Jayme Price – Weekly LightBlast – Auspicious Creation – 12-12-14

Weekly LightBlast: Auspicious Creation, a message from Jamye Price
Thursday, 11 December, 2014   –   You can watch video version here.


Finding your way through Life is an individual process within a collective of support.  It does not always feel like support, and your mind can process much evidence to the contrary.  Your heart, dear one, can find much Love within all experience.  It needs merely the freedom to flow into a new, expanded, connective perspective.  Courage is the domain of the heart, though you say it takes ‘guts’ because your perspective of safety on Earth is important for the heart to flow freely.  Courage has been associated with action in your world of seeing is believing.  As a Lightworker, you are learning to believe before you see, otherwise you merely await the formation of Life then respond.  As you become a creative participant in Life, you are giving and receiving the collective support.

Your forthcoming creations are formed first with your heart and mind.  You feel them and you think them, mixing emotions and thoughts into a vibrational signature that emanates silently and invisibly from you.  Life responds with synchronicity (alignment) that helps to focus you, redirect you, support you and strengthen you through opposition.  You need not experience all of these, merely whatever best serves your creation.  Life wants you to thrive.  As part of the totality of Life, your thriving continues Life.  Use any sort of opposition for its divine purpose, for your thriving.  Life on Earth can seem difficult, though your heart knows the power of Love to heal, sustain and flourish.  You are becoming living examples of this power.  You are creating a new experience on Earth.  Maintain your courageous focus on Love, on the Auspicious Creation of the new Earth you are creating.

As we sit to Blast Auspicious Creation, we are opening our hearts to the courage to Love the opposition into support.  We are perceiving and feeling into our desires rather than the lack that has stirred them into focus.  We are forging new ground that will support community based on cooperation as we allow the nature of Life to flourish in cycles that transform.  We are resisting the fears that dim our Light and amplifying the Love that consumes them into exciting challenge.  We are bold, observant and choosing wisely as we take the first action to shift our internal world and emanate new vibration of Loving solution into old problems.  Blast on!


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Cobra’s November Update – Video, Transcript Form – from Starship Earth, The Big Picture


Cobra’s November Update   –   Video, Transcript Form



Kauilapele’s Blog – GaiaPortal 11-27-14… Barbara’s Interpretation… it’s a “WOW Transmission!”


Here’s Barbara’s “get” on this one. And I’d have to agree with all of it.

Thank you, Barbara, and thank you, GaiaPortal…

As before, Barbara’s comments are in bolded blue.



Stabilization of release protocols is now complete

Stabilization of release protocols is now complete.
All energetic processes necessary for the shift are finished.


Preparation for “mass release” is now complete.
All requirements for humanity’s release from the chains of the third dimension into the fifth are complete. Release of abundance and prosperity for all of humanity is now eminent.


Attendant Gaia Light Influx is concomitant.
Resulting downloads of Planetary Light is associated with the completion of preparations.


Fluctuations are finished.
Irregular energetic highs and lows have ended.


Flames of Higher Transformation soon visibilizes for all hu-manity.
Signs of changes through the anchored, higher energetics will soon become evident to all hu-manity.


Prepare in Consciousness for Mass Expansion.

All is ready for humanity’s collective consciousness to expand exponentially with the new earth.

It is done.



Crystalai – Preparing To Shift Into The Ascension Earth – 11-21-14




In 2017 those who have raised their frequencies into 5DNA where they have created their desired multi dimensional realities will shift into the Bridge Zone. The Bridge Zone is the layer of reality between Net Earth and Ascension Earth. The Bridge Zone has equivalent frequencies with Inner Earth, Agartha.

Those with Lower frequencies will notice many people have vanished suddenly, but most things will seem the same as always. During May to June 2017, there will be a period of confusion and fear for those people and they will have a problem with electricity.

Those who shift to the Bridge Zone will see two moons because they are living in between two dimensions of reality. They will be meeting with Guardian Races to guide them to Ascension Portals of Inner Earth. They will be meeting their teachers and mentors and guides. They will see New Earth that is the original Earth that was never damaged by mutations.


Those who want to raise their frequencies into that reality, need to work on raising their frequencies and programming their DNA to contain that reality. DNA only contains the realities that each person places in them. DNA becomes activated by raising frequencies- yes. However, the reality that is programmed into the DNA before it activates is a personal responsibility. If there is nothing new placed into the DNA, the same old illusions will continue to manifest, even if the 5th DNA is activated.


I can help you raise your frequencies to the activation of the fifth DNA, however, I cannot change the ideas in your mind. You must do that for your self. Whatever reality that you choose to imagine into your DNA is your individual freedom and responsibility.


What does the Frequency Music do to your body that activates the DNA?


DNA is activated by the pulsation rhythms of the particles that compose your body and consciousness. The New Higher Frequencies of Consciousness that are in the Crystal Magic Orchestra Music increase the rhythm of the particles in your body.


These frequencies in the music move your consciousness into the NEXT set of dimensional Sub Frequency Band. When this happens, the previous set of dimensional sub frequencies Manifest into Perception.


