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PAUL BUTLER – THE EVENT – Terrestrial and extra – terrestrial Meditation for Planetary Ascension

Paul Butler

Published on Mar 19, 2019

THE EVENT ~ Terrestrial and extra terrestrial mixed meditation for Planetary Ascension… Lightworker Chat Room –… Lightworker Chat Room –



Terrestrial and extra-terrestrial mixed meditation for Planetary Ascension

This meditation for Planetary Ascension is an exceptional Event which cumulates the sustained and united efforts of terrestrial, intra-terrestrial

and extra-terrestrial beings who want to help this Planet in her Ascension process.

It is not only a spiritual sustaining for this meditation, but a direct and effectively participation at this meditation of all of them.

At the beginning of this meditation which will be consecrated for the Ascension of Planet Earth in

fifth dimension we will always ask for the direct sustain and participation of Father/Mother God, Ashtar and Ashtar Command,

Sananda, Galactic Federation of Light, Supreme Galactic Council, Council of Elders, Ascendent Masters, Sanat Kumara,

benevolent extra-terrestrial beings of The Great Central Race, pleiadians, arcturians, andromedans, sirians, antarians,

alpha centaurians and all which want to participate, and also of The Celestial Beings of Light from all the Angelic Hierarchies,

Archangels Michael and Gabriel and of The Beings of Light from the Inner Earth as King of Shambhala, Adama, and so on

(you can also invoke any other Beings of Light, Spiritual Masters and Guides which you know and previously ask for their consent).

This exceptional meditation for Planetary Ascension will be made each Sunday between 16.00-17.00 GMT.

This meditation includes Cobra Meditation and is an extended meditation which benefits from an exceptional sustaining and participation.

It is now the moment for all of us the Light Workers, Light Warriors, Way showers from the entire Planet and ours

brothers and sisters of Light from the Inner Earth and also for our extra-terrestrial brothers to reach a higher degree

of unity and cooperation and help, all of us together, the Planetary transformation and ascension.

Everyone can do the meditation in their own way.

Together we will create a strong spiritual energy field which will help the Planetary Ascension very much.

Everyone who participates in this meditation can help very much and is appreciated!

We are all in this together!

Thank you from all of our hearts for your participation and may our hearts be united in the Heart of God! Be blessed all of you! In Love and Light!

Planetary Ascension

Mike Quinsey Message – 11-2-18 – THE EVENT, EARTH ASCENSION – What will happen?

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2nd November 2018. 

Everyone loves to look into the likely future, and in 2013 a message “The Event” from Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin gave a detailed view of it. There is an increase in vibrations that is taking place now and leads to The Event and Ascension. The information given is more relevant now and it describes in much detail the various changes we can expect.


The Event

About 2000 years ago Sananda Kumara was incarnate on Earth as Jesus with the Master plan to put in place, and to Ascend Earth. The plan failed then as Caesar of Rome created Maritime Law making slavery the Law of the Land. A new plan had to be made because the dark Cabal had taken the grand experiment beyond anyone’s intentions. About 500 years ago the Rothchilds in England hid the fact that Sir Francis Bacon was St. Germain incarnate on Earth. They had dark dealings with money and crimes which denied Sir Francis Bacon the throne. He would have been next in line as King of England, and from that position able to make changes to heal the Planet and end Duality, and he promised to return. In recent years the dark Cabal continued to wage worldwide war for their benefit. They attempted multiple times to create World War Three and have failed, mass starvation, nuclear threats, land grabs, insider trading, mass psychological attacks like 9/11 and banks too big to fail, have led to a moment when the Galactic’s could intervene, because the one caveat in the Prime Directive has been violated beyond what is allowed.


What is new is that the Archangels led by Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron initiated a Super Portal on 11.11.13. it was a special dispensation which would have allowed for the requirements to be met to bring on The Event. Earth is a Trinary Star System with Sirius A, Sirius B and Sol our Sun. Jupiter will be the next Sun in this Solar System. Earth is in the Photon Belt and moving into the Pleiades through the Central Sun, Alcyone. The super portal has opened near Jupiter and is a portal that operates like a wormhole and opens into the Light Matter Universe of On. This Multidimensional Portal allows in Super Charged Magnetic Light from On to enter into this Solar System and to Earth. Earth has raised an entire Octave just since the Equinox in September 2013, and Ashtar recently spoke about the ten Octaves between each dimension in another message. This new energy will make it possible for Earth to enter Zero Point.


What is new about this portal is that a decision was made by the Council of Gods that Earth required this special dispensation, as the best way to bring in changes. It carries with it a heavy reality. All is being done to allow as many souls as possible to go on to the new Earth. Since Earth is a planet with freewill some have refused to make the necessary changes to remain on Earth beyond Earth’s Ascension into the Higher Realms. More souls will be leaving than was anticipated. The Super Portal is pouring in Higher Vibrational energies which act to buoy Earth into the Higher Dimensions. In these all living on Earth are able to access their Etheric Bodies and travel in their Merkaba Bodies, and truly live multidimensional lives. In this High Energy the Light Cities will be accessible. Those not moving onto the New Earth will experience it as a vibration they cannot sustain within their 3D body. These darker, denser energies will remain on 3D Earth and continue there. Their physical body will be projected onto 3D Earth and they will continue to deny the Higher Teachings, and in their perception nothing will have changed and those timelines will continue for now in duality.


Meantime 5D Earth will be raised by Cosmic Builders as a Space Ship rises away from its take off point and flies out of its atmosphere into deep space. Each of the planets are firmly anchored in place by their energy grids, in orbit and relation to the planets around them. This super portal will have the effect of Earth moving higher in the dimensions in the same way we move a bead up a string. It will drop the old timelines and become lighter. It will exist higher in the Cosmic Grid, it will bubble up. Divine Timing for The Event is one of the requirements and Ashtar always says, No Dates, No Nukes, No Flukes. The truth is that there are windows of opportunity, which come up only a couple of times per year in which The Event can take place.


If you have not been successful in raising your vibrations to the minimum needed to sustain love, you are invited to remain in duality awhile longer and rejoin higher dimensional Earth when you have prepared accordingly – there are no shortcuts. Nothing can stop Earth from ascending.


The Event is Disclosure, announcements and the enactment of NESARA Law. Seven to ten days after Disclosure there will be landings of Extraterrestrial Ships on Earth. It is the establishment of Divine Government on Earth – it brings in the Golden Age, and the announcement and enactment of NESARA Law as a simulcast on live computer streaming, television and radio around the World. It will be controlled by Ashtar’s technologies and cannot be duplicated any other way. When the broadcast goes out it will be heard in local areas translated to the language of that region, and heard by all on Earth, and Ships will de-cloak and appear over multiple major cities at the same time. No one on Earth has the ability to fake The Event, and when it happens everybody will be very clear that it is happening in the real. There will be such a great outpouring of love from the Galactic Family that every soul on Earth will experience it as pure bliss, and at this time Ashtar will initiate ZeroPoint.



There are various changes taking place within the Human Race, and they are becoming noticeable such as the taller Humans, and those of young age who have an almost entirely new outlook enabling them to deal with Earth’s problems. They are very spiritually aware and are more than ready to give of their knowledge to aid us. They have a different way of looking at life and find it easy to advance our understanding with ideas that are often futuristic. They came into life with full awareness and are eager to help us overcome the obstacles that stand in our way. Some have already been called the Indigo children and have shared with us their ability to solve problem much quicker than normally. They can grasp the answers very easily and are here to help us as much as possible.


I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. It is certainly needed in the middle of so much confusion and uncertainty. This message comes through my Higher Self.


In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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INDIGO AURICLE – Who is Georgi Stankov? – Ascension of Earth & Portion of Humanity – 9-9-18


Many of Sergei Stankov’s posts can be read here on Higher Density Blog

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Published on Sep 9, 2018

Georgi Stankov’s Website:
UV Indigo Auracle’s Youtube Channel:…



Published on Jul 9, 2018

Schumann Resonance – 7-8-18 – by LOVE IN ACTION NOW

interesting grid-like pattern continues….

rising at this moment to about 12 hz…

via Schumann Resonance ~ 7/8/18 — LOVE IN ACTION NOW

ANNA von REITZ – The Eighth Covenant – 4-7-18

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

Those of you who have studied piano know that the keyboard is divided into sets of eight notes called “octaves”. The first and last note of each octave is the same, simply resonating at a different frequency.

Courtesy of  Operation Disclosure

Similarly, there are Seven Covenants recorded in the Bible, analogous to the seven separate notes of the musical octave. The Eighth Covenant resonates with the First Covenant — the Covenant of Adam and the Creation.

When we speak of a “New Earth” — take it literally. It is a New Earth that resonates with the Earth of the First Covenant. We are in the Creation Cycle right now.

You will begin to see and experience some strange things and may even think that you are hallucinating, but this is not so. You are simply beginning to perceive things differently, to function at a different frequency—and to see things that you otherwise wouldn’t be aware of.

You are all familiar with how a radio tuner works. You turn the dial or– nowadays, push the button– and change the station. As you do, you hear different songs being played, and we take this for granted. What is happening now is quite similar and is no cause for fear: the Earth is changing channels, moving to a higher octave of itself.

However, since this “changing the channel” affects far more than perception of radio waves, all your senses will be impacted—sight, sound, gravity, time, geo-spatial orientation, and even senses that you have that you aren’t currently aware of— are all being affected.

You may experience all the symptoms of detoxification. You may have unusually severe allergy-like symptoms with runny nose and coughing up gunk from your lungs, especially if you are or were a smoker. You may have bowel symptoms, especially runny stools; be on the watch for dehydration and drink plenty of good fresh water or better yet, natural lemonade or natural fruit flavored water.

You may feel disoriented, dizzy, and fatigued. You may suffer odd aches and pains, pin pricks, lapses of memory, muscle cramps in odd places like the arches of your feet. Your sleep cycle may be interrupted, sporadic, and you may feel the need to sleep far more than you normally do. Even young people may feel like someone just “turned off the switch” and pull an Energizer Bunny type collapse— desperately needing an afternoon nap for no apparent reason.

The waves of creation energy are passing through you and through the entire planet. Everyone and everything is impacted. Your pets and plants will all be off-kilter, too.

