JUDITH KUSEL – The Human Energy Field – via The Earth Plan – 7-18-19


Gold-speckled Platinum Light is something I find helpful as well. 

Source: Judith Kusel

We all have an energy field around our physical body, which looks like an egg. It is referred as the aura or the auric energy fields.

However, we have four bodies (four of the original 12, which get reactivated the higher our vibrational frequencies rise and the higher our evolutionary state of Being). The physical body, has the smallest energy field, followed by the emotional body, the Mental body and the spiritual body. The Spiritual is the largest and in some, who fully are activated spiritually, this energy field can stretch out for a kilometer or more. 

The energy fields have SENSORS and thus these sensors will give you constant feedback of all the energy fields you encounter and interact with. Not only people, but the environment as well and even Mother Earth and all her energy fields.



Interconnecting Energy Fields – 6-18-16





You are complex interconnecting fields of energy, including both light and sound. The various cells that comprise the organs and systems of your body emit sound vibrations – frequencies – that are complex and interconnect with other cells, thus creating complex cellular resonances… In fact the entire universe of your body is a walking symphony. You are luminous eggs of cascading energy, creating multiple cascading resonances of sound. Your body, for instance, is a standing wave pattern created through many forces, and these various standing waves that comprise your body are in resonance to the Earth, and are also affected by the resonant shifts that the Earth is going through.

We view consciousness as one continuum, from the highest vibratory levels where non-duality is the reigning principal, down through the realms of light into the realms of matter. There are vibratory boundaries, for sure, but the worlds of matter are just as “sacred” as the highest realms of light and pure consciousness.

Within you, the human, is a great mystery waiting to unfold itself and to bedazzle you. All that is needed is a touch of love. So love yourself. It is that simple. As your consciousness expresses itself through relationships you are given a powerful mirror that reflects back to you, your own unresolved issues.

dnaWe view consciousness as one continuum, from the highest vibratory levels where non-duality is the reigning principal, down through the realms of light into the realms of matter. There are vibratory boundaries, for sure, but the worlds of matter are just as “sacred” as the highest realms of light and pure consciousness.

By holding the expectation of miracles you release the power of creation within you, and to the extent that you accomplish this, you will find increasing incidences of serendipity, coincidences of benefit and unexpected treasures, whether they be physical in nature or mental and emotional. There are miracles waiting for you when you ask the unasked question, “What can I do here that will serve the greater good? What can I do here that will serve life’s deepest purpose through me?

Tom Kenyon – The Hathors

How does the pyramid energy works, how you can protect yourself

 from radiation, electromagnetic pollution and  how you can raise your vibration Here

Suzanne Lie – Mytre, The Pleiadian – Creating Multidimensional Thought-Forms and Energy Fields for Gaia’s Ascension – 9-6-15

Suzanne Lie  –   Mytre, The Pleiadian   –   Creating Multidimensional Thought-Forms and Energy Fields for Gaia’s Ascension   –   9-6-15



Dear volunteers to take an Earth vessel, we want you to know that we, your Galactic and Celestial family, are here. We are here on Earth, but we resonate to a slightly higher frequency pattern than humanity. This frequency pattern serves as a camouflage so that we can walk freely through your habitat zone without being seen.

However, if you expand your innate Multidimensional consciousness into the resonance of the fifth dimension, you can close your physical eyes and look through your Third Eye. When you “look” through your Third Eye you will have an awareness of our presence.

In other words, those who can expanded their consciousness, and hence their perceptions, into the frequency of the fifth dimension can perceive our presence. At first you will only perceive us as wavering energy fields because it will take a bit of your “time” to remember how to accept the fifth dimension into your perceptual field.

This process of consciously perceiving the fifth dimension will begin by honing your ability to consciously perceive Multidimensional thought-forms and energy fields. Multidimensional thought-forms (an individual creation) and Multidimensional energy fields (a collective creation) are initiated on the third dimension and quickly expand into the higher dimensions.

You will first perceive these thought-forms and energy fields in the etheric plane, which is the first resonance beyond the physical plane. These Multidimensional thought-forms and energy fields originate in the physical realm and expand into the higher dimensions.

Multidimensional thought-forms and energy fields are based on unselfish, higher frequency thoughts about the collective transmutation of Gaia and Her inhabitants. When the important ingredient of Unconditional Love, and a pinch of Violet Fire is added, a Multidimensional thought-form and/or energy field is created.

When you create a Multidimensional thought-form or energy field, you actually create a portal that originates in the third dimension and expands into the higher dimensions. This portal serves as a pathway Home to the higher dimensional reality of your choice.

