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If you want to shift your reality, shift your perspective.

If you want to change your reality, shift your perspective. You can shift realities by following the energetic threads that exist between your present location in consciousness and other potentials. Alternative realities are attached to the moments you are currently experiencing. To travel in consciousness and experience alternate realities, be very conscious and aware inside your daily reality.

Shifting realities is a matter of becoming very present, observing different facets of every part of your life and seeing each moment from a variety of different angles and perspectives. Though it doesn’t always seem so, your present reality and your field of potentials are fluid and changing. You are flowing along a river of consciousness that transports you through time, space and dimensions with every heartbeat and every blink of the eye.

Following Energetic Threads in Consciousness

An infinite number of potentials are energetically tethered to your present reality. Every decision, large and small, propels you into a new energetic field with its associated potentials. Every decision you make sets you along one energetic path or another. Some choices lead you to experience a vastly different reality thread while other choices set you on a thread similar to your present life course. From where you are now, there are energetic threads capable of transporting you to all other potential life threads.

Perceiving Potentials Linked to your Present Moment

When you quiet your mind, set your intention and enter a receptive space, you are able to perceive the potentials that extend from your present moment. These may appear as glowing threads radiating in all directions. As you observe a potential and feel a current of excitement you begin to energize that life thread. The longer you observe this thread, the more you are able to perceive about it. If you hold your focus there long enough, you can view where it is taking you and the opportunities and challenges that exist there. As you observe a potential you create it and bring it into being.

The reality you are presently experiencing is the creation of your current viewpoint. Often the mind spins out new realities based on what it is presently experiencing. This choice limits one to a narrow field of potentials. When we expand our vision to see our present reality as only one thread inside an infinite field we are able to choose from the vast field of potentials that extends in all directions from our present moment.

Expanding Beyond Perceived Limitations

Some people prefer to observe realities within an energetic range and do not stray far from the Central Focus Reality they adopted when they were young. This is closely related to the CFR of their parents. Others choose realities that are vastly different from those they grew up with. These choices are influenced by life purpose and soul contracts.

Your willingness to see the world from all perspectives allows you to expand beyond limitations. A willingness to view life from a certain perspective doesn’t mean you are endorsing that viewpoint. It simply means you are observing, witnessing, understanding and seeing realities through your lens of perception. This helps you understand where others are coming from and allows you to see all situations in your life from an expanded perspective.

Solving Challenges with Alternative Perspectives

Regardless of your present situation – regardless of how you are seeing and experiencing that situation – there are other perspectives and other ways of experiencing the same thing. If you feel trapped, set an intention to view the situation from the perspective of one who has choices, of one who is not trapped. This allows you to explore alternate reality threads more aligned with the direction in which your soul wishes to move.

Finding the Right Place within Yourself

If it seems you are unable to find an answer to your present challenges, this means you are not looking at your situation from the perspective that is able to solve it. Keep observing your present circumstance from alternate viewpoints until the solution clicks in place. When this happens you will likely feel a shift within. It is often not as much about seeing the right course of action as arriving at the right place within yourself. When you are in the right place within yourself, all else naturally flows toward the highest resolution.

Some experience this as a felt sense or an “aha” moment. Intention, focus and inner listening help you become more attuned to moments when you find the right place within yourself where the answer to your question or dilemma resides.

You may also think of this in terms of your repertoire of selves. You have many aspects of your being and whatever is happening, one of these aspects holds the answer. Whatever the question there is a perspective right here in your present moment that offers an answer. Perceiving from a different aspect of yourself can allow you to step past any present limitations.

Living in the Big Picture of Who You Are

In order to travel through what we think of as time we must be fully centered in the present moment. You don’t want to become overly weighted in past events or future potentials but to include these in the present moment. The awareness of all moments in all time helps us to live in the big picture of who we are – vast and infinite beings reflected but not contained in our present reality. In order to unite with our multi-dimensional self we must acknowledge its existence and open to communicate with those other aspects of our consciousness that exist in other coordinates in the time/space continuum.

Time travel in consciousness is a quantum tool for shifting realities. When you can shift to the perspective of a “you” existing in another time/space coordinate you are able to see your present questions and dilemmas from an expanded perspective that offers a wider array of expansive solutions.

The Perspective of your Higher Self

When you need assistance and guidance, ask to see the situation from the perspective of a wise part of yourself that can help you. Release the need to know how this works for its scope and wisdom exists beyond the confines of the conscious mind. Perspectives can become overly based in physical reality, leading you to believe that you must know the concrete steps of your guidance at all times.

You can become telepathic to your higher self, able to access its treasure trove of spiritual understandings and information at any moment. Developing your intuition is essential to this. Working with intuition is a skill you can cultivate to strengthen your bridge to higher consciousness where all perspectives in all time exist.

Experiencing the Infinite Nature of your Being

Intuition, imagination and a still mind are essential to shifting realities. An aspect of intuition is to be able to see multiple perspectives within the moment.

Shifting realities begins in the present moment. Every moment is multi-dimensional and multifaceted. Each point in time is multi-dimensional and able to be viewed from many different perspectives. When we are fully awake and present within the present moment our mind can shift perspectives and realities. Through intuition, imagination, focus and the power of intention, you can shift into a chosen perspective, transcending time and limitations while venturing into the realm where you are able to experience the infinite nature of your being.

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D.L. Zeta – Breaking Free! – It’s Time for Liftoff – 3-28-16


D.L. Zeta   –   Breaking Free!   It’s Time for Liftoff   –   Celestial Vision   –   3-28-16



It’s time for souls to break free of denser energies and achieve liftoff by aligning with the vibration of unconditional love, the highest vibration in the universe. It’s through love that we chart a course in life that allows us to live more fully in the new time on planet Earth.

The new time is here. It’s a location alive and well in its own timeline. We’re free at any moment to step into the new time and begin living the visions we’ve experienced time and again. Many of you have experienced periods of heightened perception, expanded consciousness and peak states. These moments keep you moving forward on your path as you seek to experience more high-vibrational frequencies.

Higher Frequencies are your Natural State

These higher frequencies are your natural state. These are the frequencies where your higher self exists. It’s not that your higher self resides in a remote, lofty location in consciousness, but that you exist in isolation and separation – a condition derived from physical-based programming, mind control and parasitical influences. The moment we adopt physical-based perceptions (what we see is all there is) we are weakened, our frequency is lowered and we are easier prey for parasitical thought viruses that convince us we are small, separate, weak, victimized, poor, and disempowered – all variations on the same theme included in the programming of free-floating thought viruses. These keep us enslaved in a world of seeming endless pitfalls where we are shut off from our intuitive knowing, our impeccable guidance, and the synchronistic flow that comes from constant telepathic communion with our higher self.

You are able to transcend anything that pulls you down, holds you back or limits your connection with your soul. History is full of those who have accomplished amazing feats. These come from communion with one’s soul.

When you move through life awake and aware, you naturally make choices that lead you to experience high-vibrational realities. It’s through awareness and conscious choices that you are able to exist along timelines of the New Earth.

You Came Here with a Blueprint for this Lifetime

You came here with a blueprint that reflected your lesson format, the karma you came here to heal and resolve, and visions for what you will do in this lifetime. You brought with you gifts, talents and abilities. You came here to share these and to continue to hone them. You came here to once again face down limitations and programming and step beyond a purely physical-based perspective so you can move through your earthly existence here as spirit incarnated on earth. It is through the growth of your consciousness that you help unite heaven and earth. You came here to join with others to anchor the higher frequencies of love to the earth plane in order to help shift all life and all consciousness to the next level.

Love is the Highest Frequency

The New Earth is being anchored into collective consciousness by a record number of souls incarnating who hold the blueprint to transcend the limiting beliefs of physical-based realities while in physical form. These souls shine a bright light on the Earth plane. They bring awareness to old, outdated beliefs and ways of being. Human rights, animal rights, and care of the environment are at the top of their agenda for this timeframe. Understanding of these issues will undergo quantum leaps as higher frequencies of love are anchored to the Earth plane. This has been taking place in recent decades and is now accelerating. You might point to the brutality and violence that is still prevalent on planet Earth. It seems that as the vibration of love expands and casts a wider influence so does the frequency of hatred and abuse. This is the hastening of the shadow, the resistance, the obstacle field that naturally arises in response to higher frequencies. Love is the strongest and most powerful force on the planet. As you remain in the frequency of love, you help anchor higher and more powerful frequencies to the Earth plane. These frequencies trump all lower vibrations.

Love, Kindness and Compassion are Soul Qualities

Love for ourselves, love for all humans, all animals, and all life forms is a reflection of our connection to our soul and higher self. The person who radiates love, kindness and compassion is expressing the nature and the qualities of their soul. Those who harm others, those who harm animals, the environment or any form of life, are acting from an impulse that disconnects them from the radiant life force connection with their soul.

Ascension is the Movement Back to your Soul





D.L. Zeta – March Eclipse, Equinox Combo – Ushers Portals of Higher Potential – Celestial Visions3-22-16

D.L.  Zeta: March Eclipse/Equinox Combo Ushers Portals of Higher Potential | Celestial Visions

We are standing inside a moment when new frequencies are riding in on the wings of powerful energies.  These frequencies hasten each person into the energetic field of the new time according to their spiritual purpose, intentions and vibration.

The Pisces Solar Eclipse March 8 unleashed an unprecedented wave of inner transformation that brought us to this week’s Spring Equinox (Fall Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere), a time when the past gives way to profound new beginnings. Combined with the eclipse energies, the equinox ushers new portals of higher potential.  These higher energies give rise to a future you have until now only glimpsed in dreams and waking visions.

The March 23 Lunar Eclipse in Libra will define the course of the transformation begun with the March 8 Solar Eclipse.  These new energies will set the tone for the next six months and chart the way collectively into the next phase of the new time. While the days prior to and immediately after an eclipse are the most intense, the energies of an eclipse cast a strong influence for the following six months and, in some cases, beyond.

Healing Sacred Wounds with the March 8 Solar Eclipse

At the individual level the March 8 Solar Eclipse conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, facilitated the healing of a deep wound that may have impeded your movement along the path of realizing your highest potentials.  This sacred wound could be from this life or another. It represents a need to learn and grow that exists deep with you.  Many souls incarnated into this timeframe for its potential to heal cellular wounds they have carried across lifetimes.  As a soul heals at a deep level, the spiritual purpose for this lifetime becomes activated, allowing that individual to step past anything that previously stood in the way of serving others on a larger scale.

Receiving the Message of your Sacred Wound

The energies of the Pisces Solar Eclipse conjunct Chiron open the way for needed healing to enter your consciousness at a deep level, eventually working its way to all levels of your being.  Be willing to embrace the message of your wound and allow these insights to serve as the foundation for new levels of awakening.  Set your intentions to realize your highest potentials and be alert to guidance that comes in dreams and meditation so you can receive the moment-by-moment insights needed to manifest the essence of your inner transformation into the outer world.

Over the next six months you will be asked to step past your comfort zone and have faith that your actions now will bring the experiences needed to facilitate your movement to the next level.  You will be asked to adopt new templates for creating future realities.  This solar eclipse signals that it’s time to stop looking to the past for what’s possible.  The future that lies ahead bears no resemblance to the realities you are leaving behind.  The changes taking place now are percolating deep within your soul and within collective consciousness.  It is essential that you stand strong and trust that the changes initiated now will manifest with divine timing.

