirror.

That same mirror effect exists within the brain. We are supposed to be able to walk all the way through the mirror and see ourselves on the other side.

By practicing this walk through the mirror we are adjusting our brains. We are reversing the way our mind works. We are training our minds to see the other side of reality–the quantum field that we think of as invisible. But it is not invisible. We have just had our brains turned off so that we can’t see the rest of reality.

We have forgotten how to manifest the reality that we desire through our mid brain.  We are preparing for our grand manifesting by practicing with the mirror.

By using the mirror, we can learn to FEEL the anti-matter substance that is within it. We can feel how it makes our bodies translate. We can perceive how it allows us to see into a reality that we didn’t know was there.

We can actually come face to face with anti matter.

OUR MANIFESTATIONS become Manifest in the Hertizian because that is what tangible reality is to us in this world.

Once we learn to see the back of the candle arising as the blue candle or blue sphere, and we perceive the anti matter within the mirror, we can manifest the same relationship in our  photo negative mid brain with a card. We can look at the card and the back of the card will arise behind it just as the back or anti particle self of the candle rose behind the candle.

We must train the brain to facilitate antimatter. This is how we learn to see our parallel spiritual reality. This is what allows us to enter into the fifth dimension of Tara. We have a big gap missing from reality because our mid brain hasn’t been used correctly in our life time.
The mirror give us back the part of the mid brain that we are missing. We are learning how to reverse our DNA into the subharmonics that create the 12 DNA reality.

Working with the anti particle spiritual reality allows us to bring all of those forms into tangible realities in the hertzian visible manifest realm.

By walking into the mirror we turn on the extraordinary window in the brain that is the infra red psychic brain.  This is how the infinite unknown holograms become the known manifest realities that we see with our anti matter mid brain in the back of the head. We can’t begin to know the holograms that exist as Tara or Inner Earth until we have trained our mid brain to hold the vision that is presenting itself in anti matter.

This thermo nuclear processes that we go through when we walk into the mirror is described perfectly here as the same thing that goes on in the Sun’s interior.

The funny thing that we will all become aware of in just a few more years, is the fact that we actually live inside of the sun’s interior.

The sun also emits energized particles (neutrinos, protons) that make up the solar wind. This energy strikes Earth, where it warms the planet, drives our weather and provides energy for life. We aren’t harmed by most of the radiation or solar wind because the Earth’s atmosphere protects us.

via EmeraldGuardians

KRYON – Effect of the New Energy on DNA – WAVE X – Lee Carroll

Melania Anghel


KRYON’s message through Lee Carroll “Energy and DNA” (Effect of the New Energy on DNA) during the Seminar in Mineapolis, Minnesota, dated Saturday August 1st, 2015. Meditation: Dr. Amber Wolf,

Archangel Michael’s Energy Teacher – AA Michael – 7-26-15

Archangel Michael’s Energy Teacher   –   AA Michael   –   7-26-15


Found at: http://lightworkers.org/wisdom/aa-michael/215306/archangel-michael-...


Archangel Michael is the firstborn of all creation and He is the first angel created by God. He is one of God’s four Archangels who has been by God’s side during subsequent creations of the universe.

Archangel Michael, the commander of the celestial forces, responsible from the harmony and protection of the universe, is the warrior Archangel for the elimination and purification of negative energies. He is the director of Heaven and the leader of the Archangels.

The meaning of Michael (Mikha’el) is “Who is like God”. Archangel Michael is known and accepted by all religions. In Christianity, He is considered similar to the “Holy Spirit”. He is symbolically pictured with a sword of blue fire, shield and armour. Like all angels, He is neither male nor female and can appear in any form.

Archangel Michael’s energy is a very powerful energy which can purify, neutralize and eliminate negative energies. His Energy is perceived as golden, violet and blue colours.

According to some beliefs, Archangel Michael is the only Archangel serving on Earth in human form. It is believed that He has descended to Jesus Christ and remained on Earth as a prophet for 3 years and ascended back to Heaven.

He responds with love whenever called for help. Protects and helps anytime protection and help is needed.

As in the task of creation and evolution of the universe, He is the responsible Archangel for the transition of Earth into “The Age of Harmony” and “The Golden Age”.

The name and the energy of Archangel Michael is the pure love of God.

Light of Archangel MichaelThe source of Archangel Michael’s Energy, like all other frequencies, is God Almighty. Archangel Michael’s Energy is the energy of love and light. The frequency transmitted by the attunement of Archangel Michael’s Energy is the frequency of purification and healing which is very powerful.

Calling Archangel Michael’s Energy means being connected to the Source -with Archangel Michael’s permission- and withdrawing healing and purification energies from the eternal Source. Archangel Michael’s Energy has a great importance for Earth’s transition into the “The Age of Harmony” and “The Golden Age”.

We know the importance and power of Intention in this special age, where Earth’s energy is increasing together with the consciousness and awareness of humanity. In this period, people become aware and accept their Godly presence and Higher Selves. And Archangel Michael’s Energy is a great gift for our every Intention.

We are witnessing people who call Archangel Michael’s Energy into their intentions and prayers and into their daily lives, intending for purification, experience personal transformations and miracles.

The only thing we have to pay attention in our prayers is to be sincere and to do it with love (with heart chakra). Prayers and intentions carried out with anxiety, fear, disbelief or insincerity are not fulfilled.

While calling Archangel Michael’s Energy, one has to pay attention using the word “Archangel or Angel” before His name and not by mistake name His energy as “Michael’s Energy” without using the word “Angel”. When “Michael’s Energy” is uttered, our intention will be perceived by the universe as the energy of any ordinary person called “Michael”.

chakra-chartThere are two requirements for the attunement to Archangel Michael’s Energy. One, is “the belief in God/Allah/The Source” and second to have the intention for attunement”.

Below are the phrases channeled by Archangel Michael for purification prayers and intentions. These prayers are exactly as cited by Archangel Michael and not even one word should be altered. You can regard these phrases as keys or codes. Hence, when the words change, the intention and prayer will not function or be fulfilled. During your intentions, be sincere and do not bear any doubts such as “have I done it right?”

God/Allah/The Source is love itself. Remember that you pray only to and ask for and receive help from God Almighty.

Attunement is for free.

With love

Ipek Cihan Bilgin

Channel of Archangel Michael
Reiki Master, EFT Specialist
Past Life Healer


Distance Healing with Archangel Michael’s Energy:

If you would like to send Archangel Michael’s Energy for distance healing the following sentence should be used:
“I am asking with love, Archangel Michael’s Energy to flow to ….. for healing, peace and happiness. I am grateful to Archangel Michael.” It is important to have the
pre-permission of the receiver or his/her Higher-self.

Healing yourself with Archangel Michael’s Energy:

“I am asking with love, Archangel Michael’s Energy to flow to me and substantiate the appropriate healing, rehabilitation and purification, for the highest good of the whole.” (You can use this sentence whenever you need healing in your daily life.)

Archangel Michael’s Energy for Intentions:

This sentence should be used for intentions with Archangel Michael’s Energy:
“I am praying to God/Allah/The Source. I am intending to ……. (phrase the intention). I am asking help from God for my intention and I am grateful to God. I am asking with love Archangel Michael’s Energy to flow to my intention and let it be fulfilled. I am grateful to Archangel Michael”.

Examples: “I am intending to own/buy/have an appropriate house.” “I am intending to have an appropriate job.”

(All intentions should be made for the “highest good of the whole”. It is not appropriate to intend for another person. However, you can guide them to intend or send Archangel Michael’s Energy to their intentions.)

For purification with Archangel Michael’s Energy:

“I am praying to God/Allah/The Source. I am intending to transform my anxiety/fear for ..(name the negative emotion)…. into love. My anxiety/fear for ….(name the negative emotion).. is being transformed into love. I am asking help from God for my intention and I am grateful to God. I am asking with love Archangel Michael’s Energy flow to my intention and let it be fulfilled. I am grateful to Archangel Michael.”

“I am intending to transform all my negative energy caused by this ..(name the incident) ….. into love. All my negative energy is being transformed into love. I am asking help from God for my intention and I am grateful to God. I am asking with love Archangel Michael’s Energy to flow to my intention and let it be fulfilled. I am grateful to Archangel Michael.”

Attunement of surroundings with Archangel Michael’s Energy:

“I am asking with love that my …. (house/office/school) is attuned to Archangel Michael’s Energy and be always purified with His most beautiful energy. I am grateful to Archangel Michael.”

(It is sufficient to attune the same surrounding for once. For purification, it can occasionally be repeated. You can attune another person’s surroundings only with his/her or Higherself’s permission).

Purifying the surroundings with Archangel Michael’s Energy:
(This purification intention can be repeated every day):

“I am asking with love Archangel Michael’s Energy to flow to this …. (surroundings, house/car/office/room) and transform the here present negative energy into love. I am grateful to Archangel Michael.”

Purifying food with Archangel Michael’s Energy:
(To be repeated before meals).

“I am asking with love Archangel Michael’s Energy to flow to this meal and transform its negative content into love. I am grateful to Archangel Michael.”

Examples of negative emotions for Purification Intentions:

• low self-esteem
• mistrust
• lack of confidence
• weakness
• incompetence
• fear of being unsuccessful
• fear of poverty
• negative feelings about money
• feeling of not being loved
• lack of compassion
• lack of love to oneself
• self anger
• jealousy
• envy
• negative feelings about relationships
• negative feelings caused by relationships
• negative feelings about marriage
• negative feelings about father
• negative feelings about mother
• fear of loneliness
• fear of being left
• fear of losing the loved ones
• fear of separation
• negative feelings towards authority
• disbelief in God
• addiction
• commitment phobia
• fear of losing freedom
• addiction of smoking
• disbelief in quitting smoking
• cumulative side effects of drugs in the body
• accumulated nicotine in the body (via smoking)
• disbelief in losing weight
• reluctance to lose weight
• reluctance to quit smoking
• addiction for pleasure from food
• addiction for pleasure from smoking
• fear of starving
• all negative feelings about hunger/starvation
• fear of death
• fear of accidents
• cat phobia
• fear of driving
• claustrophobia
• height phobia
• phobia of darkness
• animal phobia

(Intention Examples)

• I am intending to be aware of and claim my self-esteem.
• I am intending to be aware of and claim the power of God within me.
• I am intending to love myself
• I am intending to receive and give love
• I am intending to have the consciousness of abundance

Archangel Michael’s Prayer for Protection:
(This prayer is recommended to be repeated every morning)

I am praying to God/Allah/The Source.
I do not wish any energy, which does not comply with Your
universal purpose or does not carry Your love, to influence or to approach me.
I am intending to have the ability to differentiate and be protected.

Applying Archangel Michael’s Energy To Your Daily Life:

We can use Archangel Michael’s Energy in our daily lives to ask for help at anytime (e.g. for things to go smoother, to travel safe, to have a better day). Using Archangel Michael’s Energy is just like using Reiki. The only difference is that verbal intention is sufficient with Archangel Michael’s Energy.

Archangel Michael’s Energy is the greatest energy of light and love; helps us to fulfill the highest good for us; protects us.

Below are various examples of intentions. You also can use Archangel Michael’s Energy for intentions like these:

• I am intending to have a nice day. I am asking with love Archangel Michael’s Energy to flow to my intention and let it be fulfilled; for the highest good of the whole.
• I am asking with love Archangel Michael’s Energy to flow to my meeting and help me to have a good meeting; for the highest good of the whole.
• I am asking with love Archangel Michael’s Energy to flow to me and transform my excitement into love (for example before meetings).
• I am intending to find (buy, rent) an appropriate house for myself. For the highest good of the whole, I am asking with love Archangel Michael’s Energy to flow to my intention and let it be fulfilled.
• I am intending to have a nice journey; for the highest good of the whole. I am asking with love Archangel Michael’s Energy to flow to my intention and let it be fulfilled.
• I am asking with love Archangel Michael’s Energy to flow and help me to get to my house; for the highest good of the whole.
• I am asking with love Archangel Michael’s Energy to flow to me and relieve me from this discomfort.
• I am asking with love Archangel Michael’s Energy to flow to me and help me to see my lesson in this situation and pass it with love.
• I am asking with love Archangel Michael’s Energy to flow in between me and my spouse and transform our disagreement and problems into love.
• I am asking with love Archangel Michael’s Energy to flow in between John and Mary and transform their disagreement and problems into love.
• I am asking with love Archangel Michael’s Energy to flow to my son’s examination and help him.
• I am asking with love Archangel Michael’s Energy to flow between me and my friend and transform our disagreement and problems into love.