As uncomfortable as this can be, we are witnessing the (re) birth of our Earth into a new dimensional frequency, something that has not happened since the days of Adam. We are very privileged to be here at this time, and can participate in it willingly and consciously and without fear as parties to the Eighth Covenant.

There will be no big announcement about this any more than there is an announcement about a volcano erupting or a Monsoon. Insomuch as the Earth has a voice and we hear her, we are being told and merely need to listen. Those who are running around like chickens before a thunderstorm squawking about “climate change” are only seeing with their eyes and not perceiving with their hearts. If they listened to the Earth they would know the Truth and would bring themselves and their behavior into alignment.

As for you, reading this, you can help yourself and your family by accepting the changes going on all around you and adopting a good attitude, instead of a fearful attitude. You can make the physical symptoms easier to bear by taking steps to detoxify — plenty of fresh non-chlorinated water, preferably with lemon or lime— eating a light mostly fruit and vegetable diet, and getting plenty of rest. This last may not neatly be accomplished in eight hour stints, but can be accomplished by going to bed earlier, taking naps, and other strategies.

Your life has always been a miracle, but now you are living within a swiftly evolving miracle that is much larger than you. Bless the Earth and realize that the Eighth Covenant is rolling out and being accomplished in your lifetime.

The Eighth Covenant is called The Covenant of the Holy Spirit. Those who have read the Testament of Revelations have been confused because it says that the world will be destroyed by fire, but that He will bring to ruin those ruining the Earth. Be confused no more.

The world is not the Earth. The “world” is the mirage-like set of constructions that men have made to better organize their activities and indeed, this world is being destroyed and replaced with something much better, and just as the scripture says, it is being “destroyed by fire” for the essence of the Holy Spirit is fire that does not burn, does not destroy, but instead revives and restores and grants new life. Remember the “tongues of flame” that came down on Pentecost?

The Holy Spirit has accomplished, and is accomplishing, all of this. He is connecting the hearts and minds of men and women of goodwill throughout the world to remake the world. He is husbanding the Earth through the travail of birth.

Above all, do not be afraid, and do not allow your hearts or minds to be overly troubled. This is for your good and for the good of every living thing. Whatever suffering there may be is only the pangs of birth, nothing unnatural, nothing unknown, and these shall pass and cease and leave us with the blessing of a new beginning and a New Earth and a new covenant, the Eighth Covenant.


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OPEN HAND – There’s No Stopping Gaia Now – The 5D Shift Moves Through the Gears – 9-24-17



The underlying field is shifting in intensity now. You can see it reflected in the craziness at large in the world, with (some) leaders are challenged by events beyond their control. It often gets played out in the microcosym, sometimes with playground, bully-boy threats and tactics. The ego does this when it senses a loss of power. To me this is just the fizz and the froth, stirred up by great waves of energy, which are now being unleashed in Gaia’s higher dimensional flow. It’s vital we don’t get blinded in the drama, distracted from the blindingly obvious. We must see that which we are not, and attune instead to that which we truly are…

Mother Earth is Saved!

Many people in the spiritual mainstream still speak of ‘saving Mother Earth’, that we must apply our energies to healing this great divine soul. I say to you…
“She is already saved!” She has now entered an irreversible event line, which will see the 3D cleansed of distorting density, and her magnificent 5D Higher Self Unleashed, in all her renewed splendor.

And there’s nothing anyone, nor any ‘geo-engineering’ organisation, will be able to do to stop it.

Although understandable, it’s still a degree naieve to think that such a starsoul, billions of years old, would somehow depend on the helping hand of humanity (or else be controlled by it) when he’s been around mere nano seconds, in the great cosmic timescale. Yet there is a degree of truth in the misconception – Gaia is holding the space for enough souls to unwind themselves from the density, so that the shift may be as gentle, and all-encompassing as possible. Here’s a Perspective on the Shift from 3D to 5D Earth

Do not be distracted from the true Source

The important thing now, is that we recognise the underlying movement of energy, the intensity to which it has escalated – reflected in the insecurity shown by the controllers of society; then to progressively allow that energy to carry us internally, to break the bounds of the old consciousness – the anchoring ties – so that our very souls are set adrift, on the surging tide of the realigning flow. So what about the machinations and machismo shown by our world ‘leadership’ – what part does that play in the Great Shift? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip. The only thing that it can really do is to distract – to make the drama and spectacle so loud and noisy, that you stop looking within, to where the real truth lies.

And this will always be a choice – YOUR choice. Your consciousness – YOUR soul – cannot be boxed and controlled by anyone, unless YOU allow it to be. Remember, the Great Shift is an internal one, determined by YOU alone.

Here’s How to Follow Your Path of Light through the Accelerating 5D Shift

Forging of the Soul

That’s not to say the internal shift isn’t reflected into the outer world – of course it is. And it’s in the interplay – the apparent reality of it – that we get to decide who we are, and thereby forge the soul. So it’s not about disconnecting from the theatre, it’s about playing your role in it, but then rather than creating a tepid soap opera drama, what great masterpiece are you given to manifest?

Who are you? How great can you really become? What is your soul truly wanting to express?


Right now, all possibilities are open, all landscapes taking shape, that you may forge who you truly are, in this great spectacle unfolding before, and around, us. Watch-out as the machinations of the powers-that-be become ever bolder. But do not fear this either – as spiritual people, we know only too well, that those who try to control, are only ever caught up in greater karmic knots themselves.

So do not be blinded by the drama, do not be hoodwinked into believing it is more important that it really is. Above all, whatever rocket-sized false flags they try to unfurl, do not be distracted from the one true source of authentic creation – your very own being, at the core of you. How finding the Deeper Meaning can lead to a more fulfilled life

Rapid Shift into Higher Dimensional Consciousness

However, this doesn’t mean that somehow you disconnect from the outer world – who would be deciding to do that? Is not the One intimately engaged, right up until the very end? Does not the gazelle give of its all, right up until the moment where the physical is truly lost?

This is where there is the maximum gain to be had. For thousands and millions of years, the change on our planet has been relatively gentle and progressive, apart that is, from occasional big shifts – 5 (mass extinctions) to be precise. Now your eyes will lay witness to one of the greatest transitions possible – the rapid shift into higher dimensional consciousness.

The mirrors will thus get ever stronger as the old reality unwinds itself. Here is the opportunity then – the potential for rapid spiritual growth within yourself. Surrender. Let go into the strengthening flow of evolutionary change. Your soul will speak, ever louder, until it’s primal scream becomes undeniable. Go with it. Express into it. Unleash it. And this could just become the most miraculous shift of your existence…

In loving support

PS – If you resonate with the content of this article, and would like support in breaking the confines of your soul, check out…Openhand’s Worldwide Events and Courses
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GALACTIC NEWS – Kent Dunn and Perry Bince – 2-15-18 – Universal Command now in charge of Earth , per order of The Creator

Published on Feb 15, 2018

Update with Kent Dunn !!!! 3D 4D 5D and 6D For those who want to listen in Thai language (ภาษาไทย) please click :…



Ascension of Mother Earth and Humanity – Council of Sirius via Natalie Glasson – 22-22-18 – by Pauline Lakshmi

 Insights into the Ascension of Mother Earth and Humanity

by Council of Sirius Channeled through Natalie Glasson –

2nd February 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, we are the Council of Sirius,

we are a gathering of souls commissioned to

deliver wisdom to those upon Sirius from the

Creator to support ascension,

via Insights into the Ascension of Mother Earth and Humanity by Council of Sirius – Natalie Glasson — Pauline Lakshmi ♥ Star Seed – Lightarian (TM) Rays Master-Practitioner – Reiki Kundalini Master-teacher – Spiritual Channeller – Lightworker

Message from Mira – Pleiadian High Council via Valerie Donner – 8-5-17 – by Golden Age Of Gaia

Greetings. I am Mra. I am still serving full-time with the Earth Council and have some relevant information for you today.

First, the Earth is moving into her ascension corridor. This is what you might call the birth canal. She is fully ready to shift into her fully fifth-dimensional self. Her soul yearns to be freed from the third-dimensional experience. This experience is recorded in her history as well as yours. It is one for the books.

As you know she is being assisted by all of creation. There are gateways upon gateways that are being opened. Stargate’s are ready for an influx of galactic assistance. The Earth’s chakra system is constantly being prepared and balanced for this occurrence. The magnetic fields and the Schumann resonance (the heartbeat of the Earth) are in a state of adaptation and adjustment. They are opening to higher consciousness.

Your bodies parallel what is going on with the Earth for you are one. You might be experiencing some discomfort where the body needs special focus for healing. Going through such powerful energies right now are also emotional. The Earth is feeling this way also. Please take the time to allow for new alignments and release of the past. The body is speaking loudly so that you will listen and release what needs to go.

You are also assisting the Earth with your energies and love. By staying grounded and in the highest frequency that you can maintain you will be serving your Earth and yourselves. Please pay attention to everything. The energies are moving rapidly and we want you to remain aware so as not to be caught off guard in any way.

The way of life to which you have been accustomed is falling away. It no longer serves you or the Earth. Instead of each person for themselves the new way of life will be for the good of the whole. This instills a cooperative way of life instead of a competitive system that wounds the soul of humanity and the Earth. The soulless ones who have harmed others and have extracted the soul energy and vital life force from humanity will be rendered powerless and will live elsewhere, not on the Earth.

There will be an extensive revamping of life as you have known it. It is necessary for the Earth to survive and for the rest of life to be free. You will be living in beauty, peace, love, abundance, and joy. You will be expressing your creativity the way that our Creator originally intended. You will be able to do what you came to do on the Earth. Finally!

Please rise above from as much drama, chaos, and unraveling as possible. This is a necessary part of the evolutionary process. As you hear the screams from the darkness while it falls to its demise, let the songs of the angelic choirs enter in to your range of hearing. Let your heart open to the beauty of a whole new musical heartbeat, to a scale that is in resonance with the harmony of the higher dimensions.

Do not be swayed by the distractions that would like to lure you in. Stay focused on your light work because we need the ground crew to help us usher in the new earth. You are being prepared for your new rolls in the dream state. You are in a state of remembering who you are and what you came to do. You are a force to be reckoned with, ground crew.

