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Earth Chakras


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(Spirit Science CentralJust like people and animals, the Earth itself has chakras — powerful energy points that charge the whole planet with spiritual vitality. The best news is that you can visit them all and get charged with individual energies they have to offer.

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by Spirit Science Central

Sacred monuments and sights mark these seven chakras of the Earth and visiting them, especially in a ceremonial way, will open and heal your own chakras and connect you deeply with our mother Earth and the cosmic power.

Chackras of the Earth and The Human Consciousness

Similar to how the state of your chakras represent your energy, the chakras of the Earth represent the whole planet and are interconnected with the consciousness of this planet.

They mirror the highest level of spiritual evolution on this planet, all while trying to raise the vibration throughout the Earth.

This is why the chakras of the Earth are always in highly-charged spiritual places, where sometimes knowingly, sometimes unconsciously, spiritual-minded people have been drawn to for years—to visit and to live.

There are a few variations in different schools of thought about where a few of the chakras are located. This information was channeled and calculated using sacred geometry. One chakra—the 6th or third eye chakra is always on the move. The rest of the chakras locations are confirmed.

Absolutely all of these places listed have unique, powerful energy and visiting any of them can give your spiritual growth a giant push.

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Root Chakra: Mt. Shasta, California

Mt. Shasta in California is considered to be the first chakra or the root chakra of the Earth.

It is no surprise why; it is one of the most powerful mountains in the world where people report having out of body experiences, spirit communications, and awakenings all the time.

Mt. Shasta calls themselves an Alpine community where heaven and Earth meet. It is 60 miles from Oregon border and 220 miles from Sacramento, California.

The scenic drive itself is worth the time. Once there, you will be met by the gorgeous mountain, lakes, waterfalls, and a little downtown with crystal and metaphysical shops.

There is also a theory that an ancient Lemurian crystal city Telos lies beneath Mt. Shasta, as well as a part of underground cities complex called Agharta.

Underground there may be people or beings living there and passing spiritual teachings—an underground mystery school. Perhaps if you visit, you’ll be the lucky one to discover it or get connected to it energetically.

Sacral Chakra: Lake Titicaca, Peru-Bolivia

The second or sacral chakra of the Earth is located in South American at Lake Titicaca in Peru. Its energy also spreads to surrounding area of Machu Picchu.

As the sacral chakra is all about creative energy, the purpose of this site is bringing the energy for new species creation and evolution.

You can visit the lake on a small budget by touring the Uros floating islands. If you’re looking for a more authentic experience you can go to the island of Anapia with preserved local culture.

For a luxury experience, consider going to a private island called Isla Suasi with a solar-powered eco-lodge.

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Solar Plexus Chakra: Uluru-Kata Tijuta, Australia

The third or solar plexus chakra is located in Australia in the areas called Kata Tijuta and Uluru. These are considered sacred by the natives and represent the Earth’s vitality.

The best time to visit the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is between May and September when the weather is cooler. You will see sacred geological formations, hiking trails, Aboriginal artworks, and local wildlife.

Another potential location of this chakra is Mt. Fuji in Japan.

Heart Chakra: Stonehenge, England

The heart chakra of the Earth is located in England. It is between the sacred site of Stonehenge, and the towns of Shaftesbury, Dorset, Glastonbury, and Somerset.

Stonehenge draws millions of visitors each year to marvel at its mysteries and even perform rituals at important astronomical dates.

Glastonbury is known for its legends and The Holy Grail. The grail is a sacred object often described as a stone or even a meteorite, that holds special powers and meanings depending on the school of thought.

When in Glastonbury you can visit church and abbey ruins and ancient water source. More ruins and ruined castles are located in Shaftesbury, Dorset, Somerset as well as the natural iconic beauty of caves, hills, and unique rock formations in the latter two towns.

Another theory of the heart chakra location that has been more recently channeled is in Maui, Hawaii—another potential site of ancient Lemuria.

Throat Chakra: The Great Pyramid

The throat chakra responsible for communication is the voice of the Earth. Its location is between the Great Pyramid, the city of Jerusalem, Mt. Sinai, and Mt. Olives in the Middle East. It is the largest chakra on Earth by size.

