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Scientists Say We Can Sneak Into Parallel Universes Through Our Dreams

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In this world there could be a copy of yourself making different decisions and seeing places that somehow later manifest themselves in your dreams.

For thousands of years people have wondered about the meaning of dreams. Why do some people dream about future events? Why are some dreams full of hidden meaning?

Can some of our dreams be glimpses of events taking place in an alternate reality, a parallel Universe?

Our ancestors were as curious about dreams as modern scientists are today. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed dreams provided messages from the gods. In ancient China people treated dreams as a way to visit the world of dead. Ancient Egyptians were convinced that those who could interpret dream possessed special powers.

Many Native American tribes and Mexican civilizations believed dreams were a different world we visit when we sleep.

The word “dream” comes from an old word in English that means “joy” and “music.”

Today we know that dreams are often expressions of thoughts, feelings and events that pass through our mind while we are sleeping.

Dreams can be in color and include all the senses – smells, sounds, sights, tastes and things we touch. We know more about the science of dreaming because researchers can take pictures of people’s brains while they are sleeping.

Over the years scientists have learned a lot about dreams, but there are still many things that remain unknown.

We will elaborate more on the subject and raise the idea that some of our most mysterious and special dreams could be glimpses from invisible parallel worlds that exist next to our own reality.

For almost a hundred years science has been haunted by a dark secret: that there might be mysterious hidden worlds beyond our human senses.

Mystics had long claimed there were such places. They were, they said, full of ghosts and spirits. The last thing science wanted was to be associated with such s uperstition, but ever since the 1920s physicists have been trying to make sense of an uncomfortable discovery. When they tried to pinpoint the exact location of atomic particles like electrons they found it was utterly impossible. They had no single location and this is one of the reasons why scientists are becoming more and more interested in the possible existence of parallel worlds.

The only explanation which anyone could come up with is that the particles don’t just exist in our Universe. They flit into existence in other universes, too and there are an infinite number of these parallel universes, all of them slightly different.

In effect, there’s a parallel universe in which Napoleon won the Battle of Waterloo. In another the British Empire held on to its American colony.

In one you were never born.

The multiverse is a theory, in which our universe is not the only one, but states that many universes exist parallel to each other. These distinct universes within the multiverse theory are called parallel universes.

Of course, the multiverse theory is just a theory. The existence of parallel Universes has not been proven and the subject is widely debated among physicists.

“By this very definition of “universe,” one might expect the notion of a multiverse to be forever in the domain of meta- physics.

Yet the borderline between physics and metaphysics is defined by whether a theory is experimentally testable, not by whether it is weird or involves unobservable entities. The frontiers of physics have gradually expanded to incorporate ever more abstract (and once metaphysical) concepts such as a round Earth, invisible electromagnetic fields, time slowdown at high speeds, quantum superpositions, curved space, and black holes. Over the past several years the concept of a multiverse has joined this list,” said Max Tegmark, Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“The fundamental problem of cosmology is that the laws of physics as we know them break down at the instant of the Big Bang. Well some people say what’s wrong with that, what’s wrong with having the laws of physics collapse? Well for a physicist this is a disaster. All our lives we’ve dedicated to the proposition that the Universe obeys knowable laws, laws that can be written down in the language of mathematics and here we have the centrepiece of the Universe itself, a missing piece beyond physical law,” Dr. Michio Kaku says.

In a parallel world there could be a copy of yourself. The life of this person has been identical to yours in every respect. Still, there are certain things you and your copy might do different. Perhaps he or she now decides to put down this article without finishing it, while you read on. Your timelines are similar but not identical because you co-exist in alternate worlds.

People often have a recurring dream about a place they never visited, or even heard of. Perhaps such dreams are glimpses from what one experienced in a parallel Universe.

Sometimes people dream about events that have not yet happen but will take place in the future. Such dreams could also be incoming images from an alternate world where you are living a different life.

