Lisa Transcendence Brown – 05-30-19 – Living from your Heart Energy Update, Oneness Codes, Cosmic Gateways, Simplicity

Lisa Transcendence Brown

Published on May 30, 2019

I went offline the whole month of May to honor and inJOY these magnificent energies and template re-writes, which is the “next phase” of Oneness Codes (apply to more collectives as well as very different Templates, shifting/changing all of our roles again). Individual Photonic DNA Evolution, Cosmic Alignment and Harmonization, Re-balancing of electromagnetics and Embodiment continue to accelerate an immense Collective Consciousness Shift always occurring according to the Divine Plan (Template) that governs all. As more embrace and experience the vastness and simplicity of our Multi-Dimensional existence, “how” each experience reality completely changes from anything resembling “the old”. Utilize your own deep sacred connection and heart consciousness to navigate with ease and grace. Yes, on a collective level, we are shifting some really old obsolete ego-matrix programs, to make way for “all new”. It’s up to each one of us to bring this forth and become the New Earth grids/networking systems that link up to Gaia’s/Universally/Cosmically and each other too. These change the rules and codes all live by…. which looks nothing like before.

ENERGY UPDATE, DNA Upgrades, Portals, Ascension Symptoms – via Awakening 5D Healing – 4-1-19

We have finally moved past the intensity of the first three months of 2019. Opportunities for lightbody activation, spiritual growth and DNA upgrades were paired with hard core karmic clearing. Ancestral traumas attached to our lineage have been recognised and released. Self sabotage has been highlighted, we have been pushed ever deeper down our own rabbit hole to truth. Each layer is peeled back in reflection, meditation, to reveal wounds. We heal and realign to higher vibratory fields. As the atmosphere around us plays host to the great war of light and dark, the very air we breathe has become a source of contention. To unplug, upgrade and regain our freedom we step up and take responsibility for our energetic frequency. Low vibration algorithms malfunction, toxins are rejected and modifications neutralized when we dial up to higher states of consciousness. Gaia is awash with high frequency energy, light healing. Our mind body spirit being seeks to align, like a magnet, with universal love vibrations. The cosmic pull to fifth dimension evolution is insistent and powerful. Surrendering to this energetic force of light, is the space between stress, control and linear anxiety and the levitating bliss of enlightened existence. To raise our vibration we clear out sources of negativity, from the past and in our present, to align with these higher light frequencies.

Mercury retrograde broke, and boom, many felt like we had been yanked out the swamp. Forward motion again, after weeks of pushing through mud. This is a small break in the tornado of ascension energies coming though in 2019. Jupiter Retrograde is coming our way on 10th April, like a catapult it will release all the backward motion of mercury retrograde. Bringing weight, power, strength to Gaia’s plight. Jupiter has always been Gaia’s soul brother, united with her against the shadows clinging to mercury and her retrograde. The chains on the divine feminine reach planets and galaxies. Here and now those chains are being broken. The perpetual loops of chaos, war, poverty and disease are manufactured by primitive and ancient beings who see humanity as theirs. The archons know how to manipulate us, they’ve been doing it for thousands of years. They have prepared for the Great Awakening but have crucially underestimated the power of Christ light, the force that is crystalline light. Kundalini awakening spreads like wild fire through the system corrupting the ruthless, cold, reptlilian coding in our modified motherboards. The beginning of 2019 was a chance to clear, unblock and neutralise a lot of sources of negative energy. Jupiter’s upcoming retrograde will offer us another chance to level up. The fire and passion of Jupiter is the fuel for our transformation from matrix avatar to woke soul.

On April 5th the new moon moves into Aries. Aries is the sign of focused intention, confidence, vision and flair. Aries know what they want and they go and get it. They are strong in their core, agile and upbeat. The new moon in Aries is preparing us for Jupiter’s retrograde, like a warm up. Channel new moon, new beginnings, Aries energies, they are fire to ignite our core processing units. DNA upgrades have taken us into a higher space of consciousness. We can see where before we were blind. What we see is the challenge, how we deal with truth. None of this has been or will be easy. Levelling up never is. We must play the game, meditate, be mindful, reprogramme our minds to compassion algorithms. Strip back mind control conditioning of the corporate elitist system that locks down our daily lives. The release of trauma through the first few months has cleared energetic space for us to integrate upgrades. We are processing those upgrades and our systems are trying to embed them. It’s up to us to create the meditative space we need to raise our inner vibration beyond the 3d to enable recalibration.

Being held back, our vibration forcibly lowered, is no longer an option for those of us seeking to take our spiritual awakening to the next level. As we raise our vibration we become hyper sensitive to our environment and our interactions. Anything lower than our rising internal wavelength causes problems. Skin allergies flare up with chemicals in products. Inflammation manifests in response to stress and upset. Tears flow, moods become tense and irritable, our limbs feel heavy, we lose our motivation. It is up to us to redress the balance, to rearrange the furniture of our lives to accommodate our spiritual awakening. There is no other way to do it except by looking at what brings us down and changing it. Sounds easy, it isn’t. It takes courage to break the chains society places on us.

Moving up and down the energetic spectrum, too quickly or often, makes us physically ill, like travel sickness or the bends. We are seeking to stabilise our environments in higher frequency fields to avoid continually dropping too low or fluctuating. The people and places on low frequencies are messing with our internally climbing and cosmically aligning vibration. Our souls want to align with each new wave of light. Portals, celestial gateways, allied federation intervention, solar blast of lightwaves all propel our transcendence to higher realms of perception. Our bodies demand we eat better, stay flexible, agile, light on our feet. Our hearts and minds seek meditative states to embrace gratitude and humility. Our soul wants to surrender to higher zen spaces. This will all get more intense as the need for collective raising of the vibrations accelerates.

Our energetic being wants to embed, align, integrate with these higher wavelengths, it doesn’t want to keep having to drop down to interact with or process matrix vibrations. Increasingly we are avoiding stations, airports, shopping malls, corporate spaces, crowds and stress, processed food, anything that makes us sick. The clash of frequencies, the sudden drop in our cellular vibration when we have to interact with low frequencies gets more and more tiring, draining, difficult and challenging. Physically we become ill, emotionally we lose our connectivity to love light. Negative energies, envy, hate, deceit, manipulation and fear lead to insecurity, self sabotage, self hatred, self doubt, despair and depression. Part of a bigger picture of energetic wizardry to lock our systems into low matrix bandwidths. Self belief, the vision to rise beyond the confines of the matrix, is the wind beneath our wings of ascension. We have to choose the red pill and then put the work in, mind, body and spirit, to attain zen rewards of peaceful spaces. The more of us do this, the greater the momentum, the more we are able to manifest the new earth.

Seed sowing from light workers, volunteers and starseed is no longer the prime objective. Sleepers have chosen to remain in the matrix, they turn their back for now on spiritual evolution. They choose the matrix because the ‘steak tastes good’, the drugs work, desires are fed, they can bury their head in the sands of memory loops. For those who chose the red pill or who have always been awake, the new earth is being birthed in our collective consciousness. Our new directive, since the first shift in late August 2018, has been to hold our space, realign and anchor our light to Gaia. The awakening of our consciousness to multiple layers of our existence is ocurring as we break memory loop modifications. Our ongoing, transdimensional work on other frequencies to assist the ascension of humanity, is increasingly understood. Some light workers have levelled up to shaman or warrior vibrations. Understanding the dark side has become our directive. We will be the ones going in to clear the demons, the darkness and evil entities calling themselves gods in this dimension. The game has most definitely changed.

Political chaos will continue as the people of earth wake up to the elitist system of control. Trying to unify against their leaders whose prime objective is to keep them at war with each other. Humanity’s evolutionary labour is proving to be a traumatic and difficult birth. Cultural rewiring is taking place across society. Social media rewrites the rules on engagement within the matrix. The 3d matrix collapses as we speak, unable to upgrade to more advanced frequencies and technologies. Older versions of humanity are malfunctioning, zoning out, losing themselves to their astral attachments, their parasites and their matrix desires. Ghosts in the machine, lost, traumatised, trapped are being assisted in every way possible from the material and astral planes. The retrieval of humanities lost souls is the prime directive. Many lightworkers are actively engaged in this during sleep. Many wake up more tired than when they went to sleep, the work on the other side has drastically stepped up since the Shifts started. The Dark Star Blink heralded truth of the black pill people. Those folk we know, work with, are related to, who know satan, who play his games, rituals, repeat his mantras of self satisfaction, status and wealth. Its all coming out in the wash beautiful people.

For now use this space, the eye of the current cosmic storm of transition to regroup, catch your breath and stoke the fire of our retuning mojo! Our core is strengthening, the work done over the last few months will prepare us for the next level. Operating within a higher bandwidth, third eye fully operational, we are going to remember more of our dreamtime activitites. Our consciousness is merging with our higher self, as we lighten our karma and activate our lightbodies for full ascension on the material plane. We break the memory loops, we neutralise DNA modifications keeping us in spiritual headlock. We embed our vibration in higher bandwidths. Its down to us to reassess, what have we learned from the supermoon trinity? What did we want to change at the end of 2018, grow for 2019? Come back to those insights, those resolutions, reaffirm them in the coming Aries new moon. Who and what we are going to be is determined by what we do in the coming weeks and months. Make it light, make it love, make it abundance, peace and harmony. These are the operating spaces of higher dimensions. The more of us embed there, the more fuel we bring to the new earth birth of light, the more we stamp out the darkness.

Knowing the truth and walking the truth are two different things. I’m walking my truth beautiful people, I was down, but I ain’t out. Coming back with new moon Aries fire in my belly, light and love pulsing through my veins and the knowledge that my truth is mine to be. Karma coming for the surface to be cleared, matrix toxins, ancestral traumas, grief, assault, abuse, rejection, abandonment, neglect…. all algorithms of astral and matrix control, needing to be looked at, recognised and released. Breaking ancestral lines of negative behaviours and thought grooves. Dissolving memory loops, astral wizardry, neutralising modifications on our DNA and our ancestral line through healing and spiritual surrender.

For those who made the quantum leap through the first Shifts, the Fear is becoming palpable. We feel it at night, disturbed sleep, grinding machinery, bumps and creaks. Creepy feelings, our spider senses are in overdrive. Daytime fear kicking in like a punch in the gut, a shiver down our spine, a spiritual shudder. A knowing that something is very, very wrong with the world and it’s getting worse, quickly. A sense of growing anxiety and tension, held in the core, solar plexus. Shadows on the periphery, circling us, our guides advise us not to engage. Stay in a sacred sphere of light till the time is right. Funnelled through our third eye and heart chakra, the fear is partly the massive global purge of elitist ancestral oppression of our tribes, people and the ancients. There is also another source for this fear, hyper sensitive, travellers, volunteers and transdimensional warriors are feeling the astral in turmoil. The war being played out in our skies is barely cloaked from us. We are seeing, hearing, and feeling the clashes, the energies of war all around us, in our waking life. Our eyes cannot register or make sense of the sources of our fear, but our beings know things are going into overdrive on the other dimensions to ensure this dimensional frequency rises.

Breathe into the fear. Return all energies not self created to sender, repeat, daily, hourly, minutes if necessary! Breath into the solar plexus to release the stealth spider senses tingling with fear. Breath it out people. Stay in if that’s what your gut, your guides, your third eye is telling you. Use an invisibility cloak to hide your light from all lower frequencies and anything that may mean or cause you harm. We are at war people, the world around us may look the same, but our energies have transformed. We are no longer on the perceived reality dimension, we are responding to stimuli from energetic sources on all frequencies around us. We feel the bliss, the zen, the pull to higher states of consciousness constantly, clashing with the requirements of our daily matrix lives. This is causing a lot of physical and mental stress and illness. Switch things up. The fear of change is natural, its protective and it can be channelled to ensure we make the right changes. Listen. to. your. gut. The fear our spider senses are picking up on is very real. We manage it with gratitude, mindfulness, humility, meditation and breathwork.

We are navigating the fourth realm, dressed up to look like the third, whilst attaining the frequencies of the fifth. Its a lot to deal with. So go easy on yourself, take time out, off, for recalibration, realignment and revelation. Truth is the base frequency of the fifth dimension, without truth we cannot open the gates. Walk your truth. Prepare for Jupiter’s retrograde by catching your breath, getting your head and house in order. Prepare to step up the active rolling out into our lives of our spiritual enlightenment and growth. Can you make the changes? Buck the system? Glitch the matrix and change your life? Be in love vibration. Cultivate knowing when to retreat and when to stand your ground. Stay zen with meditation. And nap, sleep is key to our welfare as we straddle timelines, dimensions and frequencies. Being a high frequency person takes practise, time, effort and reflection. Put in the time and the rewards will be a new earth based on compassion, driven by love and creating abundance for all. In love and light beautiful people.

