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Prime Disclosure – Steve Rother – The Evolving Human – Changes in DNA of the Physical Body



By Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones.

We join you this day as a collective, for we have a little story to tell you about events that are taking place on your planet. You are reaching beautiful levels of evolution. The Earth herself is changing as well; you have seen so much beauty here. Let us first tell you that you are becoming new humans, and that is incredibly exciting. Last time we talked about the multidimensional you and how you have hidden some of your perfection in 11 different experiences of your life, making different choices and each one selecting different routes.  Over here when you make a decision that is equally weighted. Although you may go this direction in one dimension, in another you take that other choice. So, really nothing is lost to your experience as a spirit pretending to be human.

Changes in DNA of the Physical Body

What we are talking about today is your own physical being, for it is starting to change as well. It starts on the very smallest level–the level of your DNA, which has many more strands than you have been aware of. There are a total of 12 strands with a very weak magnetic field that basically outlines the other strands. What is happening is that these strands are starting to be reactivated. As this happens and as the dimensional walls between your other dimensions start to thin, the physical body starts to change. Now it has been quite some time that we’ve been telling you about emotions bleeding over from one of your lifetimes into another. Sometimes you may suddenly find yourself feeling very happy, sad or even depressed for seemingly no reason, only to find out that you are tapping in to one of the experiences that is happening in another dimension that you never had to deal with before. Well, now you are also starting to receive thoughts and feelings through those walls. Not only are the magnetic portions of the wave going through the wall, but now parts of the electrical portions are traveling through as well. Let us explain what that means.

Thoughts Passing Through the Dimensional Walls

In the third dimension, you typically experienced life as linear, one moment after the next. In the fourth dimension, you have learned that time is actually circular. Now that you are in the fifth dimension you are finding it is actually a spiral, which is a combination of moving forward through both time and space. Yet it is always repeating itself, over and over again, allowing for perfection. With these changes, you are starting to think differently because of being grounded firmly in the fifth dimension. Although all of humanity has stepped into this energy, there are many still grasping onto the old third-dimensional ideas. That explains why there is so much incredible separation taking place on your planet right now. So, what are the thoughts that you are starting to become of aware of through the dimensional walls? How do you deal with that? Well, we tell you in some ways it means you are going to get new ideas. In other ways you will stop linear thinking because that is your process as well. You have always had one thought after another, leading to another and so forth. It can branch out in different ways, of course, but you only take one path at a time. What if it were possible to start experiencing nonlinear thinking? You are now starting to experience the capabilities that we have here at Home. Just like with time, we are in the now every moment. Everything is accessible, no matter which way we point. You sometimes talk about time travel on your planet, and we have no problem with that. We always pick up whatever we want, at any time that we want.

Nonlinear Thinking: Taking Shortcuts in the Thought Process

What if you could do the same with your thoughts? Well, that is beginning to happen with all of humanity. The human animal is starting to evolve very quickly in order to carry more light. You are eventually moving into light body, which you have done before. You have done it in the days of Lemuria, as the Anasazi and Mayans. Before you have done it in small segments of the Earth, but this time it is going to be a rather large move. You are starting to move in these directions now, and one of the interim steps is to release the habit of linear thinking. What this will provide is shortcuts everywhere, although it will be very frustrating for your systems. Your math teachers want to know how you arrived at a solution. But what if you could just go to the right answer every time, and not worry about all the steps that you had to take? That would be very frustrating for the teachers and school administrators, but it could advance humanity quite rapidly. Basically, that is what lies ahead, learning how to stop thinking in a linear fashion. So, what exercises can you do and how can you work with this? How can you start to practice this right now?

Well, it is actually nonlinear thinking. Dear ones, much of what you consider sometimes to be intuition is truly channeling. When you get those answers very rapidly, you do not quite know where they came from. Most of the time on Earth, people do not trust an answer that is received in that way. They want to be able to go back and follow the rules of how you got there when in reality it was simply a movement. We find it really interesting because many of the great discoveries on your planet were made from people who simply knew this was the truth. Then they go through their entire lives trying to figure out whatever was necessary to put one foot in front of the other, building a linear path and proving that truth. If they did not know it in the first place, they would not have discovered it. We are speaking of Copernicus, Fibonacci, Socrates, Einstein and even Tesla himself; they knew something first and then went about proving it.  That sense of knowing is channeling and non-linear thinking. After receiving this message, they would then have to figure out the linear path backwards in order to prove it.

What if you were able to just take the shortcut? Would you not be able to speed things up rather rapidly on your planet? We tell you, dear ones, that is exactly what is ahead. All that is needed is to become aware of your thought processes to start with.  You can always come up with a great idea, but when you do come up with it go backwards to discover what led you to that idea.  What were you thinking just before that, and even before that? Follow the path backwards, so that you become aware of your linear thinking habits. That is the beginning of the process, then pretty soon you will be able to make these jumps. Because you are human, you are not going to trust it. Very few people do in the beginning because it takes practice to start understanding that it is no longer necessary to go through all these paths. You can come up with the right answer every single time, and especially to the big questions. Why? Because there are so many beings on the other side of the veil that want you to succeed, they are dropping these ideas into your form of consciousness. If you can step out of linear thinking, you can interpret and trust them. You have this stream of consciousness that extends right above your heads; you tap in and grab one of these thoughts to bring it in. Are you responsible for all of these thoughts? No, some are what you would call negative thoughts. When you receive one do not try to release or ignore it just say, “Oh, there is a negative thought. I think I will just let that one go by. But here’s a really bright thought over here, so I am going to grab this one and discover it. Dear ones, choose your thoughts carefully. You are not responsible for what goes into your head, but you are responsible for what stays there.