The Prayer of Forgiveness with Archangel Michael’s Energy:

In this era of ascension of the Earth, it has great importance to forgive any person or event which left a mark in our lives, in order to be able to regard and evaluate all experiences only as experiences, to leave them behind us with love and to continue our journey, and our personal development. The intentions below are recommended for working on forgiveness. Archangel Michael’s Energy and these intentions are very powerful help.

Intentions for Forgiveness with Archangel Michael’s Energy:

I am praying to God/Allah/The Source. I am intending to forgive every event and every person, including myself, which left a mark in my life, which I could not forgive. I am forgiving every event, every person and myself. I am asking for help from God for my intention and I am grateful to God. I am asking with love Archangel Michael’s Energy to flow to my intention and let it be fulfilled. I am grateful to Archangel Michael.

I am praying to God/Allah/The Source. I am intending to forgive … (the person’s name). I am forgiving …. (the person’s name). I am asking for help from God for my intention and I am grateful to God. I am asking with love Archangel Michael’s Energy to flow to my intention and let it be fulfilled. I am grateful to Archangel Michael.

Giving hands-on Healing with Archangel Michael’s Energy:

Similar to hands-on Reiki healing, Archangel Michael’s Energy can also be applied by using hands. A person can apply Archangel Michael’s Energy to self or to another person by putting hands on.

Applying the healing practice to oneself:

The hands should be washed before starting the practice (except for emergencies or if we are outside). It is recommended to apply it in a quiet environment, lying down or sitting (without legs crossed to allow the free flow of energy). It is preferable not to wear watches, metal jewellery or have shoes on during the practice.

Initiating, applying and completing the practice:

Bring your hands to Namaste (gassho) position (two hands together and fingers closed, like praying). The flow of the energy is initiated by saying “I am inviting, with love, Archangel Michael’s Energy”. This is followed by the intention “I am asking with love Archangel Michael’s Energy to flow and substantiate appropriate healing, rehabilitation and purification in all dimensions of my body; for the highest good of the whole”. Then one can initiate the healing practice with hands. Archangel Michael’s Energy is given to 7 chakras (Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root Chakras, respectively). Every chakra receives it for 2-3 minutes (or until the chakra is saturated). The practice is completed by bringing the hands to Namaste (gassho) position and by saying “I am grateful to God/Allah/The Source“. It is recommended to wash the hands afterwards.

On days when you do not have a chance to apply it for about 15-20 minutes (to all chakras), then you can put your hands on any chakra (e.g. heart chakra) and apply the energy for a few minutes after repeating the intentions phrased above.

Applying the healing practice to others:

It is necessary to obtain the permission of the person. When applying the healing practice to other people it is important that we surround ourselves by a protective shield. This is initiated by the intention “I am asking with love Archangel Michael’s Energy surround me by His protective shield”. The intention phrased when applying the healing practice to ourselves, can be uttered for the other person as well “I am asking with love Archangel Michael’s Energy to flow to substantiate the appropriate healing, rehabilitation and purification in all the dimensions of … (the person’s name) body; for the highest good of the whole.”

Attunement to Archangel Michael’s Energy:

Anyone attuned to Archangel Michael’s Energy can attune another person by his/her intention. In order to attune: The attuned person should ask the following questions and the person to be attuned should give the following answers.

Question 1:
“Who are you intending to?”
Answer 1:
“I am intending to God/Allah/The Source.”

Question 2:
“Are you intending to be attuned to Archangel Michael’s Energy?”
Answer 2:
“I am intending to be attuned to Archangel Michael’s Energy.”

The attunement time is 15 minutes. After hearing the intention of the person to be the attuned, the person attuning repeats the following prayer.

“With the permission of God/Allah/The Source, with the permission of Archangel Michael, I am intending …. (person’s name).. to be attuned to Archangel Michael’s Energy.”
“With the permission of God/Allah/The Source, with the permission of Archangel Michael, I am requesting with my higher-self …. (person’s name).. to be attuned to Archangel Michael’s Energy.”

The person to be attuned can receive the attunement lying down or sitting (legs straight, not crossed) for 15 min. One should not wear watch or metal jewellery. At the completion, both need to thank God and Archangel Michael.

The attunement is fulfilled by the divine mechanism, the higher-selves and the intentions of both people.

For the attunement to be fulfilled appropriately, it is important that the person to be attuned carry pure intention. Attunements received with suspicion or fear can not be fulfilled. Pure intentions and love are important to attune and receive attunement.

Self Attunement For Archangel Michael’s Energy

You can be attuned to Archangel Michael’s Energy just by intention.

For getting the attunement please read carefully:

1-You can get the attunement by sitting or lying down in a quiet, peaceful place.

2- It’s recommended for you not to wear watch or any metallic jewelry.

3- Your arms and legs should not be crossed during the attunement so that the energy can fluently flow.

4- You can start the attunement by saying:
“I am intending to God / Allah
I am intending to be attuned to Archangel Michael’s Energy”
(It is recommended that you state the intention sentence with the exact words. Actually, only the intention to get the attunement for Archangel Michael’s Energy is enough.)

5. Wait for 15 min. while your eyes are closed in a sitting or lying down position. At the end of 15 min. the attunement will be completed.

6. You can complete the attunement by saying: “ I am grateful to God / Allah. I am grateful to Archangel Michael.”

With the wish that your light grows brighter and your love increases…

With love,
Ipek Cihan Bilgin

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John Assaraf @ in5d.com – The World of Quantum Physics – EVERYTHING Is Energy – 7-25-15

Energy Guru

The World Of Quantum Physics   –   EVERYTHING Is Energy   –   7-25-15

by John Assaraf



Nobel Prize winning physicists have proven beyond doubt that the physical world is one large sea of energy that flashes into and out of being in milliseconds, over and over again.

Nothing is solid.

This is the world of Quantum Physics.

They have proven that thoughts are what put together and hold together this ever-changing energy field into the ‘objects’ that we see.

So why do we see a person instead of a flashing cluster of energy?

Think of a movie reel.

A movie is a collection of about 24 frames a second. Each frame is separated by a gap. However, because of the speed at which one frame replaces another, our eyes get cheated into thinking that we see a continuous and moving picture.

Think of television.

A TV tube is simply a tube with heaps of electrons hitting the screen in a certain way, creating the illusion of form and motion.

This is what all objects are anyway. You have 5 physical senses (sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste).

Each of these senses has a specific spectrum (for example, a dog hears a different range of sound than you do; a snake sees a different spectrum of light than you do; and so on).

In other words, your set of senses perceives the sea of energy from a certain limited standpoint and makes up an image from that.

It is not complete, nor is it accurate. It is just an interpretation.

All of our interpretations are solely based on the ‘internal map’ of reality that we have, and not the real truth. Our ‘map’ is a result of our personal life’s collective experiences.

Our thoughts are linked to this invisible energy and they determine what the energy forms. Your thoughts literally shift the universe on a particle-by-particle basis to create your physical life.

Look around you.

Everything you see in our physical world started as an idea, an idea that grew as it was shared and expressed, until it grew enough into a physical object through a  number of steps.

You literally become what you think about most.

Your life becomes what you have imagined and believed in most.

The world is literally your mirror, enabling you to experience in the physical plane what you hold as your truth … until you change it.

Quantum physics shows us that the world is not the hard and unchangeable thing it may appear to be. Instead, it is a very fluid place continuously built up using our individual and collective thoughts.

What we think is true is really an illusion, almost like a magic trick.

Fortunately we have begun to uncover the illusion and most importantly, how to change it.

What is your body made of?

Nine systems comprise the human body including Circulatory, Digestive, Endocrine, Muscular, Nervous, Reproductive, Respiratory, Skeletal, and Urinary.

What are those made up of?

Tissues and organs.

What are tissues and organs made of?


What are cells made of?


What are molecules made of?


What are atoms made of?

Sub-atomic particles.

What are subatomic particles made of?


You and I are pure energy-light in its most beautiful and intelligent configuration. Energy that is constantly changing beneath the surface and you control it all with your powerful mind.

You are one big stellar and powerful Human Being.

If you could see yourself under a powerful electron microscope and conduct other experiments on yourself, you would see that you are made up of a cluster of ever-changing energy in the form of electrons, neutrons, photons and so on.

So is everything else around you. Quantum physics tells us that it is the act of observing an object that causes it to be there where and how we observe it.

An object does not exist independently of its observer! So, as you can see, your observation, your attention to something, and your intention, literally creates that thing.

This is scientific and proven.

Your world is made of spirit, mind and body.

Each of those three, spirit, mind and body, has a function that is unique to it and not shared with the other. What you see with your eyes and experience with your body is the physical world, which we shall call Body. Body is an effect, created by a cause.

This cause is Thought.

Body cannot create. It can only experience and be experienced … that is its unique function.

Thought cannot experience … it can only make up, create and interpret. It needs a world of relativity (the physical world, Body) to experience itself.

Spirit is All That Is, that which gives Life to Thought and Body.

Body has no power to create, although it gives the illusion of power to do so. This illusion is the cause of much frustration. Body is purely an effect and has no power to cause or create.

The key with all of this information is how do you learn to see the universe differently than you do now so that you can manifest everything you truly desire.

Gregg Prescott – Your Aura – How It Affects Others – 7-2-15

Your Aura And How It Affects Others  in5d in 5d in5d.com www.in5d.com http://in5d.com/ body mind soul spirit BodyMindSoulSpirit.com http://bodymindsoulspirit.com/By Gregg Prescott, M.S.,

BodyMindSoulSpirit.com, July 1, 2015

Have you ever noticed people who simply make you feel good by just looking at them? Have you ever observed someone for the first time and knew there was something off with this person, even though that particular person never said a word to you?

As more experiments are conducted within this field, we are finding more and more astonishing results. For example, Russian professor Konstantin Korotkov found that upon death, the human aura will continue to change for approximately 72 hours after being pronounced clinically dead.

Korotkov stated, “We are developing the idea that our consciousness is part of the material world and that with our consciousness we can directly influence our world.”

You can’t hide your aura

Everything you know and see can boil down to energy. Plants, trees and even inanimate objects such as gemstones, can exhibit an aura. Your aura is a body of energy generated around you. It is basically the world’s best detector of human emotion and can show the “real you” no matter how hard you try to hide it.

For example, I was at a conference a few years ago and noticed the aura of the woman who was taking publicity photos. Her aura was a dark red. I asked the woman I was with if she could see this photographers aura as well, and she confirmed the same color. I then said to the photographer, “Hi, how are you doing?” to which she responded how she was out late the previous night and was really tired today. Her aura, however, said that she really didn’t want to be there that particular day.

Even without seeing her aura, one could sense her energy, which may be more apparent to empaths than to others. Perhaps empaths are more sensitive to the auric field?

Your Aura And How It Affects Others  in5d in 5d in5d.com www.in5d.com http://in5d.com/ body mind soul spirit BodyMindSoulSpirit.com http://bodymindsoulspirit.com/

Empaths and the auric field

Your aura reflects the energy that you are currently experiencing as well as your overall psyche and emotional state of being.

Empaths are affected by other people’s energies and have the innate ability to intuitively perceive and feel other people. While we all have this ability, some people are more in tune to it than others.

This, in turn, may help to explain how auras and energies can affect other people for what seems to be no apparent reason. For example, an empath will take on the energies of everyone, including the good, the bad and the ugly energies. A skilled empath will acknowledge them and will know how to discharge or deflect these energies while most people unknowingly absorb them.

Kirlian photography of the aura

Through Kirlian photography, the human aura can be photographed. The colors of your aura reflect the colors in the chakra system. The lower three chakras are red (base chakra), orange (sacral chakra) and yellow (solar plexus chakra) while the higher four are green (heart chakra), blue (throat chakra), indigo (third eye chakra) and violet (crown chakra).

Kirlian photography is a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges. It is named after Semyon Kirlian, who, in 1939 accidentally discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is connected to a high-voltage source, an image is produced on the photographic plate. The technique has been variously known as “electrography”, “electrophotography”, “corona discharge photography” (CDP), “bioelectrography”, “gas discharge visualization (GDV)”, “electrophotonic imaging (EPI)”, and, in Russian literature, “Kirlianography”.

