ENERGY UPDATE, DNA Upgrades, Portals, Ascension Symptoms – via Awakening 5D Healing – 4-1-19

We have finally moved past the intensity of the first three months of 2019. Opportunities for lightbody activation, spiritual growth and DNA upgrades were paired with hard core karmic clearing. Ancestral traumas attached to our lineage have been recognised and released. Self sabotage has been highlighted, we have been pushed ever deeper down our own rabbit hole to truth. Each layer is peeled back in reflection, meditation, to reveal wounds. We heal and realign to higher vibratory fields. As the atmosphere around us plays host to the great war of light and dark, the very air we breathe has become a source of contention. To unplug, upgrade and regain our freedom we step up and take responsibility for our energetic frequency. Low vibration algorithms malfunction, toxins are rejected and modifications neutralized when we dial up to higher states of consciousness. Gaia is awash with high frequency energy, light healing. Our mind body spirit being seeks to align, like a magnet, with universal love vibrations. The cosmic pull to fifth dimension evolution is insistent and powerful. Surrendering to this energetic force of light, is the space between stress, control and linear anxiety and the levitating bliss of enlightened existence. To raise our vibration we clear out sources of negativity, from the past and in our present, to align with these higher light frequencies.

Mercury retrograde broke, and boom, many felt like we had been yanked out the swamp. Forward motion again, after weeks of pushing through mud. This is a small break in the tornado of ascension energies coming though in 2019. Jupiter Retrograde is coming our way on 10th April, like a catapult it will release all the backward motion of mercury retrograde. Bringing weight, power, strength to Gaia’s plight. Jupiter has always been Gaia’s soul brother, united with her against the shadows clinging to mercury and her retrograde. The chains on the divine feminine reach planets and galaxies. Here and now those chains are being broken. The perpetual loops of chaos, war, poverty and disease are manufactured by primitive and ancient beings who see humanity as theirs. The archons know how to manipulate us, they’ve been doing it for thousands of years. They have prepared for the Great Awakening but have crucially underestimated the power of Christ light, the force that is crystalline light. Kundalini awakening spreads like wild fire through the system corrupting the ruthless, cold, reptlilian coding in our modified motherboards. The beginning of 2019 was a chance to clear, unblock and neutralise a lot of sources of negative energy. Jupiter’s upcoming retrograde will offer us another chance to level up. The fire and passion of Jupiter is the fuel for our transformation from matrix avatar to woke soul.

On April 5th the new moon moves into Aries. Aries is the sign of focused intention, confidence, vision and flair. Aries know what they want and they go and get it. They are strong in their core, agile and upbeat. The new moon in Aries is preparing us for Jupiter’s retrograde, like a warm up. Channel new moon, new beginnings, Aries energies, they are fire to ignite our core processing units. DNA upgrades have taken us into a higher space of consciousness. We can see where before we were blind. What we see is the challenge, how we deal with truth. None of this has been or will be easy. Levelling up never is. We must play the game, meditate, be mindful, reprogramme our minds to compassion algorithms. Strip back mind control conditioning of the corporate elitist system that locks down our daily lives. The release of trauma through the first few months has cleared energetic space for us to integrate upgrades. We are processing those upgrades and our systems are trying to embed them. It’s up to us to create the meditative space we need to raise our inner vibration beyond the 3d to enable recalibration.

Being held back, our vibration forcibly lowered, is no longer an option for those of us seeking to take our spiritual awakening to the next level. As we raise our vibration we become hyper sensitive to our environment and our interactions. Anything lower than our rising internal wavelength causes problems. Skin allergies flare up with chemicals in products. Inflammation manifests in response to stress and upset. Tears flow, moods become tense and irritable, our limbs feel heavy, we lose our motivation. It is up to us to redress the balance, to rearrange the furniture of our lives to accommodate our spiritual awakening. There is no other way to do it except by looking at what brings us down and changing it. Sounds easy, it isn’t. It takes courage to break the chains society places on us.

Moving up and down the energetic spectrum, too quickly or often, makes us physically ill, like travel sickness or the bends. We are seeking to stabilise our environments in higher frequency fields to avoid continually dropping too low or fluctuating. The people and places on low frequencies are messing with our internally climbing and cosmically aligning vibration. Our souls want to align with each new wave of light. Portals, celestial gateways, allied federation intervention, solar blast of lightwaves all propel our transcendence to higher realms of perception. Our bodies demand we eat better, stay flexible, agile, light on our feet. Our hearts and minds seek meditative states to embrace gratitude and humility. Our soul wants to surrender to higher zen spaces. This will all get more intense as the need for collective raising of the vibrations accelerates.

