Lisa Gawlas – Intense First Week of March Downloads, Engravings… – 3-3-16



Lisa Gawlas   –   The Intense First Week of March Downloads, Engravings…   –   3-3-16


Once again, I woke up really late for no reason what so ever, well, except for these energies of course.  I do want to put out a quickie on what is happening as we plow thru this intense first week of March.


The last day of February, the 29th, the readings were focused primarily on the new universe expanding from your core energy.  Of course that means, you are the light and sun of your personal world.  We seen the magnetic frequencies, swirling out, aligning into what looks like a spiral design around you and readying for this first week of a highly intense month.


Thru some of the readings yesterday, it became very clear that this “expanding” new universe of each one of us will continue thru June, maybe July (I could not say June without spirit putting “maybe July”) into my mouth each time.


Yesterday, the primary focus thru the readings were the onset of everyone’s personal magnetosphere forming.  To be clear what this means to each of is, I found an easy definition:

  1. the region surrounding the earth or another astronomical body (that would be yours) in which its magnetic field is the predominant effective magnetic field.
 I could only see part of the top of each persons, but the common theme was much was being recorded at the top level of this clear looking membrane.  For some people, it resembled the ridges on the old records we used to play, others were like magnetic points that would open at certain magnetic frequency connections, another was being inlaid with what looked to me like pyrite crystals.
A lot is going to be released to those who are magnetically aligned to this information, these new abilities and no doubt, sudden promptings and epiphanies.
For the first time since last year, my last reading had two Intergalactic Beings show up to encourage her connection and conscious assistance with doing energetic work at various points on the earth lines.
Today, the 3rd of March, concludes the sun phase of the siamese twin gig, but it is also the first of the 3 power nodes happening.  They are the 3rd, the 5th and the 7th, giving way to the full solar eclipse on the 8th, and I just realized yesterday that in this solar eclipse lineup is something very unique, Jupiter is squeezing his big old body into the alignment.  The planet of expansion.  The big opportunity with this amazing alignment is that which has been hidden from consciousness, will now be revealed THRU those aligned to receive the original truth without twisting it up into yesterday’s understandings (meaning, all the old things we knew to be true getting to here.)
From what I understand, we are going to be receiving tremendous, random appearing tidbits, please write them all down, whether you understand whats coming thru you or not.  Nothing about how we receive the pure, higher information is linear, to us humans it comes in sporadic and seeming almost meaningless.  Nothing is meaningless, we are just getting bits and pieces at a time.
Thru at the very least, this first week of March, our brains capabilities may seem less than usual (can we say space cadets lol) that’s because quadrants are opening up and new info being inlaid and so some of what we consider normal functioning of our brain’s ability may seem offline or sluggish at the least.  Honor that place and the sluggish energy that will happen within the body system.
We also got a small sneak peek into the upcoming equinox.  It will be a huge system, of course that almost seems a no brainer now.  It will start to come online 3 days prior to the equinox and thru three days after. So the equinox even tho it is technically on the 20th, will start to enliven with intense magnetic earth energies from the 17th thru the 23rd, 7 days wide!!
On that note, my day is about to begin.  I love you all so much!!
Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with every magnetic dream come true/thru you!!

Thetawave – New Phase of Magic, Miracles, Downloads and New Foundation – 2-24-14


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In this last week of Mercury Retrograde, know that we have made and are continuing to make a huge leap forward in Love and Soul-Merge. Because of this, many old issues have surfaced, which is perfect because Mercury Retrograde is for the purpose of realigning, revisiting and remembering those areas that are not Love in order to recognize them, love them, change our perception of them, and then release them. It especially has been a time of many realizations about how we have given our Power away in relationships; in particular, family relationships. If this applies to you, what did you learn? Did you think the old patterns were complete and so were surprised that they came up again? Remember that we release in layers, so the deepest layers have been and will continue to be revealed.

All of this awareness and releasing has been purposeful in moving forward. So whatever you have experienced, it has been for your highest evolution. After all, if the old beliefs, patterns and pain remain in the subconscious, they will continue to be recreated in life. It has also been a time when our physical bodies have released a lot, which could mean that you might have had health concerns surface or resurface. Our physical bodies always must release anything that isn’t Love as well. So as we release old patterns, pain and beliefs, eventually our physical bodies must do the same, as we are one unit. Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are One.

As we continue to expand as Love, we are creating a New foundation that is Love. It’s important to have a foundation (like the foundation of a home) so that what we create is real and not fluff. The process is not always easy and yet, it is so important not to rush things, but allow whatever speed your Soul deems is important for you. Since we are much more sensitive, this means we also are more aware of what Love is what is not Love. We have the opportunity to see this in those others who are choosing to stay behind, for change is too painful and scary for them. This then reminds us of how important it is not to lower our own vibration to suit others’ lower needs. And by doing this, you rise in Power, even while others are attempting to hold us back on their level, which makes them more comfortable in where they are. It is not our job to convince others of how to be, but to merely stand in the Truth of us. Do you see how this empowers our New foundation? Boundaries may be necessary till we are firmly rooted in our New foundation. Once the foundation is set, nothing can knock us off our center (Love).