Grasp those ideas and start dreaming, learning to channel in heart. Your entire reality will start changing very quickly, because you will gain a new perception of everything around you. And the more open you are to that perception, the more you will begin to see change. Change is ahead for every single one of you, dear ones. You have placed yourself here on this Earth at exactly this moment for a reason. There is no one here by accident, no one here that is just taking up space. Yes, you are here on purpose. We love to see you work with that and we can’t wait to see what happens next.  You have some very exciting times on your planet.  Although there are challenges we are not worried because the best people are on the job.

It is with the greatest of honor that we reflect you in this way helped you remember who you are in these times of change. You have already won the game dear ones.  We leave you with three little reminders to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity for you are nurturing yourself. Do not forget to play well together.

Espavo, dear ones.

The group

A video version of this channeling is available here.

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Espavo, a word to Re-member

In live channel, the group has been telling the story of Amor. The story begins with Amor as a twelve year old boy living in the days of Mu (Lemuria). The group says it is time to tell this story because we are at a point in our evolution that is very similar to where we were in the days of Mu.

In the very first chapter of this story, the group told of how Amor was at his Walk into Life. This was a custom where a twelve year old boy or girl would declare their commitment to be a responsible adult. There were no laws to speak of in the days of Mu, but there were customs that they adhered to. One of those customs was when a person walked into Life they would choose one other person, usually older, to whom they would make a commitment to help them transition when it was time. At the very last moment Amor chose a man whom he knew only slightly named Etu. Etu was a linguist who worked with the ancient languages. During the months and years that followed, Amor and Etu got to know each other as the custom suggested.

After being apart for some time Amor was summoned to the house of Etu, for it was his time. Even though Etu was a very young man he was still leaving. Amor came to his side and in that moment the two men completed their sacred contract. Amor gave permission and guidance for Etu to leave if he chose. Etu then had Amor come close to the bed. He told him that he had a gift for Amor. As Amor bent down to hear Etu told him the gift was a word and the word was ESPAVO. In the last hours of his life Etu explained that the word ESPAVO was used in the ancient days of Mu. It was a greeting that was used for both hello and and goodbye. Etu told Amor that it was now time to bring back this ancient word into use for the time of evolution was nearing. This word was to help people re-member their true place in the Universe.

Literally translated it means:

“Thank you for taking your power”

We invite you to use this ancient greeting once again. This is the time of power and we thank you for being here with us.

ESPAVO dear ones

Steve Rother and the group

Lisa Transcendence Brown – Your Human Aspect Does Not Understand HOW the Human Light Body Processes – Light Codes relative to DNA, Genetics on a Cellular Body – Because it’s not a human thing –

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Lisa Transcendence Brown


With the increasing influxes of Photonic Light that work on many levels of DNA, how the body functions and re-acts to all, handles all, deals with all… is very different than it was when all “lived” in 3D. 

4D is the awakening phase where each’s LightBody DNA awakens and accelerates an immense “DNA repair” process to reverse/purge/detox/clear all of the DAMAGE done/held…. 

3D being a physical reality relative to each’s level of consciousness PROGRAMMED REALITIES
4D being a physical reality relative to each’s level of consciousness REVERSE/REPAIR
5D being a physical reality relative to each’s level of consciousness PURE PRESENCE
6D + physical realities relative to varying levels of consciousness APPLIED

Where the physical body, physical reality are all RELATIVE TO CONSCIOUSNESS HELD…. 

3D was degraded DNA… a culmination of everything… not just this or that, but all of it… and everything NOT VISIBLE as well… 

It’s BEyond important for all to start to OPEN UP to “different” ways of SEEing… what all truly is/was, instead of what all once believed…. It doesn’t matter what you believed, thought/thought you knew… none of that “applies” when it comes to multi-dimensionality and all CURRENT REALITIES NOW….. 