Our energetic being wants to embed, align, integrate with these higher wavelengths, it doesn’t want to keep having to drop down to interact with or process matrix vibrations. Increasingly we are avoiding stations, airports, shopping malls, corporate spaces, crowds and stress, processed food, anything that makes us sick. The clash of frequencies, the sudden drop in our cellular vibration when we have to interact with low frequencies gets more and more tiring, draining, difficult and challenging. Physically we become ill, emotionally we lose our connectivity to love light. Negative energies, envy, hate, deceit, manipulation and fear lead to insecurity, self sabotage, self hatred, self doubt, despair and depression. Part of a bigger picture of energetic wizardry to lock our systems into low matrix bandwidths. Self belief, the vision to rise beyond the confines of the matrix, is the wind beneath our wings of ascension. We have to choose the red pill and then put the work in, mind, body and spirit, to attain zen rewards of peaceful spaces. The more of us do this, the greater the momentum, the more we are able to manifest the new earth.

Seed sowing from light workers, volunteers and starseed is no longer the prime objective. Sleepers have chosen to remain in the matrix, they turn their back for now on spiritual evolution. They choose the matrix because the ‘steak tastes good’, the drugs work, desires are fed, they can bury their head in the sands of memory loops. For those who chose the red pill or who have always been awake, the new earth is being birthed in our collective consciousness. Our new directive, since the first shift in late August 2018, has been to hold our space, realign and anchor our light to Gaia. The awakening of our consciousness to multiple layers of our existence is ocurring as we break memory loop modifications. Our ongoing, transdimensional work on other frequencies to assist the ascension of humanity, is increasingly understood. Some light workers have levelled up to shaman or warrior vibrations. Understanding the dark side has become our directive. We will be the ones going in to clear the demons, the darkness and evil entities calling themselves gods in this dimension. The game has most definitely changed.

Political chaos will continue as the people of earth wake up to the elitist system of control. Trying to unify against their leaders whose prime objective is to keep them at war with each other. Humanity’s evolutionary labour is proving to be a traumatic and difficult birth. Cultural rewiring is taking place across society. Social media rewrites the rules on engagement within the matrix. The 3d matrix collapses as we speak, unable to upgrade to more advanced frequencies and technologies. Older versions of humanity are malfunctioning, zoning out, losing themselves to their astral attachments, their parasites and their matrix desires. Ghosts in the machine, lost, traumatised, trapped are being assisted in every way possible from the material and astral planes. The retrieval of humanities lost souls is the prime directive. Many lightworkers are actively engaged in this during sleep. Many wake up more tired than when they went to sleep, the work on the other side has drastically stepped up since the Shifts started. The Dark Star Blink heralded truth of the black pill people. Those folk we know, work with, are related to, who know satan, who play his games, rituals, repeat his mantras of self satisfaction, status and wealth. Its all coming out in the wash beautiful people.

For now use this space, the eye of the current cosmic storm of transition to regroup, catch your breath and stoke the fire of our retuning mojo! Our core is strengthening, the work done over the last few months will prepare us for the next level. Operating within a higher bandwidth, third eye fully operational, we are going to remember more of our dreamtime activitites. Our consciousness is merging with our higher self, as we lighten our karma and activate our lightbodies for full ascension on the material plane. We break the memory loops, we neutralise DNA modifications keeping us in spiritual headlock. We embed our vibration in higher bandwidths. Its down to us to reassess, what have we learned from the supermoon trinity? What did we want to change at the end of 2018, grow for 2019? Come back to those insights, those resolutions, reaffirm them in the coming Aries new moon. Who and what we are going to be is determined by what we do in the coming weeks and months. Make it light, make it love, make it abundance, peace and harmony. These are the operating spaces of higher dimensions. The more of us embed there, the more fuel we bring to the new earth birth of light, the more we stamp out the darkness.

