Gaia Portal – Eyes are opened on all levels of Gaia as unfoldment of Gifting Energies occurs


Eyes are opened on all levels of Gaia as unfoldment of Gifting Energies occurs.

Such energetics present to all of hu-manity gifts of awakening, also to be called “Gifts of Prime Consciousness”.

Subsequent unveiling presents actualities of Ascension as needed.

Clandestine “rabbit habitats” are no longer supported and unfold in an inner to outer, quickly.

Balance among Hue-Beings is suggested at this time.

Wes Annac – Heightened Energy – A Balanced Ego – 11-22-13


Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

The recommended audio version of this article can be found here.

Vibrant spiritual energy is in the air right now, and we can make an effort to attune to it and feel its amazing effects because we’re unlimited vessels for it.

I have a feeling that we’ve always been meant to access and benefit from the pure energy we have the full ability to absorb, and I can say from personal experience that tapping into it not only feels wonderful, but provides numerous benefits for us along our journey.

Can you feel the good vibration in the air? Has it been as brimming and blatant for you as it has been for me? I feel like this vibration we’re being given is becoming purer by the day, and this goes along with what we’ve been told by our higher-dimensional sources.

For me, one of the biggest effects this increasingly pure energy is having is on my expression. Thoughts, ideas and feelings are flowing through me quite effortlessly, and as I’ve said in the past, I’d almost feel selfish not to share this overflow of positive energy and resulting clear-headedness with you all.

I’ve been enjoying articulating myself more with each day that passes, and as is probably clear, I’ve felt led to expand this articulation by recording audio clips and things of that nature much more. It feels great to say the least to be a part of this growing movement of conscious people looking to establish a new paradigm, and it feels even better to be able to contribute as directly as I’m blessed to be able to.

The energy being delivered to our planet from the higher dimensions seems to be getting purer as humanity subsequently rises in consciousness, and I have a feeling that I’m not the only one being vastly affected, for better or worse, by the latest round of it.

I couldn’t talk about this energy without mentioning that it has and will continue to test us immensely, and for me, this testing is coming about in a way that’s intended to see me release the final vestiges of ego that desire control over my experience.

As we’re beginning to learn, ego and some of its derivatives, such as materiality, aren’t necessarily “bad” things. The ego is the mind, which comes from a place of identity, and seems necessary for us to Live under and utilize as we go about this experience.

It’s the extent to which we let ego or materialistic desires overpower and run us that determine their potential malevolence, but they can be appreciated and worked with in a healthy and balanced manner to produce an enjoyable Life.

If we Live from a constant place of ego and self-service, we’ll only make our Lives harder until we learn the reality and importance of acting from the sacred heart space and utilizing ego in the healthy and balanced manner it’s intended to be utilized in.

Letting materiality consume us only turns us into consumerist zombies, but consumerism itself doesn’t have to be all-out rejected. My objective isn’t to argue in favor of consumerism here, but to offer a different perspective of it that I’m certainly not the first to offer (thanks to comedian Russell Brand for the inspiration).

Technically, you’re “consuming” this article as you read these words. Is that necessarily a bad thing?

I think that this heightened energy is leading us to see different concepts, such as ego and materiality, in a newer and perhaps more balanced light. You’re encouraged not to let yourself be consumed by material things or desires, but I don’t think we’re intended to deny ourselves certain aspects of our Earthly experience that simply come with the territory.

The heightened energy is also leading the aforementioned growing number of conscious people to step up and proclaim our dissatisfaction with the old paradigm in the various forms it’s come about, as displayed by the recent global protest against the mainstream media (though it’s certainly not the only thing displaying this).

Geopolitical and spiritual awareness are growing as we’re led to understand various things in a new light, and as always, I look forward to seeing where this interesting time takes us.

Wes Annac – Blessed to be here with you all.

Caroline Aguiar – Clearing Our Energy Fields


Starlight Journeys Blog

Written by Caroline Aguiar

Last week, Hilarion’s message, channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff of the Rainbow Scribe blog site, really grabbed my attention because it centered around the importance of clearing our energy fields, and this is something that I feel I must do every single day.

Many of us are becoming quite sensitive to the energies around us.  We feel a heightened sensitivity to other people’s energy, earth energy, or even the residual energies of places such as rooms, buildings, public places like shopping malls, hospitals, and so on.

I must admit, during the last full moon, I believe it was Friday November 15th, the moon was not full yet, but I was driving home at night, with a long two-hour drive ahead of me, but I was not alone, as the moon traveled along with me, and I felt her strong energies shining down upon the earth, and perhaps my car as I sped along. Never before had I felt such intensity coming from the full moon, and I was quite literally overwhelmed with feelings of femininity, strength, clarity, and love.

I felt an urge to break into song, so I sang a little, which further opened my heart to the captivating life force, in what I felt was a connection with the divine feminine, and all life.

My eyes were mesmerized with the moon’s beauty, and brightness which literally lit up the highway, and me. This also proved to be a little dangerous, as I really needed to focus on keeping my eyes on winding road ahead of me.