We love you and we count on you to help bring the Ascension to fruition. I am Mira






I had a long discussion last night with the WHITE LIGHT

and various company As you are aware …

Earth has been the glory of the universe …

the Jewel in the Lotus …

starting off as Tiamat …


Ute Posegga-Rudel – The Arcturians – The Light of Renewal – by Illuminations Now!

Shortlink :


Now is the time to rejoice!

Mother Earth is preparing Herself to move towards

Her new destiny in the higher dimensions,

and many of us who are joining Her

in the course of Her ascension,

are feeling the joy of this exciting event.

via Ute Posegga-Rudel : The Arcturians The Light of Renewal — Illuminations Now!!

Alexandrian Kosmos – THE FINAL EVENT – (March 25 to April 2) – GAIA COMPLETES HER 5th DIMENSION TRANSITION! – 3-29-17


Wake Up Tomorrow People!



Nancy B. Detweiler – Each of us is to Become an Ascended Master as we Move Forward in Our Spiritual Evolutionary Process! – Compiled by Nancy, with Twin Flame, Uriel – 10-26-16



Ascension of Human Beings

EARTH, and its inhabitants, are on the threshold of a major evolutionary leap int0 higher levels of consciousness.  Earth’s ascension involves movement within our solar system to the position VENUS, an ascended planet,now  holds in proximity to our SUN.



EARTH’s Ascension

A major reason for attuning to the Ascended Masters presently helping Earth in this process is that they teach us , preparing us to live in a higher  vibratory dimension, leaving behind our old belief systems and opening to a world of which we can barely dream.

Ascended Lady Master Venus explains:  “The radiation and Light of the Sun to the planets, causes each one to rotate on its axis and to move in orderly procession around the Sun.  So does the Sun move rhythmically around the Central Sun, and which is part of a glorious train of Light made up of millions of galaxies that move by Cosmic Intelligence, whose consciousness is beyond description, all move in procession around a Central Focus continually proceeding toward greater perfection or the ultimate.

As the Cosmic motion and in-breathing of the Central Sun draws the lesser Sun towards Itself, so in like manner the seven Suns are drawing their planets from the periphery of their system.  The planet Venus which is fourth in our system will move one position closer to our Sun becoming the third planet revolving around Krishna and Sophia.  So your Sun will draw Mercury within the Electronic Belt, and the Earth will become the third planet revolving around Helios and Vesta.

       Right below Venus is the Earth in your system.  We are preparing the Earth and its people so that the vibratory action of the position and orbit which We leave may be comfortable and they enjoy the radiation of Love and Wisdom which We leave as our heritage to your planet.  So too, are you preparing for when Earth moves closer to the Sun, Mars moves into your present orbit.” (Excerpts from THE LAW OF LIFE & TEACHINGS BY DIVINE BEINGS, Book 1, A.D.K. Luk)

I am listing an additional source of information on the Ascended Masters.  Keep in mind that you are not studying “Fantasy;” instead, you are actually studying a map to your next destination.

Ascended Masters’ Teachings

B. Solara – A Galactic Tidal Wave of Divine Light is descending upon Earth, raising the Frequency – Old Reality is Ending – 7-22-16

A galactic tidal wave of divine light is descending upon earth, raising the frequency. The old reality is ending.

We will experience a dynamic re-calibration of electromagnetic fields into Earth on a global scale. Which will trigger a radical shift in consciousness.

As we reach the second half of the year, we will experience more energetic shifts, frequency expansion symptoms; the healing, balancing and aligning of the mind, body, and soul.

The cosmic christ energy entering the planet now is increasing the frequency of our kundalini energy.

And our auric field is expanding and becoming brighter. The aura is holding more of the high frequency cosmic energies it receives from the higher dimensions in space.

As the aura expands, the person expands their consciousness. Our aura must go through these expansions in order to merge with new Earth. The frequency changes is filtering out any lower vibrational frequency from our body.

As you feel these ascension symptoms; Emotional changes-feeling irritable, overwhelming mood swings. Mental changes-feeling disorientated, lack of concentration.

Physical reactions – high pitch sound vibrating in the ears, intense pressure around the head, fatigue, exhaustion.

This is a clear sign that you are spiraling upwards with Earth and integrating the higher frequency codes, thus creating an interconnected and unified crystalline body that will carry more cosmic christ energy.

Our body is being reformed, redefined. When we go through this process, our DNA also goes through this process.

The DNA is being given the programming to prepare for a brand new reality to be born within it so that it can begin to experience and visualize the new Earth beyond the lower dimensional confines of 3D Earth.

The activation of neural path ways will trigger new…….

Read more:…


Interview with EM Ibrahim Hassan on 16th of July 2016 by B.Solara

SOPHIA LOVE – After the Shift – a Sirian speaks – by Rose Rambles – 5-25-16

Steve Beckow – The Nova Earth Scenario – 1-13-16

Nova EarthSteve Beckow

The Nova Earth scenario is the divine plan for rebuilding Planet Earth, anchored in a higher dimension of consciousness, based on the divine qualities and the cosmic force of love. Nova Earth is to be grounded in universal love, committed to keeping the peace worldwide, and concerned with any part of the whole that’s in any way hurting.

Nova Earth is a world that works for everyone.

The cabal economy is falling and a new economy is at the same time rising. I’d like to look at that here.

The Big Clean

A significant event on the world scene that’s probably worrying some in the dark was the recent firing of between 500-600 HSBC employees on three continents. It’s being called the “Big Clean.” (1) It’s undoubtedly going to have a big impact.

A second significant event was the arrest of the Saudi prince in Lebanon for flying an airplane loaded with amphetamines. (2)  If the cabal is fencing its own drugs, they must be running a little short of cash.  Others are the prospect of Mexican drug lord El Chapo Guzman singing, hundreds of German choir boys swearing out allegations of sexual abuse against Pope Benedict’s brother. On and on the cabal’s woes go.

What we’re watching is the cabal’s grip on power crumbling. The economy it used to finance its designs is also falling. An entirely-new economy is about to come on line. It’s been a-building underneath or beside the crumbling cabal structure for years.  In future, the cabal’s economy will continue to fall and the new economy will continue to rise.

That’s the macrocosm, the play in three acts.

Then there’s the microcosm, in our case the Reval.

We’re not posting Reval intel any more, with the exception of Zap’s column. (3) To a limited extent, Zap takes into account channeled messages as well as being plugged in to … I’m not sure that any network of information is “reliable” in an environment that’s vast and constantly changing … but Zap’s connections seem to be credible.

Archangel Michael and Sheldan Nidle’s sources (4) say that the white hats responsible for funneling the money to the Reval authorities are proceeding at a far greater level of caution and slowness of pace than is needed.  I’m not sure if any of the officials concerned read channeled messages. Nevertheless, their caution is apparently slowing down the announcement.

So we’re quietly waiting. We’ll definitely announce it when it comes.

The rest of the population probably knows little or nothing about Disclosure, Ascension, the Reval, or, for that matter, even the cabal and accountability.  Watching what’s happening on TV, interpreted through the eyes of the very people responsible for so much suffering in the past (the elite who own the banks, companies, and, most of all, media), may not give us a very clear picture. A clear picture would report the plummeting of the cabal. I doubt the mainstream media are there yet, though I’m told they will be.

A Suggestion

I’d like to suggest, with your permission, that we have our part to play in the Nova Earth scenario – on many fronts. First and foremost, our part is to remember to stay calm. (I have work to do in this area myself.)  We know what these events are in aid of and we know where the world is going. And we’re here to provide that calmness on the ground while the rafter folks work the larger issues behind the scenes.

It’s also time for lightworker bloggers and discussion group members to make others aware of the larger context in which these events fit, events that may be worrisome to many street-level  people. Those who watch the news, enjoy Illuminati-impacted movies, read laundered newspaper articles, etc., are probably not receiving the truth.

They’re being inflamed against Muslims, when Muslims had little or nothing to do with 9/11. They’re covering every disaster and any other event that raises fear in people, including their own false flags like the Paris Assaults.

They’re under-reporting any news that would have a negative impact on the cabal while over-reporting any news that frightens.

The more that can be done to reassure people who newly awaken to these matters, the more that will promote the growth of confidence in the Nova Earth scenario.

Here are two resources to assist the newly awakened. Both are free:

(1) There are downloadable books available here, composed of articles previously posted to the Golden Age of Gaia, on many aspects of our well-planned future:

(2) There’s an entire wiki here on Ascension, Disclosure, the Reval, etc.: First Contact.


And, most of all, in terms of what it’s time for, it’s time for us to be doing push-ups in leadership, envisioning, goal-setting, project organization, group communication, team building, conflict resolution, etc. We lightworkers need to be ready to serve in all manner of leadership positions in the new economy when the bell rings.

If we want to know what areas that might be in, just look at where our attention has gone over this lifetime. (5) If we want to know exactly what we’ll be doing, just look at what we love to do above all else.  (6) Do what you love and the money will follow? Soon that’ll be all we’re doing. Money won’t even be a consideration. (Remember replicators, free energy?)

Responding to events in a manner that’s above and beyond the call of duty is about to become the order of the day soon. That means staying away from hysteria when the Reval occurs.

It means watching new vasanas rise to the surface with sudden wealth while remembering to handle them with simple awareness and a balanced abiding in the center.  And it means restraint, restraint, restraint, perhaps while others are losing their heads. I know. I have to do this work too.

The time for action is just a short spell away. The time for preparation is now.

The Planetary Evacuation – The Plan Changed – Explanation – 8-13-15


Note from Zorra:  “All is in accordance with the Divine Plan.”


I have been asked to script a message.

Present are :- Christ Michael, Soltec, Monjoronson, Esu, Lady Nada, Mantustia. There are other Celestial Beings in the background but I am aware of the six (6) just mentioned at the moment and I am supposing that if those in the background are to issue a statement then they will come forward accordingly, however the six (6) mentioned appear to be the ones that summoned this advisory.

Christ Michael opens:
CM. We have come to you as part of your agreement with us, to have this advisory remitted to the public for the upcoming times ahead. This period is going to be one of upheaval and general consternation amongst the people. It is not our intention to exacerbate the ruinous situation that is about to unfold but this is intended as an advisory to ameliorate and guide those who are prepared to listen to their inner guidance, in the days to come.