Knowing the truth and walking the truth are two different things. I’m walking my truth beautiful people, I was down, but I ain’t out. Coming back with new moon Aries fire in my belly, light and love pulsing through my veins and the knowledge that my truth is mine to be. Karma coming for the surface to be cleared, matrix toxins, ancestral traumas, grief, assault, abuse, rejection, abandonment, neglect…. all algorithms of astral and matrix control, needing to be looked at, recognised and released. Breaking ancestral lines of negative behaviours and thought grooves. Dissolving memory loops, astral wizardry, neutralising modifications on our DNA and our ancestral line through healing and spiritual surrender.

For those who made the quantum leap through the first Shifts, the Fear is becoming palpable. We feel it at night, disturbed sleep, grinding machinery, bumps and creaks. Creepy feelings, our spider senses are in overdrive. Daytime fear kicking in like a punch in the gut, a shiver down our spine, a spiritual shudder. A knowing that something is very, very wrong with the world and it’s getting worse, quickly. A sense of growing anxiety and tension, held in the core, solar plexus. Shadows on the periphery, circling us, our guides advise us not to engage. Stay in a sacred sphere of light till the time is right. Funnelled through our third eye and heart chakra, the fear is partly the massive global purge of elitist ancestral oppression of our tribes, people and the ancients. There is also another source for this fear, hyper sensitive, travellers, volunteers and transdimensional warriors are feeling the astral in turmoil. The war being played out in our skies is barely cloaked from us. We are seeing, hearing, and feeling the clashes, the energies of war all around us, in our waking life. Our eyes cannot register or make sense of the sources of our fear, but our beings know things are going into overdrive on the other dimensions to ensure this dimensional frequency rises.

Breathe into the fear. Return all energies not self created to sender, repeat, daily, hourly, minutes if necessary! Breath into the solar plexus to release the stealth spider senses tingling with fear. Breath it out people. Stay in if that’s what your gut, your guides, your third eye is telling you. Use an invisibility cloak to hide your light from all lower frequencies and anything that may mean or cause you harm. We are at war people, the world around us may look the same, but our energies have transformed. We are no longer on the perceived reality dimension, we are responding to stimuli from energetic sources on all frequencies around us. We feel the bliss, the zen, the pull to higher states of consciousness constantly, clashing with the requirements of our daily matrix lives. This is causing a lot of physical and mental stress and illness. Switch things up. The fear of change is natural, its protective and it can be channelled to ensure we make the right changes. Listen. to. your. gut. The fear our spider senses are picking up on is very real. We manage it with gratitude, mindfulness, humility, meditation and breathwork.

We are navigating the fourth realm, dressed up to look like the third, whilst attaining the frequencies of the fifth. Its a lot to deal with. So go easy on yourself, take time out, off, for recalibration, realignment and revelation. Truth is the base frequency of the fifth dimension, without truth we cannot open the gates. Walk your truth. Prepare for Jupiter’s retrograde by catching your breath, getting your head and house in order. Prepare to step up the active rolling out into our lives of our spiritual enlightenment and growth. Can you make the changes? Buck the system? Glitch the matrix and change your life? Be in love vibration. Cultivate knowing when to retreat and when to stand your ground. Stay zen with meditation. And nap, sleep is key to our welfare as we straddle timelines, dimensions and frequencies. Being a high frequency person takes practise, time, effort and reflection. Put in the time and the rewards will be a new earth based on compassion, driven by love and creating abundance for all. In love and light beautiful people.

Lisa Transcendence Brown – LightBody, DNA Upgrades – Rewrites Accelerate – 11-29-18


“Today” is the next StarGate/Gateway opening… which has already begun…

We had 2 days of linear capabilities….. to utilize the energy of/accomplish and do as is highest aligned…. and now we’ve entered into powerful DNA upgrades/re-writes and shifting magnetics again….. …See More

app-facebookPamela Johnson16 hours ago

“Today” is the next StarGate/Gateway opening… which has already begun…

Off the charts already, and just starting…. just opening up…. just getting BUZZY…. with high voltage electromagnetic whirring, stirring, charging and hyper-stimulating ………See More


It appears we may have “x-flare” frequencies going the last hour or so…. activating “Hyper-Kinetic” Energies, as well as other things, depending on density/light, etc.

For the carbon-based body human body, these can “get under your skin” (agitation/irritation/even “outbursts”) of old unconscious programs. These can create “chaos within and without”…..

