The Dwellers of Egypt – 5-14-15


From my past Akashic translations . . .


“Osiris,” “Isis” and “Horus” are all archetypes representing cosmic functions and dynamics. However, they developed in connection with real human beings who became strongly associated with those archetypes. After the original persons who were THE Osiris, THE Isis and THE Horus, there came others bearing the same titles…just as “Thoth” is a title which began with Toth-mus-zurud. I have chosen to write about here the first three representation of Osiris, Isis and Horus. In the case of these three archetypes, the titles were always bestowed to a Father, Mother, Son “Holy Family” whom was believed to be the incarnations of the First Holy Family.

I will not go into any great detail on the archetypes themselves as “The Immortals” is about living persons who embodied a great deal of light in their cells and were thus able to live for a long period of time.

The Archetypes

OSIRIS – The opening of the universal vault is contained within the nine energy bodies. As above so below. Osiris is both the Vault in the Heavens and the “Body” that reflects the Vault in the human passage. The body-vault is the merkabah or ship of stars. As such, it can be subjected to the corporeal, but it is always resurrecting to the Age that will sustain it’s Sacred Journey of awakening.

ISIS – The Mother Principle in both reflective and generative modalities. Isis is not earthbound. Her “Mothership” is a Star Seed planted in the fertile delta of earthen potency. She can be the still waters of the Lotus Pool, reflecting the wisdom of ages; yet she is also powerfully present in Creation. Not only as a channel for birth but as an inseminator of sorts. In the traditional mythic story, when Osiris is dismembered by Set, it is Isis who collects the 14 parts of his body. Not able to find the phallus, she creates one, with which she is inseminated to become pregnant with Horus.

Isis is not a stay-at-home baby-maker. She is a powerful universal force equal to the task of bringing together the star fields in new and dynamic patterns within the cosmos.

HORUS – The Son of Suns, Horus is the Eye of creative focus. It moves through the cosmos as a spherical imprinting devise, rolling across the star fields imprinting the divine logos or word or breath of activation upon each and every particle. Through the Hori (Hor Eye) the whirlwind of breath expands and contracts the vision or focus of worlds in motion. Consequentially, the Eye of Horus (representing the primary Horian principle) develops the Language of Light and the many signs, symbols, sacred utterances and language which come out of that font. Horus as a whole system develops contact between the Creator and the created, which are both really the same things from different perspectives. These perspectives are beheld in the “Eye” and translated into specific Light Mathematic functions. There is kinship between the Eye of Horus and the Eye of Ra, the latter being a focus / alignment with the Solar Principle of Creation, the former more a imprinter of worlds. the “HOR” is the falcon, in whose talons the sun ascends to the sky.

Now to the three individuals profiled here for The Immortals. . .

The First Osiris was Ky’ementu. He was from the worlds of the constellation of Orion. Unlike Thoth, he was not from Rigel, but from Betelgeuse. Ky’ementu was born in that world and not on earth, yet came here at a very early age and was raised by an Egyptian family (kind of a Superman thing). No, he didn’t arrive in a fiery cradle from heaven. His “sponsorship” by the Egyptian family was part of a then on-going program of introducing off-earth genetics into our planet.

Ky’ementu was by inclination a healer who worked primarily with crystalline star energies in the body. He founded a university and trained practioners in this art. He later became a Priest-King of Egypt. He was united with Lihanta as his beloved and wife before becoming Priest-King. Together they ascended the throne as the Osi’ri (Osiris) and Sais (Isis).

Lihanta was part white-Egyptian (there being white, brown and black Egyptians in that age) and part Sirian (not of the lion-headed strain). As a young girl she began to experience profound visions. As a result, she entered the Priestesses of Meru — an order of female visionaries. When her visions revealed her future life with Ky’ementu as the Priestess-Queen of Egypt, she came to him as he sat in contemplation upon the banks of the Nile. As she stood before him, Ky’ementu saw a shining light rise from her spine through the crown of her head and unite with his energy bodies. Was it “love at first sight” between them? From a perspective of spiritual union, indeed it was.

