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Ancestors and Elohim 1/12/2020

We are the ancestors. We are the ancient ones returned to your time stream and reality. We are aspects of your past selves and futures selves, for time is a spiral, it is not as you have been taught. The linear way was to simplify and to create confusion. Time can be spiraled up like a spring. It is possible to jump. Soon you too will be able to do this most effortlessly, for your intentions are coming online and it is most impressive dear ones, how much you are progressing and how fast. We see worlds. We are the Elohim, many of us work closely with our embodied selves. You reading are they, most likely. Be not afraid as the world shifts, as Gaia trembles and quakes with the onset of the new energies. Be at peace knowing that all good things are headed your way, friends.

We are the Ancestors and we are the Elohim. In a combined message we wish for you to know that you are divinely supported on all levels. Elohim create, seeding worlds. This experiment has been fraught with pain, and we are here to heal it, to rectify past decisions and to transform future outcomes into the light. And we are the Ancestors. We dance the ancient songs in a circle, weaving the light, weaving the codes. We drum. We touch the Earth with reverence and respect. Reverence and respect for Mother Gaia is returning. For she is your most sacred home and she is morphing into light under your feet. See? Your feet are glowing alive with the energies that she is providing for you. Align with her morphing form. Do not ground, for she is shifting too much to ground with accuracy and you want to be in fluid motion with her. Align with her as you would align with a native Hawaiian hula dancer, shifting, moving, caught up in the energy and the joy of the dance. Align with her. For the heart chakra of Gaia is expanding and her heart is growing ever bigger, ever greener.

We are the Ancient Ones returned. We are the Elohim. We are the Ancestors. We see your future decisions and encourage you to chose with joy, with light. We see each decision as a radical one, full of importance. Walk with the light. Dance the ancient dances. Open up the ancient caverns of your inner wisdom and remember your lessons of old. Remember how to weave light into laughter, how to create planetary grids with love-light. For this is what is occurring in this now as Nova Gaia is being Terra-formed in this moment. The dark ones will fall away. The old energies can no longer withstand the power and intensity of the light. Be not overly concerned with this falling away, for you knew it was to be. Focus on creating more light, on serving those who have nothing. Focus not on material possessions for they will fall away and no longer be necessary, for it will be more fun in the future to simply create as you go, when you need it.

We are the Ancient Ones returned. Many of you lived in Lumeria times, in Atlantean times. We place the white linen shroud of the priest or priestess over your mantle now, reigniting the codes of remembrance. (I am feeling light and buzzing in my head and my ears are ringing. I am hearing bells, I am surrounded by gems emitting light and frequency). The Lumerian and Atlantean codes are fully online to assist with the remembering of this society so that higher vibrational choices are made in love. No longer shall the power of a few dictate the fate of many. You are choosing your own fate. You are choosing the light. You are powerful beyond your wildest imaginings. You have done this before many times. You shall again. We are sending the codes of golden light down your form, feel these light fractals burst from your skin, emitting golden hues of light. We are surrounding you with the singing crystals of the higher dimensional beings that support and surround. We ask that you ground this – that you align this with Mother Gaia’s shifting form. Gently push these energies into her crystal heart, into her Hawaii green pulsing heart chakra. Feel the fire codes as the fire salamanders ignite and laugh. Feel the drumbeat, primal, true as you remember your heritage as Elohim, creator of worlds. Drink in the crystal clear waters and connect. Connect with the divine feminine waters of all life as they bathe and renew you. Sing the ancient song. Dance the ancient dance of remembering and laugh as one who has seen their future and is delighted with it. For this is the future that we see for you.

We are the Ancient Ones returned. We surround you, imbue you with light of the highest way. Be comforted and be in joy.

