Jennifer Hoffman – June 2016 Energy Report – 6-4-16


Jennifer Hoffman  –  June 2016 Energy Report   –   6-4-16

We’re nearly halfway through 2016 and if you feel like you have made no progress this year, you are probably right in more than a few ways. So far 2016 has felt like one big retrograde with each small step forward accompanied by several huge steps backward. But this month the energy clears and we have a double 6 vibe (June is the 6th month, 2016 is a 9 and 9 + 6 = 15, which adds up to 6), so we can see movement, grounding of higher vibe energy, and concrete progress, with a big caveat – we must align internally first, before we act externally. June’s energy is like a rose – the outer petals open when the inner ones are ready—and it’s also the month that roses traditionally begin to bloom. May’s five retrogrades helped put us into position and now we’re entering a new month with new options, opportunities, and a big desire to move forward, which we have been awaiting for a long time.

June jumps out of the starting gate with a new moon on the 4th that brings in the energy of nearly every planet in a grand cross configuration in mutable (transformation) signs, with an emphasis on the ‘outer’, slower moving planets, so everyone gets to experience this. This is an energetic activation that takes us to the edge of the transformation cliff. The tension of a Grand Cross means that all of the planets are facing each other across the ‘line in the sand’. Do we dare cross the line to see what’s on the other side? This new moon also hits the March 10, 2016 eclipse points, re-activating them for another round of experience. Was anything happening for you then that is coming around again?

We have been shown everything in our reality that limits our joy thanks to five months of relentless clearing, now we have to decide whether we’re ready to take that leap into our expanded, unlimited potential. Eventually we get tired of going around the transformation merry-go-round and are ready to jump off. This is one of those times.

While it appears that there are so many options available and we don’t know which one to take, the choice becomes easier when we view it from the standpoint of what makes us happy and what serves our intention. With the intense clearing of the last five months you may gone through a major mental, emotional, and spiritual house cleaning, but that’s OK because starting in June our energetic families will begin to appear and we are going to learn a whole new level of relating and relationship. We are out of soulmate cycles and into kindred spirit connections, people with whom we have no karma with and who share our energetic frequency and vibration. Are we ready for karma- and drama-free relationships? Let’s find out.

Bloom is the keyword for June but it has to be intentional blooming and we have to know what kind of flower we’re going to become. Shakespeare said “that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, but we’ll be disappointed if we are expecting a beautiful, sweet-smelling rose and end up with a stinky marigold (which are also beautiful but they smell bad). Intention is now interwoven within all of our energetic channels. To powerfully manifest we must also set powerful intentions. Not wishes or hopes, but intentions that are clear, direct, and focused on what we want in our new joyful, joy-filled realities.

And if your life has been cleared out of energetic debris in the past few months you have a clean slate to begin anew. You can’t spend any time regretting the past this month, or judging yourself for your past choices. We make choices in each moment based on what works for us in that moment. Our options may change in the next moment but that doesn’t make the previous choice wrong, it just means that it no longer works for us and our new reality. And remember we don’t leave anyone behind, we need to recognize the energetic sovereignty of every human – they are in full control of their energy and of their choices and they must also run out of energy road on their path before they will see the need to choose something else.

This month’s full moon is at 29 Sagittarius, a closing cycle to the May 21 full moon at 1 Sagittarius whose rare conjunction with retrograde Mars and powerful outer planet aspects set the stage for ‘no holds barred’ transformation that was combined with the end of what was quite a challenging Mercury retrograde. That either gave us even more reason to consider staying on the transformation path or to turn away from it because it was too hard, too much, too challenging, or we were too tired. And what was started then can be finished now, if we’re ready. Timing and readiness go together now and we can’t force either one.

The big event in June is the exact Uranus/Eris conjunction on June 23, just after the Solstice, the first of three connections between 2016 and 2017. This hasn’t happened since 1927 and that time brought about the Great Depression, big changes in the social agenda, and the beginnings of women having a stronger place in society. Eris is the goddess of discord, Uranus is the planet of revolution. Eris was first discovered in 2005, when our big push into the ascension cycle began. Now, 11 years later, we are beginning to understand the power that this dwarf planet embodies. When discord and revolution come together, you can expect some fur to fly. This configuration has been brewing for several months and we have it exact in June. We can expect changes in the social structure, more social revolution, and more protests from people who want to see real change in how the world is run. It will make this month very exciting indeed.

And children born under the Uranus/Eris conjunction will have a strong revolutionary nature. They will be a generation of world leaders who will not be content with the status quo, who will not accept a world run by despots, greed, and power mongers. So if you have a child born at this time and you discover that they don’t like being told what to do and are free thinkers you can blame their Uranus/Eris conjunction.