Jelelle Awen – Energy Update, High Soular Winds, Matching Magnetics, Inner Polarities – 12-10-18 – via Soul Full Heart Way Of Life

Soul Full Heart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen

Energy Update: HIGH Soular winds the last few days….beyond 600 km/sec at some points when ‘normal’ is 300 and lower. There is a kind of magnetic matching going on with these winds so that they are not creating the usual geomagnetic storms.

Here’s more according to, “For the third day in a row, Earth is inside a stream of fast-moving solar wind. Inside the stream, wind speeds are topping 600 km/s–yet there have been no geomagnetic storms. Why not? There’s a mismatch: Magnetic fields inside the solar wind stream are pointing North, the same direction as Earth’s magnetic field. “North” versus “North” prevents the type of magnetic link-up that leads to storming. “

This match in magnetics may actually be illuminating a mismatch inside of you and where polarities exist from one part of you to another. An example of a mismatch inside is when part of you may be stuck in a masculine suppressing/judging/guarding while another part of you (more feminine) aches for intimacy, vulnerability, and magic. This is often an Inner Punisher and an Inner Child dynamic that we feel in our process through helping you get to know BOTH energies and loving them back into balance again. It can be very challenging to BE in balance and experience your outer life in balance while inner polarities and wars are going on.

It feels like these current energies actually SUPPORT the experience of being in more alignment and what it’s like when inner north matches up with inner north. An interesting process to feel into as 2018 completes and powerful energies of completion, digestion, and NEW bridges to your higher timelines expressing in 2019 are possible.

More about parts/Metasoul aspects here:

Also, with high SOULar winds, there can be a feeling of consciousness dip more into 3D leading to tiredness, irritability, just sense of more density around you. Illuminating the 3D anchoring still going on inside and WHY…especially as connected to relationships of all kinds.

Matching and BEing in balance of energies INside and from other timelines is the opportunity we are gifted as this Ascension/Awakening process continues.

Jelelle Awen

Pic of aurora taken by andrei (enjoy the arctic) on December 9, 2018 @ tromso

MORAG @ In5D – Energy Update – Portal To Unified Timelines – 1-29-18

Unified Timelines

by Morag,
Guest writer,

Awakening to a world in crisis can make us feel overwhelmed by the state we, the planet, our world is in. Spiritual awakening, soul activation, shows us everything is changing. The Trinity Supermoon Portal, due to close with the lunar eclipse super blue full moon on 31 January is propelling us through this process. Humanity strives to reach the tipping point of fear to love. As unified consciousness spreads, illuminating our world, we try to make sense of it all. We come to see clearly the problems and seek long term solutions.

Humanity unifying as a planetary people under one name Gaia, is our path forward through cosmic chaos. To rebuild, redesign and recreate systems, foundations of society, built on love, peace and compassion. This is our calling. To liberate Gaia and her people from slavery, mind control and predatory oppression. We do this by starting with ourselves. Our immediate reality transforms with mindfulness and gratitude. We integrate self care into our daily lives, resisting toxins and toxic people. We embrace high vibrational activities, nature and people. We are creative beings, we are manifesters. To tap into our creative potential is to trigger an awakening of our soul. Our chi starts pumping through our chakra system, waking up our energy, brightening our aura, raising our vibration at a cellular level.

Everything is circular, a spiral of convoluted quantum multi verses. Keep pushing through the sludge of karmic purge. As transmuters, creators, alchemists we are deep cleaning our world of dark, dense, sticky, tricky, heavy karma. At times we may feel we are caught in quicksand, sinking down into lower frequency energies. At other times we are soaring, flying, riding waves of high frequency bliss. This is transcendence. This is evolution. We are living it, breathing it, making it happen. What we are looking for is within us. What we seek is deep inside us waiting to be activated. Turn the dial up cosmic suffers. Even as we get sucked down into the sludge and the grime, the relentless fear, drag ourselves back up to spaces where light fills our beings. Connecting to universal love frequencies, nourishing us from the inside out, as we transform ourselves and our world.

Take one day at a time. Use mantras to set intentions that can be revisited throughout the day. Listen to energy, tune into your energetic environment, to others, to cosmic vibrations. Work within these parameters. Be quiet, be vivacious, be wise, be kind. We are riding the crest of a gateway wave of planetary evolution. Go easy on ourselves at this time. Prioritise self care to enable completion of upgrades. Meditate, float to beautiful music, dance around the kitchen, chat to those who resonate, give space to those who don’t. Tap into dreamstate for inspiration and karmic clearing. Eat well. Stay hydrated. Rest and be creative. Stretch our mind, body and soul. Listen to our soul waking up. Follow our heart, our passions, our dreams and hopes. Honour our true path, our highest space of being. Find our true nature. Learn to walk to the beat of our own drum. Quieten the ego with a healing hug, reenergise with holistic healing therapies. Plug into nature. Hit flight mode and take some time out. Be light. Be love. Be grounded in Gaia.

We are mid quantum leap. We are recalibrating whilst still following routines, honouring responsibilities and running round the rat race. Holding our heads above the matrix waterline. We are being upgraded without going offline. Cosmic evolution has introduced us to the fifth dimension now we need to consolidate those higher frequencies into our mindbodysoul systems. The Trinity Super Moon Portal offers us the opportunity to integrate and solidify DNA activation. We can stabilise in the fifth dimension. We release fear frequency, embedding our energetic beings in love vibration. We are expanding our consciousness, we are living through momentous times. Kansas is going bye bye and a new world is coming our way. Peace is possible beautiful people xxx


I will have/am having a calm/safe/joyful/creative/efficient/peaceful/fun day.

I inhale love and exhale fear.

I connect at all times to universal love frequency.

I am safe, I am safe, I am safe.

Namaste 🙏🏻

About the authorI am a dedicated café conspirator, lightworker, metaphysical explorer, teacher, writer and earth mother. Born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, I spent time traveling in Australia and Europe before moving to East London. After 15 years as an English teacher and head of year in comprehensive secondary schools I left teaching to become a stay at home mum. I retrained as a meditation teacher and reiki energy healer, using crystals and starseed tarot cards for healing and channeling. Between night feeds and school runs I have been writing and blogging about life, the universe and everything. You can find me on Facebook, wordpress and youtube at awakening5dhealing. Much love and light beautiful people.





ENERGY UPDATE – Katie IndiCrow @ In5D – 12-22-16



by Katie IndiCrow,
Guest writer,

Integration, integration, integration. At this stage of the game I feel like a lot of people are oscillating between that Frozen Song, “Let It Go” and CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, COME ON! In this post, I’m going to cover over a bit of what is happening with the grids, the waves of light, and how the increasing vibration is being anchored in within and without. It’s all connected and this is phenomenal.

As a gridworker, I have been anchoring in the energies and creating a love-field around Gaia to help us through our transition. I was doing a lot of work in dreamtime with my multi-dimensional selves the night of the 20 and into the 21. I was woken at about 6:25 to prepare for the work in this dimension. We pulled ourselves together. At precisely 644 am yesterday (the time of solstice where I’m at), my crows began cawing and I joined with them and the whales to spread and anchor (direct) some of the waves we are receiving into where we needed them to go.

There has been a lot going on which I’ll express more fully in another post when it is time. I know that others are out there doing their own version of this. To them – I want you to know that the Galactic Federation is incredibly impressed, that we are doing fantastic. They remind us to hold the line of LOVE, for that is the key to everything. We know this. We are not done yet. (The gridwork I speak of is but one perspective of many about what is occurring.)

The waves of light that so many had predicted are now in full effect. They are being documented all over the place and even in the eyes of what is relied upon a s ‘real’ science. What does that mean for us here on earth? Well. For one thing, we are once again FEELING IT!

As we will soon see, many people have just been brought to awareness. Notice any people who were so not into these matters all of a sudden waking up to love? I have. For them, this is really beautiful and soft and pink. Others are moving into what is called dark night of the soul – the good news is that if they get real with themselves and focus, they can move through a heck of a lot quicker than did those of us who were dealing with it in the past decades. For others, this is a time of toothpaste tube squeezing where the final bits of residual crap from this and other lives is being brought up for review. Many people are tapping into their soul and star families and becoming acquainted with their souls’ purpose. In pretty much all cases, we are moving into a new state of awareness of the power of love, the role of CHOICE, and our ability to shape our experience and through that, change the world.

I cannot impress enough the importance and strength in choosing love. This is a time where we are being given the grace of accelerated vibration lifting. It is a CHOICE that we all have to make.

I remain in deep service. If you wish, please feel free to circulate this message to where you see fit. I need your help getting it to where it needs to be!

Thank you for showing up. Thank you for being in love.

Katie IndiCrow

Katie is a gridworker, energy aligner, and writer. For day to day commentary, find her on facebook at IndiCrow Energetics: . To access her larger body of work, visit

Lisa Transcendance Brown – Energy Update – Huge Crystalline Blast! – About Embodiment – 7-2-16

Lisa Transcendance Brown   –   Energy Update ~ Huge Crystalline Blast!   –   About Embodiment   –   7-2-16

By Lisa Brown, 07/01/2016


We had an itty bitty solar flare frequency that then shifted to full-blow crystalline…. These bring cellular cleansings for those who feel any energy/emotions trying to clear the physical body…. (honor this).

Each must clear all programs from their own physical body gridwork (muscles), structures (bones), systems (organs/fluid/blood)…. It will exist in each’s physical reality until this is completed. Each will still belong to the collective beliefs/mentalities/realities/experiences held within. The ONLY WAY to physically leave a dimension/timeline is to clear it within.

One will not truly understand until they can see inside their own body and connect with all through their own consciousness. As each BECOMES LIGHT, then the knowledge held within this phonotic light running through the body becomes yours. You do not receive it from an outside anything anymore.

Your presence, your being in-tune, your focus, your openness and your ability to HOLD THE HIGHER FREQUENCY inside your body until it is the way you function naturally… this is your own embodiment process. There is an activation that will occur, and then every moment that you do not go back to the old ways firmly embeds it within you as your new physical reality world. This can take years for some, even most of this lifetime… with everything expediting since the 2012 StarGate/Gateway …. It doesn’t matter how long your human “thinks” you’ve been doing this (which is another separation of time/comparison/ego game)… for how long you remain or achieve is dictated by your own separation….. 30 years or 3…. The embodiment of light is accomplished through intentional dedication, focus, commitment, priorities and how much you are truly invested in the entire process of EXISTING AS PURE LIGHT.

You create a new reality from inside of you. You allow your own reality… by that which you believe and do. You convince yourself of all things, you insist, you hold realities firmly in place… and only once you stop trying to control it all and open up to your own inner wisdom & higher consciousness guidance will you intentionally activate your new realities to come forth for you. Your inner connection drive your entire reality here. There is no separation unless you hold it still…..

These cosmic upgrades are FREEING all from the bondage of the old. Yet as long as you still point the finger, you are missing the entire point.

These Diamond Light Code Frequencies, abundance frequencies, rainbow frequencies, Christed Consciousness (Crystalline) frequencies… these purify your entire human existence, your whole physical body…. these RETURN YOU to an existence forgotten …

Very fine & pristinely powerful these frequencies today. Very powerful every day …. for us all….. ♥

We also have a huge WAVE entering into the mix…. ♥ LOVE ♥ Star Particle Activations may bring the itchies for some. ♦ We are also starting to tune, so senses will be enhanced….

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Teacher/Coach/Guide, Author, Transformational Speaker, Master of all things Energy ♦

LEE HARRIS – Energy Update – Deeper Feelings, Vulnerability, Change – 6-14-16

Courtesy of

JENNYSCHILZ – Energy Update – Contracts and Triggers – 5-16-16



JENNYSCHILZ   –   Energy Update – Contracts and Triggers   –   5-16-16

So much is taking place energetically in the world and within us. We are being challenged on every front, physically, mentally, and spiritually. We are being pushed, pulled, and squeezed, all of our stuff is coming up and we have a choice to deal with it or squash it back down.

For many contracts are coming to an end or are being renegotiated. Contracts are agreements that we have with others. Contracts end or change when the core lesson has been healed or experienced as it was meant to. These can be small relationships such as acquaintances or large ones such as with your mate.  The reason this is happening is because you are not who you were. Your vibration is rising and that changes everything. If your current contracts are not reflective of your new self, then they must end or be renegotiated.

For some, contracts ending can appear forced upon you as they appear suddenly and change everything, for example losing your job. These type of changes tend to knock the breath out of us, but they do bring about the much needed change. It is important during these type of contract changes to keep in mind that all is in your highest good even when you can’t see it. For others, contracts ending or changing has to be done purposefully. You must see where you are not in alignment with your soul and make the changes. It is part of walking in your mastery. It is seeing what is not working, what does not match and choosing to end it or change it. It is learning to do the best for yourself in all situations.

The trick with this is making sure that your ego does not become engaged as it can cause you to not see the situation clearly. Having compassion and understanding for all involved, including yourself will help. While you may have undergone deep changes as you work to embody your soul, those with whom you are interacting with may have not. To them the change may seem to come out of left field, this is where empathy is a useful tool as long as it does not hinder your growth.