Who knows, perhaps some of our most special dreams are a window into a parallel universe. This is of course pure speculation, but without speculation and scientific curiosity we will never be able to learn more about the secrets of the Universe and our reality.

We can express is as Professor Tegmark once said. “When we ask a profound question about the nature of reality, do we not expect an answer that sounds strange? Evolution provided us with intuition for the everyday physics that had survival value for our distant ancestors, so whenever we venture beyond the everyday world, we should expect it to seem bizarre.”


CARLO JOHN @ In5D – Dreams Of The Event – 1-16-18

Dreams of Event

by Carlo John,   Guest writer,

For whatever reason, I’ve been guided to share this with you all—as this is a video detailing my dreams and visions about The Event.

Additionally, I’ve included correlating information from one of my own client’s description, Allison Coe’s information, and long held ancient prophecies tied-in to The Event. Marilyn Dyke (a Level-3 QHHT Practitioner) has also given me permission to share one of her client’s precise description of the Event—and the crucial timing of it.

It will be like a beam of light/frequency from the center of the Universe that will encompass the earth and penetrate everything right down to the very core of the earth.

This light will encompass the earth for a few days. It’s brightness will be so overwhelming people will be blinded by it.

The client told me later what he was shown—was like a very bright fog and people won’t be able to see their hand in front of their face.

I asked if this bright fog would even be present indoors he said “Yes, it’s inescapable.”

Carlo John, Certified Life Coach and Counselor

In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor, In5d

In May of 2016, I wrote an article based on a dream that I had, entitled, “THREE Massive Tidal Waves Are Coming And It’s Not What You Think!” As I explained in the article, these tidal waves aren’t waves of water, but waves of ENERGY.  Water is a mutable energy and can be solid, liquid or gas. In this dream, however, I interpret these waves as ENERGY! The first two waves converge with one another while the 3rd wave comes last.  Everyone on the planet will KNOW when these first two waves arrive!

In early 2016, I also had a vision of white light FLOODING the planet. In this vision, I saw what appeared to be myself standing in front of me.  In an instant, the entire planet is infused with white light and when that happens, it completely transforms humanity! The only thing that you’ll feel is unconditional love at a magnitude never experienced before on this planet.

The only way I can describe this feeling is to imagine the person or people you love the most.  Then, magnify that by a million times (and I’m underestimating this amount). Every 3rd dimensional worry is eradicated, including money, government, and religion.  Do you work for a boss that’s an idiot at a job that you hate?  That’s alright because it will be the last thing on your mind, if it’s even there at all at this point.

It’s quite possible that where we’re heading is similar to this Star Trek episode:

With Pluto in Capricorn until 2023, all corrupt system will break down. It’s already happening with money, government, and religion!

Feasibly, the transformation could happen by the time Pluto exits Capricorn.

Exciting days ahead!





JOY JACKSON @ In5D – Our 6 Basic Types Of Dreams – 11-26-17


by Joy Jackson,   Guest writer,

Even if one does not typically recall her/his dreams once after waking, dreaming is something everyone one of us does. There are six basic types of dreams: clearing, teaching, problem solving, precognitive, prophetic/visionary, and outside interference. Most of us will recall glimpses from our dreams after waking, and as we begin to recall and process these subconscious vignettes from across a range of different dream types, the differences between dream types become more clear and distinct, and we become better able to recognize the guidance and insights each recalled dream offers us.


Clearing dreams assist us in cleaning out the input from our day, helping us to sort through mental and emotional clutter and to review our experiences. Our conscious minds are frequently still very active and overburdened when we first go to sleep, and at the end of our day we are likely to feel fatigued and anxious. Clearing dreams begin the process of releasing useless concerns and integrating helpful ones. They help our minds unwind and our bodies relax. If we meditate just before going to sleep, making our minds more still and focused, clearing dreams become less necessary. If we practice briefly rerunning the day in our minds — blessing, releasing, and forgiving ourselves and others — we prepare our subconscious for a higher level of awareness in the dream state; our energy will be higher and our dreams more clear.


