David Morgan Interview – Foster Gamble – Thrive Movement – What might our New Economy look like? – Unpacking Recent Economic Moves – Gold, Cashless Currencies, BRICS – 2-3-15

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Geoffrey West – The Principles of the New Economy – Golden Age Of Gaia – 1-17-15

Geoffrey WestAlbert Einstein has been credited with saying that we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. (1)

As many are now beginning to learn, our current financial paradigm, based on debt, fear and separation, is now collapsing. It is doing so for several reasons.

One is that this system of debt is mathematically impossible to maintain. There’d inevitably come a time when this system had to collapse … and that time is now.

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The global cabal has been trying desperately to maintain it, or perhaps to replace with a similar model from within the current paradigm of thinking … their thinking, and it’s a way of thinking that has resulted in humans giving away their consent and ultimately their power, without their awareness of having done so.

This leads to the other reason why it’s collapsing. This is due to the collective awakening to the lies, frauds and crimes that have been committed and perpetuated by this global cabal.

This system of fiat currency debt has also been protected by a system of commercial law, a set of rules that have been imposed upon humans worldwide, and the ‘consent’ of the people to these rules has been obtained under a veiled threat of fines, punishment and imprisonment for not following these rules.

In a true participatory democracy, the people would have been informed of the creation of these rules, and they’d have been given an opportunity to accept or reject them. Such has not been the case.

Our current economy has been manufactured on ‘needs’, but also on ‘desires’. The desires result in a way of living that demands a certain amount of ‘need’, in order to maintain the lifestyle of desires. Oftentimes, the jobs that many are finding themselves in are not jobs that truly make them happy.

The new economy that all of us are working towards is about existing in joy and service while doing something one loves to do, instead of what one has to do to simply exist in a world of debt and fear.

As I write this however, I know full well that this ‘new economy’ is also a bit of an illusion, because it’s a transition to a way of living where ‘economy’ as we currently know and experience it will no longer be necessary.

Many have willingly chosen to live outside the box of the old paradigm, and attempt to model the new paradigm while performing their service to humanity, our planet and our galactic families. It’s an effort of Oneness, from both a 3D and 5D vibrational perspective. A 5D, higher-awareness way of living and BE-ing is modeled.

But while we’re still in this period of transition, 3D support in the form of financial and/or material necessities still exist. There are challenge (3D) and opportunity (5D) lessons for all involved, and the choices we make help to co-create the New Earth that so many are now claiming they wish to be a part of.

Many are learning how to give joyfully, while others are learning how to receive joyfully, and it is this that’s one of the pillars of the new economy of a higher vibration. As more and more of us move into this higher vibration of BE-ing, it has the potential to render the old paradigm obsolete – and with that, the stresses of ‘3D giving’ and ‘3D receiving’ begin to fade away.

In order for the transition to be effective, it requires souls to truly listen to their inner voices and guidance, while finding the courage, faith and trust to act in accordance with their respective inner voices.

As each individual begins to awaken, the energetic shift begins to expand from the micro, meaning the individual him/herself, outward to the macro – one’s community, and then to one’s country, and then to the planet-at-large in co-creating a new paradigm not only for a New Earth, but also for the galactic star nation being born.

The service of the team at Golden Age of Gaia and of InLight Universal is to try our very best to awaken and empower others in their own ‘truth’ or service, but also to model, to the best of our respective abilities, a way of BE-ing that leads and informs by example.

Within the 3D paradigm of surviving, it has meant that we have had to learn to ask for help, and learn how to humble ourselves to receive with love and gratitude. I can say from my own personal experience, it’s been a learning and humbling lesson in my personal growth to open up and just receive the kindness, joy and love that so many have unconditionally offered to our team, and also to me.

Your support by subscribing to the Golden Age of Gaia helps to ensure the monthly support that all the team members require, in order to maintain their commitment to you, without having to worry about day-to-day expenses or having to search for another job. We’d prefer to maintain our service to you, if you’re willing to allow us this honour.

With humility and gratitude, I offer blessings of health, joy, protection and abundance on all levels to each of you for your energies of support, but also for your own service to humanity, our planet and our galactic families! May peace and love be with each of you, and those around you!

Geoffrey West
Anchor, Cosmic Vision News.


Steve Beckow – A Global Call for an End to Gender Persecution by January 1, 2015 – 4-13-14

Gender Equality 22



By the power vested in me as a free and sovereign citizen of Planet Earth, I declare that gender persecution will end on this planet by January 1, 2015.