June is traditionally the month when couples marry, so relationships are a strong focus this month but while you may find new love (and you will if you are ready for it), there are two powerful relationship aspects we need to consider. The first is our relationship with ourselves and the second is our relationship with our Self, or our human/Source partnership. Look at the Gemini glyph pictured here, independent and yet connected. That’s the perfect balance of human and divine, where we aren’t leaning on Source for support and instruction, and are confidently standing in our power using divine guidance as a tool, not a crutch. The connection is above and below us, balanced and equal. We are at our most powerful when we can embody this level of congruent, harmonious connection. It fits with the 2016 theme of ‘Congruent Harmony’, where energy fits and flows in the most balanced way.

It’s easy to give our power away to our divine connection too, believing that it knows more than we do. But this is a co-creative partnership and both partners, human and divine, must act in balanced, congruent harmony so the energy flows are equal. We intend and create energetic space for manifestation and receiving, and the Universe responds in a way that is perfectly aligned with our intention.

If you’re ready to be finished with the lessons, healing, and clearing and to‘shake it off’, and explore other life paths, then June is perfect for that. But don’t expect the ‘easy’ solution; instead, expect the solution that exactly matches your intention. We receive exactly what we intend, ask for, and are aligned with. The Universe doesn’t make up the difference or pick up the slack. Confident, clear, focused intentions creates the best outcomes. What are you going to ask for? Start with what has been your area of greatest concern in your life. In these powerful times we have a lot of energy at our disposal so by choosing the most powerful thing in your life, you create a large space in your energy container that can be filled with new energy.

This is also a month when the questions that have been troubling you, the situations you were not clear about, the decisions that you couldn’t make yet, may become very clear for you. You’ll see what can bloom in your life, what is past its prime, and what can be cut away because its time is over. In gardening terms it’s called ‘dead heading’, removing flowers that are finished blooming so the plant doesn’t support them and to encourage more flowers. What needs to be ‘ dead headed’ in your life now? It may come up in June so be prepared. Have a wonderful month.

Starting this month I am introducing something new, a Monthly Energy Mastery Class to provide you with tools, techniques, tips, and information to help you navigate the month’s energy in these fast moving times. At the beginning of each month, starting in June, we will have a live and recorded call that will feature a deep dive into the month’s energy and frequencies, what you can expect and what to watch out for, how to use the month’s energy in your life, a meditation and energy exercise, and some tools you can use to help you navigate the month in a more powerful way.

The recordings are yours to download and listen to, and you can purchase a single call or a block of 3 or for the rest of 2016 (these two options are not available after June 4, 2016). The June call will be on June 4, 2016, click here to visit the website for more information and how to sign up.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

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Rose Rambles -Energy Report – 4-14-16


Rose Rambles


Dear Beautiful Souls!

We have quite a bit going on with the Energy! I’m going to give you several pieces of information concerning this shift, along with things to assist you through this shift.  I will begin by updating you on the current Solar activity and space weather, an excerpt from Diane Canfield and I will update you on the current shift status and possible symptoms concerning our most current shift.


CHANCE OF STORMS: NOAA forecasters say there is a 75% chance of G1-class geomagnetic storms on April 13th when a solar wind stream is geomagnetic storresult, this solar wind stream could be effective at sparking auroras. (


Explaining Why Solar Activity & Geomagnetic Changes Affecting Earth Also Affect Us During Shifts I Am Adding This Exerpt From:

By: Diane Canfield Ascension Teacher-Psychic Medium- Star Races Contactee- Wave Expert ©2016 Diane Canfield

March energy downloads have been overwhelming to many and April brings no relief from the constant barrage of energy flooding the planet and us light beings, transforming each day into light body beings.

Some of the intense energy we have been dealing with:

Intense dreams
Sleep issue, too little or too much
Increased ringing in ears
Language issues/Memory issues
No sense of body
Intense body heat
Vibrations on body
Intense thirst
Appetite changes

Many of these issues are hormonal changes through the endocrine system. To transform into a light body being we must first transform our hormonal structure. This can cause a myriad of issues including intense body heat as our molecules heat up to transform. Remember we are dealing with intense energy surges, as they move through and transform our human body into the 5D light body needed to traverse the multidimensional realms.

Many may be fluctuating between having too much energy and being severely fatigued. This again is due to the changes in the light body structure process. Take time and rest when you can, it is important to make ascension the priority now if you are able.