How the color of your aura can help you

As mentioned, the aura follows the colors of your chakras and will give you an idea of where you are at and what you can do. Keep in mind that there are no “bad” aura colors because we can learn something from each color. If your aura is in the lower three chakras (red, orange or yellow) then chances are, you are undergoing physical plane experiences that relate to survival, sexual or emotional issues.

If you would like to learn how to see your aura, then watch the following video (learning how to see your aura starts at the 1:22 marker):

How fear affects your aura

Your auric energy field has been challenged and conditioned to view society from a fear perspective because when we live in fear, we are easily controlled by those in power. When we are constantly thinking about bills, societal expectations, ego, materialism or sexual issues, then our auras will reflect either red, orange or yellow.

If there was no such thing as money, then chances are, most of us would have green, blue, indigo or violet auras with the exception of those who have bad intentions whether there is money or not.

By removing the fear and addressing any lower physical plane issues, you will see a change in your aura’s colors to those on the astral plane (green, heart chakra) and spiritual plane (blue, throat chakra; indigo, 3rd eye chakra and violet, crown chakra).

You may notice that your aura varies from one color to another. For example, my aura is either green or blue. Chances are, you aura may fluctuate from one chakra to the next, but it will be an adjacent chakra. In other words, if your aura is orange one day, it might be either red or yellow on another day. It takes a lot of inner work to reach the higher auric planes but it’s something that anyone can accomplish.

It all begins within.

Click here for more articles by Gregg Prescott!

About the Author:
Gregg Prescott <a href=Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit. He hosts a weekly spiritual show on In5D Radio and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. His love and faith for humanity motivates him to work relentlessly in humanity’s best interests 12-15+ hours a day, 365 days a year. Please like and follow In5D on Facebook as well as BodyMindSoulSpirit on Facebook!

THE FOUNDERS – Accessing Fifth Dimensional Energy – 4-23-15



The Founders: Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Energy
 Image Credit

Channeled by Daniel Scranton   –   April 23, 2015


“When all the hype around your transition to the fifth dimension seems as though it keeps you from living in your current experience of reality, then it does not serve you. It only serves you if you see it as that which is already available to you. It is your destiny to become fifth-dimensional beings, but you will ultimately decide how you do it, how you make the transition

If you would like to do it with ease, then begin practicing. If you are someone who desires all of it to happen at once, then get yourself ready for some serious whiplash. In order to ease your way in to the fifth dimension, all that is required of you is that you focus. As you focus on your heart center and you access the fifth-dimensional frequency that exists within you, you can hold that frequency right here, right now.

Nothing in your external environment needs to change. And when you access the fifth-dimensional frequency that is within you, you’ll notice that the world outside of you does not need to change in order to give you a fifth-dimensional perspective of it. You can and do access this energy. The longer you hold it, the more comfortable you become with it. And the more comfortable you become with it, the easier it is for you to find it.

We encourage you to access that energy, by knowing that it is within and by knowing that you already possess the ability to do so whether you know it consciously or not. And then play in your world from that fifth-dimensional frequency, and see how much fun you can have.

See how much more you can be. And as you do this you will begin to notice the changes in your world. You will begin to notice things you had not previously, and you will see that the shift is well underway.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”


Message from Horace – Second Surge of Energy in the Trifecta – Solar Plexus, Heart and Root Chakras – Extrication of False Belief Systems – – 4-21-15



We are pleased once again that you have reached out to us. Our humble service is yours.

You are approaching the second surge of energy in the trifecta. As we discussed, these surges work to clarify the energy of the three chakra centers of the solar plexus, heart and root. In these periods of clarification, you may experience a lag in any one of these energetic centers. Please be advised in advance to withdraw from the intense and often sudden emotional surges that are possible while these centers are purged. We are helping you extricate yourself from strong belief systems that have been in place for many lifetimes and to which your human self clings. Some of these deep seated beliefs interrupt the functioning of communication with your Higher Self to the degree that this communication is either completely lost or suffers major distortion. It is such that the human mind can become confused and go off track, seriously interrupting the flow on the time track and thus instituting the need for further inclusions in the time track (more incarnations). Once these belief systems are exposed and released, communication flow is clearer and less distorted, though interruptions are not completely eliminated.

The timing of the next flow of energy is completely dependent upon your ability to accept and assimilate the flow. For you, expect the next surge to come around two days from now, excluding interruption and delays. For others, the adaptation period may be more or less.

Future surges of this sort will not be presented in this way but expect them throughout the summer months and acclimation to occur in shorter and shorter intervals.

For now this is all you need to know. Remain centered in your Being (heart), send your energy into the Earth and up to the stars to increase stabilization, and beware the traps of the mind and material world.

Until our next exchange,



Nick Harding – 5 Questions about Auras Answered by a Person Who Is Able to See Energy – 3-29-15

questions about auras

By Nick Harding, Learning Mind, March 28, 2015


Every person I meet who I let know that I can see energy tends to ask similar questions. So, I presume our readers here at Learning Mind may have similar questions.

The answers to these questions may astound some of you, as they completely defy conventional understandings and “preachings” from those who pretend to have opened their third eye. It is possible for ANY PERSON to learn how to see energy and auras, but it is also possible for any person to pretend that they can without putting forth the effort, and substantial sacrifice.

A lot of what you can learn from books or articles online are purely fabrications based on a reality which isn’t fully comprehended, comprised from lies that contain subterfuge from a lost past. People with something to prove, who strive for purpose and can’t find one in reality, typically turn to something that the general public can’t disprove – due to this, the majority of teachings on the subject of energy observation have been misconstrued and are not factual.

This article is factual. I do not condone the use of misinformation and fabrications. We, as a people, have the right to attain knowledge in the basis of truth. Every person has something to teach every other person – everyone you meet has something to teach you, and you have something to teach everyone you meet. For me, a holistic understanding of energy perception is a start.

1. What do the colors mean?

I don’t know. Nobody knows.

If somebody tries to tell you that the color blue means contention or peaceful intent, they’re lying.  If someone says that red means anger and frustration, it is highly likely that they are, too, lying.  These perceptions are media driven standards; the real colors are indiscernible and differentiate based on the observer.

Where I see the color yellow, another seer may see the color orange. The exact colors may be reflections of our persona or the deep understanding beneath our subconscious. The perception of colors may be entirely irrelevant when pertaining to mood; for all we know, the colors we see have nothing to do with personality or standing, and may have more to do with moral standing.

2. How does it influence your life?

I had mentioned in the beginning of this article that there are particular sacrifices with being able to see energy. Aside from being able to tell when someone is particularly angry and being able to understand an atmosphere in a room, there is one major adverse effect. After having taught myself to see energy in everything I look at, my head hurts. I was diagnosed with chronic migraine syndrome at a very young age. I have left school on many occasions because of the immense pain in my head. It seemed like the more I did, the more I went around, the more my head hurt. After many years of dealing with these migraines, I ended up realizing that seeing energy wasn’t normal for everybody and found that the ability and the ailment were linked.

Imagine if everything you looked at was bright. Imagine if everything you saw had different flicker rates and radiated different luminescence. It’s hard to get your eyes to fully adjust and focus.

3. How can you tell if someone is angry, if color isn’t a factor in your observation?

Flicker rates. That is all there really is to it. It’s almost like the vibration is violent if a person is having violent thoughts. An angry person’s energy seems to shake. A calm, happy person’s energy more “dances”. Honestly, this is VERY hard to accurately describe without being able to show it, but the aforementioned statement is the easiest way I’ve been able to find.

4. Can you see your own energy?

To an extent, absolutely. I can see my energy, how it flickers, and how it resonates with other people’s energy. I can see what color my aura is, or that my third eye chakra is prominent when looking in a mirror. It’s sort of different, though, sometimes what I see and what I feel don’t entirely correlate with my previous understandings. For instance, sometimes my energy looks furious when I don’t feel particularly angry, myself. My question here is whether that’s because I’m more angry than I’m willing to admit to myself…

5. Resonates?

I have mentioned the resonance of energy in this article. Our energy resonates, or emits different vibrations and alters, when contacting another entity’s energy. When two lovers touch hands, the aura around their contact changes and brightens, becoming a beautiful sight. When someone who strongly dislikes another person comes in contact with them, it’s almost as if the atmosphere around their contact darkens and shrinks away. This is incredibly difficult to explain, but after observing it for many years, it’s easier to tell how much two people like each other by seeing how their energy reacts when the other walks in the room than to ask them. I’ve been able to predict relationship results months before anything happens.

This also allows me to know who I ‘actually’ “vibe” with, and not just who I want to convince myself is someone I like being around.

Resonance also applies in many aspects aside from relationships; friendships aren’t even the bottom line. If a person likes a particular color, their energy will brighten when they’re near the color. The things which make us happy are directly reflected in our energy – the energy we give off, feeding the world around us, is proportional to the feelings we have.

These are some of the questions I’ve been asked. If any of our readers have further questions, please, ask them – I’d love to give you more truths to accept in your life


Lisa Gawlas – The Wonder of it All – 3-26-15


By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, March 25, 2015

Well, hello again!  It feels like forever ago I sat down to share.  I have really learned a lot this past week about partnering with the landscape itself and it really does have a will and desire of its own!!  I had a loose itinerary of what days we should/could do what on, no sooner did all the wonderful people arrive for our first evening meal together, the weather changed our plans immediately.  

Everyone was greeted, dare I even say, celebrated with a thunder and lightning storm (which, in my humble opinion, is much better than the snow storm they suddenly were calling for.)  We were supposed to do a fire ceremony after dinner the first night together before hiking the mesa for the equinox the next morning.  Neither happened.  We were planning on going to Ojo Caliente hot springs on everyone’s last day here, Sunday, and decided since its going to be raining, the hike was too dangerous and swapped the days out, hike sunday, hot springs equinox.  It really did seem fitting tho, to end this three-year cycle (from full solar eclipse to the next) with a hot springs event.

Everytime I go to the Ojo I always do meditations in each pool, this time tho, I truly believe the energy of those who were there with me, were so dynamic, a flood of new information came in from each pool.  My greatest intention tho, was to do energy work on my youngest daughter who has had a really rough go of it lately.  The first pool we entered was the soda pool, we found our place along the wall and I immediately felt the energy of the magma running underground pull each of my sole chakras downwards to it.  I seen what looked like a gnome working to keep the magma flowing and it even felt like he suddenly showed up to intensify the heat created by the lava flows underground.  In the left corner of this pool, several people were sitting talking and all I could feel was the ping of this black dense energy, so a barrier was created to keep their energy from interfering with what was happening (and I really didn’t know what was happening, it was so spontaneous and I was just going with the flow of it all.)

The barrier turned into a large mesh like circle of energy directly in the pool, connected deep into the lava flows of earth and went upwards to the sky.  Once this was completed, I felt compelled to go stand in the middle of the pool, as soon as I did, I could feel the body of my daughter laying across my arms, all this brittle dark frayed energy from head to toe, we dipped her in the pool several times and I could feel the spirit of the water start to cleans her energy field and did some work within her core/spine.  I spoke to her (my daughter) for the first time since that moment yesterday and my heart was leaping with joyful gratitude (and truthfully, I forgot about the work we did at the springs until this morning.)  Her head was clear, her voice happy and hopeful, I felt something with her I had not felt in years and even the nightmare that started to surround her was slowly beginning to change and release itself.  I give so much thanx to the spirits of the soda springs!!

One of the things I had learned in doing my meditations with each of the pools (there is the iron pool, the arsenic pool and the soda pool, the lithium pool is still being repaired and is not offered any longer and the mud pool) was what these original pools meant to our oldest of ancestors.  Before I get to far ahead of my daughters healing experience, the ancestors said the soda pools were used for buoyancy of spirit.

However, before they explained what the pools were used for, they explained somethings about our DNA that I had no clue about.  I pray I can remember what they said correctly.  There was a time our DNA were like long strings that worked together and fanned out to touch and be a part of all things in life.  The image they showed me was something like this (only the circle was perfect, unlike my free hand cropping on ms paint.)