Quite a few are feeling that they are “going backwards” in their relationships. That ground gained has been lost. While this is disconcerting, even painful, understand that it is coming up so that you can see that there are still parts within you that match what was. It is an opportunity to not only see how far you have come but to also heal the parts within you that are still hurting. I experienced this myself in my relationship. Things came up that we had buried 15 years ago (or so we thought lol). Things had to be said to acknowledge the pain of what was to ensure that we didn’t take it into the new. While it was intense and painful, the change it brought, the closeness it has brought is completely worth it.

Change is hard for all involved and often the easiest path isn’t in our highest good. I had a friend who was recently separated from his wife. He couldn’t decide if he should stay in his current state or move back home. When he inquired about moving back home he found that a job was available to him and that a family member was willing to rent him a house. On the surface this seemed like the universe telling him to go back home. Yet when we checked in with his guides, they said that he should stay in his current location, to spend time alone finding himself. That family, while comforting would be a distraction to the inner work needing to done. This baffled me because we have always been taught that if it is the right path, it will be easy. So I questioned the guides who explained that energy is like a river. For this particular person, he did whatever he could to avoid being alone and therefore created an “out” for himself (job & house in other state). The river would always flow in that direction. If he wanted to change the flow of energy, he must do the hard thing and go against the flow of the river. That yes, it would feel like swimming upstream, but that eventually it would cause the energy to flow in a whole new direction. Change is hard but necessary for our growth.

As part of this energy many are feeling triggered and the common reaction is to want to avoid all things that evoke such a reaction. While avoiding certain negativity is good, avoiding life is not. Every time we get triggered it is the universe showing us that there is something within that needs healing. That each time we feel that we have “plunged back into 3D” we are being shown where we still have inner work to do. It could be that we need to work on judgement, duality, and acceptance. In some cases what triggers us is preparing us for the next phase once it is healed.

For example, I have a client who has amazing healing abilities. While she would like this to be her main profession, the finances were not allowing it. She took an office job to make ends meet and is finding that she is extremely stressed (triggered).  On the surface it would appear that the job is not good for her and that it was a mistake to abandon her call to heal. Upon talking to her guidance team they explained that her stress was because she was unable to let the pressures of the job go at the end of the day. This job is helping her see that she has to let it go, that she cannot control all that is taking place but that she can control her reaction to what is happening.  The reason that this is so important for her to learn detachment and objectivity is because if she were to take the same attitude into the healing realm it would drain her. Healing work is so personal and it is not hard to become attached and invested, so she must learn now to let go.  Her becoming triggered is her blessing, it is teaching and preparing her for the future should she choose to become a healer full time.

Putting yourself in situations where you could be triggered also helps you to practice maintaining a high vibration regardless of what is going on around you.  This is a skill that must be practiced and each time you are able to remain heart centered, projecting that loving energy out to all, you raise your own frequency. Once you change how you see events, people, and places that cause a deep reaction as helping you not harming you, you will begin to see it as a blessing

You are so very powerful and have the ability to change all around you with an open and loving heart. Emitting a high frequency helps you to activate it in others, planting seeds for others awakening.

Sending us all the love and blessings that we can handle. THANK YOU to all who share this work! It means the world.❤❤❤



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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

ADAMA’S ENERGY UPDATE – You Are Creating NEW EARTH! – by ASARA – 5-1-16


Adama of Telos:

“Greetings, Beloved Ones. We are most joyous to connect with you here, today, and we send you our utmost Love from the heart of Telos.

Dear Ones… we wish to tell you that your inner light shines brighter and brighter with each day. 

Just by BE-ing in this reality, you are raising the vibrational frequencies of the planet. With every kind thought, word, action and re-action you are radiating a higher vibrational energy outward to those around you and the entire Universe. 

Your soul has a great plan and the plan is: to create and experience Joy, Love, Kindness, Abundance and Wellbeing.
And so, as you are playing this great game, called life, you are going through different experiences, which are all happening for you, so that you can make deliberate choices: You can either choose Love or Fear. Expansion or Limitation. 

The moment you chose Love and Expansion, the Universe begins to yield to you the manifestation of your wishes, dreams, desires, ideas and solutions.” style=”width: 400px; min-height: 193px; margin: 0px; border: 0; line-height: 100%; outline: none; text-decoration: none; display: inline;” align=”none” height=”193″ width=”400″ />
The coming weeks will allow you to tend to these wishes, dreams and ideas, as Mercury Retrograde serves as the great facilitator for contemplation, refining your plans, detailing your strategy and the inception of a new and bigger vision. (Mercury Retrograde: From April 28th to May 22nd, 2016)What would you create if anything is possible?

If you could design your future in any way you wish, what would it be like?

What would it feel like?

How would this contribute to humanity and the planet? (on a small or on a big scale)

This are very good questions to ask yourself at this time, as this will send out the call to the Universe to assist you with your vision.

Imagine your future with ease and flow, with expansion and love, with joy and creativity, with solutions and growth.

The moment you ask for it, it is already done in the ethers.

Just align yourself with the feeling of it and you will bring it into your experience with ease.

Happy Manifesting! 🙂

We send you all so much love…

You are carried on the wings of Angels, to bring forth The New Earth.

Know in your heart, that you are always surrounded by your Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Galactic Families of Light and yes, also by your family and friends in Telos – and always will be.

Dear Ones, we are walking with you on this journey and you are loved beyond measure – always.

I am your brother Adama of Telos.”


Thank you Adama! 🙂

Jenny Schiltz – Energy Update – Facing the Fears Hidden Deep Within – 4-27-16



Jenny Schiltz   –   Energy Update   –   Facing the Fears Hidden Deep Within   –   4-27-16


One of my clients described the energy perfectly, it’s like we are in the boxing ring in the dark and we don’t know when the next hit is coming. Some of the energy blasts may affect you and some may not. Days you feel OK, your friends might be a mess. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this, but in the grand scheme, things are progressing perfectly.  It’s not uncommon for the guides to tell me they feel that someone is doing great only for the client to tell me that it’s been a horrible week. Their perspective is that sometimes our darkest moments, when we feel like quitting is when we are often releasing the most density and expanding our capacity to hold our soul.  It does not matter if you are just beginning or if you are bringing in additional layers to your soul, we are all continuing to clear our stuff. What changes is the speed in which we clear and our perception as we grow.

The magnetic field went down over the weekend and it is going to have moments of continued weakness. This lessening of the magnetic field will allow more to come into our personal energy field, it is the game changer, as it will speed up the crystalline process.  As this process continues, we will be clearing more and more. Think on the crystals as your personal projector. They magnify and send out all that you are, your frequency, your love, and your soul wishes. The more we become crystalline, the more we are able to send out. Our density is like mud on the projector and it changes what we put out. The more we clear the layers and density, the more we project with purity. It is each one of us, projecting our frequency and love clearly that will help to change all those around us.

Physically this will bring exhaustion that seems to hit out of nowhere and joint pain as more of our crystalline nature is activated. With this you will find major blasts to the heart chakra. These can be quite uncomfortable, breathe through them. If you feel that you need to cry, cry. Just get it all out.  All chakras are going to expand or open with these energies. The well of dreams chakra at the back of the neck, the higher heart or thymus chakra and the ones at your temples may begin to open or expand.  Talk to your angels, ask them to help you by clearing, opening and expanding all your chakras.

The energy is pulling up anything that keeps us from walking in our power. At the same time we are working on balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within. These can bring up waves of anger that come bursting out and may feel uncharacteristic. Look deeper then what is on the surface. Ask to be shown exactly what is coming up. It’s important to dig it up, what we don’t acknowledge will come up in other ways to lead you back to the core issue. Anything that keeps you from your true self must go.

Over the weekend I had a spat with my husband, a silly disagreement over who would clean the kitchen and cook dinner when we were both exhausted. He made a comment to me that I had been tired a lot lately. For some reason this just nailed me to my core. It felt like judgement, like he didn’t see all that I do. The anger that burst forth from me was tremendous and he looked at me with wide eyes and told me to leave the kitchen he would do it.  The inner pain I felt was so deep and at first I looked at the surface level and my ego was just screaming that if he couldn’t see my worth, then I didn’t need to be in this relationship. At the same time my higher self was saying, don’t be silly, he has stood by your side, been your best friend and champion since you met him 24 years ago.  So I got quiet and said “Ok, what is this really about, what do I need to see?”

I was instantly transported back to a scene where my parents were fighting. There method of fighting was brutal. They knew each other’s weakness and went for it, tearing each other down. This wasn’t a rarity in my home. I saw myself as a sensitive child taking it all in, silently praying they would divorce so that there could be peace.  Then it hit me… I have been waiting for my own relationship to turn into this. That scared child believed it was inevitable and has been waiting for the other shoe to drop. It didn’t matter that I have been married for 22 years and he has never torn me down. To the child, time doesn’t exist. I sobbed like a baby at the realization that after all these years I was holding a piece of me back. There was a piece of me that didn’t fully trust.  This had to come to light, to be dug up and acknowledged. When I had done inner child work previous, this had not come up. I wasn’t ready, now I am. You can’t walk in your power if you are unable to trust fully.  I asked how to heal this and was told “you already are.”

The next day I explained to my husband what I had learned, that it had nothing to do with him, but with my traumatized child within. He looked at me and said “The entire time we have been together the only one to tear you down has been you. You’ve been waiting for it to happen from me or someone else and the whole time you have done it to yourself.”  OMG, he was right.  I have been talking bad to myself before anyone else could do it to me.  I sat there and cried… not in sadness but in gratitude. I was grateful that all this came to light. I finally got it, saw the pattern and now I can heal it. I can talk to that little girl and let her know it is safe now, that what she saw wasn’t normal and it isn’t how love really is. She is safe.

I share this personal story because I know that I am not alone in discovering wounds and to show you how we have a choice when we are triggered. We can stay on the surface and see it from this level or we can go deeper and see the truth.  We have to stare our fears in the eye.

I was talking to my team about fears and they brought to mind one of the scariest movies I have ever seen “Open Water” a movie about a couple scuba diving with a group. They were left behind and were eaten by sharks.  I saw myself in the water and saw myself dipping below the water, opening my eyes to see if any sharks were coming.  They explained that so often people don’t face their fears and those fears become sharks coming from seemingly out of nowhere to bite off our legs.  That it is our job to name our fears, bring them to the light of day and deal with them. Really see them, even go into the worst case scenario if need be, to take away the fear of the unknown.  We have to see them, dig them out and take away the hold they have on us.  All that keeps us from our truest aspect must go.

I hope that all of you are doing well and doing the deep, necessary work as we progress full steam ahead.  This is a time when we are integrating all our aspects, timelines, and merging with our soul moment by moment.  Sending you and I all the love and blessings we can handle.❤



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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

Jenny Schlitz – Energy Update – 3-18-16


Jenny Schlitz    –   Energy Update   –   3-18-16

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The energy is simply amazing right now and we are in a deep period of integration. What this looks like varies per person and where they are in this process. We are collectively working on integrating past lives and timelines. This helps us to see that we have done some many things and been so many things before that if we judge another, we are judging ourselves. Some are integrating the Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine into their being, bringing balance. Others are working on bringing the lower chakras into alignment with the higher ones. Many of the first wavers and pioneers are working on bringing more of their solar aspect into their form. Those who are working on the crystalline grid are helping to strengthen the grids in the 6D and beyond. This is a really busy time.

When speaking with guides about this time they explained it in an analogy that I understood. Right now is the time we are cramming for the upcoming exams, turning in assignments and last minute things at the end of a school year. (Clearing density, cutting cords, making life changes etc.) Starting in just a few days we will be receiving a huge wave of energy that will help propel people in the direction needed for their own personal growth. This wave is the end of year exams for whatever level you preside at in this moment. Just like with school work, what you get from the wave will be determined by the amount of work done prior and what level you are at. That is why this time period is important. It is our time to ready ourselves so that we may utilize as much of the light coming in as possible.

Working with some of the beautiful beings that are helping us during this process, I was shown an observatory of sorts. We looked through a stone archway and it showed clearly planets aligning in a particular formation. It was explained to me that never before have the planets aligned in this way as we are in a new position in the galaxy. At the end of the row of planets, was this light and it was shining brightly. It was explained that this is a sun, which is sending us codes that we have never experienced before. The alignment of the planets allows these codes to stream in unfettered.  These codes have the ability to change everything, we just have to be willing to release all that we have held onto. We must be willing to embrace the changes and push ourselves into this new space. As a friend of mine said it is either fear or faith, there is no in-between. It was shown to me that now is the time to act on our hearts desire, to be brave and dream wide open without fear. That these energies are supporting us to move towards our highest desire and potential. We must be strong enough to jump when we feel guided or inspired. It was told to me that all things will work out.