As you have been told, there are nefarious plans afoot to lead your world into an abyss of no return. From our perspective, this abyss of no return is the result of desperate efforts, of those whose purpose is to hold onto ‘the reins of power’ of which they have no intention of relinquishing. This, despite the many overtures of salvation that were made to them over these many years.

The planet is sick and her aura is infested and infected, which has aggravated her suffering. Such infestation and infection is caused by the many thought forms which have emanated from the planet’s creature inhabitants. Such thought forms are derived from, but not limited to, energies associated with fear, pain, hurt, anger, hatred, greed, disrespect and the like.

We opted to approach the situation utilizing some ‘pillars’ of diplomacy, which would have allowed for each and everyone to be given opportunities to redeem themselves, thereby making opportune, their own advancements towards individual and collective re-alignment within the Sacred cycles of Divine denouement. Now, this has become nigh impossible given the treacherous conditions in which the all accommodating planet, has found herself. Said differently, it just means that the planet has
reached exhaustion and is unable to sustain the weight of the ‘dross’ that is inflicted upon her physical, mental and emotional bodies.

Yes, she is very physical..just like you!

Like a physical body that has become diseased, there comes a time when drastic steps must be taken to save the life of the physical body. Failure to so do, would result in loss and in this particular case, where Gaia’s well-being is concerned, loss is not an option.

It is with this situation paramount in our consideration, that the Celestial Council which has oversight over what happens in this planet’s trajectory, decided to give full support to the re-habilitation of the planet and those life forms upon her, which are in alignment with the Sacred thrust of the Divine cycles.

What this means is that we, as the Celestial Council with oversight in this situation, will no longer allow the continuation of conditions, that create debilitating circumstances for the planet. We have taken this position even though previously we allowed such, in collaboration with the planet, who, given her nurturing tendencies, sustained much injury to her collective bodies, in the hope that her many life forms, which emanated from her own essence, would have been given opportunities to realise their fullest human and spiritual potentials.

As such, we have withdrawn support from this collaboration and we are focused on rehabilitating the planet and those life forms that would continue along with her, towards her noble destiny.

In this regard, there are HOSTS, both on planet and off planet, who are on standby and who have ensured that everything is at a ‘ready-go’. I assure you that should the planet signal that she is ready, at this very moment, we are in place to support ‘what needs to be done’ to free her from her ‘shackles’ and to take the necessary support action, to ensure sustainability of the various life forms that are to accompany the planet on her ascending journey.

I also assure you, that we KNOW what we are doing, for this is not the first time that this has been done. Even many of you have participated in such events before but due to the veiled circumstances in your current lives, you have forgotten about such experiences. Yet in spite of the ‘veils’ that cover your knowingness, you would know exactly what must be done, when ‘that time’ is upon you.

I will now hand you over to SOLTEC, who is in charge of Geophysical matters as it pertains to what will happen..

Soltec speaks:-


Thank you for availing yourself to take this message. I will seek to explain, from a geophysical standpoint what is happening now and what is expected to occur.

The planet is currently ‘stuttering’ in it’s revolution. While historically this has occurred many times before, it is the nature, frequency and volatility of the ‘stuttering’ that indicates a major aberration in the rhythm of the revolution.

A ‘stuttering’ in this case refers to a ‘spasm’, a jerking movement, which announces the arrival of a change in a pattern. If the frequency and volatility of the ‘stutterings’ are extremely profound then there is reasonable evidence to determine that the planet is going into ‘arrest’ or ‘stoppage.’

There are energetic vortices that spin left-right at the planet’s north polar centre and right-left at the south polar centre. These energetic vortices form a nexus or a joint at the centre or the ‘belly’ of the planet. Consider this ‘belly’ as the emotional centre of the planet.

As mentioned before by Christ Michael, the various creature energetic forms, both in thoughts and in deeds are impacting the planet, physically and emotionally. In the case of the emotional impacts such energy forms are ‘felt’ in the emotional centre of the planet’s body. The emotional centre conveys these frequencies throughout the energetic vortices via the nexus or joint that meets in the centre of the planet’s ‘belly’.
Everytime something major occurs within the ambit of thought or deed, that is of a negative persuasion or of non-light bearing amplitude, the planet’s emotional centre ‘rocks’ or ‘jolts’ as a consequence.. this jolt is ‘amped’ up through the energetic vortices and spirals outwards reverberating throughout the ‘auric membranes’ that surround the planet.

You, as sentient beings connected to the planet physically, mentally and emotionally experience these ‘jolts.’ Such manifested ‘jolts’ on the planet, run the gamut from weather anomalies to environmental disasters to tectonic shifting to mass animal deaths to aberrant human behaviour, which in turn ‘feeds’ the energetic thought forms that further impact the emotional centre of the planet’s body in a seemingly never-ending circle of cause and effect.

Added to this situation is the fact that there is an ‘inflow’ of energy waves from the far reaches of space, that is destined, at this time to bring heightened awareness to the ‘principles’ of matter which are making the choice to elevate its consciousness in alignment with the Divinity of Source. I refer to ‘principles’ of matter to describe physicality at the sub-atomic level, which means that everything down to its infinitesimal presentation in physical existence will be impacted by these sequence of
Divine waves.

Therefore these waves are also impacting the planetary physical, mental and emotional bodies, as well as ALL life forms upon her.

Overarching all of this, is the ‘playing out’ of the Cosmic Cycles. These Grand Cycles are universal revolutions within revolutions consistent with the upward spiralling
of ALL universal worlds towards realignment and realisation of Light and Life.

This planet, has reached the end of its cyclic revolution in a series of revolutions that had the planet and her life forms experience ‘highs and lows’ in its ‘thousands of thousands’ of years as an occupied and life bearing planet. It is time for the planet to move to another stage of her development consistent with her own wishes and consistent with her Divine attainment.

Those who are slated to accompany her in this journey will be allowed and will be facilitated in this endeavour.

Given what I have encapsulated above, I will address what is anticipated to come.
We monitor the ‘readings’ taken from the planet, her inhabitants, her energetic vortices, the incoming sequential wave energies, the impacts of the Grand Cycles and the energetic forms that add to this ‘mix’ to determine projections that give us a fair idea of the timing and the magnitude when stoppage or arrest of the planetary revolutions will occur.

At this time we will say that timing is ‘imminent’ and is fully dependent on the planet’s decision to come to full stop or if something occurs that threatens the life force of the planet before she stops. In that case we will intervene to save her life. This is very much likened to a mother in labour, where one has to wait until the baby is delivered;  yet if something should manifest that puts the life of the mother and/or the baby in peril, then an intervention becomes necessary. This is the very same ideal.

The magnitude of the event will not go unnoticed. Already people who are ‘ensouled’ are aware that ‘things seem off’.. They base these facts on what is happening around them. Some of this may or may not be tied to religious programming and the such but they sense that something is wrong..They are noticing the intensity of the Sun’s rays..They are recognizing that human behaviours are descending into such deviance and polarized temperaments that leave much worry and uncertainty in the minds of the observers. They are noticing the seeming natural disasters. They are concerned about environmental issues that are affecting sustainability of life. They know something is amiss. They are becoming aware that their world is in the grip of forces that do not have concerns relative to the wider populations and the planet, at heart. They are beginning to see through the double-speak of the many ‘tools’ which are used to contain the various populations in inertia.

They may not speak about such to all and sundry because ‘bread and butter’ issues occupy their thinking most of the time, but soon enough that is about to change. The lengths of the days and consequently the lengths of the nights will become curiously longer. This will begin to affect plant life animal life (inclusive of human) and mineral life. Food production will be altered because crop cycles will be affected. The cycles that affect the water tides such as in oceans and rivers will be disrupted. This will cause ebbs and flows that will wreak further devastation.

Tectonic plates will shift and creak in attempts to stabilize land masses which they support. Planetary Weather systems will fluctuate wildly and extremely. Planetary temperatures will be exacerbated and what is now considered ‘record-breaking’ will intensify. Electronic and digital multiplex systems will be erratic and non- reliable. Some will become non-functional altogether. Your satellite systems will not
be able to triangulate programs for purposes of decoding signals and the like. Your communication systems will be sporadic at best.

The human psyche will be affected and many will become very volatile. In a relatively short period, as the planet slows down to a stop, this will manifest… and NONE will be spared these effects and by extension be oblivious to the fact that something is drastically wrong. In fact, MANY will welcome relief!

As part of a scientific team, with responsibility for the well-being of the planetary body, my role is to ensure that the integrity of the ‘material planetary body’ survives the tumult of these events. As the planet halts its rotation, it will become necessary to intervene along certain planetary lines or causeways to stabilize ‘pressure areas.’ My geophysical specialist team and I may have to harness certain ‘surgical procedures’ to prevent areas of erosion that may wreak undue imbalances to the corporeal planetary system. We will have to coordinate efforts with other teams for purposes of allowing for intervention by specialists with responsibility for other areas that make up the composition of the planet’s mental and emotional structures.

Given the bits of information posited above, I end my summary for now. It is my hope that the provided information will help many of you to realise the ‘signs’ and the reasons for such when the time is upon you. Armed with such information it is expected that you would be best suited to help rather than hinder the process as it unfolds. It is also expected that you would be able to take care of yourself and those ones around you who are amenable to your advice and guidance. Remember the emphasis is on amenable. If they are not giving you ‘an ear’ and are downright hostile to what you are trying to convey, then you have an obligation to allow them their own right to be in their own judgement. You are not to choose for them.

The planet has a date with her destiny and those who are to accompany her, are to so do, whether they are aware or not. I am to ensure that the planet meets her destiny in the best possible shape so that those who are to accompany her will have the optimum conditions in which to participate in a manner consistent with the highest ideals.


Christ Michael:
I now ask Monjoronson to address you.

Monjoronson: We meet again in such auspicious times for I am come in the name of Justice to pronounce on the many steps that have been taken to heal this situation. It is a fallacy to believe that the Adjudication Team has only recently started its mandate to bring justice to facilitate clearing of anomalous deeds that were committed against the planet and both her material and non-material inhabitants. We have been at this since the Luciferian Rebellion but it is within recent times that the adjudication process has been allowed to ‘filter down’ to the ‘lower’ vestiges that resulted from that rebellion.