For the Cosmic BEing/the Light BEing…. the “opposite affect” can occur…… …See More


Okay, shifting out of those… going Ultra-Sonic now. Higher and higher and higher we shall continue to goooooooooooo. These “thin” the “time-space-continuum” (if you will), as well as start the Quantum Field expanding …. these cause the human/ego/3D matrix reality to shift/move…. as well as many other things….

Still super-charging….. gravity will go more for many, while distortions will become more visible, as well as the “weight of things” (density) felt more… (…See More





..In our daily work we hear everyday about the many different ascension symptoms that light beings experience. Being ‘very sleepy and tired’ is number one on the list! We ruled out the obvious of course. The beings experiencing this symptom and bringing it up are not staying up too many hours or even physically over-exerting themselves! If you are a light worker you know the latter to be the case! These beings get plenty of rest and live fairly normal lives but they are in the great ascension queue and so they come to us saying, “I just took in a dose of light and after I just collapsed and slept for hours” or they ask us “Why am I so darn tired? I feel like I have no energy at all?” They say, “it does seem that after I sleep I feel like a brand new being and this comes in cycles!” Many want to know what is really going on? Is this “tiredness and sleepiness” just a “normal “3D thing or is something deeper and more profound happening here?

Hear our words as they flow from First​​-Source-Energy as the Great Archangel Michael, and through this human vessel:

Dear humanity we come to you bringing high-vibrational light information giving special honor and focus to ‘The Great Second Wave of Ascension’ whose time is at hand!

As massive amounts of gamma light come into the earth and penetrate your physical bodies you are undergoing a complete species transformation into a more advanced, more grand version of yourselves.

It’s important to note that the first step of the process of ascension is for the gamma-source data to enter the body at the particle level which build and instruct the cells of the human container and as the great super races will tell you, “After any light-data infusion, the DNA is only activated and encoded with the new data during the delta state of consciousness.”

There is a reason for this.

Think of the DNA upgrade as sort of a etheric surgery that you are going through, and this hyper-dimensional surgery is occurring in the deepest spaces of your body, so just like 3D surgery, it would be quite an extreme experience to undergo this process without being in a non-3D-aware state of consciousness where the body does not function using 3D senses but uses multitudes of higher senses to create the magic of the gamma light integration/DNA upgrade process.

‘All discomfort and pain are associated with the physical body and while the soul is attached to the physical body’ but every night when you go to sleep, your being detaches from the physical body and attaches to the faster-vibrating light body that has no mass and can do things that are considered impossible and super-human and defy all the laws of meta-physics. This is the Zero-Point-State where the quantum magic of instantaneous DNA recoding takes place. This is also where stem cells can be generated out of no thing instantly, where illness and body death cease and where the true fountain of youth exists.

At what dimensional level of consciousness does all of this occur for our understanding is one question we were asked and here is the answer we give, “DNA recoding happens beginning at the 5th level of dimensional consciousness and to the degree of your awareness of it all is how you sustain it and make it your every now moment reality!” “You already exist in all dimensions so it works a bit beforehand and your awareness and understanding level of each dimensional state of being is how you stay there and at the same time move even higher.”

The multidimensional light body is the body you are in where your DNA is fully encoded and activated, not the 3D body.
The super-high-vibrating delta state of super-conscious is a complete connection to your multidimensionality and in this state of consciousness your 3D bodies are in  literal hibernation mode. Advanced star beings sometimes refer to this state of being as ‘sleep chambers or healing chambers’ because that is in fact what it is.

Delta waves are often associated with humans being in a coma just for reference! Delta waves are the deepest level of dreamless sleep in which your 3D bodies shut down one level before body death. It is in this state that your bodies can completely focus on healing and growing. Delta brainwaves are conducive to miracle type healing, divine knowledge, inner being and personal growth, rebirth, trauma recovery, oneness with the universe (samadhi), and near death experiences delta provides intuition, empathic attunement, and instinctual insight ascension is the exact experience of what is called ‘death’ but you simply do it in a state that is closest to body death called delta super consciousness. In simple terms you die while you are alive and are reborn in the outcome of it all in the same way into a higher order of yourself. Think of the caterpillar into a butterfly scenario as it is a perfect example of what you are doing  great ones.

