God via Heart Song Meditation – I Have Always Loved You – 12-18-13


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God: I Have Always Loved You, December 17, 2013 at http://heartsongmeditation.wordpress.com | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

It’s easy to get afraid when you hear people talking about “ego death.” While that’s not the best way to phrase it, there is some value in understanding that concept. It is good for you to let go of self-centeredness; and yet, even those words don’t really capture the meaning here very well.

The thing is you want to be happy and the greatest joy you will ever know comes from Me. To have a close relationship with Me is to live in a state of continual joy. To see the world as I see it is to see all around you with eyes of love. To open your heart to My Spirit is to open your heart to Infinite Love and Light.

So, you could say that coming to Me is the most selfish thing of all; because there is nothing that can compare to the joy you will find in being One with Me, or rather in recognizing Our Oneness.

And yet, coming to Me is leaving a lot of attachment behind. It is letting go of old ways of looking at things. It is recognizing that your earthly desires do not lead you to the fulfillment that you really want. It is recognizing that earthly things and worldly pleasures are fleeting and kind of ephemeral and you don’t want your happiness to be based on that which is ephemeral. You want your happiness to be based on that which is Eternal. You want your happiness to come from that which is always true.

My Love for you is a constant. My Love for you never wavers.

And, in truth, your love for Me never wavers either. Deep down you love Me as much as I love you. Deep down you recognize Our Oneness. Deep down you recognize that what you ache for is not really something that you can get from the world. You recognize that what you ache for is greater awareness of Me. You recognize that what you ache for is the love that you have forgotten.

And now, We go forward together. You come to Me. You ask Me in. You invite Me into your heart and as you turn to Me you begin to see that I have always been there. I have always dwelled in your heart. I have always been with you. I have always been a part of you. And, most importantly, I have always loved you.

You see My Love, you feel it, you begin to recognize it and your love, which was dormant, begins to re-awaken. Your love for Me awakens. Your love for life re-awakens. Your love for yourself re-awakens.

You see now that you no longer need to be ashamed of being “selfish.” Everyone wants to be happy. Love yourself enough that you allow yourself the happiness of a close relationship with Me. As your relationship with Me gets stronger love will overflow within you. You will find that you are less selfish because you are fulfilled. I AM your fulfillment. I AM your hearts’ delight. And once your heart is satisfied you find that your greatest satisfaction comes in giving, in loving, in caring and in sharing.

One way of looking at things is to say that selflessness becomes selfishness and so you serve others to bring joy to them and to you. Service is natural to you because love is natural to you. Service without love is a burden. Service demanded and compelled has bound you; but as your heart opens up you will serve gladly, because you truly want to. You will serve others and the world, not out of guilt or shame, but because of the joy that you feel.

Coming to Me is the same as opening your heart. Coming to Me is the same as choosing love and abandoning mindless self-indulgence. Coming to Me is learning to look on the world with eyes of love, kindness and compassion.

Coming to Me is finding yourself. The so-called death of the ego reveals you. Letting the old, selfish personality dissolve reveals My Divine Child.

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