The Hori Nebkemnuru was born to Lihanta after his father, Ky’ementu, had made his transition. Yet Ky’mentu continued to be present for both his wife-queen and his son. He communed and appeared to them often, for he had not “died” but instead engendered a greater light field within his body to move him into a more refined plane of existence that was not ordinarily visible to those in the energy state he left behind.

As a youth, Nebkemnuru was a chanter and participated also in sacred dance. He loved horses, raising incredibly beautiful Atlantean horses (Atlantis was still a continent then), and then created a new breed by mixing the genetics of the Atlantean equine with a Sirian strain. The horses of Sirius rarely could survive on earth, but it was revealed to Nebkemnuru that breeding them to the Atlantean horses created a stable equine strain.

Nebkemnuru co-ruled with his mother until she chose to receive the greater light mantle and join Ky’ementu in the Tenth Realm (as that state of Light Being was then called). Nebkemnuru had eight wives during his stay in this realm. They were all mortal (not queens) and thus transitioned one at a time, long before Nebkemnuru chose to enter the Tenth Realm. His children were many, but only three were “Immortals,” that is, able to live over 300 years if they chose.


From The Ancient Code on the web . . .

The Egyptian hieratic papyrus thought to date from the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses II contradicts the established dates and chronologies on the Egyptian world. Researchers are coming across great amount of information which suggests that Egypt is much older than what archaeology and history are telling us.

The Turin King List is currently located over 3000 kilometers from the land of the Pharaohs, deposited in the Egyptian museum in Turin, Italy. It was discovered in 1822 by Bernardino Drovetti in the ancient Egyptian capital of Thebes. The list was translated by Jean-François Champollion, known primarily as the decipherer of the Egyptian hieroglyphs and a founding figure in the field of Egyptology. Even though the The Turin King List has numerous historical details, modern-day archaeology has chosen to ignore it.

According to the Turin King List, Egypt was ruled by beings -half man, half gods who received the name or title of Shems Hor (the “companions of Horus”). The 1.7 meter long list tells a different story than that accepted by mainstream Egyptologists. The Turin King list points to the fact that the first government in the Nile Valley was not that of Pharaoh Menes 5000 years ago as archaeology believes, but around 11,000 years ago.

This revolutionary king list appears ratified largely by another story equally despised by archaeologists: The texts of Manetho dating back to 240 BC. Manetho, who was a priest of the sun-god Ra at Heliopolis was commissioned by Pharaoh Ptolemy II to write the history of Egypt from the beginning. According to Manetho, before Menes, the first pharaohs of the First Dynasty, Egypt was ruled by a demigods for thousands of years. The Greco-Egyptian high priest does not mention the Hor Shems like The Turin King list, but the coincidence is incredible.

There are more artifacts that suggest the history of Egypt is wrong. A Orstrich egg deposited in the Museum of Nubia, south of Egypt suggests ancient Egypt is older than we are told by history and archaeology. The discovery was made by English archaeologist, Mallaby Cecil Firth in 1907. The egg, painted and deposited in the tomb, had several different drawings on its surface, on one side it had depictions of plants and ostriches while on the other side, an impossible scenery: The Great Pyramids of Giza.

This discovery is incredible just because of the depiction of the pyramids. Why? Because according to researchers, the human remains found at tomb 96 where the Ostrich egg was found date back to the Nagada I culture; 7000 years ago. This is something impossible since Archaeology and history tell us that the pyramids at the Giza plateau are around 4.500 years old.

So who is wrong? Ancient texts and depictions of the pyramids that date back thousands of years ago? Or archaeologists and historians who firmly hang onto their beliefs? – web source

Again, from my Akashic translations of some years ago (Dweller Soul is Isis) . . .