This dispensation or allowance was facilitated by the grace of Christ Michael, who, in considering the myriad of reasons for the default of the many personalities who also have manifestations of physical embodiment in these realms, allowed for ‘time’ to be given so that all could have opportunity to come into Divine alignment, once again.

This opportunity was taken by few, some noted ones yes, but still too few. In any event, Christ Michael’s ‘time allowance’ has run out so to speak and we now have to take matters into our hands with relative ‘immediate dispatch.’ I also wish to emphasize that I do not ‘uncreate’ personalities. The responsibility for uncreation is in the realm of ‘The Ancient of Days’ who is attended to by those with vested powers and responsibilities for ‘dissipating’ energies, nullifying discordant frequencies and re-integrating the ‘sanitized’ elements back into the ‘whole.’

My role, in this particular situation, is to investigate and come to conclusive judgement over the affairs of MEN and to recommend appropriate action, which is then escalated to the relevant authorities empowered to mete out such recommendations.

In order to come to conclusive judgement, It requires empirical knowledge of matters that span levels of dimensions and in the planet’s case, time…

With the planet approaching this stage, which is a milestone in its ascent to glory, there comes a need to ‘fast track’ the ‘sorting’ of the inhabitants, in accordance with vibration and destination. To simplify this meaning, let me say that each will go in accordance with their own suitability. During the course of my investigations I have been able to compile much information to determine the suitability of each, to determine the type of rehabilitation that is necessary and to recommend appropriate action to be taken in the case of those who have deliberately chosen a path that is the antithesis of the GOD life itself. Co-creators that you are, you do have say in the determination of your destiny, however with the exception of those who are ‘uncreated’, your determining of your destiny will be an ongoing process, wherever you find yourselves, for those who chose not to come into alignment with Cosmic Laws, at this time.

Further, as the planet stops its rotation and hangs in balance as it tries to ‘right itself,’ ALL of the mis-aligned thought forms that have permeated its essence will no longer be able to attach themselves. The force of ‘revolving mass’ carries with it a momentum, which makes it easy for ‘attachments’ to move in accordance with that momentum. When the ‘revolving mass,’ in this case the planet, stops and hangs, momentum also stops and with it the force that carried the momentum ceases to exist for the time. As a result inertia results in the ‘loosening’ of attachments, in this case,  such acrid thought forms. Once these thought forms can no longer ‘cling’ to the base components of the planet’s energy fields, then they detach and will be collectively harnessed to be dealt with by ‘fields of energy’ under the direction of ‘the Ancient of Days.’

Expect that when these thought forms detach, whatever physical manifestations that they supported would become completely incoherent and utterly incomprehensive. Hence the reason why there would be widespread breakdown in material and human constructs.

It is imperative for me to remind you at this time, that the laws that govern the pre-disposition of Souls, require that you allow for each to make his or her own choice in these matters. For in your present circumstances of ‘not-knowing,’, you cannot possibly determine what is best for yourself much more for another. Understand, that everything that is being accommodated is conversant with your own Higher Selves for it is at that level that you truly comprehend the reasons for all that is ‘brought to bear’ relative to these events.

My role is to ensure that the ‘slate is wiped clean’ and once the planet’s revolution swings into force again, that the momentum that this engenders will carry with it thought forms that are based on noble ideals.

Be at Peace and know that ALL is in good hands and ALL is balanced in accordance with the Highest Cosmic Ideals.

I am Monjoronson!

Esu comes forward

Beloveds, it is I Esu, most of you call me Sananda. Well, there are many ‘Sanandas’ and at this time we will avail ourselves to you! For you see, “Sananda” is a ‘Title of bearing’ that denotes a ‘Christed Being’ and there are many ‘Christed Beings’ that came to you over many eons to help you to ‘re-member’ the truth of who you are while you were immersed under this darkness which prevailed upon your awareness for so very long. A ‘Christed Being’ is not a Christian, as you know it, although the religion of Christianity took its ‘titular name’ from ‘Christ,’ which is a Roman acronym.

A ‘Christed Being’ is one who is in masterly service to others under the principles and guidance of Christ Michael of Nebadon. These Christed principles have been made manifest in many Beings of like persuasion who walked the Earth amongst many different races, amongst many different civilizations, amongst many different religious and philosophical denominations, with the expressed purpose to ‘show’ a way consistent with Divine patterns and ways of Being.

I have always been with you, but at this time I am making you aware, that my presence, along with the many other “Sanandas,” who have inspired so many around this planet from your recorded history, are here to put ourselves at your disposal in this time of monumental change.

For indeed, not only are there present, Sanandas from your recorded history, but there are also 21st century Sanandas, who are going to be taking up the mantle in the near time to come. Some of you Sanandas are hereto reading this and lucky for you, you are being given a proverbial ‘heads-up,’ relative to the roles upon which you are due to embark.I am in joy at this! For though the time to come is perilous for those who choose to remain in obscurity about everything that is happening around them, for those of ‘Christed’ orientation, it will be the “everything that you have longed for”  during your many sojourns on and off the planet.

Your purpose will finally come into perspective and you will realise that all the challenges that you faced that has led you to NOW was worth it… you have finally earned your ’stripes’ and now you are being called into service as the planet prepares to heave through very tumultuous events that lie ahead.

Further I will advise you that nothing is given that cannot be borne. I emphasize the point that you have earned your ’stripes’ and if ever you feel that you cannot rise to the challenge, call on me or any of your religious icons, angels, guides, heavenly hosts to give you a ‘lift’ to move forward. I only make this point as a suggestion to let you know that ‘we have your back.’

The time is short, and while the period of challenges will not be long, it will seem like never-ending to those of you who have to face the dramatic uncertainty that will result from initial responses to events as they unfold. There is a plan afoot to deal with all eventualities. Some have been highlighted before my message; some will be hinted about after my message. Not all will be ventilated here and now.

We have already started to make our presence known to you in ways that are non-alarming. We suggest to you in your waking moments and we brief you in your dream time. Some of you remember facets of dreams, which we allow, so that you find yourself pondering during your wakeful moments.

We arrange synchronistic moments that will cause you to come into contact with information that will enlighten you about what is happening. Your willingness to ‘pay attention’ is what would determine the difference between your ability to be prepared,  as opposed to being confused and ill-equipped to handle situations that may crop up in your experiences. In any event, we stand with you as you face what is to come, happy in the knowledge that a ‘qualitative leap’ in the journey of the planet and her inhabitants is about to begin.

Blessed are those who rise to the fore in recognition of their service to their Fellowman.

Blessed are you for casting your doubts aside, putting your chores on hold, and taking this message for and on behalf of those of us in attendance.

Blessed is Gaia for allowing the many to be given the opportunity to grow and learn.

Blessed are the many who are about to embark on a course of events that will shape their paths to their ultimate destinies.

I am that I am Esu Sananda.

Christ Michael brings forward Lady Nada
(This is my first time taking a message from Lady Nada)

C.M.:- Lady Nada, together with Esu, is closely aligned in service to the planet. She is a member of the inner circle on matters dealing with the planet and her populations. So great is her love for the planet that she has ‘postponed’ her own ascent in order to service the needs of the planet. It is in this regard that she has tied her own ascent to that of the planet. It is in this regard that she is an intrinsic part of this process for tied to the fate of what is to occur is her own forward movement. In any event she is already a ‘Paradise Citizen’ who has embarked on another journey, this time, with the planet and her population.

Lady Nada:- Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to address whatever concerns that may be paramount in the minds of the many who will be reading these messages.

The planet is a sentient Being, a nurturing sentient Being who has made a decision to take the responsibility of ‘be-coming‘ to the next level. It is in this regard that my role has ‘quickened’ to facilitate this ‘birthing’ into higher consciousness of this sentient Be-ing, who in spite of her many discomforts, sought to give ample opportunity to those life forms who made her physicality their home to grow into Divine awareness. She has had to endure much, too much and in the fullness of time, it has become apparent that to continue in this vein meant that her survival would be brought into question.

There are elements who do not share concerns for her well-being, as they have lost control over their ability to exact further productive elements from her body. These ones have now degenerated into a downward spiral and have become so skewed in their thought forms that they can no longer be tolerated by the planet’s emotional system. To this end, the planet has decided to end this ‘warped’ situation and reject these anomalous elements that have compromised her core.

We, as part of the Celestial effort, are on standby to proceed with the following:

Remove from harm’s way all our serving members on the ground of operations.

Safe keep all important spiritual artifacts that will provide service to those who will be returning to  continue with the planet.

Preserve the critical passageways or portals that flow along the planetary energy lines.

Prepare comfortable ‘housing’ for those who will leave the planet and those who are expected to occupy safe areas within the planet’s body.

Ensure that family units are re-united or facilitated in accordance with pre-arranged destinations.

Ensure that animal populations inclusive of various pets are sorted and assigned accordingly.

Ensure that plant life that may face destruction are seeded for re-planting when conditions on the planet are conducive.

Ensure that medical needs are identified and make arrangements for such needs to be addressed.

Identify various groups in accordance with their primary roles and facilitate preparation for these roles to be fulfilled.

Schedule shuttle services to facilitate transport to and from the planet.

Identify planetary safe areas for purposes of logistics and for preparing intervention services where needed.

Co-ordinate team efforts to ensure that all operations run smoothly.

This is a primary list which you can appreciate would contain several sub-sections to each aspect outlined. There are various teams involved which also include the Galactic commands with each having their own responsibilities.

We have identified fears or concerns as they relate to Extra-Terrestrial activity. These have been programmed into the consciousness of the masses by those whose time is about to be cut short by the planet. Be not in dismay about this. There will be those of the masses who would come willingly, as many would become ‘activated’ by this course of events. For those who are so steeped in  fear that their thinking consciousness becomes paralyzed, they would be put to sleep and taken out of harm’s way, if it is their destiny to not perish with the tumultuous events on the planet. They will then be sorted accordingly and either re-united with their loved ones and assigned to wherever they are supposed to go which will be in accordance with their own ‘Higher Knowing.’ For those who are to face adjudication, they will be taken either in physical or non-physical form to the Courts of Nebadon.