We usually have one important teaching dream per night, that provide us with information about problems we are facing, teachings from our higher consciousness, and prepare us for what is going to happen within the following twenty-four hours. Most teaching dreams are concerned with what we are presently going through, and how best to deal with present situations and relationships. We may find ourselves sitting in a classroom, giving or hearing a lecture, or walking with a teacher in some beautiful surroundings. We may be hearing information we never knew before and have good recall of it upon awakening. Many discoveries and inspirations come from higher consciousness through teaching dreams. Deja vu — a phrase that translates as “already seen” — is the experience of knowing as the instance occurs that we were going to say something in a certain way, or that a particular person was going to do or say something in a certain manner. Often when we are having a deja vu experience, is it our remembrance of a teaching dream from the night before.


Problem solving dreams provide us with solutions and guidance we have requested from our higher consciousness, about a particular problem or situation. We may be seeking inspiration and insight about a difficult job, a health issue, a relationship, or for solution to a scientific mystery. All of our highest wisdom and knowledge are accessible to us once know how to tap into it. Learning how to ask for assistance through our dreams, and to gain understanding from their messages, is one of our most valuable inner resources.


Precognitive dreams provide us with a glimpse of a potential outcome in the future. Precognition means foreknowing. This type of dream differs from a deja vu experience, because precognition is usually concerning someone other than ourselves. There is a special sense or feeling to a precognitive dream, and as we learn to recognize it, we will know which images are symbolic and which may happen to be literal precognitive events. It is a psychic level of consciousness phenomenon. Most precognitive dreams are given to us in order to help awaken us to the expanded dimensions of our mind. For this reason, it is not unusual for non-meditators to experience them. As they are then
forced to question how did they know such specific details about a particular person, place or event. The objective of these dreams is for us to understand that our mind is not bound by linear time, and to direct our attention inward so that we become more interested in expanding our consciousness and our spiritual transformation.


Prophetic or visionary dreams arise from the highest level of our consciousness. They deliver us guidance and messages for our spiritual growth, from a the highest dimensional level of our awareness (or soul, source, creation). This type of dream often contains a personal or collective message, and is experienced on a much larger scale than what we most often commonly experience when dreaming. It has a completely different quality of awareness about it. It is when we are completely lucid, awake and aware within the dream state. Prophesies and spiritual teachings often arise from this level of consciousness and usually contain many qualities within it such as the power of love and Universal consciousness, understanding, expansion, realization of the oneness of all there is.


Outside interference dreams arise in our subconscious when something in our physical environment is causing enough disruption to become incorporated into our dream’s story. For example, we dream we are very hot, and awaken to find too many covers piled on top of us. Ringing phones, barking dogs, bright light, cold feet, electromagnetic technologies — anything of disturbance can become a part of the dream, with no real message from the superconscious or higher self. Also, if we fall asleep while watching television or while listening to the radio, any or all of that information can affect our dreams. This is why it is ideal to sleep in a quiet and peaceful environment. There is enough blaring into the subconscious throughout our day without adding more to it during our sleep time. Indigestion or a full bladder also affects dream images. We just need to be aware when interpreting dreams that you may be picking up such outside interference.

Dreams usually arrive to us in three steps

First, they present us with a timeframe for the problem or situation we are currently facing. Such as a having a dream that we are in our childhood home would represent a current issue that is rooted from our childhood.

Second, the dream will show us where the situation or problem is currently manifesting in our life.

Third, the dream will present a solution to for the situation or problem, or provide some guidance as to how we can best learn from the experience.

Even if one does not usually consciously use dreams for problem solving, or recall their dreams, dreams assist all of us in resolving many issues and problems at hand. However, by deliberately programming our dreams by asking our higher consciousness for answers prior to slumber, we take more control over our dream state, and allow them to work for us.

Joy Jackson is a professional psychic and medium in the Pacific Northwest.