We are well aware, there are energies around us at all times.  As we become more sensitive to their presence we “feel” more, and at times this can be joyous, and also, it can be overwhelming, especially if we sense nervous energy which isn’t ours.  Perhaps suddenly we find ourselves feeling, anxious, or angry for no apparent reason, and the purpose of my writing to you today is to share some of the ways, which I personally use on a daily basis to clear my energy field.  This also helps when we are feeling tired from the daily routine, maybe a little sad, or down in the dumps.

I also wanted to thank Marlene and Hilarion for their beautiful message which can be read here:  by Marlene Swetlishoff

At the end of this post, I’ve listed a reference, and a few ideas for clearing our energy fields, I hope this helps.  It sure helps me, and like I said in a previous post not long ago: epsom salt, sage, and Florida water have become my new best friends.

Hilarion’s message also mentioned envisioning the violet flame around your energy field which transmutes energies that are not your own, which will help clear your energy field.  Hilarion says in the Nov. 17th message:

As you walk your daily path, be mindful of the thoughts and feelings streaming into your consciousness as some of these may not be from your own life stream but rather from those around you. It is important that you start each day by clearing your own energy field so that when you venture out into the activities of life upon your world you will know when strange thoughts and feelings enter your field and you can discern that it comes from others. At those moments, visualize the violet flame burning and purifying these thoughts and feelings and send them into the Great Central Sun for transmutation and recycling back into light. Many of you are much too sensitive to the energies of others and also the Earth’s energies and need to practice self-protection and clearing on a consistent and persistent level.

This morning during my meditation time, I went into my quiet heart center, and asked, how can I learn to clear my own energy field?  The answer I received, plus Hilarion’s message which has been on my mind for some days now, are what prompted me to write this post.

When my power animal came to me, together we traveled to my Secret Garden.  Anyone can have a Secret Garden, perhaps it is a special place in nature you feel comfortable in.  A place where you might find peace and solitude, and also a place where you might meet with your guides, and/or Spirit Helpers.

Upon entering my Secret Garden, I looked up at the sky, I saw the bright sun, and a golden cleansing rain began to fall on us.  As I looked around the perimeter of the garden, I envisioned the violet flame as suggested by Hilarion.  I saw it burning brightly, all aglow, in shades of purple, and magenta throughout the entire perimeter of the garden.  I held that vision, and at times the flame grew higher, and then it gradually reduced to about 2 or three feet, and it held that space for a few moments.

I wanted to share this with you, and listed below is a link for clearing energy fields.  I practice these techniques every single day, and they really work!

Clearing Your Energy Field

1) Sage incense is great for clearing energy fields especially within the rooms of your home, or other space, so is lavender, frankincense, and sandalwood.

2) Espom Salt Baths for Sensitive Souls:

Note* If you’re not able to use a bath tub, or use much water, while in the shower, put about 3 teaspoon fulls of epsom salts on a washcloth, and bathe with the cloth, be sure to hit all the areas which are gateways for energies to connect with, such as your upper back, shoulders, and the base of your neck.  Up, and down your spine, and also the back of your legs, and stomach area.

3) You can also do an alcohol burn for clearing space anywhere.  Take 1/3 cup of epsom salts, a small Pyrex dish, 70% alcohol, regular store-bought rubbing alcohol will do.  Pour the epsom salts, and alcohol into the Pyrex bowl, (make sure the epsom salt, alcohol mixture is not too soppy).  Then light a match and let it burn until the flames are extinguished by themselves.  Don’t worry, nothing blows up, and the flames usually burn out within 5 minutes.  Make sure you put a hot plate underneath the bowl, because it does get hot!

4) If you live near the ocean, and if it’s not too cold, take a dip, and the natural sea salt will cleanse your field.

5) It also helps to wash your bed sheets every three to four days, as sometimes energies remain within the sheets, especially after heavy dreaming, or astral travel during the night.

Because I’ve become extra sensitive to energies, I’ve developed a travel kit which I take everywhere with me, so I can clear my field to the best of my ability at all times wherever I am.  Sounds like overkill, but it has to be done.

My life is like that of a gypsy, I’m always on the go, from the city to our ranch, so in my magic bag, I have sage incense, sandalwood, frankincense, my Pyrex bowl, epsom salts, alcohol, and matches.  This my sound extreme, but this is what my life consists of now, and I’m putting my best foot forward, and learning to adjust.

If you have any questions or comments, you know where to reach me, just look on my contact page. :)

Much love to all!


Starlight Journeys Blog

Gaia Portal – Fires of Higher Light emblazon Portals upon Gaia Earth surface – 11-18-13



Gaia Portal

Fires of Higher Light emblazon Portals upon Gaia Earth surface.

Each Portal is emblazoned.

Softening occurs as Hue-manity embraces the Fires.

All of Gaia surface awakens to Higher Dimensional Awareness in short order.

Summation of lower dimensional constructs is dissolved.

Primary focus returns.

Gaia Portal – Energetics of Gaia Near Completion for hu-manity to Hue-manity Transformation – Ascension Update – Omicron 2.0 established



5th Level sensitivities are now complete among Hue-Beings.

Connections with Higher Source and Higher Róles have been fully acknowledged and accepted.

Upgraded hu-manity is close to fulfillment of requisites for “hu-manity to Hue-manity” transformation.