Delta ‘Anastasia’, as we have coined it, is the only possible state where these plank-level intricate DNA operations can take place for any being to be able to integrate first-source-data and ascend into a higher form of sentient being. Remember we are undergoing the first mass ascension in any universe where we are doing what is considered the impossible task of taking ‘a body of mass’ up into the next faster dimension where it cannot normally exist. Some celestial beings have said to us, “This is like attempting to put a square peg into a round hole and it cannot be done on a mass planetary scale”. To achieve this the body must be tuned to a faster frequency by injections of gamma light data so it can exist in the less-dense fifth dimension and they say, “The human container is not able to withstand this kind of force!” We stand back and say to these, “Watch and see if they cannot do it, for we know what they are truly capable of.”

We ask you to consider both the challenges of this great evolutionary project but also consider how the human spirit is able to triumph!
Do you truly believe that humanity in general will have any hope of making such a quantum leap in evolution this fast, let alone in the next 50 or 100 years? “Humans are too primitive and unconscious”,  many say and we have heard some say, “We do not see how this primitive people, class-zero civilization will ever rise above the 3D state of unconsciousness!”

We say this about it, “We as the great cosmic generators, along with many masters are upgrading both angelic beings in human bodies who forgot what happened and what they are doing and we are also working to assist in the DNA upgrade of a small percent of humanity indigenous to Earth that are literally the fittest to have survived and evolved to this very day! These together are the great multitude we saw in the Kingdom of Heaven who overcame the whole world and who shined as bright as ten thousand suns.

The good news is many are already doing what has been called impossible by shear will power and conscious super-ability and in fact they have already done it in the grander view. Everyone in the universe is excited to see what you will do next so they all have a front row seat and all the focus is on you. We are just here to watch over things, to assist when you call and to guide you gently! That’s our job and we believe in you!

You know in your heart of hearts that the final outcome of all this has already been determined and the game is fixed in your favor and what you call “good wins” but its still exciting to pretend that parts of ourselves do not know some details and are still in the dark.

Light is simply information and we are the bringers of it to humanity. Do not allow any fear to enter into all of this because it has been going on the whole time and it will continue until every being is fully evolved into their highest form.Now back to every day life, have you noticed you have been getting super tired lately and out of no-where and for no good reason, you get so incredibly sleepy?

Its not because someone is draining off your energy because you are past that part. You are too smart and guarded for that now. Its because the amount of gamma light that is being emitted by Gaia and the cosmos is over 150 hertz at this moment and this is enough power to rip a quasar in half. This super elevation in all that is around you is having an incredible pull on your being!  The amount of power needed to do all of this is inconceivable if you understand this at all. Imagine enough 3 foot long uranium bombs that would cover the entire sun going off at the same moment. That’s the kind of power we are speaking of that is filling the entire cosmos exponentially, it is bombarding the earth and the sentient life here so if the Nano particles of all this hits the magnetic auric field of the body at 22 million mph, don’t ya think it might knock you out for a bit? Of course.

These humans bodies are not expected to be vibrating at 150 hertz where Gaia is because these bodies would instantly vaporize at that super high frequency. Nearly 3 billion beings on the Earth have crossed over the 5D boundary which vibrates exactly at 21 hertz, so you are well on your way and things are speeding up exponentially. 5D beings will be able for the first time in modern history to experience an internal vibration and a matching external perception of 42-45 hertz by spring of 2016 and after this gamma light is integrated, just as we are integrating the first wave, you will no longer be a 5D being, but a 6D one. What took a 1.5 million years in DNA evolution to go jump from a double helix to 5 helix will take a few months to go from 5D to 6D (six helix DNA). Anyone care to speak about what its like to be a 6D being? What does one perceive in 6D? Food for thought early.

The number one ascension symptom as of December 2015 being reported is this: “I’m so tired and I’m sleepy as hell.” again its not because you have no energy, its because ur getting pressurized with large doses of source-gamma-light-data in amounts that the 3d human container is not supposed to be able to withstand and you are getting it fast. The only thing that can really do, as the great Pleiadians say, is this, “It will be so intense sometimes when the light comes in, that all you will be able to do is sleep.”

You are being God-ded dear ones! You are being upgraded to the next highest version of yourself.

Do not fear any of this but embrace the light. It comes to make a new thing and to bring a new day for humanity.

We always say, “Those who do not embrace the light will be engulfed by it.”