In order to “explain”, we have to look at the “much bigger picture” from every angle, from every perspective and combine the information/data that “now applies”. None of this will ‘fit into any box” or “belief system”. None of this was available to us UNTIL WE ACTUALLY WENT THROUGH IT and gained access to see/understand and EXPLAIN on a whole new level…. a Quantum/Multi-Dimensional one…. where the knowledge becomes available as we LIVE it, as we observe all and we SEE from the expansiveness of INFINITE EVERYTHING….. where “all new” applies and replaces the “old”…… 

We can look at 3D as a program, loaded into an operating system and “telling all how to be”. Setting for the guidelines, setting forth rules and punishments and everything a “falsehood”, if you prefer this word… yet this too is only a part of the “much bigger picture” of what/how/why that isn’t what anyone “thought”…… 3D was a “give your power away”, chase a dream, gather things, identities, create dependency and live from fear/threat…. a survival mode “masked” as “something else”…. 3D is where each’s Light(Body) was suppressed, refused, ignored, shut down, shorted out and overridden in every way…. because nothing was understood here. We can look at “those” who “did all of this”, who perpetuated and intentionally took every active measure to “stop” and “feed” unconsciousness, destroy DNA… yet that too was still an agreed part of the process by us all (on a Soul/Galactic Level), not completely visible until each has transitioned fully out of those “realities” from deep within…..

Access to see that the whole 3D reality was agreed upon by us all and “how”, will depend on the “version of the story” one REMEMBERS/CAN SEE…. (subscribes to), which from our highest levels of Consciousness, don’t matter anymore, except to explain/assist those ready to transItion out of these realities NOW…… Shifting to a SPACE TO OBSERVE/SEE and release the blame/judgment of all…. 3D was where DISTORTED Galactics/Atlanteans and other Cosmic Races “practiced” and did all of the “experiments” that many “remember” as they are waking up, not realizing the whole 3D experience was the ACTUAL PLAYING OUT OF THIS…. The easiest way to explain this part is to tell each to “imagine” the “nightmares” of being experimented on, of their DNA being manipulated/tested and changed, without their CONSCIOUS AGREEMENT, yet still through agreement by way of acceptance…. and a “group mind think”/control that held all in place, through this immense DNA destruction/manipulation process… that now is being REVERSED for all, through ACCELERATION PROCESSES where COSMIC LIGHT BOMBARDMENT OVERRIDES all that was once “done”… yet each on a human level, because there’s no full awareness to see/understand, fights this process and continues to “apply” the old ways/beliefs, because there’s no “access” to EXPANDED/HIGHER KNOWLEDGE YET…. which is changing dramatically as we go. 

4D is where each start to awaken, to see in illusions, bewilderment and become extremely dis-illusioned and dis-heartened at the “f’d up mess”…. the BS becomes visible, the facade, the pretense, the deception, mis-perception and confusion, hate, hurt, mistrust, anger and refusal to conform/complicit/continue being complicit begin to “move in”…… 4D is also where “new” starts to open up, a tiny bit at first…. a little spark of Light at the “end of the tunnel”, as each’s LIGHT ignites inside… to start to “Lead/Light the way”, a little more each time one opens up…. through their heart. With every release of “victimhood”, with every release of emotional/physical/energetic “pain”…. with every VIBRATIONAL TUNING that occurs, the physical body is able to “do what it needs to do”, to RETURN THE PHYSICAL BODY TO PURE “HEALTH”…. yet because nothing was completely understood and so many other “conditions, excuses, limiting/fixed beliefs” were still being applied…. how each “deals/honors” has to shift dramatically here… from trying to “fix” something “back” (degraded DNA) to honoring, supporting, listening, respecting and DOING those things that assist with REVERSAL/REPAIR (plays into each’s Merkaba as well). 4D is where each’s LightBody is “trying” so hard to come online…… AND TAKE OVER…. yet the understanding of the LIGHTBODY is still not understood, because each has to LEARN TO TUNE INTO THEIR OWN DNA in order to actually understand, see and shift to a place/space of SUPPORT/HONOR/LISTENING AND DEEP SACRED RESPECT…… 

4D is where each remain while all this DNA REPAIR/REVERSAL OCCURS…. where’s each’s physical body/physical reality undergo massive transformation, massive shifts, massive overhauls, massive reversal processes to UNDO ALL OF THE DAMAGE DONE…. (yet it’s still much bigger than this). 4D is where each starts to awaken, come into consciousness and CLEAR THE DENSITY HELD, clear/resolve/dissolve IMMENSE VEILS OF AMNESIA (through the foggy/groggy) as ASCENSION PROCESSES increase…. 

5D is just the first part of a massive/immense process…. it’s where we SOUL UNION INSIDE OCCURS and everything looks/feels anew… it’s where we all RE-BIRTH OURSELVES anew, where our higher selves and human selves merge into ONE(NESS) and our LIVES CHANGE QUITE SUBSTANTIALLY, yet so subtly from deep inside…. It’s a SILENT PROCESS…. one done by each on an INDIVIDUAL BASIS and a RETURN TO SOVEREIGNTY ….. yet there is still very much to “do”. 5D is where all opens up, yet all new “ways” must be learned, implemented and the REVERSAL PROCESS of no longer seeking, no longer looking “outside” for anything occurs… it’s where each LIVES FROM ZERO POINT and all “comes to you/each” vibrationally and in RESPONSE to how you fulfil your higher/highest SERVICE ROLES as you reconstruct/rebuild your “NEW LIFE”… which will end up being YOUR HEAVEN “outside” that you live fully from deep inside…. DEEPLY CONNECTED WITH ALL…. YOU HAVE PURE LOVE as your GUIDE…. you HOLD PURE LOVE for all… yet now it’s about fulfilling your SOUL’S PURPOSES/GALACTIC MISSIONS in whatever ways you see from your own “holographic access” on a multi-dimensional level from deep inside…. now it’s LIVING FROM THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF INTEGRITY/HONOR/SACRED RESPECT and holding all in your reality to this… EVERY ACTIVATION is for MORE EMBODIMENT of PHOTONIC LIGHT than you could hold/handle before…. every moment/breath is NEW AWARENESS, NEW KNOWLEDGE, NEW INFORMATION, NEW ABILITIES, NEW PURPOSES/ROLES…. 