There’s no basis in the universal laws, in human nature or in any other context of life for the notion that women are somehow subservient to men. There’s no basis in any context that women can be mistreated.

This condition of unworkability exists solely because we allow it. It leads to a structural hierarchy based on gender inequality. And it now needs to end, everywhere and forever.

We tolerate gender persecution because we don’t think we have solutions that will resolve, dissolve and eradicate it. We don’t think that we can actually make a global difference.

But we do and we can. I’m certain of it and I declare it.

We on this planet are global brothers and sisters, unhindered by national, religious or ethnic differences which no longer serve us. I call on all people, wherever they are on the globe, to come together and rid the planet of this condition which keeps our sisters in extremity and our brothers in brutality.

On my own authority and say-so, I declare that unworkable conditions like this not only have no place on Planet Earth, but that we have the resources, capabilities and will, right now, to have them be gone.  And they’ll be gone through our own committed speaking and acting.

To coordinate our efforts, we need a society-wide deadline. I declare that our work will be complete by January 1, 2015.

To those who say it cannot be done by that date, I say that it can and it will.  By that date, according to globally-accepted measurements that we will generate, we’ll see the complete eradication of gender persecution on Earth out of our own committed action.

Wherever we can, and in some instances we may not be able to, I invite us to create win/win, global solutions that leave no residue.

I invite us to allow no element of fear to enter our hearts but to think the unthinkable and create the impossible.

I urge us to end the longest war in human history – the war between men and women.

I invite everyone to take up this goal or support it.  I call upon those who see flaws in our plans, not to oppose us, but to join us and add their expertise to correct what they see and ensure that our vision is realized, by better means.

I invite us to take on our world’s heartache as a sacred promise to the Divine Mother. I ask that we be responsible for it and assume leadership in it to see that our commitments are realized by the deadline we agree to.

I invite everyone on Earth to join me in committing to workability between the genders.  Research how it can be achieved. Contribute whatever you can to any credible organizations already at work in the field. Start projects yourself and link them up with others. I ask that this declaration be reposted widely.

Our actions will be like dominoes.  These two elements of global unworkability – gender persecution and, with it, gender inequality – cannot endure against such concerted, coordinated and committed action.

“Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way. I learned a deep respect for one of Goethe’s couplets:

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!” (1)


Steve Beckow
Free and sovereign citizen of Planet Earth
Editor, Golden Age of Gaia
Former Member, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada




Steve Beckow – The Process and Goals of Financial Reconstruction – Golden Agre Of Gaia – 2-17-14

Reval 22

Steve Beckow


In Oct. 2013, Archangel Michael described what is happening at present in the world economy as “financial reconstruction. It is the shift in what you think of as basic societal and institutional values.” (1)

What are some of the goals of this financial rejigging?

One feature, as Sheldan Nidle’s sources point out, is to “drain the cabal of its vast influence and to force upon its numerous banking institutions new rules of procedures that negate their many irregularities.”   (2) Sheldan described the expected impact of the changes on the financial industry:

“There will be a vast transformation in the banking and financial services industry that will forever change how these various financial institutions operate. These new rules will enforce policies to end the tyranny that these financial institutions spread across this globe.

“In its stead, freedom and personal sovereignty will blossom once again.” (3)

Apparently, the bankruptcy of world governments is being hidden to avoid panic, Sheldan’s sources inform us:

“All the major governments on your world are either bankrupt or nearly bankrupt. This fact is being hidden to maintain the current ruse without arousing the ire and panic that will ensue when this truth is made public.”  (4)

Besides the stress on the world economies caused by many of the bubbles of the 1980s and 1990s, the ultimate bubble – the derivatives crisis – is one that the world economy cannot recover from.  It’s estimated to have caused a debt level equivalent to $200,000 for every man, woman and child on the planet. Much of that debt is being hidden. (5)

Another way of putting the restructuring’s aim is to say it will end the predominance of North America and Europe in the world, according to Sheldan’s sources: “The proposed revaluations will set up a currency system that ends the dominance of North America and Western Europe.” (6)

That predominance has seen Western nations launch financial warfare against so-called “Third World” and developing countries, bringing economies down and securing resources at rock-bottom prices and without environmental safeguards. (7)

The global currency reset, one part of that operation, according to Archangel Michael, “is a massive bureaucratic undertaking. And because it has to do with what human beings, might I say unfortunately, are obsessed with, and that is their money, they want to make sure that everything is perfectly in order and progressing in ways that do not cause upheaval, panic, division, derision.”   (8)

“There is much that is occurring behind the scenes,” he continues. “It is not that there is obstreperous obstruction or that there is intentional delay. It is simply that this is a massive undertaking, both above and below, but particularly below.” (9)

Sheldan’s sources tell us that, as part of the reset, “a vast amount of protected gold bullion and sterling are now in position to force a more stable currency upon the world.”  (10)

St. Germaine called it last August “rivers of gold that are flowing quite rapidly all over your globe, all over the planet.” (11)

We heard years ago that battleships had been sunk in the Pacific Ocean with dazzling troves of precious metals and bonds. St. Germaine revealed that these were being recovered, an operation that was not difficult for the galactics.