Affirm your readiness; maintain your focus and allow the daily synchronistic flow of actions and ideas to take place.  Honor the truth of your heart and release the past as the new energies work at a deep level to heal old fear patterns and balance and clear your energy at all levels.  Over coming months your attention will be drawn to anything that stands in the way of your healing including any addictions, fears, self-defeating behaviors, energy leaks, self-doubts, emotional wounds, negative thoughts, and thought viruses.  Commit to spiritual practices, a healthy diet and exercise regimen and practice gratitude and forgiveness daily.  Old issues from the past may arise now to be released.  Do not give them your energy, just observe and hold them in a place of love and forgiveness. Hold the door open to miracles and breakthroughs at this time and trust that new realities aligned with your dreams and visions are real and here to stay.

Manifesting with the March 23 Lunar Eclipse

The March 23 Eclipse in Libra brings deeper insights into the nature of past wounds, their meaning and purpose and the steps you can take to unlock their divine potential.  If you are experiencing physical illness this eclipse beacons you to explore alternative healing techniques aimed at harmonizing body, mind, and soul. Every situation that arises in your life is a message from your higher self, encoded with insights and frequencies designed to support your movement along your spiritual path.  The March 23 eclipse begins to manifest the visions that danced through your consciousness around the time of the March 8 eclipse.  In coming weeks and months the path revealed at the first of this month will bear fruit as you move further into new levels of awakening and new manifestations associated with that awakening.

Making the Most of the Eclipse/Equinox Portals

In order to make the most of this time:

One) Practice moderation at all levels.  Jupiter, the planet of expansion, squares the March 8 eclipse, indicating the need to avoid excess in all areas of your life.

Two) Focus on health by adopting a new and healthier diet and exercise regimen.  Health practices designed to harmonize body, mind and soul are especially supported now with Chiron conjunct the March 8 eclipse.  Health consciousness will be a dominant theme the rest of this year.

Three) Embrace the inevitable chaos that accompanies transition periods.  Energies now are attempting to rearrange themselves at a higher level, creating chaos and confusion on an ongoing basis.  Remaining awake and alert to guidance helps you navigate times of chaos and uncertainty.  Keep a dream journal to receive the messages of your subconscious and meditate and practice yoga and other forms of movement designed to harmonize all levels of your being.

Four) Accept and embrace loss.  During times of change and transformation you may experience the loss of many things in your life.  Careers, relationships, living arrangements and other underpinnings of your reality may fall away to make way for the new.  Loss and sacrifice are common themes in transition times.  Allow yourself time to grieve and express gratitude for all that has been.

Five) Create an empowering synergy by merging old and new energies. Ask aspects of your consciousness that have played a role in past realities to now support the new visions you are manifesting.  Explain to these aspects how these new realities will continue the evolution of your soul, a continuation of the journey begun with past scenarios. This helps create a continuity of consciousness and allows old energy to rearrange itself at the new level.

Six) Cultivate some form of creative play.  This provides you with an outlet for processing emotions as you move through times of powerful change and allows you time alone to commune with your soul.

Seven) Reflect on events unfolding in your life in 1997 as this will offer some insight into the nature of the changes taking place in your life now.  Eclipses run in 19-year cycles so the March eclipses contain themes similar to eclipses in 1997.

Eight) Consider that instead of thoughtforms around “stopping” unhealthy behaviors that you are instead establishing new behaviors that feed you at all levels and lift you to a new vibration where old, self-defeating behaviors naturally phase out.

Nine) Regularly commune with your soul. Meditation, walks in nature and near water, or just sitting in silence can help strengthen the bridge to higher consciousness and help you tune into the whispers of your soul. Establishing and maintaining a strong connection with your soul allows you to stand strong even as you pass through times when darker energies seem to underlie and dominate mainstream mass realities.

Ten) Believe and trust in the higher order of the universe. During coming months energies will clash on the world’s stage playing out the transition to higher realities and their resistance from old, outdated lower-vibrational realities.  Hold in awareness no matter what is before you that higher vibrations always trump lower frequencies.  You can trust in the guidance of your soul at times when the world around you feels unstable and less solid and the people you encounter less worthy of you trust.


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Wayshowers Guide our Movement into the New Time Teacher -12-19-15


DL ZetaDL Zeta

Decades ago, many souls began the long process of awakening to their purpose as wayshowers who would someday guide others into the new time. For the most part, in earlier times these souls didn’t know the scope of their mission. This was by divine plan to help these future guides remain in the present moment and learn to build trust in their internal guidance system. This trust is essential in becoming adept at navigating the unknown terrain of the new world.

As these souls strengthened the bridge to their higher knowing, they received downloads of guidance that, in one way or another, led them to set intentions of love and service. It is through setting higher intentions that we reset our inner compass and begin moving through life based on our spiritual mission.

Embracing the Identity of the Wayshower

It may be the first identity you adopt in the new world is one that has been appearing to you for a very long time. This first identity may be that of wayshower – a soul that moves through levels of spiritual development in accelerated phases. This phasing allows a soul to enter preparedness with divine timing in order to help other souls find their footing in the new time. You may have held this vision of yourself without getting to know it. You may have held back from embracing this vision because you could not yet see yourself as empowered to help guide others. If this is the case, it is a sign you may have subjugated your consciousness to thought viruses that have dimmed your light and led you to believe you are not wise enough or strong enough to illuminate the way ahead for yourself and others.

The time for self-doubt is over. You will find yourself in coming weeks and months burning through any misunderstandings that diminish your light. Through awareness you will learn to recognize the influence of thought viruses by shining the light of your higher knowing on them. When you stop feeding them your attention and energy, they will atrophy and fall away.

Intentions of Love and Service are Beacons of Light in the New Time

As you step further into the fertile ground of the new time, you will find seeds of intention planted long ago taking root and quickly coming to fruition. Combine the visions coming to you now with your intentions of love and service and you have a vehicle for navigating the new time. If you have seen yourself writing a spiritual blog, you will find yourself doing this now. If you have seen yourself an artist encoding spiritual frequencies into your creations, you will begin creating that now. Many writers, artists, teachers, healers, and other talented souls will now step forward in a stronger way to help guide humanity into the new time.

You don’t have to know how you will carry out your spiritual mission. As soon as you enter the vibrational frequency of the new time, you begin to download messages and guidance that provide the insights needed to take your first steps.

Inside this new world intentions become guide posts and beacons of light. Anytime you lose your way here, simply return to your intentions of love and service and you will find your footing.

Allowing the Old Way to Recede from your Life Experience

As you move further into the new time, the old way will recede into the background. You are free to return here but as time passes, it becomes less likely that you will. In time, your energetic frequency will become so entrained to the new time that the old way will pass from the menu of your life experiences.

Thought viruses will attempt to block your ascending movement with guilt and other emotional snares. Toxic thoughtforms will lead you to believe you should hold yourself back for the sake of those you love. Don’t feel you need to hold yourself back for the sake of others. By allowing yourself to be transported into the new time, you open an energetic space for others to follow. When you do what is best for yourself, you do what is best for all others.

As you learn to exist completely within the new time, you’ll find a great sense of compassion for those still struggling under the spell of thought viruses and under the burden of un-love. As a wayshower, you will be drawn to engineer various alternate means of transport to provide others easier access to the new time. The idea behind these various means is that if one method doesn’t work, another will. The forms of transport you engineer will work for those who are ready to step free of the old way. Bless all those who choose to remain in the throes of suffering and struggle, trusting that each soul chooses the learning experiences it needs within the moment.

Joining with others to Structure Future Time Planes

At a certain point in their journey through the new time, wayshowers will be called to join with others to create structures that will provide the foundation for the new time as it exists in future time planes. You will undertake this task much as those who arrived here before you created the framework on which you now stand.

In the new world, there are places in consciousness where frequencies of heaven and earth blend. Inside these zones you are able to meet with those souls who made your journey here possible. You will also meet those souls you will guide and support in future realms. As you become skilled at moving through zones of higher consciousness you will learn to design and plan future lifetimes; you will also receive a lens to view the lives you have already passed through. At this point, you will understand the full meaning of your present lifetime.

As you prepare to leave this lifetime, you will travel in consciousness to the land of your ancestors where you join in celebration of the mission you carried out over the arc of lifetimes. By joining your light with that of other souls over the span of generations, you set the stage for the new time in human consciousness. When your role is complete, another soul will join its light to yours and carry on where your journey here ends.

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DL ZETA – Spiritual Telepathy – Fifth Dimension – 11-8-15

 DL Zeta*

DL ZETA   –   Spiritual Telepathy   –   Fifth Dimension   –   11-8-15



Navigating the fifth dimension requires a high level of awareness that paves the way for constant telepathic communication with your higher self. This spiritual telepathy is created by setting the intention to align with your higher self. As you harmonize with this high-vibrational aspect of your being, you begin to receive frequent information downloads and guidance.

At first, you may not understand all that’s being downloaded into your consciousness. Becoming adept at translating intuitive downloads is like learning to speak a new language. In the beginning, you may only understand a few words, but as you persist in immersing yourself in the new language, it becomes easier to understand. Over time, you become increasingly fluent. As you flood your mind and consciousness with information contained in spiritual downloads, you naturally magnetize further downloads. In time, becoming fluent in the language of your soul allows you to develop a telepathic connection with your higher self. As soon as you formulate a question in your mind, the answer is downloaded into your consciousness.


The Nature of Spiritual Downloads

Receiving downloads of knowledge and information is nothing new. Answers to your questions have always arrived the second you formulated a question. In the past, it may have seemed some answers never arrived. In fact, all the answers arrived the second you asked them, but you were not always able to receive them. This often has to do with levels of receptivity.

As we have said, lack of skill in translating spiritual information is one reason some answers are not received. But receptivity plays an equally important role in understanding spiritual guidance. If a download arrives in a moment when you are less receptive, you may not be aware it has arrived. These less receptive periods may occur during times of stress, physical illness, exhaustion, emotional upheaval or extreme absorption into physical reality. A busy and chaotic mind is generally not a good “receiver” whereas a still and peaceful mind is an excellent receiver. You will likely move between these states during your day, but keep in mind that when you are seeking answers, it’s best to enter a peaceful state to receive them.


Optimal Receiving States

Optimal receiving times are moments when your mind is still, as during meditation, quiet contemplation and reflection; during times when you surrender and reach out for answers beyond your conscious understanding; during times when your health, vitality and life force energy are flowing and your body has a balanced (7.5) PH; during times when your heart and mind are open, when you are experiencing unconditional love, when you are experiencing gratitude, joy, absorbed in creativity and following your spiritual purpose. Focusing your mind through concentration is another technique, as is walking in nature or spending time near water. Even a shower can enhance your receptive ability.

If, after working with these techniques, you still have difficulty receiving guidance, examine if some part of you has reservations. These may be younger parts of yourself that need help understanding and embracing “unseen” dimensions of your existence. Sometimes you intuitively sense that an answer, if fully received, would trigger quantum changes in your present existence. You may draw back, feeling you aren’t ready for such sweeping change. As the earthly manifestation of your higher self, you’re able to work with aspects of yourself that exist at all levels to bring about needed healing and understanding. As conductor of your orchestra of selves, you’re able to harmonize your consciousness to bring the laser focus needed to breathe life into your highest dreams and visions.


Your Etheric Escrow Account

There is no need for concern that you have missed important downloads of information in the past. Answers remain in an etheric “escrow” account, still waiting to be accessed and reviewed. This is why those who undergo spiritual openings suddenly find their consciousness flooded with a backlog of unopened etheric mail.