This is as much as I can tell you at this point. We will have further updates as time advances. Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to do this communication and it is my hope, that in some way, your concerns have been addressed.

I look forward to embracing all of you when we come together again.

To all my beloveds I AM Nada.

The Ancient of Days makes his presence known.

I AM MANTUSTIA. The last time I rendered a message through you was an occasion that differed in so many ways from now.

Indeed, you did not expect that I would ‘pay a visit’ so soon yet I have found it necessary, if only for purposes of signalling to you that events are quite serious and to suggest that it is time to ‘gather one’s thoughts’ with respect to ‘bonding’ with one’s inner guide, post-haste.

I have, from time immemorial, been a part of knowing and understanding the cyclic nature of this universe and all the celestial bodies contained therein. I know what is to occur, so therefore I do not make light my words when I advise that one should be in tune with one’s inner guidance. This has been the message all along, for so many years, yet so few have paid heed.

Thankfully though, those of you who have paid attention would be best positioned to provide assistance to those who need it. Do so wisely! As stated before, it is not your role to coerce anyone, but it will be your role to lead by example, to show courage in spite of your own internal misgivings, to trust in the process and everything that has led you to your proverbial ‘here and now.’ It is everything that you have ‘trained for.’ It is one of the many situations in which you will distinguish yourself.

You are about to know what your true purpose was in being born unto the planet!

May you stand tall in your glory!


Christ Michael:

Leonette we have come to end of this script for now. Thank you for your patience for it was indeed a ‘long day.’ You have done well to keep focused through the many twists and turns of personal events that occurred during your day. I will not keep you much longer except to state that as events build in momentum, signalling the inevitability of the end of this stage, My Beloved Gabriel, as Administrative Head of Nebadon, will pronounce on events as he sees fit.



LORD ASHTAR – FOCUS, LIGHTWORKERS! – Stop Earth’s Wobble – Meditation: March 2 – 9th – SANAT KUMARA: Impending Labor of Earth – Earth Changes Are Impending! – Grids, Their History – 3-1-15

Stop the Wobble Meditation  Lord Ashtar To Begin Monday, March 2, 2015 through Monday March 9th


For At Least 15 Minutes Per Day for the Next Seven Days
Channeled Through Rev. Janisel of Sananda’s Eagles — janisel((@))


Greetings, Lightworkers and Eagles! Ashtar back with you once again.  

Energies are changing, are they not? I believe most of you have noticed. For your next meditation we are asking Lightworkers, Starseeds, All Ground Crew, and Eagles to continue with part of last week’s assignment but to also add some new grids to your focus. First do your protocal: Ground, Center, and Intend for your energies to join those in Project: Eagle Triad

For your first five minutes, you are asked to again send the Energy of Love to the core of your planet to help Balance the slight wobble she’s been in.

For the next five minutes, you are asked to send this same Energy to the mass-consciousness grid of Earth. Do not connect to this grid, simply send to.

Then, for the final five minutes, you are asked to send, through your intent, the Energy, or Attribute, of Love known as Divine Cooperation into our Lightworker Grid. This Grid needs to function as a ‘whole’ in order to be the Beacon of Light to the rest of your world. Egos must be put aside in favor of coming together as the One that you are. You are to be the ‘Light Unto the World’, not many little Lights shining only into your own little corner.

Be diligent, my friends, for you are almost there!  I am Ashtar, ever close to you.



The Impending Labor of Earth   –   Sanat Kumara
Channeled Through Rev. Janisel of Sananda’s Eagles — janisel((@))


It is I, Sanat Kumara,

who comes forth to speak with you regarding our Beloved Mother Earth.

Most of you know me as the Planetary Logos, the one who embodied this planet,

filling every cell of her being, lighting and paving the way for some of the

most historic events in her history.

I come forth at this time to ask each of you to become, as it were, a Planetary Logos…

filling your Heart Center with the Love for our Mother.

She is going through a most difficult time right now,

and is in need of much Love and Care.

For those of you of the female gender who have been on the threshold of birth,

you are well aware of what I speak.

Mother Earth is now in the throes of labor… and a difficult labor it is.

She is hurting and she needs your Love.

The time for the “big push” is at hand.

Long has she strived to hold back on this birth,

giving everyone ample opportunity to awaken to their own Divinity,

to their Oneness with her.

The time has now come when the pangs of birth are so strong

that she can hold off no longer.

Earth changes are impending, however this is part of her birthing process.

It must be in order for her to move into her Higher state of Being.

She has loved you, cared for you, provided for you, nourished you,

and now she must move on… on to her rightful Ascended State.

And she holds open the opportunity for all humanity to join her on this journey.

All she asks is for you to join with her in Light…in Love… in Oneness.

Accompany her into the Higher Realms by way of your own Ascension.

The choice, of course, is yours.

You may go…or you may stay.

She has made her choice, however, and is now ready to Ascend.

Be not afraid of the coming “push”, for all is as it should be.

Send her your Love, hold her in your Heart,

embody her to help her through this difficult time.

She has held back as long as she can,

but now must burst forth from her chrysalis as does the butterfly as it takes to the air.

I ask all of you to join me in helping with this birth.

Long have I held the Light in every cell of her body,

and now I ask you to continue to do the same.

While holding this Light, it is now time to step back

and let Mother Nature, as it were, take its rightful course.

She is now striving to rise to her perfection,

but cannot do so without your Light paving the way.

Bless her, and tell her you love her and are standing by as midwives,

so to speak, ready to help in any way you can.

Hinder her no more, but instead give her the command to “Push!”…..

to begin this great and glorious birth.

Her time is at hand, as is yours.

She has delayed as long as possible in order for her children

to come out of the place of fear.

But she can wait no longer.

Put away your fear and ride the tide of redemption with her!

Yes, the changes will come.

Yes, there will be moments of doubt and uncertainty when these changes begin.

But fear not! Know that we are with all of you,

and that each of you is exactly where you should be at any given moment.

Stand back and watch as the Glory of God is revealed to All.

My Love and Peace I leave with you.

I AM Sanat Kumara.




The following is an explanation of the grids that have been established

by Sananda’s Eagles and those participating in Project: Eagle Triad,

under the direction of Ashtar and Sananda.

One of the first tasks Ashtar asked us to do,

after he brought us together as Ashtar’s Trinity,

was to create and anchor three grids from our headquarters in Sedona, Arizona.

Two of these grids were more ‘personal’, i.e.,

one surrounding the Ashtar Command office,

and the second one surrounding Sedona and the nearby area.

The third was a planetary grid that is now part of the Trinity Project.

On the appointed days, and at the appointed location,

with Ashtar and others in attendance,

we began the establishing and anchoring of these grids

which became the basis for the work ahead.


The First Grid    –   May 11, 1999 

This grid would cover all of the Sedona area including the underground Lemurian City.

According to the instructions we were given,

it would initially be set into the ground under the center of the house

as an ‘egg’ that we would need to hatch and expand,

moving out horizontally from the center.

As we got into position, we could feel the energy getting stronger

and much more powerful.

This ‘egg’ was first infused with the Violet Ray,which caused it to begin glowing.

Next, it was infused with the Electric Blue Ray that caused it to begin to hum and vibrate.

Lastly, we infused the egg with Golden Christ Light Energy,

at which point the egg was glowing and vibrating.

We then activated the egg,

and out of it came a fine mesh grid that extended 25 miles in diameter, as was our intent.

The energy went out in wave after wave,

continuing to increase in vibrational frequency and Light,

getting stronger with each wave that the egg produced.

Once the grid was firmly in place,

what had been the egg was now a Star,

shining in Golden Light.


The Second Grid    –   May 15, 1999 

We, along with many higher-dimensional Beings,

gathered again in the center of the house for the creation of the second grid.

We had, once again, been guided to utilize the same crystal egg

that we had used in the first grid,

with each of us holding the egg crystal as we infused the actual egg.

The egg this time, however, was planted in the middle of the star

that was made manifest during the creation of the first grid.

It was then infused with the Violet Ray, the Electric Blue Ray,

and the Golden Christ Light Ray.

Once the egg had been infused, we activated it,which caused the grid to expand vertically.

We could feel the waves of energy almost like a tornado,

going upward and downward.

The intensity of the energy was even higher than the first time,

however, we had adapted to the higher waves of energy

and this time is did not hit us as hard.

The third grid was to be placed on the 18th of May,and it will be spherical in nature.

Once this grid is in place, the entire area will be fully within the grid.

When that is complete, we shall be placing the fourth grid,which will be for the Earth.

For this grid, we were instructed to use Tachyon balls

that are designed to assist the planet in remembering the original Blueprint.


The Third Grid   –  May 24, 1999 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the anchoring of this grid was delayed for one week.

This third grid that we were asked to implement,

unlike the first two, was designed as a ‘planetary’ grid,

surrounding the entire Earth. To establish this grid,

we were directed in the planting of a certain number of crystals in a certain circular pattern

surrounding the Ashtar’s Trinity office on the outside of the building.

We were also told that the Lemurians were adding all of their energy with ours

in the creation of this grid.

It was explained to us that there would be three waves

that would be created through the crystals.

The first would be spinning in a counter-clockwise manner,

sitting just above and around the dwelling.

The second one would spin in a clockwise manner from the center of the house,

and the third one would be just above the ground

and would spin in a counter-clockwise direction.

Once all three were activated, we set the spin ratio of each wave to 13-20-33.

At this point, the grid shot up, down, and out, covering the entire planet.

The colors of this grid are like a rainbow and

it is assisting the planet with her birthing process.

The Lemurians informed us that the planting of this grid was extremely powerful

and very successful, which was a nice validation of what we ourselves were feeling. We were also told

that, once this grid was in place,other grids would be able to be

established that would assist in bringing about the full cleansing of the planet,

assisting Earth and the people more fully with the Ascension process.

During a visit from Ashtar the next week,

we were told that there was some work that needed to be done

on the grid surrounding the Sedona area, i.e.,

doubling it in size and reinforcing it with the Golden-White Light.

To do so, we, along with Ashtar, took our positions seated on the floor in a triangle formation.

This was the exact place where the original grid had been anchored.

Having come together with unity of purpose and intent,

we proceeded to make the requested changes to the grids.