Increased loud ear ringing is due to the weakening of the magnetic shield that surrounds the Earth, which I have talked about in my previous articles. The weakening of the magnetic shield is due to the bird and fish die offs as the earths shield continues to decrease. These will continue and will go through cycles each time a new level is reached.

The natural frequency of the Earth is called the Schumann Resonance which connects to the natural frequency of the Human brain. The connection happens within the alpha and theta states (the creative and meditative consciousness). The Schumann Resonance can be affected by the weakening magnetic field of the Earth, which has been taking place for the past 2000 years. The weakening of this shield can lead to a magnetic pole reversal which happened approximately 788,000 years ago. Human brains are tied into magnetic frequencies just like birds and fish that use magnetics to navigate. Hence the bird and fish die offs of the past 5 years or so as the shield continues to weaken. The realigning of the Tampa Airport a few years back was a good indication of the changes taking place.

Many things that we are experiencing during the shift directly relate back to the weakening of the magnetic field and the ascension process connecting together through the Sun and Central Sun. The Suns send us light codes to continue to transform and regenerate our molecular structure. Everything is connected through this process as we continue our journey into the light body.

2016 will continue to be a high energy year full of upgraded energy, downloads and waves. We are entering the passage of downloads now that last longer and are more intense taking on qualities we have not seen before. This will continue through out this year and coming into high points during the Equinox, Solstices and Full moons. These are all high activational portals of activated consciousness to take place.

As we have now entered a NEW Vortex of high energy that we are now integrating, some of these energies may make a person feel that they are unbalanced and have completely lost it. This is how Intense these upgrades have been. You may have feelings of manic and the depression, similar to bipolar as our frequencies adjust to the New light transforming us.

As the downloads of energy are usually spread out, we have time between to relax and get back into balance. Sometimes though like recently in March this was not the case. We were hit with either a geo magnetic storm or an energy upgrade every few days ( no flares). This is what will occur in the future as well, more energy upgrades closer together and throwing us into integration even faster. Geo storms have now taken the place of flares since we are in a slow sun cycle.

Things are speeding up including time, so the ascension process is keeping up with this and moving us even faster to our goal of complete ascension into the light body state. This is state we can look forward to with complete multidimensionality.

Things to watch for this year going forward :



Jamye Price – The Energies of January 2016 – 1-8-16



Jamye Price   –   The Energies of January 2016  –   1-8-16

Jamye Price: The Energies of January 2016


2015 Review

2015 was an interesting year. It had the energy of 8, so the flow kept things swirling! There was a lot of change in 2015, and I hope you are becoming accustomed to the pace of it in your life. There is time to rest, time to play, time to work—maybe not always in that order! It is important to keep up with your inner peace throughout. That allows you to adjust to the flow of change without too much emotionality throwing you off balance. It has required diligent focus on the inner world and choosing boldly.

In 2015 we went through so much change in the subtle realms that our energy field went through a really powerful upgrade. See the November video for details of how the throat chakra is changing into more holistic flow. Change always occurs in the subtle realm first, it is where form is built atom by atom. Last year there was a lot of intense astrological and cosmological assistance, but it is always you doing the actual changing and upgrading your energy field.

Ascension is a personal and a collective experience, like all of life on Earth at this time. 2015 showed you clearly where your boiling point/freezing point/transformation point was. Often, things that had been working before, stopped being viable in 2015, as we were required to create a better foundation of self to be able to adapt more readily in the future. Get ready for an easier year in 2016! Watch the video version here.

Creating a New Self

Areon, the Lyran Council of Time that I channel, was calling 2015 the Year of Creativity. The overarching energy of the year was bringing us to a new level of creativity. There was focus on relaxing into life more (allowing) and emanating your energy into your life more (directing). They spoke a lot of becoming aware of what is within your mental and emotional energy, what you are taking into yourself as you interact with life, and making conscious choice of what world you want to create (what energy/information you emanate out). Things that seem so simple, but take some focus and effort to implement on a consistent and clear basis. The invisible isn’t as obvious!

Ultimately, 2015 was about creating a new self. One who is empowered within, loving, and bold.  One who is making choices energetically that are putting actual new information into the biosphere of Earth. That is a nebulous experience at times. It can mean dealing with some things that got stuffed within or avoided. It can mean coming to terms with having to forgive, ease your perspectives, or stand up for yourself and hold a healthy boundary. The year brought a lot of great clearing and strengthening for the Lightworkers to shine brighter into the dark systems here on Earth. Thank you for your service!

