Eddie ~ Via Unity Consciousness – ~ Ascension Guidance Message ~ How to easily cope with the current shifts ~ Tips and Tricks – 5-1-15

Eddie ~ Via Unity Consciousness

Greetings, Fellow Masters!

First of all, I apologize for not writing my weekly messages these past few weeks and not answering all the messages. Re-locating in London was such a huge step for me and still is, I have acommodated and adapted quite fast, but there’s still a lot more to absorb and I have a lot of work to do here on more levels as well.

The last few weeks have all been about big shifts and it will continue to be so at an accelerated pace. I’ve observed literally everyone around me and everything around me changing on some level. What a joy change can be when you are in a state of complete surrender, of embracement, of constantly letting go. Yes, there will probably be a few moments of grief or sadness or mixed emotions in the process, we are cleansing the old. It is absolutely normal, I didn’t say change is always easy, it can be very chaotic in the moment, but you can either resist it and have a really hard time with it, or surrender, lay back and observe things flowing easier. That’s when the magic and miracles happen! ” So how do I do this? “, I can almost hear that while tapping into the collective energies right now.

I am guided to give the tips and tricks from my personal experience. As always, take what you feel serves you well and leave the rest. What works for one could not work for another. It is very important to internalize. process and integrate all this, as it is a big part of self-mastery.

Tips and tricks:

  • Be Present in the moment of Now – I know you’ve probably heard this a godzillion times by now, but I cannot stress enough how important it is. Everything happens in the Now and only in the Now we can know true surrender. Our mind tends to wander in the past or in the future and most times we do that unconsciously. The Key is to be self-observant. Become the Observer for that is the Higher Self and when you notice your mind wandering, take a deep breath and ground yourself/your energy in your body and into the Earth.
  • Let go of everything that no longer serves you – This may include unhealthy attachments to people/habits/things, lower vibrational thoughts and emotions, any kind of programming etc. It implies being aware of the things you have to let go of, because when you’re aware, you’re halfway there. That awareness will transform that which no longer serves you.
  • Be open and accept changes in your life – However that change manifests itself to you, actually more like how You manifest that change. If you’ve manifested it, then it is for a reason. Explore the opportunities of the change and make Heart-felt choices at all times. The Heart can’t ever be wrong.
  • Trust and have faith – Trust yourself and have faith that eventhough things may not happen exactly how you wanted them to happen, I guarantee everything is exactly how your Heart and Soul wanted. Sooner or later it will be clear why things happened the way they did. The unbalanced mind is afraid of change, so it tries to instill doubt, don’t give in to the tricks of your mind. As I have mentioned before being self-observant is very important, it’s the same in this case. Observe your thoughts and your thought-patterns, don’t engage in the mind chatter, simply observe and let the thoughts go. Invoking the Violet Flame is most recommended whether it’s lower thoughts or emotions or anything that needs transformation/transmutation.
  • Be aware – Of the energy you are putting in the Universe, of your own energy, of the frequency and vibration you align yourself with. Your state of being is big part of your reality creation. Be aware of the areas in which you might hold some resistance. You are extremely powerful, more so as we are all being upgraded right now. We can manifest very quickly. Use your energy wisely.
  • Have no expectations – If I start writing about how expectations are really unnecessary I will end up writing a few volumes. Basically, they are the overactive mind’s most useless product and they serve at nothing other than creating illusionary dissappointments. Having expectations implies projecting your focus into the future and the future is nonexistent. Yes, there are a plethora of possibilities and timelines, you can tap into information about those as well, but what’s the point ? If you could know your future, would you want to ? Wouldn’t that ruin the constant surprise life is ?
  • You have your Higher Self and a Team of Spirit Guides supporting and assisting you in every moment – ” Ask and you shall receive. ” It is really that simple. Call upon their assistance, they will always be there, helping you in alignment with your Highest Good. However, you have freewill and they respect that, that’s why you have to ask for their assistance firstly. It’s like a multi-dimensional room service. Ring the bell and they will be there. My team is one of the things I am most grateful for. Don’t forget to express your gratitude towards them, if you feel so. Trust your guidance, trust your intuition, doubt will only block it from flowing through you properly.
  • Get comfortable with constant, rapid changes and adapt to them as best as you can – The Path of Ascension is all about constant rapid shifts whether it’s external or internal. There is really no point in resisting change, because it happens inevitably so. What I am saying is that it’s obviously a lot better to lay back and enjoy the ride, rather than fear it.
  • Change is not always easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard either – It is unfortunately deeply ingrained in the collective unconscious that change should be hard, that you have to suffer through it and that change is painful. This is a big part of why some people hold big resistance towards change, they fear it, they fear the unknown aspect of the change. Know that change doesn’t have to be hard or painful or dramatic. It is exactly what you make of it. As I have said before, there could be a lot of purging in the process, it’s all normal, especially these days when we are being pushed to release that which no longer serves us anymore. Change doesn’t have to be painful, but if it is feel it all and let it go, what’s most important is to not let yourself linger in that place for too long. Raise your vibrations back to your natural state of being, which is abundant in happiness and joy and all the other goodies.

When you master yourself, in a neutral state of being, you can choose the kind of energy you want to asign to each experience, situation etc. In every moment you have that choice. What is the frequency and vibration you want to align yourself with ? You are all Masters already. Remember. You have all you need within and an unlimited potential within yourselves to make the best of each moment. You are worth it, you are worth everything. It is your birthright.

Changes are obviously an important facet on the Path of Ascension, so after this transmission is internalized and processed, I will most likely write more about self-mastery during these huge shifts we’re all currently experiencing. Till next time, I hope you have a blissful day, lovely peeps!

Much Love, Wisdom and Power,

Eddie ~ Via Unity Consciousness


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