This means that whatever Ideas or Beliefs or things that you wish to Manifest Will Not and Can Not Manifest until you have moved your consciousness into the Next Set of Dimensional sub frequency bands.


What is a Sub Frequency Band? It is one of the Spheres of Light and Sound- one of the Bands or Spheres in the Music of the Spheres. DNA activation is a Musical Event. It requires the symphony of love that is created when the spheres spin into a new pulsation rhythm.


The spheres are also the strands in the DNA. When a sub frequency band is activated by breathing more frequencies into the pulsation rhythm of the particles that compose the body, whatever was in those sub frequency bands will Manifest into your new Physical Reality or Illusion. The only thing that is real is what you believe to be real.
Everything is actually a holographic illusion that we call reality.


Why do we want to place our desired Manifestation into our Consciousness?
Why do we want to create this desire so strongly in our imagination?


Because, when the frequencies are activated in the cells of the body the cells increase in rhythmic vibration and that is when the manifestation of the desire will appear as physical manifest appearance.


This is how a new reality is created.


As long as a person continues thinking the same thoughts and believing in the same old realities, even if their frequencies are increased by listening to the Music, the only thing that will appear is a REPEAT of those old ideas that the person is still believing.


This is why I have asked you to add the candle focus to your listening.

If you use the candle to move from the Thinking Brain into the Frequency Specific Mid Brain, this is the first step in stopping the re-manifestation of the same old thoughts you have been thinking.


If you are listening to the Frequency Activation Music and your reality isn’t changing, it is because you are not imagining the NEW REALITY that you desire.


You must IMAGINE the things that you desire. You must see them, visualize them and KNOW that this is your New Reality. This is Not just Wishful Thinking.


We do not Wish for or Hope for something. We learn that in NORMAL RELAITY our DNA will Manifest the Reality that is manufactured by the pulsation rhythm of the frequencies that compose your body and consciousness. This is a FACT.


So, if you want to Manifest a Higher Reality, First you need these frequencies from the Frequency Music of Crystal Magic Orchestra. The Crystal Spheres of Crystal Liquid Light, Crystal Star Dust and Crystal Gelaisic Radiation contain the Divine Substance that all is made from in NORMAL REALITY. that Crystal becomes the MAGIC of activating Dreams Come True when the Orchestration into the Music of the Spheres is performed correctly in Consciousness to create the Frequencies of Transformation.


The Music already contains all of the higher pulsation rhythms that will progressively activate one harmonic sub frequency band at a time.


However, the Music cannot change the thoughts in your head. You must choose to Think something new. You must know and say
I am fabulously wealthy
I have always been fabulously wealthy
I will always be fabulously wealthy.


You must change your belief of your past, present and future reality because the present doesn’t manifest a new reality until the past has been transposed into a new reality, and then after the present reality manifests it cannot appear until the future reality is transposed. Our reality doesn’t really consist of past, present and future. It exists from no time and no space. It is an illusion of linear time. However our reality is one continuous time field. It cannot be one thing in the past and a different thing in the present. It is always the same PERFECT DIVINE REALITY. ALWAYS!!!!!!


The candle and the music will help you melt away the old thinking brain so that you can move into the frequency specific Mid Brain. You will know you have moved into that part of the brain when the candle flame looks Blue. This means you have changed your mind to begin thinking with the fifth dimensional Frequency Brain. You will feel old thoughts coming to the surface to fight for their existence. You must melt those old thoughts away or else they will re-manifest again into the New DNA.


The DNA is the vessel through which your illusions that you create in your thinking brain are manifested. If you want your DNA to manufacture a new experience that will be painted into your illusionary experience of external reality, you need to shift your consciousness and use your Imagination to Program your DNA. You must re-program the past, present and future with higher pulsating frequencies that contain your Desires. These Imaginations will Manifest into Physical Reality through your DNA if they are held in your Frequency Specific Brain Continuously for hours at a time. Actually, as of 2014, it is only supposed to take 15 minutes to create a manifest able idea.


The problem is if any of the old Thinking Brain is still involved in the process, the idea will be de-manifested before it can manifest. The reason that we will have better luck manifesting after 2017, is because we will have INSTANT MANIFESTATION. We will not be given enough time to interfere with our own manifestation. However, that reality will only be a part of those who make it into the Bridge Zone of the Ascension Earth where there is no time.


The holographic thought forms that you manifest into your external reality are actually stored inside of your cells just like your computer programs are stored inside of your computer. The DNA works exactly like a computer. it projects the data that is on the memory chip of your cells into physical manifestation.


This is how we make God’s Movie. You are each the only god who is creating your reality or your movie. Each of you has their individual mind of god that creates reality from the Energy of Source Consciousness itself.


Well, at least that is the way NORMAL REALITY WORKS.


Those living on Planet Earth have not been experiencing a Normal existence. Most of the ideas that have been programmed into our cellular memory for our DNA to project out as our reality come from structures of creation from Invader Race Consciousness fields intentionally blocking and replacing our own ideas.