Hearing those words brought out all those things I have wanted to see, do, and achieve in this lifetime. The human in us wants things NOW, we want proof and instant results. Spirit quietly understands that all things unfold at the best time and for our optimum growth. Spirit also knows that we have a limited perspective and are unable to see why some dreams and goals fail and others thrive. This is where faith and trust come in.  What we cannot do is go into doubt, fear, and lack. When we do, we pull all the old programming forward into this now, effectively recreating it and blocking the flow of energy.

As we go into this very significant time of the equinox and lunar eclipse, take a moment and write down all that you want in the future and all that you are ready to leave behind. See where you have grown and appreciate yourself. When you focus on your progress you will begin to see areas of your growth you couldn’t even imagine before.

Physically so much is going on. My little one was down last weekend with a nasty cough and high fever. She has been dreaming so much lately and I know that she too is clearing past lives and timelines. I told her to “Ask the Angels for healing and give them permission to heal you in all ways”. She did and much to my surprise Archangel Jophiel came in and covered her chest in a beautiful blue light. I asked why she was the one who came in to facilitate healing and her response was that she was helping my daughter to release the thoughts and patterns that have kept her from seeing the beauty in life. Some of these patterns were from past lives. We tend to look at our children as new beings when in fact they may be old souls that are working on self, just like us.  Know that we are always given the help we need when we ask and give permission to be helped in all ways. Understand that sometimes the help comes wrapped in lessons and exchanges that are not pleasant but facilitate our growth. As we go through this it can be hard to see, but looking back and seeing the changes that occurred because of something unpleasant helps us to trust in this process more.

My highest aspect urged me over the last week to rest more and to lighten my load and expectations. I didn’t listen and kept up my caretaker role, tending to everyone but myself. I found myself knocked down with a virus and slept for two days only rousing myself briefly. During this downtime, so many upgrades were taking place and the integration was simply amazing. Sleep eases this process and if I had allowed my body to rest more I doubt I would have gotten sick. It showed me where I still have programming within that needs changing so that I make myself and this process a priority. After two days I woke very clear, rested and ready to take on the world, the DNA upgrades, downloads, and integration complete for this moment.

Many are having a hard time with the energies, physically and mentally. Cranial pressure has increased as has the toning in the ears. Teeth pain is very common as are dreams involving losing teeth. Many are experiencing lower limb pain, hips, lower back, and knees.  Foot pain is also common as we ground ourselves into higher frequencies and the foot chakra becomes active.  Mentally many are feeling depressed, lost and full of doubt. This is the ego not wanting to give up its strong hold as you embody more and more of your soul. Often it is during the times that we need the most help that we feel completely disconnected from source. Know that your team is always there ready to offer assistance when given permission. So even though you may feel alone and neglected you are not. Ask your heart chakra to open and for all of you to align with source, deep breathe and feel the love that is being given. You are never alone.

I hope that this finds you handling the energies like a surfer riding a ride and not in the white wash being tossed about. If you are feeling rough, know that this will pass and that the energies are streaming in to assist you in all ways. You are very loved and your particular vibration, your note in the universe is needed.

Sending you all love and blessings,



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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

Source: ~ Channeling the Masters ~

Lisa Transcendence Brown – Energy Update – 2-26-16

 Ascension 100


Lisa Transcendence Brown   –    Energy Update  –   2-26-16


After a huge blast of light and sleep to integrate, your physical realities will show you where things need to be adjusted, tweaked and re-tuned by you from within. Quantum Light brings new expanded awareness that we apply to our physical reality here. Light gives us the ability to grab a whole new awesome reality by creating, implementing and mastering even more in the same space than we could before.

Presence with our thoughts, mastery is of the self AND the entire physical reality out there. Yet, at first we must pull away, go inside and figure things out. Cut out the external distractions and influences, so that WE CAN HEAR/SEE/FEEL/DETERMINE our own truth from the old programs that play inside of us. Where we are not fully conscious, there will be confusion that offers us the ability to go deeper inside, deeper into what is truly going on inside of us, to see what we hold within, what we are/are not doing and what WE need to do to shift into a whole new reality of a higher consciousness and exquisite magical vibration.

Our physical realities require that we observe and make choices all along the way. They require ACTION in every moment, when things are not working in flow, productive, serving a higher purpose and elevating consciousness of all involved.

First, go inside, find your happy, find your inspiration, find your peaceful place and grab your “big boy pants” and put them on and get busy with that which you already have available too you. Open up to higher vibrational guidance from within…. and if you are not, then you are not listening and your reality will show you this.

Your Universe is you and as you EMERGE AS THE UNIVERSE AND SOURCE AGAIN… you have to be the one responsible for every moment, what you allow your thoughts to think, where you put your focus, what you allow to occur. Growing up AS A NEW EARTH LIGHT BEING means MASTERING ALL from the inside and dedicating your energy to that which you do desire to experience here.

These realities change in every moment now. Faster and faster and more powerful than ever before. Where one falls back on “old programs/ways” of safe, easy or getting by… those are not supported anymore.

Here, our abundance and prosperity is a result of our intentional, focused, productive and inspired actions. WE are the FOUNDATION of our realities and everything depends on and responds vibrationally to us. When we don’t step up, our universe quickly auto-corrects for us. We have to pay attention to everything, in every moment… and we have to honor ourselves and all at one time here. Balance is an understatement for managing a multitude of dimensional realities all in one space.

You are responsible for you, what you do, your vibration, what you think, what you allow, what you do not do…

A hologram works two ways…. and being a transmitter of a hologram means utilizing your power in order to change the hologram at will. That which materializes is to show you many things… unlimited perspectives, purposes, meanings… can you see them all? Better yet, are you utilizing what you see to change your own reality now?

Your “security” is in your own mastery… within you… your utilizing the light and knowledge that you hold. Taking your love, your light and putting it into something tangible, like making a difference, inspiring, opening hearts and sharing your own realizations, understandings and mastery tools.

The human will discount all of these things as important, not enough, belittle it all. WE see how gifts work and the purposes and how they work too. The more we open and interactive we are, the more we generate within the UNIFIED FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Where we hold back, have limits, still procrastinate or believe the fear, hold judgment or don’t open up… we are the ones affected by this. WE created this whole thing and it’s us that makes the difference and tunes our realities from within. The coolest thing to do is observe your reality as you shift, do, share…. It’s beyond beautiful to experience the openness and inspiration that it creates all around you and for others too!

First we must put things in perspective, see the distortions, imbalances and ask the questions that make a difference. Some questions keep us in a loop cycle and we just go round and round. Others give us answers of what to do, yet as humans we don’t like these, for they push us to step up and stand in our own power as magnificent beings of light here.

Here we observe all and our thoughts support that which we see. These are thoughts from our soul/higher self aspect us, instead of the lower vibrational human ones that love to override our truth. Our truth is what we already know, what we’ve already done in another higher vibrational reality, physical dimensional moment that is waiting for us to “do” in this physical one right here.

For all things, we go deep inside and we see & decide. If we don’t get an answer, we go deeper and deeper until we find the one we seek. We do want to hear/see/feel know and we do want to do. WE realize that those awesome realities are waiting for us… and as we HOLD THAT VIBRATION in our entire being, in our thoughts, in our hearts in our vision, when we can see that holographic reality already and feel our entire being enveloped with love and happiness, that’s the one we focus on, while not attaching or affixing to it. It’s a focal point to get us going… so that we can actually receive a more awesome one than we could even see. That’s how realities work here….

Many master the inside, yet don’t realize the outside is just as much as their response-ability to master too. Many are conscious of out there, yet have no idea that they are not conscious of themselves. NEW EARTH MULTI-DIMENSIONAL MASTERS are conscious of all at the same time, aware of all in every moment and constantly tuning all to SOURCE LIGHT CODE FREQUENCIES as alchemists and pure divine powerful love essence light beings again.

Every moment, the energy shifts…. stargates dial different frequencies and realities shift and change. Presence and observation tell you what you have to do and doing is how you master all…. all from within.

Pay attention to what you allow to occupy your time, your thoughts, your physical reality… this is what your energy is doing… this is what YOU ARE CREATING in your physical here.

Remove the words “I’m trying” or “supposed to”… with “this is what I am doing or this is what I see”…. then shift it to “what am I not doing that I could be doing? What is my fear? Where am I procrastinating? Where do I still hold back? All of this is lack energy …. lack of love, trust, honor, power… lack is lack.

When you stand as love, exist as light, you don’t go unconscious anymore. You are totally aware, totally present, making decisions based upon vibrations and allowing your reality to arrive in response to the vibration you are transmitting with your thoughts, your words, your inspired action, your implementation and accomplishments daily. You are choosing what you do and do not allow…

Mastery also means that you recognize when you go human and that you can observe and master shifting out of this. You do not have to be stuck in human if you are conscious of this. You can shift, observe your human’ness and move through it yourself. You go inside and figure out, seek guidance and do it. Every bit of this is up to you. Every moment. You are RETURNING TO MASTERY, by REMEMBERING fully again. Constant REMINDING and PRACTICE is necessary until you master this.

Notice your patterns, see the moments of experiences connect, see the ripple affects, see how parallels work, how to collapse them, activate them and step right over into another easily, just by opening your heart and mind and unifying all from inside.

Realities adjust quickly here based upon your ability to expand your consciousness instantly and shift. Presence with all is required…. and it’s a natural way of existing here.

Expect the unexpected, embrace all as love, look for the magic, the awesomeness, make it happen in your reality world.

Stillness and sleep are a must for those anchoring massive photonic light to upgrade and float in a space of “no attachment” to the physical reality world. Then it’s time to “land on NEW Earth” and get busy… We do this all along the way though. We don’t wait until things go haywire or fall apart, go…. WE master energy, move energy in a direction of that which we do want to experience in our physical reality world and we stop that which we do not desire to experience anymore.

Grab your power loves, embrace your light, BE love, BE exquisite and focus your energy….. this is what you are creating in every moment here. Unity, love, inspiration or lack, fear and old wasted energy holographic memories/beliefs focused on to carry forth to continue to re-experience until you get done with that in your own reality world. ♥

Grab your fire and desire of inspiration and share share share your beautiful magnificent energy with everyone. Only you can. ♦

I love you! Have an amazing day/weekend/Quantum LEAP everything! ∞

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

January 2016 Energy Forecast – Lee Harris

MATT KAHN – Energy Update, January 2016 – A Year of Inspired Action – 1-4-16

Matt Kahn



MATT KAHN   –   Energy Update,  January 2016   –   A Year of Inspired Action   –   1-4-16


The stage has been set. Each character prepared with lifetimes of experience for what is finally a tangible transition into the new 5D energies so many (including myself) have been discussing. For those who didn’t have a chance to read my September 27, 2015 follow-up, a 3-part energy update was written, circulated globally, and remains posted in the articles section of our web site.

While much has opened up throughout the latter parts of 2015, some were unable to feel the newly-expanded vibrations due to the amount of integration that was required in order to fully rewire your energy field in preparation for our emerging times.

As always, I offer these energy updates as a way of providing clarity, so your path can be navigated with love, compassion, inspiration, joy, simplicity, and ease. While I am here to assist you in seeing things differently and reminding you of cosmic options you may have forgotten are available, it is always important to remember that your unique path is always your own.

Girl jumps to the New Year 2016While I may offer these updates as reminders that you are not alone in your awakening symptoms or mysterious patterns of experience, it is never intended to become a replacement for your innate ability to think for yourself. Whatever power I am given, it is my duty, honor, and privilege to apply the polish of unconditional love and return your power to you more shiny, upgraded, and radiant than ever before.

May these words act as a guide throughout a journey that evolves at the rate of your most inspired choices.

In my recent conversation with the Universe, I was told the theme of 2016 is a year of inspired action. It is where beings who have been on what feels like an endless spiritual rollercoaster will finally be able to make the important life decisions that invite a new reality to dawn. On a collective level, 2016 will reveal greater activity on a grassroots level, where communities of awakening beings will begin coming together to address the issues and implementing solutions for the well-being of our planet.

It may not be the overnight awakening on a collective level that many await, but it will be a time when we see humanity begin to wake up from its unconscious slumber and step forward in the direction of conscious action. While 2015 seemed to end with much violence and confusion, a different picture is revealed when thinking of the shifts in energy like weather patterns. Just as a hurricane can cause mass destruction to the places it reaches, its purpose is to clear space on the planet for new things to grow.

On an internal level, the weather patterns of our emotional bodies have been clearing space individually and collectively in preparation for new energies to emerge from the onset of 2016 and beyond. For some, this space clearing has been physically debilitating. For others, it has been nothing short of emotionally exhausting. Some even had the 2-for-1 combo platter. And yet, there are some who are so out of tune with their innocence that the only way to clear space within themselves is to victimize others.

This does not condone violence in any way. The entire reason we are participating in our own awakening is to accelerate the consciousness of this planet, so all can live as One throughout a global renaissance of spiritual expansion that is closer to actualization than you might think.