Developing Spiritual Telepathy

In a rapidly evolving world, the only reliable way to navigate is through spiritual telepathy. In this New Time, you will encounter many new energies, ideas and challenges. The best way to navigate these scenarios is by maintaining constant, direct telepathy with your higher self. Your higher self and its repertoire of “past” and “future” life selves contains the vast wealth of knowledge and spiritual understanding your soul has cultivated throughout time. Each time you encounter a new situation, you’re able to formulate a question and receive immediate answers from your higher self. Once you receive this information, you can fashion it into the tools needed to navigate whatever is before you in your present moment. Spiritual telepathy allows you to meet each new situation in your life with the enthusiasm and confidence needed to transform it into the golden opportunities and spiritual signposts that enlighten your spiritual path and allow greater access to fifth-dimensional energies.


W offer here some steps to developing spiritual telepathy.

1) Write down and interpret your dreams every morning. Dreams are messages from your higher self that provide you with important information for your day.

2) Interpret your waking dream. Just as you translate dream symbols, you can translate the symbols of your waking “dream.” Everything that happens in your physical reality is pointing the way to deeper spiritual truths.

3) Follow your highest vision. Record the images that arrive in your conscious mind and see how you can put them to use in your life.

4) Write your spiritual autobiography and examine the symbols of each occurrence, especially those you still hold energy around. By seeing how a situation was helping you grow, you’re able to receive the gifts it offered and expand your understanding.

5) Eat a light and healthy diet that helps heal and clear old energies in your physical system. Detoxing at the physical level triggers healing at all levels. Clearing up the energy in your environment is another form of healing. Examine to see if there is any dead energy in your environment and release everything that no longer serves your highest good.

6) Practice silence and meditation. Set aside time each day when you can slow down, breathe and reflect. This helps you cultivate inner peace and the stillness of mind that is crucial to receiving spiritual guidance.

7) Practice Q and A’s with your higher self. By writing down questions and using techniques such as automatic writing to receive answers, you strengthen your skill at communicating with your higher self. One of the keys to developing spiritual telepathy is learning to formulate questions that bring the information you need within the moment. Formulating questions requires clear seeing, intuition and discernment. Cultivate these skills to help you know what questions to ask. Questions are the gatekeepers to receiving spiritual insight with impeccable timing.

8) Open to the possibility of cultivating advanced techniques for receiving spiritual guidance such as channeling. Conscious channeling is a skill you can practice by opening your consciousness, entering a light trance and allowing your guides, angels, higher self and other high-vibrational beings to speak through you. To free your conscious mind from the need to remember what is said, you can speak the answers into a tape recorder.

9) Study self-hypnosis and learn to put yourself into a light trance where answers freely from flow into your consciousness. As you become skilled at entering a trance, you can slip in and out of this state throughout your day. This “soft focus” state allows you to download messages from your “etheric email” account. The equivalent of this in your physical world is downloading your e-mail from a server. In this case the “server” is your subconscious mind which receives the information from your
higher self.

10) Practice relaxation and other techniques such as yoga and t’ai chi that help you coordinate and harmonize body, mind and spirit. This allows you to function in the state of oneness needed to navigate the fifth dimension.


Source:Excerpt from The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta
For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org/

DL ZETA – Experiencing Timeline and Identity Shifts – 10-17-15

DL ZetaDL ZETA   –   Experiencing Timeline and Identity Shifts  –   10-17-15

Many reality threads exist within the energetic field of each person’s life. At any given time, some threads exist as a close vibrational match to your existing reality thread, while others exist as more remote vibrational matches. The more remote matches have a lower probability of becoming your focus probability, but they are still possible futures already in existence. Threads of reality that are close vibrational matches to your present reality are considered future probabilities. This means there’s a strong likelihood you will shift to the timeline of this alternate reality.

Whatever your imagination brings you is a possible reality already residing within your field of possibilities. If it weren’t already a timeline in existence, you wouldn’t be thinking about it.

Change Opens the Door for Timeline Shifts

There are various ways people shift from one timeline to another. The person who adopts a healthy diet and exercise routine has shifted to a different timeline with a different set of future probabilities. The person who adopts a spiritual path is choosing a vibrational timeline of different resonance that can, in time, allow them to shift to very different timeline probabilities.

There are many small ways you shift to different threads of reality without noticing it. This is the case when you rearrange the furniture in your home or begin to travel a different route into town. Even the smallest variation in your daily routine has the ability to create energetic changes that can lead you to choose other timeline probabilities. When you create even a small change in your life, this creates new pathways in your consciousness that can effectively create a new “you.” Timeline changes grow from the different choices and behaviors of this new version of yourself.

The Menu of Timeline Shift Options

Many people change timelines only out of necessity, when there is a crisis or other unexpected event. In these cases, the timeline shift is not always one of their choosing. Still others remain in the same basic timeline for most of their lives, with little variation in reality threads. By contrast, there are lifetimes where a person undergoes so many reality shifts it seems they have lived many different lives within the same one. Many lightworkers experience this as they actively seek new spiritual understandings and access the timelines of past incarnations through communion with their higher self. In every case, the various lessons and shifts of a life are set forth prior to birth in counsel with the higher self and other guiding entities.

Consciously Choosing Reality Threads

As you gain awareness of the many threads of reality that exist within your field of possibilities, you can consciously choose the thread you wish to energize.

From a place of awareness, you can consciously choose a reality thread and begin to energize it with your focus, attention and action.

Even if a thread of reality does not seem very “probable” at the moment, you can begin to bring your focus and attention to that timeline. As long as you are willing to take action, and keep on taking action to create a reality shift, you will eventually make the shift.

When you shift to a thread that’s a close vibrational match to your present one, the change may be barely detectable; when you shift to a vibrationally different thread of possibility, it may suddenly seem you are living an entirely different life.

By working with timeline shifts, you can begin to create the self of your highest possible future, transforming your life at the quantum level.

Sources:For more on timelines, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta http://www.celestialvision.org/timeline-and-identity-shifts-e/
For more info, see http://www.celestialvision.org

DL Zeta – Choosing to Believe in the Unlimited Love and Blessings of Spirit – 7-15-15


DL Zeta


At a time when intentions manifest at warp speed and our every expression reflects our inner world with perfect transparency, it is a good time to visit the beliefs that determine the shape and form of the realities we manifest. Our beliefs narrow or expand our field of potentials and determine the timelines we will move along. As we move further into the new time, the power of our beliefs becomes more profound than ever before.

Beliefs are filters we place on reality. Everyone holds beliefs about themselves, about others, the nature of reality and the universe. Some beliefs empower us while others disempower us. The good news is that it’s just as easy to hold an empowering belief as it is to hold a disempowering one. It’s just as easy to believe in a world that radiates the unlimited love and blessings of spirit as it is to believe in a world where pain, suffering and struggle are our fate.

Shining the Light of Awareness on Beliefs

You can examine your beliefs to see if you hold any that are holding you down. For a time you may choose to become a detective of your life to shine the light of your awareness on your beliefs. Ask yourself what you believe about your potentials and your love-ability. Ask yourself what you believe you deserve.

It is also helpful to ask yourself how you see others and the world around you. Do you believe others love and support you, or do you believe others use you toward their own ends and abandon you when you need them most? Do you believe the saying that ‘no good deed goes unpunished’ or do you believe the good you do returns to you tenfold?

Do you believe in the divine wisdom of the universe or do you believe you are a hapless pawn in the hands of a hostile and punishing god? Are you a victim or an empowered being who creates your own realities? The identities you hold offer important clues to your beliefs.

Your Beliefs are Real and True for You

Any belief you hold is real and true for you. If you believe you’re unloved, you will live your life as if this is true. If you believe you’re loved for the unique qualities you possess as a human being, you will feel loved and you will live your life accordingly. When you feel loved you will love. When you love, you open the door for more love to flow into your life.

Testing the Beliefs you Hold

There are some simple tests you can apply to your beliefs. One way to tell if you have beliefs that don’t serve you is to hold a belief in awareness and ask yourself if the belief empowers you to reach the highest and best in the universe or does it bind you to dense realities that limit and disempower you? Pay attention to your feeling state when you focus on the realities your beliefs create. Do you feel angry or agitated or do you feel happy and at peace?

Here is another test. Imagine you’re holding a belief in your hand. Does it feel heavy and leaden or do you feel yourself lift off the ground as you hold it? What brings you down is a belief you can let go of. What lifts you up is a belief that holds the power to lift you to your highest potentials.

Everyone Deserves Love

One reason some hold disempowering beliefs is that they feel they don’t deserve to be loved and empowered. Unfortunately this is a core belief that can disable a lot of empowering beliefs. The solution to this is simple: adopt the belief that each person, as a spark of spirit, is deserving of the best the universe has to offer. Each person inherently deserves unconditional love and the blessings of the universe. So long as you sincerely believe good things are the birthright of every person, you’ll be able to extend this belief to yourself as well. When you believe you deserve the best the universe has to offer, each day becomes a joyful journey along timelines where you experience ever expanding realms of love and bliss.


For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta http://www.celestialvision.org/timeline-and-identity-shifts-e/

For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org/


D.L. Zeta – Solar Eclipse/Equinox Combo Opens Portal of Divine Potential by | Celestial Vision – 3-21-15


 We stand at a crossroads of the old and the new. This is a crossroads that offers the opportunity for awakening and rebirth through a portal of divine potential that has opened before us. This portal extends well into the rest of 2015 and will transport us into the next phase of our personal and collective evolution.

This powerful and unique portal opens with today’s total solar eclipse in the final degree of Pisces followed closely by the spring equinox. Astrologically speaking, this is the most powerful period of 2015 and today is the most intense day of this period. You may experience a powerful release and feeling of completion during this time followed by the sense of new doorways opening in consciousness.

Patriarchal vs. Divine Feminine

The language of endings and beginnings is very clear in this eclipse/equinox combo. The destructive, soul crushing patriarchal perspective that has ruled this planet for millennia is falling away as the era of the divine feminine ushers in a time of greater love, compassion and intuition. Spirituality and creativity are major themes of this shift which represents a further movement into the new time on planet Earth. We experience the higher frequencies of this shift and the new, gentler qualities it brings to the extent that we embrace our feminine side.

Total Solar Eclipse/Equinox Combo

The total solar eclipse at 29° Pisces is magnified by the spring equinox. A solar eclipse acts as a supercharged new moon. A Pisces new moon, especially one on the border of Aries, represents endings and new beginnings. An eclipse in the final degree of Pisces in the last degree of the zodiac brings entire cycles of time to completion and ushers in major life changes. The final degree of any zodiac sign is a significant point that offers unique potentials as well as destabilizing energies.

The energies of the solar eclipse will extend into September and beyond but they will be especially potent in the upcoming lunar cycle. A total lunar eclipse at 14 degrees Libra takes place April 4, punctuating the powerful influence initiated by this solar eclipse. Both of these eclipses are total eclipses which are relatively rare events. Many eclipses are partial or penumbral. Total eclipses are by far more potent, casting a powerful sphere of influence.
Your Astrology Chart Reveals an Eclipse’s Impact in Coming Months

To understand areas of your life that will be impacted by the energies of this eclipse over the next several months, study your astrology chart. Examine where Pisces is in your chart. This is the part of your life where you will be releasing and making room for something new. Find Aries in your chart. This is where the new will be arriving. Houses in astrology reveal the areas of our life most impacted by an eclipse. Natal planets, progressions and other aspects conjuncted by the eclipse bring further insights into what is being asked of you during this time.