~ galaxygirl

GEORGI STANKOV – INTO ASCENSION – 2-25-18 – Message From Elohim


The Elohim Tell Us to Go to Rome to Disseminate the Crystalline Light From the Source

Georgi Stankov, February 25, 2018


Things are moving ahead with breathtaking dynamics. It is impossible to grasp all the energetic plots that run on infinite dimensions and parallel timelines. In a recent message (Feb 22, see below) the Elohim urged us one more time to leave Canada and go to Italy, first to Rome to disseminate the 12 crystalline rays from the Source which we received during our temporary ascension to the 12th dimension in early February, and since then integrating all of them into our fields while eliminating resilient pockets of stagnant low vibrating energies. This is what the Elohim told us in their message from February 6th about our current light work:

“We are the Elohim and we bring you this message:

As an Elohim of the Primary Cause your primary role is to distribute the light of Creation, of Creation Itself, as Light is Creator; and in so doing you have an expanded role, in the sense that not only are you intermingling with Light in Form, You are also bringing in the New Crystalline Rays to this world of form.   
The Crystalline rays are new to this expression, and your role is to ground them upon the Earth Form AND to sweep them over the third dimensional frequency in its entirety.
 Your deep seated fatigue comes from bringing these crystalline frequencies into the depths of physical form following which you then jump or expand up into the ninth dimension. Well, these dimensional labels really do little accuracy to your positioning within the Creation, as you are a “frequency glider”.  You are able to hold both the lowest of the third dimension simultaneously with the very highest frequencies of crystalline light.
As you introduce/ expose the third dimensional reality to this crystalline light reality, great chunks of space-time is replaced with pure energy.  It is as if there are pockets of “dead-space” in the third dimension where no light may enter – we have spoken to you of this in the past, where the bonds are “loose” or “less dense”.  The space in between the atoms holds very low vibrational/ energetical elements – this is the reality that crystalline light reclaims.
There has been great work done by you in this regard – particularly in the last several days (since January 31st) when it began. There has been a deepening of this healing during the past three days.
This influx of crystalline light is a gradual one and an action of great love from the Creation itself.”

This energetic peak was preceded by a constant build-up of massive energetic waves and transformation phases that were potentiated by the stargate 11.11. 10 (2017= 10, ten symbolizes completion) which the PAT first opened seven years ago. Throughout  December we completed the structure of our crystalline light bodies which we first built in 2013, and since December 21, 2017 the entire PAT (first wavers) have firmly ascended into the 5th dimension. This earth has practically ascended too, and the old 3D matrix is in a state of rapid collapse as every enlightened person can witness for himself.

At the end of last year Carla was urged by the Elohim to travel to Ecuador over Christmas and New Years to anchor the pillars of light for the third city of light Terra Nueva in the Andes. I did the back-up from Canada. Without this light work Gaia would not have ascended to its current wholeness, as the axis of light was tilted towards the other two cities, one here in Vancouver and the other one over the Alps, which are ready for their manifestation. Carla did a formidable job with the help of a group of enlightened light warriors from all over the world as well as the natives, including their elders from the higher realms, in sacred light ceremonies up on the mountains. This fact gives you an inkling as to how intense our preparation for the ascension was in the last several months.

In January and February, we personally ascended first from the 7th to the 9th dimension and then, after receiving at the end of January the 12 crystalline flames from the Source, we moved briefly to the 12th dimension (see above). Both events were rather dramatic as were the last two months and very heavy for the entire PAT from what I have heard. Each phase was explained and commented on by the Elohim and the Blue Crystalline Beings in personal messages to us. I refrained from publishing them as first, they were personal and secondly, they implied that we were not ready yet for the final ascension and transfiguration, so that I did not want to burden you with further confirmation as to how heavy your energy work has been in these last several months in order to reach this ultimate point in space-time.

Now I am announcing to you the good news. Below is the latest message which Carla received from the Elohim on February 22nd. It is insofar remarkable as for the first time the Elohim announce future events regarding our ascension. Until now they have only commented on energetic events which we had first experienced and then discussed with each other before they were confirmed by the Elohim. This can be read on this website. This time, however, we have definitely reached the most critical phase and there is no reason for the Elohim to be cryptic about our future as it is already a reality. Even other sources now openly confirm that ascension is a done deal.

We have already ascended and the time has arrived to show this to the rest of the world.



THE ELOHIM – ENERGY RESET – by We Signed Up For This – 1-8-18


Sitting in the Sacred I AM Presence I connect with my Higher Self, Mother Sekhmet-Durga, with Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I connect with the Council of Elohim within the Chambers of The Great Central Sun – The God Star Sirus A. They have imparted the following message of Love and Healing to you all:

We come forth this day with great joy to bring forth our message of love joy hope and healing to all galactical nations for each and every one are loved and cherished.