DNA strings

With that image, they gave me the understanding of how our view of the double helix is due to our engagement with fear.  It bound itself together with duality, separated from the All and that is when disease and the sense of separation set in.  Disease did not exist in their day, at all.  So back in their time, when they used the sacred waters we now call Ojo Caliente, they did amazing ceremonies and I gave me the privilege of witnessing it.  They played music, drum beats that they said were in rhythm to the earths heartbeats, sang songs of joyful gratitude and used the pools for their expanding attributes.  The iron pools strengthen their connection to the All, to all life both seen and unseen.  As I mentioned a moment ago, the soda pools were used to life their upliftment of abilities and connections.  I think I could safely say, to uplift their frequencies.  What I really found interesting is the arsenic pools were used to “purify” and they made it very clear that it was not like we use the word purify today.  There was nothing to “cleanse” or remove, the purification was more like turning regular gas into jet fuel.

I started to realize this very way of life, connection to All there is, is what we are returning back towards.  With it, we are changing our DNA, removing the fear, the disease, the separation.  Our body and cells are changing and like all things on earth, it is a process.  We didn’t remove ourselves from full connection overnight, we will not restore our true natures overnight, but we have actively and purposely engaged its, in OUR, restoration!!

We had made plans to go hiking into the caves at Bandelier national park the next day.  Well, my body had other plans, I had the worst asthma attacks all not long that I can remembering having in a long time.  Even as I awoke for the day, and smoked my peace pipe, which ALWAYS stopped the asthma attack every time before, did very little.  I could barely breathe and talking hurt like hell.  It really is amazing how connected the air in our lungs are with the ability to create sound.  I opted out of the hike with sadness in my heart, but the sadness only lasted a few moments.  As soon as the folks in my house left to meet the wonderful souls staying in Jemez Springs to go hiking, suddenly, whatever was squeezing the breathe out of me started to release itself.  Not 10 minutes later did my Jemez Sister’s husband call to say he was coming up to build a bridge across the river for the hike the next day.  I had no idea he planned on doing that this day.  Ok, I will be here.  While on the phone with him, my voice was still straining for sound, by the time he got here, less than 30 minutes later, my voice was restored, my lungs restored and I was able to help him carry the wood planks down to the river and assist him in erecting this amazing bridge to allow us all to cross the river safely for our hike up the Mesa.

the bridge to heaven

Of course, he did almost all the work, I sat and supervised!!  But I also sat in gratitude to the guardians who manipulated my body in such a way to assure he had the assistance he needed to get this bridge done safely and not by himself.  I could feel the Presence of the Guardians, of the Jemez River and their deep reverence for our arrival.

Let me tell you, it was a LONNNGGGG way up and a long way down, holy muscle strain batman!!  The clay dirt was soft and mushy from the rains, but not one of us slipped or fell or even passed out from the straight up ascension process!  We won’t even talk about how activated my fear of heights became, especially going back down.  Yikes!!!  However, just as we made our way upwards where the red dirt of the mesa gave way to the tan dirt of the volcanic ash, I could feel the energy of the Guardians so strongly, the joy, the welcoming and the safeguarding of our ascent.

a long way up

By the time we got to the top, ate some lunch, caught our breath, it was already time to go back down.  I didn’t get to do a single meditation in the ruins remaining at the top of this amazing mesa.

ruins of guadalupe mesa

Sleep time was about to change all that I felt I missed in the lack of meditation at the top.  I had three dreams that night.  The first one must have been clearing all the reasons I was so afraid of going over the cliffs.  I could see myself falling from so many different angles from high atop rock formations.  I assume some were at this mesa, but the series of falls happened so fast in my dream state I could not be sure.  After about the 5th or 6th sky dive to the ground, I woke up in a sweat.  Gotta work out the kinks I suppose.  The next dream segment was very very different.  Once again, I was at the mesa, very different from what it looks like today and there was this narrow area that was made of dirt that you had to cross in order to go up any further.  As I put my foot on this dirt, these tall deep purple, straw like flowers started to grow and bloom before my eyes.  Even in my dream state, all I could feel was the flowers of shambhala growing because we were there.  With this segment, the reverence not only within me, but in the air itself, the ground, the flowers was like nothing I can put into words.

I woke up from the 2nd segment and fell back to sleep for the 3rd and final segment of this dream experience.  We (our whole group) was at the top of the Mesa and I could feel the guardians there, but there were also ET’s up there with us as well, the ET’s were viewable, long, super skinny things that sorta looked like grays, but were not grays at all.  We were given this strange black-violet gooey energy ball (about the size of a soccer ball) by one of the ET’s and we started to pass it around to each other, with each pass, it became smaller and smaller until the last person’s turn consumed what was left of it.  I have no idea what that energy ball was or was for cuz as soon as the last one person took this in, I woke up.

So our five days together was led by the Guardians and the Life that surrounds this amazing place I call Home.  They did say, day one, the heavens released the rains and the thunder and lightning to celebrate us, day two, we took in the heat and energy of the flowing earth beneath us, day three was about purposely creating a bridge to our desires and day four was a completion of something we have yet to completely understand (quote from the Guardians there.)

Day five, I didn’t leave the couch.  Ouchies.  Ohhhh the muscle groups I woke up!!!

I was really hoping to have enough time today to share the amazing information that came thru an ET connection yesterday, but sadly, my day is about to begin and I have no time between appointments to write.  So…. until tomorrow….

I love you all so much and hope you have the most amazing equinox, full solar eclipse, completion and opening to new beginnings this week!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) wrapped in gooey black-violet energy balls to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas  www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html

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Ashtar – On Human Incarnation

Ashtar answer: ” The human incarnation of a soul is only a short time in the greater scheme of things. Choose wisely where you put your energy. Light consciousness is only known to a few, be it as it may you must still keep learning and experiencing as your contribution to the greater light. This is the way it is. Enlightenment of your soul self. Learning this and going thru the process of learning the secrets of the lighting of the soul is also part of this learning experience. Be it as it may, you can’t do it on your own. There will always be a reflection from here, there and beyond.”

Wal Thornhill – Electric Universe – 2-1-15


By Wal Thornhill  /  Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Found at   –   https://peoplestrusttoronto.wordpress.com/2015/02/01/the-electric-universe-explained/

and at   –   ZenGardner.com


We live in an electric world. Our cities are visible from space at night, blazing with electric lights. The electricity courses invisibly in the darkness over great distances along thin power lines. We find electricity indispensable. Nature does the same since all matter is electrical. Yet astronomy is stuck in the gas-light era, unable to see that stars are simply electric lights strung along invisible cosmic power lines that are detectable by their magnetic fields and radio noise.

It is now a century since the Norwegian genius Kristian Birkeland proved that the phenomenal ‘northern lights’ or aurora borealis is an earthly connection with the electrical Sun. Later, Hannes Alfvén the Swedish Nobel Prize winning physicist, with a background in electrical engineering and experience of the northern lights, drew the solar circuit. It is no coincidence that Scandinavian scientists led the way in showing that we live in an Electric Universe.

Why have they been ignored? The answer may be found in the inertia of prior beliefs and the failure of our educational institutions. We humans are better storytellers than scientists. We see the universe through the filter of tales we are told in childhood and our education systems reward those who can best repeat them. Dissent is discouraged so that many of the brightest intellects become bored and drop out. The history of science is sanitized to ignore the great controversies of the past, which were generally ‘won’ by a vote instead of reasoned debate. Today NASA does science by press release and investigative journalism is severely inhibited. And narrow experts who never left school do their glossy media ‘show and tell,’ keeping the public in the dark in this ‘dark age’ of science. It is often said, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.” History shows otherwise that entrenched paradigms resist extraordinary disproof.

This article is for the curious, those who are eager to discover some reasonable answers about life, the universe and everything (as far as it is possible today) free of old beliefs that have shackled progress for centuries. It requires a beginner’s mind and a broad forensic approach to knowledge that is not taught in any university. The payoff is the spark that lights up lives.

Synopsis 1 – Preface

“The most merciful thing in the world… is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents… The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but someday the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality… That we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.”
~ H. P. Lovecraft

In a broadly interdisciplinary inquiry such as this, communication itself can pose quite a challenge. Typically, the greatest difficulties in communication will occur when one is questioning something already “known” to be true. On matters of underlying principle, the confidence behind established ideas can be so high that discussion itself may seem quite senseless. This difficulty is aggravated by fragmentation of the process by which information is gathered and evaluated. The specialization of intellectual inquiry carries with it certain risks when assumptions within one discipline rest upon prior assumptions in other disciplines. No one can be an expert on everything, and when considering possibilities outside one’s personal expertise, it is only natural to defer to what specialists in other studies claim to know. But what are the consequences of this when theoretical suppositions, though perceived as fact, cannot account for compelling new fields of data?

Given the extreme fragmentation of established science today it is difficult to imagine that the enterprise as a whole could ever “correlate all its contents.” Yet extraordinary strides toward that “someday” envisioned by Lovecraft may now be possible through a new approach – one in which electrical phenomena receive the full attention they deserve, and all appropriate fields of evidence are included. To some, the prospects may appear every bit as disturbing as Lovecraft imagined. But for those who instinctively seek out unifying principles, the new horizons will be at once breathtaking and hopeful.


This introduction will present a new “deep focus lens” for viewing the physical universe, from sub-atomic particles to galactic realms unknown before the Hubble telescope. The Electric Universe is a holistic answer to myopia* – that narrowing of vision which naturally accompanies the fragmentation of knowledge and learning. For those with the courage to see clearly, the required “unlearning” of fashionable ideas carries no real cost whatsoever. The terror Lovecraft envisioned is only the first rush of uncertainty, when ideas long taken for granted are thrown into question by facts and simple reasoning previously ignored. The “piecing together of dissociated knowledge” will only require us to confront the deep contradictions in things experts have long claimed to know. With the courage to see clearly, the adventure itself could well be “the most merciful thing in the world”, adding new insights into the greatest dramas of early human history and vital perspective to humanity’s situation in the cosmos. Lovecraft did not realize that the “terrifying vistas” are but a mirage seen through an open door. The truth is always unified, and as such it can only be friendly to those who seek the truth first. As we pass through the door, it is not fear that goes with us, but the exhilaration of discovery.

Synopsis 2 – The Electric Universe

The Electric Universe model is a coherent “Big Picture” of our situation in the universe, spanning many disciplines. It highlights repeated electrical patterns at all scales that enable laboratory experiments to explain the strange, energetic events seen, for example, in deep space, on the Sun, and on Jupiter’s moon, Io. The Electric Universe works backward in time using observations rather than forward from some idealised theoretical beginning. It provides simple answers to problems that are now clothed in fashionable metaphysics and mysticism. It is more interdisciplinary and inclusive of information than any prior cosmology. It points to practical possibilities far beyond the limits set by current science.

The Electric Universe model grew out of a broad interdisciplinary approach to science. It is not a technique taught in universities. The Electric Universe is based more on observations and experiment than abstract theory. It recognizes connections between diverse disciplines. It concludes that the crucial requirement for understanding the universe is to take fully into account the basic electrical nature of atoms and their interactions. Strangely, this is not the case in conventional cosmology where weaker magnetism and the infinitely weaker force of gravity rule the cosmos. Such a simplification may suit a theoretical physics based on electrical neutrality of matter in Earthly laboratories but it does not apply in space where plasma dominates.

Plasma has been called the “fourth state” of matter, after solids, liquids and gases. Most of the matter in the universe is in the form of plasma. A plasma is formed if some of the negatively charged electrons are separated from their host atoms in a gas, leaving the atoms with a positive charge. The negatively charged electrons, and the positively charged atoms (known as positive ions) are then free to move separately under the influence of an applied voltage or magnetic field. Their net movement constitutes an electrical current. So, one of the more important properties of a plasma is that it can conduct electrical current. It does so by forming current filaments that follow magnetic field lines. Filamentary patterns are ubiquitous in the cosmos.

Synopsis 3 – A Little History

“To be sure, nature distributes her gifts unevenly among her children. But there are plenty of the well-endowed, thank God, and I am firmly convinced that most of them live quiet, unobtrusive lives.”
~ Albert Einstein

The pieces of the Electric Universe “Big Picture” are supplied by some remarkable individuals, most of them unknown and who have lived or are living “quiet, unobtrusive lives” away from universities. For those with a sense of history this fact should serve to increase curiosity rather than dull it. Most revolutions in science have come from people who taught themselves outside the academic system and were not constrained by the fallacies and fashions of the day. It has been well documented that modern institutions of science operate in such a way as to enforce conformity and prevent research and publication of revolutionary ideas. J. R. Saul argues that medieval scholasticism was re-established during the 20th century. If so, the new “Enlightenment” will have to come, as before, from outside academia.