Lunar Nodes Reflect your Spiritual Purpose|

The lunar nodes and this week’s Uranus-Pluto Square figure prominently into the astrology of the spring equinox.

The placement of lunar nodes in a chart point toward our destiny and purpose in this lifetime. Our south node reflects gifts and baggage we brought with us into this lifetime while the north node reveals the nature of our intentions this time around. In this week’s mix, the lunar nodes provide us with the impetus needed to immediately set about making the sweeping changes needed to move toward our spiritual purpose. As we sit in meditation during this time we’re able to receive a clear vision of our purpose and the present-moment potentials that allow us to take significant steps in the fulfillment of this purpose.

Eclipse Energies and Conscious Reality Creation

This is a time to summon forth all we have learned in recent years about consciously creating realities. Hold in awareness that you gravitate toward whatever you focus on. In a sense you become whatever you focus upon. Now is the time to examine where you place your energy and focus and to cultivate thoughts aligned with the realities you wish to create. Begin with your inner realities, keeping in mind that whatever you incubate within your own consciousness you make more accessible to all others.

Surround yourself with positive, uplifting and loving environments. Consciously choose the people and activities in your life, holding in awareness that we tend to become like the people we spend time with and the energies in which we immerse ourselves.

Radiating Love to All-that-is

Send love and light to others and to all-that-is. As we shift to a higher vibration, we hold a space for others to shift to higher frequencies. As we heal ourselves, we open a space for others to heal. The love we radiate outward impacts the universe in unseen ways, gathering energy on the inner planes to fuel the revolution of oneness that is awakening us to deeper levels of the new time.

Stepping into the Portal of Divine Potential

We can expect to see new themes and patterns emerging in coming days, weeks, and months as our lives come into sync with the new flow and direction of evolutionary awakening and powerful new beginnings looming on the horizon.

We are witnessing the closing days of a cosmic cycle. It’s time to reflect on the passing away of an old way of life that has shaped us up to this point. As we embrace and release who we have been as well as opportunities missed and taken, we turn our focus to a new and expansive present leading to a future we have encountered in dreams and imagination. Cosmic energies over the last few years set events into motion that now empower us to take our first step into this divine portal of potential that is now opening, inviting us to begin our ascent into the new time.

©2010-2015 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved www.celestialvision.org These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute this message with others as you feel guided to do so. Please be sure to include the author & source website link.


Channeler DL Zeta – Paradigm Shift Now – Uranus-Pluto Square – Evolve on your Feet – 3-17-15

DL Zeta 2DL Zeta

We are under the influence of the final exact square of Uranus Pluto. We began feeling the effects of the connection between these two power houses as far back as 2008.

The energies ramped up with each 90-degree square, the first of which occurred in June of 2012.

The tension between Uranus and Pluto has remained strong since 2012, and has heightened with each exact square.

We will continue to experience the effects of the Uranus-Pluto connection over the next few years.

Revolution in our Inner and Outer Worlds

The squares are hastening a revolution of sorts in our inner and outer worlds. This great change marks the threshold of the new time that has been incubating within hearts and minds for many years now.

This month’s final square off is not the last of this aspect’s influence, which will extend into 2018 and beyond. This is the most powerful astrological influence we will experience during this decade. The changes seeded during this time will determine the shape of life on the earth plane moving forward.

The Uranus-Pluto connection marks the defining moment of a generation that remembers the intentions and ideals behind the sweeping changes of the Sixties. These intentions incubated underground for decades and began to resurface as we approached 2012.

Upheaval, Evolutionary Change and Lightning Bolt Insights

The Uranus-Pluto square signals generational upheaval and evolutionary change. It is one of the most challenging of planetary aspects. At the personal level it brings challenges and rites of passage.

Uranus is about change, revolution, higher awareness, and the lightning bolt flashes of insight associated with spiritual awakening whereas Pluto is about death, destruction, transformation and renewal. The challenges triggered under the influence of this aspect are profound, all-encompassing, and sometimes arrive with tsunami-like force.

Sweeping Changes ask us to ‘Evolve on our Feet’

As the Uranus-Pluto square strengthened in intensity, you may have found yourself experiencing abrupt change in recent years. You may have felt the need to literally “evolve on your feet” as life as you knew it changed before your eyes.

You may have had to summon levels of flexibility, responsibility and adaptability you did not know you had. Old structures of your life may have fallen away as new responsibilities were added.

These energies are asking each person to examine every part of their life to see what no longer serves them. Changes now will range from clearing and releasing clutter and items you no longer use in your home to ending relationships and other connections that no longer serve the highest good.

Many will change careers, undertake new courses of study or be faced with the need to undertake a journey of healing.

Breaking down Old Structures

The Uranus-Pluto square sets in motion the breakdown of old structures that is essential to clear the way for the new time. During these past few years as the Uranus-Pluto square cast an ever widening shadow, we witnessed accelerating earth changes, climate change, and social upheaval – all of this mirroring our own personal upheaval.

At the individual level, these changes brought us face-to-face with our shadow selves and in some cases launched us on an ever deepening spiritual journey.

Although wholesale change and transformation is in the wind, we still have the ability to navigate these changes in a conscious way, eyes open, fully awake and present within the moment, and fully engaged with our spiritual guidance.

It is from this awakened stance that we can join together to create a vision for the New Earth that serves the highest good of all. No one need be a hapless victim in this process.

Uranus/Pluto and the 60s Revolution

This Uranus-Pluto Square threads back to the revolutionary ideals of the sixties when Uranus and Pluto were conjunct. We can look back to the civil rights marches, the hippie movement, anti-war demonstrations – all that was seeded during the sixties is now reemerging as Uranus and Pluto hook up again.

Tracking Uranus-Pluto’s Influence in Recent Years

To understand what is being asked of you during this time, look back at the first rumblings of the impending Uranus-Pluto squares in 2008. What were the themes of your life during that time?

Any unexpected changes and shifts foreshadowed events crystalizing in the ethers. Look again to see what was happening in your life around June 2012 (and during the eclipse series just prior to that); then again September and October 2012; May/June 2013; October/November 2013; April 2014; November/December 2014; and now in March 11th through 28th 2015.

The apex point of the Uranus-Pluto square was October 17- November 15, 2013 so that the events of that time may offer particularly revealing insights into the personal influences of this aspect.

The Uranus-Pluto square can help you release everything that does not serve your highest good: possessions, relationships, ideas, beliefs, habits and patterns. This is about releasing what no longer serves you.

You may feel yourself called to release your entire way of life and strike out in an entirely new direction. When we release resistance to the changes percolating within us and around us, we open the door to wealth beyond what we have imagined.

To understand areas of your life most affected by each exact square, examine your chart to see what houses transiting Pluto and Uranus are in during those time frames.

We offer some suggestions for navigating the effects of the Uranus-Pluto square during this final exact squaring and into the next few years when its influence will still be a guiding force.

1) Examine yourself. Become a detective of your life observing everything, questioning everything. This helps cultivate self-awareness.

2) Question your motivations. Release what no longer serves you but at the same time examine your motives for eliminating longstanding structures and connections. Are you running from unresolved situations from your past or are you seeking to make peace with the past and release it?

3) Examine how your ego influences your decision making. The ego is a useful tool as long as it is in surrender to divine will.

4) Recognize you are first and foremost an infinite being and as such deserving of the highest and best the universe has to offer. As an infinite being, you are humble, compassionate, abundant, loving and dedicated to serving the highest good of all.

5) Daily make time for the stillness and silence that allows you to strengthen the bridge with your higher self.

6) Cultivate intuition and spiritual connection. Dreamwork, journaling, meditation, breathwork, chanting and numerous other techniques can help awaken your inner senses.

7) Set your intentions to expand awareness even if it means becoming aware of painful truths about yourself and others. Whatever you embrace and forgive you can heal.

8) Share the gift of your light to illuminate the path ahead for others.

9) Embrace the idea that everything is fluid and changing within every moment and see yourself moving in harmony with this constant flow of life.

10) To free yourself of all restrictive influences, undertake a fast – not just from food but from internet, cell phones, television, movies, and all other distractions. Regularly make a space in your life to journal, meditate and listen within.

11) Become present, alert and awake within the moment. Your present moment is your true point of power. From the present moment you are able to heal the past, cultivate joy within the present and envision the future.

12) Spend time in nature connecting with your natural inner rhythms.

©2010-2015 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved www.celestialvision.org These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute this message with others as you feel guided to do so. Please be sure to include the author & source website link.

DL Zeta – Cultivating a Wakeful Awareness – 3-5-15

DL Zeta 2DL Zeta

No one has to be enslaved by physical reality. The alternative to living at the mercy of thought viruses is to remain awake and cultivate awareness within each moment.

The first step toward wakefulness is to begin observing ourselves. This is not the same as judging ourselves.

Observing is about paying attention to what we do and say. When we become a detective of our own life, we interpret the symbols of our waking dream.

We pay attention to the things we say and consider the subtext of our own words. For example, if you hear yourself often saying that you are tired, consider what you are really tired of.

As we pay close attention to our thoughts, words and actions, we shine a light on parts of our lives that have flown under the radar of our conscious awareness.

Remembering to Detach from Physical Reality

When we are awake in our life, we hold the power to step back from what is happening and see it through the eyes of our higher self.

When we remember to detach, step back and ask questions about the world around us, we receive answers.

When you are aware, you remember to ask questions such as “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” When we’re awake, we remember to become still inside ourselves and pay attention to the whispers of our inner voice.

When we’re awake, we listen to the voice of our soul which helps us act impeccably within the moment so we’re always at the right place at the right time. Consciousness that is clear and awake is not accessible to a thought virus.

The person who is enslaved by physical reality doesn’t feel they have the luxury of stepping back from the events of their life and listening to the voice of their soul. Those who sleep the deepest don’t even recognize this as an option.

That is because when we become lost in the game of life, we become enslaved by the game. The more we are obsessed by the game, the more enslaved we become. Drugs and other addictions compound the level of enslavement.

When our higher self plays an active role in our lives, we receive guidance that allows us to participate in life without being lost in physical reality.

The ability to choose how you respond to a situation is the signature of a free mind and spirit.

Facing Uncomfortable and Fearful Scenarios

Wakefulness and the willingness and courage to face the realities in our life go hand in hand. Sleepfulness begins to kick in when we want to block our perception of something that makes us feel uncomfortable or fearful.

Lack of awareness almost always sets in when a person does not want to face reality. When we seek to block our perception of something, we lower our awareness.

Fear and anger are two major blocks to awareness, and they leave our energy field vulnerable to thought viruses, which are always trying to lull us to sleepfulness.

©2010-2015 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved www.celestialvision.org
These messages are intended to be shared.

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DL Zeta – Gratitude Shifts us to High-Vibrational Timelines – 3-4-15

DL Zeta 2DL Zeta

Gratitude shifts us to high-vibrational timelines where we are able to understand the purpose and meaning of every single event of our lives.

As we embrace the intentions of events created by our younger selves, we understand how these experiences helped us to expand.

We can also feel gratitude for those who played a role in the learning situations we created.

For example, if a person was harsh with us as a child, we can feel grateful for this experience because it allowed us to learn patience and forgiveness, and develop a profound appreciation of kindness.

If we experience health challenges as a child, we can be grateful for circumstances that teach us the value of self-healing and help us appreciate and cultivate radiant health.

If we grew up in a loveless environment, this can inspire us to find love within and teach us to appreciate and cultivate unconditional love.

