Steve Beckow – Ecstacy and the Quiet Mind – 10-25-16

Yesterday I described how the structures of my mind disappeared. (1)

There are at this moment no internal barriers,


no categories, no mental linearity, no preset structures (or processes) of any kind arising in the mind.

When I close my eyes, my mind immediately becomes quiet and still. It feels like Day 7 of a 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat to me and I haven’t even begun to meditate – I just shut my eyes this minute.

The Zen image of the hollow bamboo describes this state.

I spoke to Archangel Michael this morning on An Hour with an Angel and he confirmed that I was not imagining things, that this experience was happening.

His talk was on the continuing transition we’re going through, with its gradual ascent punctuated by sudden events like the one that happened to me. Am I being used as an example? Could be. Do I mind? Not at all!!!!

Here I am a day later, able to breathe slowly and deeply without encountering any triggers or obstacles to my breathing. So the results of the experience have lasted this long.

My breath is smooth.  I can access love and bliss gently and without restraint, which indicates that there are no vasanas going off, even subtly, even in my subconscious.

Archangel Michael said on AHWAA that what he means by “joy” is the same as what I mean by “bliss.” I do feel joyful when I’m blissful. But it does explain why I have not “gone after” joy – I was already experiencing it and didn’t know it.

I suppose I had some difficulty being joyful when young; I suppressed myself over some disciplinary measure, probably around being careful or settling down or something. It’s all lost to me now and of ever-decreasing interest and importance.

When we got together for lunch or dinner long ago, drama was often all we talked about. Now it holds little fascination. I hear others around me enjoying the ups and downs of drama and I feel sad. But I also know that the love of drama will pass the minute they get a taste of its alternative – bliss or joy.

Everything starts with the breath. I close my eyes, with my mind quiet, and take a slow, deep breath. Immediately the love arises.

I send it out to the world on the outbreath and breathe in again. I now feel a stronger sensation, which I call ecstacy.

It totally commands my attention. I’m not just sitting here, as in bliss, and feeling self-satisfied. I’m gathered together by ecstacy. Bliss pleases me, but ecstacy summons me.

I let the ecstacy flow down my body, from the crown chakra, where I’m first aware of it, over my head.

The first thing I notice about this space is that I feel an ever-deeper healing of all residual emotional complaints. I feel even more complete.

Everything in my family life, after the point where violence began, was for me skewed or abnormal. All of it involved patterns based on compensation for periodic violence that broke all trust and promises.  I’m now picking up again with my life as it was before age six and painting it this time with normal brushstrokes.

Once again, when I look or feel with my awareness I find myself feeling – I have to say it – normal again. I know. I know. Some people are saying, “Normal? All that work and you only end up feeling normal?”

Well, this is the balance point between the deficits of anger, hatred, jealousy, etc., and the surpluses of love, bliss, and ecstacy. Everything good flows from the center, the heart. To rest in the balance point is an outcome dearly wished by all spiritual aspirants who (really) know the relevance and importance of the heart. (2)

I don’t talk about my intimate relationships. I don’t think that would be fair to them or wise of me. But I can say that, because of certain relationships in my life, I’m learning to be gentle, straightforward, and non-manipulative – happy rather than right.

And the “practice” I’m getting is perfectly synchronous with the collapse of mental structures and the emergence of love, bliss and ecstacy.

I’m trying to keep my feet on the ground so I can write this, but it’s a losing battle.  I may not be floating in the rafters with Francis and Clare, (3) but I’m soaring inside.

Steve Beckow


From Fear To Ecstasy – Archangel Gabriel via Shanta – 9-25-16


“From Fear To Ecstasy   –   Archangel Gabriel via Shanta   –   9-25-16
We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

The tongue-in-cheek message from Archangel Gabriel this week is opening us to more ways to bring Creative Solutions into our lives.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week

  The release of fear is a small price to pay
for the ecstasy of full merging with the Divine.

This is an example of Angelic humor. When Archangel Gabriel suggested that the “release of fear is a small price to pay,” he was pointing out my old propensity for holding on to what is uncomfortable but familiar. It also is a gentle chiding to help me notice what might be my experience if I were ready to trust enough to release the fear and open up to new possibilities for my life.

For some reason, our culture seems to think that the responsible thing for us to do is to focus on our fears, as if worrying about the future is the preparation we need to make good things happen. As students of the Law of Attraction, we know that it is exactly opposite from what is the truth in our lives.

Our spiritual journey is a path of surrendering our thoughts of fear and allowing them to be replaced by the infinitely creative intelligence of the Universe. When we are engrossed in thoughts that are fear-based, it overshadows the possibilities that also exist at the same time.