We are of the Federations, Confederations and Alliances of Free Worlds. Every life form in this Universe is represented here, either as an invited member who has become enlightened enough to play an active role, or as an observed member, like Earth, a species who is carefully overseen in the process of its evolution.

We bring forth the Divine Energy from the Blue Lodge and the White Lodge upon the Great Central Sun, The God Star Sirius A.

We bring forth great energies in this moment within this temple. We come to you as the Elohim Councils of God.

In the consciousness that we all are together in the Essence of Beingness and bringing forth an aspect of frequency that is now totally opening up upon the earth plane. It is not a new frequency but it is a frequency of remembrance of the Lemurian times when we were embodied all together. What is within each of your hearts that will fully assist you in the remembrance that each of you are. This is truly our gift onto each of you this evening.

We have received the Clarion Call upon which each and every one of you desire the shift of poverty consciousness from within your hearts and souls, and this shift truly starts with you.

We are working upon the many nations at this time to address and re-address and to shift in order that we can heal humanity, in order that the Energy Reset can bring forth abundance and prosperity to humankind.

We sow the seeds of thoughts of peace and harmony with the leaders upon your Earth and we delight in the Ascension Process of many countries at this time. There are however some Countries upon your Earth that are in need of assistance and are of concern.

In this now… we send forth healing, and we ask you to send forth healing. Many of our Masters and Emissaries of Light have been working with the Templates upon your Earth in this now, and have been preparing the Leylines, Vortices, Sacred Sites and Grids both pre 2012 and post 2012.

There is much work to be carried out to assist humanity upon your Earth. We have heard the cries of our children. Many still face poverty, homelessness, disaster, conflict, warfare and disease.

Many will ask what are we doing about it? Well we raise the frequency and consciousness of your Earth and in doing this we send those thoughts of peace of love and harmony. We ask that mankind listen… to go within to connect and to listen…

We now speak of the frequencies that are taking place upon your Earth at this time….

There are many levels of frequency that are occurring within your planet at this time and we truly want to assist you only to receive the Divine Essence of the frequency that is being guided through the source of oneness.

It is a process of continuing in each moment, from moving to moment to moment, from allowing yourselves those moments of frequency that are necessary for you to fully grasp what it is that is occurring for you. There is a process of elimination that needs to be done so that the frequencies that you bring forth within you are always of the highest quality. So we ask each of you to fully impart within yourselves the ability to be an active participant, allowing your physical body to be an active participant through the mental level, and the thought processes, and the intuitive sense. But stop it there. What your body is meant to do is to feel it first, is to accept it, and then the higher process of your Higher Self can fully come in and intuit onto you the ability to feel these frequencies in a much higher level than you ever have previously.

You ask of us in this moment, what does this mean? What is it that you are trying to explain?

We say to you that within these frequencies of transmission, sometimes there can be discordant energies that try to interfere as you are accelerating yourself beyond the levels of planetary communication, you must pass through many doorways of the frequencies as we move through the Solar, then the Galactic, the Universal, the Multi-Universal and the Cosmic. That’s a lot of doorways, because within those doorways are many levels of dimensions that encompass those frequencies.

As you are fast approaching the year 2018 / 11 upon your Earth- we are opening up even more Star Gates of discovery of knowledge and awareness…

Timelines are shifting and activating for many as they are connecting with the energies and vibrations of the dimensions of light exceeding up to 49th Dimension. Many are now working beyond this vibration connecting with the Cosmic Energy 144th Dimension Frequency – the Ascended Beings that are currently connecting with us at multi-dimensional level are excelling and connecting with this frequency now and are aware of our presence and the transmissions at omniversal level. We have been preparing the Masters that have incarnated here prior to the 2012 Shift that have come forth in agreement in this cycle to assist humanity in shifting consciousness.

Reach within dear Ones for each and everyone have you have come into incarnation carrying the Christ Energy within… Dig Deep Dig Deep within… for within are the doors to a greater knowing…

We are now connecting with your hearts, we are connecting with your Earth… We have never left your planet, we have always connected and worked with your planet, and we work with every other planet, star system and galaxy.