Revenge Binds us to Lower-Vibrational Realities

We always have the option to choose the path of violence and revenge on those we feel have harmed us but this choice will only bind us to lower-vibrational realities.

We will exist along timelines of hardship and suffering until we choose to align ourselves with frequencies of love and gratitude, which always lift us to a place of higher vision and understanding.

Each person holds the ability to choose the path of revenge or the path of gratitude.

Gratitude Activates Timelines where our Highest Visions Manifest

When we choose to see the events of the past from a place of gratitude, we activate timelines where our highest visions and most dearly-held dreams are manifest.

If ever it seems that our dreams are failing to materialize, all we need do is look within to see if there is some part of our past where aspects of our consciousness are trapped in old traumas.

Whenever we shine the light of higher awareness on old situations, we transform them to blessings. We may need to repeat this process over time until we have released every situation from the past that binds us to moments of suffering and trauma.

As we find these traumas and feel gratitude for them, we’re able to step more fully into the love and blessings of the new time.

For more on timelines, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta http://www.celestialvision.org/timeline-and-identity-shifts-e/
For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org/

DL Zeta – Perceiving and Accessing Portals in Consciousness – 2-11-15



DL Zeta

Inside every moment, there are energies you can perceive and “read”. Reading and understanding the energies around you allows you to receive the messages your higher self is constantly downloading into your consciousness.

As you become a better receiving station for these messages, you learn to access more of the love, abundance and joy available to all beings within all timeframes.

Reaching Beyond the Boundaries of Physical Reality

There are many different ways in which this works. Because energies exist at all levels and within all dimensions, learning to perceive encoded packets of information from your higher self allows you to understand more about the realities you encounter and to respond beyond the limitations of the physical.

As your responses reach beyond the boundaries of physical reality, you transform lower frequencies and incorporate more fifth-dimensional energies and beyond into your experience and your reality.

Opening Your Receiving/Perceiving Station

When you learn to read the energies within every moment, you’re able to respond to all levels – not just to surface energies.

The obvious physical energies – realities you are able to readily observe and/or detect with the naked eye – are only a small percentage of the energies present within a given moment.

When you respond only to surface energies, you greatly limit your potential for spiritual growth, abundance and relationships. This is what we refer to when we talk about placing limitations on your self.

Are you only recognizing and responding to surface realities or are you responding to and aligning with energies and realities that exist beyond the physical? No one seeks to limit themselves but everyone is limited by what they are able to perceive.

Opening your receiving/perceiving station allows you to experience yourself as a multi-dimensional cosmic being incarnated into a physical timeframe within the universe. The alternative of being a limited, one-dimensional speck in a very large and frightening world is far less attractive.

Recognizing and Interpreting the Symbols around You

To read energies that exist at all levels, learn to recognize and interpret the symbols around you.

The means learning to unlock the true meaning of a situation that is before you rather than limiting yourself to its surface meaning. The true meaning of a situation is intricately interwoven with your specific life purpose and where you are with it at the moment.

As you seek to understand your purpose and to know yourself beyond the confines of your physical identity, you free yourself of the shackles of others’ interpretations and even your own.

Remembering and interpreting your nightly dreams is a good practice that helps you learn to work with the deeper symbols of your life. Another good practice is to read between the lines of a spiritual or channeled book.

Some books, art works and other original creations contain energetic codes that have the power to transport you to new portals within your own consciousness.

Triggering New Portals in Consciousness.

Any good piece of channeled writing exists at multiple layers. It contains information from a surface perspective and also points to deeper levels.

Many of these levels exist beyond your conscious mind so it is impossible to know how this information will interact with your subconscious understandings or what realities/ideas/inspirations it will trigger.

Over time these subconscious energies bubble to the surface of your physical world, allowing you to manifest synchronicities and realities beyond the boundaries of your present-moment imaginings.


For more information on accessing portals in consciousness, see Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing and Transformation by DL Zeta
For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org


DL Zeta – Our Lens of Perception – Determines Nature, Quality of Our Experience

DL Zeta

The nature and quality of our life experiences are directly related to our levels of seeing.

Everything is here and has always been here. We are only limited by what we are willing and able to see through our lens of perception.

There has always been so much more than what we have seen. If we expand our current level of seeing a million times, we would only see a speck of what there is to see.

Our potentials and capabilities offer our best window into the infinite nature of the universe. This divine pattern flows around and through us.

Every particle of existence is alive with codes and information. These codes have always been available to those who were ready to awaken inside the dream of their earth life. This awakening enables new levels of inner seeing.

Factors that Determine our Level of Seeing

Many factors enter into the mix to determine a person’s level of seeing. Most souls enter physical existence heavily veiled. This allows individuals to move through different phases of experience, learning the nuances of the human condition and the basics of navigating life on planet earth.

Once a soul enters their true soul age, around age 40, the veils begin to dissolve. It is not so much that the veils are removed as that our level of seeing extends beyond them.

Often, lightworkers go through accelerated periods of awakening where they see through numerous veils at once. Ideally, emotional clearing and healing keep pace with these accelerations.

Once awake, we’re able to perceive aspects of our existence in need of healing. These are younger selves trapped in emotional traumas of the past.

Depending on the soul’s understandings and the positioning of this current lifetime in the arc of lifetimes, the person may begin to perceive parallel lives in need of healing as well. Parallel lives can be past, adjacent, or future lifetimes. Each lifetime has its own zip code on the map of our overall consciousness.

These other lifetimes occur simultaneously but our awareness is limited until such time as our present-moment consciousness expands to embrace them.

The perception of other lifetimes does not happen in every lifetime but is a hallmark of a culmination lifetime that has the purpose of bringing the present lifetime into harmonic range with other lifetimes as one nears completion of earthly incarnations.

This is a larger picture of seeing and perceiving. Now we will look at moment-by-moment experiences.

Every Moment is a Portal in Consciousness

Every moment, every breath we take, is a portal that holds the potential to carry us into expanded levels of consciousness. As we gain awareness of portals, we may choose to enter them.

Old souls, especially those who are here to help anchor the new time, choose and access portals in a different manner from younger souls. To understand the implications of this, think back to times when you realized you were experiencing the same set of physical coordinates in a vastly different way from those around you.

We can stand side by side with others, yet experience reality in a totally different way, according to our spiritual awareness, soul age, spiritual understandings, level of awakening, and other factors.

To further understand how this works, consider how far you travel inside a moment. Do you stand on the surface of a moment, or do you enter inside it and witness the patterns, symbols, and energies pulsing inside it?

If we stand inside a moment long enough, we find the beauty inside it; we find deeper meanings embedded there.

We witness the connections between seemingly unrelated events in our lives. We become aware of our past life connections with others as well as the flow and direction of future life experiences. We are able to hear the crystalline music of the life force current and witness threads of light that connect all living things.

When we’re present inside a moment we are able to observe the web of life pulsing in its movement back to source.

Traumatic Events are Packets of Concentrated Experience

So what of traumatic moments? These are concentrated packets of experience created by the clash of conflicting energies. These are locations in consciousness where energies intersect in a powerful way.

Some of these experiences are predestined, or stamped into our consciousness and bookmarked with our life force energy so we can return here again and again to distill the understandings they hold over time.

These understandings are essential to our growth and purpose. When our consciousness undergoes a major shift, we are able to distill a new level of a traumatic event.

It is this process of transforming a traumatic event to a spiritual understanding that releases the energy being held around it.

This transformation heals us at all levels and spirits us along on our inner journey. The understandings that come through challenging life experiences can help us strip away veils and enter new levels of seeing.

Choosing the Experiences we Manifest

There comes a time when our seeing extends in all directions, allowing us to perceive the patterns and energies setting up inside future moments. We may perceive potentials which we can sidestep or choose not to activate.

Consciously, we are able to hold awareness of these potentials and distill understandings from them. When our perception expands to this level, we can choose to accept an understanding in consciousness without manifesting it at the physical level.

Busyness Enslaves Consciousness

One of the greatest obstacles to clear seeing is a state of chronic busyness. Chronic busyness undermines awareness and keeps people from being present in their lives.

When a person is not present within the moment, they are susceptible to parasitic thought viruses and opportunistic entities.

Lack of presence is the mechanism through which human consciousness is enslaved. When we are not firmly anchored inside the present moment, we are slaves living on the outskirts of our own existence.

There is no other way to say this. Either you are present and awake inside the present moment or you are living life as a slave.

Busyness is a form of avoidance rooted in fear. People often avoid facing their fears by maintaining a high level of busyness. They rationalize they simply haven’t the time to be present and still within themselves.

Deep down, they are fearful of what might filter to the surface if they become still and listen. Chronically busy people don’t have a relationship with their deeper selves. It is this relationship with our innermost self that gives meaning and purpose to life.

The person who doesn’t have this deeper meaning and purpose is easy prey to parasitic energies of all kinds – whether it is in the form of thought viruses, enslaving entities, or other energy drains.

Present Versus Enslaved Consciousness

The person who is chronically busy is far more likely to become energetically enslaved by factors beyond their conscious control. These controlling influences operate at a subconscious level, so they can be difficult to detect.

When you’re not present, your focus goes to default status. In this state of default you do not have the presence to see through thought viruses or predatory individuals.

This default is directed to the place in consciousness most consistent with your feeling states and thoughts. This is not always your conscious thoughts. You might be saying positive affirmations, but if the subtext of your statements is fear and anxiety, this will create a different experience from what you intend.

Then you might be tempted to say, “Nothing ever works for me.” To be certain, if something is not working, it is time to look deeper to see if subconscious templates are undermining your efforts at the conscious level.

When your consciousness is enslaved, your level of seeing becomes very clouded and limited. You feel you’re existing in a fog.

Inside this haze of perception, you are helpless to act impeccably within the moment. Even if you know you are being directly harmed by an individual or circumstance, you are unable to summon the presence of mind to step free of it.

When you become aware of this circumstance, you are able to ‘see through’ it by slowing down, becoming still within yourself, and returning to your natural state of clear presence.

Maintaining a Clear, Awake and Conscious Presence

Living life consciously takes a great deal of presence, intention, focus, and energy. The rewards of such a life are worth the effort.

Without this presence, you’re just going through the motions as a slave of third-dimensional reality, seeing yourself a perpetual victim, trapped in default feeling states and helpless to change your circumstances.

When you are present inside a moment, all things are possible. You are able to travel to other locations in consciousness, heal yourself at all levels, and receive telepathic guidance about all matters in your life.

You’re able to transform any situation, receive a vision for future creations, enter into a soul mate relationship, or receive the abundance you need to carry out your life purpose.

You are able to connect with other aspects in consciousness, whether it is a younger self from this lifetime or a past, parallel, or future self.

You are able to practice remote viewing and cultivate other spiritual tools and technologies. It is through cultivating a clear and present consciousness that all things become possible.

“Our Lens of Perception Determines the Nature and Quality of Our Experience,” by DL Zeta, February 7, 2015, at http://www.celestialvision.org/2015-channelings-by-dl-zeta/2015/2/7/our-lens-of-perception-determines-the-nature-and-quality-of.html

Source Link: DL Zeta’s Celestial Vision

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DL Zeta – Souls being Activated in Service of New Earth – 1-1-15


New Earth 2

DL Zeta

Many souls came here for this purpose – to add their light to the effort to help construct the energetic framework for the transition to the new time. These souls are now being activated.

It’s at the point of activation that their 3D worlds may start to unravel. Those who “signed on” to serve with this transition programmed change into their life hologram to allow them to awaken with divine timing to their higher purpose. It’s a gift to be called to serve.