How can I begin to tell you just how amazing you all are with the ability to experience, think and comprehend? This is termed consciousness, but it goes beyond. You are like a crystal that has a seed that only you, a sovereign entity, can collect and surround around the fabric of your being by the selection of your desires, hopes, views, and imagination; truly sparks of the PRIME SOURCE.

As a spark of light and energy packet the medium you surround yourself with, this becomes the building blocks of the mass and image you become by the valence of your identified energy frequency pulses. The attraction you pulse combines, added to your imagination and emotional broadcasting. Thinking and feeling with our presence overlays the elements of the UNIVERSE to gravitate and become the sediment of your nature.

Just remember this, the unlimited forces of PRIME SOURCE do flow through you like a magnifying lens to the sun. It is only your selection of focus that determines the energy that you can access to affect the material. What you see is how you use your lens of consciousness and you can magnify and bring into focus whatever it is you wish in your material worlds. In the liking of moist sand on the beach, you bring into the form your ideas and feelings and structure your realities as such.



The point here is you are more than you think, but your thinking and self-concepts are your limits or your opportunity to excel and have abundance in your material experiences. Remember, those you choose to mate with and partner with influence your self-perceptions. For you resonate in or out of sync with their views of what you are by their concepts of themselves and their evaluations of you, ever so imprinted on your self-perception and precepts of opportunity to affect the mass you are in, in the material realms.

To see this power one may only look to the effect hypnotism can do when your belief systems of what you can and cannot do have been overwritten to an engrained command.  The result is you are not the optimum performance unlimited to your powers. Know this is the power of your inner and outer convictions and surround of other mental groups that form your self-imagery.  When you unplug and dream again you can do anything that is within your realms to do.

There are many worlds you will experience, from the material realms into the light and higher realms. When you become excited you greatly aid the forces for orbital jumping and transition. The time is now to recalibrate, as the mass of the material realm is going to make another jump of quanta vibrational leap. Some of your kind will not be able to transition into the next dispensations of reality before you by their perceptions and resonate frequencies, they are held by their actions and harmonic vibrations.

Great opportunities lie ahead for your planet.


GALACTIC CONNECTION – Dreams Are Gateways Leading Into Alternative Realities Coexisting With Our Own – 6-8-17


Image Source

Alien Policy Although it hasn’t been proven yet, the multiverse theory remains a mathematically possible formula according to which various other universes exist. Inside these parallel dimensions, we live as projections of our own existence, and we may access these places during dreams. Even if you find yourself in one of these realities, you make…

via Dreams Are Gateways Leading Into Alternative Realities Coexisting With Our Own, Say Scientists — Galactic Connection

Convert Your Dreams To Plans by One Who Knows – by Ascension With Earth – 3-8-17

 Thanks to   Ascension With Earth

Received via email from One Who Knows…..
Convert Your Dreams To Plans

This Universe, is a Facilitating System that converts what is “Meant To Be” into What Is. In all cases, Your Meanings Create What Is Meant, By Your Meanings, To Be. It is time to be more aware of what your words and thoughts mean, so that you can more efficiently and perfectly direct your Unfolding Reality to BE(COME) what you want.

The Meaning(s) Of Dreams

While our individual realities are governed and directed by what things mean to us specifically, we still hold similar meanings on many things. One of these words (Meanings) is Dream(s). Often, we think of Dreams as something that what we want, or better, hope, will come to be (Manifest) some day. Often Dreams mean unreachable, beyond reality. However it is time to remove that meaning from our Reality Programming.

Conversion Exercise:

Step #1) Visualize a “Dream Board” where is says on top, in great big words, “My Dreams.” Think of all the things you would put on your Dream Board. To do this, think of your greatest Dreams, don’t hold back. The bigger the better. Importantly, while it is still in a “Dream” perspective, you will allow yourself the freedom, to want more than what is “Realistic,” to consider the impossible, to imagine more than you can believe right now. While you are “Dreaming” you are unrestricted, and completely free to imagine anything and everything you like, and would love to have and experience.