The Great Pyramids are connected to otherworldly intelligence and may have been used as energy beacons to transmit information.

There are many theories of the pyramids having hidden rooms that used to serve as mystery school and now maybe hidden until the right time of human conscious awakening.

Jerusalem serves as a sacred city for many religious and holy sites. Next to the old city is the Mount of Olives, where apparently many key events in the life of Jesus took place.

The other mount, Mt. Sinai, is the most important mountain is Jewish history and the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments. It has not been properly identified.

It is thought to be between Egypt and Israel. Today the only place that has supporting archeological evidence of being the right place is in the small town of al-Minya and Monastery of St. Catherine. It is two to three hours away from major cities and has been attracting tourists to stay overnight.

Third Eye Chakra: Western Europe

The sixth or the third eye chakra of the Earth is the most elusive of the chakras as it is on the move—its location changes every 150-200 years.

Since 2012 it is thought to be located in Western Europe close to the Stonehenge. Visiting this site today may be bringing you the energy of two chakras.

The third eye chakra of the Earth brings us the wisdom of the collective consciousness.

Another possible location of the third eye chakra is at Kuh-e Malek Siah bordering Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Crown Chakra: Mt. Kailash In The Himalayas

Finally, the last of the major chakras is the crown chakra located in Tibet, Mount Kailash in the Himalayas. This energy site broadcasts the Earth’s purpose and will. It is the place of the highest consciousness on Earth.

At over 22,000 feet, this mount draws many spiritual and religious people year-over-year for a remote journey. It has no easy access by any means of transportation (although there is a bus tour that will bring you closer to the area), and it takes long days of hiking.

This trek is a difficult one and is recommended for those in great health because of its high altitude, extreme weather conditions, and lack of oxygen.

Those who go on this pilgrimage trek consider it being one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of their lifetime.

Sources: Spiritsciencecentral.comYouTube.com

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Earth Chakras And Vortices – The Earth Energy Grid – From Earth We Are One – 1-1-16




From Earth We Are One, December 31, 2015

Found at:  http://cultureofawareness.com/2016/01/01/earth-chakras-and-vortices-the-earth-energy-grid/


Mother Earth or Gaia is a conscious and vibrant living being. And it is like us human, it has seven chakras in its body. They are better known as the Earth Chakras. According to The Mind Unleashed, it communicates with all its “inhabitants, the solar system, and the universe.” And there are many temples, churches and pilgrim sites along these “Earth Chakras.” This blue planet has field and it is like the human energy field.

1. Root Chakra: Mt. Shasta, California, U.S.A

1. Root chakra: Mt. Shasta, California, United States.

In Mt. Shasta, it runs like a dragon. It goes through “northern California, through Oregon, and through Washington to the Canadian border.” There was an increase of activity here as it reacted to “humanity’s introduction of atomic weaponry to conclude World War II.” According to The Mind Unleashed, there is a great rush of life energy in this area.

2. Sacral Chakra: Lake Titicaca, on the border of Bolivia and Peru.

2. Sacral chakra: Lake Titicaca, on the border of Bolivia and Peru

“In the human body, Lake Titicaca correlates to the sexual chakra.” This area is known to govern species and generate the creation for new species as well. The Titicaca Stone is the geometrical centre for the second earth chakra.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra: Uluru-Katatjuta, Australia.

3. Solar Plexus chakra: Uluru-Katatjuta, Australia

The purpose of the Solar Plexus Chakra in Uluru-Katatjuta, Australia is to maintain the vitality of earth and living species. It sweeps underneath New Zealand and enters the Australian mainland. And on 2020 AD, at the time of the rare Saturn-Pluto conjunction, ancients say at the end of a ritual, death will disappear from all species and it will unite heaven and earth.

4. Heart Chakra: Glastonbury and Shaftsbury, England.

4. Heart chakra: Glastonbury and Shaftsbury, England

This area is known as the home of the Holy Grail and the high place of the sacred spear of purpose. And earth energies united Glastonbury and Shaftsbury.