2016 – The Year of Clarity

Get ready to shine even brighter! As we have become more aware of the impact of what we are emanating and receiving, we will be offered more opportunities to choose and emanate accordingly in 2016. It will be a year of more fruitful action, because 2015 was about building (and rebuilding) a strong foundation of self. This corresponds to how our energy field is shifting as we upgrade and activate the throat chakra more. The throat chakra is more than just the words you say or don’t say, it is the expressing of the Self into Life. It is the chakra of manifestation.

Speak with Clarity

“Word” in a figurative sense is directed information. It is not as literal as some take it. While the words you say are important, they are not nearly as important as the vast amount of information you are emanating into the field. Life is responding to your overall vibration, not just your words. Spend some time focusing on what you are silently speaking volumes of to Life. One of the easiest ways to do this is to look at your initial reactions. It is not a bad thing to feel a negative emotion. It will not automatically bring more of that into your life. It is not a testament of how unevolved you are.

It is a quality of an empowered being that is authentic, courageous, and strong enough to use any less-than-loving information to transform the Self and life on Earth. Let yourself recognize a negative emotion if you feel it. It is just information. Now that you have the awareness, you can make informed decision of a new perspective you would prefer.

Speak with clarity to yourself, listen with compassion to yourself. Then decide what next steps you can take first on an energetic/subtle level. That means how will you shift your mental and emotional perceptions and experiences first? That is the “Light” work, you’re working with information on the quantum level (light) where the big leaps are!

Completion and New Beginnings

2016 will feel like more completion energy (it is a 9 year!) whereas 2015 seemed to stall action and completion a little more than usual (building patience—fun!). In general it will feel like a more directed path for many, but remember, that requires knowing when to rest, slow, stop, wait, change direction, forge ahead… Change will be consistent in life, so your adaptability is an important part of Ascension.

Look at what is motivating your choices (that vast information you are emanating) and you will understand better what is manifesting in your life. Choose your endings and beginnings by the clues that life is giving you.  Neutralize your emotions in the moment, and emanate some Light into your future desires. You are a powerful creator and as you clarify your Light, it shines more distinctly into life, changing it. It requires some patience (thank you, 2015!) to build for the long term.

Discernment is Good Judgment

2016 will offer you clearer information on your Truth, and those around you. This calls you to clearer discernment of what you are sensing. It is often uncomfortable to recognize negative patterns in someone else or yourself. But it is a necessary part of empowerment. It is also uncomfortable when you recognize them but feel unable to change them. Use your discernment. The negative aspects of judgment (discernment) are when it becomes a mechanism to suppress or control. When it is an avenue of choice for the self, you are utilizing a powerful and necessary vehicle of life on Earth.

Politicians are great exercise for this. Have a Lightworkout and exercise your muscles of how tolerant you are for liars, manipulators, and finding a perspective of potential shift within it all. Invigorating! I joke, but this is actual Lightwork! You came here to change THIS world. Love is the thing that truly does that. It calls for some of your Light shining into the systems of this world in the way that is most appropriate for you. Can you do that without feeling the need to control or suppress something? Theunconditional patience to allow while implementing the conditional choice of the physical realm is an advanced skill. It takes practice.

2015 had a lot of focus on building a strong, sovereign you. 2016 will bring a little more focus on you within the collective. So it might call you to come out of your shell more. It might task you to discern for yourself, choose for yourself, and interact for the whole. This is the duality engine of life on Earth. We are integrating opposites, embracing life, learning to become inclusive rather than exclusive. That is Love. Love supports sovereignty within the conditions of this reality and Love is how you expand beyond these conditions from within them.

In 2016, the rules of the game are becoming clearer, and that is when the game gets more fun. We’re moving into a time of interactive creativity. Don’t be afraid to Love your politicians into being on the winning team of Love! ;o)

January Energy – Freedom

How to start this year of clarity? THE HEART! It is the engine of connection with Life. It is the core of your connection with God. It is how we empathize, desire improvement, and create something new. Your valuable brain/mind doesn’t deal with the new (only the knew!), it deals with data that it can categorize and analyze—it separates. When it is following the heart, the mind has the clarity of connection, joy, and potential. When you combine your two most powerful electromagnetic fields (heart/brain), you become a stronger, clearer signal into Life—speaking volumes of Love. When your heart/mind complex is working well together you are the unified whole, sovereign integral that you are meant to be. You have access to the broad perspective of the heart and the specific implementation of the mind.

In January, look to the information of the heart to begin your most important steps to clarity. How are feeling, perceiving, or reacting? Hear your initial reactions—whether thoughts or emotions—clearly and compassionately, so that you are open to transforming them (creating!). When the mind leads, or we could just as easily call this “imbalanced ego,” there is more of a potential to create from separation. That results in avoidance, control issues, or eruptions rather than shifting through the path of least resistance (the path that water naturally flows). January will have a strong pull to freedom. This begins with your heart.