“Higher-Self” sovereignty has been recognized by the majority of hu-manity. Awaiting increase in acceptance levels.

Energetics of Gaia near completion for “hu-manity to Hue-manity” transformation.

Omicron 2.0  established. Attenuation 3.3. Resource Level 4.6.

Gaia Portal – Smoothing and Harmonizing of Incoming Higher Vibrationals Now Occurs



Gaia Portal Blog  /   30 Sep

Smoothing and harmonizing of incoming Higher Vibrationals now occurs to minimize local energetic disruptions and responses.

Hue-Beings as well as hu-beings perceive this as a “resting mode”, although overall Gaia vibrationals increase continues.

Reference to “peaks” is always related to a temporal issue, and not related to a “finality”.*

Assertion of Higher D Individuality continues, as all connection among Gaia Beings is assured.

“Resting mode” allows further joining of so-named “shadow seekers”.**

Cosmic Alignments will shortly allow for so-called “mass” movement of Hue-Beings.

* [ÈirePort note: reference to this post.]

** [ÈirePort note: reference to this post.]

Gaia Portal Blog

Hilarion – Ecstasy is Your New Frequency – September 29 – October 5, 2013 – Marlene Swetlishoff


Beloved Ones,

Many of you are beginning to see and feel the light at the end of the tunnel now. All that you have been experiencing in your cleansing phase during the past several years is coming to completion. What is important now is to continue to maintain your higher vibrations on a daily basis, as this makes the way forward easier and more filled with grace and ease. You have been slowly finding that ecstasy is your new frequency and the moments of experiencing states of joy are becoming more and more frequent. This state is your natural state of being so welcome it into your lives.

You are also beginning to see that what you intend in your lives becomes manifest. It is a magical time when all that you have dreamt of is coming into your reality in ways that are wondrous and amazing. Be open to receive the good that has always been waiting for you. As you move forward, keep looking for and acknowledging all the good that is pouring into your lives on a daily basis as this action will continue to bring more of this into manifestation. Realize that all the good that you are deserving of is now coming in as the blockages that have held it back are quickly dissipating.

Continue to keep centered within your core and all will be well. You may be experiencing strange sensations within areas of your physical body that are continuing the changes and transformation of your physical body into your higher dimensional body template. When this happens, just breathe and relax and it will soon pass. It is important to also protect your own energy field from the increasingly fluctuating energies that surround you. Repeating the Tube of Light decree several times a day will help surround your energy field with the light of your higher essence. Each of you are well aware of this activity but sometimes as you get caught up in your daily activities, you forget this most important discipline.

The energies are being stepped up in frequency yet again so it is important that you stay in equilibrium as much as possible. Again, we advise more time spent outdoors surrounded by nature, as this is very soothing, healing and grounding to your physical, mental and emotional being. Staying connected with the Earth helps in the process you are all going through. There are many changes on the horizon and it helps to be ready to flow with them without resistance for it is the resistance that makes your life more difficult. Know that you are never alone and are always surrounded by your guides, angels and teachers. We are but a thought away and ready to be of service.

It behooves you all to watch and observe the signs of change around you. In this way you are always ready and prepared and won’t fall into trauma of any kind. Believe in the power of love within you and watch it grow and expand. All of life is changing and going through a metamorphosis and the end result is being heralded with great anticipation. This process naturally will take time to become manifest in everyday existence. Patience is the most helpful quality during these times.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included.

inayat – Earth Portals – Energy Doorways

inayat2012·101 videos

Archangel Michael – Step Up in Consciousness – September 2013 – Part 2/4 from Golden Age of Gaia

20 Friday Sep 2013


Ashtar first mentioned the subject of an event expected in September 2013 through Philipp in February 2013, at almost the exact time I had my discussion with AAM. He referred to a column that appeared in Denise LeFay’s writings.

“Please (and this is very important) let us look upon what has led to the change of the Divine Plan. It is actually not a change but a fulfillment of a request. And who has sent out this request? Who has sent out this plea to our Creator to have more time to allow more fellow human brothers and sisters to jump on board the ship called Ascension. Yes, you and only you! Let us explain.

“You sent out the plea for prolongation of the Ascension process (which contains, as you all know, the Disclosure process). Your plea was astonishing and the Creator and all of us are so very proud of you. It has proved how far you have come on your journey, that you would put the well-being of the collective over the individual’s goal. And this goal, of course, was to get over the Ascension finish line as quickly as possible.

“The Creator has answered your plea and put in place a nine-month grace period which Denise Le Fay has talked about. And thanks to you all, we now have many more visitors in the skies to help coordinate your ascension process (big smile). It is getting quite crowded around your planet!” (1)

He tells us that the grace period will end in September 2013.

“This grace period until September 2013 was not easy to provide you with. Please don’t forget that although you put your focus on your Ascension and that of Gaia, the last which has already taken place, this whole picture is much more complex and broader than you think.

