Council of Twelve – Group Consciousness vs Ego – Channeler Dr. Kathryn E May – 8-12-14

kathryn-e-may1Channeler Dr. Kathryn E May

Dear Ones, I am here as the Voice of the newly established Council of Twelve, which was created during the past week as a result of the group consciousness which arose during the workshop at Kathryn May’s retreat. The group hiked up the Stone Mountain above New Paltz, NY, to meditate on the crystal rocks on top of the mountain. They were consciously working to raise their vibration to be in tune with the vibration of the mountain and in doing so, they created a complete consciousness grid between and amongst the members.

We are telling you of this group adventure in order to encourage each of you to understand that this kind of mindful communication is a normal skill for human beings, left dormant for many centuries. You are now all developing the ability to raise yourselves to 5th dimensional consciousness. In doing this, you become able to reach out to others around you who are equally aware and dedicated to raising their consciousness, to establish a “pod,” a group of individuals who have agreed to ascend to higher dimensional vibration. When you do this, you are able to relinquish the 3-dimensional belief system which required “free will,” to enter into a state in which you are able to find the state of ecstatic connection which is Unity Consciousness.

Some of you may be feeling horror at the idea of giving up your precious, hard-won “independence.” It has been the popular belief in recent centuries that “every man for himself” is really an honorable and important part of the integrity of an individual. In a way that has been true; it has given humankind on Earth the opportunity to experience independence and self-reliance, two admirable qualities in an evolved soul.

However, now it is time to take that independence and self-reliance to the next step. You see, in the 5th dimension and above, there is no free will. Let us explain. When Love becomes the strongest, over-riding feeling in your being, the ego which required things like privacy, ownership, status, acceptance, approval and recognition begins to melt away.

The ego you established in order to protect yourself against attack finds it reasonable to make the argument that you must defend yourself at all times against any hint of interference from another person, if that person might seem to stand in the way of your ability to express yourself. This concept then becomes confused with your “freedom” to do whatever you wish or say whatever you wish, regardless of its impact on others. There have been whole treatises, philosophical arguments and political movements to shore up this convoluted reasoning, because it was very useful for the dark ones to convince the populace that it was their right to pollute, claim ownership of the planet’s lands and resources, and profit from their destructive ways.

The cabal was even successful in convincing most of the populace that the profit which results from an activity is more important than the Earth herself, more important than the quality of the air you breathe or the water you drink. Those days are over, but the dark ideas remain, swirling around in the consciousness of the humans who are now incarnated on the planet. Now, you see why we are discussing these things, do you not? We are creating a picture for you of the difference between 3D thinking and 5D experience.

Group consciousness does not mean you all think alike, or that you give up any part of your own independence or integrity. It is just the opposite. It is more. When you join in heart and spirit with others, your heart is the foundation for the experience of Love, sharing, belonging, participating in a communion of souls which is greater than the sum of its parts. There is a great and thrilling feeling that goes with being completely in connection with the bright energy of a group of highly evolved, loving souls.

There is no individual triumph, no marathon or medal won that can match the richness and fulfillment of becoming One with the others around you. Now, here is where the triumphs and battles won come in. Those individual accomplishments, stored in memory, are what make it possible to raise the bar higher, to realize with confidence that you do not have to prove yourself worthy any longer, nor fight to maintain your fragile integrity. You have lived many lives “in the trenches” Dear Ones. You have proven your valor, your courage and your dedication to the causes you espoused.

When you look back on your life, look with fresh eyes, the eyes of God, who loves you unconditionally and knows how difficult life on Earth can be. Those failures and faults you focus on in yourself and others are merely a blip on the screen in Creator’s eyes and ours. You have accomplished much just by living through this life, feeling Love, shedding tears, experiencing the anger that rises up in response to the injustice and pain you see around you. This was the training for the next phase – the higher plane on which you will be able to take loving action to cure the ills you have so disliked on 3-dimensional Planet Earth.