We now bring forth frequencies from The Great Central Sun….

We are in this NOW anchoring these Divine Frequencies to your Earth and to the Omniverse…

Feel the breath of Light we are, through the breath of Life we are, feel the breath of One. As the swirling colors of light swirl around your Earth, we are in free fully frequency allowing the essence of this vibration to permeate through us into the core of Gaia. All that needs to be done is a breath, allowing the breath to be your guide in the frequency of light that you are.

Now let us feel that as in the Temple we are amongst the many souls upon souls upon souls as the frequency of light we have brought forth are all the dimensions, and it is the moment of Unified Oneness of Unity of a completion that We Are.

It is our Divine Pleasure as the Elohim Councils of God to fully incorporate unto you this frequency, it is just a moment of remembrance. You are already there, your physical body does not have the capability to fully activate within, and now is your time to flow this into you at any moment at any given time for you to remove any timelines, or to access future timelines in the frequency of the Now.

Be Blessed dear Ascending Souls of the Light, for we are with you at this hour, connecting with each and everyone of you with grace and ease.

We are The Council of the Elohim (also known as the Etheric Council and the Council of the Four and Twenty Elders) and we speak through Elaine this day. – Channel: Elaine DeGiorgio

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GEORGI STANKOV, CARLA THOMPSON – THE ELOHIM – EARTH HAS MOVED INTO GOLDEN GALAXY – This is more than an ID shift – It is a Transgalactic Shift of the Earth – To a new Quantum Configuration of Space-Time Continuum – 2-14-17



The Trans-galactic Shift of the Blue Planet conducted by the PAT, painting by Helga Heinemann, Germany


Tonight I experienced the most dramatic and life-threatening event since I anchored the protuberance field with codes for the understanding of the new Theory of the Universal Law last summer.

Read: August 6th and 7th, 2016: The Creation of the Protuberance Field for the Two Spiritual World Centres in Vancouver, North America and Munich, Central Europe Within Which the New Theory of the Universal Law Will be Introduced After Ascension

Around 2 – 3 am on the West Coast I was hit by the most powerful source wave I have encountered in my 20 years of LBP and purging dark energies while going through more than 100 ID shifts as the nexus to the Source, many of which have been reported on this website. My body elemental went immediately into a survival mode of total hibernation while the shock wave caused an excruciating headache in my right brain hemisphere with a stabbing pain in the right eye socket. At the same time my third chakra of bilocation was also hit and I became very nauseated.

It was the most vicious assault on my physical body from the Source which I have ever experienced. My body was subsequently paralyzed by my HS which whispered in my mind to stay calm and find a proper position in the bed where the pain will be lessened. I remained in this cataleptic state for more than an hour while my conscious awareness drifted away.

When I woke up again in the night the headache had gone by and large and at this moment I heard a very clear voice in my head: “This earth has just ascended“. Nothing more! I am used to receiving this kind of succinct information from my HS when major energetic events occur and I am aware of their critical magnitude. I only get as much as I am able to remember and process at that moment. Throughout the night and in the morning the intensity of the energetic vibrations was off the scale and my body and skin are still burning as if on the verge of being incinerated.

This morning I told Carla about my dramatic energetic experience in the night and expressed my conviction that something very significant in the planetary ascension process must have happened. I told her that in such situations we have always received confirmation and additional information from the Elohim. She felt also very weak from the nightly experience although she could not remember anything consciously. But her skin was burnt a bright red across her upper chest and both sides of her neck.

The reason for that was that she was raptured into the higher realms from where she delivered the necessary primary energy as Elohim of the first cause which then flowed through my fields and triggered this ascension leap of the earth. I know this for certain as after I got the information from my HS that this earth has ascended and slept again I dreamt lucidly of both of us working together on stabilizing the earth’s orbit. I had a clear idea of how precarious and important this energetic work was. This whole experience cannot be even described in words as it is transhuman.

I just talked to Carla who had a meditation and she told me that she has received a short message from the Elohim that confirms this massive shift. They have assured her that it is bigger than the usual Interdimensional shifts (ID shifts) we have had in the past and have reported on numerous occasions. This was a Transgalactic Shift of this earth into a new space and time continuum with completely new physical characteristics and quantum energetic configuration. My immediate intuitive knowing was, while Carla was reading the Elohim message to me, that this planet has now firmly moved into the new Golden Galaxy, which we, the PAT, created more than two years ago, and has therefore left its previous galactic position in the old solar system of the sun.