“Now you are in this transition period, which is very short even in your terms, and we recommend that you use this short time very wisely. We will elaborate more upon this in a later channeling, since our channel is getting tired.” (2)

Ashtar returned to the subject on July 31, 2013. But on this occasion he doesn’t speak of what is to happen at the end of the trimester (i.e., in September) as crossing the Ascension finish line but as “a big step forward.” He says:

“The veil at the end of this trimester will not suddenly lift – your return back home to full consciousness is a process. But there shall come a point in your journey where you will take a big step forward to enable you to build upon this step, to integrate all that you have achieved so far in every cell of your Being, and to allow you to go ahead with your journey back home to where you belong.

“And the moment for you to take this step is just around the corner. You will make great progress and be pleasantly surprised with your achievements.” (3)

Ashtar suggested that the galactics may use the uplift gotten from the financial transformations to disclose their presence.

“We have previously informed you that the prerequisite for our widespread appearance on your world would especially be the transformation of your financial systems. Furthermore, we have told you that the uplift experienced as a result of these transformations would increasingly enhance your ability to absorb the news about your Star Family. We will use this uplift to introduce ourselves to you, our brothers and sisters incarnated on the surface of dear Gaia.” (4)

The next conversation about the subject happened when I asked White Cloud, through Blossom Goodchild, to comment on Ashtar’s claims. Like many sources, he began by declining to give dates.

Steve Beckow: Ashtar said that he believes that the final stage could be in September. Archangel Michael has said, no, it’s probably more likely between February 2014 to February 2015. But then there are other channels — I won’t mention their names — but they are saying just what you’re saying, that it’s quite close.

First of all, can you give us, not a date, but a kind of an approximation of just how close we are? And then I have a couple of other questions as well.

White Cloud: I would say to you — and if you were to see your Blossom at this time, all the time you have been speaking I have a huge grin on her face, because there is this… the word I am giving is ‘desperation’ for people upon the planet that are so eager for things to really begin to transpire, if you like. But I would say to you, because Blossom knows this, and many know, that we do not give of dates anymore.

SB: Yes.

WC: Because it is too… when it cannot work in the way we had, perhaps, planned, et cetera, it is too detrimental, in the long term. (5)

He suggested to us that the more we live in joy, the more quickly we bring the events we wish to us.

White Cloud: What I would say to all about this is, if you are to live your life in the way that is desired — and that is by living every moment that you can in joy — working with that, concentrating only that, focusing only on the joy of your life, then it is that you are raising the vibration.

And the more the vibration is raised, the more quickly these things shall come about, that you are desiring. (6)

He then turned his attention to what he calls “the Event,” which will see “a showering of love … upon your planet.”

White Cloud: I spoke yesterday as well of ‘the Event’ that many speak of; and many thought it was to be after December last year. But I am saying to you, this Event has not gone away. This Event will be taking place.

“And it is a showering of love that will descend, if you like, upon your planet in a way that has not been done before. But that Event can take place, for simple terms, depending upon the happiness of those souls on Earth. …

“I would say the Event that is coming, yes, that is joyful, it is indescribably joyful. (7)

The Event will affect all life on Earth.

White Cloud: This Event will affect everything, but regarding souls on Earth, for instance, and, well, I would say everything else as well, it is depending on the vibration that that living aspect of something resonates upon. …

This Event will bring about an energy…. You know that an energy came in on December 21st of last year, and it is affecting many. But nonetheless that energy is there in a more subtle sense to each soul. Whereas this will be, I would simply say, far less subtle. (8)

I commented that I wondered whether this Event was to be just an early Ascension wave or the Event and White Cloud did not specify a step process but turned to a different subject.

SB: I guess what I was wanting to clarify was whether this Event that you’re talking about was what Archangel Michael has talked about as early waves, or whether this is the Event. And you have answered that. You have said that it is “the Event”. (9)

Does silence betoken consent?

Tomorrow we’ll look at what Jesus and Saul have said through John Smallman about this transformative shift on the planet.

(Continued in Part 3. You’re welcome to read ahead.)Step Up in Consciousness, September 2013 – Part 2/4 « Golden Age of Gaia.

Gaia Portal – Transposition of Grid Points


GaiaPortal Update – September 10, 2013

Transposition of grid points enables Higher Vibrationals to transmit healing frequencies to all of humanity. This process aligns Gaia energetics for final steps into hyperdimensional awareness.

Humanity has resisted such for centuries, but has now reached the tipping point into this awareness.

Gaia does not wait for those still clinging to the resistance paradigm.

Jennifer Hoffman – Energies Of September – 3 September 2013




The keyword for September is “embrace”, which includes acknowledging, accepting and loving every aspect of ourselves, so we can gather our energy together to take the next leap into our ascension journey. We have two kinds of energy working this month, clearing away the debris, which occurs in the first part of the month. Then, beginning with the Equinox on September 22, we can ‘blast off’ into new stratospheres. This is no longer about being willing to explore parts unknown, it’s about being the creative drive behind an unfolding new paradigm. September has the potential for powerful evolution when we realize that where we go, what we do and what happens when we get there is the result of what we are creating through our intention.

Sometimes our path is blocked and we don’t understand why so we look at the one area where we are having the most difficulty and blame our issues on that situation or person. But none of the current transformation is concentrated in one area, although we may feel like it is being experienced in one area. Its purpose is to get us so focused on our healing, without allowing anything to distract us, that we allow healing to occur. When we are making massive transformation, we are also moving massive amounts of energy (in the form of beliefs and emotions) and this is what our transformation is about now, clearing, releasing and renewing. It’s not about starting over, it is now about beginning anew.