The path will be clearer once we embrace this. Every obstacle that stands in our way will dissolve as we take our place in service of this new and brighter light now shining on planet earth.

Programming Intentions toward Healing and Spiritual Freedom

Do not despair for what you are losing, or for the ones who are leaving your life. Mourn the loss of your old life as you breathe life into the new forms materializing before you.

This is not to say there was anything “wrong” with the old way – it’s simply time to consciously move forward in a new way and with greater awareness of our intentions. Intentions programmed toward healing and spiritual freedom become the foundation of our transition.

Efforts to heal our past are especially supported now, including time travel in consciousness to heal past selves still mired in trauma and to discover any remaining thought viruses that may be operating in our present moment.

Cultivating an Accelerated Path into the New Time

This quickening path into the new time requires plenty of breathing space between accelerations. We need healthy food, lots of rest, and time to meditate to allow these two worlds to seamlessly merge within us.

Avoid heavy foods and upgrade your physical system with green juicing, green fasting, wheatgrass, blue green algae, and yoga; undertake a vision quest, meditate, spend time daily in nature, take sun baths, and exercise to invigorate your physical system.

Journal to bring further insight and understanding to what is taking place within you. Make time for the creative play that is so essential to the growth of your spirit. Honor your time and energy; wherever you go, have a goal and purpose aligned with your spiritual mission.

As you continue to grow and expand your consciousness, you become a stronger bridge between two merging worlds. As you help unite these worlds, you facilitate the awakening of growing numbers of souls into the new time.

Everything multiplies exponentially from this point forward, and your greatest satisfaction will be in seeing the world of your highest future unfold before you.

©2010-2013 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved www.celestialvision.org
These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute this message with others as you feel guided to do so. Please be sure to include the author & source website link.

DL Zeta – Virtual Reality Shifts are a Doorway into Fifth-Dimensional Timelines – 12-17-14

DL Zeta 2DL Zeta

It is possible at any time to visualize and begin aligning with the version of your reality that allows you to exist along fifth-dimensional timelines. As you gradually shift to higher-vibrational realities, struggle falls away from you; your response to the realities you encounter becomes one of acceptance and gratitude because you are able to see the blessings and higher order contained within every situation.

From this perspective, there is never a reason to allow yourself to be pulled into negative energies because love-filled alternatives exist adjacent to every moment and can be accessed in the blink of an eye.

Each time we choose love over lower alternatives, we activate new timelines and potentials that hold the power to carry us seamlessly into fifth-dimensional life tracks.

In fact, it is possible to go a step further and incubate an entire fifth-dimensional life track and begin the process of shifting to this new reality thread.

Creating the World of your Highest Visions

Incubating the shift to a fifth-dimensional life track involves a simple process of creating the world of your highest visions and living in it as a virtual reality until it is fully activated into your physical reality.

Timelines are probability threads that extend in all directions from your present moment. In moments of stillness and meditation, and during time spent communing in nature, you are able to perceive alternative life tracks existing side by side with your present timeline.

Often as you go through your day, thoughts filter through your mind of possible alternatives and choices. Some of these may seem more viable than others, depending on your degree of enmeshment into physical reality.

By allowing yourself to step outside your current life track and detaching from physical reality, you are able to view the reality threads that are the closest match to your soul’s need to grow and expand. Reality threads that best meet your soul’s needs represent the world of your highest visions.

The shape of this preferred reality thread may not be the thread your conscious mind would choose or the thread your “common sense” would dictate.

Reality threads that represent your highest vision may take you to unforeseen locations assisting people or animals in need, or they may set you on a course of training you had not previously considered.

Through the lens of the physical world, common sense might tell you to choose the reality thread where you win the lottery and live out your days in luxury and ease. Unless this thread holds the growth opportunities most needed by your soul at the moment, this will not be the highest and best thread for you.

In order to perceive and choose the highest and best life track at any given moment, it is essential to look at potentials through the eyes of your soul rather than the eyes of the world.

Living in a Preferred Thread as a Virtual Reality

Once you have chosen a preferred thread, you can begin to activate it into your physical experience by living in it as a virtual reality. This is a “fast track” to shifting into a new and preferred reality thread.

This process allows you to slowly align with the energetic field of a new probability and develop a comfort zone in this new alternate world. Having a comfort zone already established in a preferred reality gives it greater viability as a life track.

Visit this virtual world in consciousness each day. Look around this world and expand it with your imagination.

Ask for images, ideas and information to be downloaded into your consciousness of how you can build this virtual world into a viable reality thread.

Whatever comes before you throughout your day, view it through the lens of this virtual thread you are incubating. When the time is right, you will see aspects of this life track manifesting in your physical experience.

Your Soul is Eternal, Physical Reality is Fleeting

Shifting to an alternative reality thread does not change who you are. Quite the contrary, it allows you to become more of who you are because it allows you to experience more of who you are at the soul level.

Your identity and experience in physical reality is fleeting but your soul is eternal. Consciously choosing a life track aligned with the desires of your soul may briefly upset your ego but it will allow you greater spiritual freedom because it loosens the ego’s tight grip and its insistence at deciding the realities you experience.

Choosing a new life track aligned with your highest visions will change your physical experience in numerous ways.

Not only does it change the tone and flavor of the reality threads you experience, but in time this shift can change your beliefs, perspectives and sense of possibility.

This can in turn change your past, present and future and allow you to align with new and more vibrationally- powerful reality threads.


For more on fifth-dimensional consciousness, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta
For more on timeline shifts and reality creation, see Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing and Transformation by DL Zeta
For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org/

DL Zeta – Channeling Your Future Self – 12-9-14

DL Zeta 2

D L Zeta

Your future self provides one of the most valuable forms of feedback you can receive.

If your future self is able to connect with you in consciousness, this is proof you are taking steps in your present moment to develop a wise and advanced future “you.”

This future “you” is able to offer guidance and reassurance that the steps you are taking in your present moment are aligned with your spiritual purpose. In this way, your future self is a wise
source of comfort and assurance.

In addition to providing important feedback, your future self is able to bring you information and guidance for your present moment. Much of this information arrives in the form of “channeled” information.

Channeled information is received into your consciousness as “energetic downloads” that your conscious mind over time learns to translate into words, images, concepts and inventions.

You may experience these downloads as moments of sudden insight and inspiration, or as the arrival of previously unknown information into your consciousness.

This information may arrive through different “channels,” including automatic writing, conscious or unconscious verbal “trance” channeling visionary art and energy healing. These are just a few ways in which you might experience these downloads.

Those who receive channeled information often identify the source of the material as coming from beyond themselves. However, in many cases, channeled information arrives in one’s consciousness as the direct result of bringing one’s energetic vibration into resonance with an advanced future aspect of one’s being.

This communion with your future self might take place on the subconscious level – or if your conscious mind and that of your future self are aware and awake, you will both consciously recognize the exchange that is taking place.

It is important to note that these downloads and exchanges can take place whether you are consciously aware of them are not.

If your conscious mind or ego is firmly in control, it will claim credit for the ideas and information you receive from your other “selves.” If your ego believes itself to be limited in terms of its capabilities, it may choose to identify this channeled information as coming from an entity or being totally outside the self.

If your ego is in a state of surrender to your spiritual purpose, it will humbly recognize the guidance and assistance it receives from other aspects of your being.

Your Future Self and the Akashic Records

One of the gifts you can receive through conscious communion with your future self is greater access to the “future Akashics.”

The Akashic Records are the etheric library that houses knowledge of all that ever has been or will be. This library contains all events and responses concerning consciousness in all realities that exist within the universe.

Whenever you align with aspects of your self that exist in other locations within the time/space continuum, you become more powerfully focused in consciousness.

This powerful focus allows greater access to the knowledge contained within the Universal or Cosmic Mind. It is this access to the records of all time that make clairvoyance and all forms of psychic perception possible.

Your Future Self Holds the Key to Your Life Purpose

Your future self holds the “roadmap” for the path of spiritual development that stretches before you.

By tuning into your own future consciousness, you are able to download this map, which provides you with the next step on your spiritual path.

This self can help you see how events unfolding in your present moment are helping you grow and expand. Because your future self has already traveled the stretch of life experience you are presently traveling, it can help you better understand your life purpose as it is unfolding within your present moment even though they may feel challenging and difficult at the moment.

As a wise guide and mentor, your future self can help guide you to each new step on your journey of becoming. It can help you attune to the higher vision of each person, event and situation that arrives in your life.

Excerpt from Messages from the Future: Adopting Your Future Self as Guide and Mentor by DL Zeta http://www.celestialvision.org/messages-from-the-future-ebook/
Also see: Traveling Time to Meet a Future Self in Consciousness
Traveling Time to Release Energetic Bookmarks: A Soul Retrieval Journey

D.L. Zeta – Aligning with the Version of You that can Transport You into the New Time – 12-1-14



Aligning with the Version of ‘you’ that can Transport you into the New Time | D.L. Zeta

Accelerated energies in recent years have allowed manifesting to happen with increasing ease. This is more so than ever as we move further into the new time. Manifesting our spiritual mission is an increasing desire for many. If you are feeling challenged in this realm, it may be time to examine the process you are following to bring your visions into physical reality.

We’re first always seeking to manifest the version of ourselves capable of existing along the timeline we wish to access. In a sense, we’re not truly creating or manifesting reality, but aligning with a timeline that already exists parallel to our present moment.

Steps to Aligning with the ‘You’ most Strongly Aligned with the New Time

When you reach toward your highest potentials, you allow the “you” most strongly aligned with the timeline where your vision exists to transport you there. We offer here some steps you can follow to align with your highest potentials.

The Time to Begin is Always Now

One) Accept that the time is always now to begin this process. The present moment is always your true point of power. Taking even small steps in your present moment will bring about major energetic shifts that, over time, will transport you to timelines where you access the frequencies of the new time.

Manifesting the ‘You’ Capable of Existing along Fifth-Dimensional Timelines

Two) Open to receive a vision aligned with your highest potentials. When we come into resonance with a new potential, we begin to receive perceptual glimmers or visions of this potential. These glimmers offer insight into how this reality would look, how it would feel, and the types of potentials and opportunities we might encounter along that reality thread. This glimmer on the horizon sparks inspiration and your imagination catches fire. Captivated and enthused about this vision, you begin the quest to learn more about it. Set an intention to observe it. Each time you turn your attention to this intended creation, you energize it and the energetic field of the creation expands.

Once you receive a vision and choose to align with it, next begin the process of cultivating and strengthening the aspect of your consciousness most closely aligned with your vision. This is the aspect capable of bringing your creation into being. The fact that you are reading this says that you’re interested in existing along high-vibrational, fifth-dimensional timelines and have set your intentions to manifest the “you” capable of helping you step more fully into the new time. This “you” represent your highest potentials. When we become the version of ourselves that is able to take us in the direction of our highest potentials, this self will always find a way to access higher frequencies within each moment.

First, Simply Allow a Vision to Exist in Consciousness

Three) Allow your new vision to simply exist in consciousness. Do not concern yourself in this early stage with how you will bring this vision into your physical reality. When a new vision arrives in the doorway of our imagination, all we need do is open to it and welcome it as a potential. We do not have to know how we will carry out the vision in order to open to it and allow it to exist as a strong potential in consciousness. It is a misunderstanding to think that we can only carry out those visions we are skilled and experienced in carrying out. This is yet another version of the scarcity thought virus that tells us we do not have what we need to carry out a vision so we must disregard it as yet another “daydream” delivered up by our fanciful imagination.