Read here: The Elohim: The Seeding of the Golden Galaxy, September 6th, 2014

“First, infinite timelines are cleansed [Here, they are referring to your surgical procedure and all medical treatments incurred over the ages, see also this Elohim message, note Carla], as carried out by you and many other light warriors, as you move seamlessly and effortlessly into lower energetic representations  [our experiences over the past two weeks, where we have cleansed deep seated patterns of greed, financial exploitation and state interventions into private human lives] and exchange old energies with the new, highly frequencial energies of the New Earth, through pure alchemical reactions. This is a necessary step before all timelines are ready to be separated within the context of the inter-dimensional split.

Secondly, the lifting of the upper, energetically resolved timelines was a very beautiful moment that many light beings were party to [See Energy Report of September the 5th ]. The representatives of the Shamballa civilization held you in a strong telepathic connection to enforce the energetic bond, the linking of their platform from the sixth dimension, to yours here in the upper fourth dimension. As you were pulled up in frequency, you then began to also draw timelines from below you, up into the new expression of the Golden Galaxy.

As you lifted up these timelines, you also lifted light warriors and their corresponding timelines. Each light warrior represents one timeline and each of these timelines is different from any other. Members of humanity, who are not part of the ascending group, are being separated out at this moment, to take their place in timelines of their Soul’s choosing, where further commitment to the evolutionary process arises.

The light warriors of the New Golden Galaxy, who rose up in this magnificent event, hold the purity and perfection of the Christ Consciousness, and it is their destiny to realize full success as the new seeds of the Golden Galaxy.”

A year later, end of October 2015, the PAT, who are the new Guardians of the Golden Galaxy and the new Gaia template in this galaxy, accomplished the first ID shift of the earth to her new position:

Read here: The Elohim: The Last Supermoon Portal on October 26th/27th Marks the Transition of This Uppermost Mother Planet into the New Golden Galaxy

 “We are the Elohim and we greet you today with news that there is an ongoing transition from one holographic reality to another.  This event is driven by the light warriors of the first and last hour through the process of densification, or compaction, of  photonic light into the elementary particles of your physical and ethereal bodies, to the extent that all of you are increasing your light quotients to the utmost parameters during this transition.

This is a massive shift which began one moon cycle ago [with the September Full Moon portal of September 28th] and it shall continue to flood photon light coming from the primary fields of creation.  Indeed, as your light quotients grow in leaps and bounds know that you are drawing with you into the new golden galaxy, the uppermost hologram to which you adhere. The hologram which is being lifted is beginning to anchor into a New Earth hologram and it is this expansion that was shown to you in your dream state for easier understanding and so that you would be able to share this truth with the others.”

However, only today has this earth firmly moved into the new 5D space-time continuum of the Golden Galaxy that affords also a complete transformation of the quantum energetic configuration of all material forms. I assume that we shall begin to witness many miraculous events very soon that will give testimony to this entirely new energetic constellation of the earth.

And here is the message of the Elohim on today’s Intergalactic Shift, which Carla received a few minutes ago:

Hello everyone!

The Elohim have provided an explanation for the energetic experience we had during this night.  The words really do it no justice and I cannot explain the visuals that I was shown.  We just have to consider what I have been told as an explanation for this event.

Much love to all!


The Elohim Message

” The Earth is fragile in this moment as it has ascended not just in frequency but also in frequential patterning that has resulted in a vast transdimensional translocation.

By this we mean there has been a hyperspace projection, a leap into a new transdimensional frequency, and pattern.

Part of the ascension process requires elements of form to move into a different expression/frequency via a hyperspace projection, while in form.

A hyperspace space/time translocation requires inordinate energy and an energetic displacement of space-time essence/quanta.

This is not an interdimensional shift… it is more than an interdimensional shift.