We live in a field of Pure Potential. There is so much opportunity waiting for us to claim and acknowledge, but we cannot see clearly until we are willing to open the door to the possibilities for Creative Solutions. It becomes simply our focus of attention.

Full merging with the Divine means I align myself with the spaciousness of Infinite Intelligence where miracles occur. To do this, I need to create a dedicated space where I can go to pray and have a quiet time to focus on the spiritual truths that exist beyond appearances. It does not have to be elaborate, but it does require my commitment to take the time to raise my vibrational frequencies so I can begin to see from a heightened perspective.

This meditation time soothes my nervous system; my calm deep breathing centers me, and the Infinite Wisdom within my heart begins to feed me with new ideas and Creative Solutions. I am demonstrating a new willingness to ask for what I truly want to experience and invite the support of those beings of Light who are always with me. This is called prayer. Prayer can help us acknowledge and accept our experience, while creating a focus on new possibilities and miraculous outcomes. Here is my prayer for today:

Divine Presence,

Please release me from this fear that clouds the truth of my being. I am willing to open my mind and trust that I am always divinely inspired and guided in every moment. I am grateful to know that when I open my heart to love, I allow new life to spring from within me, creating new beginnings on every level. I dedicate to you my talents and abilities that they be used as service for the highest good. I am open to full merging with my most illumined and exalted inner being.

I turn my concerns over to the Angels of Divine Light and trust in this process to bring me the clarity I need to see Creative Solutions in every area of my life. I open the way to receive miracles in my way of thinking, behaving and belief system.

Please help me to remember that I am not alone, that I can dwell in Well-Being, and to allow myself to feel surrounded by Wings of Pure Love always. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
September 25, 2016

The Gabriel Messages Book #35

The release of fear is a small price to pay for the ecstasy
of full merging with the Divine.

Dear One,
Having come to a time of decision, you want to make the right one. You know that what you decide will carry on and you are concerned and even fearful of the “what ifs.” The only way you can truly make decisions that will best serve you now and in your future is to come to a place of peace and calm within. And this means being in harmony with your Higher Self.
It is from this place that you will make decisions that are for the highest good of all concerned. When you bring fear into your decision-making process, it limits you by preventing the full expansiveness of the Divine Mind from working within your conscious mind. It is this merging with God which enables you to feel free, whole and open enough to receive that which is right and true for your life at this time.
No matter how difficult it seems, it is very important that you learn to release the fear that constricts your thinking and actions. Where your attention goes, energy flows. When you focus on the fears, problems and the “what ifs” of your future life, this focused energy magnifies your fearful state. It becomes ever more powerful and can even take over your world — if you allow it to do so. Instead, put your energy into the creation of that wondrous state of being that will best serve you.
The first step in doing this is to breathe deeply and know in your heart that you are being divinely guided at this moment and at every moment in your life. Prayer is also helpful in adjusting your attitude and opening yourself to truth. You can say, “I surrender this fear to God, and I allow the Divine Mind to work in all my decisions.” Even if you still have the feeling of fear in the pit of your stomach, the simple act of praying for release will start you on the path to right action and thoughts that will open you to your highest good. Yet often it takes a short while for the physical body to catch up with the mental processes, so it is important to give yourself sufficient time to come to a point of relaxation and expansion before actually making your decisions.

Take several relaxing, balanced breaths. As you sit in this peaceful moment, allow your exhaled breath to drop heavily like a stone, down below your feet, into the depths of the earth. This will take the frantic energy from your mind and give you greater clarity.
As you inhale, see yourself expanding with the pure light of God. See it clearing your mind and calming your heart as you connect with your divine nature. Now replace the fearful thoughts that so pervade your worldly consciousness with images of what you really want in your personal and professional life — images of radiant health, harmony in relationships, abundant cash flow, peace within your own heart. Allow these images of your greater good to permeate your being. Then give thanks for receiving them into your life.
Because you have been trained to be fearful and to worry, even though it is not productive, it takes practice to release the fear and to merge with your true divine nature. The Angels are here to help you do this, enfolding you in wings of pure light and guiding your way to peaceful living.

So ask and you will receive. Allow yourself to be open to the Divine Goodness within all things, and be receptive to all the beauty and truth within and around you, so that this good can begin to manifest and work throughout your world. If the bounty of the universe is what you want in your life, all you have to do is to let go of the fear that limits you, and allow the grace of God to work for you. After all:

The release of fear is a small price to pay for the ecstasy of full merging with the Divine.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
September 25, 2016