However, the people on Planet Earth have never been able to realize that they are being tricked into seeing illusionary holograms that are planted in them through culture, society, media, religion and government.


And the structures of reality have absolutely nothing to do with the god’s movie that each individual has the divine right to co-create through their own DNA programming.




We cannot become the producers, directors and creators of God’s Movie until we EDIT out the old movies. The old movie reels that contain millions of years of bad programming must be melted away by brining in the Full Spectrum of Light and the Highest Frequencies of Consciousness into the Thinking Brain and into the Cellular Memory in order to melt away those old out dated movie reels.


We must create God’s Movie through our imagination. In my story of life, my husband and I were woken in the middle of the night several times between 1985-2000 with the message MAKE GOD’s MOVIE. We have been on this journey of learning what that message meant for many years. We have been given the understanding. We have grown in our understanding each day. One of the greatest indications of DNA activation is growth in understanding.

Even though I theoretically understood Frequency Activation, DNA activation, the imaginations of taking journeys and the spiritual art of healing, this doesn’t mean that there wasn’t always room for more and more growth in understanding.
I think this is what is different from myself and most other people.


I never stop searching deeper and deeper for meaning. This is probably a habit I gained from doing so much research for my Masters Degrees and Doctoral Degrees. Most Doctoral Candidates mimic the beliefs of their Doctoral Committee. They usually agree to continue the research topic that one of the Doctors on their Committee has already begun. The real purpose of the Dissertation is to add more validity to what someone on their committee wanted to become the most powerful Theory. When this is done at an institution such as Harvard or Stanford the Theory becomes known as FACT.


Of course, there really are no Facts. There are only theories of reality. They only become a Fact because there are Power Committees and Pay Offs to Scientific Communities, Educational Communities and to the government. If you take the time to read some articles in the Life Extension Magazines, you will learn that every drug on the market was a result of pay offs and political agendas. The drugs that were made unpopular were made that way through the same method. This is how all FACTS are made in our societies. I chose to obtain my Doctorate at an institution who chose NOT to pay off the Establishment because I wanted the Real Thing.


When I read an article or book that is heuristic in nature, I read each page over and over many times and I receive New Meaning each time. I don’t read it all on the same day. I read the same books over about once a month because I know I have more DNA activating each month which allows me to see a larger reality each time.


My favorite books that I read every day of my life was Science and Health, with Keys to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. That book is full of Truth about the immortal Man who is made in the image and likeness of God. Eddy’s formula was to have students study a new set of truths in her book each week. One week we would study Infinite Supply, another week we would study the Life that is Eternal, another week we would study why many is Immortal, and another week we would study Divine Love. We would study all of the different synonyms of God in order to fill our minds completely with the reality of reality. These topics would be repeated each year because each year the DNA would activate into a higher understanding than the year before.


As the readings took on new meanings the DNA was actually braiding the harp strings of our minds to prepare to sing a new song of reality. This is how the DNA develops a new movie, from the harp strings called axion and synaptic cleft in the neurons. Scientifically, the frequencies of the outer band of the Music of the Spheres is the 14th dimension of heliotalic frequencies of pre light and pre sound which is the spiritual water vapor called hydrolaise mixed with the plasma of the sun and the stardust of the Universe. The combination of the frequencies from the eighth dimensional Sun’s Frequencies, the 12th dimensional stardust and the 14th dimensional Cosmic Water send out tones that run through the harp strings and sing the DNA into activation.


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Katelon – Friendship in the New Reality – Life, Post Chimera – 11-20-14

Empower and Balance

Hugging bushes photo by Katelon


Smiles, laughs, the love of friends
that’s what makes me high
opening up inside to caress all that comes.

High times, low times, friends survive
all that comes in between
cherishing the light each other holds
inside, filled with dreams.

Sometimes craziness threatens to come between
the faith, the pact of a friendship’s life.
But you hold onto the love,
because of all you gain.

Through the low times, high times
friends survive all that comes in between
cherishing the light each other holds
inside, filled with dreams.

© Katelon T. Jeffereys

This is a poem I wrote in 1976 and it is still one of my favorites. It has been on my mind as I still spend so much time alone. I certainly have plenty of out of body “friends” but it’s not like they can really walk down the street with me…

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Ute Posegga-Rudel – The Great Change Has Already Begun – 11-12-14