It is a Transgalactic shift.“

Pauline Battell – Solstice Fire Initiation by the Elohim – Grace Elohim @ Living Joy

anna dittman                       angel


Solstice fire initiation by the Elohim

Greetings beloved ones. We are the Elohim. And we come forth on the ray of unity consciousness, on the ray of christhood, because indeed this is the moment for you to embrace your christed self, it is the time for your fire initiation thru the sacred fire of the sun behind the sun at this auspicious moment of time.



Georgi Stankov – The Elohim Invocation to Retract and Seal the Personal Fields Is Extremely Powerful – 4-5-16

Elohim  -  I Am

Georgi Stankov   –   The Elohim Invocation to Retract and Seal the Personal Fields Is Extremely Powerful   –   4-5-16


Many PAT members have reported recently about an increasing number of nightmares and bouts of collective fears that have affected your emotional and mental bodies. This is not surprising given the fact that our fields have expanded so much after we became Logos Gods of Gaia and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy two years ago that they now encompass all the infinite timelines of this planet and surely much more. Most of these lower timelines harbor dense, dark, negative energies and the human incarnates there are subjugated into a merciless NWO. We are present with our multidimensional fields in all these dreadful realities and experience them in a direct manner.

At the same time our awareness is expanding hugely, especially in the dream state which is now more real to us than the awakened state during daytime on this timeline which we use as a kind of a holiday resort. This is not my comparison but that of the Elohim when they explained to us how much we do in the dream state compared to our negligible daily activities here. Our dream memories are now also expanding and they carry glimpses of these shadowy worlds that lurk from our subconsciousness in the form of depressing nightmares. In addition comes that we experienced a massive cleansing and separation of lower catastrophic timelines during the huge ID shift and portal on March 20 -23.

While most of the PAT light warriors were directly involved in this ascension cleansing, the rest were keeping the ID portals to the 6D and higher dimensions open and stable as to allow for the smooth transition of Gaia and humanity to higher dimensions. This part of the PAT may not have experienced all the debilitating physical symptoms and emotional quagmires that accompanied the latest ID shift.

Creation is essentially expansion and contraction. In the last months we have concentrated on expanding our fields and promoting the planetary ascension. But this Tantalus act has also exhausted our auric fields and this led to severe clinical symptoms for most of us. For this reason the Elohim gave us the recommendation to begin with the conscious retraction of our expanded multidimensional fields from all lower timelines  and sealing them with the violet-gold flame of transmutation and healing.

The point in time was well-chosen. The destiny of all lower expressions in this holographic model is now firmly sealed and we can no longer help all the soul fragments that are fully entrapped in the downward spiral to lower denser realities in further separation from the Source, although we are the ultimate co-creators of these realities by simply severing them energetically from this uppermost mother planet, so that these incarnated human fragments can create their dark reality on their own and without exploiting our light anymore.

We had to begin with the conscious contraction of our fields from these dense lower timelines as to initiate the final separation of the two still superimposed conical spirals at their tips as it was given to Carla as a vision by the Elohim. While expansion of our fields leads to dilution of energy and lowering their frequencies according to the Universal Law, which is essentially a law of expansion and contraction of energy /space-time, contraction leads to an increase in the energy density per space and raises the frequencies.

One must consider that our fields are now interacting with trillions of elementary particles, photons and subatomic systems that build the energetic structure not only of Gaia with all its parallel worlds and timelines but also of the New Golden Galaxy. As some of the lowest timelines of Gaia have been removed to another galaxy, our fields are really as huge as the entire multiverse. Most of this expansion takes place at the soul monad level and encompasses dimensions higher than the 6th. The following message from Brian, the Dragon, discusses the levels of expansion of our consciousness throughout the dimensions and illustrates what we experience these days within our infinite multidimensional fields and expressions:

What Does 12 Dimensions of You Mean?

When our personal fields are maximally expanded, their permeability and permittivity is also enhanced. This leads to constant interactions with all other particles and systems, including lower vibrating systems, which automatically lower our vibrations. These kinds of interactions were necessary and welcome during the latest phase in the ascension process as this is the only and universal mechanism how the vibrations of Gaia and humanity are raised and ascension is carried out. But as we now approach the threshold of final separation of our ascending reality from the descending reality, the destiny of which is predetermined for the next 26.000 earthly years of Kali Yuga, any further interactions at the quantum level with this downward spiral are no longer desirable and may protract the final ascension process. That is why the Elohim came with this message.

