The One Percent — Documentary about Inequality – Perspective of the Elite – 10-9-16 — roseramblesdotorg

Rose Rambles

This is an amazing video about…the 1%. Thanks to Deus Nexus for publishing a video produced by one of the heirs to Johnson & Johnson. Because of “family ties”, this heir was able to glean ideas and information from members of the 1% about why they do what they do that ultimately drive prices up […]

via The One Percent — A Fantastic Documentary About Inequality from the Perspective of the “Elite” ~ October 9, 2016 — roseramblesdotorg

Dark Secrets of the Sun – HD Universe Channel

Underground Alien Civilizations – 2014 Full Documentary


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Documentary – Jesus – in India, Glastonbury – With the Essenes – Roman censorship

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Akiane Kramarik – Documentary

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I dont wait for inspiration,
Inspiration waits for me…
-Akiane Kramarik

Trey Smith – Theory of Everything – God, Devils, Dimensions, Dragons, Illusion, Reality

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The Theory of Everything: GOD is now SCIENCE FACT (FULL) God, Devils, Dimensions & the Illusion of Reality. The Theory of Everything. Get DVD here:

The Theory of Everything: “Michio Kaku & Steven Hawking have interesting ideas, however, this video veers less to the direction of Darwin & the “extremely” improbable — more in the direction perhaps of those such as Sir Roger Penrose (a Steven Hawking’s mentor), Steven Meyer (ID), Niels Bohr (atomic structure), Sir John Eccles (Nobel Prize for consciousness), Max Planck (father of Quantum Physics), Albert Einstein (Relativity), Thomas Aquinas, Aristotle (teacher of Alexander the Great), Plato (student of Aristotle) — and (above all) — Jesus Christ. ” —– a review / quote we liked from a friend at NASA

The Theory of Everything DOES cover sensitive topics such as Evolution, Time, Space, Dimensions, Quantum Physics, Measurement Problem, Synthetic Universe, Digital Universe, Holographic Universe, Big Bang theory, Multi-universe / Multiverse theory, Darwin theory, and even ancient texts / Prophecy that line up eerily with modern scientific knowledge. The Theory of Everything: God, Devils, Dimensions & Man is a journey through the blurry lines between science and spiritual.

The Theory of Everything DVD…

Rumi – Poet of the Heart – Documentary

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How To Fix the World Documentary Full Movie – Hope Girl

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We have built an incredible platform and community of people who are working around the clock to bring us free energy devices, natural cures for diseases, non-GMO food availability, and so many more amazing projects that would heal our world. The people behind these projects are all fighting against the financially powerful systems that have suppressed these solutions in the past. The Fix the World Organization exists to help give these planet changing projects every tool that they could possibly need to give them a fighting chance of breaking through. We are trying to raise the immediate start up needs for our business operations and we are ready to take this amazing operation to the next level and bring these needed changes to our planet. We realize that none of us can do this alone, that we all share the same world and we are all in this together, and WE NEED YOUR HELP.
We have completely updated our fundraising campaign and invite you to revisit it! You will find a full justification of all expenses in our start up, once again… FULL Transparency. And now we have some wonderful tokens for different donation levels to show you’re your pride in playing your role in fixing our world!

10 – Part Series – Enlightenment: DNA Secret Awakening Law of Attraction – Conversations With The Universe

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DNA Secret Awakening Law of Attraction – Mind Science Kept Hidden Documentary – YouTube Video

Enlightenment Playlist…

The power of our Mind and Heart and the energy that has been found through science to have a relevant and undeniable presence. The power of Life, Relevance, substance. This documentary explains the effects our mind and what happens when we love and what happens when we stress out. It has many scientific tests by well known Scientist that explain what they have found through their studies. MUST SEE! Discoveries of Psychic capabilities, telekinesis, Einstein and Cosmic Religion, and the understanding of the foundation of the Intellectual design. Astral Projection ,Remote Viewing, Energy, Dimensions, Universe, Auras, Nervous systems, Biology, Healing, Subconscious, conscious mind, Meditation. and much more!