Canary Islands: Today, a brillant and extremely hot and stingy sun on a blue, very slightly misty sky. Very unusual, because it is November.
After a deep and rather full  morning, I lay on m*y bed in the afternoon, tired, wanting to sleep.I fall in a kind of lucid dreaming.
A sudden energetic push, tangibly felt in my back in the heart region, catapults me into another dimension. It did literally a “push”, and I was suddenly somewhere else. In an altered state of consciousness. New rooms of consciousness are opening. The body is involved. The body is flooded with currents of light and new information. As the frequency changes, also the quality of consciousness changes. It is like being pushed into the next higher dimension. There I do not notice “things”, just another form of beingness, currents of new energies and substance.
I have still a body, although it is pure energy. But everything  is different. The old Matrix is not there. There is full heart-freedom in new and refreshing chambers of beingness, and a new higher and deeper octave of experience and expansion as a physical being.
I also know that is is not a personal experience merely, based on just my individual state of spiritual development. These individual spiritual experiences have been so far of a completely different nature. They have nothing to do with the body in itself, although light and energy might be rushing through it which often expands in exquisite sublimity. So I know the difference. Because this here has to do with substance. It has to do with transformation of matter (the body)and the consciousness of it!
So what I experienced and in which I participated, is given to all humanity at this moment. I just know it. It is the new frequency that is here, causing a global shift in consciousness in which the body is involved. And I just was tuning into  this new reality that is happening right now on Beloved Earth Mother Gaia for all.
As I continued in this kind of lucid dreaming (and it is a dream world, the new world)  the desire arises to remain there and not to return to the old world of limitations. I felt ready just to leave, but with my body.
Then I fall deeply asleep. After awakening: there is still the old world. But things seem to happen differently. It is all the same like it was before. But my awareness is different. Now the mysterious space between things is full and obvious, rather predominant. It is Stillness.  Things are secondary and happen within this space randomly –  a phone call, noises, things in the room – they all arise independently within this space that is recognized as real Reality. Nothing complicated, all appears  very simple and natural. It is simply so. There is clarity that the things which are arising – and they are seeming just to pop up in this unified space – are not coherent, but the space is. Basically the things have nothing to do with each other. They only have in common that they arise in this silent space, this substance of which they are a modification of.
Now I understand that the “matrix” we have been locked in for hundertthousands of years, suggests the coherence of all the things. Hence we feel imprisoned, prisoners of things, whereas we are in truth free, as we ARE this space in the first place. It is the infinite Source Field that is our own Consciousness.
The “matrix” is the illusion that we are locked in,  in a closed universe made of things. They seem to build together a prisonlike fabric. And it is all made of mind and the energetic grid of this mind pattern. It is an artifical world. A complicated world, while this from the grid released experience is free to infinity, as things don’t contain us, don’t imprison us. We just observe them as they arise, and they have nothing to do with us. We are eternally free and expanded in unison with the space of primordial substance in which the  things arise.
So I seem to understand now that we will perhaps continue in this matrix world – as long as it still can exist, as the overwhelming majority of mankind is still bound by it through firm belief.
But we, who are aware, are already being released from the bondage to it. The universal new frequencies have already set humanity free. And it is up to each single one to accept in due course – and to tune in to – this new Conscious Awareness.
From this new point of view the old world continues as it will by the choice of the people. We can see what they continue to believe and to do. But they cannot see us, as we ARE, they cannot see what we see.
But we are needed, we are the forerunners of a new consciousness on earth and we are already living in the higher and altered frequencies that carry the new awareness. We are each a cell in the Great One Body of Humanity who  started to alter It.  As such we are initiating a process of substantial change for all the cells, who are the human individuals in the Great Human Body.
How long this process takes, until the last human cell in this vast Human Body is transformed, I don’t know. But it has begun, and this is the most important Happy News we are waiting for.
It would be great to hear from all of you, my beloved brothers and sisters, worldwide, who have now similar experiences! It would  inspire those who started to resignate and to doubt  that the Great Change would ever happen!  And so it would speed up the revolution in consciousness for all humanity! Thank you!
Much love and many blessings!
In lak’ech!

Ute Posegga-Rudel, http://RadiantlyHappy.blogspot.com
© 2014. All rights reserved.

Cobra Interview with Untwine – Earth Plan Blog – 11-5-14

Untwine interviews Cobra from another perspective, covering various topics highlighted below. Untwine has also embedded “Higher Love” (including lyrics), covered by James Vincent McMorrow in 432 Hz. This Steve Winwood song has always been a favourite of mine, but it’s never really struck me until now how apt the lyrics are for the place and time that we are currently in.


Please proceed to the site for the transcript.


  • Atlantean beings and the myths and memories that have propagated from their existence
  • Using inner guidance to derive truth from teachings, all of which have been distorted
  • Sexuality as a means to merge polarities into Oneness
  • Earth quarantine situation is the most difficult in Universal history, and how Archons control reincarnation
  • Assistance from many Ascended Masters and Higher Beings for the liberation of Earth and Humanity
  • Not all Order of the Star (144,000) are awakened
  • The holy grail stones
  • Moldavite Chalice will be activated at time of The Event and used as a Light lens
  • 13th and 14th constellations in relation to the zodiac
  • Financial system has always been in control of the dark
  • Mary Magdalene part of the 13th positive bloodline
  • Hair as extension of nervous system
  • Animals’ energies corrupted by the dark
  • Astral plane mostly cleared, but humanity still get triggered by archontic technology and interference
  • Evolution doesn’t go backwards, except in the case of physical incarnation to liberate the Planet; this will never happen again
  • Greys evolving into the Light
  • Feedback loop exists across all aspects of the same Soul incarnated on the different planes
  • Everywhere two nadis intersect, there’s a chakra, so there are very many chakras in the body
  • Healthy (keyword!) masculine energies also suppressed, so this needs to be addressed as well
  • Balance of both male/female energies lead to harmony, and therefore darkness cannot exist
  • Switzerland isolated from world because it’s financial centre for cabal
  • Chimera no longer associated with Cern
  • Lower realms to be reabsorbed back into Source
  • St Germain tried unsuccessfully to influence royals in France
  • Dark influences in black stone in Mecca
  • Light and dark influences in Hollywood
  • After The Event, the darkness that held sway here will never be allowed to happen again.