“It has not been a difficult process at all. Now, don’t forget, we work with energy. Your star brothers and sisters, what you think of as technology is a different use of energy.

“And let me be very clear. The Americans aren’t the only ones who have, hmm, shall we say, placed for safekeeping money, gold, treasures, underneath the waters. It has been a practice for hundreds and hundreds, in some cases thousands of years. And it is an open secret above and below.

“So it is rather humorous. Now, it is simply, there are many, many space stations that are located actually underneath what you think of as your oceans or large bodies of water. So it is not a matter only of your star brothers and sisters going to recover. But they are already there, and their ability to teleport to various locations is as simple as snapping your fingers. So it is simply not an issue.” (12)

It isn’t only the Reset that’s occurring. Sheldan’s sources tell us: “This vast change is to be the prelude to the delivery of the prosperity funds and the rise of new governance. (13)  St. Germaine described the prosperity programs last August.

“There are twelve Prosperity Programs that were started hundreds of years ago. And that the participation in them, which has always been free choice and freedom, has grown and been protected over the centuries.

“As you well know, I would include within this my own prosperity program and what you think of as the St. Germaine Trust. But it is one of several.

“Those who are participants in the Prosperity Programs have undertaken not just a casual agreement, but a very deep, sacred vow to share the wealth as it has come forward and when the time was nigh, was right. And that is beginning right now.” (14)

The Reset, or “the first stage of this complex procedure is underway,” said Sheldan’s sources. The rest of this new system [Steve: which historically has been called NESARA] will emerge when the new governance comes online.” (15)

What we’re aware of at the moment is chaos but Archangel Michael assures us that the desired end will be achieved.

Archangel Michael: First it looks like chaos. Let us use the example of the current situation in the United States of America with government shutdown. It looks, it tastes, it feels like gridlock, does it not?

Steve Beckow:   Yes.

AAM:   But really what is appearing as chaos is a breakthrough. (16)

AAM’s memory goes back a lot further than ours. What he wishes to avoid is the annihilation of the intergalactic wars, rather than any event that may have happened on Earth.

“I reflect back to the gridlock that had occurred, not at the peace tables, but during the intergalactic wars. If it continued on, there would be annihilation.” (17)

All of this is being carried on while carefully managing the introduction of extraterrestrials to the world and moving the Earth’s population along the road to Ascension. The scale and magnitude of events underway are unprecedented in our history.


ActivistPost – Amanda Warren – Barter Is Beautiful – 10 Tips To Get Started


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“If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” – former co-worker

Birds were swooping down to stick twigs and cigarette butts in my tangled bouffant.

One biz that doesn’t seem to suffer during a depression is hair styling – even if more people are taking shears to their heads. But, even barbers need the cutting edge during an undeniable downturn.

I’m pretty geeked to have used barter for something I don’t like to spend money on – beauty stuffs. Hair in particular. Guys – you can use this example to barter for things that you like. Why spend money on an “extras” if you can offer something great in return and everyone wins?

I drove by this retro Floyd’s Barbershop-looking place and did more research. It took the skills of a private – I to hunt down their pages. The local online listings went to a completely different Facebook page and, it turns out, they have three separate pages done by three separate people. None of which are easily found or active. The prominent one has only nine “Likes.”

The owner is a guy out of King of the Hill and a master hair technician with 20 years experience. He blew me away, except I had to dig for his mastery too. He spent so much time working that he didn’t have time to dedicate to online promotion. I’ve worked with about 200 small business owners and this is the most common issue – no time for extra help (and little cash flow). Think of what that could mean for you…

Simultaneously he said . . . while I said . . . something along the lines of, “The social media needs help.” But, remember, this is only a template – you don’t have to only exchange online skills.

First, there was a lot of talk leading up to that. In the chair, it was a great opportunity to tell him what I do, what I enjoy doing. It was like a breezy, informal interview but also a chance to get to know each other as people and get a vibe. Finally, I simply asked if he’d like the idea of trading services or discounts for help in promoting his business. After a lot of friendly back and forth, he tells me a girl came in and offered her services for money, but that he’s more interested in my offer.

