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The Spiritual UN Building Fund for Non Harm and Sharing

Love Unites with Rights — Human, Animal and Environmental

All Right! First off, credit to fantastic spiritually connected artist Daniel B. Holeman at for the beautiful Heart-Light image in The Spiritual UN video (at 3:16).

Do you think we’re here for a greater purpose on the Earth? Why do you think we FEEL a connection to Nature? Why do you THINK our first impulse or instinct is to help not harm a drowning person (regardless of color, race or creed)? Does that not tell you we are fundamentally essentially compassionate-based beings?

Why are we going backwards, not forward in making the world a more fulfilling and enlightened place for all? Why is there continual and perpetual never-ending war and violence always against some portion of Humanity decade after decade? Indeed, it was the Nazi Hermann Goering who essentially said that “the people don’t war, it is always the LEADERS that create the wars for their own profit and gain.”

Now you know where war (and all its associated costs and effects—our world) comes from—and it’s not from the Human heart now is it?

Further, why do Humans ALWAYS rebel against tyranny as we see in the English Magna Carta and the U.S. Declaration of Independence? Because the other side to Love is JUSTICE. Indeed, Martin Luther King, Jr said: “Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice. Justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love.”

See, we Humans are NATURALLY built for LOVE and JUSTICE in its perfect balance—and that’s what we’re here on the Planet for—TOGETHER—to uplift one and all—the way we have been given—through the Light of all the great teachings, thought and holy books through time eternal.

Imagine if everyone had the money to do their heart’s desire and passion of uplifting one, and at the same time all in our interconnected energetic world in the many ways that we Humans are capable off—through all our creative talents and intellects through the great diversity of all our great religions and cultures—oh what joy! And to be one with the beauty, harmony and magnificence of Nature, respecting all Life and ecosystems and letting all and everything operate to its full integrity and potential—just the way the Planet was NATURALLY designed to be—interconnected, interdependent, whole and NATURAL—naturally. Everything great and small in Nature and Life itself has a great purpose on this Earth and has its own place—and for that we RESPECT all.

There are no great divides in the world; there are only bridges—that lead to more expanded worlds of thinking, doing and being. We are ALL ONE HUMANITY through ONE LIFE on the Planet, but we are also highly individual—which means our existence on this Planet OUGHT to be simply WONDROUS.

We can’t have a WONDROUS world without the perfect balance of LOVE and JUSTICE.

Set LOVE in the perfect balance with JUSTICE at: to a new horizon for Spaceship Earth!

Ascended Masters’ world message for 2012-2013 regarding the Earth changes