Alex Collier – An Urgent Plea for Help

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URGENT!    —   Alex Collier Has Colon Cancer And Needs Your Help!

Hi, this is James Harkin creator of Alex sent me the following email today. He has cancerous tumors in his colon. The hospital will operate, but he needs a restroom and bed rest for three weeks. If you are able to help him please can you donate anything that you can afford will be greatly appreciated…

Alex, and his family has been homeless for a while, because he couldn’t make the payments on his home. He has been going through some very rough times recently, and it seems as if it’s only getting worse.

From Alex:

Hi, I have a serious issue and I have no choice but to ask for help.

When I was down with Pneumonia in December, the hospital took blood work. They found cancerous tumors in my colon. Two need to be removed. Rose Memorial Hospital will do the surgery. I will need to be on my back as much as possible for up to three weeks. I will need a motel room. As I have no other place to go. My Doctor is adamant about the rest, and sleeping in the truck won’t do. I need a restroom and bed rest.

My God I hate to ask. You all have helped me and my gratitude is beyond words. This is why you have not heard from me. I have been in a very bad state of mind, and wanting to give up.

I have, I believe moved past that and now I want to fight this. I am just very tired. So if it is at all possible, can you folks, please help me one last time? I will do whatever it takes to return your help and kindness.

I am embarrassed to have to ask. If I had any other way to go, I would. I have exhausted all other options. Thank you for any consideration you give this matter. It’s very important to me, to say the least.

Sincerely, Alex.


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