That path to new beginnings may be blocked or limited by old ‘stuff’ which includes patterns of belief and behavior, feelings, thoughts and emotions, an inability to see the future beyond your current situation or judgments that don’t allow you to see other options. As we approach the end of an energy cycle and are ready to move into new potentials, we approach the ‘eye of the needle’, a narrowing of our path which compels us to lighten our load, so to speak, of everything that is not in integrity or aligned with the vibration and dimension we want to step into. (I talk about the ‘eye of the needle’ in the Sept. 1 energy call, find out how to get your recording by clicking here).  This happens in the first half of September and it may feel like the burden to release is greater than what you are releasing. And you may have to release very little, nothing or a lot, depending on what you set as your intention and how aligned you are with it at the present moment.

This means radical restructuring of our lives, beginning with our belief systems, which is where all of our reality begins. What do you see as your potential beyond the wounds, pain and healing?  Where has your old ‘stuff’ served its purpose and what new paths can you create for yourself without it? Whatever is no longer a source of joy for you has served its purpose and trying to revive, rekindle or re-start it will only be a source of frustration. The energy partnership you once shared is complete; it’s time to disconnect from it and create a new connection to something else. And remember to embrace everything you are releasing because it is all part of you and the path you created for your life. When you release with a spirit of loving gratitude, you create a powerful, expanded space for something to enter your life in a flow of gratitude.

The energies of September position us to see beyond the healing, to know our own wisdom and see ourselves as healed, whole, worthy and deserving of the peace, joy, love and abundance we are seeking. The rest of 2013 may be a bit shaky(it’s certainly going to be eventful) and it may be easier to take care of those things now, when we can take our time, than later. Use the first half of the month to do your energetic and emotional housecleaning so after the 22nd, you are free to soar into your new beginnings.  Have a wonderful month.

For a detailed overview of September to December, what you can expect and how to use this energy effectively, click here to read about the New Earth September 2013 report and 90+  minute call and worksheet.

Copyright (c)2013 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may translate, quote, copy and link to this article, only on free, non-commercial and non-donation based websites and blogs, as long as you include the author’s name and a working link back to this website. All other uses are strictly prohibited.

Gaia Portal – Mortal Constitution of Gaia Energetic Constructs have Transmuted into Higher Vibrational Grids

27 Aug



Mortal constitution of Gaia energetic constructs have transmuted into Higher Vibrational grids. Such Higher Vibrational grids now allow inclusion of what some term ‘Angelic’ entities into the full Gaia presence.

Aspects of Inner Gaia previously hidden from human view now become visible.

This allows complete integration of the Gaia Being with Inner Gaia.

[Êireport comment: the definition of the word ‘mortal’ is below.
1. subject to death; having a transitory life…
2. of or pertaining to human beings as subject to death; human…
3. belonging to this world.
4. deadly or implacable; relentless…
5. severe, dire, grievous, or bitter…]

Gaia Portal – Golden Sparkles Pervade all Gaia Beings at all Levels



18 Aug

Golden sparkles pervade all Gaia beings at all levels as full Higher Energetic activation has completed. This in readiness for completion of selected local protocols, individual, collective, and Higher Dimensional.

Simultaneous freeing of all Hue-Being restrictions completes initial ascension phase.

“Standard” protocols have been overridden and transcended.

Exponential increase in Higher Dimensional visibles now proceeds.

Aisha North – The Manuscript of Survival – Part 332


Aisha North Blog

As many of you have ascertained already, things are certainly starting to heat up this summer, and we do mean that in every sense of the word. Much is swirling around you all in the form of not only energetic emissions, but also the outcome from all of these injections of light. For the light never comes empty handed as it were, as it will always have a profound effect on all that it touches on its way. So too this time, as has been amply proven already.

We gather you will all have been profoundly touched by these energetic emissions already, and much has once again been brought up to the surface. Not only in you, but in people around you as well. And even if you have all by now been thouroughly exposed to the effects of all of this and you will in some ways have gotten used to it, it will still be hard to keep your focus and indeed your balance throughout these periods of upheaval. For that is truly what so much of this will be seen as, and as we have already touched upon, it can in many ways be described as a period of chaos, but as a creative chaos. For there is indeed a distinction between what many will perceive as chaotic upheavals, and what is actually underneath it all. For the temptation to view this as a form of breakdown or destruction may be strong, but remember, this is not about destruction, this is all about rebuilding.

But as we have talked about over and over again, mankind has been reprogrammed to view any form of change as something to be avoided, and as such, a lot of fear is already starting to emerge. And we do not think we are far off the mark if we venture to guess that this fear is something you have all been exposed to in one way or the other over this last period. Again, it is always important to remember that as you have all become so open by now by connecting to not only yourselves but also to this infinite grid, you will pick up signals in a way that is much more powerful than before. In other words, even the subtlest of hints can be construed as an alarm going off somewhere, so we do urge you all to remember to step back a little every time you sense this feeling of alarm going off within. For you are in most cases merely picking up a message being exuded from the collective, and even if you can literally feel it within your body, it is not something that actually belongs to you. You are merely picking up other people’s distress signals, but they can be easily be misconstrued as your own.