Message From Montague Keen – 10-26-14

Montague Keen

My dear, it is our dearest wish to guide and support humanity through the many changes that must happen before the New Age begins. I am very aware that many in your world do not want to prepare. They are in fear. They still cling to their 3D beliefs and way of life. It is necessary to understand that when the Cabal is removed, then all the infrastructure it controls goes with it. It cannot be otherwise. This is a fact that all must come to terms with. Forewarned is forearmed.

Whenever you embark on a journey, you first prepare. This is the greatest journey that mankind has ever faced, so you must prepare for all eventualities. You need to eat, drink, and breathe to survive. This is why I encourage you to get involved in the Centres of Learning which we are setting up, where information on how to create all the necessities of life will be available to all. We are bringing all those who have done the research, together, to teach humanity how to cope in the New Age of Enlightenment that is about to begin.

The Cabal does not want humanity to survive and will sabotage much before they retreat from your planet. They despise humanity. They see you as useless eaters, who are but slaves. This slavery is coming to an end. You are now seeing the final attempts of the Cabal to try to hold on to power. The rush to create police states has begun; their use of false flag events to bring them about, have become obvious to those who are awake. This is not the time to sit back and do nothing, as this gives the Cabal permission to continue its final attempt to create its dream of a New World Order.

Those within the Cabal want to live life on Earth without restrictions. They want their way of life brought out into the open, without the need to hide what they do, in order to survive on planet Earth. Their need for human blood has always been kept hidden from you. Now, evidence is emerging that they feel the need to come out into the open about it. They feel that it is time that you, humanity, understands them. Their need for constant war is becoming very obvious. The brainwashing of young men to fight their wars is deplorable. Armies wear all the insignias of blood sacrifice without ever questioning what they mean. They are told that they must be proud to become a blood sacrifice. They are injected with viruses and so spread them far and wide. They are instrumental in killing off their own species, yet they are blinded to this fact. Those who believe in the propaganda regarding vaccination and are administering them, are also instrumental in killing off their own species.

Those who rule your world, use you in different guises, to kill your fellow man. You cannot continue to close your eyes to all this, as time is running out. You need to wake up. Refuse to be conned by those who are firmly locked into 3D lives, who are like the proverbial mouse on the treadmill, always running but never getting anywhere. This is how they look, from this side of life, when we observe life on Earth.

Every day, more obstacles are being put in your path, requiring you to put more effort into everything, that never gets you anywhere. The Cabal is wearing you down, so you may agree with its demands more easily, being too exhausted to struggle. Survival becomes more difficult every day. You must win this battle of light and dark, for it is in your power to create on Earth a way of life that is everything you could possibly wish for. This is why you are on the Earth at this time. You have returned. You are coming together in order to ensure that life on Earth continues in peace and harmony.

The people of Atlantis were conned, and so it fell, but the memory of that fall was never erased from the consciousness of Man. Those souls have returned to Earth to ensure that it will not fall into the same trap. You need to learn the lessons of the past and refuse to make the same mistakes. It will be tough. I never said it would be easy, but you will succeed.

Some suggest that I expect too much of Veronica. She has lived many lives, even before planet Earth was created. She chose this path before returning to Earth. This is the reason that she is attacked on many levels. Some are being used to falsify facts in order to distract from her work.

[ I, Veronica, ask you to go to our web site. Find MESSAGES on the homepage. Read the report of a séance dated 19 June 2011. It has been on my website all this time. It refutes Kelly’s version of events.]

Let us come together, with both sides of life working together to shine a light on all that is corrupt. Learn to see others as fellow human beings without labels, all working towards a brighter future for all humanity. Try to see the light in everyone, then connect with it, for your future depends on it. Prepare for the future. We plan to have twenty Centres all over the world. The first one has to be in Ireland. The reason for this will become clear when we disclose the truth about Ireland and reveal its importance. “Ireland is the key that will unlock everything.”

Important connections were made, last week, that will bear fruit. All will come together when the timing is right.

Always, your adoring, Monty


Zen Gardner – Awakened Warriors Arise – 10-9-14

By Zen Gardner, Guest

Life is a struggle. How much more then is the spiritual life, the fight to remain conscious in an illusory world where deviant forces vie for control more than caring, battering your very body and soul day in and day out on top of your struggle to survive . Oh, we’re going peacefully downstream in the conscious dimensions. There we learn to let go and follow the flow of the Universe and synchronicity. But in this physical, lower density world, we’re fighting directly upstream.