5D IS REMEMBERING the JOY, the Magic, the BEAUTY, the MAGNIFICENCE, the BRILLIANCE and the SIMPLICITY OF ALL…. 6D – 12D are all template building realities through LIVING HIGHEST LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS and restructuring all AS PURE LOVE…. holding the highest, above all….. no matter what “others” think, believe, as these are all PROGRAMS and you don’t live by this CONDITIONING anymore…. not inside, not outside, not anywhere or in any ways… because you “get all fully” and you’ve CHOSEN CONSCIOUSLY, AND WITH EVERY BREATH…. what you will allow as REALITY… and it looks nothing like anything of the “old”……………. 

LIVING HEAVEN AS REALITY, means you have to be THE ONE… you are the ANGEL, you are the GOD-SOURCE, you are the CHRISTED LIGHT BEING, you are the GALACTIC(S), THE ANCIENT ELDERS, the GUARDIANS and the PURE ONES…. 

WE ARE HEADED INTO THE MOST UPHEAVING, PROGRAM BREAKING, OLD REALITY DISMANTLING PROCESSES that COLLECTIVE EARTH has experienced thus far. Your own LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS will dictate how you/we/all EXPERIENCE the VASTNESS of all…. IF YOU STEP BACK and OBSERVE, you will SEE THE DIVIDING LINES…. that are there because of how OPPOSITE ALL IS….. yet, there is a merging/converging space where all can come together and UNIFY…. AND IT’S PURE LOVE – where there’s not one ounce of ego involved….. 

LIVING YOUR WHOLE LIFE AS PURE SOURCE LIGHT means that you OBSERVE, YOU SEE and YOU CHOOSE what is acceptable as REALity here. It means that YOU take RESPONSIBILITY for your own ENERGY, your own BEHAVIOR and how you SHOW UP…. for the ROLES YOU ARE FULFILLING/PLAYING OUT…. for whether you are coming from a place of SEPARATION/UNCONSICOUSNESS/PROGRAMMING/FEAR/LACK OF LOVE/POWER within you….s still…. or whether you are going to HOLD YOUR OWN, HOLD ALL IN PLACE and not “go unconsicous” ever again….. which is “full-time job” in the beginning, because of how deeply embedded we all were, and how deeply embedded “programming” was within every fiber of our being/3D bodies…. 

D stands for DENSITY…. and Dimension…. as one correlates to the other…. and they become the same…. 

HOLDING ALL AS PURE LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS allows your PHYSICAL LIGHTBODY DNA to do the work FOR YOU and ‘all you have to do’ is honor/listen/respect/rest/sleep, which goes against everything 3D. 4D is where all REMAIN, while the “bulk of this process” occurs…. 5D is FREEDOM and SOVEREIGNTY and no more blaming/finger pointing, because you are not giving your power away/dependent on anything “outside” anymore… IT’S WHERE YOUR SOUL LEADS and you observe your own human ego programming and you break this down yourself…. it’s where you process at varying rates relative to DENSITY and LIGHT RATIO and relative to the amount of CRYSTALS IN YOUR BODY (CRYSTALLINE LIGHTBODY)…. then we move to Plasma LightBody DNA and Cosmic Consciousness on a whole new level…. yet for this writing/sharing, I will keep it simple…. 

ENTIRE COLLECTIVES EXITING the old… CREATES MASS CONFUSION for awhile. As 3D further dismantles, the ego goes rampant/on a rampage fighting to hang on, fighting to “survive”, fighting to blame, fighting to maintain control…. When a “real”ity “collapses” for a convergence to occur, the human ego aspect …. all the the deep hate, hurt, betrayal energies and self-loathing starts to surface (these are Luciferian energies each holds through Unconsciousness). It’s not pretty, it’s really ugly…. yet it’s necessary for the DEEP CLEANSING/PURIFICATION PROCESS that has to occur on a COLLECTIVE LEVEL for a massive COLLECTIVE UPSHIFT to OCCUR…. If you are conscious/present/expanded/aware, you will see this… yet it won’t be “your reality”. You will have compassion, respect and YOU WILL BE THE ROCK, THE LIGHTHOUSE, THE STABILITY, THE FOUNDATION for OUR NEW AND YOU WILL HOLD ALL IN PLACE… and you won’t WAVER, unless… there’s something within you that’s ready to clear…… 

THIS PASSAGEWAY IS A MASSIVE ONE… THIS IS COLLECTIVE LIBERATION from 3D (Levels of UNConsiousness —– DEEP STATE(S) (notice the words) of PROGRAMMING, CONDITIONING and DEPENDENCY on everything “outside”…… 

THIS IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF COLLECTIVE AWAKENING AND ASCENSION… RETURNING through what was forgotten as all living beneath the Veils and in a deep state of AMNESIA that continues the acceleration processes of LIFTING…………… MASS AWAKENINGS mean immense powerful energies being “triggered” (activated on a DNA Level) to release…. 