When your heart is free to feel and transform, you feel safe connecting with Life. No Lightworker guilt that a negative moment is a wrong moment. No worry that you will get stuck in the negativity. Use the systems of Life to move and transform the energy: get in water, dance or exercise, sing, cry, watch a funny movie, talk to a supportive friend, get out in nature, love on some animals. Find some ways you can honor your feelings and keep moving through them. What you will find is more Loving perceptions, more natural Loving reactions, more Love for your self, others, and the systems of earthly life. This gives you more ability to focus your Love into areas calling for transformation. You are ready! The world is ready!


Thank you 2015—what a great year of creating a more empowered Self! Now we are moving forward with more clarity to manifest in 2016! Spend some time observing how you have become more empowered over the last year. Then spend a little time dreaming into the new year. It can be easy to overlook the subtle changes because they aren’t as parade-worthy. But if everyone could see what the effect one little shift of forgiveness or hope has on life, there would be more consistent compassion. Be that beacon. It’s why you came here. Because you knew that you could Love this world into the new. (see what I did there?! ;o) These are amazing times, and the world is ready for amazing you! Happy 2016!

Copyright: © 2005-2015 Jamye Price, All Rights Reserved. You are free to share this work for non-commercial use in complete and unedited form with this copyright information displayed in its entirety.

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2016 energy report energy update

Jennifer Hoffman – August 2015 – Energy Report – 8-4-15

If I had to sum up August’s energy in one word I’d start with relief, now that July is over. It was a long, tough month that seemed to drag on forever. But everything we overcame helped us set new energy boundaries, opened new avenues of potential, and cleared a lot of debris from our individual and collective realities. August starts with a full moon and Venus retrograde, which indicates endings are stronger than beginnings. Saturn is also closing out a 33 year cycle, and a larger 99 year cycle is ending. Also, all of the personal planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) change sign this month so the collective energy is moving now. The ascension train has left the station and is gaining steam. Remember that endings and beginnings overlap, so be aware of the beginnings that arise as you’re disconnecting from what no longer serves you because they’re happening at the same time.August has a very spiritual element to its energy, and this doesn’t have to do with spirituality or religion, but the power and energy of spirit, the divinity portal which is the gateway to the expression of our multi-dimensionality. We have danced around  this concept for over 30 years and now it’s time to put it into action. The first step isn’t inviting our alien friends to dinner, it’s clearing the blocks to the expression of our divine self within our own belief systems, which we have been doing for many years now. It’s the second step that counts now, which is the question ‘What does it mean to be divine?’ and we find that answer in Jupiter changing signs on August 11.

Jupiter moves from Leo to Virgo this month, which also happened in September 2003. That’s when Archangel Uriel first appeared to me and asked me to work with him — I said ‘no thank you’ at first (then I changed my mind). It’s when we began the real work of ascension and for many of us, me included, it’s when things really hit the fan, so to speak. I have never been as scared, penniless, felt as out of control, helpless, and hopeless as I did at that time. With Jupiter in Virgo in 2003 we became full fledged Martyred Healers and started working to heal the world. We were going to get the world to ascension, no matter what it took. And it took nearly all we had and more. We fully took on the role of Light Workers and nearly worked ourselves to death. That work continues but in a much different way, we turn a corner in August to become shining ‘light beacons’.

Now we get to take on a new paradigm of that energy because in the last 12 years we have become wise to the ways of energy and we learned something from the last Jupiter in Virgo transit, that we can’t heal the world by putting ourselves on the cross. We can be in service to the world but not as a servant, we have to be the master and a victor. So now we can embrace Jupiter in Virgo and enjoy the full complement of Virgo’s energies, which include compassion, grace, attention to detail, and perfection. It’s the sign of health too — and the interest in healthier eating, exercise, and a cleaner environment began in 2003, the last time Jupiter was in Virgo. Watch it gain even more momentum now. Those of you in the alternative health fields should see a big upswing in your businesses, as well as growth of anything that has to do with being more health aware. We’re taking another turn at that role again, this time from a more empowered perspective, one that serves us first, meets our needs, engages our energy and potential, without the cross and the martyrdom.