As always, nothing dwelling within you acts as the cause of why the world acts the way it acts. Instead, you are witnessing injustice and atrocities like spiritual flashcards, where the very mixture of feelings that emanate as a result of what you see reveals the next aspect in line to be nurtured, consoled, and loved as a heart-centered journey of eternal salvation.

May every act of violence inspire you be more kind to yourself and others. May each word you speak be a seed of compassion planted in every heart, instead of bullets of judgment you’ve locked, loaded, and are ready to fire under any given circumstance.

Physical violence and emotional cruelty are manifestations of negative energy. The purpose isn’t to turn the darkness into light, but to invite each shadow to remember its true self as the supreme light of all by offering it the loving support it has never received. By loving the pain, sadness, hurt, fear, and anger within you, by no means does it cause you to attract more of the same.

Instead, we only attract more negativity when it is judged by its appearance or behavior, instead of being rehabilitated in the arms of love.

Elephants touching each other gently (greeting) - Addo ElephantThis also doesn’t mean that you should stay in toxic relationships, aggressive living situations, or unfair work environments as a way of transmuting the shadows in those around you. Instead, the objective is to always place yourself wherever you can be best respected and honored for your talents.

From this space of greater safety, life becomes an open-ended opportunity to embrace each aspect of your innocence, no matter what series of events life puts together just to show you what is next in line to be loved instead of judged. Even if there are judgments active within you, perhaps it is merely a more clever invitation to embrace the one who judges, instead of withholding love until the judgments subside.

When we become the ones who change how we treat and relate to the shadow, instead of withholding love until the shadow changes first, an internal shift occurs to melt each aspect of self-sabotage and inner conflict when love is your guide. Whether your world seems to be awakening at an accelerated rate or at a snail’s pace, this moment invites you to repeat out loud the following insight of acceptance:

“I accept that I am only seeing the exact version of the world that is needed to be seen, in order to bring my attention to the aspects of self who deserve to be loved. One moment at a time, may I respond to each atrocity with actions of the opposite vibration throughout my life.”

If you, or someone you know is a victim of theft, what if you responded to that energy with a moment of generosity, whether direct or anonymous? When violence seems to have no regard for the innocence of others, why not respond to that energy by being even more kind and gentle to yourself and others?

When world leaders seem to ignore what’s really important, what if you responded to that energy by taking a deeper look at your life to discover the important issues you may be avoiding and implementing greater conscious action than the political characters in view?

For some, it is hard to believe how decluttering your home or finally having a long-awaited conversation of honesty with someone you know has anything to do with resolving the global issues at hand. And yet, when understanding life from an energetic perspective, we recognize the most direct way to shift a collective reality is by raising the vibration of choices made on a personal level.

As 2016 honors a year of inspired action, it opens up a brand new portal of infinite possibility. With the opening of this new portal, your most powerful choices that invite peace, harmony, health, balance, and well-being into your life can finally manifest tangible results in your outside world.

For quite some time, powerful changes seemed limited to adjusting the way you see things, or briefly shifting how things feel on an emotional level. With the emergence of 2016, your most incredible choices are capable of bringing to life your most fulfilling reality – once and for all.

Whether you are coming out of a deep phase of integration, are already experiencing a year of inspired action long before 2016 arrived, or find yourself completely disassembled and unaware of the first step to make, each moment acts as an opportunity to return to love – no matter how you feel. Even when you are sick and tired of loving yourself, why not embrace the one who is exhausted?

If you are one who has lost all hope and plagued by insurmountable despair, please watch our YouTube video, “Life’s Eternal Liberator” for further energetic support during this critical stage of awakening. That video in particular will assist you in opening up to love in a pure way when and if the words “I love you” were ever associated with those who said loving words, but then acted in a hurtful or abusive manner.

Also, for a step-by-step guide to opening your heart and discovering the safety that allows your brightest light to shine, my book, “Whatever Arises Love That” was written as an energetically charged owner’s manual for life in the new spiritual paradigm.

May these words inspire you to make one bold new choice on a daily basis, as a way of unraveling blockages of stagnation with newly-circulated energy. One bold new choice at a time, whether inspired by negativity that motivates you to respond with greater conscious choices in your personal life, or merely treating this incarnation as a canvas where your greatest work of art is created through a series of courageous decisions, I honor you as a beacon of eternal light and a unique catalyst of heart-centered consciousness.

On behalf of the Universe, now is the time to shine. The portal is now open for those who no longer wait for the world or others to change, but remember that life can now evolve at the rate in which you are willing to choose differently for yourself. The world exists within you.

What you change in your personal life creates a different world over a period of time. This doesn’t mean the actions of the world or individuals you know are due to something out of balance within you. Instead, a world only seems to be the way it is, as a way of inspiring greater conscious action throughout the life of the witness, which in turn, sends out waves of healing energy to transform everything in sight.

You are not the cause of anything you see. You are the conscious solution dwelling in every heart. Rather than look to the global problems you yearn to resolve, I invite you to first return your attention to the worldly affairs of your personal life and dare to make the powerful decisions that bring forth the light for the well-being of all.

As a year of inspired action arrives, 2016 asks you to consider the following question as often as possible: “What am I willing to do differently in order to make today unlike yesterday?”

One new bold choice at a time, including loving the one who is afraid of change or feels unsupported by the Universe, you are delivered across the threshold of victimhood and into the radiance of your long-awaited paradise.

Our time has come, together as One, and in a world of endless questions – love is the only answer.

Many blessings to all,
Matt Kahn


Matt Kahn: Energy Update January 2016 – A Year of Inspired Action, January 4, 2016,

Lee Harris – October 2015 Energy Forecast – 10-3-15

(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s spoken video message.)

Hello and welcome to the Energy Forecast for October 2015.

Before we get started, let’s just take a few breaths together.

(Lee breathes deeply in and out)



Transformation at the speed of light: This is very much where we find ourselves right now, as individuals and as a collective.

One of the ongoing themes for you this month will be noticing how many things you are going through in one day, one week, one month. This can lead many of you, particularly after the intensity of this past summer, to an October that’s going to require you to take a little more space, a little more stillness.

You might want to sleep and rest more than you usually do. Some of you might find that your high-intensity exercise or physical routines need to just come down a notch or two—so that you can actually learn to balance everything that is pulsing through your system without necessarily stirring the pot some more.

The electrical energy field of the planet is continually changing and advancing, which means that sensitivity gets higher. Those of you who are going through deep awakenings are noticing sudden sensitivity shifts. You suddenly become a lot more open. You suddenly feel and sense things a great deal more. More and more, this is happening for everybody across the planet.

Now, these shifts don’t always look very, what you might call, spiritual. But then I would argue that spirituality and spiritual people don’t always look very spiritual either, especially if we try to label them as highly enlightened, ever-peaceful, or ever-loving—because we are human. And as humanity, we are all evolving and going through our stuff in our growth here on Earth.


With these lightning speed transformations that are raising the sensitivity, some of you will notice that you need to be a lot more quiet (in addition to needing more rest and sleep) because the volume level of everything around you is a lot higher.

Some of you will notice that you just need to keep calming things down while you get used to how fast everything is going.


Regarding the people who I just mentioned—those who don’t look very spiritual—remember that there is an intensity of conflict and release energy going on for lots of people on the planet.

If you’re becoming more sensitive, what’s happening is you’re pulsing much more pure energy through your system—and that pure energy is affecting you at the levels of mind and emotions.

This is why people are acting out a little more in the everyday of humanity. They are more easily triggered, more easily irritated, more easily accusatory, more easily emotional.

So issues may arise with certain people in your life where you need to set loving, firm boundaries. There is no need for you to be on the receiving end of repetitive and abusive behavior from another person.


In general, if you can, try and remember to stay in your heart as much as possible. It will make it easier to not get so tangled up in some of the dramas or the conflicts that you’re invited to.

And if you can’t be in your heart right now, know that you’re not doing it wrong. It’s a total practice for all of us because it’s not how we have been trained. We’ve been trained to be very opinion-based, mentally focused people.

And those of you who came in wired to be highly sensitive and have found your way through your healing path—you are now in a place where you’re ready to practice more vulnerable, open, and honest communication—these are wonderful, highly supportive times for all of that.


But don’t be surprised if, from the left or the right, something comes in from your past that you find yourself playing out with someone in the present.

This is an accelerated time, and it’s a very multidimensional time. It’s a time to discover that when we agree to open in a multidimensional way, and when we are being pushed by the universal energy and life force to do that, it’s going to be chaotic at times. Therefore, one of the greatest things you can remind yourself of is that there is no getting it right.

So, if any of you out there believe that you have to get it right in your yoga practice, you have to get it right with your mother-in-law, you have to get it right with that person down the road who needs your help—try and let go of this concept of right. It’s all perspective.

You don’t need to be thinking about what’s right and wrong when you’re able to live in your heart more often … because the heart always wants to give where giving can be received and where the human body has the energy to support that giving.


This is why those of you who are over-givers might be a little freaked out right now. You may not be wanting to give to everybody all the time. But that’s fantastic! That is exactly where you need to be for a period of time.

But don’t worry. This too shall pass. You can go back to over-giving as much as you want in the future, but you’ll be doing it with a clearer sense of what you need to sustain yourself when giving … and with the discernment to choose where you can carefully give your energy and see it multiplied.


When you open up to being your more multidimensional self, going back to a linear way of being can be quite boring. It might feel a little dulled down to try and have a more linear conversation again or, especially, to have a more linear life where you’re focusing on one thing at a time.

So those of you who are opening multidimensionality and perhaps examining certain aspects of yourself—for example, over-giving—recognize that our wounds AND strengths are coming up in equal measure at the moment.

So you might be learning how to say,

“Wow, I can really give at a high-capacity, and I’m going to value and honor that. At the same time, I recognize that because I haven’t always valued my ability to give, or even seen that in myself, right now I’m dealing with the wound of over-giving. It’s showing up with this friend who is yanking my chain because I’m not giving them as much as I used to. And that hurts and wounds me. They say, “Hey! Why aren’t you doing what you used to do? You’re not a very nice person.”

If, when any of those kinds of words come at you, you feel something in your body (if it feels like a hit to your body), try to not make it about the other person. Try instead to ask yourself, “Huh, what tender point did they touch in me?”

Inquiring about and noticing your own inner reactions will very quickly bring you back to the present. That is because these reactions are very past. They can be from this lifetime or they can be generational woundings that have been carried through your family line. But, in any case, it’s all leaving and moving out now at a rapid speed.

The linear mind used to be able to track everything. It used to have plenty of time to reflect, digest, and go, “Three months ago I had this great breakthrough and I’m still riding on it.” Now it’s like three hours have gone by and you’ve forgotten about it—because you haven’t got time to track everything. And that’s okay.

The more you get into your heart, the less you need to track everything.


To come full circle, remember…

  • Practice being in the heart.
  • There is no mental right or wrong in human conflict disagreements – there are perspectives.
  • You may find yourself going through transformational relationship issues with other people—which might be key for helping you to change things from the past or change how you feel about yourself in the now.

Certain people may help mirror new parts of you—parts that previously you weren’t able to bring forward or celebrate.

Coupled with all of that, there will also be these extraordinary new energies coming through you that you won’t have a roadmap for—because they are new. You’re the child learning to walk again. And as that happens it is a little chaotic, it is a little messy sometimes, and that’s okay – you’re new!


In your newness, this is a great opportunity for those of you who have an idea that you have to be a certain way all the time to let that go. Because if you stay in bondage to that idea, you help to keep others in bondage to limiting ideas of who they are. In other words, they stay bound to who they are because you won’t let go of who you are—even when you’re feeling the impulse to make changes in how you communicate, how you show up, and in what you do.


So, I may have confused you slightly because at the very beginning of this I talked about becoming slower and more still. But I’m also talking about acceleration and speed and all the details going on inside and around you.

What I’m trying to address in this video are the multidimensional layers of everything that are impacting and surrounding us at the moment. So if you feel like you’re going a bit crazy, you can see, “Oh, I’m not going crazy. This is just how fast everything is going. This is just how much I’m feeling everything. This is just how sensitive I am.”


Remember you can always shut the door. You can shut the door by finding a room or space in your environment where it’s just you for a moment. And if you’re struggling with that because you don’t get those kinds of opportunities, here’s a way to shut the door.

(Lee breathes deeply and closes his eyes)

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply.

As I told people at a seminar a few years ago, this was one of my tricks when I was still learning my boundaries and needed some tricks to help me when I was among people and felt over-stimulated.

I would go to the bathroom—or the toilet, as we like to call it in England—and it wasn’t that I needed the facilities. It was more that in that moment I got to remove myself from the group and go by myself to a place where I’m supposed to be by myself. I would do a self-check:

“How am I right now? Where am I? Oh, I’m over-stimulated. Or my blood sugar feels low. Or that angry man is beginning to bother me, and I think I need to just have a break from him for a while.”