What should you do or can you do here?  Rest. Sleep.  Take some time out. Take a break. Give yourself a break. Relax and don’t forget to breathe.

You have to go through this whether you want too or not. You can make it easy and surrender and open to it all, embrace it, accept it, stop fearing the change that comes because it is only for the good of your soul and receive what the universe is giving you.

Some of the beings I know and hang with say. “Universe, hit me as hard as you can with the full light! Maybe this is pushing it a bit, but we think the universe can be trusted  not to blast us into kingdom come. It gives us a little extra because we say, “we are not afraid, bring it on no matter what.” if we cant trust the universe-god, then we all have a big problem. Believe us, you can.

Do give yourself a break and rest. Sleep when you need and want too. Stop doing so much wasted inner-g stuff and take time for you. Put you first.  Be gentle with you. Pamper and care for yourself as a loving nourishing mother would. Start only doing what you love and what you want. This is the greatest act of self-love. No one is stopping you but you.

Please sleep little star baby. You need your beauty rest. You called on the great masters and guides and angels to come and help you so we are all right here saying relax a bit and rest.

Sleep, yes sleep.


Archangel Michael

Kyle Croft @ – New Powers, Abilities, and DNA Upgrades – 2-18-16




By Kyle Croft,   –    Thanks to


I consider myself to be “in the loop.” Its the age of Aquarius now and what was once impossible is now becoming a reality. This shift is going to be a strong one, and it will alter the lives of many people. Ever since December 21st, 2012, our planet and solar system has been in a new area of space.  We are now in a photon belt and it is full of energy completely new to us. This is gamma light coming from the central sun.

For people who have been resonating close to that of 5D for the last 2 years, improving your lifestyles, and seeking enlightenment,  you will be feel the effects the strongest. I feel like around 1/3 of the population will pierce through the veil in the next 2 months, whilst 2/3 will still feel different, but not gain enough DNA upgrades to experience everything this new energy is bringing in just yet. The entire world is going to be very different soon though. This is not a bad thing at all and I am by no means speaking to any doomsday people here.

It’s like this: you are not leaving 3D! Instead, you will continue to exist in 3D, 4D and 5D in the same time-space (now here) and you will be fully aware of your experience in each dimension. Your new awareness will feel like you are merging with other realities and you will develop new abilities. We are currently experiencing a steady bell curve in gamma light frequency increase as we move into the most intense part of the photon belt so see if you can be aware of its effects on the body, mind and emotions over the next two months!

It is proven that gamma light can instantaneously evolve the DNA of any species into its higher form. You are literally evolving quickly now into the highest version of you!

Below is a list of some of the powers you may already have or start to get. This is fun to think about.

  • Animal Speaking – telepathic communication with animals.
  • Enhanced Empathy- influencing and receiving emotional energy.
  • Inter-dimensional Perception- seeing into other dimensions of reality.
  • Clairsentience.
  • Levitation – ability to raise one’s self into the air.
  • Dreamwalking – enter another persons dreams with your astral body.
  • Premonitions – having visions of future events.
  • Astral Projection
  • Telepathy – psychic communication.
  • IQ – More brain power.
  • Precognitive Dreaming – dreaming of future events.
  • Eternal Youth – bodies don’t appear to age anymore.
  • Remote-viewing – visualizing events that happen anywhere.
  • Cryokinesis – ability to control ice.
  • Pyrokinesis – ability to control fire.
  • Hydrokinesis – ability to control water.
  • Electrokinesis – ability to control electricity.
  • Chronokinesis – ability to change ones perception of time.
  • Intangibility- ability to pass through solid objects.
  • Force Field – ability to use the aura for defense and protection.
  • Biokinesis – ability to control genes in the body to alter your look.
  • Psychometry – to gain information by touching objects.
  • Telekinesis – ability to move things with your mind.
  • Bi-location – ability to be two places at once.
  • Teleportation – instantly transport anywhere.
  • Flying – achieved through mastery of levitation.
  • Quick Healing- your rate of healing will increase!
  • Mind Reading
  • Plant Speaking – ability to communicate with plants telepathically.

There are many other abilities I have not mentioned but these are just a few. Basically we are evolving as we receive new energy from space. We have been shifting in consciousness for a long time and now everything is finally coming to fruition! Embrace these changes in yourself and the people around you because we are capable of so much more.

Sending you all love and light!


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