But remember, if your thought-form or energy wave is for your personal gain it will only resonates to the third/fourth dimension. To make sure your thought/form is Multidimensional please remember to include Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants.

These inhabitants also include the dark Ones who have appeared to make your life too difficult. However, YOU are the creator of your life. You wrote into your pre-birth contract any engagement with the darkness that was necessary for you to fully transmute your entire cycle of incarnations on Gaia’s Earth.

You came to Gaia within this NOW to transmute any residue of darkness from your myriad Earthly incarnations. Most important, you are transmuting that residue, not for your personal Self, but for the planet.

When you choose to serve your planet in this manner, your consciousness expands from personal consciousness to planetary consciousness. This point is vital for you to understand because if you have the selfish goal of “getting off this planet,” you will not expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension.

Most important, you will not be of assistance to planetary Ascension if you are creating selfish thought-forms, which can only resonate to the mid-fourth dimension. Throughout your present incarnation you have been clearing your personal energy field by mastering your lessons of “cause and effect.”

The Law of Cause and Effect is “Energy out is ALWAYS energy back.” Simply, that Law states that which you send into your reality will return to you. If you have a lower frequency of consciousness, it will take more “time” for what you send out to return.

It is for this reason that the power-over Ones have not had their energy fields return to them yet. However, the Lost Ones cannot expand their consciousness, even into the fourth dimension, for the effects of their causes are awaiting them in that frequency of reality.

Those of you who have achieved a degree of mastery of the Law of Cause and Effect, are beginning to have experiences of the fifth dimensional return/effect from your Multidimensional causes. In other words, you are remembering how to create Multidimensional thought-forms and energy fields.

When you were first learning to be the creator of your reality, you unconsciously sent out fear-based thought-forms, such as “I don’t have enough.” Then, “not enough” would return to you. Fortunately, over your “time” you realized your mistake and began to listen to your thoughts before you sent them out into your world.

You have learned that if you sent out “thanksgiving for what you already have,” you can release all fear of loss and create abundance by being thankful for what you have. In that manner, you have gained this degree of mastery of one of Gaia’s primary operational constructs of energy out equals energy back.

Therefore, you have moved into the realization that your every thought and emotion joins into powerful thought-forms to create the matrix on which your present personal or collective incarnation is based.

Fortunately, your growing mastery of cause and effect has taught you that when you put out positive thought-forms and energy fields, they will return to you. It is through the practice of this law of “if you want something – give it to another,” your life begins its transmutation into higher and higher states of consciousness.

As you move into higher consciousness, you will begin to perceive higher frequencies of reality. Through these higher dimensional perceptions, you remember more and more about your higher dimensional SELF. These perceptions will likely be captured with your opened Third and/or High Heart.

You will use your Third Eye and High Heart, because your physical eyes are not calibrated to recognize this frequency of reality as “real.” Your physical brain is calibrated to perceive the fifth dimension as “just your imagination.” But remember, your “imagination” is your fifth dimensional thought.

We, myself, Mytre and the Arcturian, stand before you in our fifth dimensional Lightbody. That is, I am in my fifth dimensional Lightbody, but the Arcturian remains in a formless shape that wavers up and down the frequency scale of reality.

The Arcturian is shifting frequencies to remind you that we, you, and all life is Multidimensional. Also, the Arcturians seldom lower their energy package below the tenth dimension. Soon, you – the members of our Away Team – will seldom lower your frequency below your Lightbody.

Of course, “soon” is a third dimensional, time-bound word. Hence, it has no meaning in the realms of the NOW. We ask you to meditate for a moment, to expand your consciousness beyond time. Yes, it is quite simple for you now. Your challenge has shifted to remaining within the constrictions of time.

This challenge will soon relate to all of our volunteers, as your NOW to return to your SELF is approaching. However, we cannot give you a “time” because the shift is not about time, it is about frequency.

When you fully remember and gain a degree of mastery of your Multidimensional consciousness, you will be able to be within time, as well in the NOW. However, then you will appear to the time-bound Ones in the same manner as we appear to you – as wavering forms of Light.

As you begin to experience fifth dimensional transmissions while you are also engaged in your habitual 3D/4D consciousness, you will have brief experiences of “blinking out” of whatever 3D experience you were having.

Since your physical brain is unable to adhere to that higher frequency of information, you will need to remember to store your higher communications in your Multidimensional Mind before you fully return to your 3D reality.

Your Multidimensional Mind is able to experience both the physical and the higher dimensional realities within the same NOW. Likely, it will take some “practice” as well as a conscious connection with your Higher Self to integrate your fifth dimensional experiences into your physical life.