The YouTube Video Clips are Free to download. The focus of my channel is UFO Disclosure “Are aliens real” check out Some of the videos posted are general science, technology or education videos. Check out video links at… or on facebook…
My secrets conspiracies and mysteries website is (pages still being updated). Search YouTube videos using Google Video and be sure to check out the MUFON site

Earth from Space Documentary

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This documentary was made, produced and is completely owned by Discovery Channel.
Fair use and fair dealing: Copyright Act of 1976 as 17 U.S.C. Section 107, permits some copying and distribution without permission of the copyright holder or payment to same.

Hope Girl – How To Fix The World – Documentary

This film is packed with heart felt power. It is centered around the voices of the people of this planet and strives to present not only the REAL problems we all face, but the suppressed solutions that are available to us if we all take action. We are exposing A LOT in this film, and the people are ready for this! There are many brave film producers who expose corruption, and we have done this too. We strive to take this a step further and also expose the solutions so that people are left with the hope and inspiration to do something aboutit.

PART 1   –   Introduction, Restore the Economy, New Technology, Environment, Legal System, Reform Governments,

PART 2   –   Media, Education System, Restore Health, Food Supply,

PART 3   –   Community, Bright Light – a song to fix our world, Community,  Extraterrestrials, Spirituality, About the Fix the World, Organization, Credits

The Story of Kuan Yin – The Sutra – The Golden Rule

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Abraham Murrell’s Project for EDCI 246 – Teaching Narratives for Peace and Justice.
Professor Joseph Mccaleb

What Children Teach Us

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Short documentary introducing the Infant Developmental Movement Education work… How Body-Mind Centering is applied with babies from birth to walking

Machines of the Gods – Ancient Discoveries – History Channel

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Smoke and mirrors or acts of gods? Discover the technical wizardry behind the fantastic ”temple magic” used to give ancient Greek and Roman temples the competitive edge.

•Discover the surprising ways modern technology and ancient history intersects.
•To attract the faithful (and their wallets) ancient priests relied on the cutting edge of classical technology.
•An eye-opening series filmed on location in Italy, Greece, Egypt, Holland, and England.

ANCIENT DISCOVERIES changes the way we think about the distant past. While we entertain visions of a simpler, unsophisticated time, the truth is much more complicated and fascinating than we imagine. This fresh, eye-opening series – filmed on location where historical events actually happened and using brilliant, lifelike computer animation – applies the latest scholarship to reconsider common beliefs about our past. Reconstructions of ancient machines and hands-on demonstrations bring ancient times to life.

Set firmly at the intersection of religion, science and commerce, the latest episode of ANCIENT DISCOVERIES travels to Rome and Greece to explore the commissioning, fabrication and presentation of marvels meant to instill awe and draw hordes of deep-pocketed devotees. You will be amazed to learn how the greatest minds of the age were turned to the construction of what were little more than parlor tricks, albeit enormously sophisticated and impressive ones.

With so many gods to choose from and so many temples vying for the average worshiper’s fidelity, Ancient Greece and Rome was a buyer’s market for religions. Priests were desperate to demonstrate the supremacy of their particular god and his or her personal involvement in their temple. To that end, Wonders of the Ancient World were constructed, iron chariots were suspended in mid-air, and automatic soap dispensers were installed.

Delight in the extravagant efforts and technical wizardry of the ancient keepers of the faith as they struggled for an edge over the competition. Be amazed – and amused – by the awesome MACHINES OF THE GODS.

Louis Armstrong Documentary

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Short and brief documentary about Jazz legend Louis Armstrong.

THRIVE – What On Earth Will It Take? – FULL MOVIE


THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what’s REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream — uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.  

After watching the movie please visit link below to find out how you can help all of us and Mother Earth to Thrive.