LISA GAWLAS – 11 Days of Conjoining Energy Systems Starts Today – Happy Full Moon – 2-23-16

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By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy

Lisa Gawlas   –   11 Days of Conjoining Energy Systems Starts Today   –   Happy Full Moon   –   2-23-16


Today we officially kick off the Siamese Twin system!!  Happy full moon everyone!!  The moon was the first thing I seen shining in my eyes when I woke up this morning.  Let me share my morning light with you too:


full moon


It’s hard to see, but I have a series of upper windows, and looking at this image now, I realize something bigger.  If we look at the windows themselves as battery cells, day by day we will each be filled with the new light of the reflective moon and then each cell will be sealed in with the light of the sun halfway thru this system timeline (22nd thru the 3rd.)

Ha, I just realized today thru the 3rd is 11 days, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at all, given the 11 is all about spiritual illumination.  But we are also going to bring in the element of 5 as well.   Five days of the moon energy filling our cells, then the day of the membrane, where the energy of “conjoined” takes place, which would be the 27th, and then the 5 day journey to the 3rd (to include the 3rd.)

This actually compliments all that I had seen and understood thru the readings yesterday, especially since this system is happening at the higher levels of consciousness, to fuel and enliven what is happening at the ground level of creation, of you and us.

The constant thru every reading had two parts to it, the first one was the view of the electromagnetic field around the upper portion of the body. In its most humblest form looked a lot like this (only, uniform, I don’t have good flow in my hand free forming cut outs lol)

magnetic field

However, this come pretty darn close to how I seen everyone’s upper portion of the their electromagnetic field.  Gray scale, and long wiry looking things that were in constant motion, the magnetic field itself.  So I suppose, it only makes sense that the moon and sun will serve to be the electrical current to magnetize the magnetic field around us.

With the exception of my first lady on the field, which I am going to save for last in this sharing, had a field moving upwards from the ground towards their electromagnetic field.  Unlike the spiky one shown here, the earths however was sooooo smooth and soooo clear.  The understanding thru everyone was, these two electromagnetic fields will come together and conjoin as one whole unite as we move thru this “siamese twin” system.

I am going to use a beautiful male virgin on the field (giggle, for those who aren’t familiar with my use of those words, someone I never read for before yesterday) because he gave us an amazing view of what we are getting ourselves into next.

I watched as these two electromagnetic fields meet each other to form a whole circle or globe or something round lol, he was in the middle of it all.  His electromagnetic ball started to rotating forward, as it moved into the system we are in now it started to change the way I seen it.

At the upper portion, these long artery looking things started to grow outwards and seemed to connect into areas of the air I eventually understood were multidimensional portals.

Then, the bottom part looked like it was growing the most beautiful green moss, as the moss-covered the lower portion, long tree roots started to emerging form the moss-covered area and instantly i got a connection to the painting I shared yesterday, those roots were tapping into the leyline storage areas, the arteries were pulling in the multidimensional energies and he was storing them in these storage centers within earth.

Then he hit a whipped cream bank lol, well, that’s what it looked like to me.  The only thing I knew yesterday was that he was about halfway thru this system and then it all got really thick with this white substance.

Now, given what I shared in my first paragraph, I do understand that it was the membrane that conjoins it all. The Living Unified Consciousness called US!!  Go US!! lol  But I couldn’t see anything past that, nor was he moving past it, he was parked in whipped cream land!!

One of my lady’s after him, broadened the story a bit by what I seen her doing.  She had what looked like a pipeline thru the center of her upper and lower magnetic fields, pulling in the multidimensional energy from above, pulling up the stored energy from below, stored deep in the core of the earth, the energies that have not been topside since before we created soap bubble land, and was “fusing” (hear; fusion) the two together creating a breathable, usable new energy.

I seen this fusion go thru a separate pipeline and emerged out the front (north) of her upper electromagnetic sphere as a long skinny flame flapping in the wind.  This allowed the new fused energy to fill the airspace hours before we walked into it.

Then I had a lady who first confused the hell out of me, then brought me to my knees in reverence.  Let me just tell you, each one of you are the most amazing creatures that has ever graced this amazing planet.

The moment you realize this, OWN this, you would stop looking to and for those of the old, because they had no idea just how phenomenal you would be, Here, Now!!  Just think about that very familiar phrase from Jesus, what I can do, you can do and more.  But he never said what the more was because he had no idea.

So there is my lady, upper and lower electromagnetic fields already in my field of vision, and then out of the west comes this long sword looking thing, slices her fields in half and turns them inside out.  WHAT THE HELL???  I am already over my head in the world of science and meta-science, now we are going to literally turn things inside out.  Geez, I so need a raise lol.

Keep in mind, I am in no way, trying to be scientifically correct with any of this, I would be so out of my league in trying to do so.  However, I cannot ignore the words I hear and the visuals I see within the words, so please keep that in mind.  The first thing I hear is “negative polarity.”

Alrighty then, I don’t know what that means really, but given that I now see all her energy radiating outwards, instead of inwards within her field, that has got to be their (hear teams) point.  And they explained the best they could to this mush mind of mine, that her energy radiates outwards, the in breathe without the exhale is suffocation.  So her electromagnetic field sends outwards.  Once again I get the visual of the plasma ball:\




She is gathering the incoming energy and like this plasma ball, spikes it outwards.  Then she started to complain (a girl after my own heart lol) that no one has ever been able to tell her the name or names of her spiritual team.  As she was stating this, one of her team members came forward with both sound and visual.