Another big August aspect is Saturn going direct on August 1 as it prepares to leave Scorpio. This is the biggest event of the century because it also marks the end of a 99 year cycle that began in 1917 (see my video below with that explanation). Saturn grinds across the final two degrees of Scorpio all month, leaving for good on September 19, just in time for the Autumn Equinox. To know what it means in your life, go back to 1982 and 1983, when it was last in Scorpio, and before that, to 1950. That decade saw the entry of the first strong Indigo generation into the earth’s energy grids and now, two Scorpio cycles later, they’re going to finally get their mojo moving.

Here’s the video explaining the 99 and 33 year cycles

A lovely new moon at 22 Leo on August 14 is a great marker between these endings and beginnings. That’s when we’ll feel the potential of August in a more direct way, as the first two weeks may be taken up with tying up loose ends, as months that begin with a full moon often do. And this is also part of the action that is possible in August; indeed, new beginnings are more fruitful when they aren’t dragged down by the past’s emotional and psychic baggage.

We have Uranus the pioneer and revolutionary in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and Chiron, the wounded healer and our karmic reminder, in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. As Uranus tries to yank us out of our discomfort, Chiron reminds us to clean our mess first, like doing your homework and cleaning your room before you play outside. While you may want to move forward, be sure to take care of the healing and closure that may come up this month. You have to do it anyway and if you don’t take care of it now, you’ll have to do it later. Who wants to be stuck in the house with a mop and a broom while everyone else is having fun playing outside?

If you feel energized and motivated now, one of August’s gifts, it’s a resurgence of your energy and the need for us to take action. That doesn’t always mean ‘doing’ things, action starts with choices, which begins within our ‘being’. Set intentions for the outcomes you want to create, then see what comes up for clearing. Don’t be too anxious to reach the end of the journey because as you create your beginnings, many other things become possible. Be the explorer now, consider what else is possible. So much of our energy has been involved in healing and transformation, what happens when you put the obligations aside and intend some joyful, abundant living? No matter what we intend for the world, we have to include ourselves in the love, abundance, joy, and peace that we so compassionately intend for others.

August is a month for self awareness, self care, self indulgence, and self focus (notice the emphasis on the ‘self’?). Release your judgments, especially those that involve doing the ‘right’ things, being good, and being enough. Indulge your dreams and visions for the life you want to live, and give yourself permission to relax, refresh, and renew yourself before the big push that happens in September. While you’re creating your big energy container, make sure you empty it occasionally, as new intentions always bring up old beliefs, patterns, and limitations. No stress or pressure, just clean up as you move forward.

August is a time to step back from the work of being and doing as the world’s healers and teachers and let the dust settle a bit. We’ll know what to focus on after we take time to asses what’s left to do, decide what we want to keep, and what we are ready to let go of.  We have done so much work already, let’s see how much the collective is capable of (probably a lot more than we know), they do need to participate in this process too. We have done the heavy lifting for a long time, they are ready to participate and we need to give them the chance to do that.

The energy this month is more relaxed and lesss frantic, and we have several new energy cycles starting now, so we don’t need to work so hard. Spend some time this month thinking about what your ‘awe-filled, amazing, re-visioned’ life looks like, so you can empower that with your energetic consent. August’s keyword is ‘indulgence’, which means gratification, allowing, tolerance, and permission. How can you indulge yourself in some way this month, giving yourself permission to enjoy what you have worked so hard to create, and taking time to smell the beautiful flowers in your life’s garden?  Have a wonderful month.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

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KATE SPRECKLY – Energy Report for June 2015

by Kate Spreckley

May was an interestingly intense month with lots of clearing, releasing, planning and preparation.  June started with a  Full Moon on the 2nd which brought in some pretty unpredictable energy.  Full Moon’s always amplify energies, both positive and negative and its this energy that is supporting us in a powerful way throughout the month.  

We are being energetically and physically realigned with the Earth’s shifting consciousness, which is deepening our connection to both our hearts and our souls.  As the energies move to uncover and unearth all that needs to be rebalanced and realigned, we can expect to be faced with challenges and situations that require a different approach and a different perspective.

The energy of June will bring to the fore some aspects of your life and relationships that are keys to your forward progress.  During this month gifts of truth and wisdom will be uncovered as imbalances are highlighted.  For some the insights are opportunities to review, revise and refocus on what is most important.  For others it is an opportunity to clear the debris of past emotional pain and really connect with the heart.

When you connect with the energy of your heart and work with its power, old emotional trauma and pain can come up to be healed and released.  This revisiting of old pain and trauma can cause you to shut down the heart in fear of being overwhelmed by emotion.  But in these times of heart centred energy, you are being supported and guided through the pain.  By moving into it and allowing it to flow you are able to release it quickly.  Once released you are able to enter into a scared space of healing filled with Divine bliss, peace and love.