It is at this point of Multidimensional integration that your process of creating and/or reading Multidimensional thought-forms will be so very helpful. These Multidimensional thought-forms are actually portals that can guide your consciousness along a “sequential path” in which you can slowly adapt to each frequency of reality before you move on to the next.

You have all had fourth dimensional experiences via your dreams, which speak a “symbolic” language that can be difficult to understand. A Multidimensional thought-form is a pure energy field that you may or may not be conscious of experiencing.

That is, your third dimensional Self may NOT be conscious of that experience, but your fourth and fifth dimensional Self will be. You physical Self may experience a “glitch in time,” “spacing out,” and/or moments of forgetfulness.

However, that is actually a moment of remembering the Multidimensional YOU that was forgotten in the rush of daily life. Therefore, we recommend that you begin each day by allowing yourself to re-connect with your Multidimensional SELF.

We recommend that you find a time, even if it is not at the top of the day, in which you can take at least 15 minutes to tune into your SELF. If you can establish a ritual, such as:

Go to the same place at the same time
Bring some means by which you can write your experience
If you enjoy music, play some soft music
Read something spiritual for a moment to “shake off the 3D”
Close your eyes and reflect on what you have read
With your hands on the keyboard, or your pen in hand on the paper,
relax and breathe into a higher/relaxed state of consciousness
To get started, you can always write something like:
“Dear ONE, (Higher SELF etc.) Do you have a message for me NOW?
Relax and release all expectation or thinking
Allow the pen to write, or your hands to move on the keyboard
If you stay with that simple plan, you will gradually build a personal relationship with your Higher SELF. It is helpful to do this exercise at the same time and same place every time.

If you can maintain this commitment every day for 21 days, you will create a “habit.” Then, if you skip a day you will “miss that time with your SELF.” You will also realize the importance of keeping your promise with your SELF.

If you cannot have this meeting every day, then try to be consistent with the days that you choose so that you can “keep you agreement to meet with your SELF.” Remember YOU are important and Gaia needs YOU!

Once you remember how to communicate with your Multidimensional SELF, your “channel” – meaning the frequency field of your energy package – will be open to all the myriad Galactics, Celestials and Ascended Masters that are NOW ready to communicate with YOU!

Blessings, dear ONES who took an Earth vessel to assist Gaia.
We thank you for your service and commend you for your courage.

Mytre, The Pleiadian

Source:Mytre, The Pleiadian: Creating Multidimensional Thought-forms and Energy Fields for Gaia’s Ascension. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. September 6, 2015. http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.co.uk/

Suzanne Lie – The Arcturians – Events within the Now of the Spring Equinox – 3-6-15


Suzanne Lie

It is the NOW of Amazing Energy Fields are Entering our Life

Questions and Answers with the Arcturians


Question: I feel like there is something really big coming. Is that correct?

Arcturians: You are very correct that there is a major activation that is coming into Beingness around, during and after what you would call the “time” of the Spring Equinox. There are two reasons why this activation energy field is being released around that moment of the NOW.


One reason is because it is the Spring Equinox, which signals the end of the long winter and the beginning of Spring. Hence, it is a Now in which people are more happy than usual. People who have suffered through long winters, just as with the winter in the Northeast of the United States, are happy to welcome the return of Spring.

Winter represents the season in which whatever is too old or has reached the end of it cycle is released form the 3D Matrix. On the other hand, Spring is a time of birth and rebirth. New animals are born and plants that slept through the long winter blossom into the “flowers” of Spring.

During this Spring Equinox many of the old ways of thinking and perceiving must be “let go” as they will not fit the new paradigm. Spring of 2015 will welcome new way of thinking so that you can perceive the higher dimensions.

Of course, your thoughts influence your perceptions – AND your perceptions influence your thoughts. When your thoughts are, “Okay, NOW we are going into the next phase” they influence your perceptions to be aware of what they will discover in the new season. Then, as more and more people perceive a shift, it makes it safer for others to allow their new hopes and desires to manifest.

Hence, as the Winter ends and Spring begins there is an opportunity for new thoughts and new expectations to enter your consciousness. Once you expect something new, you will look for signs of something new and fresh to enter your reality. Therefore, Spring is a perfect moment of the NOW to bring in energy fields that are filled with Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.


Along with that beginning of Spring is the Solar Eclipse that is occurring within the same NOW. A Solar Eclipse represents a reset. You are all aware that sometimes your computers will get confused, and you have to turn them off to reset the system. Then turn them on again.