So again we say, keep breathing and stay focused, and try to disconnect yourself a little bit from all of the emotions swirling around you. We know it is not easy at times, for it can be more than a little overpowering, so we do urge you to seek refuge with your fellow men whenever you can. The best cure for all of these energetic upheavals is as always to seek within, and even more important, remember to connect with this grid of souls that you are all a part of. It can be difficult to do so in the heat of it all, but that is when you all need it the most. The waters of this Pond will quench any thirst and any burning heat of fear, so make sure that you seek refuge here whenever you feel the need to do so. And no, this is not running away from anything, this is merely a way of seeking shelter from the scalding outpouring of old dross that will ensue from so many others out there who are still standing fully exposed under the fierce midday sun. But you have found your refuge, and you have all been instrumental in setting it up by allowing yourselves to become ONE with these soothing energies. So never resist the urge to gather here in any way you can. It will not only bring you solace, but it will be of immense help to all of those still feeling trapped out in the searing heat of change.

The Oracle Report – Daily Energetic Analysis – Time of Enlightenment – July 1, 2013



The Oracle Report

Third Quarter Moon Phase- Moon in Aries/Taurus

Ruling Mahavidya:  Bagalamukhi

Today the opposition between the Sun and Pluto reaches full strength.  The energy is extremely heavy and attempts to drag us down; our counter to this is to keep climbing.  It feels like trying to climb a mountain, but it does not matter if we scale the top; what matters is that we keep climbing.  Regardless of how ugly things get (and people can get very ugly under Sun-Pluto aspects), we are not taken down.  Some people will react to the energy by going off the deep end because the structure of many things is coming loose and breaking down.  This is a good because things that have been based on weak, superficial systems of control and false pretenses are crashing down.  There isn’t much more I can say and not belabor the point, just remember this is the last day of this energy, so keep going and avoid whatever seems to be crashing down around you.

The Oracle Report

2012 Retrospective – Gamma Rays and You – Dee Smith – The New Normal

David Wilcock – C2CAM (George Noory) – May 2013 – Prophetic Dreams – Social Realignment – ET Disclosure – Galactic Energy Fields

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Intuitive researcher and lecturer David Wilcock discussed his prophetic dreams and confirmations of major social realignment beginning this fall, potential for an ET disclosure from the U.S. government, and new information that evolution is driven by galactic energy fields. His series of dreams depicted an asteroid being moved into position in order to wipe out part of the Earth’s population, and then a huge apparition of the Virgin Mary stopping the asteroid with her hand. He views this imagery symbolically, and suggested that it represents the Illuminati’s plan to reduce the world’s population through economic collapse, Swine Flu, and war & conflagration. His “inside sources” have informed him that America is on the verge of a horrific set of economic events, including the dismantling of the Federal Reserve.

But the Illuminati’s agenda could be halted by a full-scale disclosure of the ET presence, Wilcock asserted. His sources have told him that such a disclosure is planned to occur before the end of 2009, and a 2-hour international TV special has already been booked that will introduce an alien species, similar to humans, to the world. Yet, a variety of ET species are visiting the Earth, including the Annunaki, who are reptilian in appearance, and a controlling force behind the Illuminati, he continued.

The entire solar system is undergoing change as a galactic wave or energy field comes in, making the planets hotter, brighter and more magnetic, said Wilcock. This wave is pushing humanity to evolve to the next level or frequency, he added. But according to his sources, a spacecraft was secretly sent out to study the wave, and it was determined it will lead to planetary cataclysm between 2012-2017.


David Wilcock is a professional intuitive consultant who, since reading Richard C. Hoagland’s “The Monuments of Mars” in 1993, has intensively researched ufology, ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. He is the author of a critically acclaimed trilogy of scientific research works, known as the Convergence series, which gives definitive support to the idea that a change in matter, energy and consciousness is now occurring on the Earth and throughout the solar system.

Wilcock has appeared on broadcast television, lectured throughout the United States and Japan, published a variety of magazine articles and appeared on numerous radio talk shows. He is the co-author of the book “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce,” now available in bookstores nationwide, and a summary of his latest scientific work appears therein, where a breakthrough case for mass, spontaneous DNA evolution on Earth is unveiled. David is also an accomplished musician and composer within a variety of styles, including jazz-fusion, meditative and world music.

Suzanne Spooner – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy – Healing Integration w New Earth

Suzanne Spooner

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy: A Soul Healing Integration for the New Earth

Posted by on April 22, 2013   /   Golden Age Of Gaia  / At our request, Suzanne has written a description of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy.

By: Suzanne Spooner

Moderator of Dolores Cannon’s Professional Forum, Practitioner of QHHT, and Creator of TAUK (The Art of Universal Knowing)

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) is a process developed by Dolores Cannon. Dolores has been a hypnotherapist for nearly 50 years. She started with her husband Johnny to help people stop smoking and over-eating while he was stationed on a Naval base.