THE ROLES YOU PLAY will DICTATE your own experiences here. You can be a LIGHTHOUSE OR YOU CAN GET ALL CAUGHT UP IN IT and play out your unconscious programming until it all dissolves or your body depletes, your nervous system overloads, your body breaks down/shorts out, overwhelms, you “appear” to lose your ever-lovin mind …. ALL A VERY NECESSARY PART OF THE PROCESS of breaking ego/linear constructs down….. so that the LIGHTBODY CAN TAKE OVER and start to re-build with all new CODES….. 

YOU/WE ALL CAN DO THIS AS LOVE or PISSED, ANGRY, FINGER POINTING…. one pulls away, steps away/back and just refuses to keep playing those realities out… the other gets all up in it… both serve infinite purposes in the “scheme of all things”…. CONSCIOUSNESS will CHOOSE IT’S EXPERIENCES and REALIZE IT’S NOT COMPLICATED…. IT’S SIMPLE… JUST CHOOSE AND FOCUS YOUR ENERGY ON WHAT IS HIGHEST ALIGNED…. and for each this will be different and important as a part of the greater whole…… 

THE REALITY YOU ALLOW is the one that dictates… the ENERGY YOU HOLD is what DICTATES and your ACTions are a result of your own beliefs, mentalities, energies and focuses….. PRIORITIES….which change all along the way….. 

THERE IS NO ‘ONE ANSWER’…. so if you are looking for “the answer”, it changes in every nano-second…. each one must be SO IN TUNE with the ENERGIES PRESENT that PURE SOURCE  CONSCIOUSNESS IS WHAT DICTATES what reality is now…… 

ALL NEW EARTH REALITIES ARE BASED UPON PURE LOVE, deep sacred respect, kindness, consideration, while seeing the much bigger picture simultaneously too. It takes all into ACCOUNT and the parameters are different than what all “were used to”….. Your EVERY MOMENT will present the information, present the opportunities, present the possibilities and what’s aligned/not… it’s up to EACH TO BE PRESENT ENOUGH to HEAR/SEE/FEEL/UNDERSTAND and LIVE FROM THIS HIGHEST PLACE – AS REALITY………… as THIS IS WHAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE for each of us/all here. 

This next phase is set forth by this passageway…. so observe, see and shift as is appropriate IN EVERY MOMENT and hold your highest everything… as your new/natural way too…. allowing all to vibrationally align in response to you too. 

I love you. Update as we flow…….

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Lisa Transcendence Brown – Your DNA is Evolving, Changing, Your Genetics – Your Entire Physical Make-Up – In order to Evolve Your Whole Physical REALity – 12-18-18



In observing, it’s been interesting to observe mindsets, about everything… most of all how most still do not understand higher consciousness, or the LightBody and how DNA is evolving, and how all correlates still….. 

So many still living by limited mindsets, so fixed on certain things…. and trying to apply their own “old mentalities & belief systems” to Multi-Dimensional Evolution… still trying to “find the “cause” to “blame” or a “box” to fit DNA CHANGING into, instead of seeing from a much bigger picture of what’s REALLY GOING ON…. 

The human aspect cannot accept that the multi-dimensional body doesn’t RE-ACT or ACT like the old carbon-based human body did/does….. and how pure the body has to be, how pure each’s surroundings have to be, how pure your heart and mind must be, how pure every act must be… 

Consciousness (a Higher Purer Love) is TAKING OVER your bodies….. awakening DNA in a way that does not conform to any old beliefs. It’s working through your entire body … re-working how your body works … in all new ways. 

So many still trying to “contribute” the Crystalline LightBody’s immense purification process to a “human thing”…. 

Consciousness is PURE…. Consciousness is LOVE… Consciousness is ALIVE…. Actual Living, Breathing DNA… Higher Consciousness overrides the human body and re-writes your enetire genetic make-up….. so ALL OF THOSE OLD WAYS are no longer true, what’s going on with your body, not what you “think” it is…. 

So many still do not understand the physical reality, Soul’s Choices prior to incarnation, why things are “going down” the way they are….. so many can’t see beyond their current physical, emotional, mental reality to accept alternatives that challenge their current limited beliefs…. 

So many asking “what about this physical reality”? Not understanding there are infinite multiple dimensions of physical realities running and that the REASON all is occurring is to AWAKEN all out of and through their own unconscious realities, so that each will CHOOSE CONSCIOUSNESS (LOVE) by showing compassion, by stepping up to BE the CHANGE, by seeing the OLD SYSTEMS and realizing that it’s up to EACH to affect the PHYSICAL by BEING the absolute highest conscious LIGHT BEING in every exchange. It’s up to EACH to step forth, unite, come together and share. It’s up to EACH to open their hearts and minds so fully that they don’t go back unconscious/asleep again. It’s up to EACH to see the injustices and CHOOSE a DIFFERENT WAY…. and to do whatever it takes in THEIR OWN REALITY to live as their own higher/highest self.