For me, enlightenment began with the controversial polymath and author of Worlds in Collision, Immanuel Velikovsky. In 1950 he demonstrated an interdisciplinary, comparative technique for uncovering hard evidence of planetary catastrophe from the recorded memories of the earliest civilizations. His method was forensic in that he looked for reports of physical events of a highly unusual nature that were nonetheless corroborated globally by totally separate cultures. Then by applying scientific knowledge of cause and effect, it was possible to build a very detailed model of the sequence of those events. Finally, the model enabled specific predictions to be made and confirmed – a requirement of a good scientific theory. Some of the predictions he made were outrageous at the time: Venus would be near incandescently hot, Jupiter would emit radio noise, the Moon rocks would be magnetised, and so on. Velikovsky was right, astronomers of the day were wrong. However, you will not find any textbook that gives him credit because his theory was judged to be wrong. Presumably they were all lucky guesses!

It became clear to Velikovsky that Newton’s concept of gravity was insufficient to explain the reported behaviour of the planets. And it certainly could not answer the obvious question, “why do the skies look so peaceful now?” This allowed a dogmatic response by academia to Velikovsky’s seminal breakthrough. It was said his theory didn’t obey Newton’s laws. But what did Newton know of electricity? And if anyone believes that Newton’s laws guarantee a stable planetary system – think again! Any gravitational system with more than two orbiting bodies is unstable. Yet the question is hardly ever asked, let alone answered, “what produces the observed stability of the solar system?” Velikovsky was convinced that the clue lay in his discovery that electrical forces dominate the incredibly weak force of gravity at times of planetary close encounters. Although he was unable to explain at the time how this would create the observed stability of the solar system, with his uncanny prescience he had pointed the way to the Electric Universe.

The Electric Universe - Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky

Since then sceptical scholars have shown Velikovsky’s historical perspective of cataclysmic events to be wrong. However, his basic premise of planetary encounters has been confirmed and the details fleshed out to an extraordinary degree. Several pioneering researchers in this new field now agree that awe-inspiring planetary encounters did occur in pre-history. To the most ancient civilizations they were a culturally defining memory. They were the inspiration for pyramids, megaliths, statues, totems and sacred rock art. The survivors of global upheaval felt it imperative that the memory be preserved and passed down faithfully to future generations in the expectation that the “gods” would return. The memorialization took the form of architecture, ritual and story to re-enact the apocalyptic power of the planetary gods over human destiny. Such a catastrophic beginning explains why civilization appeared like a thunderclap out of nowhere. Unfortunately, with no reference points in the present behavior of the planets, the stories lost their real meaning.

This short explanation may seem contrived until the wealth of supporting evidence can be presented. However, it highlights the crucial distinction between the planetary catastrophism of the Electric Universe and that of neo-catastrophists who attempt to explain the evidence for planetary encounters in terms of cometary phenomena. Modern comets simply do not fit the descriptions from the past. Nor can they account for abundant evidence of fresh looking planetary cratering and scarring. Besides, in an Electric Universe comets are not the apocalyptic threat to the Earth imaginatively portrayed by artists. Such pictures are entirely fanciful because a comet would be disrupted electrically by a cosmic thunderbolt before it hit the Earth. The only visible evidence remaining would be an electric arc crater like Meteor Crater in Arizona.

The Electric Universe model grew from the realization that a new plasma cosmology and an understanding of electrical phenomena in space could illuminate the new work being done in comparative mythology. In return the images of events witnessed in the prehistoric sky and their sequence could help unravel the recent history of the Earth, Mars and Venus. By accepting data over a far wider span of knowledge and human existence than conventional cosmology allows, the Electric Universe model began to provide pragmatic and common sense answers to many questions that seem unrelated. It followed the entreaty of the Nobel Prize winning plasma physicist and cosmologist, Hannes Alfvén, to work backwards in time from observations rather than forward from some idealized theoretical beginning.

“We have to learn again that science without contact with experiments is an enterprise which is likely to go completely astray into imaginary conjecture.”
~ Evolution of the Solar System, NASA 1976, H. Alfvén & G, Arrhenius, p. 257.

The result is now a “Big Picture” that emphasizes our dramatic prehistory and essential connectedness to the universe. No longer do we have to look at ourselves and the universe through the distorting sideshow mirrors of modern science.

The implications of electrical activity between planets will be profoundly disturbing for those who have built their cosmology around the weak force of gravity, acting in an electrically sterile universe. This strange, dogmatic oversight guarantees that nothing will remain in future of the fanciful Big Bang theory or the simplistic story of the formation of the solar system.

Synopsis 4 – What Big Bang?

The Big Bang is already dead! The unheralded “Galileo of the 20th century”, Halton Arp, has proven that the universe is not expanding. The Big Bang theory is based on a misinterpretation of redshift. The redshift of a distant galaxy is measured in the light coming from that galaxy. Lines in the spectrum of that galaxy show a shift toward the red compared with the same lines from our Sun. Arp discovered that high and low redshift objects are sometimes connected by a bridge or jet of matter. So redshift cannot be a measure of distance. Most of the redshift is intrinsic to the object. But there is more: Arp found that the intrinsic redshift of a quasar or galaxy took discrete values, which decreased with distance from a central active galaxy. In Arp’s new view of the cosmos, active galaxies “give birth” to high redshift quasars and companion galaxies. Redshift becomes a measure of the relative ages of nearby quasars and galaxies, not their distance. As a quasar or galaxy ages, the redshift decreases in discrete steps, or quanta.

The huge puzzle for astrophysicists is why a galaxy should exhibit an atomic phenomenon. So we turn to particle physics. This difficulty highlights the fact that quantum “mechanics” applied to atoms is a theory without physical reality. The weirdness of quantum theory has been attributed to the subatomic scale to which it applies. But now that we have quantum effects in something the size of a galaxy, this convenient nonsense is exposed. If Arp is right many experts are going to look very silly. His discovery sounded the alarm in some halls of Academe and since nobody likes a loud noise – particularly if they are asleep – the knee-jerk response was to attack the guy with his finger on the alarm button. Arp’s telescope time was denied, papers rejected, and he was forced to leave the US to pursue his work.

Synopsis 5 – Electric Galaxies

For more than 10 years plasma physicists have had an electrical model of galaxies. It works with real-world physics. The model is able to successfully account for the observed shapes and dynamics of galaxies without recourse to invisible dark matter and central black holes. It explains simply the powerful electric jets seen issuing along the spin axis from the cores of active galaxies. Recent results from mapping the magnetic field of a spiral galaxy confirm the electric model.

The Electric Universe - m82  and plasma galaxy

On the other hand, cosmologists cannot explain why spiral shapes are so common and they have only ad-hoc explanations for galactic magnetic fields.

More recently, inter-galactic magnetic fields have been discovered which is the final straw to break the camel’s back. Incredible gravitational models involving invisible “black holes” have had to be invented in a desperate attempt to explain how the attractive force of gravity can result in matter being ejected in a narrow jet at relativistic speeds.

Why do we accept such science fiction as fact when an Electric Universe predicts spiral shapes, magnetic fields and jets? The cosmic magnetic fields simply delineate the electric currents that create, move and light the galaxies.

Synopsis 6 – Electric Stars

Plasma physicists argue that stars are formed by an electromagnetic “pinch” effect on widely dispersed gas and dust. The “pinch” is created by the magnetic force between parallel current filaments that are part of the huge electric currents flowing inside a galaxy. It is far more effective than gravity in concentrating matter and, unlike gravity, it can remove excess angular momentum that tends to prevent collapse. Stars will form like beads on a wire until gravity takes over.

The late Ralph Juergens, an engineer from Flagstaff, Arizona, in the 1970’s took the next mental leap to suggest that the electrical input doesn’t stop there and that stars are not thermonuclear engines! This is obvious when the Sun is looked at from an electrical discharge perspective. The galactic currents that create the stars persist to power them. Stars behave as electrodes in a galactic glow discharge. Bright stars like our Sun are great concentrated balls of lightning! The matter inside stars becomes positively charged as electrons drift toward the surface. The resulting internal electrostatic forces prevent stars from collapsing gravitationally and occasionally cause them to “give birth” by electrical fissioning to form companion stars and gas giant planets. Sudden brightening, or a nova outburst marks such an event. That elucidates why stars commonly have partners and why most of the giant planets so far detected closely orbit their parent star. Stellar evolution theory and the age of stars is an elaborate fiction. The appearance of a star is determined largely by its electrical environment and can change suddenly. Plasma physicists and electrical engineers are best able to recognize plasma discharge phenomena. Stellar physics is in the wrong hands.

Synopsis 7 – Planets

Earth-like planets and moons are similarly “born” by electrical expulsion of part of the positively charged cores of dwarf stars and gas giants. That explains the dichotomy between the dense rocky planets and moons and the gaseous giant planets. In the Electric Universe model, gravity itself is simply an electrostatic dipolar force. So planetary orbits are stabilized against gravitational chaos by exchange of electric charge through their plasma tails (Venus is still doing so strongly, judging by its “cometary” magnetotail, and it has the most circular orbit of any planet) and consequent modification of the gravity of each body. Planets will quickly assume orbits that ensure the least electrical interaction. Impacts between large bodies are avoided and capture rendered more probable by exchange of electric charge between them. Capture of our Moon becomes the only option, it cannot have been created from the Earth. Evidence of past planetary instabilities is written large on the surfaces of all solid bodies in the solar system. That evidence is in the form of electric arc cratering.

Synopsis 8 – Electrical Cratering

Electric discharges between closely approaching bodies takes the form of “thunderbolts of the gods”, or distinctively shaped helical plasmoids. Such plasmoids were sculpted by many ancient cultures when depicting Jupiter hurling his thunderbolt.

Jupiter’s thunderbolt raises questions about the history of mankind and the Earth that have never before been asked. When it comes to dating planetary surfaces, plasmoids cause characteristic electrical arc scarring in the form of sinuous channels and neatly circular craters with steep walls and occasional central peaks. Such craters are universally misinterpreted as impact craters. The sinuous channels are wrongly classified as riverbeds or lava channels. Minutes or hours of electrical scarring can produce a surface like that of the Moon, which is later interpreted in ad hoc fashion to be billions of years old. Hemispheric differences in cratering are expected in this model. And for the sceptics, subdued electric arc machining of a planet-sized body continues to this day on Jupiter’s innermost moon, Io. See the news items on my website holoscience.com for many successful predictions about the discoveries that would be made as close-up images of Io became available.

Planetary geologists are not trained to recognize electric arc scarring otherwise they would have seen at a glance the characteristic cathodic surface erosion and cathode jets on Io. They are definitely not volcanos as we know them from geology textbooks.

The Electric Universe - Electric Weather - Lightning

Synopsis 9 – Electrical Weather

Most people are unaware that we have no understanding of how lightning is created in clouds. The simplest answer is that lightning is not generated there at all. Clouds merely form a convenient path to Earth for electricity originating in space. Without clouds it is possible to have a “bolt from the blue”. That is happening on Venus (although the sky certainly isn’t blue). Weather systems are driven primarily by external electrical influences.

Consequently the Sun has weather patterns. And the most distant planet, Neptune, has the most violent winds in the solar system though it receives very little energy from the Sun. Electric discharges from space cause Mars’ huge dust devils and planet-wide dust storms. They are responsible for Jupiter’s Great Red Spot and the “spokes” in Saturn’s rings. It is why Venus has lightning in its smog-like clouds and its mountain-tops glow with St. Elmo’s fire. It is why the Earth has lightning stretching into space in the form of “red sprites” and “blue jets”, and why tethered satellites “blow a fuse”.

The Electric Universe - Electric Weather - Lightning on VenusHowever, nobody is trained to consider electrical energy input to weather systems.

This image (left) is a NASA artist’s view of lightning on Venus during the descent of one of the Pioneer probes. Venus has smog-like clouds that are not expected to generate lightning and yet the planet suffers intense lightning. This argues against the popular notion of what causes lightning.

Synopsis 10 – Life Itself

It seems that when a dwarf star or gas giant planet “gives birth” to a rocky satellite, parent and child usually remain closely bound. Our solar system, with its widely spaced orbits and chaotic features, appears to be the result of a recent cosmic “traffic accident”. This seemingly wild conjecture is supported by the global stories of prehistoric planetary encounters. So to use our situation as a measure of a normal planetary system will give wildly misleading ideas of how life begins and estimates of the likelihood of life elsewhere in the universe. The most benign situation for life in an Electric Universe is inside the electrical cocoon of a brown dwarf star. Radiant energy is then evenly distributed over the entire surface of any planet orbiting within the chromosphere of such a star, regardless of axial rotation, tilt, or orbital eccentricity.

