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Come to Your Senses Through Grounding — dreamweaver333

Come to Your Senses Through Grounding By Shift – There’s been quite a buzz recently among athletes and health enthusiasts, on how to more quickly and easily recover from acute or chronic inflammation and injury through earthing. The term ‘earth’ is used often in Europe and equates to what we also call ‘ground’ here in America. A ‘grounded’ […]

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July 29, 2016 at 3:00 am

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Electric Universe – Birkeland Currents – Mer-ka-ba Science – Drunvalo Melchizedek, Lilou Mace



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July 19, 2016 at 4:33 am

An Energetic Summer Mélange on Starship Earth – 6-25-16


Rose Rambles

I saw this on Starship Earth: The Big Picture, and thought I would share this with you. Although, Molly, the author of Starship Earth who lives outside of Phonix is seeing weird things in the desert, so am I while living in Oregon along the Columbia River. I AM right smack dab in the midst of the Ring of Fire!

The weather here has been unpredictable. Some days the weather is hot, the next down right cool! Not only is the weather funky, but some of the folks I know seem to have a hard time settling into a “normal” state of Being. Volcanoes are not the only explosive thing out there these days!

So…please read this article, determine how “Brexit” is going to shape your world, and…



Starship Earth: The Big Picture

The halcyon days of summer (in the Northern hemisphere) are in full swing with mixed reviews and experiences. Some get floods. Some get heat.

The robust energies of the solstice may be having unanticipated effects as things are not “normal” around here. It’s only June but already so hot you could roast a wiener on the wind—and we’ve had plenty of that, too. It’s been as high as 118 F in the far reaches of the Valley of the Sun where I am but even higher in the city, and that wind has been welcome on the hottest days.

Last Friday night I was hit with a potent something or other that had me shivering violently for three hours until 3 a.m. and I finally commanded, “Enough already! Stop your quaking and be still. I need to sleep!” And it stopped, and I had three hours rest but woke feeling like I was hit by a truck. I dragged myself around all day, had a short nap and even went to work that night but they sent me home early. I was so tired I had to sit down.

Since then …



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June 26, 2016 at 7:02 am

Kauilapele Message – 5-31-16 – Blessings to All

Kp Message –  5-31-16 – Blessings to All

150731_kp_mauna_kea_sun_P1010142_crop_150_68This is kind of a slightly different “Kp Message” type post. But it seems like it wanted to come in right now, so here it is.

I feel this is a time to be aware of how intensely, joyfully, powerful the Incoming Energies are at this moment. They are bringing Light to all, Freedom to all, and Blessings to All. Each will receive what they are able to allow in. The High Incoming Energies are there. The only question for each one of us is, “How much am I willing to ‘let in’?”

And there’s no judgement or “more is better” kind of thing here. We each may allow in that which is right for each of us. Some will handle “more”, some will handle “less”. But it does not matter. It’s like the waves over here. Some are okay with 2-3 footers, some with 4-8 footers, some are most at home with 50-80 footers.

I’m not really sure why this is coming out right now. But it seems it needs to come out. In fact it seems this is just a quickie before I lie down into my wonderful bed of air.

But whatever it’s for, it feels that we are on the verge of something rather “major” occurring, both within us, and outside of us (whatever that means). I took a walk today, and I recognized several Galactic ships, cloaked as clouds. One was quite huge. But it was clear to me what they were.

We are ready. So let’s hold on for the greatest ride in our lives!

Aloha K

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May 31, 2016 at 6:48 am

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Kp Message 5-19-16… Energies of the Moment… Exposure, Transformation, Ascension, And All At Once!

150731_kp_mauna_kea_sun_P1010142_crop_150_64These Kp message things are coming out a bit more often than usual, as it seems my “Inner Spirit” rather prefers to message via the fingers, rather than do a radio show. Who knows why that is…!

So the title kind of says a lot about what I’m personally sensing. And maybe this is planetary as well.

Exposure: Well, I just got this “thing” that is intended to be an energy upgrade assistant (more about that in a later post). It’s also supposedly got some “healing assist” qualities. So I pull it out (the “thing”) and get it going. Then this morning (well, the 5-18 morning) and lo and behold, I see Alexandra posted our conversation (Kp blog post). And all of a sudden, I’m “Brad Johnson” (a healer, among other things). So I was talking with someone later in the day, and I realized, this was the healing influence being demonstrated to me. Not Brad Johnson, but my own Inner Healer, being represented by someone who IS a healer.