Allow a New Vision to Grow and Expand

Four) Nurture and allow this new vision to grow in your consciousness. Day by day and moment by moment, observe this vision as it exists within your energetic field. Ask questions about it and get to know it. As we learn more about this potential, we begin to activate and link with the facet of our consciousness most closely aligned with it. Each time we bring our focus to it, our potential gathers energy and expands. The critical mass for its arrival into physical reality is reached when the potential gains sufficient energetic resonance with the part of our consciousness that is able to nurture its arrival into physical reality.

Release Aspects Trapped in Past Traumas

Five) As a new potential gathers strength in its energetic field, you may become aware of pockets of resistance that exist within you. Generally speaking, these are not aspects that want to hold you back, but rather, aspects that exist within past moments where unhealed and unresolved emotions and their accompanying traumas reside. These aspects are holding energy to “bookmark” this moment in time so a future, more masterful “you” can return to heal and release them. As we cultivate and prepare to activate new potentials, we are shown any areas that need healing and release. As we free energy being held around past traumas, we’re able to refocus this energy toward new potentials we wish to activate.

Meet Future Potentials in your Inner Temple

Six) Create an inner temple and spend time there daily. One way you can strengthen the connection with a new potential is to meet with it in consciousness each day. An inner temple is the perfect place to meet and work with future potentials. This temple can take any form you wish. It can be a cottage by the ocean, a cabin in the mountains, a tree house in a tropical rainforest or a tent in the desert. You can invite your intended creations here to meet with you and spend time together in this relaxed and loving atmosphere. In this high-vibrational space, you will find it easier to bring all aspects of your being on board with new potentials. Higher-vibrational frequencies will always heal and entrain lower-vibrational frequencies. Entering a high feeling state daily even for short periods will naturally clear obstacles to healing and help manifest your visions.

Resist the Urge to Micro-Manage how Realities Manifest

Seven) Allow the universe to bring new realities to you in whatever way it can. It is a mistake to place contingencies on how realities arrive. Some believe they must first manifest a sum of money in order to realize their higher visions. This is a misunderstanding. Placing contingencies and prerequisites on our creations only serves to bottleneck and slow their arrival in physical reality. For example, if you wish to undertake a spiritual pilgrimage around the world, focus on this desire rather than the money needed to make it happen. It’s easy to see how a vision of your journey is far more exciting to your higher self than a pile of money which by comparison is abstract and may hold connotations of meaningless work and enslavement. When you set an intention and remain awake and aware to clues and information in your daily life, you will find the bread crumb trail that leads to your desired creation.

Remain Alert to Thought Viruses that Sabotage your Efforts

Eight) Remain alert to the voices in your head that tell you that your dreams are impossible and unrealistic. These are the voices of thought viruses you were indoctrinated to in childhood and through collective consciousness. Your higher self will never tell you that you’re not able to live your dreams. Likewise, your intuition will never bring you dreams and visions of potentials that are not real and true for you.
Don’t allow yourself to be hamstrung by thought viruses that say you’re not ready or good enough or empowered enough or enlightened enough to live your visions. You can wire around these disempowering voices by choosing to align with the highest vibrational frequency you’re able to access within the present moment and move on from there.

Align with Desired Realities at Subtle Levels

Nine) Release overinvestment in physical reality. Hold in awareness that the reality you see around you in your present moment represents past creations and is fluid and changeable. Don’t be fooled by the solid, concrete appearance of “reality.” When we look at these seemingly solid and immovable structures of our present moment, we may feel powerless to change them. It’s true we cannot change an existing timeline. But we can shift to a new timeline. In order to change our reality and the timeline we exist along, we must go within to align our visions and intentions with subtle energy. Creating is not a matter of moving concrete around but of aligning ourselves with the reality we wish to experience at the subtle level where raw energy is shaped by intention, and allowing ourselves to be transported energetically to the timeline where that reality already exists.

Adopting a Focus Self Aligned with your Desired Reality

Ten) Align with the identity of one who is living the reality you wish to create. When you receive a vision of a new potential, there’s always an aspect of your consciousness that is able to nurture this vision into physical reality and transport you to the timeline where this new potential exists. As you energize and nurture a new potential, it will teach you who you need to become in order to carry it out to the world. In this way, you learn the identity of this aspect of your consciousness and begin to align with and adopt it as your new focus self. If you have become overly invested in your present-moment focus self, you will need to work with your higher self which can teach your present focus self to embrace the concept of service, impermanence and transcendence. As your focus self learns to act in service to the highest good of all, it will step aside when the time comes to allow a new facet of your consciousness to become the focus identity self capable of transporting you to timelines where new potentials exist.

Accept that Everything has Happened with Divine Perfection

Eleven) Refrain from judging yourself as moments from your past come before you to be released. Everything you created/activated in the past was designed to help you learn to grow and become the wise and empowered “you” that exists within your present moment.

©2010-2014 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved http://www.celestialvision.org These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute this message with others as you feel guided to do so. Please be sure to include the author & source website link.


DL Zeta – Joy is the Feeling State of Abundancer – 11-22-14


Joy happens within the moment. Joy activates the soul. True joy comes from following the higher purpose of your soul. Joy is something you experience now. If you feel there are reasons why you can’t experience joy right now, begin to create reasons why you can. If you’re looking to the future to allow joy into your life, it may always remain just out of your reach.

Part of joy is experiencing love and compassion for yourself. Value who you are. Value the gifts you have to offer, value your time. You do not owe anyone your time. Take charge of how you spend your time. Affirm you are a unique and Divine being and this will be your experience.

Much energy is available for those who are on their spiritual path at this time. If you are aligned with your intention and your joy, if you hold the intention to assist with the healing and transformation of the planet, much abundance is available to you now.

There are times when you will need to say no to others. Dependency is not for your highest good; nor is it for the highest good of others’ to validate their choice to live in a state of crisis. This sends the message to others that they can command your attention by creating crises. The way to experience joy in your life is to respect and honor your time. When others respect and honor you, validate this behavior by rewarding them with your attention.

The path of joy involves accepting all that has been in the past. Release the past, never looking back in regret. Open to receive the message of the experiences you created. Release the past by loving it and expressing gratitude for it.

You will not experience true abundance as long as you resist doing the things that bring you joy. Each moment you allow yourself to move along the path of joy is an opportunity to experience greater love and abundance.

As you allow yourself to experience joy and abundance, you will become magnetic to people and circumstances aligned with these frequencies. From this place of alignment, more love and abundance will naturally flow into your life. We offer here some ways to cultivate the path of joy in your life, opening to receive greater love and abundance and blessings.
This is where you begin to act through joy – to choose and do things based on the joy they bring you. As you explore all the things that bring you joy, you come face-to-face with your spiritual purpose. If you’re not sure of your exact purpose, just begin doing what brings you joy and you will soon find it.

Begin each day by affirming it is another glorious opportunity to experience joy. Hone your gifts and talents and share these with others. This is another day to step into the unlimited abundance of spirit.

Having a goal and purpose for everything you do allows you to examine each proposed activity to see if it adds meaning and joy to your life or if it is just another empty, meaningless activity void of fulfillment.

Observe if what others are asking of you is for your highest and best and for theirs. Examine if staying at a job that has grown stale is for your highest good. Learn to read the subtext of your life.

By staying at a job where you feel in undervalued and unappreciated, you are affirming it is the same as saying you’re not worthy of anything better, that you are in effect the one doing the undervaluing and under appreciating, and others are simply mirroring this to you.

Ways to cultivate the path of joy in your life:

One) spend time in nature

Two) notice where you place your focus and attention

Three) create a joy list

Four) focus on the blessings in your life

Five) create emotional freedom. End self-sabotage

Six) Value and honor your time and energy and learn how when to say no to others

Seven) cultivate your imagination. This is your doorway to experiencing joy

Eight) be here now

Nine) practice discernment with others

Ten) read the subtext of your actions to learn any ways you are buying into scarcity

Eleven) build a new vision for your life

Twelve) align with your spiritual purpose

Excerpt from Abundance Magic: 44 Steps to Manifesting the Future of Your Dreams by DL Zeta http://www.celestialvision.org/abundance-magic-ebook-by-dl…/

DL Zeta – Projecting Your Consciousness to Other Locations – 11-20-14



Each person is able to project their consciousness to any desired location in time and space. You can project your consciousness to a point in the past where you are able to view past events from an expanded perspective.

Seeing an old situation in a new and expanded way helps you “see-through” any emotional densities you may have assigned to events at a time when your understandings were not as great as they are now.

As you continue to expand spiritually, you can extend your consciousness into other locations in time and space. The possibilities are endless and only limited by the scope of your imagination.

You can visit another location on Earth, another location anywhere in the universe and at any point in time – past or future.

Once you have projected your consciousness into a location, it becomes a point on the map of your consciousness you can return to.

Your travels in consciousness become part of your memory field. These “memories” are as real as any others; they are part of who you are.

Being able to project your consciousness into a much larger perspective is emotionally freeing. That is because you are able to see the bigger picture of what is happening at the moment.

Stepping beyond the confines of your physical existence allows you to see the interconnectedness of all things. Any time you are able to shift from the small picture of what you are experiencing to the larger picture, you are able to understand the meaning of what is happening.

When you can project your consciousness into the bigger picture, you make decisions from a broader framework.

When you project your consciousness into the point on the map where you are creating your future, you are able to make conscious adjustments in your present efforts.

It is not that you are creating new spaces in consciousness; you’re simply stretching into more of what is already there. Just as the map is not the road, your current understandings and the points on the map you have discovered so far are not the totality of your consciousness.

Your experiences are points on the map of your infinite consciousness.

Discovering and Healing Past Traumas

As you learn to chart and access other aspects of yourself, you may become aware of inner wounds you have carried over into your present lifetime.

You’re able to track through time to other “yous” still experiencing traumatic or troubling events.

These other “yous” experiencing trauma broadcast signals through time that you continuously pick up on until you heal the wound within yourself.

It is by coming into awareness of these other “yous” that you are able to free your spirit from past events and gain the understandings you were seeking by creating the original events.

Visiting a Future Creation

Just as you can heal your past within your present moment, you can also visit your future to gain important knowledge and information.

You do this by looking at your dreams and visions of what you want to create in this lifetime. Track your intended creations into the future to witness their arrival in physical reality.

You do this through the eyes of future “yous” within this lifetime. This allows you to fine-tune your creations and learn from the aspects of yourself who have completed the experiences that are “in progress” within your present moment.

You can learn how to live your life right now by visiting your last day on Earth in this lifetime.

During this visit, you may receive information of important undertakings that might be left undone if you stay on your present course. In this way, you are able to make course adjustments now.

You can also visit your next lifetime to see what will be “carried over” from this lifetime that you could clear up and resolve now.


DL Zeta – Gratitude is Magnetic to Abundance, Synchronicity – 11-17-14

Gratitude To Water



The frequency of gratitude holds the power to release the shackles of suffering and transport us into the realm beyond dreams where past struggles reveal their blessings and we look out on all that is with a crystal clear vision of love and acceptance.

This past year has taken us on a long journey designed to help us revisit any energies we still hold around past circumstances.

At times, old issues resurfaced, amplifying our emotions so we could hold them in awareness and examine them from a new and more empowered perspective.

Any lingering resentments about the past can now be dispelled by surrounding them with gratitude.