Legend has it in Medieval Times when Abbot of Glastonbury married the Abbess of Shaftesbury, it was said their children would be wealthier than the King of England. And “This is an alchemical riddle.” Love will unite and dissolve the boundaries of the world.

This became the shift of 2000 years ago from the Age of Pisces to the present time in Western Europe with the Aquarian Age. The Sixth Chakra is conjunct with the world heart chakra.

5. Throat Chakra: Great Pyramid of Giza and Mt. Sinai, Egypt; Mt. of Olives, Jerusalem.

5. Throat chakra: Great Pyramid of Giza and Mt Sinai, Egypt; Mt of Olives, Jerusalem

These qualities here relate to the four elements of fire, air, water and earth; there needs to be a mastery of the skill of listening here. Hear and respect the voice of the earth spirit. It is crucial in the Middle East. “Earth is speaking, no one listens.” Earth truly sings in this region, but who is hearing the words spoken.

If Immortality is the key of the age, this word needs to be heard from the Mount of Olives so that beings could enter into New Jerusalem. Home to all species, culture and faith as were said by The Mind Unleashed.

6. Third Eye Chakra: Kuh-e Malek Siah, Triple border of Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

6. Third Eye chakra: Kuh-e Malek Siah, Triple border of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Leaving Pisces entering Aquarius, sometime after 4000 AD, the shift occurs again and enters the Age of Capricornian. It remains in place for 150 to 200 years to distill the gathered wisdom of life on Earth from over the centuries. And it will conjunct with the heart chakra.

7. Crown Chakra: Mt. Kailas, Tibet.

7. Crown chakra: Mt. Kailas, Tibet.

It is known for the sacred mountains of the Himalayas. And if the world were an architect, the blueprint would be released year by year from here. People may find their true will.

Like humans, the Earth Chakras can be blocked or damaged and that is why Ancient Druids and Shamanic cultures held festivals using sounds, drums and song to thank and heal “Gaia.” A few years ago, Drunvalo Melchizedek went to work doing these ceremonies to ensure the successful transition of the New Age as mentioned in the book Serpent of Light: Beyond 2012 – The Movement of the Earth’s Kundalini and the Rise of the Female Light, 1949 to 2013.

These Earth Chakras are our life force and we should respect and honor them.

Sources- themindunleashed.org

TheSpiritScience – Locations of Earth 7 Chakra Points – 4-15-15


The Spirit Science

When I decided to approach the topic of the earth’s chakra points and write a piece about it, I believed it was going to be a very straightforward piece with clear-cut information and I found that assumption quite wrong.  There are a few schools of thought about where the chakra points are located on the earth and how the entire ley-line system works as a whole.

The basic concept is that as the macrocosmic mirror to the human microcosm of the chakra system in the body, the earth, as a living being, possesses active energy centers that are consecutively aligned based on perspectives of consciousness, earth-organ equivalents, and vibrational states and exist in different sacred locations throughout the earth.

The most common way of looking at this concept from what I have found in my research is by overlaying a basic outline of the infinity symbol over the chakras4outstretched flat image of the world map; deriving from this basic geometry comes the more complex lines of connection between major vortex points and earth chakras which are the ley lines or song lines.

These would be akin to the energy meridian, acupuncture points, and nadis in the human body which are more numerous and secondary channels of energy that work in concert with the major centers of the chakras to disperse or circulate that energy.

Therefore, in the most popular viewpoint on earth chakras, each point is a super-powered point on the earth that serves as a central place of focus for the perspective of that chakra- for instance the heart chakra center on earth regulates the flow of energies on earth that allow the earth and its inhabitants to experience and relate through unconditional love and compassion whereas the root chakra of the earth would resonate with energies of life force itself, will to live, genesis, and so on.  I found two differing ideas about where these specific locations were, yet interestingly both sets of points involve mostly the same locations on earth, except rearranged.  Here are those two systems:

Robert Coon’s Earth Chakras System

Nearly all of the information readily available online that I was able to find regarding the earth’s chakra points seemed to be directly sourced from this one author- Robert Coon who owns a website called earthchakras.org.  This site is fascinating and offers very in depth information about the chakras of the earth, the earth’s elemental vortices, ley lines and much more.  Whether you take this information as theory or fact, it is fascinating food for though.  In the system provided by Coon, the earth’s chakra points would be located throughout the earth as follows:

Root (1st) Chakra- Mt. Shasta, California.  Red; Raw biological life force energy- precursor to deviation into individual life forms.