This very simply eye was hovering at my back door as her team expressed this name, quite carefully in syllables.  EYE-OWN-AH.  What is so funny, I am sooo incredibly slow on the uptake, I made this eye exactly how I seen in, including the color spectrum.

I kept telling everyone yesterday that their fields coming together looked like two contact lenses coming together.  DAH!!  I was saying something I didn’t even realize until this morning.  Two contact lenses form a whole eye, a WHOLE field of vision.  The central EYE.

What good is having anything is you do not OWN it???

The reverse polarity, negative polarity, the AHHHHHH.  Instantly I was in the living memory of a bathtub experience I had back in geez 2002 I think.  Let me copy and paste from my website this part of the experience, if you want to read the whole story, just click here.

There was not so much a vision as there was a feeling of Presence and a sound ohhh my what a sound it was a vibration of aaaaahhhhhhhhh that lifted so far into the universe and thru my very soul that just hearing it made my whole being cry with joy as the sound escalated (not in sound, but more like motion.. like as the ahhh kept going on, it lifted higher and higher in vibration), it sounded like the entirety of All There Is joined into make this sound. 

I could feel my heart beating, I became very aware of the rhythm of the air around me, the sounds that I have heard around me, but didn’t hear.. and it was all in unison with my own heart beating.  I could feel the heart of my being in my arms, in every cell that makes up my body, and the air around me coursed in the same beautiful motion.

Just say the word ahhhhhhh… your breath goes outwards, onwards, expands everywhere.  The expansion of the universe, the unified field of creation is in the AHHHHHHH.  As opposed to the OM, saying it, the sound is held behind the lips and what you get is vibration, creation creating within the electro-magnetosphere.

Expansion/feminine and contraction/masculine. (Again, nothing to do with actual gender.)  Positive and negative polarities.

Well, lets change the subject just for a moment, since I just went potty (coffee out lol) and got this amazing visual and I think… a tiny glimpse into our mexico adventure.

My mind flashed to one of my lady’s I had a conversation with last night, she will be going to London for the equinox in September and will be at Stonehenge and other sites in that miraculous landscape.

As I thought about her on my holy throne lol, I heard spirit say “we will button up our batteries together.”  Huh??  Then I got a visual of the two pyramids my team said we must be at, the pyramid of the sun and the pyramid of the moon (holy shit, the twins!!!  I am sooooo freakin slow on the uptake lol.)

But I had seen us gathered together at the top of one of them, I want to say the temple of the sun, but I am not 100% sure about that… and we were in a circle at the top doing god knows what, and this beam of white light engulfed us, or came thru us really and went upwards.  Ohhh my whistle is soooo wet for this adventure!!  That’s all I seen, I think I leaped off the toilet when I realized the sun and moon temples here, there, wherever lol… OMG!!

So now lets talk about my first lady on the field yesterday.  I realized as we moved thru the breath of yesterday on the field, having innate desires, working within those desires the best we can, is what is pulling/attracting the magnetic field of earth up to conjoin with us.

When you have no idea what you even desire, as was the case with my lady, there was no bottom part of the field, just her upper electromagnetic field was present/viewable.

Leaning into something, anything, it doesn’t matter what, that attracts the earth energy to conjoin with you, with us.  It doesn’t even have to be something big, just clear and coherent.  I am given my own simple example.

I wake up every morning with the focus of clearly being able to share with you the enormity of the information released the day prior, once I get that done, my next clear focus is on understanding what is coming thru today and how each person can work with it.

We have such an amazing participation, conjoined energy system with the original earth, our original blueprint back in the day, the system of life expanding and our hearts of desires.  Hell, even mexico plays into the field of unified creation.  To stand by and wait for something to be presented begets the universe sitting next to you, waiting with you, in love and in grace.

The days of being told or guided to what you need to do or experience next are long over.  YOU ARE THE DECIDER!!  This is not just in the metaphysical realm, we live in the land of created reality, there are so many things to desire.  New shoes, a good meal, a hot rod, whatever.  The moment you receive it, desire something else.  You are learning/remembering how you create and uncreate.  If you are a void waiting for inspiration, that is what you are creating too.

On that note, I would like to ask you to help me use this massive system we are in to house my daughters future with.  She has her hearing coming up on the 3rd of March (interesting dateline, huh?) and she is looking at 3 felony charges and 3 misdemeanors and this is a guilt or innocence hearing.

When I talked to her attorney, he injected something into my system of hope I never thought of… if no one shows up for the hearing, everything will be dropped.  Of course, as her mother and seeing how much she has changed since her incarcerations this last year, I pray for that.

But also, I am willing to surround her with this light that comes from her souls best interest.  If she needs to do something, may she feel the energy of doing it.  And may the system that wild decide her future, see the precious soul that we do too.  I am going to give you two of my favorite images of her to lean into:





I want to mention the tattoo on the bottom, the words “I wish you were there for me,” is her expression to her father.  But really, is it her biological father, or god himself?  I know I took out my anger on my own biological father because I felt abandoned by god, depicted thru my own father abandoning me.  May she come to fully realized, LIFE and the LOVE of All LIFE, our Father, is Here, Now, Forever, thru each of us!!  The top picture shows, she is open to receive!


Thank you so much for all you do so heart-fully and unselfishly!!

I love you all soul much!!

((((((HUGZ)))))) of magic and bliss and illumination to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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