When you reset the Sun with an eclipse it is very different than when you reset the Moon. However, the Solar Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse are close to each other within your time zone. The Solar, male, Sun, represents the initiation of the shift from the current energy field into a higher frequency energy field.

The Lunar Eclipse, female, brings in and absorbs the energy fields that you have been living in from the time between the Solar and the Lunar Eclipse. In that “in between” you have a chance to integrate the energy into your body, your consciousness, your perceptions and your daily life.


Another very important influence on this incoming energy field is that Uranus and Pluto in the sky are finally completing their dance of squaring each other by being 90 degrees apart from each other in the sky. In order to best explain the meaning of “Pluto square Uranus”, we will look at the two planets individually.

Pluto represents an extreme transmutation of a given energy field. We say “extreme” because with Pluto transmutation something often needs to “die.” In other words, some component of the old energy field will need to be completely released and cross over into the next dimension. Uranus represents “do it NOW.”

Therefore the release of certain energy patterns will be released within the NOW of the end of the Winter cycle and beginning of the Spring cycle of the Solar Eclipse.


Now, let us look at the sign in which each of these planets are currently residing. The sign of a planet is the “energy field” which is constantly influencing that planet.

Both Pluto and Uranus have been in their “signs” for half of the cycle of that sign. (15 degrees of the 30 degrees of each sign.) Pluto is in Capricorn. Among other things, Capricorn represents world governments. Pluto is half way through its process of the transmutation process of world governments.

Uranus is in Aries, which among other things represents new beginnings, new births. Uranus is half way through the process of “new birth.” Therefore, the signs of the planets say, “Transmutation of world governments is occurring NOW.”


A square, 90 degrees apart, represents potential power. Each aspect can be represented like rivers. A conjunction, 10 degrees, is like two rivers travelling side by side. A trine, 120 degrees, is the best way for two rivers to merge into one river and a square, 90 degrees, is much like a waterfall. If you try to ignore that you are coming to a waterfall, you could easily drown. However, if you build a dam at the base of the waterfall, you will gain great power.

To summarize, Uranus is ready to bring in the transit NOW to begin a NEW way of thinking and perceiving reality. The energy of Uranus cannot be ignored, as it WILL influence your life whether or not you are ready. The energy of Pluto, on the other hand, is very quiet, but moves into your deepest and highest states of consciousness to transmute your experiences and reactions to life

Uranus says, “It is the NOW. Personally you don’t get a choice. You are part of a bigger system and this bigger system says this is the Now.” Pluto says, “I am here NOW to transmute world government.”

When you put Pluto and Uranus 90 degrees apart they say, “Great transmutations of world government are occurring NOW. If you are not aware of this fact you may be ‘cast about’ by the process of change. However, if you can openly embrace this change, you can connect with the power you have within.”

Uranus says, “There is not choice. It is the NOW,” and Pluto says, “Whatever cannot be transmuted must be released.” Therefore, the combination of these many, simultaneous energy fields represent a radical reboot to transmute the structure of personal, governmental and planetary consciousness.

Question/Comment: This is the last square of the seven. The Pluto/Uranus square – this is the last of the seven.

Arcturian Answer: Seven, of course, is a very powerful number. The number 7 often represents the seeker of the truth (Uranus), and is willing to overturn every rock to find that truth (Pluto). Seven is a metaphysical, and hence a Multidimensional, number.

Much like Plutonian energy, the number 7 often represents alchemical changes. There are great alchemical changes that will begin to occur on a cellular level. In fact the changes will begin at the level of the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, as these 3D elements transmute into 5D Elementals.

Therefore, as reality begins to shift, it shifts at the very beginnings of ALL life. Everything on Planet Earth is a member of the Elemental Kingdom, thus everything is shifting. Those who are aware and prepared for the re-boot will shift as quickly as their physical bodies and psychological brain waves are able to embrace. Then it will be their assignment to assist others with their re-boot.

The re-boot will move through states of consciousness, which is why we instructed Suzille to write the long series on “States of Consciousness,”which began in January of 2015 on this blog. We want people to realize that different states of consciousness activate different perceptions.

Humans, even our own Emissaries to Earth of whom you have spoken, will not be able to perceive these shifts unless they are in a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness, which would be at Delta or preferably and Gamma Wave Consciousness.

During this process it will be helpful if you allow your body to rest. Remember, when your computer is re-booting you are unable to use it. It may feel similar with your human form. Do not fight the feeling. Instead, meditate, relax, laugh with friends, eat sparsely and get a lot of sleep.

In other words, the elements of your body will need to be still. Then you can meditate to expand your consciousness into a higher frequency of awareness. The energies will enter your form via your Pineal Gland, but the process will occur in your Multidimensional Mind.