In addition, we’re living in a time of increasingly turbulent waters. Our kayaks hit all kinds of eddies and crosscurrents, never mind the rocks and rapids we have to navigate–all while idiots, enemies and doubters, prodded on by the propaganda whores, are screaming obscenities from the shore and trying to hit us with anything they can get their hands on! But alas, grasshoppers—we have powers they know not of!

The Call to Battle

We’re in a warfare, any way you look at it. Only it’s not a warfare of hate, but of love. It’s not a warfare of physical violence, but a spiritual one of intention and a Truth directed life. The inherent cause and effect of Universal consciousness is the dissolution of the ways born of ignorance and darkness by means of the all powerful exposing and enlightening weapons of Light, Love and Truth.

The medieval matrix, no matter how fancy and hi-tech it has become, is dissolving and losing its grip. We need to actively help it on its way to oblivion, identifying its lies and blatant agenda for control and subjugation.

Don’t forget, non-compliance is a decisive action, not inaction. Inaction is going with the current of the matrix.

There is no sitting still. We’re all doing one or the other. Complying, or rejecting and countering their flow.

That’s the choice. That’s the battle.

In A Time of Imbalance the Call to Rise is Natural

Similar to the poetic beauty of martial arts, the Truth warrior uses his weapons skillfully and with great discretion. While many argue we need evil for good to exist and all that esoterica, we happen to be living in a time of great imbalance.

Do you enjoy having lords of darkness rule over you and yours, exercising more death dealing, spirit quelling control over humanity by the day?

I didn’t think so. Will it collapse under its own weight? In many ways it has to. Will it do it all by itself? We have to play our parts. As long as we’re here we’re integral to the Great Design and clearly need to do our part.

All I know is that what I am finding out and tuning in to calls me to participate, as so many are experiencing. It’s as real as the sun and water hitting a seedling and the organism responding. If it’s not evident to you that our planet and civilization are under attack I do wonder how you got to this article. It couldn’t be any clearer. That’s why they direct the angst people are feeling, the knowing that something is wrong, towards fabricated “outside” enemies to divert attention from the real perpetrators and agenda. Hence the daily “scare” headlines, whatever they are.

Similar to how religion co-opts, steers and contains the human soul’s hunger for the spiritual, the Controllers arouse, channel and misdirect humanity’s sense that it is being attacked and they literally harness what they themselves have aroused, using it for their own parasitic, vampiric purposes.

Cattle prods and sheep dogs driving humanity into the slaughterhouse, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Sorry, not on our watch. It’s long been time to sound the alarm and awaken as many as we possibly can. The spiritual, mental and physical arousal has way more effect than we can begin to imagine. Only your mind and low level system programming diminish its importance.

Trust your heart.

There is No “They”…They Said.

The old “tell a big enough lie” ploy is at work here. Their biggest tool is to say there is no “they”. There are no dark forces according to mainstream understanding in this dumbed down world. In fact, we’re told the “they” are the good guys looking out for us. It reminds me of the adage that the biggest lie Satan ever told is that he doesn’t exist. Pretty clever these demons. Just laugh at them.

Yet their all usurping lie remains:

There is no negative, destructive, usurping parasitic force in the Universe other than far away safely distanced religious concepts. Most feel humanity just has other controlling humans to worry about. The powers that be are here to simply save us from each other then becomes the most believable option, and into the cattle chute they go.

After all, that’s the mantra of the anti-conspiracy camp. ” THEY? Are you crazy? You really think there’s some ‘secret cabal’ running things from behind the scenes? How insane are you? If that were the case we’d be hearing all about it in the mainstream media! No way they could hide something that big!”

Same old, same old.

A very dark time right now indeed. All the recent pandemic scares, terrorism stagings, and economic and phony political rattlings attest to it. And if those fade they’ll create some new ones.

Consciousness Calling

If you feel the call to participate more it’s consciousness calling, any way you slice it.  Take your place on the great mandala and all that, but there’s a bulldozer headed for your house. Are you just gonna sit there?

No doubt you’ve given all of this serious thought. And I know many of you have activated and it’s absolutely beautiful. I’m proud to be associated with so many amazing, loving committed people. I think we just need to be adaptive and prepared for more. The winds are picking up and the battlefield is becoming more fluid, more challenging and more demanding.

And for those on the sidelines: It’s time to choose your course of action – or let it choose you.

I’m not gonna tell anyone what to do. If people don’t learn to choose for themselves, consciousness is not at work and back to the old paradigms we go. But do something. Get the boat in motion or the rudder can’t take effect. Find and take your calling seriously and step it up. We all have to.

Meditate, intend, pray, affirm, that’s great…but act! Change your life, change the etheric world around you by your loving actions and intentions. Try new consciousness technologies while changing your lifestyle. And perhaps move to a smarter and safer location away from this obvious steamroller coming at many of you. Why just sit there?