Why do you think that is? Maybe:

  • He knows I’d be a continuing patron regardless.
  • He likes that he can see evidence of my work.
  • He doesn’t have to render services or discounts until I improve the pages.
  • We could walk away from the deal at any future point.
  • It might be no trouble at all for him to issue me a gift certificate or a service for bringing in more clientele.
  • He liked my confidence and I have reason to be – experience. Plus, I have nothing to lose either way. Did not have to sell myself – nothing is riding on this – I just talked.

Possible drawbacks that would prevent this trade:

  • Maybe it doesn’t seem as professional, and you get what you pay for. People are used to spending.
  • It’s possible there are business reasons (like transaction records) or liability worries for not giving gift certificates or service – a contract might be preferred.
  • It might be hard to quantify each person’s offer or figure out how much work on either side is fair.
  • He’s had people start helping him and leave off without a word.
  • He puts in so many hours as it is, he might decide to pay someone for this job instead of trade for a service.

So there are pros and cons, as there are when you spend hard-earned money for a new product or service, but that decision rests with each party. And it might be easier to start with people who do not have business fronts. But even New York shops barter with each other.

Here are 10 bartering points to help get started:

    1. Think of things you hate spending money on, but also think of things you don’t think twice about spending on. Your passions can propel you to strike a beneficial trade.
  1. Think of all your experiences, skills, gifts, talents and interests – even ones that you wouldn’t put on a résumé. You might not think them important enough, but the bartering world has no limits. You probably know trade secrets no one else knows. Your hobby – gardening, for instance – could be your next line of trade, gifts or income. Some gardeners find themselves harvesting their flowers for weddings and home cooks might dabble in catering. Maybe you’re great with computers even if your job has nothing to do with them. Chances are, you can offer lessons for anything that you might know. Know about juicing and healthy foods? What’s to stop you from helping others in exchange for produce or something similar?
  2. Never be afraid to ask – it’s not a sales pitch and the worse thing that can happen is a “No thanks.” Nothing is lost, there is no pressure.
  3. Try to decide ahead of time what a fair exchange looks like. I need to think about how time consuming this undertaking would be and if I want to spend my extra time that way. He needs to do the same.
  4. Think about the end goal and how it’s mutually beneficial. Think about that person.
  5. Know who you are dealing with – pay attention to vibes from the beginning. If the other party holds back unfairly later on, just walk away. Don’t lash back; let their reputation have the bad karma, but don’t take that on with low blows or dragging it into court.
  6. Log everything you do paying special attention to the time it takes.
  7. Get into the habit of exchanges, but without always expecting something in return. It’s great practice. If your neighbor brings you extra eggs, garden or baked goods, you could bring over something that you like to produce. Maybe you are that neighbor and nothing comes back in return. Well, you’ve just given samples as gifts and shown your inner generosity and civility. It won’t go unnoticed. Humility is very attractive. Barter works with attraction versus promotion.
  8. Give it your best. Barter for exchange versus money does not mean less effort. You want a great reputation and you never know where this exchange could lead. It helps if it is truly fun for you.
  9. Most importantly – do things that you really enjoy. Let that come to the surface; you won’t even have to try. Mark Twain said: The key to success is to make your vocation your vacation.

Barter is exciting for the endless possibilities. A friend is having an entire wedding for under $1,000. The bride and groom are only asking for help instead of gifts and money, but not help that is entirely one-sided. The photographer, for example, can use his wedding “gift” in his portfolio regardless. I’ve practiced this type of exchange myself, first by doing my friends’ resumes for free and watching them get the job! Later, when I thought about doing it for a living, they gave me stellar testimonials.

Purely by coincidence, a salon was the example used in a difficult bartering question I posed to you last week. You all had wonderful ways to look at the problem and helped me understand bartering more deeply. Simply put, the balance scales of bartering are in the hands of the traders. That’s traders, not traitors – I imagine an unfair trader in a bartering system would be held accountable and shunned by the community, and would lose out on important trades. It’s amazing how much transparency there is when not dealing with giant corporations that lobby and collude with centralized, governmental power. Just people: one to one, making offers and agreements without force. And still getting the job done while rewarding each other fairly for their input. Imagine that!

When I think of all I’ve learned and done over the years, it makes me want to get back out there to hit the pavement – not for a job, but to barter!

That’s why I need my hair done.

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