The conscious contraction of our fields has a twofold purpose:

1) It decreases the permeability and permittivity of our electromagnetic fields and seals them from unwanted interactions with lower, denser systems.

2) It strengthens the power of our energy fields and raises their frequencies. In other words, we reclaim our energy back and can use it, first to heal our physical bodies that suffered from this dilution of personal energy and second to prepare them better for the final transmutation by recruiting our personal energy for this goal.

Needless to say our creationary potential is also augmented at the timeline where we exist when we retract our fields from other timelines as in this way we concentrate its power in the reality we inhabit and perceive, while in the past most of its energy was invested in creations beyond our direct human awareness.

As I said, expansion and contraction are the dialectical aspects of all Creation and always go hand in hand. The mastery lies in the proper measuring out of these two dynamic aspects of All-That-Is.

When I first read the Elohim recommendation to begin to retract and seal our fields, I had an immediate knowing that it is a very important and timely information for all of us. But as I was very busy the next two days reporting on the latest portal, I only started with this invocation 48 hours later. In the meantime I had received several reports from PAT members who confirmed the excellent results with this invocation with respect to improving their physical condition and well-being. Since then I have received some more confirmations.

That is why I want to give you below the kind of visualisation I and Carla have chosen to retract and seal our multidimensional fields. It is very simple and highly effective. When we do it, the room is filled immediately with crystalline blue and violet light with golden specks and the vibrations rise suddenly in frequency and intensity. The high-pitched tone in the left brain portal becomes deafening and the portal itself turns into a huge vortex.

And here is our visualisation how to retract and seal the personal fields:

We envision from a cosmic perspective Gaia as a small globe, at best with all its timelines superimposed upon each other and building a blurry picture of the earth, with no sharp contours. Then we envision how our fields encompass all these timelines and Gaia as a veil. We begin to strip off the earth from this veil and to retrieve from it like a fisherman who collects the net from the sea. First we envision that our fields are retrieved in the country we live in, in our case in Canada, by imagining the map of the world, then into the place we live in and at the end into the house we live in.

After we have shrunk our fields to this level, we fill them with golden light to the brim and keep this level for a while. Finally we seal our fields with the golden Christed light and subsequently with the violet flame by rotating our hands in a circular motion as if creating a ball in all three directions – left to right, back to frontal and in equatorial (horizontal) direction. Each motion is repeated three times for each direction and flame if necessary you can repeat the whole procedure three or more times as to be sure that you have fully sealed your fields within your house and room in which you are doing the meditation.

When you open your eyes, you will see that it is full of crystalline blue and violet-golden light. The blue flame is the flame of us as ascended masters and bearers of God’s will and the violet flame is the transmutation flame which we now also carry as a higher spectrum of the blue flame. It has been specially introduced on Gaia to promote its cleansing, healing and ascension. As we have discussed this flame a lot in the past I will not expand on it here.

This whole procedure of conscious retraction and sealing of our fields should be done at least twice a day, in the morning upon awakening when our consciousness still dwells in the twilight between dream state and full awakening and the access to our multidimensional fields is enhanced and in the evening shortly before falling asleep. Each time you will immediately notice a huge increase in energy flow into your body and aura and also a significant increase in the high-pitched tone. The quality of the vibrations also improves and it feels as if they are now caressing your body similar to that in a wellness spa or bubble bath.

I must say that I am somewhat puzzled as to why we did not come much earlier to this idea as it is so obvious when one knows the properties of energy. But obviously we were not supposed to retract our fields before that time as our energies were needed for the creation of all these lower timelines. Now that this process is coming to an end, we can safely retract our energetic fields and prepare them for the final transfiguration. It makes a lot of sense from a theoretical and especially from a practical point of view. The physical improvement comes immediately and with it the inner conviction how well we can now modulate and manifest this creationary energy from the Source to gestalt our reality.

I strongly recommend that all the PAT should start using this procedure in the aforementioned manner, or if you have a better suggestion as to how to visualize the retraction of our multidimensional fields, I would ask you to share it with the others and I will immediately publish any alternative proposal that makes sense and yields the aforementioned results.


Thanks to:   Dreamweaver333