Sacral (2nd) Chakra- Lake Titicaca Peru (but also includes Machu Picchu).  Orange; Creation of new species and positive evolution. Specification of pure life force into individuals.

Solar Plexus (3rd) Chakra- Uluru and Kata Tjuta Australia (twin monolithic sites). Golden/Yellow; Maintenance of the vitality of earth and all of its species.  Immortalization of life force.

Heart (4th) Chakra- Glastonbury and Shaftesbury, England.  Green/Pink; Representing the Holy Grail and the Sacred Spear of Purpose, Respectively.

Throat (5th) Chakra- Great Pyramid, Mt. Sinai, and Mt. of Olives, Middle East. Blue; Voice of the earth emerging, listening to the will of the earth needs to be mastered

Third Eye (6th) Chakra- Mobile Chakra, Shifts every 150-200 years, currently coincides with world heart chakra in Western Europe. Purple/Indigo; Moves 1/12th of the way around the world, westward, at the dawning of every new aeon.  Distills gathered wisdom of life on earth for collective advancement of consciousness, aligned with astrological sequences.

Crown (7th) Chakra- Mt. Kailas, Himalayan Mountains, Tibet.  White; Broadcasts the earth’s purpose or true will.


Reflecting on the Robert Coon System:

In the diagram above you can see a visual representation of the locations of earth’s chakra points as given by Robert Coon.  Does anything visually strike you as a bit curious about this particular layout?  I noticed that with this system the arrangement of the chakras seems to be quite random in the sense that there is no recognizable geometric reason to the way the chakra points are aligned.  They seem scattered. This is bothersome because everything in creation flows geometrically within certain mathematic ratios and symmetries.  The chakras in the human body are more or less equidistant from one another in a straight line going vertically up and down the spine as it moves through the center of the body.  I feel that this one reason detracts a bit from the strength of this particular theory.  It seems counterintuitive that the energy grid of the earth would be geometrically precise with the chakra points peppered randomly throughout.

Version 2 of the Ley Line System

I found that the other school of thought out there on this same system of thinking featured basically the same locations but some of them were attributed to different chakras than the system briefly described above.  In this secondary explanation the Root chakra is found in Ulura Australia, the Sacral chakra is located in Lake Titicaca Peru also, the Solar Plexus is found in Mt. Fuji, Japan, the Heart chakra is in Haleakala Hawaii, the Throat Chakra is in Glastonbury England, the Third Eye chakra currently resides in The Himalayan Mountains, and the Crown Chakra, rather than the root chakra, is based in Mt. Shasta, California.  This system was described by Bridget Nielson of HarmoniousEarth.org who visited all these sacred sites for self-exploration and –confirmation.  This perspective on the location of the chakras was also apparently re-confirmed by the well-known teacher of metaphysics, Bashar, as channeled by Darryl Anka.  So which is it?  They are both very compelling systems.

An Alternative Earth Chakra Theory

In my research I came across one last theory about where the chakra points reside and why.  This one is much less widespread, but perhaps more logically satisfying and equally compelling.  It is based on a direct comparison to the human energy system.  There exists a toroidal field of energy around/interpenetrating the human form which pulls in and sends out energy in a self-sustaining current.  In the middle of this energy field dynamic there is the central energy channel, along which the 7 main chakras are positioned vertically.  Taking this layout and superimposing it on a spread-out map of the earth, based on the polarities of the north and south poles, this would put bands of color in correlation to the chakras striped from bottom to top going up the map in horizontal bands.