The exceedingly thin atmosphere of such stars has the essential water and carbon compounds to mist down onto planetary surfaces. The reddish light is ideal for photosynthesis. Such a model provides one reason why the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) project is unlikely to succeed. Any advanced civilization on such a planet will be unaware that the universe exists outside its own stellar environment, and radio communication through the glow discharge of the star is impossible!

Our education systems are not suited to the broad interdisciplinary knowledge required in an Electric Universe.

Synopsis 11 – Some Basics

“The machines that are first invented to perform any particular movement are always the most complex, and succeeding artists generally discover that with fewer wheels, with fewer principles of motion than had originally been employed, the same effects may be more easily produced. The first philosophical systems, in the same manner, are always the most complex.”
~ Adam Smith.

The Electric Universe takes a simplifying leap by unifying the nuclear forces, magnetism and gravity as manifestations of a near instantaneous electrostatic force. Instead of being “spooked” by the concept of action-at-a-distance, like most physicists this century, the Electric Universe accepts it as an observational fact. Anyone who has tried to force two like poles of magnets together has demonstrated action-at-a-distance. “Electromagnetic” radiation is then simply the result of an oscillating electrostatic force.

Electric Universe - AtomAt the level of the atom, the Electric Universe model takes a lead from the work of Ralph Sansbury, an independent New York researcher. Foremost is the simple recognition of the basic electrical nature of matter and the primacy of the electrostatic force** in matter interactions. It also rests upon the simple assumption that the proton, neutron and electron are composed of smaller charged particles, orbiting each other in a classical sense in stable, resonant orbits. That is, the energy exchanged between those sub-particles in elastic deformation during each orbit sums to zero. Being charged, the sub-particles interact via the electrostatic force. A simple calculation shows that the sub-particles that form an electron must travel at a speed far in excess of the speed of light – some 2.5 million light-years per second, or from here to the far side of the Andromeda galaxy in one second! So the electrostatic force must act at a speed which is almost infinite on our scale for the electron to be stable. It is the stable orbital resonances of these sub-particles, both within and between particles that give rise to the phenomena of protons, neutrons, electrons and atoms. Other denizens of the particle “zoo” are merely transient resonant states of the same charged sub-particles. The so-called “creation” of matter from energetic photons is an illusion in which pre-existing matter is reorganized into new resonant states that give the impression that a particle has suddenly materialized. Antimatter is a misnomer since it too is formed from the same sub-particles as “normal” matter except that the total charge is mirrored. Matter cannot be created or annihilated.

A Conventional View of Forces in Physics

1. Nuclear forces keep the nucleons (protons and neutrons) together in the atomic nucleus. They are the dominating forces in the nucleus, but of no importance at large distances from it.

2a. Electric forces. A positive charge and negative charge attract each other, but similar charges repel. Electric forces keep the atoms together (” bind ” the electrons to the nucleus). They are of a certain importance in the nucleus. At large distances electric forces are usually not so important because of a screening effect. For example, a positive charge attracts negative charges to its neighborhood so that they screen off the field from the positive charge.

2b. Magnetic forces are closely related to the electric forces. Because they cannot be screened very easily, they are efficient at larger distances than electric forces. Example: the Earth’s magnetic field.

3. Gravitation is much weaker than electric forces and therefore of no importance in the atom. As the gravitation cannot be screened, it is the dominating force at large distances. The orbits of the planets and the motions of stars and galaxies are ruled by gravitation. – H. Alfvén.

Quantum Theory

For the first time the highly successful quantum theory gains a physical explanation in terms of resonant motion of charged particles, mediated by a near-instantaneous electrostatic force. A quantum electron orbit is one in which the exchange of energy between all of the sub-particles in the nucleus of an atom and those in an orbiting electron, sum to zero over the orbit. Exchange of energy takes the form of distortion of a particle to form an electrostatic dipole or a move to a new resonant orbit.

Relativity Theory

Einstein’s Special Theory was designed to define simultaneity in a universe where the fastest force or signal was restricted to the measured speed of detection of light from a distant source. With an electrostatic force of near-infinite speed acting between the sub-particles of all matter, relativity theory reduces to classical physics. This leaves open the question of what we are measuring when we determine the speed of light. The speed of light in galactic terms is exceedingly slow, requiring about 150,000 years to cross our galaxy. However, the astronomer Halton Arp has shown that the redshifts of entire galaxies are quantized which requires some form of near instantaneous, galaxy-wide communication at the sub-atomic level. There are now several reported experiments that demonstrate faster than light effects. With the Special Theory gone, and the universe in communication with its parts effectively in real-time, there can be no time travel and space and time are independent. Common sense has always suggested that this was so. Einstein’s General Theory was devised to explain gravity. It attempts to discard the observed action-at-a-distance of gravity by proposing a counter-intuitive warping of space in the presence of massive objects. This unnecessary complication of space is then added to the current metaphysical concepts of what constitutes the mass of an object. But space must also “warp” at near infinite speed to produce the observed planetary orbits. Common sense, observation, and parsimony of hypotheses all suggest that the electrostatic model of gravity (see below) is superior. There is now experimental evidence from gravity measurements at the time of a total solar eclipse that supports the Electric Universe model and discounts the General Relativity model.

E = mc2

Einstein’s famous mathematical expression E=mc2, equating energy and mass is known by almost everyone. However, most textbooks go on to use the word “matter” in place of “mass.” But nowhere has it been shown that mass and matter are interchangeable. In fact, we are entirely ignorant of what constitutes the mass of an object. So it is inadmissible to imply that energy and matter are interchangeable. The ultimate expression of this idea led to the nonsense of the big bang. It seems simpler and more sensible to suggest that both nuclear and chemical energy is released or absorbed by the rearrangement of the resonant orbits of charged particles. It is then common sense to suggest that mass is the measured response of a system of charged particles to an external electrostatic force. The more massive an object, the more the electrostatic force contributes to the elastic deformation of its protons, neutrons and electrons, rather than their acceleration. This is the phenomenon seen in particle accelerators and conventionally attributed to relativistic effects. But relativity reduces to classical physics in a universe where the electrostatic force has near-infinite speed. The first question to be asked is – if it is that simple, why hasn’t it been thought of long ago? The answer seems to lie in the propensity for mathematical theory to supersede common sense and observation. There is also a problem of language when mathematicians attempt to provide real meaning for their symbols.

Synopsis 12 – So What?

The consequences and possibilities in an Electric Universe are far-reaching. First we must acknowledge our profound ignorance! We know nothing of the origin of the universe. There was no Big Bang. The visible universe is static and much smaller than we thought. We have no idea of the age or extent of the universe. We don’t know the ultimate source of the electrical energy or matter that forms the universe. Galaxies are shaped by electrical forces and form plasma focuses at their centers, which periodically eject quasars and jets of electrons. Quasars evolve into companion galaxies. Galaxies form families with identifiable “parents” and “children”. Stars are electrical “transformers” not thermonuclear devices. There are no neutron stars or Black Holes. We don’t know the age of stars because the thermonuclear evolution theory does not apply to them. Supernovae are totally inadequate as a source of heavy elements. We do not know the age of the Earth because radioactive clocks can be upset by powerful electric discharges.

The powerful electric discharges that form a stellar photosphere create the heavy elements that appear in their spectra. Stars “give birth” electrically to companion stars and gas giant planets. Life is most likely to form inside the radiant plasma envelope of a brown dwarf star! Our Sun has gained new planets, including the Earth. That accounts for the “fruit-salad” of their characteristics. It is not the most hospitable place for life since small changes in the distant Sun could freeze or sterilize the Earth. Planetary surfaces and atmospheres are deposited during their birth from a larger body and during electrical encounters with other planets. Planetary surfaces bear the electrical scars of such cosmic events. The speed of light is not a barrier. Real-time communication over galactic distances may be possible. Therefore time is universal and time travel is impossible. Anti-gravity is possible. Space has no extra dimensions in which to warp or where parallel universes may exist. There is no “zero-point” vacuum energy. The invisible energy source in space is electrical. Clean nuclear power is available from resonant catalytic nuclear systems. Higher energy is available from resonant catalytic chemical systems than in the usual chemical reactions. Biological enzymes are capable of utilizing resonant nuclear catalysis to transmute elements. Biological systems show evidence of communicating via resonant chemical systems, which may lend a physical explanation to the work of Rupert Sheldrake. DNA does not hold the key to life but is more like a blueprint for a set of components and tools in a factory. We may never be able to read the human genome and tell whether it represents a creature with two legs or six because the information that controls the assembly line is external to the DNA. There is more to life than chemistry.

We are not hopelessly isolated in time and space on a tiny rock, orbiting an insignificant star in an insignificant galaxy. We are hopefully connected with the power and intelligence of the universe.

The future in an Electric Universe looks very exciting indeed!

Thunderbolts of the Gods – Official Movie


Movie credit: Thunderbolts Project.


About the author: 

Wallace ThornhillWallace Thornhill (or Wal as he is known), graduated in Physics at Melbourne University in 1964 and began postgraduate studies with Prof. Victor Hopper’s upper atmosphere research group. Before entering university, he had been inspired by Immanuel Velikovsky through his controversial best-selling book, Worlds in Collision. Wal experienced first-hand the indifference and sometimes hostility toward a radical challenge to mainstream science. He realized there is no career for a heretic in academia.

Wal worked for 11 years with IBM Australia. The later years were spent in the prestigious IBM Systems Development Institute in Canberra, working on the first computer graphics system in Australia. He was the technical support for the computing facilities in the Research Schools at the Australian National University, which gave him excellent access to libraries and scientists there.

Wal has published several books with David Talbot (author of The Saturn Myth) — the first titled Thunderbolts of the Gods and the second, The Electric Universe, on the combined subjects of the recent history of the solar system and the Electric Universe.

For more information, please visit The Electric Universe and Thunderbolts online.



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Arjun Walia – Nothing Is Solid – Everything Is Energy – World Of Quantum Physics



It has been written about before, over and over again, but cannot be emphasized enough. The world of quantum physics is an eerie one, one that sheds light on the truth about our world in ways that challenge the existing framework of accepted knowledge.

What we perceive as our physical material world, is really not physical or material at all, in fact, it is far from it. This has been proven time and time again by multiple Nobel Peace Prize (among many other scientists around the world) physicists, on of them being Niels Bohr, a Danish Physicist who made significant contributions to understanding atomic structure and quantum theory.

“If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet. Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” – Niels Bohr

At the turn of the ninetieth century, physicists started to explore the relationship between energy and the structure of matter. In doing so, the belief that a physical, Newtonian material universe that was at the very heart of scientific knowing was dropped, and the realization that matter is nothing but an illusion replaced it. Scientists began to recognize that everything in the Universe is made out of energy.

“Despite the unrivaled empirical success of quantum theory, the very suggestion that it may be literally true as a description of nature is still greeted with cynicism, incomprehension and even anger.” (T. Folger, “Quantum Shmantum”; Discover 22:37-43, 2001)

Quantum physicists discovered that physical atoms are made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating, each one radiating its own unique energy signature. Therefore, if we really want to observe ourselves and find out what we are, we are really beings of energy and vibration, radiating our own unique energy signature -this is fact and is what quantum physics has shown us time and time again. We are much more than what we perceive ourselves to be, and it’s time we begin to see ourselves in that light. If you observed the composition of an atom with a microscope, you would see a small, invisible tornado-like vortex, with a number of infinitely small energy vortices called quarks and photons. These are what make up the structure of the atom. As you focused in closer and closer on the structure of the atom, you would see nothing, you would observe a physical void. The atom has no physical structure, we have no physical structure, physical things really don’t have any physical structure! Atoms are made out of invisible energy, not tangible matter.

“Get over it, and accept the inarguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual” (1)  – Richard Conn Henry, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University (quote taken from “the mental universe)

It’s quite the conundrum, isn’t it? Our experience tells us that our reality is made up of physical material things, and that our world is an independently existing objective one. The revelation that the universe is not an assembly of physical parts, suggested by Newtonian physics, and instead comes from a holistic entanglement of immaterial energy waves stems from the work of Albert Einstein, Max Planck and Werner Heisenberg, among others. (0)

The Role of Consciousness in Quantum Mechanics

What does it mean that our physical material reality isn’t really physical at all? It could mean a number of things, and concepts such as this cannot be explored if scientists remain within the boundaries of the only perceived world existing, the world we see. As Nikola Tesla supposedly said:

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” 

Fortunately, many scientists have already taken the leap, and have already questioned the meaning and implications of what we’ve discovered with quantum physics. One of these potential revelations is that “the observer creates the reality.”