In 1968, while assisting a lady with over-eating, the client spontaneously went into a past-life regression. This was back before reincarnation was well understood in the West. There were no teachings on past-life regression, no New Age Movement, no study of metaphysics. She continued to work with this woman on five of her past lives, documented them and continued to explore this new frontier.

Over the next 50 years, Dolores would continue to expand her work as a hypnotherapist. She’s a true pioneer in learning about and reporting the multi-faceted, multi-layered experience of being human. She’s written over 17 books on some of her thousands of QHHT sessions. The books cover topics of Jesus & the Essenes, Nostradamus, UFO’s, ET’s and life on other planets, a series on The Convoluted Universe and the Three Waves of Volunteers.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy is a process or technique where a client is guided into a very deep level of hypnosis. We work in the Theta level where we all are naturally at least twice a day; once when we’re just waking up and once when we’re drifting off to sleep. This is where you are in the morning, before you open your eyes and can recall your dreams.

Prior to the actual one-on-one appointment with a QHHT practitioner (sessions must be done in person for a client’s well being), the client has written up a list of questions they want answered.

Typically, the list is divided into health & physical questions and life and personal questions. These questions can deal with physical issues that may be life-threatening or debilitating, family/relationship problems and general questions about life and our world that you have wondered about since you were young!

The ‘tour guide’ into this journey is your High Self (Dolores calls it the Subconscious). It’s the BIGGER you. The part of you that has been with you since the very beginning, when you left Source to experience everything. It has been with you every second of this lifetime, every lifetime and in between. It truly knows you better than you know yourself! It’s the part of you that remembers your completeness, your ability to heal and to understand.

Once in the QHHT session, the client and the practitioner talk for a while, getting to know one another and going over the list of questions the client has brought with them. The process of QHHT and how the day will unfold is explained and questions answered.

After this, the client lies down on a massage table, recliner or wherever they can relax and be comfortable. The practitioner will guide the client into the deep level of relaxation allowing the right brain to fire up and the left brain to recede. Dolores’ process is careful to be mindful of the client’s health, safety and well being on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Some clients wonder if they can get their left brain, conscious mind, ego to quiet down and behave. In almost all cases this is possible. Some people may feel like they’re “making it up” as they start to see scenes of a past-life, for example.

I tell my clients that if they feel this to just let go and “make it up”. What I know for certain is when they take the power away from the ego (who wants to derail the session by placing this thought in the mind) and just go for it, the images and pictures get clearer and the information is easily retrieved. Most people will see images that may appear like viewing a movie or like in your dreams. Some people are more ‘aware’ of their surroundings or will have a knowing.

Your High Self is guiding you to the past lives, future lives, or other experiences in order to explain to you why things are the way they’re in your life right now. It’s taking you to where the issue originated from, usually in a past-life. With this understanding, you can have a global view of the issue and in most cases let it go or do what must be done to learn from it so that you can move on in a healthy way.

If we come from Source to experience everything, then you can be anything in a past-life. I’ve had clients who were the opposite gender, androgynous, bears, a horse, an eagle, water, a rock, a fairies, monks with secret knowledge, members of the Egyptian elite and about everything in between.   No, not everyone is royalty or had an exciting life. Sometimes they’re shown a life of ease, to show them the balance of a difficult life this go around.

I’ve had clients be energy, part of an energy grid around Earth, formless, angels, and light. Every time, they’re shown a ‘story’ that helps explain their current life challenges. It’s all shown gently. Even traumatic scenes can be seen from an observer’s point of view, taking the client out of the physical or mental discomfort to ‘see’ it as if they were watching a movie.

One thing I’ve been doing lately, that has been very interesting, is guiding a client to their planning session, just prior to the current incarnation they’re experiencing now. Most people report being in a room, usually at a table. Around them are guides, angels, loved ones, their council. On the table may be scrolls, books, pages and even touch screens!

In this space the client learns what the original lessons and purpose of their life was and if there have been any revisions. They can find out why they picked their parents, partners and friends. They’re shown what they will learn from these people and what they’re teaching in return. I’ve seen decades of  unhappy, unhealthy relationships explained in a way that has allowed the client to truly understand the circumstances and let go of years of debilitating sadness.

Once we get finished looking at the past lives or other experiences their High Self has picked for them, the real magic begins! I call forth the clients High Self to speak through the client, to use their voice to communicate verbally! The energy in the room amplifies and I am sitting next to my client doing a little happy dance for them.

Once the High Self is present in this way, and there is a specific way to know when this has occurred, I start off by asking it to explain why it chose to show the client the certain lives it did. If there were any loose strings in understanding, here’s where they get tied up in a pretty bow. It’s all explained.

I sometimes ask the High Self what It’s like to have the client’s voice to speak with. So many times there will be a long sigh and it will say, “It’s sooo nice! We’ve been trying to tell her this for sooooo long!” This part of you, by the way, is what gives you your feelings in your gut, your nudges, your epiphanies. Now it just has the tool of your voice and language to express itself.

I start asking the High Self to answer the client’s list of questions. We tend to start with the physical/health questions first. The High Self scans the body, explains the root cause of the issue, does repair, dissolves things, removes things.

