Phylos the Thibetan – Elizabeth Clare Prophet – Karma, Ascension



Learn about Atlantis, karma and reincarnation. Karma is not punishment, but is our teacher. We are responsible for our own salvation.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet – How to Use the Violet Flame Daily – Saint Germain’s Mantra

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Saint Germain’s violet flame mantra for the Aquarian Age: I AM a being of violet fire. I AM the purity God desires. Elizabeth Clare Prophet explains and demonstrates how to use the violet flame in practical daily application and personal transformation.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet – Lost Teachings of Jesus Christ – I Am That I Am … Is You

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Saint Germain On Alchemy – Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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Saint Germain shows you how spiritual alchemy using the violet flame is a powerful method of spiritual transformation. Use Saint Germain’s nine steps of spiritual alchemy for your personal transformation.

Christian Mysticism – Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Christian mysticism, one of the mystical paths of the world’s religions. You are intended to become God and that is the goal of your life.