Step #2) Visualize the wording again on top of this Dream Board. Remember it says in great big, and bold words: “My Dreams.” Now I want you to imagine yourself, reaching over to the Board with a Marker in your hand. You start crossing out the word “Dreams” and Writing next to it, the word “Plans.” Now at the top of this board with all these amazing and wild ideas, it says: “My Plans.”

New Meaning = New Unfolding Reality

This changes the Meaning of all these things from “What might never be” to “What is being planned for and now, EXPECTED TO BE!” By doing this you have reprogramming the Universe to now include these experiences in your upcoming Reality. Now, being something that is Meant To Be, it is no longer “If,” but now it is “When!”

When you make this mental change in your perspective and Expectation, you can literally feel the change in the status of these things. They move from impossible and not likely, to probable and “In Process.”

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you have Free Will, and the soul/sole right to direct your own reality in any way you see fit. The way you do that is by deciding and controlling what is “Meant To Be” for you. It is NOT what you say that controls your reality, it is what you mean that dictates what is meant to be(come) your Fate (Reality). When you change your Dreams to Your Plans, it changes them from far away and unattainable, to coming and expected. That simple change in perspective, changes your unfolding, becoming Reality. In short, you write the “Script” of your life in terms of Meaning, and the Universe runs those scripts and produces the Reality your were “Meant” to have, by your own meanings, no more and no less. Make sure that everything you want and dream of, is MEANT to be for you… PLAN ON IT!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams (Plans)

Signed: One Who Knows

Alison Breen @ In5D – How To Stop Doubting Yourself, So You Can Go After Your Dreams – 3-2-17



by Alison Breen,
tiny buddha

“The gap between what we do and what we’re capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.” ~Gandhi

I have lived most of my life with a challenging contradiction.

I am a hopeless idealist and dreamer. And I have also dealt with high levels of anxiety, worry, and doubt, especially as an adult.

You can probably already see how this can go horribly wrong!

I’d have an idea of something I’d like to do.

An idea that would excite and thrill me. I would feel energized—enthusiastic and excited about the possibility of making a dream a reality. Then I’d hit a challenge or obstacle. And the doubt would come.

Sometimes the result would be so subtle that I wouldn’t even notice its effects—that I was avoiding doing things to make my idea happen.

Like when I decided to relearn piano as an adult, something I’d loved as a child and would lose myself in playing for hours, especially during the challenging times growing up. I had been heartbroken when I had to give it up because we had to return the piano I’d been using to practice on.

As a gift to myself I bought a piano.

I was so excited. It felt so good to be giving attention to part of myself that I felt had been neglected.

But as I practiced I struggled.

And I started to doubt whether I’d be able to master the skills that had seemed to come so easily as a child.

The frustration built and I started putting in less and less effort and time. I eventually gave it up amid excuses about not having the time.

Other times the effects of the doubt were far more obvious and painful—the fear, endless procrastination, frustration, and eventual defeat. Another idea relegated to the dusty pile of unfulfilled potential.

The older I got, the harder this cycle became. I became more and more frustrated and filled with a sense of urgency to try and follow through with my ideas.

It felt like time was running out.

It got to a point where, in hindsight I realize, I was depressed, although I didn’t recognize it at the time. I’d lost my confidence in myself and my ability to do the things that really mattered to me.

I’d love to say that I was able to turn this around in the five easy steps that we’re all craving.

The reality is that it was a long and non-linear journey of self-discovery, voracious learning, experimentation, trial and error, and small successes and failures, until one day I realized that something had profoundly changed at the core of my being.

I trusted myself again.

I had rediscovered something that I knew had always been there. That sense of confident learning and experimentation that small children have, when they push themselves to their limits without the fear of being judged or shamed for making mistakes.