New Grids 

Since that time in 1999, Ashtar and Sananda have asked

those participating in Project: Eagle Triad to establish many other planetary grids

that will aid in the ultimate cleansing and ascension of Earthand her inhabitants.

The following is a partial list of those grids:


The Eagle Grid, consisting of all members working within the Trinity Project.

The Lightworker Grid, consisting of all that are termed ‘Lightworkers’.

The Eagle/Earth Grid, which connects each Eagle to the Heart of our Mother Earth.

The Crystal Grid, which runs between all the specially-charged water crystals

that were planted within the Earth, the large Celestial crystal in Sedona

that is anchoring this grid, and the father and brother crystals

to it that are located at the North Pole and South Pole of our planet.

The Clean Air Crystal Grid,

running between all the Clean Air Crystals and the large crystals

located in Sedona and the North and South Poles.

The Crystal/Eagle Grid connects the Eagles of Project: Eagle Triad

with all the various water and clean air crystals

which have been placed within the Earth or in the oceans, etc.,

and ALSO those Eagles who are drinking one of the crystal-charged waters.

The Solar/Eagle Grid connects all Eagles to the core of our Sun.

The Diamond Heart Core Grid that connects the Hearts/Minds of the Eagles

to the Hearts/Minds of all other humans upon Earth,

and then proceeding into the mass consciousness grid that surrounds the planet.

There are also other ‘minor’ grids we are working with

during our Trinity Project meditations.

More will be added as they are established.


Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff – Planet Earth is Now Moving into the Next Phase of Ascension into the Light Realms – Focus on what You Want to Experience and See in Your World – 8-10-14

Hilarion, Channeled through Marlene Swetlishoff, The Rainbow Scribe, August 10, 2014

Beloved Ones,

The lightworkers of the world are gathering together in unity often to effect changes in the energetic field surrounding the Earth. Everyone brings their powerful intentions for a peaceful world to counteract and neutralize the floundering and chaotic energies that try to bring the planet into a lower vibration once again.

This will not happen as the planet Earth is now moving into the next phase of ascension into the light realms and your light is much needed to help create new vitality, peace and graceful changes within all of humanity in synchronization with the Earth’s movement.

The world you live on is in a stage of resurrection and all of her kingdoms and inhabitants need to align with this occurrence. It is the human kingdom that needs to step up in frequency and focus and remember their magnificence. Those who are aware and awake are called upon to listen to their heart in the coming weeks and follow the guidance they receive with courage and strength.

As this cosmic event takes place the hearts of humanity will open wider and a greater sense of oneness and unity will come into effect. This truth will encourage everyone to work together in harmony and peace. As each person follows the dictates of their soul by following the guidance from within their heart, they will know what they need to do if it is needed.

Staying connected with nature is most important and standing barefoot on the ground several times a day is helpful to keep one grounded and balanced. As given before, immersing oneself in water each day is very beneficial during these times. Focusing on the joy that the exquisite detail in nature provides for heart openings is the key. Joy is a state of being that uplifts, inspires and transcends the happenings of the past.

Each of you is a universe unto yourselves and so each of you can create the reality that you most desire. Rather than focusing on all that is wrong in the world according to the news media, focus on what you want to experience and see in your world.

You are each powerful creators and staying in touch with your heart promptings is a focus that each of you must hold. Do not listen to those who react with intensity to the happenings that are occurring and understand that they are not yet connected within their hearts, for the heart is the compass during these changing times. Continue to bless everyone consciously from your heart space when they come into your sphere of influence. Together, as a force of light and love, you are creating a new way of being and doing.

You are entering a new era and this is a most exciting time for all. It is a time to celebrate each other’s accomplishments and to cheer on your sisters and brothers as they step out of their former limitations into the grander picture that unfolds.

Remember that love is the greatest force in the universe and that the universe desires to support each and everyone upon the planet. As each of you gives gratitude for all that is given, the universe impartially brings more of every good thing. Connect then, to the innate goodness that you are and dream your dreams, expand your vision and dare to think BIG!

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included.

Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.

Karen Dover – The Separation of Worlds now Begins – Frequencies that are Too Far Apart will Repel Each Other – Grief, Abandonment, Betrayal must be Released Fully – Major Chaos will now Unfold Upon the Planet Earth – 7-12-14

Earth Ascending


Karen Dover

The energies of the past linear 3 days have been intense.  Today’s full moon may be being felt by many of you at this moment. The release of the distorted frequencies of GRIEF, ABANDONMENT and BETRAYAL is moving through the human race in preparation for the physical separation of worlds.  View this time period if you will as “DAY 3″.  For those of you who have had children you will recognise “day 3″ as the day that the tears came, in the context of childbirth “day 3″ is where the hormones leave the body of the mother and she experiences a major release. This is manifest as tears, I remember well “day 3″ when I give birth to my son and one by one each woman who had given birth around me in the ward hit “day 3″. There was the mass outpouring of tears and the tears were triggered often by very little.   (For more information about what is really going on in the energy signature in day 3 please see EXITING THE OLD 3D EARTH REALITY BOOK, click here for more details).

Exiting the old 3d earth reality

Many of you may have spent the last 3 days in a major release, with what can only be described as an “emotional meltdown” part of this release. A feeling of intense grief that has no “obvious” cause, tears and more tears and the sense of complete loss that cannot be referenced.  I have mentioned the distorted frequency of GRIEF, ABANDONMENT and BETRAYAL, this distorted frequency was implanted into the energy signature of Planet Earth and has been anchored within the human race for eons.  Human society is built on this distorted frequency with the old 3D earth triggering this frequency repeatedly. This keeps the human race in separation believing that the world is a hostile place and this is often reflected back as that which is your outer waking reality is but a reflection of that which is running within your human vehicle.

So the New Earth frequencies reached a frequency level that sees this to come to the very surface of your BEing. Frequencies that are too far apart will repel each other, the influx of the LOVE that IS pushing this distorted frequency to the very surface of your human vehicle in order that you release it. It may have taken little to trigger this over the last linear 3 days and depending on how much you have anchored at cellular level many of you may still be within the triggering and the release stage.  It is vital that you allow this release to flow, do not try to stem the tears, indeed many of you may be past this point, unable to do much apart from cry and sleep and cry once more. This is a process, a process that has not been allowed to flow naturally hence the depth of grief that you may be processing.

I have often blogged that anything from the old 3d earth created reality cannot be taken into the New Earth and this frequency wise, anything that is not TRUTH cannot be taken with you into the New Earth reality. This is the reason for this huge release for you cannot build a new life on the pain of the old life and the grief, abandonment and betrayal must be released fully.

The separation of worlds now begins, those who are here to birth the New Earth and to live the life that they wish to CONSCIOUSLY create now move into a dimensional space that will support the manifestation of their dreams. Those who have chosen at SOUL level to continue on the karmic wheel remaining within the restrictive energetic space that they create from within their human vehicles as they are still running the old 3d earth distorted frequencies.

Major chaos will now unfold upon the Planet Earth, the chaos born out of the release of this base distorted dimensional frequency release. For to live your life based on the frequency of pain you had to have a reference point for said pain. Those reference points are now released but those who look for them will remain triggered and not release fully. I draw your attention to this as many of you sit within human families that are within these patterns. It is not possible to determine who has made which decision other than by their actions, the decision as to whether to move to the New Earth is made at a SOUL level and not a conscious human waking mind level. The patterns will be obvious and it is vital to understand that there is no way of moving someone else out of a pattern that THEY CANNOT SEE or ACKNOWLEDGE.

For more information on the karmic patterns and frequencies please see the EXITING THE OLD 3D EARTH REALITY BOOK which is available HERE

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.



Steve Beckow – One Year into the Golden Age – Golden Age Of Gaia

21_12_12 34

Steve Beckow   –   Golden Age Of Gaia

It’s been a full year since Dec. 21, 2012, the solstice, what we believed was the day of our Ascension. And what a roller-coaster ride it’s been.

I don’t intend to review the year’s events but just to discuss the matter of Ascension itself.

I remember how surprised I was to hear Matthew Ward say just prior to 21/12/12: “Those who are expecting a dramatic event to occur on December 21st [will be surprised] when nothing of dynamic proportions happens that day or any other in that same narrow timeframe.” (1)

I probably should not have been. This statement was no different from what Matthew had been saying for some years previously:

Feb. 14, 2010: “The usual date of December 31, 2012, will be much like the previous and the following days – that is, except for New Year’s Eve celebrations. The differences between life in this moment and in the Golden Age will be amazing and magnificent, but life will not differ dramatically from one day to the next as Earth continues on her journey through fourth density and on into fifth.” (2.)

Aug. 13, 2010: “Please remember that ascension is a process that has been ongoing for about seven decades, so do not expect a dramatic occurrence to herald the first day of the Golden Age. January 1, 2013, often considered to be The Date, will be little different from the day preceding or following it.” (3)

Jan. 15, 2011: “To dispel beliefs born of misconceptions, we start by assuring you that all essential reforms to rid your world of darkness will be completed in good time and in stages, not in one fell swoop at the end of calendar year 2012. Nothing profound will happen immediately prior to Earth’s entry into her Golden Age; the last days of 2012 will be similar to the first days of 2013.” (4)

The Company of Heaven recognized our disappointment. Saul said:

“Many of you are feeling tired, angry, and depressed, almost as though you had been short-changed, conned, or even swindled by those who are telling you of the wonders that await your awakening. It seems that you have been waiting and waiting and waiting. The waiting seems to have been interminable, so it is no wonder that you are feeling upset and that your doubts and anxieties have been intensifying.