Realize that while you are anchoring your New foundation you still may feel the tug of the 3D world. When you are aware of this, continue to strengthen your higher dimensional self. Remember that everything; every event; every thought; every memory is a gift for you to help you evolve. This 3D tug can create some tension in you; kind of like a push/pull effect. When this happens, it is time to reassert yourself in Love and New through reminding yourself of Who you are and to stand strong in your spiritual sovereignty. Be as a tree; firmly rooted, yet flexible in the breeze.

Last Saturday (February 22) we received a big burst of beautiful Love energy that is meant to further anchor us In the New, and at the same time help dislodge any of the old, stuck energies within. This week may very well be quite intense in interactions, memories and dreams, for that is what occurs any time we receive high-octane downloads from Source. Then beginning this Friday (February 28), we will certainly be able to observe the magic and miracles of New Life, depending on how much we have shifted out of the old. If ever there was a time to do a New Moon Ceremony, it is then, for Ceremony empowers all intentions.

For those of you who are experiencing a complete dissolution of certain aspects of your life, let it go. It wouldn’t be happening unless it was for transforming your attachment to a certain illusion or way of life in order to receive something much better and more aligned with your Soul’s Desires. When this dissolution occurs, most definitely freak out and try to control and hold onto it. Please allow whatever is occurring to occur. Observe it and be in Allowance and Trust, so that it can transform into something that is more aligned with Who you are now. If this is occurring in your life, be calm, breathe, trust the process and don’t rush in to save it. Being the Compassionate Observer helps you detach from “I wish,” “I want,” “If only.” It is painful when you are attached to having it be a certain way, so let it go/let it be whatever so that it can transform to a higher version, if that is in Divine Order. (It might not be.) This is when self-care and self-love are absolutely essential. Be in nature, even if it is only to step outside. Staring up at the stars helps you shift your perspective.

If and when you feel like you are going to explode in anger or judgment or hurt, do something creative…write, draw, paint, sculpt, sing, dance, jump rope, skip…let the pressure out in these ways; it will help you not take on someone else’s energy, will lighten you and transform your old thoughts to new ones.

Ascension is not about remembering; it’s about expanding into the truest version of you; your Soul. This is Who you’ve been for infinity. Your Soul has been with you always and created the bodies you’ve had throughout all your lifetimes. Your Soul has watched you evolve from complete perceived separation (which has never been the truth) to where you are now; evolving and waking up to your magnificence. This journey, especially in the last few years, has not been easy. It is not easy waking up to realize you’ve lived your lifetimes in a fog. It has been lonely and fearful for so many. There has been doubt in standing in Truth. Letting go hasn’t been easy, nor has the pain of the transformation of your physical vehicles. Those of you, who have heeded the call to be more, are seen as the heroes of an emerging New World. Know how much you are honored and loved for choosing to take part in this Great Experiment. It is happening! We are doing it!

Many of you are Angels, Ascended Masters and high dimensional beings that have returned to Earth to guide and serve as a beacon for others to follow. The purpose for this is not only to raise others’ frequencies, but also the frequency of Gaia. Do you know who you are? You are the healers/wholers, the Rainbow Bridgers, the Gatekeepers and guides. Your central nervous system has been upgraded and this continues so that your body and your high dimensional home are One. This makes you ultra-sensitive to your environment and certainly, there are times when you are so exhausted that you are ready to quit. And yet, a new burst of energy comes and you take another step in Soul-Merge. Acknowledge yourself; celebrate You!

Beginning on February 28, we will enter a whole New Phase of Magic and Miracles. At the same time you are clearing the old, decide now what it is you want to feel (essence; not form). In these last few days avoid nothing. Be aware of every message in every conversation, everything you read and everything you hear, and notice how you feel. If you feel expanded and energized, then this is pointing you to the higher path. If instead you feel restricted and drained and old memories come up, this is to be cleared. It is all based on how you feel.

Be in Discernment. See beneath the surface of people (especially those who talk the talk), words and situations. Do not be fooled by pretty words. Be truthful, aware and in Integrity with all you say and do. There is plenty of deception in the world; don’t engage in it. Observe if and when you step back into an old role and then shift it to Who you are now. Your Intuition is at an all-time high, so this all should be pretty easy for you.

A word about downloads: Be aware that in these next few days you very well may be receiving massive downloads, like you have been receiving for a while now. Be in Allowance of them, for they are for your highest evolution. Everyone experiences these differently, based on what is needed at the time. Generally speaking, you may feel disoriented and dizzy and like you’re not in your body; you may experience 3rd Eye/Pineal Chakra headaches or fuzziness; you may have digestive issues and may either barely eat or be ravenous; you may experience vibrations throughout your body or at particular places in your body. The best way to flow with these downloads is to receive them gracefully, rest, drink lots of water and be in Stillness. You may not want to be around others as well. Self-care is essential, so follow your Guidance during these times of upgrade.

Allow whatever changes are calling you to make, flow with the energies of this ebb and flow New Life, and know that you are guided, loved and expanding into being ALL LOVE.

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