Aluna Ash- 9D – Energy Update – Waves/Events, New Moon Portal – 4-27-19

Aluna Ash- 9D

Published on Apr 27, 2019

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We do have a wave that just hit, the sun is currently shooting quick streams of this wave. The energy can come and go with the waves coming through the Sun & the Earths schumann resonance shifting.. causing quick tiredness or alertness, can go back n forth. Some people have hexperienced the Event anchored in its 3D physical form already.. this is because they’re tapping into the cosmic mental plane within the different rounds or spheres a consciousness. Others have too but werent aware of it at the time consciously, and more will have these experiences. THE EVENT, is a shift or change in perception through the Cosmic energy coming in. 4/27- galactic portal activation date, lunar tone- means polarization, stablization through awareness of challenges along your path. 4/28- kundalini, life force integration. (I will be doing a 30min Shakti transmission on Patreon this day at 9pm EST due to Red Electric Serpent tone, lay down, rest n relax & make sure you drink alot of water after) 4/29- transform, death, surrender, forgiveness, adjusting to a new plan and change. 4/30- gateway opener. Last day of 10th moon, planetary moon cycle. healing, peace, empowerment. 5/1- New Moon Portal 5/2- 1st day of 11th moon, this is an activation date. 5/3- galactic day of harmonization and integrity. 5/4- New Moon I will be posting what this next cycle & ending of this galactic yr means for the zodiac signs karmically soon. I’ve been getting a lot of messages about programmed events coming. 💜I keep hearing clairaudenitly: “The turtles back mirrors the center of creation. The land mirrors the turtles back. The land of creation. ” this is the land of creation. This is what heard, and was seeing a red & blue light with, what i know is, Orions belt. I was seeing this lining up & mirroring eachother after being out of alignment. Blue & red coming together as one.. Then I saw a baby birthed. The red and blue lights were stars, the baby was another star.. (Guessing this is referencing Turtle Island & us aligning back with the Orion belt, center of creation 2022 after the emergence of the Magnetic Sun Dec 21st 2021 during the DF cycle) I’ve been hearing this for several weeks I just haven’t been able to understand it clearly up until now. Even while in Hawaii I was hearing this and seeing these Turtles everywhere, my condo there was decorated in sea turtles 🤣 but I was having a really hard time understanding what I was hearing up until now. I was also hearing “a collective Soul-guided exit point” & ” Goddess Hectate” **maybe Borean Calling will see these ^🤗 I keep hear that “the collective will be really upset at first, then it paves the way for healing” as well. I can feel this in my body so much. Thank you family for your support. I love you!

The Great Awakening is Sweeping Across your Planet in Epic Proportions Now! – Archangel Michael, Council of Angels through Goldenlight – 3-4-16


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The Great Awakening is sweeping across your Planet in Epic Proportions Now   –   Archangel Michael, Council of Angels through Goldenlight   –   3-4-16


Greetings we are the Council of Angels including Archangel Michael. 

Today we wish to speak to you of the swiftness of energy that is surrounding your planet now. The high frequency energetic waves from the galactic central sun and the area of the universe in which your planet is passing, are far surpassing any other energetic frequencies experienced by your planet in many eons.

Not since the time of Atlantis and Lemuria has your planet been bathed in such a strong Source Creator energy. This high frequency energy can be felt and heard by some empathically-attuned individuals, indeed the channel Goldenlight has been hearing this energetic frequency for many years now.

This energy is in fact only growing stronger. It is shifting the molecular structure of your human bodies into a higher frequency; all of your cells are adjusting and attuning to these higher vibrations. The star nations and galactic councils watching your planet are also in a process of upshifting their frequency, as are all planets and beings in your universe and in the multiverse. Upgrades and expansion are the nature of All That Is in the Cosmos and so this is all part of the natural evolution of All.

As your species continues to “migrate” into the higher dimensions via this energetic frequency upgrade of your human bodies, you will continue to evolve as a species, as a society, and as a planet. The Great Awakening is sweeping across your planet in epic proportions now, with a large percentage of the population “waking up” suddenly and oftentimes spontaneously. This waking up is all a part of the process of shifting into the higher dimensions.

The knowledge that you are a spiritual being having a human experience (yes, a cliche, we know, but true nevertheless), is one of the main components giving rise to this awakening.This awareness lends itself to many things, including the knowledge that we are all a part of Source Creator, we are all “emanations” of Source Creator, and we are all essentially free. Mankind as a species has been enslaved in one way or another for so long that they have forgotten what it feels like to truly be free.

The redistribution of wealth which is occurring in real time on your planet is part of the mass awakening going on for all beings on earth now; all recognize the need for the removal of human suffering, the healing of the planet, and the healing of humanity; the need to stop all mass extinction “programs” including germ warfare, chemical spray of the air (“chemtrails”), GMO poisoning of the food, the spread of viruses via vaccinnes, the “depopulation” agenda, the intentional spilling of radiation from nuclear power plants, as well as the poisoning of your oceans from oil spills, etc., etc. Indeed the largest population of the planet now agrees that signficant change of epic proportions is needed immediately to create a cathartic, lasting, and permanent change which will catapult your planet into a new Golden Era of Peace, Prosperity, and Well-Being for all.