So many still wanting to “put this” on others….. this is not an “it’s on others” thing…. that’s the old way. This is on you. Are you LIVING FROM YOUR HIGHEST PLACE in every moment, are you BEing LOVE in every moment, are YOU SHARING —- everything —- to unite, awaken, touch the lives of all that you come into contact with AS LOVE here? Is YOUR WHOLE LIFE HIGHEST ALIGNED in every moment, in every way?

So many do not understand “why” we’ve been doing all of this for so many years…. To elevate the consciousness of all OUT OF THE OLD…. to get hearts open enough that each’s higher mind consciousness can open up too, to activate EACH’S Multi-Dimensional LIGHTbody, which is a PURIFICATION of the distortions, a purification of the whole body vessel, a purification of your thoughts, your emotions, your everything…..

So many do not yet understand, that your entire LIFE has to be fully aligned, from the absolute highest place/space, from deep deep deep inside. That as each is, then how we treat each other changes….. how we show up changes…. the reasons for all that we DO changes…. as all is out of a DEEP SOUL LOVE, a caring that transcends the limited human stuff….. a UNION that has nothing to do with “human” anything…. THIS LOVE…. this is what CONSCIOUSNESS is…. and as each comes to FEEL IT, EXPERIENCE IT, EXPRESS IT, SHARE IT, EMIT IT, RADIATE IT AND UTILIZE THIS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE…this is how each’s current reality shifts/changes…. from an unconscious one to a conscious one.

A PURE LOVE…. that needs for nothing at all…. a PURE LOVE, so when we connect with anyone, this LOVE IS FELT….. this caring is FELT…. and while not fully understood by the human aspect, it’s how we communicate here…. 

THIS PURE LOVE… this is HIGHER/HIGHEST/PURE SOURCE LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS… this is what “changes” the physical reality…. this is what re-writes your DNA… SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS, where you realize that you are the SOURCE of ALL…. You are the one creating your reality, you are the one that agreed to be RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ENERGY and how you affect all here. You agreed, on a SOUL LEVEL, to awaken from your own DEEP STATE OF AMNESIA, which brings about confusion for awhile….. 

You cannot apply your human beliefs and perceptions to multi-dimensionality… otherwise your multi-dimensional you is not present….

When you look at the physical reality, your perceptions must be “different” and you must be OPEN to what your human aspect does not yet understand…. 

This is a Quantum Existence….. where all things RESPOND to YOUR Levels of Consciousness…. One thing you will find is that the higher our states of consciousness, the less we try to convince anyone of anything at all.

We just STEP BACK and allow each their own PRE-CHOSEN experience here….  The human (ego) aspect doesn’t like this… it gets angry, wants to point the finger, be a victim, judge and blame. 

Until each realizes that there are multiple dimensions of realities available in every moment… and the current moment dictates each moment VIBRATIONALLY and ENERGETICALLY…. which dictates the physical reality here. 

Passageways are important, because they provide a much greater opportUNITY for holding the highest vibrational realities fully, so that the physical can re-align to match all of the “new” (higher dimensional) realities that you’ve worked for, put in effort on, held the consciousness for…. it’s a convergence when StarGates align, beyond all previous convergences before… it’s an up-leveling for all CHOOSING HIGHER-LOVE-CONSCIOUSNESS over the old ways…. 

We are in the middle of the GREATEST TEMPLATE BUILD of this existence thus far. This 12D Template is a game changer, just like every previous one was, yet this one…. this puts all previous shifts “to shame”. What each must realize, at some point, is your old unconscious realities are being dismantled, dissolving and must be completely realigned in all new ways…. 

Will you consciously choose to fully surrender your own Ego, your own separation, your own dualistic beliefs or will you hold out until your inner-matrix collapses, so that your heart will open fully…. for you to listen/see what your ego refused to before? Will you keep trying to “insist” your limited perceptions as “reality” still? Will you keep playing out distortions in your own reality until they become so loud that you will finally pay attention/listen and open up to what didn’t fit into your linear mindsets/boxes before? 

Those realities that you wonder about… who’s going to change everything? YOU ARE… WE all ARE, by LIVING PURITY and BEING THE EXAMPLE of what PURE LOVE IS…. and it won’t be tainted by your human ego anything….. YOU WILL FINALLY START TO CARE about every person/thing you connect with, YOU will start to SHARE and stop thinking just about yourself, YOU will step into/through your own FEARS and dissolve them, YOU will become the PEACE-KEEPER, the EXAMPLE OF HOW LOVE LIVES….. Those realities…. they are yours to Master, yours to affect, yours to make a difference in, by the way you behave, act, show up…. 