Within each horizontal color/chakra band, the geographical zones within it would be considered to fall under the resident chakra color in that location.  In other words it creates a map of chakra zones as opposed to acute concentrated points.  So it would roughly break down like this:

Russia would be the better part of the Root chakra/Sacral zone, parts of the Sacral and the Solar Plexus would mostly include the US, China, and Europe and the Middle East.  The zones near the Equator would be the Heart chakra and would potentially include parts of India, a lot of Africa, Colombia, Peru and much of South and Central America and probably Hawaii.  The Throat chakra zone would be South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, and finally then the Third Eye territory and Crown Chakra areas would be the least populated and coldest areas like Antarctica and Greenland.

Intriguing Correlations

Just as the earth is laced with a complex interconnected map of energy lines, invisible to the naked eye, the pieces of information from various sources on the earth’s chakras are lighting up some intriguing connections that only add to the mystery.

For instance, with the first two earth-chakra theories discussed above, we saw that many of the same locations were included in both line-ups, yet as mentioned, they were arranged differently in each one.  What I found to be of particular interest was that in only one of those systems was Hawaii included at all as an actual chakra point.  Yet when I dove a little deeper into the Robert Coon material I found myself swimming in the depths of even more interesting insights.

Coon shares in his essays that the earth’s ley-line or energy grid system includes not only the chakra points but also a whole system of vortexes as well.  According to coon, there are 4 major vortexes, similar to the chakra points in potency or significance.  These four vortexes regulate or energize the four elements of life on our planet- earth, fire, water, and air, and guess what one of those locations is? Haleakala, Hawaii, the power point that was included in the other chakra list.  Could it be that Haleakala is an undeniable power point of some kind that is perhaps being misinterpreted by one school of thought or one that is simply serving multiple purposes?

Certain other pieces of information regarding chakras and how they relate to consciousness also revealed interesting synchronicities.  In the alternative earth chakra theory that I discussed last, the third chakra band contained a major percentage of earth’s current population and the countries and people groups found in the band were the US, China, much of Europe, and possibly the Middle East (keeping in mind that this particular theory is formative and it’s respective zones are approximations).

The connection here is that the third chakra is one of the chakras grouped into the lower three centers of consciousness in the chakra system of the human body.  Lower meaning that they are physical body chakras governing primarily earth experience functions.  The third chakra is the chakra of activity, opinion, intellect and the mental body.  What could better describe the level of consciousness of these industrial nations? Think of the US, China, Europe: primarily male/yang, emotionally immature, caught in dogma and competition, thinking more than feeling, highly political, aggressive, and industrial- very third chakra.

It has also been written by clairvoyants that often the dominant color of the auric fields of Americans is yellow, the color of the sacral chakra.  The indication being that a person experiencing life through the perspective of the third chakra is a person ‘living in their head’.

It also seems very fitting that the heart chakra band would include most of Africa, much of Central and South America and also perhaps Hawaii.  The people and cultures native to these places, in general, feel more generous, earth- connected, and humble as a cultural norm than the people living in the cultures found in the sacral band.

Which Theory is Correct?

Which theory is the correct one?  I truly can’t say.  There is no consensus and nor is there any clear scientific treatment of this topic to help sort it out.  It seems that each theory has some definite validity to it, or perhaps each one is completely valid in and of itself, but also an integral component to a complete idea that has not yet come together fully in a cohesive way.  Perhaps also the constant shifting that is reportedly happening with earth’s magnetic fields and the poles could be causing confusion and affecting these dynamics.

In conclusion, I do not feel that there is any clear cut conclusion at this point.  Rather it would seem that the significance to be taken from this discussion is the need to feel deeply into the energetic nature of the earth as living conscious being and to observe ourselves as microcosmic reflections of the great planetary body of which we are an expression.  It would only make sense that if we operate from an energetic chakra system that is orderly, dynamic, and harmonic in nature, then the larger planetary body of which we are a part would form the greater basis that regulates such a system.

We can focus into and bring into resonance any of the chakra bodies from any point on the planet; this is a matter of clear intention.  However, for those deeply drawn to or intrigued by one or all of these power points on the earth, there is certainly a great depth of mystery still waiting to be explored.








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