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May 19, 2016 at 7:20 am

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Christine Day, Pleiadians – for April 2016



 Christine’s Message April 2016

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I have just spent the last month in Brazil bringing the latest teachings and initiations from the Pleiadians to many groups of people. This journey in Brazil has been a sacred time for me, so rich and rewarding to be able to bring these beautiful light initiating energies through me and allow them to move outwards to so many.

The days off were spent in a small cottage by the ocean. Early morning I would watch the sun rise and witness the giant turtles feeding off the reef at low tide.

There has been a sacred group of beings also present working through me, supporting me during each step of my journey through Brazil. This process of working in unionism with these powerful light beings is humbling and liberating. As I witness their magnitude I begin to witness my own fullness of light. I realize as I ‘let go’ into the expansion of my own energy there is a forging of my own brilliance anchoring through the cells of my heart. This process is exhilarating and at the same time it feels incredibly natural. I am filled with gratitude for all that I have experienced here.

There has been an increase in the intensity of energy on the planet, I am sure you all have noticed this in your day-to-day lives. I keep remembering the Pleiadian directives to breathe and let go. I do hope you are remembering to also breathe and let go in your life.

Every aspect of life is changing right now on an energetic level. I find that I absolutely need to trust the moment as it unfolds, and as the unexpected arises I witness what is right in front of me. I am committed to just opening up to what that unique experience is bringing to me, I spend time receiving that which is offered to me within the moment.

I have been working in alliance with the Pleiadian, Galactic and Lemurian energies building a new energetic framework during this month. I have been called to hold a series of powerful energetic platforms for the earth plane to support the changing dimensional profiles that are enabling many veils to be lifted at this time. This lifting of the veils is creating the energetic intensity right now. There is a change in the dimensional setting on the earth, and there is a new intensity of light being channeled onto our planet. This expanded light is creating great change that we are now perceiving in our own lives, as well as, bringing a huge transformation within us.

For me I am gaining daily insights about my humanness, my own vulnerability. I find that these understandings about myself support me in my journey of self-acceptance and self-love.

We are being asked to surrender to the struggle that we have been holding onto for lifetimes. This is an aspect the lifting of the veils brings to support us in being able to let go of this struggle now. The 3rd dimensional holds in place the illusion of the need for us to struggle. Now is the time for us to be liberated.

I will be returning home and I know there will be a great welcoming from all the energies on our land as we arrive. There is always such excitement and joy to be back with the very sacred energies that are anchored on our land.

I am going to Paris at the end of May and I am so looking forward to meeting many of you who plan to be there. I do know that the energy of this Pleiadian Seminar is very unique and will be powerful for everyone who will be attending.

Much love to you all,


Message From the Pleiadians April 2016

There is much for each one of you to reach out for at this essential time on the planet. Each one of you now get to choose the moment you reach forward to receive that which is uniquely yours. Through the changing energetic vista on your planet you are enabled to move back into a place of powerful restoration within yourself.  There is no need to wait any longer to return back to a place of power within your heart.

As the veils lift on your planet there is a resurrection energy opening up to enable you to realign back to an authentic aspect of your own frequency. This frequency is authentic to you. This light aspect that is being revealed holds the love patterning that your heart cells have been waiting to receive. This patterning creates a rejuvenation of your spirit to open through you.

There are going to be a series of essential veils being lifted through this month to accelerate your own potential to awaken. The focus is placed on moving beyond the illusion that has kept you in that state of struggle, not having enough and feeling as though you are floundering in a state of lack.

Know that this is your time to flourish and we witness you as you choose consciously to let go and receive that which is yours. Yes, you have heard many times that you are the grand creator. This is Truth.

Yet you have been held back in being able to recognize this Truth by these veils that have been in place on your planet for lifetimes. Change is coming and you alone can open into the changing dynamic within you, to begin to let go of old habits of negative thought patterns, old belief systems and self judgment.

Be willing to take a new pathway with your self. Bringing your awareness into your heart space activates your heart’s desire and opens you to receiving that which is rightfully yours.

We are with you supporting you in your transformation. Know that you are the only one who can reach into your own heart and access your own spiritual gifts.

The light of Truth shines through as the veils lift one by one. This light shines upon you reflecting the light that you are. We witness you.