Your Multidimensional Mind will better grasp the situation as it resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond. Once the perception of your re-boot is stored in your Multidimensional Mind it can later be downloaded into your third-dimensional brain. Your Multidimensional Mind can accept the entire hit at once because it will come in as a blast of the Now.

Your 3D brain or the 3D body could be harmed by that sudden download. Therefore, the energy will first go into the Multidimensional Mind where it is all stored in your personal “external hard drive.” Then your physical brain, the computer for the third-dimensional vehicle, can gradually download what your state of consciousness and physical form can safely accept.

Each of you will download what is in alignment with your personal mission first and then move on to Gaia’s planetary mission. It is important that you all hold your own pieces of the picture. Then you will be called on to connect in Planetary Consciousness in order to gain the entire energy package. Only while you are in “Planetary Unity Consciousness,” will you be able to put together the pieces of this huge, planetary “jigsaw puzzle.”

Finishing this jigsaw puzzle will take what you as humans perceive as time, but we as Arcturians and we as Galactics all perceive as “The Now.” Those that are in communion with their fifth dimensional – and beyond – expressions of SELF, will also receive the energy within the Now.

Those of you who are consciously connected with your Multidimensional SELF will be able to experience a unique experience of feeling this energetic download in the Now. But you will also recognize that it will take “time” for this translation of energy to be shared on the third and fourth dimension.

Question: Is there a danger we need to prepare for?

Arcturians: We do not feel danger. If you are afraid, your consciousness will drop and you will miss the entire experience. However, if you embrace the energy filed of Unconditional Love and encircle yourself in the Violet Fire, your transmutation will feel like infinite Love and transmutation – which it IS!

To assure a calmer experience, practice holding Unconditional Love while you encircle yourself with Violet Fire. The Violet Fire encircling you allows you to step down any transmutation process in a manner that does not damage your physical form, frighten your emotional body and/or confuse your mental body.

Also, focus on your Multidimensional Mind so that your 3D brain doesn’t get upset trying to take in an energy field that is beyond time and try to place it into your 3D brain, which is prepared to accept that frequency of energy.

There are certain protections and firewalls that occur at certain levels of initiation. As we have said, we have downloaded a fragment of our Multidimensional Essence into the physical bodies of our “Volunteers to Ascending Earth.” This download is more than just DNA. We/YOU have actually sent a percentage of the essence of your higher dimensional SELF into the Earth vessel you are currently wearing.

Therefore, our “Volunteers to Earth” have two sets of DNA. One is in the third and fourth dimension and the other is fifth-dimension. These two frequencies of DNA are intertwined, but your third dimensional machines can only view the 3D strands DNA.

You, our Volunteers, will be among the initial holders of these new energy fields because you have already spent your entire life holding two different frequencies of DNA. The component of your DNA that will contain this energy is what has been called “Junk DNA.” This DNA, erroneously labeled as junk, is actually 97% of your DNA, which contains small, Multidimensional wormholes that are the foundation of your Lightbody.

It is through these wormholes that you will integrate the energy field of the Eclipse, as well as all the other marvelous energies stored in your Multidimensional Mind. When you are ready, you will slowly release your fifth dimensional essence into your 3D brain, and then into your 3D body via the “wormholes” of your Junk DNA.

Question: Is it true that our process begins when we merge our thoughts and emotions to create thoughtforms of Ascension?

Arcturians: Yes, Because of the transmutational energy fields you are moving into your fifth-dimensional consciousness. Then your fifth-dimensional consciousness will greatly accelerate your powers of manifestation. However, you will need to BE the master of your thoughts and emotions because “What you think about, you will bring about.”

Also, when you couple your thoughts with your emotions, you create thoughtforms that precede you through your life. In this manner you can remember how to be the Creator of your own life. Do you remember how often your fell when your learned to walk or how difficult it was to learn to talk? In a manner, you are going through that same process NOW.

You are remembering how to walk into and communicate with a higher frequency of reality that you have largely forgotten. Therefore, you will likely become confused or doubt yourself, which is when you call in Unconditional Love and the Violet Fire.

The Unconditional Love will allow you to “make mistakes” without any judgment, and the Violet Fire will aid you with your transmutation back to your true Lightbody. Many of our dear Volunteers to Ascending Earth are remembering that time is an illusion and that living in the NOW greatly assists their conscious reconnection with their true, Multidimensional SELF in the higher frequencies of reality.