June is a powerful time when the energies of the summer / winter solstice gather.  The solstice marks another high point in our energetic cycles.  As the seasons change so too does our inner landscape.  Use this time to become reacquainted with the power of your inner resources.  This will enable you to rebalance your inner and outer realities and refocus your energy.  Take some time to be alone and to nurture your heart and soul.  Create your own sanctuary where the chaos of the external world cannot intrude.  In this space allow yourself to discover the new vibration awakening within, a new vibration that is summoning you forward on your journey.

Your life is a journey along a winding road that stretches before you.  The road isn’t always easy and require strength and stamina to travel.  Yet it does offer you many beautiful views and rewards along the way.  This journey is one of discovery, a discovery of who you are and why you exist.  This is the power of your path.  It is a unique journey where you are shown the power of your physical and spiritual choices.  Each moment, each step gives you the opportunity to review, revise and recreate yourself and to choose a new direction.

The energy of this month will lend you the courage and stamina your require to realign your energies and focus with your heart and thus your destiny.  You are here to awaken the truth of who you are through the power of your heart and soul.  As you walk your path you experience many valuable lessons.  Your ability to perceive the lesson lies at the heart of each experience.  Its important with each experience to acknowledge the lesson and to move on.  This month pause and allow yourself to reflect on your journey and the many lessons you have learnt thus far.  Take stock of where you have been, where your choices have taken you and where you want to go.  What are you creating right now?  Are you moving in a direction you want to go?  Are you travelling a path of heart consciousness?

It is, as always, important to focus your awareness and attention in the present moment, to remain centred within the core of your being so that you may fully experience what is occurring now.  Reviewing your past and your journey thus far is not about reliving the experience, but rather a process of understanding how you have gotten to this point and what choices and decisions you need to make to move forward in balance.  Powerful and unexpected situations and experiences are emerging and you are being called to look carefully and deeply into the purpose of your journey.  Progress will occur as you free yourself to follow the path of your heart.  Allow the Divine to be your guide and you will find a new song of joy in your heart, and a gratitude for the many wonders of your life.

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Lisa Gawlas – Energy Report – April 2013

The Pure Seed Energy Of The New Moon  –  Fusion Of The Eclipses   –   17 April 2013

feminine masculine as oneI think yesterday was the first time I have been able to see and understand clearly what exactly happened during my energy upgrade the last few days.  For as long as I can remember, I could never really discern what happened after days of feeling like energetic crap, we just trust something higher came of it all.

My first reading of the day shined a light on something exciting.  I could see what looked like an incoming solar flare of energy permeating her entire left field, her physical life structure.  I was slightly confused by what I was seeing and feeling, yet the energy and communication from that energy was without a question from a solar release of the sun that was forth coming.

I had already checked before her reading and there was no information about even a possibility of new flares.  But yet, I was certain of what I was seeing.  It wasn’t until after we hung up and I went back and looked at did I get really excited inside.  They updated their website to say:

FAST-GROWING SUNSPOT: Two days ago, sunspot AR1723 did not exist. Now it sprawls nearly 100,000 km (8 Earth-diameters) across the sun’s southern hemisphere. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory is monitoring the sunspot’s rapid expansion.  AR1723 has a ‘beta-gamma’ magnetic field that harbors energy for M-class solar flares. If the magnetic field is changing as quickly as the underlying sunspot, it could become unstable and explode.

Instantly, the information coming from her reading and the broader spectrum of understanding happened!!  In my lovely lady’s reading, I knew this upcoming flare’s purpose was to ignite the energy of her physical life field to harness and connect her upcoming experiences.  This solar flare that was so prominent in her field was not touching her body and her field stated the last flare on the 11th served to ignite the codes that were needed within her DNA and because her ongoing choices are taking her to new experiences and enhancements in her physical life, this next solar flare is already lightening up her field of life.

And then I seen something I will never ever forget!!  Gotta love spirit and their visual humor.  We were then taken directly into the energy of the three upcoming eclipses.  The energy of the three eclipses has changed and has become a gel-like solid display on the field of life, but with its own twist.  I keep calling these eclipses a sandwich and the field played directly to that image.  Using yellow and white energy.

The eclipses on April and May 25th are lunar eclipses, I would have assumed the colors would be white, but nope, it is a beautiful yellow.  It is the middle one of May 10th, the solar eclipse that is made up of white energy.  This suddenly says so much about what we can anticipate within ourselves as we move thru this intense cycle.  The yellow (which in my world, depicts spirit/creator energy, the masculine energy of life) is sealed into the lunar energy (the feminine, the dreamer) and vise versa.  My lady’s imagery gave a fullness to this expanse in our time like nothing else could.