NEW EARTH REALITIES ARE ALIGNED WITH PURE LOVE…. for all of US…. we actually care about all of us, we take all of us into consideration, we don’t have the human ego limits of before…. we actually SHOW EVERY ONE WE CONNECT with how important, special and beautiful they are. We SHOW everyone, everything…. HOW LOVE BEHAVES…. we go that extra mile, we pay it forward, we reciprocate, we respect, we care…… yet we also SEE and RECOGNIZE all who do not yet live this way and their limits and conditions, where they cannot yet share, because their hearts are not open, their minds are not open, they are still living by the old programs/systems/beliefs in THEIR LIVES STILL….. We do what is appropriate, which is different in every exchange. The ENERGY of the person tells us what’s most appropriate and what’s the most beneficial in each exchange. Not saving, not fixing, not taking each’s ABILITY TO STAND IN THEIR OWN POWER AND BE LOVE on as our responsibility, because it’s not. The template/gridwork for our NEW EARTH is held in place by each one of us. When others “go unconscious”, we have to be ‘MORE CONSCIOUS’….. in order to continue to hold, anchor, stability, maintain our NEW EARTH GRIDWORK/NETWORKING SYSTEMS….. 

So many caught up in the “out there” reality still….. not realizing that reality is what’s INSIDE. We experience everything from DEEP INSIDE OF US… fully connected and in-tune, with every vibration of every thought, sound, emotion, energy that is present…. 360 degree range (our whole Zero Point Field Range)…. 

When you speak, your mindsets are audible/visible and can be FELT…. OUR FIELDS deliver all of the information to us…. The human aspect is unaware of the encodements transmitted from their words, their energy field, their actions, their thoughts, their whole body… The human aspect is unaware that every word spoken/typed… transmits “knowledge”, telling us each’s mentality and levels of consciousness they currently function from… and how much “work” is necessary (on an energetic level) to break those linear constructs down in order to shift. The deeper the human programming, the more energy it takes…. The more unconscious, the more exhausting, because we are constantly repeating ourselves from different perspectives having to “break through” all of that programming that each is unaware they still hold….

Eventually, each starts to observe those in their own reality and decides how much CONSCIOUS ENERGY TO INVEST in breaking down programming. There are many things taken into consideration (the equation)….. The dynamics of the whole reality, relationship, purposes and more….. Decisions are not like they once were. Highest States of Consciousness take everything and everyone into consideration…. ourselves, each other, the much bigger picture, the current reality and all…… Our decisions are always based upon every perspective… not just the limited ones that human aspects see. We live in and from a Quantum State of Consciousness, where REALity is CREATED by what we CHOOSE TO ALLOW, INVEST IN, DO….. and if there is one ounce of unconsciousness present, then our own choices/decisions are relative to this. Do we invest the energy to shifting… do we keep doing this over and over and over, like a broken record (karmic) or do we just step back and allow all to fall away/go it’s own way and open up to the next highest dimensional reality to come forth to MATCH OUR CURRENT VIBRATION and LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS or do we compromise consciously, knowing that the reality is “part unconscious” and decide to INVEST OUR ENERGY INTO EVOLVING THE WHOLE thing into a higher state of consciousness ourselves….. When we make these decisions, they affect every other reality that’s possible, available, waiting/ready/preparing to come forth, so while the human aspect is focused on themselves, we are taking everything into account…. and making a decision that serves the highest purposes for all of us here …. 

Quantum REALities function very differently than linear realities do. There are algorithms, ratios, equations and energetics and the mechanics of all …. all taken into account. Quantum Dynamics. Consciousness is an energy. Unconsciousness is too. Each equates to very different realities…. and actual physical dimensions/experiences too. 

So when you look at your reality, from inside and out there…. you are being presented with an opportunity to shift your entire reality to a much higher consciousness one and Master your entire reality as LOVE….. touch all that you connect with, make a difference in every way …. are you LIVING THIS FULLY or looking at everyone else to do this “for you” instead….. ? 

MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EARTH presents very different realities for each…. all relative to how each actually LIVES THEIR WHOLE LIFE … now. You live in a multi-verse… in your physical reality… with each living in their own Universe…. as you become your universal you, you support/inspire/uplift and encourage all around you to embrace becoming their own Universal aspects too. Living fully Sovereign as Divine Light BEings here, then we get into Galaxies and resonance and uniting as Cosmic BEings and resolving any “differences” so we all can co-exist as PURE SOURCE LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS here. 

This 12D Template… this is a 12 Strand DNA Activation Template. Each must fully comprehend, on a whole new level, what it means for your DNA to constantly evolve, adapt, change and how your entire old belief system will not work here. ♥ Every THING you “thought” you once knew… goes out the window….

This is an entirely “new” existence where “none of that” is true anymore. 

I love you. See your own limits, conditions and mentalities… and where you are functioning from in every moment. It’s important for us all as LOVE. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

DIVINE FREQUENCY – How Your DNA Links to the Earth Grids – by Laura Eisenhower – 10-17-18

(Laura Eisenhower)


Our DNA is directly linked with the Earth grids, that have electric and magnetic ley lines, representing the Masculine and Feminine, just like our bodies.