Your planet was designed as a self-contained ecosystem with a large variety of plants, animals, minerals, and all that makes up your world……an experimental planet which has gone through so many changes over the eons, and which now goes through a massive catharsis to metamorphose into a new realm. A very large percentage of people will now be released from economic slavery through the redemption of the historic assets, including the historic bonds, the currency redemptions, and the global collateral accounts and trusts, which have been overseen for millennia by the ancient Asian families, held back until such a time that their release would be safe and directed to the proper means of creating lasting change on your planet.

Your planet, the people on your planet, and the animals and plants on your planet are now in a state of RED ALERT and crisis and these funds are arriving not a moment too soon to set things right on your planet again.

In order to succeed in transcending this state of crisis and red alert, it will take all of you involved in these programs to assist in the healing of your planet and humanity, and in embracing the most important concept of SERVICE TO ALL instead of service to self. The service to self mentality is what has allowed your planet to get into the state it is in currently, and this is the mentality that will now need to be transcended by your populace if your world is to survive.

And survive indeed it will. There are enough people on your planet and enough resources for every man, woman and child to have all of their basis survival needs met. Each person on earth is born with an inherent birth right to have their basis survival needs met, and yet there are billions of people without running water or plumbing. How has this situation transpired you ask? It is a simple equation of the dark superseding the light and the service to self mentality overcoming those of the dark who have been in power so long that no one on your planet remembers any other way.

This way is changing and shifting now, with the Great Awakening of humanity that is occurring. Indeed you are all realizing that it is up to each of you individually to assist the All – the whole – so that your planetary ecosystem can once again be brought into balance. If the beings on the outside of your earth are not in harmony, the planet will not be in harmony.

We wish to address one thing that the channel was just reviewing in her mind, which is the recent statement by “secret space program” insider Corey Goode, who reported after his travels to inner earth that many who are bringing through messages of archangels and ascended masters are not actually channeling such energies and instead are channeling energies from inner earth beings. This channel of Goldenlight transcribing this message now from us, The Council of Angels and Archangel Michael, is from an authentic source and NOT from inner earth beings. It is in fact true that some are bringing through messages from the inner earth disguised as archangels. However, Goldenlight is originally from the angelic realm, having also spent many lifetimes in the Pleiades, and has a pre-birth contract in place to bring through messages from these higher dimensional realms. Indeed it is “hard-wired” into her life there to bring in these messages. We want to set the record straight for her and her readers that her messages are indeed from the archangelic and Pleiadian realms.

Having said that, we conclude this message for today and will be bringing messages to you on a more frequent basis now that the channel is able to transcribe these more regularly.

Keep up the beautiful, beautiful work so many of you are doing for your incredible planet and your loving sea of humanity and all beings which are so in need of tender loving care. Remember to give yourself all the tender loving care that you need whenever you need it, and to then extend it outwards towards others. Remember that you are an integral part of the healing of your planet and the healing of all who reside on your planet. Without you, this change would never be possible. Remember that you are ALL ONE, and YOU ALL COME FROM THE SAME SOURCE; there should never be any division within you if you can always remember this, and remember to love another as you also love yourself.

Also, we of the archangelic realm are here for you in every capacity to help you through this transition. Call on me, Michael, during any storms to protect you and strengthen you, on Archangel Raphael for her beautiful golden and green healing energy, for loving Chamuel to feel the energetic essence of unconditional love, with Archangel Gabriel to enhance communication amongst all people, and Archangel Zadkiel to assist in this great transformation that you are going through. St. Germain, too, can assist and is assisting your planet with the powerful transformative Violet Flame.

We will check in with you again very soon! And mainly just wanted to bring through an update for you today on the current state of affairs of your planet on an energetic level.


We are,

the Council of Angels including Archangel Michael

and we love you beyond measure, all ways and Always,



By Goldenlight,…

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James Gilliland – Incoming Waves – 12-1-13



ECETI December 1 2013

We spoke earlier about the energy waves coming in just after Thanksgiving, the next wave peaking just after Christmas.

Are you feeling it? Those who are sensitive are really feeling it. Others who are not taking responsibility for their process are projecting, blaming, often with emotional outbursts not even knowing why.

I personally have been having visions of past relationships, feeling sadness on how they ended along with the realization that I cannot be responsible for the pain, sadness and healing of others.

You cannot instill want into another. You can only hold a loving space and in some cases we have to love ourselves enough to set any necessary boundaries. Now is the time to make love and kindness your mantra and practice as well as set boundaries with those who have chosen not to practice love and kindness.

It is God-force energy, the ultimate power is love. It is the cosmic glue that holds everything together and the manifesting force behind all creation. Seems there is a lot of mis-creation manifesting which is what is surfacing and falling apart.

Respect is also a key word coming up.

If we want respect from others we have to respect ourselves and stand tall in our own divinity again setting boundaries with those who are being disrespectful. This includes the big picture – setting boundaries with those who are being disrespectful to Humanity and the Earth.

It is as if someone acted out or ripped the rug back of what was once ignored and shoved under the rug.

These energies are amplifying everything. The best advice we can give is do not suppress or ignore what is surfacing. Own it. Call on the God within to heal it.

The most empowering message we can leave you with is remember when you are pointing the finger at others there are three pointing back at you. Now is the time to practice love and kindness setting the necessary boundaries with those who are not.

Be well.

James Gilliland