According to the Akashic Record, Torhannah (her more ancient name being “Tajrhanok” — also known by the Celts as “Scotta”) was an Egyptian priestess and princess of Hebraic-Celtic linage, who in a later incarnation would assume the life of Mari Anna, mother of the Christ Yeshua (Jesus). She would be incarnating into her own family, for Mari Anna was also a direct descendant of this ancient princess

Tajrhonak’s body is currently in a suspended state within a special vault under the Tor at Glastonbury. This vault is in a dimension slightly removed from ours, but close enough in magnetic resonance that the body is able to maintain the vibrational information of Tajrhanok’s blood consciousness within the planetary genetic field.

Tajrhanok’s father was a Shepherd King (the Hyksos of the Mazur lineages) of Egypt who was on the Throne of Zan (Zoan) when the Hyskos were expelled from Egypt by Ahmosis I….Of the royal family of Khenepher, only Tajrhanok escaped with her life.

Before the expulsion she was being groomed through high initiation to become the progenitor of a holy family which was to have arisen in Egypt (the family of Yeshua). Yet, only several weeks before the final blow which took her father and other family members to their grave, did Tajrhanok receive a vision while in deep trance in which she was told to take the ‘phialates,’ or sacred relics of the Kheneper family, and go unto the land of Alba-On (British Isles) where she was to establish the kingdom for the royal line of the holy family. This next generation was developed from Tajrhanok’s descendants, as she had many children. – complete article


Many of the  Dweller Souls were among the “Immortals” of ancient Egypt. Many of these Immortals (Shepherd / Sun Lords as Thoth calls them) were not of the 72 Dwellers – but all were of similar mission and service on the Earth.

Among the Dwellers were Akhenaton and Nefertiti. They came to bring the last moments of the SUN Races to Egypt. While they met a tragic end at the hands of the Nephilim, they installed energy systems at their sacred temple-city of Akhetaten which are still present (in a sleeping, but now awakening) state. (Akhetaten is now known as Amarna.

As has been previously stated, Horus was the incarnation of his father, Osiris. As Horus however, the Osirian Soul took on new life in more ways than just the flesh. Isis and her SiStar Nephthys performed sacred rites upon the suspended body of Osiris, prior to his skull being turned to crystal. Understand that the actual lifetimes in which the skulls of the Dwellers were crystallized – the process of crystalizing the skull was not after their death, but while their bodies were in a suspended state. In the case of Osiris, Isis and Nephthys (both Dweller Souls) created an energy “expression” which would then be carried by the soul of Osiris, into his incarnation as his son, Horus. In communing with Thoth on this particular, I am not at all sure how to define this “expression” other than to say is is some sort of Light Language programming which adds to the soul as it moves into the appointed next incarnation.

The Ennead / Neteru

image from Theology and Religion of Ancient Egypt

They are historically known as the nine gods-goddesses associated with the Creation myths of Heliopolis. It has also been shown that in some ancient texts there were more than nine Neteru.

From my Thothic akashic translations, They were actually depicted as a Tree of Life in sets of nine (rather than the Kabbala ten).

The only Dwellers connected to the set shown above, are Osiris-Horus, Isis and Nepthys. There were others on the entire tree of 108 (12 sets of 9). The original “Tree” was a soul-cosmology and as such, was not listing incarnated souls but universal principles (which some souls, such as Isis, Osiris, etc as incarnated Beings became as one with.

Thoth tells me that the Stargate Triad of crystal skulls on the main Osiris Arising matrix altar here in my home on Kaua’i, are entry channels for the “Tree.” The Tree he is calling U’ptahashni, meaning Updwelling Soul Tree. It represented the “live wire” connection of the soul to the cosmos, or more aptly, to the “Living Lights.”

Heliopolis was in the most ancient time, the City of ON (An), where Thoth’s Academy of Light was established by him, and where I’shoa (Jesus) received his Solar Initiation….this when I’shoa still contained two souls – one of which was that of Osiris-Horus.

Egypt seems indeed to the be main point of dynamism for the Osiris Arising Project, but of course it’s reach is global and beyond into the cosmos!

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