Blessings Dear Ascending ONES

The Arcturians

The Arcturians – Events within the NOW of the Spring Equinox. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. March 3, 2015. http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.co.uk/

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Manly P. Hall – Mental Control of the Energy Fields of the Body

Sanestal·102 videos


Aisha North – A History of Creation, Part 1 – New Understanding of Reality

Aisha North Blog

Dear friends!

Last week, I started to receive what the CCs refer to as “double helpings”, extra messages in addition to The manuscript. These messages differ from the usual ones, and the first one that I was guided to post, was the “update” to the sixth Gathering. I was told that the rest of this information was to be posted after the Gathering, and here is the first installment of it. The CCs have given them a title, they call it “A history of Creation”. I do not know how many parts there will be, nor how long The manuscript will continue. All I know is that I will be given “double helpings”  for a while. So without further ado, as the CCs like to say, here is Part 1:

So let us begin this narrative by focusing on a field that we know you hold close to your heart, namely the origin of the atom, or rather, the origin of mass. For mass is nothing but energy, and that is  a concept that has been misunderstood in so many ways through the history of mankind. These small particles of energy in motion did not find their way into human consciousness for a very long time because they cannot be seen, cannot be perceived, and as such, it took you all a very long time before you even noticed them all about you. But now, as you are becoming well versed in the properties of these energetic building stones of life, we are going to take you all even further. For you have searched and searched for that elusive little particle you call the Higgs Boson, and even if you seem to have found traces of it, there is still so much that you fail to comprehend. That is understandable, for much of what is the real driving force behind all of this, is invisible, not only to the human eye, but also to all of the technical equipment you have developed so far. But what if we say that you will be able to see it with your naked eye, and the reason for this, is indeed the faculties that have been implanted into your brain during these last intense upgradings.

As we have often stated, mankind lives within a very narrow box, where the so-called laws of nature are determined as constant and unchangeable. Well, let us just say welcome to the brand new world, where nothing can be deemed as unchangeable ever again. For matter is energy and energy is always malleable, and when you start to access the levels that all of us are frequenting, you will see just how malleable it all is. Nothing is constant and nothing lasts forever, or rather, everything constantly IS, but in a changeable state that is flicking on and off at a speed far, far surpassing the so-called speed of light. Let us just add that the speed of light is nothing like you have clocked it in at. Or rather, according to your measuring capabiites, it is just that, but that is because you cannot see how the light particles really move. At times, they seem to stand still, but then suddenly, they make what can only be defined as a quantum leap. So you are in between these states of NOW and FOREVER, and between them, everything is passing back and forth, like small energetic packages of information, constantly talking to each other, constantly changing and morphing and evolving.

It is like a blip on the screen, and then it is gone, only to reappear at a completely different set of coordinates in space. So perhaps this will start to give you a small insight on how we are able to be in your vicinity while not here at all? And why we can see you clearly, but you cannot see us. As we have said on more than one occasion, all of space is so crowded, that if everything was visible at the same time, you would not find a way to move. Or rather, you would feel as if every single molecule of space is filled with something, and therefore, what comprises you, also comprises so much else, and it would be hard to find a way to navigate through this soup of energy. For this is indeed the case, as what you see, is only a wafer thin layer of ALL that is. For all that is, is all occupying the same space, but you are all confined to a single layer of an uncounted number of layers all occupying the same space. So what you may refer to as endless space, as in a huge distance if measured in meters or even  light years, is actually much, much smaller, at least when you measure in your forms of length and width. But if you measure it our way, it is actually an immensely compact sphere of ”reality” all packed together within very, very little space. But spread out within this sphere is an infinite number of layers.

We know this will be hard wrap your heads around, but if you think that when you look out into the night sky, you see everything as if it is far, far away. But what if we tell you that all you need to do to connect with all of this, is to literally reach out your hand and touch it? For it is not far away, it is HERE, but it is superimposed on a layer so that it will seem an infinite distance from you. You are space as well, but you are already IN space, and space is a measurable quantity. For space is ENERGY, not distance, and as such, it can be made to LOOK distanced from you, but it is not that. For space equals energy equals a morphogenic field. In other words, space is nothing but a defined quantity of energy occupying the smallest available space. For energy does not need space to BE, it just IS, no matter how large or how small it appears to the human eyes and indeed brain. So next time your scientists talks about the immensity of space, think rather about the infinite possisbilites of space, and know that you can access every single part of it from the very comfort of your home ;–)

Everything is indeed energy, but the illusion that it creates, is that there is such a thing as mass. For when you have mass, you need space in which to contain it. But energy does not need any space at all, it just IS. Hence the origin of the big bang. It started out from a pinprick, a mere speck, all in one dimension, or rather non-dimension, and then it started to unveil from there. But it is all just an illusion, a semblance of something tangible with width, depth, height and so on, and then every single object is put into context with all of these other imaginary objects, creating Creation. After all, it lies in the name, does it not? For it is all CREATED, it is all created from energy, but it is all an illusion, something that can be changed and morphed and moved about at will.