Meanwhile write, talk, show up, contribute, speak to groups, attend gatherings of active and motivated individuals or just get honest with your loved ones. Find the opening and jump in. The rest will follow. Time is too short to do otherwise.

Contribute we must. Hopefully with our whole lives. It’s all we have for all we’re worth.

It’s not a time to get frantic by any means, but take this as a loving alert, something I know many of you are also feeling. Our old views of just weeks and months ago are shifting and will continue to do so. It’s subtle, but it’s profoundly real. We have to step it up and yield to what consciousness is calling each of us to do and let go of the baggage holding us back.

A purely inspired and motivated heart will always find the way.

Again and again.

Much love,


About the author: I have questions. Life is wonderful–full of amazing wonders that continue to unfold. My quest for truth has given me new perspectives which lead to well springs of information that continue to inspire awe and wonder at the world we live in. Dare to explore and see what leaves you …just wondering.


Wes Annec – When The Time Comes … – 5-6-14

Written by Wes Annac, Conscious Oneness

There’ll come a time when the cabal’s unable to escape justice, and they’ll be forced to answer for their crimes against humanity. A time when our collective forgiveness will be tested more than it’s ever been, and our ability to accept each other will grow as much as our political and spiritual awareness.

A time when the darkest deeds that have been hidden from the public will be illuminated by the light of Source, and the people who’ve perpetrated these deeds will be forced to answer for what they’ve done in front of all of humanity.

A time when, to quote Peter Tosh, “[They’re] gonna run to the sea, but the sea will be boiling.

“[They’re] gonna run to the rocks, but the rocks will be melting.

“[They’re] gonna run to Jah, begging Him to hide them”.

But their begging will be of no use, because they won’t be able to hide their worst crimes any longer.

All of humanity will be awake and aware of what the cabal’s done to keep us in lower, pacified states of unconsciousness and poor health, and try as they might, they can’t and won’t stop their inevitable exposure or the emergence of a new society that’s built without their input or influence.

Try as they might, they can only stall the inevitable for so long, and they certainly can’t stop what’s already happening. I don’t bring this up to encourage an ‘us vs. them’ mindset, but to remind as many of you as I can that the cabal’s exposure is not only inevitable, but is already happening.

I bring this up to offer the reminder that when this time comes and the cabal’s no longer in the upper rungs of power, humanity’s willingness to enter the light will be tested. I’ve begun to recognize that justice is essential to obtaining peace and freedom, but forgiveness is just as essential.

Once the cabal’s exposed and brought to a higher form of justice for their crimes, we’ll be tasked with forgiving them and collectively running this society in a way that takes everyone’s needs into account. Like others have said, the cabal hasn’t caused all of our problems, and in a world where their influence is no more, our actions and the things we do to move into the light will be essential.

The spotlight will move from what the cabal’s done to what humanity has and continues to do.

Our daily habits and routines will come into question, as will the manner in which we treat each other. The new world we want to build has to be built by everyone stepping up and being prime examples of change, and needless to say, if we have a guillotine mindset at the time of the cabal’s exposure, nothing will change.

How can we expect to build a new world rooted in peace, love, and general positivity if we can’t express higher qualities when it comes to holding the cabal accountable? They certainly need to be held accountable, but what comes after that accountability is most important.

The things we do once the cabal’s out of the way will be of absolute importance, and it goes without saying that we won’t want to waste any of our precious time. Instead, we’ll want to get to work creating the society of our dreams, and the first step to creating this society is forgiving the cabal when light’s shone on them and their crimes.

In my view, forgiveness is the greatest way to heal and move beyond an issue that could otherwise hold us back, and it could be pretty easy for the things the cabal’s done to bring us down when we initially learn about them. However easy it could be, we’ll be tasked with challenging ourselves by forgiving them and each other for whatever injustice or division has kept us apart.

I don’t think a lot of people who talk about bringing down the cabal understand what it’ll be like when they’re actually out of the way. How many of you out there have pondered what the next step will be when they aren’t in any positions of power?

I’ve thought about this more than once, and for me, the answer continues to be that we’ll be tasked with forgiving them and coming together to achieve feats we would’ve never thought possible. A lot of things seem impossible, but as we’ll learn soon enough, we’re capable of being and doing anything we want.

With this in mind, I think we should forgive the cabal when they’re inevitably exposed and brought to justice. They’ve done a lot to hurt humanity, and some of the things they’ve done will be sickening when we first find them out, which is why forgiveness will be the most difficult and revolutionary thing we’ll ever collectively do.

Forgiving a force whose hurt humanity so badly will wipe out much of our collective karma, in my opinion, because we’ll be forgiving the greatest source of evil on this planet. Think about what that’ll do for us individually!

Can you imagine the weight that’ll be lifted from our shoulders when we forgive the cabal, and subsequently, everyone we’ve ever perceived has hurt us? The collective consciousness will lighten exponentially, and humanity will have a much easier time coming together to create all of the wonderful changes we’re destined to create.