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by Laura Eisenhower, October 14th, 2018


Our DNA is directly linked with the Earth grids, that have electric and magnetic ley lines, representing the Masculine and Feminine, just like our bodies.

Our DNA is also connected to the elements, the nucleic acids are carriers. The Magnetic field of the Earth (feminine) is just like the flow of our energy bodies circulation, the electric (masculine) stimulates the nervous system.  It has a Soul and Spirit spark interplay.


Thanks to   https://thedivinefrequency.com/2018/10/17/how-your-dna-links-to-the-earth-grids/

The Electro-Magnetic spectrum opens us to the full field of available energy.

The impact the dark technologies have had on the grids has a direct impact on us, it creates reversals and digression and has blocked us from the Aether, which is now available.

The Dodecahedron is the platonic solid connection with the Aether, which turns inversions and reversals around.

There are Stargates on the planet that connect with our Chakra system and so we are in a co-creative process and the grids are a replica of our DNA that is upgrading ~ 12 strands connecting to the 13th gate neutron window ~ Andromeda and Milky Way as one again, activating the infinity spiral in our energy bodies.

The Planetary Chakra systems are also Stargates. This reminds one of how we are truly connected with Nature and Cosmos and that we are also Stargates that can direct Consciousness throughout the Earth circuitry and beyond, this is how we do repair work.

Electric and Magnetic, flow and stimulation and inspiration.  Visualize the grids as a geodesic sphere, of pentagons and triangles and shapes, sparkling as a faceted brilliant diamond ~ the Diamond Heart of Gaia that switches us on when we connect with it.

The Earth is not flat, it is more a double pentadodecahedron ~ it is up to us to be able to see this.

About the Author

Laura Eisenhower is a Global Alchemist, Cosmic Mythologist, and Intuitive Astrologist. She is an internationally acclaimed speaker who has presented her work worldwide. Laura is the great-granddaughter of President Dwight David Eisenhower. She is considered by many to be one of North America’s leading researchers on: Health, Exopolitics, Alchemy, Metaphysics, and Ancient History. Laura works to free us from the 3-D holographic time-loop, False Archonic systems, and Military Industrial Complex and exposes hidden agendas so we can take our power back. Feeling a calling regarding her mission since she was a child, she has gained incredible insight through experience, psychic development, and research, about how to guide us into higher Earth energies. Her passion is to inspire unity consciousness and bring us back to the Pleroma, the totality of our divine powers.

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PATRICIA CORI – DNA – The Akashic Record Lies Within Us All – April 2013




Image result for Patricia Cori

By Patricia Cori

Thanks to   http://sirianrevelations.net/the-voice/articles-by-patricia-cori/dna/

(posted in Tone Magazine, Ottawa Canada April 2013)

In this amazing time, the Great Shift of Ages, we are whirling in an unfathomable race that has us tethered about, bouncing between the technological revolution and the spiritual awakening of growing numbers of human beings. At the center of this volley of experience, is the foremost question of our evolving DNA.

We are being given the secret, sacred wisdom that regards the original blueprint of homo sapiens, that, according to the information I have been privileged to bring through from spirit, was a twelve stranded, light bodied Christed consciousness, a race designed by beings beyond – to be nested here in the garden of the Earth, Gaia, and left to flourish. So much has interfered with that perfected state of being that modern man has been reduced to a polarized, two-stranded helix of DNA, where the nature of duality, that struggle of darkness and light playing out in earth’s fields, is coded right into the intelligent blueprint of our being.

Meanwhile, scientists estimate that about 92% of our original DNA is strewn about within our molecular structure – they continue to refer to this wealth of information as “junk DNA.” There is nothing within us that is junk … no divine error. Everything serves. However, these pieces of architectural information – our very blueprint – are scattered and disassembled within us. But it is all there, waiting to be pieced back together, like an intricate jigsaw puzzle that reconnects us to our star family, heals the morphogenetic field, and rewires the entire being, in preparation for the ascension process. That is the potential that awaits us all and is available to those of us who wish to accelerate the process.

Many people today are suffering from feelings of not belonging to this planet and longing to return to a place they sense, but cannot necessarily remember. And as the planet struggles in the clutches of forces that would prefer to drag us into the shadow, the time to remember that light source and our mission is now. We are ascending the spiral of light, climbing higher, intent on raising the flame of our passion and compassion for the entire planet, lightworkers of the age.

DNA is woven through us just as it woven through the multiverse – this is the divine coil of all intelligence, conscious creation. Activation of that dormant information aligns us with our soul’s purpose and helps us remember our mission in this density, as we awaken to the multidimensional reality of existence.

When we recreate the crystalline grids of sacred geometry within, we release fear and separation, reconnect to our star nations, and potentially clear the way to the achievement of Christed awareness in body. Replacing the damaged structures and destructive mental constructs held in the memory of the cellular body with the cosmic patterns and sacred geometrical grids of enlightened awareness, we accelerate the process of ascending the spiral of light. Now is the time to remember who we really are, and what we came to achieve on this Earth. Now is the time – and we are the ones we have been waiting for. Be empowered! Know that everything you need is within you, waiting to be discovered.

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