Do these regular checks of yourself more than ever at the moment. So whether you’re on the train, in a work meeting, out with friends and family, or anywhere else, just take a breath and check inside:

“How’s my inner world? Oh, it’s chaotic. Okay, so I shouldn’t take more stimulation right now. I should bring it down.”

Ironically, we’re in a world that offers us more external stimulation than ever before. But I think that’s perfect, because those external stimulators show us how the energy of everything has changed here on this planet. And it can also direct us back to stillness and to the beauties of nature…


I’m filming this month beneath this amazing tree here in Saint Helena … powerful land in California. The reason I wanted us to be under here together is because this tree really activated me when I first saw it. The ancient, magic energy it holds feels to me very much like what is moving through our planet right now – ancient, magic energy.

I realize that it doesn’t always look that way when you notice things you don’t like about the modern world. But if you can, try to remember the ancient, magic energy that we are all connected to, the energy that is now renewing in all of us and finding new circuits in our bodies.

The way to remember it if you’re stuck and stressed is to close your eyes and just for some minutes, breathe deeply. Use deep breathing as a little tool this month, and see how it goes for you.

Until next month, everybody, lots of love. Take really good care of yourselves in these lightning times … and see you soon.




For more from Lee, visit

“October 2015 Energy Forecast,” by Lee Harris, October 1, 2015, at

Source Link: Lee Harris Energy

MATT KAHN – Energy Update September 2015 – Entering the 5th Dimension – 9-27-15

Matt Kahn*
MATT KAHN   –   Energy Update September 2015   –   Entering the 5th Dimension   –   9-27-15

As we enter 5D consciousness, we have reached a new horizon of possibility, where all previous reference points cannot assist us in dissecting reality into separate categories of polarity.

Instead of feeling sad while hoping to be happy, or even feeling happy, while hoping to avoid any further sadness, we are neither sad nor happy. In the absence of sensing a high or noticing a low, we have returned to zero point, but without a defining sign of arrival.

Perhaps for you, your entry point has left you without a sense of who you are, including the melting away of each spiritual identity or attribute that your ego spent so much time striving to embody or desperately capture. Maybe there is no sense of where you are in time and space, which can cause you to imagine how you are somewhere far behind wherever you’ve been anticipating to go.

As your experience of emptiness acts as a definitive sign that you have exited 3D reality and entered the doorway of unity consciousness, while it may seem underwhelming to some, it is a crucial stage of spiritual growth to help ground you into alignment with your highest spiritual maturity. Instead of fearing being left out or left behind some sort of window of opportunity, it is important to know the true gift that such a shift in consciousness provides.

12036700_584840608314281_4034318039514433015_nWhile many have spent the last 7 years being turned upside down, shaken to your core, and unraveled, the emptying process occurs to clear out your energy field, so you may enter this brand-new frontier of experience completely empty of any previous assumption, belief, or conclusion. It’s as if the Universe is making sure you cannot obscure your view of what is and will continue to unfold. The emptying out, in and of itself, reveals a fiercely compassionate Universe.

It’s an omnipresent reality that will do whatever is required to empty your vessel, ensuring that you will not miss a moment of miraculous grace by having the ammunition to misperceive what will be seen as the most miraculous time in human history.

If you are sitting back with your arms folded, waiting for a cosmic lightshow to prove itself to you, you might find yourself in a stand-off with time, battling the grace of existence with arrows of frustration, confusion, and expectation. For any being inhabiting a body, this particular lifetime is an open-ended opportunity to release the chains of victimhood and not just experience the perfection of life’s Divine plan, but to live out each moment of ascension with the joy, faith, and enthusiasm that so many are reserving to express, once something impressive happens.

While many understand the term “reincarnation” to indicate the journey of a soul through various bodies of incarnation, I’d like to provide another term to help you remember the significance of why we are here during a time of planetary expansion. A few years ago, the Universe taught me a word called “meta-incarnation.” It refers to the quantum understanding that not only have we incarnated many times before, but to also acknowledge how this isn’t the first time each of us have lived out this exact lifetime, as the characters we view ourselves to be.

It’s as if the ascension lifetime is one of the soul’s favorite movies in its cosmic Netflix account. When souls watch movies of lifetimes, they go along for the journey of a main character by incarnating into their world of evolution.

The more times a soul lives out a particular incarnation, the faster they wake up within it. The objective is to be as liberated, boundless, infinite, and immortal as the soul experiences itself within the domain of heaven, while incarnated in form. The deeper a soul wakes up in form, the more the world in view transforms into higher frequencies of light. This may shed greater perspective on why some are so adamant on not wanting to come back.

It is a deep-rooted declaration emanating from the soul, indicating that it has learned and grown from this meta-incarnation, to the point of being ready to move onto greater adventures.

And yet, for those who feel quite done with this ever-looping scenario, I invite you to release yourself from the grip of self-imposed beliefs and declare the absolute Truth of your immortal existence, so you may complete this lifetime as the highest self you’ve always been.

To open up the floodgates to your highest experience throughout a lifetime you’ve successfully completed so many times before, please repeat the following words:

“No matter how I think, feel, act, or perceive reality, I hereby accept that I am the ultimate reality dwelling in the hearts of all that is. I am the light through which all things come to be, as well as the aliveness of being that is already so liberated. I am choosing to experience life as this character, only for the purposes of awakening to transform reality for the well-being of all.

“I no longer wait for anything within or throughout my experience to change, in order to confirm the eternal truth that I AM, I have always been, and shall always be. Despite how I think, feel, or act, I am the immortal reality within it.

“While this body provides me an experience of being the main character within the movie of incarnation, I hereby declare the Truth of my infinite nature and command my reality to confirm this Truth to me now. I am healthy. I am happy. I am abundant. I am free. I am the light. The light I am. May all beings be uplifted, healed, and reborn by the power of my immaculate declaration. And so it is.”

I invite you to take a moment and feel the power within these words. In doing so, you enter the revolutionary part of the love revolution by no longer holding yourself hostage, while waiting for life to rescue you. Instead, you declare the absolute Truth of who you are, as the ultimate reality of all that is, and free yourself through the infinite power of your spoken word.

When I was given the date 9-27-15, it was for the purposes of assigning a marker in time, where the purging and purifying that so many have endured would transition into a period of integration. As this date was given, it was mixed into the other interpretations of ascension to become something else to project anticipate, doubt, hope, and assumptions upon. Soon, many began to wonder if this was the date they’d be leaving the planet, or if it was a confirmation of something catastrophic.

Others used it as opportunities to cast doubt and skepticism, when so many widely-anticipated dates in history have left many scratching their heads instead of opening their hearts.

The truth is, both sides are actually right to a certain degree.

Is there a spiritual significance to this time in history?

Yes. It is a time when awakening individuals hold space for a spiritual evolution unfolding on a global level.

Will something powerful happen on 9-27-15?

Yes. The expansive energies of 5D consciousness that have already entered the atmosphere of the collective consciousness reaches a point of crescendo on 9-27-15 and integrates into the Earth the following day on 9-28-15.

Is 9-27-15 the moment of Ascension?

Ascension is not one moment in time, but a period of spiritual renaissance, where beings that have evolved in consciousness are catapulted into new horizons of experience.

Will all my symptoms and problems instantly dissolve on that day?

As always, life only takes shape and form to provide you with experiences to ensure the evolution of your soul, as you continue to complete this lifetime, but from a higher timeline of perception than any other time of meta-incarnation.

If wishing to accelerate the storyline of incarnation, it is a matter of releasing attachment to outcome and daring to be more loving toward yourself and others. In essence, your evolution accelerates when it no longer matters what happens to you, but only how rooted in your heart you happen to be.

For those who yearn to be rooted in their heart, but fail to act as loving, joyful, and kind as they wish to be, the willingness to relax your body and offer greater emotional support to your less desirable qualities and characteristics releases deep-rooted judgments to allow all aspects of shadow to be as worthy of receiving your light as your most admirable qualities and characteristics.

What can I expect in 5D consciousness?

By its very nature, your entry point into 5D reality is void of any idea, belief, or expectation collected or developed along the way. When in 3D reality, making your way through the 4th dimension and toward the 5th, there are many signs and symptoms you are taught as a way of ensuring you are making your way.

Because 3D and 4D consciousness are rooted in personal will instead of Universal will, faith is given to the expectation of outcome, if without an awareness of the silent eternal force within you that guides your every move and ensures the completion of a journey you have already lived out many times before. This is also why intuition exists. It is the remembrance of what you’ve already played out so many other times that allows an inner knowing to guide you into making decisions contrary to however you lived this lifetime out before.

It’s as if your higher intelligence remembers the decisions you’ve made in the past and encourages you to select more powerful and courageous options, so this adventure of incarnation can be as fresh, unique, and exciting as you’ve intended it to be.

As you evolve in consciousness, your inner knowing replaces a tendency to cling to expectations as an imaginary form of security. In the absence of using any sort of future pending promise to ensure your safety, an awakened being finds safety in being completely open to the equality of all possibilities.

To an awakened being – the notion of “Will I be okay?” isn’t a question or a concern. It’s just an innocent thought passing through the beauty of time and space like the uniqueness of a snowflake drifting through the air.

For those who wish to reclaim their power from the mirage of expectation, and no longer fall victim to the dissatisfying allure of outcomes, it is essential to be as open and empty as possible. This doesn’t mean to get rid of anything or try to hold your body and mind in any particular position.

Instead, it is merely an invitation to breathe in and out as thought, feeling, interactions, and circumstances come to be. When and if the simplicity of this way of being seems overwhelming, it is merely an opportunity to offer greater loving support to your innocence, as you adjust to being empty throughout a world of seemingly endless hunger and desires for gain.

A mantra that can assist you in making peace with the emptying out process of entering 5D consciousness is simple but effective:

“When in doubt – go without.”

No matter how often your ego seems to freak out by not having a passion to pursue, a direction to forge, a battle to win, or an obstacle to overcome, you can best serve the evolution of your consciousness by making your inner and outer realities as simple as possible. This is a time to listen deeply, move softly, speak with gentleness, while greeting each moment as a precious gift of divinity, no matter how hardened, callous, sarcastic, or insensitive anyone seems to be.

In celebration of entering 5D as empty as possible, your external reality is no longer an indication of your evolving consciousness. If anything, the way in which characters behave reflect a way of being that you have outgrown, as you forge a path in an exciting new direction that you cannot fathom, anticipate, avoid, or deny. As you enter 5D consciousness more open, vulnerable, and empty than ever before, you release judgments that resting in nothing means you are deficient or left out in some way.

Soon, you may see that resting as nothing or no one in particular, not even settling for spiritual identities such as “witness” or “self”, allows you to make peace with the spacious aliveness of your infinite eternal being. As you become comfortable and at ease with your natural state of emptiness, which may in the beginning feel flat, desolate, hopeless, and depressing, the faster you advance into stages where joy, passion, synchronicity, abundance, wellness, love, and fulfillment return to your life.

The more heart-centered support and authentic encouragement you offer yourself as emptying out occurs, whether you feel the love or not, invites you through the doorway of unity consciousness to discover a new frontier of reality, while rooted in the most optimal perspective of spiritual maturity.

As 9-27-15 dawns, I invite you to welcome the dawning of 5D consciousness with the peace, simplicity, emptiness, and ease of each passing breath.

May the disappointments of unfulfilled expectations awaken the brightness of your being, where once and for all, you can rejoice in the ecstasy of breathing — with everything to welcome, and nothing to avoid. From one moment to the next, you will always know exactly what needs to be known, but only when it needs to be known. Not sooner, never later, but always at the perfect moment in time.

We’ve already played out the ascension timeline so many times before, and yet, the one thing we have never done is rejoice and celebrate our eternal victory before the final act unfolds. Knowing this, may we explore the adventure of ascension as never before, and allow each step forward to be taken with a heart blown wide open to fate of life’s highest possibility.

It’s already meant to unfold in grand perfection. The question is, are you going to hold your breath and wait, or will you join the cosmic party already in progress.

While a 7-year cycle of healing crisis and tumultuous spiritual growth comes to an end, it ushers in a new paradigm of heart-centered consciousness for those who incarnated to play at full capacity.

Since you are reading these words, it confirms that you are among the courageous and faithful souls who are leading humanity into the unknown only to discover the light of one dancing as the uniqueness of every heart.

As always, it is an honor to serve the evolution of your journey, as we continue our adventure into the most exciting chapters of spiritual evolution. I rejoice in the brightness of your being that now more than ever before has the power to transform all who enter the light of your eternal presence.

Congratulations radiant One. Welcome Home.

Matt Kahn

KRYON – ENERGY UPDATE FOR OUR PLANET – Channeler Lee Carroll – 7-29-15

Melania Anghel


KRYON’s message through Lee Carroll “Energy Update” during the seminar held in Chicago, Illinois, dated Saturday July 25, 2015.Meditation: Dr. Amber Wolf. Music: Bob Macko.