A fundamental conclusion of the new physics also acknowledges that the observer creates the reality. As observers, we are personally involved with the creation of our own reality. Physicists are being forced to admit that the universe is a “mental” construction. Pioneering physicist Sir James Jeans wrote: “The stream of knowledge is heading toward a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. (R. C. Henry, “The Mental Universe”; Nature 436:29, 2005)

One great example that illustrates the role of consciousness within the physical material world (which we know not to be so physical) is the double slit experiment. This experiment has been used multiple times to explore the role of consciousness in shaping the nature of physical reality. (2)

A double-slit optical system was used to test the possible role of consciousness in the collapse of the quantum wave-function. The ratio of the interference pattern’s double-slit spectral power to its single-slit spectral power was predicted to decrease when attention was focused toward the double-slit as compared to away from it. The study found that factors associated with consciousness, such as meditation, experience, electrocortical markers of focused attention and psychological factors such as openness and absorption, significantly correlated in predicted ways with perturbations in the double-slit interference pattern.(2)

This is just the beginning. I wrote another article earlier this year that has much more, sourced information with regards to the role of consciousness and our physical material world:

What’s The Significance?

The significance of this information is for us to wake up, and realize that we are all energy, radiating our own unique energy signature. Feelings, thoughts and emotions play a vital role, quantum physics helps us see the significance of how we all feel. If all of us are in a peaceful loving state inside, it will no doubt impact the external world around us, and influence how others feel as well.

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla.

Studies have shown that positive emotions and operating from a place of peace within oneself can lead to a very different experience for the person emitting those emotions and for those around them. At our subatomic level, does the vibrational frequency change the manifestation of physical reality? If so, in what way? We know that when an atom changes its state, it absorbs or emits electromagnetic frequencies, which are responsible for changing its state.  Do different states of emotion, perception and feelings result in different electromagnetic frequencies? Yes! This has been proven. (3)

Here is a great video that touches on what I am trying to get across here.

We are all connected.

“Space is just a construct that gives the illusion that there are separate objects”  Dr. Quantum (source)





(1) http://henry.pha.jhu.edu/The.mental.Universe.pdf

(2) http://media.noetic.org/uploads/files/PhysicsEssays-Radin-DoubleSlit-2012.pdf



SF Source CollectiveEvolution  Sept 28 2014


Steven Cook – Princeton University Scientists Create Crystals from Light – 9-20-14

The experimental apparatus is mounted inside a special refrigerator capable of reaching temperatures 1/100th of a degree above absolute zero. This necessary to keep the device isolated from the 'background photons' present at higher temperatures.

Thanks to Cindy, who comments: “Not surprising to me … I am light and I am solid … LOL!”

By David Freeman,  The Huffington Post, September 16, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/m5y9aml

It’s easy to shine light through a crystal, but researchers at Princeton University are turning light into crystals–essentially creating “solid light.”

“It’s something that we have never seen before,” Dr. Andrew Houck, associate professor of electrical engineering and one of the researchers, said in a written statement issued by the university.

“This is a new behavior for light.”

New behavior is right. For generations, physics students have been taught that photons–the subatomic particles that make up light–don’t interact with each other. But the researchers were able to make photons interact very strongly.

To make that happen, the researchers assembled a structure of 100 billion atoms of superconducting material to create a sort of “artificial atom.” Then they placed the structure near a superconducting wire containing photons, which–as a result of the strange rules of quantum entanglement–caused the photons to take on some of the characteristics of the artificial atom.

“We have used this blending together of the photons and the atom to artificially devise strong interactions among the photons,” Darius Sadri, a postdoctoral researcher at the university and another one of the researchers, said in the statement. “These interactions then lead to completely new collective behavior for light–akin to the phases of matter, like liquids and crystals, studied in condensed matter physics.”

Pretty complicated stuff for sure. But what exactly is the point of the ongoing research?

One point is to work toward development of exotic materials, including room-temperature superconductors. Those are hypothetical materials that scientists believe could be used to create ultrasensitive sensors and computers of unprecedented speed–and which might even help solve the world’s energy problems.

“This work is not going to lead to a lightsaber,” Houck joked in an email to The Huffington Post, “unless you are speaking of a metaphorical tool that will cut through our veil of ignorance like a lightsaber through a tauntaun.”

A paper describing the research on “solid light” was published online Sept. 8 in the journal Physical Review X.



Meline Portia Lafont – Creations to manifestation – The Parcours of Energy from Source to Planetary Level – 7-22-14

Méline Lafont

*NOTE: Apologies is spelled wrong! *

Whenever information is given to us from on High, what we receive, perceive and conceive is information that is tapped into the Now. THe Now is limitless and timeless, it is a space of creation in the space and time continuum, in the ever lasting now: the being, the Zero point where ALL IS and Nothing is at the same time. Omnil ~ Om = All-ness + Nil (0) = nothingness.

The parcours of that the energy needs to undertake goes from the Omniverse through the Universe, through the Intergalactic planes, through the Galactic planes, through the Interstellar planes, through the Solar plane to enter in our Planetary plane and reality.

An event, creation and manifestation cannot be translated into a date or time as all is birthed in the Now and emerges into our reality through the own heart space and when this will be, is resulted from the state of Self consciousness, awareness, level of consciousness and the own heart portal on your inner planes. Everyone’s path is unique and therefore not to be measured nor to be predicted in time. All is in the Now in the heart and created through the heart.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AwakenSpirit…

What Is Energy Healing? – EnergyFanatics.com – 7-14-14



by PL Chang

Before we explore what energy healing is, let us turn our attention to the miraculous properties of energy, so that we can understand why energy healing is essential for our well-being. Energy is a formless “substance” that can’t be created or destroyed. This energetic “substance” is the essence of life, because without it reality and life can’t exist. The world that you live in is actually made of only energy. Contrary to what you have been told, the solid materials that you see in your environment are actually another form of energy. To be more accurate, they are made of matter which is a projection of energy. Besides being a projection of energy, matter also contains energy codes.

When it comes to seeing a solid material, your consciousness processes the energy codes of that material object in a way that creates the “illusion” that it is a solid material. It is during this process that you are tricked into believing that the material world is solid in nature. In reality, the core “substance” that makes up the Universe is energy. In health terms, this means that to truly heal yourself, you need to heal your body at the energy and physical level. When you really think about it, all forms of alternative and conventional healing involve the exchange of energy; therefore, they are basically different types of energy healing.

Healing our body at the energy level is essential for spiritual growth, because if we only heal ourselves at the physical level, we can’t truly fix the distortions in the energy template upon which our body manifests into physicality. As long as there are distortions in our energy template, these distortions will keep manifesting health problems into our life. The best and most effective way to heal these energy distortions is to use energy healing techniques.


One of the simplest definitions of energy healing is the process of healing yourself at the energy level. This process often involves using energy healing methods to fix the distortions in your light bodies and energy templates. Many energy healing techniques use subconscious symbol codes and hand positions, and the power of thought, sound, and words to facilitate the healing of the energy structures of the light bodies. Healing your light bodies takes more time than healing your physical body, because your light bodies exist at a deeper level than your physical body. For this reason, it often takes some time before you feel the healing effects of energy healing.

The lack of quick results is one of the reasons why most people don’t rely on energy healing techniques to heal their health issues. Another reason is because most people don’t think that healing themselves at the energy level will solve their health problems. It is unfortunate that many people think like this because this type of thinking will prevent them from healing their soul and spirit.

Since energy healing lacks quick results, it is best for healing health issues that aren’t life threatening. For example, certain emotional problems and health conditions that don’t require immediate treatment can be effectively treated with certain energy healing methods. Life threatening health conditions like cancer should be treated with conventional and alternative therapy. This doesn’t mean that you can’t combine energy healing techniques along with conventional therapy to treat life threatening health conditions. In fact, combining energy healing therapy and conventional treatment to heal life threatening health conditions will increase your chance of survival.


Energy healing promotes better health by enhancing energy flow and clearing negative energy from your energy fields, chakras, meridians, and other energy systems of your body. As all the energy systems of your body are brought closer to their original healthy state, you will feel better and have less emotional issues, and your energy level will increase.

Here is a list of some of the benefits of energy healing:

  • Helps release stress and other emotional problems
  • Reduces blood pressure and the risk of heart disease
  • Increases the performance of the immune system
  • Produces a sense of inner peace and well-being
  • Relieves pain, such as muscle and joint pain
  • Promotes better sleep and sharpens memory
  • Stimulates the body to detox toxins
  • Raises the frequency of the body
  • Increases vitality and energy



Tesla’s Planetary Research Program

Leonid Plekhanov

Lisa Gawles – The Shift of Time and Energy – 7-4-14



Lisa Gawles

What amazing creatures we are and how incredibly different every single person is.  The sheer diversity, uniqueness of our expression of ourselves, the journey or life expression we are taking, it really does boggle the mind.  Each one a unique expression of creation.  Each one on their own path and yet, everyone one of us so incredibly similar that if you really stop to think about it all, it can boggle the mind.  My mind gets boggled just about every day!!  Especially as I try to keep up with your Light expression, and the unique puzzle piece you bring to our ongoing puzzle of life!  Yesterdays day  of readings was a kicker of a puzzlement to me.

The first two connections showed up pinned to that wall of water, their bubble of creation if you will, in the wedge of the west.  Then, for three of the connections yesterday who presented like this, a big fat red X came up across their body.  Hey!!!!!  Thats not nice.  But as I connected to my third precious lady way down the timeline, she is in Indonesia, understanding…. holy freakin cow did understanding come.

Imagine your entire world begins and ends in a large soap-bubble, your created reality.  From my field of vision, this soap-bubble at mid-point, is all around you, what I call your field of life.  The lower half of the soap-bubble must be within the earth itself, because I only usually see half of this bubble, hence my occasional words of “dome of creation.”

If you really stop to think about this, your whole life is a hologram emerging and changing within the same space, even tho we may have illusions of traveling around the world, maybe even privileged (or brave) enough to go to outer space (think astronaut, I am being literal here.)  Even our days do not really exist, there is no yesterday, there will never be a tomorrow, there is and has always been, only NOW.

The way the energy field of any life, of all life, is designed in this world of matter and the way the incredible brain is designed to experience matter, it appears that there is movement, that there is a concept of “time,” simply because we need orientation into this amazing landscape we call life.  But it is all illusion.  A hologram.

We change the landscape of the collective hologram by changing our orientation point to the energy field.  When enough of us hold a vision that is true in our hearts, the hologram changes (at least, for those who hold that energy.)  With any part of this, there is absolutely no right or wrong, no good nor bad, there is simply pure experience.  There is pure expression of the divine creator appearing individuated as each one of us.

So, it actually (now) makes complete sense that we would see a geyser, a massive tsunami and a U-turn in creation itself, WE are the U-turn. WE have formed this massive tsunami and creating a brand new river of life to swim within.

WE are the living expression of earth and creator (God, the Presence, pick a name lol.)  There is nothing outside of us changing a thing, WE ARE CHANGING IT ALL!!

We have done so much inner work that we have, as a collective, cleared the living waters of life.  We have not only formed a unified vision of ourselves, but in the depths of our hearts, know it can and will Be better, loving, unified.

As we change out the mass hologram (trust me, it is going to appear to take some time for all of humanity to fully realize this new river of life, but then again, time really is an illusion, isn’t it?) we each are doing our part, like actors in a very well choreographed play.

The end of June closed the curtain for a stage change.  The beginning of July shows the stage crew actively setting up the new stage.