And who creates all of this, who is God? God is creation, it is the will of this whole energy, the sole purpose, or rather, the SOUL purpose. It is there to BE, it is an energy that is to BE, to BE in every way imaginable, and then some. It is creating at all times, for that is what it IS. It is creating in all dimensions and in all states, it is malleable and living, it is you, and you are it, and together, it is everything. It is the one single source, the god essence, the living entity, the ALL, the breath, the sound, the touch, the fear, the anger, the joy, the love, the hatred, it IS all that, and more. It is here to simply be, and it wants to BE everything. And so, it lives and it creates, for creation is what it is all about.

And who are you? You are IT too, in one defined form, but now, that form is being shifted and shaped into a brand new you. Yes, we know this word is offensive, but this is ALL a game, whether you ”live” on planet Earth or anywhere else, for we are all players in the same game, we are all equal, and we are here to BE just that little defined part of it all. It is like tasting different tastes, or looking at different colors, trying out different clothes or sexes, or sizes or what have you. It is just about creating as many varieties as possible, all connected within this infinitesimally small bubble labeled All of Creation.

It is not huge, but it is endless. It does not take up any more space than a single particle of a single atom, yet, it covers everything, because it encompasses everything that you can imagine, and then some. But it is all an illusion, indeed a sort of hologram, but a living, breathing hologram, all put together for the enjoyment of itself. And you are a part of this, for this is you just as much as it is me or anyone else. I am you, and you are me, and we are you, and you are us, and together, we are IT, the essence, the living, breathing organism that is just ONE. One single point of light, creating itself again and again into EVERYTHING.

So lest you should think your mind is going off the rails, it is not, you are simply being connected to the ONE again, and so you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt just who you are. You are EVERYTHING, yet you are one single person. You are here, and you ARE, yet still, you are not. This is all a game, this is all about setting into motion things and beings that will CREATE themselves, by making them come about and then setting them all up to interact in a way that enlarges the possibilities a hundredfold. For this is all a quantum field of possibilities, and Creation must strive to try them all, and so, all of this is also a huge part of this game.

For you are in the middle of a game-change, you are being put through a very different sort of experience, whereas you are being transformed from one sort of player to a very different one, all amidst the old set up. And not all of the players are going through the same changes, as this will also heigten the number of variables once again. It may sound callous, but as you already know, it is nothing short of magical.

And what will the outcome of all of this be? Well, let us just say Heaven knows. Or rather, the odds are high indeed that this planet will make an abrupt about turn to a sphere of vibration it has not yet been. In other words, the taste or the flavor is already changing, and it is changing into something that will be infinitely more palatable to the majority of beings gathered here. For even if this is indeed an illusion, it is one where every single player is a conscious part of it, and even if not one of them have the full picture, still, they are very much an intrinsic part of this. We think you will find that in the time ahead, you will see glimpses of the behind the scenes work in a very different way than before, because now you KNOW, and you will start to see through is very, very thin layer of ”reality”, and you will start to see the other ones behind them. But again, they are no more ”real” than this one, but still they are all a part of this plan. And now, the plan is to converge these hitherto separate planes and create something very new.

It is about CREATING, it is about energy wanting to BE EVERYTHING, and that is what it is doing. It is being you, it is being a tree, it is being water, ice, fire and everything in between. It is being a smell, it is being a sound, it is being both at the same time for that matter. So rest your minds now, and let yourself be as free as you can, and enjoy the ride!

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For book sales of my new book “Axis Mundi” on secure seller Createspace.com click: https://www.createspace.com/3823477

Also available at Lyon’s Books in Chico. This video was one of the first ones I made. It is about my hometown. I made it in 2009. Please see the update about the Chico Labyrinth.

This small California town shares all of the geomantic alignments and history of much larger cities. Chico has a classic Axis Mundi design established by the city’s founder John Bidwell. Chico is but one of several significant points along the latitude of the Mason Dixon Line. Chico is also aligned with the octagon of the International Peace Garden

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Intuitive researcher and lecturer David Wilcock discussed his prophetic dreams and confirmations of major social realignment beginning this fall, potential for an ET disclosure from the U.S. government, and new information that evolution is driven by galactic energy fields. His series of dreams depicted an asteroid being moved into position in order to wipe out part of the Earth’s population, and then a huge apparition of the Virgin Mary stopping the asteroid with her hand. He views this imagery symbolically, and suggested that it represents the Illuminati’s plan to reduce the world’s population through economic collapse, Swine Flu, and war & conflagration. His “inside sources” have informed him that America is on the verge of a horrific set of economic events, including the dismantling of the Federal Reserve.