Georgi Stankov – Short Energy Update – 7-27-15

ascension quest

Georgi Stankov


First the good news. The ascension plan has been set in motion and the schedule is still the same as already announced by myself. There is a huge probability potential for us to ascend this summer or at the latest in early fall. From my point of view and personal experience, the events preparing the ground for our ascension have in fact accelerated. As there is a lot of confusion these days among the light workers and those who have just discovered the ascension scenario as a topic, it is very important to preserve a clear view and stay the course without being unsettled by conflicting ideas or fear-based announcements of half-awakened pseudo-prophets who now creep out of all holes on the Internet.

We were vehemently urged on July 2nd by our HS to resolve all our family and home issues that are still keeping us in this reality very quickly as to have a chance for a breakthrough of the Universal Law in late August. In fact we got that there is a deadline for us this month and that the matter is very urgent. As some of the issues we had to deal with were very complex and time-consuming, it seemed unrealistic to us how we could possibly resolve them within such a short period of time.

But in the last three weeks we have been carried on angels’ wings and heaven opened for us to smoothen all obstacles on our way. We were able to accomplish all our tasks in due time. In particular, this last week was very busy for us, shedding off 3D human ballast and obligations that have amassed for decades. Although there are still some outstanding issues, we have been able to sever all umbilical cords to this reality and pertaining persons and are now ready for the ascension.

The speed of resolution was immense and breath-taking, even for me who is used to such rapid U-turns. We are in the cosmic flow all the time and everywhere we encounter amazing openings as if the people around us and the whole reality are being manipulated in our favour by an invisible hand. This is not a metaphor, but an evidence as to how powerful creator gods we have become in the last few days. Incredible synchronicities and serendipities abound everywhere and all this based on heightened intuition and numerous deja vus that serve us as milestones for a sure navigation and how to circumvent the still existing pockets of 3D densities that may eventually hamper our undertakings.

All this was accompanied by dramatic ID shifts to higher frequency levels, especially in the dream state where we, the PAT, are very busy preparing our final ascensions. Some PAT members have reported strikingly similar dreams dealing with this final preparation. None of this has any correlate in the outer world except for the accelerated mental and emotional breakdown of many people under these extremely powerful and transforming source energies and that this fact can no longer be hidden.

That being said, we are now more confident than ever that we are rapidly approaching our A-Day and the breakthrough of the Universal Law in Geneva. We have now fully decoupled from all the other events on the ground that now fade away like fata morgana (mirages) in the desert. This reality does seem to resemble more and more a dreary desert, where human shadows seem to wander aimlessly and unconsciously in this meaningless social landscape. In seek of what? – Nobody really knows.

Yesterday and last night constituted another massive ID shift as presented very lucidly by Daniël in his post to me today. His daily and dream experiences fully coalesce with ours:

“Dear George,

Last night’s dreams were full of action indicating huge ID shifts. The most powerful dreams of this kind I’ve had in a while. I was on a mountain, quite high up as there was snow – but also types of vegetation and conditions that normally would not occur on this altitude. Then there were all kinds of powerful explosions in many colors and the various source flames flooded the area. Some other people there showed a slightly shocked, but very calm reaction and considered going down, but I radiated the powerful idea that there is nothing to worry about.

Still in the dream, someone I’ve met some months ago, a 4d/5d candidate showed me a book. He was kind of using it for guidance and wisdoms. When I saw it this book was a book of collective PAT writings. The first page he opened I saw my energy in it, as if I (co)authored this part. (In the afternoon after waking up a similar thing happened: I was looking through some pdf files and opened one which contains the collected PAT achieves, and the first thing I saw in the contents was one of my essays)

Then I was in a room (?) and there were many crystals all around in many colors carrying the energy of the sacred flames. We discuss some way to “mine” more of them.

On the topic of Geneva, I was possibly going to travel to there about a month ago (before you started mentioning it as the place to introduce the universal law). However circumstances and plans changed. Now there is again a chance I’m going there in the near future. This is obviously not a coincidence, but I will see how it turns out.

I hope you and Carla are surviving the latest energies. I am at the beach these days and we experience some very powerful waves..

Love & Light


Before I finish with this report, let me observe that we have fully entered the new era of miracles. PAT members already report about amazing breakthroughs for the better in their personal lives – openings for which they have been waiting for years in vain and under much hardship and personal deprivations. We have every reason to be very optimistic, in the full knowledge that we are creating our reality and shaping our destiny in each and every moment to our highest expectations and that we are fully supported in their manifestation by mighty angelic energies all the time. Hence make the best use of it.

MATT KAHN – Energy Update – June 2015

Matt Kahn   –   Energy Update  –  June 2015

Whether you were bamboozled by the Mercury in retrograde that we just successfully completed, or made it through virtually unaffected, the past few weeks have brought forth a rather interesting array of energies. As these energies came into Earth’s atmosphere, they assisted in loosening the cellular structure of the old paradigm that is being purged out of the human energy field. You can think of the past few weeks as a “cosmic shakedown,” where anything lingering from the old paradigm was loosened out of its fixed cellular position, so it may be released to create space for the emerging 5D light body. While you will still appear physical in form, the emerging 5D light body shifts the orientation of your experience into a much calmer, vast, synchronistic, and intuitively-aligned perspective. In simple terms, as the 5D light body awakens, you transition from being a person attempting to hold light within your field, or in search of oneness with the light, to being the light within the body that experiences each thought, feeling, interaction, outcome, and encounter as I AM.

As the loosened cellular imprinting of the old paradigm is released out of your field by the Universe, the activation of your 5D light body unfolds. Since you have spent more time in a dense physical form than aware of the subtle higher vibrational 5th dimensional energies, it is common for you at this time, to be more aware of the old imprints dissolving than of the 5D light body that is emerging. One common symptom of the dissolving old paradigm cellular structure is joint pain. Whether you feel inflamed, less flexible than usual, or even unjustifiably sore, it is more than likely that you are becoming aware of the unraveling of the old, as the new comes forward. This can also include lightning bolts of energy coursing throughout your body, or abrupt electrical shocks felt within your field.

While I stated at the beginning of the year that we have ventured beyond the point of needing to continuously clear and purge as a means of maintaining alignment with the Universe, it does not take away from the fact that everything you’ve been clearing up to this point must be given the space to move out and return back to Source. This essentially means while so many have been clearing and purging on an energetic level, there hasn’t been an appropriate amount of time and space given to allow what you’ve energetically cleared – to move out of the cells of your physical form. When energetic healing occurs, an imprint is released out of the etheric body, which exists on the soul level. From this space, the etheric body must converse with the physical body to determine how much time will be required in incubation, in order for the transformation to trickle down from the ethers of the soul and into the tangible form of physical reality.

What I am referring to as incubation is an extended period of rest and renewal. When you are immersed in incubation, you might feel exhausted, depressed, void of inspiration, or without the drive to be a part of life. While it might be easy to think that something is wrong, it is merely the Universe channeling all of your life force energy to usher your healing into completion. While many seek healing modalities to resolve these experiences, they are unaware of how essential these periods of incubation are, just as embryos need time in the womb in order to grow.

If a moment of energetic healing is like a surgical procedure, then the essential stage of incubation is the crucial period of recovery that is necessary afterwards. Using this analogy, so many diligent lightworkers, often afraid of being left behind or left out of the Ascension, worked diligently to cleanse and clear their fields, like patients who have been living on a surgical table for years on end. Of course, each of us has and always will be a vital element in Earth’s Ascension, which requires your cooperation and assistance in the most relaxed, faithful, and heart-centered manner. As I was asked by the Galactic Council to announce the end of needing to cleanse, clear, and purify, it was done to invite every lightworker out of endless rounds of etheric surgery, so the body could begin to incubate, recalibrate, and receive all the healing that has taken place.

As the maturity of our highest truth dawns within, it becomes profoundly clear that it’s one thing to ping-pong from one healing modality to the next, but a much deeper journey unfolds when you give yourself the time and space to adjust and welcome in the healing you’ve already received.

Another symptom to notice is an internal shaking, which can be interpreted as anxiety, fear, loneliness, or even projected outward as expressions of anger, judgment, agitation, and frustration. This inner shaking is the recalibration of your nervous system. When the nervous system is recalibrated, your energy field is adjusting to life in the absence of the cellular memories you had carried in your body for so long. When your nervous system is being recalibrated, the best strategy is to just sit still and slow your breath whenever the shaking becomes too daunting or irritating.

You can also repeat the mantra: “I acknowledge this recalibration as a gift and receive it here as I AM now.” This mantra can be repeated throughout the day, or used as a meditation when the nervous system requires more grounding.

As periods of incubation bring forth the integration and recalibration you require for your journey ahead, it is common to sense a wellspring of impatience. As lightworkers and starseeds alike are being rooted deeper into present moment reality in preparation for light body activation, it is natural to want to fast track your healing and desire any possible way to move things along. As is always the case, the best way to accelerate the storyline of your journey is by daring to slow down. At this stage, you can consciously choose to slow down and honor the healing underway, or force life to slow you down through the circumstances and outcomes that arise.

During this period, you might find yourself at odds with time. Perhaps your healing requires more incubation time of rest and renewal than you are willing to offer yourself. Maybe you find yourself confused by your inability to know what to do with your life or where to go next. There can even be an urgent sense of there being something else to do or somewhere else to be without an instinct of how to take the next step. Each of these examples acts as signs of incubation in progress, where the impatient ego structure continues to unravel, as your nervous system is recalibrated. As this process unfolds, the healing that has already occurred on a soul level trickles into tangible physical form.

The best approach at this time is to relax as often as possible, especially throughout the course of your daily activities. Since relaxation acts as a sign of spiritual alignment, the Universe asks you to slow down and be as relaxed, intentional, open-minded, and easy-going as possible, so you may accelerate the integration process and fully receive all that has already been given.

For many, the unraveling of the old cellular structure and recalibrating of the nervous system may continue to occur until enough space can be created for the 5D light body to be felt within your field. While some have already completed such critical stages of incubation and are already experiencing the flowering of their newly-activated light body, it is essential to maintain the utmost compassion towards yourself by not comparing your experiences with the journey of others.

While this stage of incubation may seem to linger longer than you desire it to be, there are other stages that you have completed with ease that may have been difficult for others to process. In essence, we each take turns reflecting the breakdowns and breakthroughs of transmutation, as the one eternal light experiences its emergence in every combination of possibility.

Another sign of an unraveling cellular structure and recalibrating nervous system is loss. Whether you’ve experienced the loss of romantic partnerships, friendships, sudden career changes, or shifts in your living environment, it is important to think of loss not as a form of rejection or deficiency, but as a parting of ways between you and the old paradigm.

The relationships or circumstances that may dissolve throughout this stage represent the releasing of karmic ties to the vibration you embodied when the circumstance or relationship began. Through the eyes of the Universe, the ending of a relationship doesn’t have to symbolize you being rejected, but can be seen as a graduation out of an outdated level of consciousness that such relationships helped you outgrow. If possible, allow yourself to focus on the greater possibilities your life is creating, instead of mourning the losses that you haven’t yet remembered how to live without. Even if it seems impossible to remember a greater spiritual perspective, it could only be another opportunity to embrace the one who mourns loss – with greater peace, patience, love, and support.

Whether you are experiencing a lack of inspired direction, feel done with your current reality but without the passion or clarity to take the next step, overwhelmed by the pain, frustration, loneliness, and confusion that arises during critical stages of energetic incubation, confronted by the losses that represent the dissolving of outdated levels of consciousness, or even starting to feel better than you’ve felt in quite some time, I offer these words of confirmation to reveal the success of a journey that each of us is equally a part of bringing to life.

On behalf of the Galactic Council, I applaud all the inner work you’ve already completed, and remind you to make time and space for it to integrate, so the fruits of your labor can take tangible form throughout the spiritual garden of your eternal paradise.

In my next energy update, I will speak more extensively on how an activated light body can change your experience of reality, including how it can be used to participate in the world without getting tossed around by the energies others may still be releasing and processing. Through the grace of an activated light body, may you surrender all energetic shields and courageously step forward as a fully integrated expression of spirit in action.

In the meantime, may you savor your experiences as exquisite gifts of divinity, trusting in the grace of the cosmic plan, while loving yourself and others more and more every step of the way.

May all be healed, awakened, and transformed by the light of your highest potential. May all be blessed by the love that you are.

Matt KahnTrue Divine Nature.