In order to accomplish the move into a higher realm, it is necessary for you to learn the pleasures and satisfactions of being One with others around you, with all living Beings, within and on your planet and beyond. This great leap requires a massive shift in consciousness to the ability to form and enjoy deep psychic connections with others without feeling any fear that you might be compromised by the voluntary resignation from your career as an independent ego.

This means, of course, that you must be able to be fearless. All ideas about avoiding relationships in order not to “get hurt” must be re-evaluated in the light of higher realms, where feeling hurt or deceived or misused are not a worry, or even a consideration. Where there is no ego to be bruised, there is no disappointment; there is only acceptance, awareness, and Truth.

This is how it is possible for Creator to love every one of us without any hint of being judgmental or punitive. Knowing we have disregarded our connection to Him/Her, we are still accepted and Loved. Even though we have ignored the Love pouring down on us and have sometimes cursed the Higher Powers for putting us here (against our will, we thought), there is not a hint of disapproval or disappointment from those who love you from their place in higher dimensions.

We, the Higher Selves of our incarnated representatives, are not capable of being hurt, jealous or vindictive. It would be unthinkable for us to be angry at you who are behind the Veil of Forgetfulness and who are suffering the effects of having been immersed in a world of illusion. Now, make no mistake, Dear Friends, your life, your body, your feelings are real. The illusion of which we speak is the belief that you are alone, that you have been abandoned there on a lonely planet – the only place in the Universe where intelligent life exists. The illusion is that this life is the only one you will experience, and that at the end of it you will turn to dust and it will all be over.

That is certainly a depressing scenario, is it not? No wonder so many among you are so depressed that they welcome the possibility of taking drugs to numb their senses and suppress their despair. Is it any wonder that people feel frustrated, angry and depressed? If this is the only chance to achieve what you want in life, and you have not yet done so, and your culture defines success as fame and fortune, then most people on the planet are abject failures. This system of Catch-22 beliefs and the feelings that result are what you are leaving behind, Beloveds.

Yes, it will be an enormous change from the life of striving to climb the ladder, and worrying about mortgages, insurance and loan payments. The way the system was set up, even the wealthy were so immersed in The Program – or the Matrix as some call it – that regardless of the millions they might have accrued, it never felt like enough.

You have been longing to overcome the feelings of alienation and loneliness. You have yearned for Love in your lives. This is the symptom of being disconnected from your Creator, your Guides, and your Group Consciousness. You have experienced the glory and exhilaration of being One, in your life between lives in the higher dimensions. It has echoed in your consciousness as a tantalizing promise, coming ever closer as the powerful energies of the Central Sun wash over you, carrying you a bit higher each day, a bit closer to the Promised Land.

Now is the time for real change. Look to your hopes and dreams. Be clear about what you really want in the coming Shift. Peace on Earth means no more competition for resources, and therefore no more feelings of entitlement when you consider what you will do with your blessings. Will a new Jaguar really bring you closer to group consciousness? Will a huge new house really be justified, if it means using tremendous amounts of resources which cannot be replaced, even if you could afford to buy three such houses? It is really not about the money, Dear Ones. It is about being One with those you set out to help.

This is not a time for missionary work. Giving what you would want to others is not giving. Teaching your cultural or religious belief system while you help a poor village dig their well is not generosity, it is 3D ego. Are you beginning to see the whole-life change we are introducing you to? Group consciousness means you are willing to embrace every other one as you embrace yourself, as we embrace you. You will find others who are raising their consciousness, just as the Council of Twelve incarnations have done. You too will form Councils based on the feelings of overwhelming Love and Respect for each person’s unique contribution, and for their ability to connect with you as One, and you will find happiness the likes of which you have never before experienced in this lifetime.

We wish you Love, and we encourage you to be the Seekers you set out to be in this lifetime. Find your soul mates – those who can meet you in higher dimensions and who encourage you to reach higher. We love you without end,

The Council of Twelve of Prema Swarupa, the etheric retreat over Stone Mountain, NY.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, Aug. 11, 2014, 10 PM, New York

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