But the Illuminati’s agenda could be halted by a full-scale disclosure of the ET presence, Wilcock asserted. His sources have told him that such a disclosure is planned to occur before the end of 2009, and a 2-hour international TV special has already been booked that will introduce an alien species, similar to humans, to the world. Yet, a variety of ET species are visiting the Earth, including the Annunaki, who are reptilian in appearance, and a controlling force behind the Illuminati, he continued.

The entire solar system is undergoing change as a galactic wave or energy field comes in, making the planets hotter, brighter and more magnetic, said Wilcock. This wave is pushing humanity to evolve to the next level or frequency, he added. But according to his sources, a spacecraft was secretly sent out to study the wave, and it was determined it will lead to planetary cataclysm between 2012-2017.


David Wilcock is a professional intuitive consultant who, since reading Richard C. Hoagland’s “The Monuments of Mars” in 1993, has intensively researched ufology, ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. He is the author of a critically acclaimed trilogy of scientific research works, known as the Convergence series, which gives definitive support to the idea that a change in matter, energy and consciousness is now occurring on the Earth and throughout the solar system.

Wilcock has appeared on broadcast television, lectured throughout the United States and Japan, published a variety of magazine articles and appeared on numerous radio talk shows. He is the co-author of the book “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce,” now available in bookstores nationwide, and a summary of his latest scientific work appears therein, where a breakthrough case for mass, spontaneous DNA evolution on Earth is unveiled. David is also an accomplished musician and composer within a variety of styles, including jazz-fusion, meditative and world music.

Body Language Secrets… How To Be More Confident

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Hey guys. I am going to explain a cool breathing exercise to open up your back. What does it mean to open up your back?
It means most of us have a rib cage that’s held in extension because of fear patterns, , protective behavior, and even when we are slouched over with a poor posture this can help, it’s going to help if you’ve got a posture that’s really slumped over. Your body language will show are more confident.
It’s going to help if you’ve got an extended position with your posture, therefore help with your breathing mechanics. You have the diaphragm which is sort of like a balloon-shaped muscle under the rib cages. It attaches to the spine, to all the organs, the organs hang off it, and it goes up and down when you are breathing, so it’s mobilizing your organs, and so it’s massively important to your posture and body language.
Your breathing is massively important to your heart field, your energy fields here, , the amount of energy that you can get into the body if you want to look at it purely biology-wise. Although there is a video on my blog about this, biologists are now looking at fields, explaining how our organs and our bodies know what to do when we are born, so that is cool, so check it out.
How To Become More Confident By Changing Your Body Language

So here is a quick exercise to do. You can do ten reps every day, and that’s all you are going to need to do. You are going to put your back up against the wall, bend your knees. You are going to take a big breath in, phsssssssss, and then you are going to let yourself hang down, phhhhhhhhh, and let all the air go out, and you’re leading with the shoulders and your arms. Then you take a big breath in here, and you are thinking about breathing into the back area, phssssssssssss, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, each time, lowering yourself down a little bit more, psssssssssss, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Let your head relax, shoulders relax, psssssssssssss, aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, psssssssssssss, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, pssssssssssssss, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and gently come up, oooh, a bit of a head rush, and what you would have seen there, and it’s improved since I started doing it about a week ago is it gets harder as you go down because you are closing, closing out the ability for the rib cage to open up at the front because you are squashing it.
Body Language boost…

Yogis knew this thousands of years ago, so , we are just playing catch up, but you saw the only way my rib cage could expand was by kind of opening up on the back, and getting that expansion will help your posture massively, and therefore your body language will change. You know how important breathing is and being able to get a full breath in, because the body, as you breath in, is analyzing all the areas of the spine to see if there are any dysfunctions or any restrictions, and then it can work on these restrictions itself because the body heals itself, so, just a quick, cool, exercise to do. I mean maybe do five reps and that’s enough, and not only if you’ve got the oxygen in, but it’s going to open up the rib cage, which will make your chest look better, your stomach will flatten, your shoulders will sit better, posture is better, etc., etc., so enjoy that and, I think I am going to put this on Facebook. If you’d LIKE the page, I would love that because how social media is these days, and any comments just post them underneath. I am going to be responding a lot more on Facebook because it’s just easier in one place, and I will speak to you soon.