“However, the end is in sight, and the joy that will replace your present life experience will cause you ecstasy as you finally understand completely what has been going, and why.” (5)

SaLuSa also encouraged us:

“It is pleasing to see how quickly you have set aside your disappointment at the nature of Ascension as experienced on the 21st December. After such a long period working towards it, it is natural that you expected it to lift you up considerably more than it did. Yet you have been lifted into a higher vibrational level as some of you are now realizing.”  (6)

And Sanat faced into the issue with the greatest candor:

“It is important that we talk about this issue of disappointment, discouragement and need. Yes, even on this side, we understand what human need is. And injury. And that is far more important than simply rushing ahead and pretending that this didn’t happen or didn’t work. …

“You are turning to us and saying, ‘What you have promised has not come through, and what you are giving us is not enough.’ That message is heard and acted upon, in ways that are different for each one of you. Yes, including and before and after the healing that needs to take place. What you feel you are doing is working with a fractured relationship, a relationship in which you have been promised that you will ascend.” (7)

He revealed that the Company of Heaven thought it best not to warn us:

“So why did we not warn you that you might be disappointed? Because the energy, the forward thrust of what you were creating together with us, was so strong that we had no desire, particularly in the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan, to say, ‘Wait a minute, and stop. Let us take time out and breathe.’ Because that would have … hmm … you have a saying, ‘put a wrench in the works.’” (8)

The postponement wasn’t sought by the Company of Heaven this time. Apparently, at a soul level, we sought it. We wanted more of the collective to come with us than would have had we ascended on 21/12/12.  Archangel Michael explains:

“So, now we come into the present time. And yes, humanity, in a very mature, expansive position has said, ‘We wish to have the opportunity. We wish to ascend as one community in the unity of heart, in the unity of purpose. Because that is why each and every one of us came.’ And that plea was heard and received by the Mother, and the plan given flexibility, altered somewhat to accommodate the full request, this prayer.” (9)

The pause is not indefinite, he tells us.

“The hiatus that has been created by the collective desire of humanity to go forward in this undertaking of magnificence, … is not indefinite. The plan of the Mother does not get put on hold, on pause, indefinitely.” (10)

This was not the first time the schedule had been revised. The Earth might have ascended in 2000 but it was seen that more would ascend if the event were postponed. And in this latest turn of events, the soul voice of the collective consciousness expressed its desire that the event be postponed.

Earth was to ascend in the times of Atlantis and that event ended in catastrophe. Only individuals ascended. Gaia did not, but waited for us to be ready. SaLuSa tells us:

“Bear in mind Dear Ones that in Atlantean times they were also very advanced technologically, and had for example developed the laser beam. It was used in such a way that it caused a weakening of the Earth’ s crust that broke up, and Atlantis finally disappeared under the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

“You are now at a similar point in your experiences, as the Atlanteans were in their end times. Indeed they developed in a very similar way to you, using advanced technology obtained from Extraterrestrials, putting it to misuse and personal gain. The country that is the U.S. is largely populated by those souls who were in Atlantis in its demise, and the challenge has been to see out this cycle without destroying the Earth. …

“You will therefore understand, that we cannot take away your opportunity to overcome the weaknesses that have caused your downfall in ancient times. It is not however all left up to you, and as we have explained previously we can help in ways that often prevent matters getting out of hand. Total destruction of the Earth will not be allowed, and we protect Mother Earth and the human civilization, by limiting the extent to which it occurs.” (11)

While the extraterrestrials would have saved Gaia in this latest round, we the population barely escaped Atlantis’ fate, he tells us: “Where you may have suffered the same fate as the fabled civilisations Atlantis and Lemuria, you have risen up just in time to avert another major catastrophe.” (12)


Ascension 3526


We sometimes overlook the fact that Earth’s present form of Ascension is a first in the universe – the first with the body intact, the first with the collective’s soul intent to ascend together.  Jesus, on An Hour with an Angel this past Monday, referred to his Ascension and how he had to leave his body to accomplish it. We are setting a new pattern in the universe and I think we have to be patient and allow the process to run its course.

It makes comprehensible why so many of our sources say that the whole universe is watching us.

Mira the Pleiadian: “Your planet is surrounded with the greatest force of Light from all of Creation; all eyes are upon you.” (1)

The Arcturian Group: “There are many from other star systems and higher dimensions observing.”  (2)

Archangel Michael”: “The results of what you have done, and what you continue to do, reach far beyond what you can yet imagine. You have attracted the attention and accolades of everyone in this universe and even beyond.” (3)

I asked Blossom’s White Cloud about this cosmic first.

Steve Beckow: …The Earth, as I understand it, is the first planet to go through this experiment of physical Ascension. So, is that why all the galaxies and universe are watching us?

White Cloud:  My answer to you in simplicity would be yes, my friend. … Everywhere else is focused on it because it is the cradling, the nurturing of this new experiment. (4)

After us, other star systems will ascend – and not only from Third Dimension. Archangel Michael has already mentioned an Ascension from the Seventh Dimension that will happen in 200 years and, yes, you guessed it – my impression is that many of us will be there for that one too. We are the ground crew – and not just for this Ascension. Ascension is what we do.

Suzanne Lie’s Arcturians describe the further Ascensions:

“There will be a merging, there will be a whole solar system … ascending. And the whole solar system ascends, the galaxy ascends; there is a flashpoint that goes on and on. And, Gaia who has taken on this deep clarity and this great challenge of separation and limitation, she is a key factor; and, that is why so many beings are here to assist her and to assist the brave ones who have stood in line and written petitions to incarnate during this particular time on the body of Gaia.” (5)

That’s why Mira the Pleiadian could say “there is not a single place in all of Creation that is not affected by what is going on with the Earth right now.” (6)

I asked Sanat to explain the matter:

Sanat Kumara: Well, they have always been watching Earth, and they have always been interested in the Ascension process, because it is unique, it is phenomenal, it is the fulfillment of the plan of the Mother. This is far greater than any movie that you could ever create in your reality. So it is having a ripple effect throughout the entire universe. And the fact that the human race matured enough to say, no, we will care for everybody, has caused ripples and amazement throughout the galaxies!

So they are watching very closely how you are doing it. And how it is going, because it will set the paradigm for other planetary Ascensions, other realms that want to work in this way.

SB: But isn’t the whole universe ascending, Raj? We’re not the only planet, are we?

SK: You’re first in line.

SB: Ah! So we’re the first planet to ascend. Is that what you mean?

SK: Yes. (7)

This year we’ve been through so many upgrades, downloads, and baptisms of energy that … well, I find it hard to recognize myself. We’ve drawn together in closer sacred circles, teams, and partnerships. We’re awaiting the arrival of the first measure of prosperity and a tsunami of love. And after that I assume we’ll begin the march towards Ascension.

As I said, if you’re reading this, then just know: This is what we do. We’re the ground crew. We were at Atlantis. After a long vacation after this one, we’ll regroup and do it all over again on the Seventh Dimension.  We’re the leaven in the loaf, the gatekeepers, the wayshowers.

Some of us have agreed to very hard lives of poverty and illness to show us what the rest of the collective has endured or is enduring and help us to serve them. Some of us are joining new relationships or moving at this time and getting into position for the main event when it occurs. I’m told that Ascension will make it all worthwhile, until the next time when we regroup and do this form of service to the Divine Mother all over again

Steve Beckow   –   Golden Age Of Gaia

Gaia: Separation Has Begun – Dimensional Shift Has Begun –

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Earth, the separation has begun.

Gaia has entered the 8th segment of transformation; she is now in the point of no return.

Division has started at third-dimensional level, and the groups of frequencies present in your plane of existence are being regrouped.

From now on, you will be seeing many signs of division and regrouping manifesting in your reality. Companies will split, friends will stop seeing each other, families will separate, groups will be divided, etc. And at the same time you will be witnessing the absolute opposite; you will join new groups, you will feel closer than ever to your loved ones, family and friends.

This change is neither positive nor negative. It is existential.

This is a natural step in the mass-ascension process.

Existence consists only of vibrations, and when the vibrations that builds your world change, your whole reality changes accordingly.

At soul level you know that at the moment you decided to embark on this journey, you have been empowered by the Infinite Consciousness to be the architect of your destiny. Just by drawing the blueprint you set in motion powerful energy/flows through your system that will lead you into awareness expansion.

When you change your awareness frequency to a higher rate, you align your being with higher vibrations, anchoring them in your material reality, hence helping Gaia in her journey to the fifth density. Remember, giving and receiving happen simultaneously, so when you help Gaia, you are being helped too.

If she makes the ascension, a monumental change will occur in the universe, and you will be part of it. The last time a change of this magnitude has happened in any third-density world was 21 billion of your years ago.

The divine plan for the whole cannot go ahead without you, your individuality was given to you for the good of the whole, and your role is utterly irreplaceable.

Once you understand this, you can start helping others to see the responsibility they have at this crucial point in human history. Everyone in your world has divine power that they do not realize he/she posses. The divine powers from within surfaces when consciously he/she start focusing attention on awakening it from the inner core of his/her very consciousness.

Help them and help Gaia by making the most of yourself, raising you personal vibratory frequency towards the Creative Principle of Love. This requires a transformation of your being, a conscious attitudinal shift from your side.

At the end of Gaia’s ascension process/separation, two inter-dimensional gateways will open, one leading to fifth-density and the other one ending in third-density, your consciousness will align you with the gateway that best support your most dominant awareness frequency.

The re-union has begun. Little by little your group-soul will get together. In the process you may separate from others, but the shared moments and learning that has been gained in the company of others, will always remain in you as a gift of the beyond.

I AM Emmanuel

©2009 Langa

GoldRing – Central Sun Solstice – Lyran Wave – Wingmakers

rysa5·297 videos

Lyran Wave of Energy – download full version – $2.22 or ask for coupon to download free – send email to or send message here.…

GoldRing Interviews Wingmakers Mark Hempel – Mark Hempel dedicated his energy to the Wingmakers, Lyricus, Event Temples and more recently join us at to discuss spiritual media and art during this shift.

Mr. Hempel was a founder, executive and director of the Internet’s first 24-hour radio network, NetRadio Network. He was responsible for the design of its multimedia-enabled content and electronic commerce systems, which are among the most advanced on the Internet. Previously, Mr. Hempel worked with companies ranging from Microsoft to Apple Computer. He has designed and introduced numerous interactive software and Internet-related products, including award-winning, interactive textbooks for McGraw-Hill, and NetCompanion–the Internet’s first audio browser. Mr. Hempel brings extensive experience and expertise in marketing, business planning, product development and Internet-based electronic commerce systems. He has a B.A. from the University of Minnesota, with a double major in marketing and psychology. Over the last number of years his passion and energy has been dedicated to the Wingmakers, Lyricus, Event Temples and more recently Spirit State.