Now with all that said (surprise me will ya!! lol) let’s get back to my beautiful lady in Indonesia.  After two big old red X’s, I had already prepared here that I may not see her field.  She was, what I love to call, a virgin upon my field.  She was completely ok with whatever happened… phew!!  When I aligned my “antenna” with her field, I had to squint a few times to be sure what I was seeing was correct.  Her west field was now dark, kinda like the night sky, to her right and left (south and north fields) that element of rotating water field each section, just like I had originally seen the wedge of west energy on July 2nd.  Hmmmm…. something big is happening here.  Maybe because it was 10 pm in her world and only 10 am in my world.  I was excited, I told her no X, lets roll!!  I can so be a big kid at heart!!  I amuse myself a lot.  lol

I looked at the section of her field I call the east, where new beginnings and new opportunities emerge from.  Nuttin.  What the heck?  We get three sections today??  Ok lets figure that out first.  The more I looked at her blackened west field and tried to find her biology in the scheme of all this, I realized she was in that now familiar position of being plugged into her west wall, but she really looked like a huge lump of coal.  No discernible features, just solid and lumpy and pure black, but I knew it was her.  What the hell???

To make the story understandable in my mind (or any of our minds really) our team will take whatever we think we understand and use that.  To this point, for me and her, it was the (inaccurate) idea that diamonds originate from coal.  It wasn’t until I goggled the process of how a diamond forms from coal after our session did I realized that idea is completely inaccurate, but it doesn’t change the understanding of what is happening.  So before anyone gets on me about this, I needed to clear this up before I give you the rest of the understanding.  (smile)

So, this hydro-power is changing not only the bubble of our creation, the holographic energy we experience life with, it is also changing us right now to the smallest molecular level.  We are turning into diamonds, or at least, we will all have our turns at complete surrender and allow the change from coal to diamond to happen.

Can I just say too, I LOVE The fact that good ole Hurricane Arthur, who made landfall as a cat 2 hurricane (duality) at 11:15 pm in North Carolina, is singing our favorite song out loud.  11= spiritual illumination.  1 = new beginnings.  5 = change.  1+5=6 = SOUL PARTNERSHIP!!  Yuppers!!  Even the energy of North is accounted for (future.)

Once we got the whole coal into a diamond understanding, I looked again at her east field, it was a big different now.  Instead of being void of any energy I could see, there was a thin filminess to it.  The more I looked, the more I could see these things inside the thin filmy wall.  Sacred geometry, codes of expansion, this morning, I understand it as the new flower of life.

As I was speed talking (I do that when i get overly excited lol) and praying she was understanding what all this means to her, my inner query was, what happens next?  I gotta give a super huge (((HUG))) to her team, filled with unyielding gratitude.  They let us take a trip outside of the moment we were in, to see the evolution of whatever we were experiencing together.

Suddenly and I might add, quite unexpectedly, her entire bubble of creation was above ground as if on a needle poking up out of the ground, her entire bubble started to move counter-clockwise (keeping in mind, her water walls were still very much spinning rapidly clockwise.)  What the heck is happening here?

As the slight rotation stopped, her east field was now completely aligned in her north direction, what I call future.

As we talked and I am bouncing on excitement over ride, I realized that the filmy substance that made up her east wall was disintegrating maybe?  The next thing I know, it could have been how Dorothy felt in the wizard of oz, the view in her future path was magical.  The strongest element I could see was this massive, I mean MASSIVE yellow flower to her left side.  This thing had to be easily 6 feet in circumference.  I KNEW instantly this is showing her, all of us, Shambhala (garden of eden.)

The feeling, the knowing, the freakin joy that filled me from this… phew!  I cannot even tell you.

There is an understanding that grew large in me yesterday.  Something I recognized in someone else two days prior.

GRACE.  Humbleness and humility.

This is the only real energy, emotion that will fully give birth to the Shambhala world within your creative bubble.

This particular lady and a lady I have been working with for a couple of months, both exude this element like I have never seen before.  Grace.  No ego involved in their view of them self.  This, as I pondered and pondered yesterday, is the crucial key of fully living Shambhala (heaven on earth., garden of eden.)

My lady in Indonesia, and my other lady in Arizona, both see themselves as, for lack of a better way of putting it, evolving, striving to be more aligned with their soul.  Both striving to be more, live more fully within their soul agenda.  To me, they are both true masters incarnate.  Powerful in their energy and as gentle in their presentation of themselves as a flower.

To use the flower analogy, flowers exist, the emit their radiance.  They are not standing up in the garden of life telling everyone they can how beautiful and special they are.  They are simply there, doing their thing.  Grace.

The untempered ego needs to be seen.  Needs to be recognized and even used for its power, its perception of its beautiful self.  And yet, it MUST learn Grace before the garden itself can flourish as it is capable of.

Now to completely change the story, sort of.

I was still reeling from the understanding, the flipping KNOWING that came from my lady in Indonesia did everything change.  Geez!!  Here comes that beautiful man, very much filled with amazing Grace, and changed the whole scene!

As I oriented myself to his field, truly expecting to see an X like I did with the first two people, I was shocked, if not taken aback by what I seen.  A massive flow of water energy, that very same water energy that just kinda left off in the upper atmosphere as June ended, was now rapidly flowing from the ground upwards.  This massive flow of water went uphill to the area I call your dome of creation, but only in south field.  I watched as the other three directions were invisible to my eye and his rapid flow of water went down the center of his field of creation and ran down the lining (think filmy soap-bubble area lol) of his southern hemisphere of creation.

I was so shocked and disoriented from seeing this.  Hey!  What the hell???  I looked around for his biology, maybe I can make some sense of this.  Instead, I got a complete cross between a dolphin and a whale diving in and out of the water flowing up his dome of creation.  He was the dolphin/whale.  To be clear, he was not a dolphin or a whale, he embodied both at the same time.  Hmmmm….  and his visual looped and looped and looped.  I needed this loop to figure out what the heck I was seeing!!

The dolphin and whales carried the energy of our DNA, and he is very much a part of their soul group.  The true architect he is (spiritually speaking) has taken the pure river of life and brought it forward and within him and this new water that is rehydrating the bubble of creation for all, is the enlivened codes of our DNA.  The full spectrum of our DNA.

Like my lady in Indonesia, my lady in Arizona and this precious man truly living the architects role of re-creation, all 12 DNA strands are online.  Living in pure Grace is the only key to this “The God Group” or your divinity being activated. There is no other person, no session or activation from another than can enliven these DNA strands for you.  It is a way of Living!!  If you are not sure what the 12 strands represent or mean, feel free to click the God Group link, on my website is Kryons explanation of it all, which sits so deeply in my heart as true.

My morning is rounding the finished corner before my readings start, but I have got to put this last bit out here too.  I was shocked yet again as my last reading of the day presented herself.  Because she lives in New Zealand and was on tomorrows timeline, I expected (silly me lol) to see more of the first mentioned understanding.  Hell no!!  Instead she left me in a complete mind boggle!!

Her visual opened up on what could look very much like a desert landscape.  No plant, no tree, no filmy bubble of creation.  Nothing except this blue-white funnel of energy that was in her direct center and felt like a reversed tornado funnel.  (Instead of coming down from the sky sucking things up, it was coming up out of the earth, exhaling I suppose.)   As I tried to figure out where my lady was, suddenly and so shockingly, she was spit out of the top of the funnel in the laying down position (not head first nor feet first.)   She could have very well been laying in bed then spit out this funnel as her head, arms and legs flailed with the force of ejection.  She went about 5 feet up and outside of this rapidly spinning blue-white funnel of energy and disappeared.  Gone, just…. gone.  Where the heck did she go??  I still have no clue.  In-between dimensions?????  I rescheduled her for next week, I pray I can see her then and get more understanding.  What was/is really strange, I even tried to go into the earth.  I figured if I can see the origin of this funnel thingie, I could understand what it means to her, nope.  The earth was bizarrely rock solid.

This is going to be a very very interesting month of experiences!!!

On that Note, for those in the USA, enjoy this Independence Day from the past and ties that held you in place.  Set your SOUL FREE to live expansively and humbly out loud!!!  Ohhh heck, let the whole wide world live this way too, not just us 4th of July illusionist!!

(((((((HUGZ))))) of freedom and Grace to all!!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html






Answers to Everything – Within Substance of Energy – 7-2-14

energy grid1

Energy is one of the most mysterious “substances” in the Universe. It is so mysterious that it can be used to describe everything in the Universe, even the quantum realm and beyond. Why is it that this word “energy” can be used to describe everything in the Universe? The reason is because when you break matter down to its fundamentals, it is made of only energy. For this reason, the answers to all your questions lie within the “substance” of energy. This also means that understanding how energy works is essential for your health and well-being.

What is energy?

Energy is a “substance” that cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to another. Energy is consciousness and consciousness is energy; therefore, energy is conscious of itself. Besides being conscious, the pure form of energy is infinitely intelligent in nature. I know this may sound crazy to the average crowd but that is because our modern society does a poor job in educating us about how reality works. This is why back then people used to think that the world was flat.

Before there was concrete evidence proving that the world was spherical, the people who challenged the idea that the world was flat were ridiculed and even killed. This is the kind of society that we still have even today. We are taught not to question things and accept everything that our “authorities” tell us as the truth. This is why it is so hard for us to understand what life and reality truly are.

How is energy conscious?

The proof that energy is conscious can be seen in the short video clip below. Please be aware that the video does not show concrete proof. However, it does raise the question that in order for the effects to occur, the particles (note: particles are projections of energy) must be conscious and aware. If you do not have time to watch the video, the paragraph below from Dapla.org does a great job summarizing the video.

“In some strange way an electron or a photon [or any other elementary particle] seems to ‘know’ about changes in the environment and appears to respond accordingly,” says physicist Danah Zohar. A group at the Weizmann Institute in Israel has done a variation of the famous “double-slit” experiment. They used electrons, instead of photons, and observed how the resultant interference pattern (which indicates wave-like properties of the particle) dissipated the longer you watched the electrons go through the slits. As a wave the electron passes through both slits simultaneously but if, according to E Buks, it “senses” that it is being watched, the electron (as a particle) goes through only one path, diminishing the interference pattern. Elementary particles (such as photons and electrons) appear to possess a certain degree of “intelligence” and awareness of the environment. Renowned plasma and particle physicist, David Bohm, says “In some sense a rudimentary mind-like quality is present even at the level of particle physics. As we go to subtler levels this mind-like quality becomes stronger and more developed.”

Dr Quantum: Wave Particle Duality and the Observer!

Quantum physicists are somewhat on the right track when it comes to defining energy and matter, but they still have a lot to learn before they can understand the true nature of energy. If mainstream physicists study energy and matter deeply enough and learn how to use the language of light, pulsation, and energy vibration to communicate with energy and matter, they will one day discover that energy is alive and intelligent. In other words, they will realize that energy is the divine energetic force that gives us awareness, intelligence, and emotions.

If energy is not intelligent in nature, we would not have the ability to think. Most of us have been conditioned at a young age to believe that thinking happens in the brain. This belief is not very accurate. If thinking occurs in the brain, then the starfish, jellyfish or bacteria would not be able to survive because they do not have a brain to tell them where to go, eat, or reproduce. True thinking occurs in the mind or the finer thought energy fields that surround each body and cell. In other words, it is thought that thinks. The brain’s role is to act like a relay station between the mind and body; therefore, if the brain is damaged, it can disrupt the thinking and communication process between the mind and body.

The relationship between energy and physical reality

The physical reality that we see around us does not work the way we are conditioned to believe. Physicality is more like an illusion. To be more accurate, it works similar to virtual reality. The paragraph below does a great job explaining the fundamentals of reality. It is extracted from my book Staradigm.

The physical reality that we live in is like an illusion. To be more accurate, it works similar to virtual reality. This is why physicists can describe what reality is by using only mathematical formulas. These mathematical formulas are like the digital codes behind a virtual reality. In our physical reality, the digital codes or mathematical formulas are embedded inside the substance of energy which is the core structure of matter. If this were not true, a central processing unit (CPU) would not be able to process electrical energy into usable data. This illusion can also be more understood when we study the deeper levels of atoms. Scientists used to think that atoms were made of solid matter. This idea has been proven wrong by quantum physicists. Atoms may seem solid at first, but as we dig deeper into them, they become mostly empty space. When we dig even deeper, their structures start to look and behave like energy. To be more accurate, atoms are about 99.99999 percent empty space and are made of nothing but energy.5 When we see a solid object, it is nothing more than a trick of light.

The codes that govern reality are embedded inside the “substance” of energy; therefore, if you want to find answers to your life’s questions or find answers to better health and well-being, you will need to study energy mechanics. You will also need to learn how to communicate with energy. Energy is the core “substance” that everything is made of; it is immortal, conscious, and intelligent in nature, and it has infinite potential. In other words, energy is Creation (God). For these reasons, the answers to everything lie within the “substance” of energy


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