In just about every case, the client’s physical issue began with a spiritual or energetic issue that was ignored by the client. This is seen with eye issues (what won’t they see or look at), throat issues (not speaking their truth), blood issues (low life force), issues with the knees, ankles and feet (not going forward with their life work) just to name a few. It’s always interesting to me, after hearing a client tell me about their cancer or other ailment, to hear what was going on in their life just prior to the onset of symptoms.

In most cases, the body is happy to repair and heal itself. I, as a practitioner am healing nothing. It’s the client doing the work on their own body. Now,  the body is happy to retain this state of homeostasis as long as the client firmly believes that they’re powerful enough to heal themselves and maintain that health.
We talk a lot about this in their session. Likewise, if a client doesn’t believe they can do this, that they have to have someone else heal them, that they don’t deserve to be healed, well… The body is again happy to support that belief system too. The client’s symptoms will return.

I tell my clients if they’re smart enough to make their bodies sick, they certainly are smart enough to make their bodies healthy and whole. During this time the client might be aware of physical sensations in the body. They may feel warm or chilled, things shifting or energy coming in. The key is to remember how very big you are and how very much you are connected to the ALL.

We next will go though the client’s list of personal/life questions. If we haven’t heard yet, I will ask what the lessons and purpose of this life are. Again, the answers are given and explained so beautifully. Every once in a while the client’s High Self will say,”She KNOWS the answer to that!” And I will say, “I know she knows but it’s important for her to hear YOU explain it!” And they always do.

After we’ve answered their list of questions I ask for a final message for the client. They’re typically short and to the point. They say things like she is so loved and we’re so proud of the work she’s doing. We’re always with her and we hope she listens to us easier now.
And what if the client remembers nothing upon waking up? That can happen. Some people can recall almost everything, others nothing and most people in between. It feels very much like waking up from a lucid dream.

Every session is recorded for them. This actually is a very important element to the session. The client hears his or her own voice (their High Self) explaining why thing are the way they are. Hearing this coming from themselves is infinitely more powerful than hearing someone else tell them what’s wrong with them.
I stress to my clients to listen to their recording soon and often after a session. This allows the conscious mind to accept that the healing and understandings have been given which allows for a better outcome.

I’m sure some clients never listen to their recording. That’s ok. It then becomes an interesting experience. For those that help integrate the knowledge they tapped into though, a QHHT session is life transforming. As a practitioner, that is my hope for everyone that passes through my door.
I truly believe this lovely process of QHHT, developed by Dolores Cannon, is  a way to assist people in remembering their birthright of being Divine, Holy Creators. We (at least until this newest generation gracing our planet) came into this human experience with blinders. Our memory was gone or forgotten of where we really come from.

We can feel like we’re all alone, muddling through this life for no good reason. This tool Of QHHT helps unlock the door to our memories and our individual and collective greatness as a current member of Humanity. It’s a soul healing integration to assist us into the New Earth.
Copyright © Suzanne Spooner. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete.

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Suzanne Spooner
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy


Universal Energy Forecast – Monday April 15 2013 – Changes

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Bill Ballard 4-10-13 – Purity of Increasing Vibrations, Energies

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Since the Global Water Healing ceremonies Ginger and I did last week the energies have been ever increasing here in Florida. Along with those increasing energies from the crystal beds below here, the water tastes different and more electrified coming from the tap from our well where I am currently living. The water tastes like when you energize it yourself via focused LOVE, but that is the way it comes from the tap now.

Others are telling me they too were called to do water healing ceremonies at the same time we were. This is a global effort many of us are doing, and sending LOVE TO ALL WATER above, on and in Gaia. How wonderful the connections we each have when attuned to our higher dimensional states of being. Remember the ceremonies we did continues and is an ongoing connection and sending LOVE to the waters for healing and purification that anyone can join in and do from anywhere you are on Mother Earth.

My feelings of these incoming and expanding energies are to such a degree it is becoming difficult for me to relate to the world in the way we knew it and did it before. These past days it is a feat for me to carry on simple conversations, which are simply for the sake of communication with another. That old way of speaking as it requires some mental focus and thinking about the BS of small chat which I am moving away from more each day… No more crap chatting now… ha. Soon, telepathic communication of concepts will be more aligned with my being rather than the small talk we used to do… How pointless that old way seems to be becoming now.

My messages are now to hold the vibrations of these incoming frequencies and anchor them into Mother Earth. There will be many upheavals to society as we knew it, and coming very soon. It all MUST collapse to build new and soon step into New Earth. This collapse of the economy, banking system, governments and military is a must in order to completely awaken humanity to who they are, what has been going on and to build new. There must be a transition period, but hopefully that will not take long…. As it gets crazy, holding the new energies and peace, keeping balance is what many of us are being called to do now. Sending LOVE AND LIGHT to Humanity.

What GREAT times we are living in people! We have been waiting on the completion of duality a long long time… and it is unfolding now!

Adronis – Balancing Positive Negative Energy

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Sungazing Documentary

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Sungazing: The Science of Staring at the Sun takes a look at the effects of looking at the Sun through the perspective of a 25 year old college student. This documentary will explain what Sungazing is, how it is practiced, the effects on the brain from a world renowned Doctor, and will include the most thorough eye exam possible from one of the nations top eye clinics. Is there a way we can s