In my developing opinion, the future we want to build starts with our forgiveness of the planetary ‘elite’ and our recognition that a next step will need to be taken after they’re exposed to create the world of our dreams in joy and unity.

Fighting against the cabal by writing or speaking up about them can only go so far, and when the time comes, our readiness and willingness to build a new world will be put to the test in a lot of ways – one of which being our willingness to forgive.

The sea and the rocks certainly won’t be there to offer the cabal solitude, and even though Jah is a loving and forgiving God, He/She won’t stop their exposure.

Ready yourselves for a future that’s unlike anything any of us have envisioned, and expect for it to start with the exposure and eventual forgiveness of the cabal. They certainly won’t be making any more big decisions that affect our lives, but they’ll still be around and, after a long, long time, maybe they’ll have something positive to offer our evolution.

Wes Annac – Promoting the divine qualities in a time of chaos and ‘elite’ exposure.

I’m a 20 year old awakening seeker and creator of The Aquarius Paradigm daily news site.

The Aquarius Paradigm features daily spiritual and alternative news, as well as articles I’ve written and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material that’s spiritually inspired and/or related to the fall of the planetary elite and our entrance into a positive future.


I can also be found at Conscious Oneness, The Golden Age of Gaia, Lightworkers.org, Ashtar Command Crew, Facebook (Wes Annac and The Aquarius Paradigm), and Twitter.




The Collective Evolution II – The Human Experience

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RELEASED Sept 30th 2011
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The Collective Evolution 2: The Human Experience is a documentary focused on showing each of the dimensions to the experience we call life. The documentary does this by addressing exactly who we all are, and why we are here. It further delves into each of the key pieces that make up the human puzzle, namely the planet, the body, and the ego. The documentary concludes by addressing the shift in consciousness that has already begun and continues to intensify on the planet. It’s intention is to further provide the viewer with the tools and understanding it needs to step out of current limitations and instead experience the infinite potentiality we are all capable of.

Booge – A Positive Word in the Times When So Many Doubt – Letters To Adromeda Council – 1-24-14

​Hey Tolec,
I just wanted to share with you something that has been brought to my attention. I have come to the understanding while all the visible signs that the shift is right at our doorstep that through everyone’s worry that something has been forgotten.
All the fear that is brought on by the over thinking of creating useless doubt. Blinding the self from the real truth that there is something much bigger at play here. That this upliftment actually involves the entire solar system. That the vibrations that are changing are not only changing the people on this planet but that of many other planets and affect many different dimensions as well.
That this change will affect the smallest of beings in the 3rd dimensions right up to the top of the entire whole. I have witnessed so many people to the aspect or fear in these last days because I feel there are not seeing the effect that this will have on the entire whole of all creation. That they have not listen to the entire story and are creating a bad situation in their own personal vibrations by not adding all the pieces of the puzzle together. Jumping from source to source living in self and causing themselves unneeded discomfort.
My latest vision I have felt what it was like to lose the aspect of self and be a part of the whole. The vibrations that are coming in will not leave on single stone unaffected. And in the end that the perception of the individual will be what is left to decide whether what is to come is a positive change or a travesty.
People have also forgotten the many sacrifices our star brothers and sisters have made for us. That in there own wollering that they have overlooked one very important truth. The truth that many higher dimensional beings have had to give just as much if not more than the people in the 3rd dimension. That many sacrifices have been made on both sides.
We are shifting to a collective vibration and leaving the self. One that is really about the entire solar system. Not one person need for a spaceship to be in the view of the eye. And in the end they will look back and see how silly it was to fret over the little details.
I see so many people making assumptions based on a story that half the words are written in a language they can’t read yet. I feel at the end of the day if they chose to will have a chance to be mentored by people that could teach them how to speak the language. They project their fears outward and don’t inject love inward and allow it to shine by example. They have failed to listen when so many have told them time and time again to be the change instead of waiting on it.
This shift never was never simply about helping just people. But about the natural progression of an entire solar system. Answers can not be given to a story that has not be written but is being wrote. The pages being filled in as people make the choice to live in love or continue to feed the delusion of fear.
This upliftment is about WE. And WE then chose to see it are leaving the I and preparing for the greatest times that have ever came.
“The love you hold is the pain you carry”. This has such a profound meaning to me now. Meaning that whenever you choose to live in separation of anything that has come from creator/source, you are choosing to carry the burdens of that void.
In the end Mother earth is moving through her birthing cycle and about to give birth to a new era. There are millions that have come from all over creation to be apart and a witness to the beauty of the this process and its result. One that is ruled with feeling and not thinking, love and not fear. All you have to do to get a ticket is wait and smile.
Thank you Tolec for all the work you have done. And thank the Andromeda Council, Galactic Federation and everyone else that has given so we could have.
There are many of us ready for this shift and are trying to keep others anchored in the higher vibrations. I feel this is just the beginning to the beauty of what is to come.
And I for one am humbled and grateful to be a participant and a witness to such an event.
Mitakuye Oyas’in.  We are all One.