I could take risks again. Small at first to build confidence. It felt so good. I felt alive, filled with hope and possibility.

Now when I have an idea I am able to act on it (well, most of the time anyway!), and sustain the energy and motivation over long time periods in order for the idea to become a reality.

Transforming the Self-Doubt Habit

If anything of my experience resonates with you, then you have it too. The self-doubt habit.

And, in fact, if you’re human, you definitely have it. As Stephen Pressfield wrote in his book Do the Work, “We’re wrong to think we’re the only ones struggling with resistance. Everyone who has a body experiences resistance.” (Resistance is the word he uses to refer to fear/worry/self-doubt—anything that takes you away from doing the thing that matters).

Now that I have recognized this profoundly destructive habit in myself, I see it everywhere and hear it in the way people talk about themselves and their ideas.

“I would love to so this, but I don’t think I can.” “That would be my dream, but it would probably never happen.”

“But what if I am not good enough?”

Sound familiar?

And the outcome? We conclude: “Why even bother trying?” We give up before investing the necessary effort that would lead to a successful outcome.

Two ideas have been key in helping me both recognize this destructive habit and being able to mitigate the effects so that I can build my confidence in my ability to do the things that matter to me.

1. The actions of confidence come first; the feelings of confidence come later.

Dr Russ Harris, author of The Confidence Gap describes the confidence gap as the place we get stuck when fear gets in the way of our dreams and ambitions. We believe that we can’t achieve or even work on our goals until we feel more confident.

This, he says, is the wrong rule of confidence.

The first rule of confidence is: “The actions of confidence come first, the feelings come later.”

Lightbulb moment for me.

I realized that I had been putting off some many things, waiting for the day when I would magically feel more confident!

Recognizing that this day would probably never come, I started experimenting with strategies and ideas to help me start taking small steps, which, despite the fear and doubt, helped me build my confidence over time.

2. You can always get better.

The other body of work that profoundly shifted my thinking and helped me to take confident action was the work of Carol Dweck, Ph.D, author of Mindset

Through her research at Stanford University, she found that people could be generally divided into two categories depending on their beliefs about themselves—either “fixed” or “growth” mindset.

People with fixed mindsets believe that their talents and intelligence are fixed, so they spend their lives trying to prove themselves. Their self-worth is always on the line, and failure is to be avoided at all costs. When they do experience failure, they feel intense shame and see it as proof of not being good enough.

People with growth mindsets believe that talents and intelligence can be developed through effort and practice, so they take on challenges so they can grow and learn. Challenges are to be embraced as the path to fulfilling potential and learning.

Another huge aha for me.

I realized that I had been operating with a fixed mindset.

When I started to work on an idea, whether I was working on a creative project or trying to develop a new skill, like learning to play the piano, I’d give up as soon as I struggled. Struggle for me equalled “I can’t”; I’m not good enough.”

However, when I could recognize my thinking and see it from a growth mindset perspective, I could catch that thought and say to myself, “I am learning, I can get better with practice,” which allowed me to keep putting in the effort needed to develop my skills and become more confident in the area.

I could reframe struggle as evidence that I was learning rather than a sign of some innate flaw that I needed to be ashamed about.

This one mindset shift has alone had the biggest impact in helping me keep being able to take action.

Action steps:

1. Do whatever you can to become aware of your thoughts during the day.

What are you saying to yourself? How are you talking about yourself to other people? Meditate, journal, do whatever it takes. It is the most important thing that you can do for yourself.

2. Make a conscious effort to eliminate any thoughts or talk that undermines you.

Change it to a growth mindset. Instead of self-doubt thoughts like “What if I can’t” or “What if I’m not good enough” try thoughts like “I am learning, it is challenging but I with practice and effort I will get better” and ask yourself questions like: “What is one thing I can do today to increase my chances of succeeding?”

Practice this new mindset over and over and over again until it becomes a habit. As Tynan says in Superhuman by Habit, “New habits are things that you do, but old habits are things that you are.”