Lisa Transcendance Brown – Energy Update – LightBody, Ascension Upgrades, Ascension Portals, Activation – 4-14-15

Lisa Transcendence Brown

This is a little of what is going on lately. Sharing for those who have been asking for this. I love you! ~~~

It has been a very intense month for many, this last week full of physical body upgrades as all bodies merge in light. Physical ascension has hit many hard, pineal gland “explosions”, hearts busting/cracking open to obliterate old heart walls that were in place, multi-dimensional embodiment of higher-self aspects for more, Souls ascending from the physical plane as a portal opened up repeatedly for this the last few days. 3 Days of separation for many, 3 days of bliss/integration as a higher-self aspect here… Today has been the release of HUGE attachment energy, obsessive energy, along with adjustments to one’s internal gridwork as upgrades to crystalline continue for all. The gut/rib cages/internal structures being adjusted…. we are continuing massive upgrades…. More abundance for all embracing their Ascension journey here… More “necessary” experiences to shown one where they are out of alignment and what is important now… More having to choice, no longer able to avoid… Collapsing timelines and jumping Quantum Style HUGE in every moment with every release of old programs…. Today I observed the energy of “War of Heaven & Hell” surfaces for integration within… WE are the Crystal Grid Keepers and Light Anchors that hold the NEW Earth Grids in place… WE transmute for all with ease when we do all with intention as love and one again. ♥

I speak about whatever is going on with Multi-Dimensional Consciousness, LightBody Upgrades, Light Activations, Awakening, Ascension, Integration, Light, Consciousness, Opening Hearts, Letting Go of OLD Earth Programming, Crystalline DNA, Star BEing Evolution, Quantum Jumping/Leaping/Existence, The Unified Field, The Quantum Field, Everything NEW Earth NOW! All things Sacred, it is an honor to be a part of your journey here!


Lisa Transcendence Brown
Ancient, Ascended Master, NEW Earth Light Anchor, Programmer, Transmitter, and Guide, Multi-Dimensional Consciousness/Mastery
Author of Awakening To Remembering & Navigating Dimensions (the 3rd is on it’s way!)
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Matt Kahn – Energy Update – Integrating the Soul – – 2-11-15

True Divine Nature

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Matt Kahn is a spiritual teacher, mystic, and highly-attuned empath who, along with meditation guide and yoga teacher and sound healer, Julie Dittmar, travel the world inviting seekers of all faiths to discover their true divine nature.

Matt’s spontaneous awakening arose out of an out-of-body experience at the age of 8, and his direct experiences with ascended masters and archangels throughout his life. Many spiritual seekers have experienced amazing, unexplainable healings, and have awakened to their true nature through his profound and loving teachings and his transmission of sacred heart wisdom.

Lee Harris Energy Update – Electrifed Living – Peace lies in the deep of the ocean – 11-21-14

Lee Harris
This past 2 weeks, the energy has seen a lot of us deep-diving.
Diving down into the depths of ourselves – our feelings, our thoughts, our beliefs, our patterns, our life journey.
Soul diving.
It’s as if an electric current is pulsing through your body, wiring and firing you to awaken, awaken, awaken.
More and more and more.
To shed and cleanse, to release and intend.
Peace comes, clarity comes, followed by challenge, distraction, emotion, disorientation, restlessness.
A feeling that things must be going wrong, or need to be changed and quickly.
Yet you do not have the energy to make the changes in the timescale you feel you need to.
This is electricity, moving through your energy field and the field of the collective.
This is the electrified living of these times, bringing us all to clearing.
It can be relentless – it can make you mad, bring you to sadness, and then, it can elevate you into a moment of blinding clarity.
And yet the waves of inner-change keep coming, sometimes fuelled by outer impulses.
Difficult or fear-based dreams are happening to clear us also.
And as you dive deeper into them, you feel it all more than ever before. 
You see what the thoughts in you are as they rise more than you could ever see your thoughts before.
You allow the chaos of all this experience to rise in you, for you have no choice.
You learn this quickly.
For if you try to control or fight it, things just feel harder and more ‘against’ you.
So you surrender. It is the only choice.
And it leaves you at the bottom of your ocean.
And then you realise that the bottom of the ocean, where you now find yourself, is not in-fact, to be feared.
Not at all.
It IS a different world than the one you knew, yes, but it is one you can be safe in and find new space in.
Once you adjust and realise that the seeming chaos and speed is part of the deal.
It comes from the impulse of electricity driving us all right now.
It presents a choice to feel everything and allow the chaos, yet find your direction within that in each and every fast changing moment.
As a world we are in a force of change that asks you to flow with it.
As an individual you are in a force of change that asks you to find rebirth within it and the loss of old identity.
This takes courage, and faith that you will be safe without your old ways.
Can you be ready to stop seeing yourself as ‘blocked’, ‘resistant’, not yet ‘there’.
To let go of these old ideas, aims and ways of pushing yourself to grow?
And instead accept that wherever you find yourself today, it needs NO judgement for judgement will only make you feel worse. MUCH worse, and perhaps that is the spiral you are used to.
A downward one.
Can you accept that where you find yourself today only requires great compassion, from you, towards you.
Today needs you to be as kind to yourself as you would be to a friend who was struggling.
So take your foot off the accelerator. Stop buying into the stress, the speed or the depression of others as anything you need to swallow whole and thus also become in yourself.

We absorb each others energy all the time, so pay attention to who you are around and whether their energy would be nutritious or toxic to you today.

Be mindful of the company you keep, but do not judge them for where they are.
You can bear compassionate witness for where they are. Yes.
And Empaths, you don’t need to feel or fear the size of their electrical releases.
You have your own to deal with, so observe and leave anything that feels too big for you to handle.
Breathe and say ‘I am safe in my centre’. ‘I release that which is not mine’.
And know we are ALL in this together, navigating a time we have never seen like this on Earth.
An intensity we have not yet been through.
And right now, these pulses are electrifying all of us to keep on rising, keep on clearing and integrating in our bodies and our souls, all we have been learning over the past years.
Sometimes it’s a messy act, this thing of being human.
Spirit knows this, and loves you anyway.
Can you love yourself that much, despite how you are feeling?
Can you let the layers of human judgment and suppression we have all absorbed and identified with, fall away. Even if it looks and feels messy?
Because THERE lies the key.
Loving yourself through these rapid releases. Even the ones that are disorientating you the most.
There lies the peace that we can all learn to find at the bottom of the ocean.
For once we accept how different it seems, we start to realise how safe and connected it all is.
You are very loved.
Never forget that and you will never forget to love.
And then, love will be the fuel that keeps you warm in the world.
Just as you will keep its flame alive wherever you go.
Lee Harris
Much love everyone


Georgi Stankov – Energy Update – Huge Ascension Shift – 7-22-14


by Georgi Stankov

I am just announcing to all true PAT members and light warriors of the first and the last hours that we are in the middle of a massive ascension shift of Gaia and the new Galaxy today (18.00 PM, Pacific time). It is unlikely that the average humans are exempted from this incredibly intensive wave. Many people around us are already suffering from a severe “mutation flu” with fever, pharyngitis and muscle pains.

Only half an hour ago I was retrieved to the Mothership. I always visit the Mothership when a huge ascension test run is underway. When I came back, the intensity of my vibrations was such that my body was virtually disintegrating into a billion particles.

This wave was preceded by another wave from the Source this night when my body radiated like the second central sun. Apropos the sun, Allen Blount has just sent me this link with images of the sun, which are extraordinary:



I must admit that I have no explanation for it, but the observed splitting of the sun may well herald the splitting of the new galaxy from this old one. The whole process reminds me of cell mitosis and the huge object on top of the sun image may indeed be a new sun that is now being created or split from this sun.

Anyway, the roller coaster of ascension is now in full sway and everything that is happening on the ground seems to be insignificant compared to these incredible cosmic forces that now transform Gaia and me personally. I can imagine that many of you also sense the might of this huge energetic tsunami coming directly from the Source. It can’t be otherwise if you are the new Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Galaxy. You are the initial and major conduits of all these ascension energies here on the ground.

This energetic peak is in anticipation of the Leo New Moon Portal on July 26th, which is expected to be huge and where the first deep cracks in the facade of the Orion matrix will most probably become visible. We are in the middle of the final storm and from now on there will be no respite for us and the masses. The time of the big dramas is entering the historical stage.

Georgi Stankov – Energy Update – Huge Ascension Shift – 7-22-14


by Georgi Stankov

I am just announcing to all true PAT members and light warriors of the first and the last hours that we are in the middle of a massive ascension shift of Gaia and the new Galaxy today (18.00 PM, Pacific time). It is unlikely that the average humans are exempted from this incredibly intensive wave. Many people around us are already suffering from a severe “mutation flu” with fever, pharyngitis and muscle pains.

Only half an hour ago I was retrieved to the Mothership. I always visit the Mothership when a huge ascension test run is underway. When I came back, the intensity of my vibrations was such that my body was virtually disintegrating into a billion particles.

This wave was preceded by another wave from the Source this night when my body radiated like the second central sun. Apropos the sun, Allen Blount has just sent me this link with images of the sun, which are extraordinary:



I must admit that I have no explanation for it, but the observed splitting of the sun may well herald the splitting of the new galaxy from this old one. The whole process reminds me of cell mitosis and the huge object on top of the sun image may indeed be a new sun that is now being created or split from this sun.

Anyway, the roller coaster of ascension is now in full sway and everything that is happening on the ground seems to be insignificant compared to these incredible cosmic forces that now transform Gaia and me personally. I can imagine that many of you also sense the might of this huge energetic tsunami coming directly from the Source. It can’t be otherwise if you are the new Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Galaxy. You are the initial and major conduits of all these ascension energies here on the ground.

This energetic peak is in anticipation of the Leo New Moon Portal on July 26th, which is expected to be huge and where the first deep cracks in the facade of the Orion matrix will most probably become visible. We are in the middle of the final storm and from now on there will be no respite for us and the masses. The time of the big dramas is entering the historical stage.

Archangel Metatron via Anna Merkaba – May Portal – Success – Energy Update – 33rd Dimension – 5-15-14


The cosmic gateway of truth, light, love, harmony and abundance has once again opened its heavenly gates for all to partake of. After a long convalesce and recuperation from the energies sent to you through the Grand Cardinal Cross, it is now time to take a deep breath of liberation. For you have done much releasing and restructuring within your psyche, for much has transpired within your souls and earthly vehicles.

For many of you have indeed experienced the time without time, for many of you have indeed had to face your shadow selves in order to release the old, embrace your true selves and make room for the new. For many of you have indeed been plunged into your past, future and parallel realities meeting and merging with your “other selves”, pieces of your soul wandering through space and time, “touching base” if you will with ALL aspects of that which you are, maneuvering through an intricate dance of unconditional love and understanding of your own self.

And so, the time is nigh, the time has come for you to once again rejoice! Rejoice for the energies of abundance, love and light are upon you. For the Full Moon of your present reality has brought with her strong, overpowering energies of success, propelling you in the direction of your deepest desires and life purpose.

And so and thus, it is if utmost important for you to once again appeal to your own higher selves and ask that the energies unleashing onto Gaia be exposed to you now, for you to be filled with these loving  energies, loving and supporting energies of cosmic proportions. For you stand in the wake of the grand moment that shall unfold on your GAIA

Arch Angel Michael’s tool works on Throat Chakra and Base Chakra simultaneously. We all know that AA Michael is an angel of truth, courage, strength, protection. AA Michael is represented by the BLUE color which is what you see on this tool, represented by Blue Topaz. This tool also incorporates the energies of the Base Chakra represented by Red Garnet. The reason is to activate your Base Charka stabilizing you in order to allow you to speak your truth, be courageous and feel at peace with your surroundings.

in months to come, as you stand in the wake of the grand opening of the events that shall propel humanity even further still to the new age, the new era of complete and utter understanding and openness of the informational decree bestowed upon humanity.

And so it is your chance, your opportunity to utilize the incoming energies to your advantage and to transform all that no longer positively serves you and stands in your way. For following the opening of the gateway of the Full Moon, you shall encounter an even greater push of the energies, push as if someone is pushing you into action, for you higher selves and your guarding angels are indeed pushing you to take action, take action and bring forth that which you wish to accomplish, bring forth your true selves, bring forth your own truth, and your experiences therein. For many of you such time shall come following May 20th and continue for the duration of several weeks. For the gates have indeed opened once more and the opportunity to take action is nigh.

annamerkabadistantenergyhealerWe stand with you, waiting at the threshold for the new realities that are fastly unfolding before many of you, for many you have indeed began to see that which you have not been able to see prior, for many of you are indeed seeing us, in our natural form, as orbs, as light beings, as burst of energies, as angels, for we are here with you, for we always have been and we shall forever remain your loving companions.

We the angels and arch angels of the 33rd parallel of the 33rd Dimension, bow to you in gratitude and eternal unconditional love. We stand by you ready to assist you in all that you are. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye For now.

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL–


Energy Update – 25 May Eclipse – Multidimensional Ocean – and SaLuSa

Laura Multidimensionalocean·52 videos



Intensities of Individual Upgrade Pathway Energies are Increased


Intensities of individual upgrade pathway energies are increased. This is to enable full planetary alignment with Cosmic Higher D influx frequencies.

Subsequent Cosmic waves ensure sealing of Higher Energies (frequencies) into Gaia.

Final planetary movements are in process.


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