I could see her brightly glowing body being dropped into the middle of the first two eclipses.  I watched as she went feet first downwards, below the (perceived) ground and I could feel (but not yet see) her emerging on the other side, to what I call the second half of this eclipse series.  She was flat as a pancake.  I understood she went thru what felt like one of those old ringer washers… where you put the washed clothes between the two ringers and it squeezes the water out and pretty much flattens any clothes (I had one of these when my son was born.)

But equally, and quite excitedly, we did get understanding about what was taking place.  A solidification of the masculine and feminine into one full vibration.  But, equally, like the future solar flare was harnessed in expanding her spiritually created physical life, so is the rollers of this middle eclipse.  The only example I thought of giving of what this means to her and those of us who are in alignment with this process (there are other aspects to this eclipse energy too, depending on where you are in your application and choices within your spiritual life of living) imagine your coffee pot.  When the water runs over the grains of coffee, it produces, well, coffee.  Both the water and the grains are forever altered and fused together to create coffee…. so will be the masculine and feminine.

The ringers are serving to infuse the feminine and masculine into the new molecule of energy, but also, it harness its full potential in the created fields of life itself.  No more just sitting and feeling your spiritual Self, it will be involved fully with Life itself.  How… remains to be seen.

My next two wonderful Beings were undergoing a similar process, each in their own way and in their own phase of it… but it does gives us a fuller view of what is and has been happening since that dynamic new moon energy.

Until yesterday, I thought the only thing the new moon energy was doing was pushing you/us forward in life.  I was able to see the energy stream/force at people’s back but not much else, well, until yesterday that is!!  Holy seed energy batman!!

The seeds of the new, of the never before realized on earth, is being packed into your human bodies!!  Yesterday, I could see what else this massive stream of energy from the new moon is doing.  The seeds, like tiny translucent molecules of pure potential coming in thru the entire back/core of these wonderful people, filling them from head to toe.  While they were still being infused with all this new seed energy, the energies from our (perceived) future was held at bay.  I could still see the future energy assembling by this energetic divider purposely holding back the energy’s until all the seeds are in place and then… wham!!  It will be released and intense and the greatest form of miracle grow known to man.  Instant germination of whatever seeds are ready with the alignment of the persons field of life energy.

However, don’t go thinking these seeds work like the seeds of our gardens.. where you plop a broccoli seed into the ground, water it and it grows broccoli.  Not quite!  Your choices change the energy of the seeds themselves.  Lets say you have a broccoli seed that has germinated and you keep wanting peas… you are altering the pure energy of the seed and will end up brocpea (smile.)  Lets just say, a little less than its full potential.  However, if you consistently follow the streaming energy of the broccoli seed to its fullness on earth, you are going to have a broccoli like never experienced before.

This too, is part of our own training in this phase of our evolution.  To trust the energetic promptings that are coming from within, without question or hesitation.  That is what this 2nd quarter is all about.  Learning from our choices, laughing at the brocpea and changing the energy instantly to allow for the seed energy of the broccoli to be whatever its fullness is on earth, thru your spiritual garden of life.

Granted, we are not growing vegetables  but life experiences, connections, growth and so much more.

I have so much more to share, sadly, I woke up late again and I have class in 20 minutes.  I’ll pick back up tomorrow.

I am soooooo utterly excited about all this, about all you, god knows, together, we rock the clock off the walls of reality!!


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The Oracle Report – April 18, 2013 – Energy Report

The Oracle Report – Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment, April 18, 2013

The Oracle Report



First Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Leo

Today is about voices.  We are tuning in to our inner voice and are engaged in aligning with our paths.  Looking at what is going on with you, it may not appear that you are aligning with your path, but things are not what they appear to be today.  What’s important is that we are tuned in to the inner self.  There is a message for each of us in the air today.  To facilitate this, “drop out” as much as possible.  Dampen the outer chaos and practice the skill of the wise owl going inside the tree to peer out and listen.  Detach and do your own thing.  Of course, this doesn’t mean we ignore our responsibilities, but we alter our focus to take in the full message that Sophia is delivering through her emissary Chinnamasta.  Chinnamasta loves music so make sure you play some today.

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The Oracle Report

Universal Energy Forecast – Thursday April 18 2013 – Rush

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4MIN News – April 15, 2013 – NOAA Report: Dark Matter – Quiet Spaceweather

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Universal Energy Forecast – Tuesday April 2 2013 – Work/Job

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