The Pleiadians

– See more at: http://www.christinedayonline.com/blog/Pleiadian-Message-April-2016…

Read more: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/message-from-christine-day-and-from-the-pleiadians-for-april-2016#ixzz45njPxHXJ
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April 14, 2016 at 8:37 am

Jona Bryndis – 2016 Energy Forecast – Coming Out of the Woodwork – 4-2-16



by Jona Bryndis,
Guest writer, In5D.com 



Many of you readers and participants of transCODES energy work are part of a growing number of people who are starting to come out of woodwork of inner and outer fringe dwelling. This year is your year! You will become able to realize, recontextualize and recapitalize the hidden treasures of a lifelong feeling of not belonging. You will discover the powerful talents you developed in inner isolation from collective programming, all the while they were buried underneath your shadow-coping strategies, which you can finally begin to reframe! You may still judge yourself for not ever having been able to comply with your family heritage, collective props and even mainstream spirituality, but you will find that this prepared you well.

Now begins the time for you feel comfortable with yourself, your energetic perception and your inner truth – because now it’s needed – and you will also meet more people who resonate with you, and realize that you are NOT alone!

Overall, in 2016 we will see an increased tendency to resolve old and latent conflicts. This can lead to the uncomfortable confrontation with truth, if we’ve avoided to acknowledge our inner dissonances and hidden parts. On the other hand, it can also bring the relief of finally knowing where we stand, so that we can move on with a stronger sense of who we truly are. This year brings the opportunity to resolve long-dwelling self-worth and trust issues

There are signs of a ‘show down’, be it in our personal lives through making major life decisions later this year or through the influence of outer problems (e.g. politics, environmental and social unrest) – or both. At the same time there is also a great potential for long needed improvements, renewals and new possibilities including an overhaul of inner and outer energy management.

It is in our nature to rise to our highest potential when we are forced to move out of our personal comfort zones – this year will bring plenty of that, but also a chance for exponential inner growth.

The level of discomfort, which is largely tied to our ego but also our emerging overall energetic sensitivity, depends a lot of our courage, openness and willingness to let go of rigid opinions and mental beliefs. New paradigms are emerging, and everyone will play a part in it and feel the effects. Discomfort is simply a matter of perspective, which can be changed by allowing an inner shift towards consciously and fearlessly working on your ego-based emotional, mental and physical programs that prevented our success in the past.

We will feel compelled to learn new ways, discover new paths and will be surprised how many possibilities are open to us. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we feel ready for the changes ahead. In fact, many of us may feel a bit like being forced to having to make personal changes – at the same time it will become very obvious to us, very quickly, that dissolving negative, unhealthy and toxic patterns in our lives is is a positive and healing process after all.

Some of you energetically sensitives and empaths will begin to feel the need for deeper resolution, such as karmic aspects, energetic vows and contracts of the past (or even past lives); or begin to resonate with deeper aspects of your existence. Don’t be shy about raising your overall level of inner integrity and personal energy management, even if it feels lonely at times, as the collective is still dealing with its ego-mania. Some may even feel the inner prompting to shift their priorities completely, and begin to find fulfillment in being of service for others. All of these emerging inner callings will likely lead to another shift in global consciousness on the long run, but we need to be patient and steadfast! With every shift also comes the according energetic counter movement of increased visible manifestation of the global collective shadow.

Those of you who are interested in actively raising your consciousness and perception regardless of whether you have a background or application in energy work, counseling, body work or life coaching for example continue to invest in yourself and your personal healing through dedicated inner work (meditation, transMISSIONS, etc.) and keep connecting with your inner guidance; it will serve you well in future – because you will be needed!

Use this year to connect with communities of like minded people – who resonate with you and your deeper perspectives on life; without rules, externalization of your higher power or spiritual preoccupation. Stay true to your virtues like respect, compassion, integrity, lovingness and non-infringement – and you will be well prepared for the collective transformations of inner and outer completion!

Thank you for your time.

Much Love,
Jona Bryndis


About the author: Jona Bryndis, founder and owner of transCODES. She was born in Iceland and grew up in Germany, where she received some formal education in Chemistry, Computer Science and later in International Business. She started her professional career as consultant in the emerging computer industry. She later became an instructor, coach and motivational speaker. She published articles, co-authored some magazines, had TV appearances, and worked as teacher, public speaker for a Children’s nutrition related non-profit organization and founded a holistic tutoring school in 2009.

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April 3, 2016 at 6:55 am

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