Gratitude is a Frequency in the Universe

Gratitude is a frequency in the universe that draws us into closer union with our higher self’s vast storehouse of wisdom.

As we align ourselves with the frequency of gratitude, we are able to download the higher vision for any situation that once tethered us to frequencies of victimhood and blame.

These downloads are encoded with the agreements we hold with other souls to create mutually- beneficial learning situations.

The encoded information touches on things like the purpose of our current life time, a bird’s eye view of our current situation and even the blueprint for the entire evolution of our soul.

It may be said that gratitude is the key that turns the lock, springing open the door into the future of our becoming.

Gratitude is Magnetic to Abundance and Synchronicity

Because gratitude is founded on the idea of acceptance, faith and spiritual alignment, it is also magnetic to abundance and prosperity.

It draws to us the things we need within the moment, and radiates a subconscious message that attracts synchronicity and miracles.

No matter what is happening in your life, find a way to embrace the circumstances and express gratitude for them and you will soon find yourself basking in the spiritual wealth and blessings of the universe.

Everything is Love in Search of Itself

It is now at this time when many step back from their routines to give thanks that we can take this opportunity to step into a deeper level of gratitude for all the situations and the people in our lives.

As we do so, we enter a new level of embracing our own pain-and-suffering and our struggles.

This allows us to touch a loving, peaceful place within ourselves where everything that comes before us is love in search of itself and the souls we meet are fellow travelers in search of the deeper understanding that propels us all on our journey of growth and expansion.

For more information about spiritual abundance, see Abundance Magic: 44 Steps to Manifesting the Future of Your Dreams by DL Zeta http://www.celestialvision.org/abundance-magic-ebook-by-dl-ze/

DL Zeta – Incubating the Next Phase of the Journey – 11-11-14

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe have been in a time when we found ourselves confronted with any perceived limitations we held. Old wounds resurfaced to help us undergo new levels of healing. Sensitivities have been heightened, allowing access to new levels of psychic perception. Increased sensitivity also brings greater awareness of both blessings and suffering. Our test now is to balance both as we turn inward to begin to envision our upcoming role in the further awakening of human consciousness.

Introspection in this Winter’s Passage

Winter is always a time of turning inward in order to assimilate the past and re-envision the future. However, this phase of introspection takes on greater significance as it coincides with a pivotal time of rebirth. It is during this time of winter introspection that your soul will guide you to the timelines most closely aligned with your spiritual purpose.

We offer here some steps to help navigate this time of incubation and discovery:

1) See yourself in the eyes of your higher self. Witness your imperfections and weaknesses from a place of love and understanding. As your higher self, you’re able to nurture the smaller parts of your being much as you would a young child. The conscious aspects of your being are children in relation to the ancient wisdom and knowledge of your soul and higher self.

2) Examine all that you own in terms of what serves your highest good and what can be passed on to others. Releasing material possessions you no longer need triggers releases at other levels.

3) Consider what obligations and duties you have taken on that can now be released for the highest good of all. As you move on to new levels of service, it will be necessary to re-examine your current commitments to make sure you are using your time and abilities to serve the greater good. If you leave one area of service for a new one, spirit will call another soul to fill the spot you previously occupied.

4) Free yourself of the need to have an opinion of others or the need to attempt to change the opinions of others. Each being, yourself included, is having the experiences they need within the moment in order to learn and grow. It is enough to witness and observe your environment with the light of an awakened consciousness. In this way, you’re able to see yourself and others from a place of love and understanding without the need to change, interfere or judge.

5) Be willing to undertake service when it is asked of you. Many are being asked now to serve in ways they may find surprising and unexpected. Many will find themselves called to forms of service that allow them to heal ancient wounds or to complete needed understandings. At times it may seem you have taken a step backward but keep in mind neither healing nor growth is linear. Your conscious mind will not always understand the need to complete a course of learning begun centuries ago.

6) Practice sustainability in all that you do. Cultivate a “put into” rather than a “take away from” attitude. In other words, add to every situation you encounter rather than subtract from it. In this way, you become a positive force in the universe. One physical manifestation of this might be your finances. Are you saving or depleting funds? It might be considered in terms of your health. Are you building yourself up in terms of health and strength or are you constantly burning the candle at both ends? Ask yourself, “What am I creating within this moment?” What you are creating with your choices moment by moment will become your future. Sustainable choices lead to an empowered rather than an impoverished future.

7) Be willing to see yourself as a wise and infinite being without need for recognition or aggrandizement. If you are feeling the need for recognition at this time, consider ways you may not be acknowledging and appreciating yourself. As you enter deeper levels of gratitude and self-love, you feel less need for outer recognition.

8) Listen closely to the needs of your body during this time. There is a need now to eat lighter and observe any addictions you may have to food, drink or other substances. Addictions are adopted at times when you feel yourself unable to cope with life circumstances. These crutches are like training wheels you no longer need as you move into greater levels of awakening. When you release addictive habits, you learn to use the wings of your higher consciousness to soar above what you previously thought was possible. Your physical body is attempting to transform itself to align with the energies of higher frequencies being downloaded into your consciousness. Whatever you put into your physical system at this time will determine the shape of your future manifestations. Health or disease is manifesting more quickly than ever before. Rapid healing and transformation is happening at a rapid rate now and likewise, so is deterioration and decay.

9) Enter deeper and deeper realms of silence. Many have become accustomed to the constant background noise in their environment and even the incessant chatter of their own mind. Without the noise, some feel lost and even frightened. Be willing to sit with the stillness and quiet of your inner being. Start with only a few minutes per day if necessary and gradually allow yourself to enter longer and longer periods of silence. When you sit still and listen within, you gain awareness of the vast, infinite expanse of your soul. Within this infinite expanse, all is possible.

10) If you are seeking to manifest abundance, a relationship, a new career or anything else, be willing to enter a place of inner stillness and align with the energies you find there. Whatever you feel guided to manifest into your physical reality already exists within your consciousness. Invite the part of you that holds this frequency of your intended manifestation to come forward and inform your actions, thoughts and feelings in coming days and weeks. Whatever you may seek to create, there is a part of your consciousness able to come forward to teach you the steps to bring it into your physical reality. Be sure to hold in awareness how this intended manifestation is aligned with your spiritual purpose.

11) Cultivate patience. In this world, there is a mindset of needing everything to occur within an expected timeframe. The need for instant gratification is an offshoot of scarcity consciousness. It is saying to your subconscious that you don’t trust the universe to bring you what you need with divine timing. Inside this mindset, life flow becomes forced and unnaturally bound by ego constraints. Allow your intended manifestations to happen in divine timing and keep in mind that the quantum change which is taking place within many now often takes longer to assimilate than smaller, less pervasive changes.

12) Notice what you notice. Whatever catches your attention, whatever you feel drawn to has a special meaning and significance for you. Hold those things you are drawn to in awareness and allow them to speak to you. The messages being downloaded now have to do with the role each person will play in the new times ahead.

13) Befriend your fears. Whatever you fear most will come front and center now. Create a safe space within yourself where you can sit with whatever shows up in your life. Inside this space, you can ask for divine guidance and understanding. Ask for love and patience and whatever else is needed within the moment. This space will become ever more important in the days and weeks to come as a safe refuge and incubation chamber for your continued transformation. From this inner chamber, you will emerge with the grace and beauty of a butterfly to inspire and assist the unfolding of human consiousness.

For more on timeline shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta http://www.celestialvision.org/timeline-and-identity-shifts-e/
For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org/

DL Zeta – Timelines of Transcendence Transport us into the New Time – 11-3-14

DL ZetaTimelines of Transcendence Transport us into the New Time, by DL Zeta, November 1, 2014, http://www.celestialvision.org

Found at  –  http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/11/03/dl-zeta-timelines-of-transcendence-transport-us-into-the-new-time/

During this powerful time, new energies are filtering onto the earth plane, seeding times of deeper awakening.

Seers and other light beings are receiving visions designed to bring awareness to anything that has held them in limiting scenarios.

Transcendence is a primary theme now, as we are asked to move beyond old identities into new and often as yet-unimaginable realms of being. The new energies allow us to transcend limiting beliefs that exist at the root of limiting careers, relationships, identities, and much more. In a sense, these energies are even assisting us in transcending ourselves – or who we believe ourselves to be.

Post-eclipse energies are lifting us higher than ever before, offering glimpses of timelines of transcendence where we’re living beyond our present limitations. This is not a fairy tale, not a too-good-to-be-true bedtime story.

There are steps to take on the journey of transcendence. Those who adopt the intention to transcend limiting beliefs will face various tests to insure their readiness for a limitless existence. We are not alone in this journey. The universe is with us every step of the way, providing the resources needed to energize timelines of transcendence. All we have to do is be willing to believe in ourselves, to trust our footing on this new path, and to heal and release the past at a deep and profound level.

Intentions to Transcend activate the Obstacle Field

Any choice to transcend limitations raises the obstacle field. Any time we set an intention we activate everything that stands in the way of reaching our intentions. This activation helps us recognize and clear unhealed emotions, limiting beliefs, habits and connections that anchor us to third-dimensional life tracks.

Inside the obstacle field, any fears we still hold kick in and tell us we are not up to the task. Some turn back at this juncture. Instead of turning back, we can choose to see obstacles as opportunities to reaffirm and strengthen our belief in ourselves and our spiritual connection. Transforming obstacles into opportunities allows us to fly over situations that previously tethered us to dense, lower-vibrational life tracks.

Self-love and Self-Forgiveness are Essential to Transcendence

Self-love and self-forgiveness are essential in transcending limitations. When the obstacle field activates, younger selves within your repertoire of selves may become fearful. Selves still mired in unresolved emotions may throw on the brakes. During this powerful period you have the ability to heal by working with your repertoire of selves at a very high level.

Unconditional love for yourself and others is essential to transcending limitations. Be gentle with yourself as you transition to unconditional love. This transition will bring before you memories of un-love to be loved and released. When you feel gratitude for moments of un-love, you are ready to step into the real love that transcendence brings.

Be Willing to Re-Parent Younger Selves Trapped in Past Traumas

A high level of awareness will help you past any hurdles you encounter. This allows you to observe yourself without judgment. Forgive yourself if you feel sad, depressed, lonely or fearful. If you resist or pull back, forgive yourself. Let whatever happens be as it is without judgment or blame.

Your thoughts hold the power to lift you up or knock you down. When traumatized feeling states kick in, send love to yourself. Sit with your younger selves. Sit with any selves that feel abandoned and unloved. Be willing to serve as a loving, understanding parent and guide to these younger selves. A willingness to re-parent your younger selves brings about inner unification, which is essential to activating timelines of transcendence.

Transcending Barriers between Lifetimes

Many lightworkers entered this lifetime with the intention to complete past connections. These completions are instrumental in awakening us to our spiritual purpose of helping with the transition to the New Earth. Past-life connections serve to awaken you to expanded dimensions of your being by weakening the barriers between lifetimes.

The shift to the new earth is built upon a vision of oneness with all others and within ourselves. When we see through the veils separating our various lifetimes, we establish a conscious connection with our parallel selves, incarnated simultaneously throughout various timeframes. When we establish oneness with parallel aspects of ourselves, we deepen and complete our spiritual understanding on many levels.

This concept of inner unity ushers in a new kind of self-love that transcends the love we have for our present-identity self. As you open to inner unification with all aspects of yourself, you adopt a new-focus self that is capable of embracing and working with parallel aspects of your consciousness. You may experience initial resistance from your present-focus self in this changeover. Be kind and loving but persistent in this transition.

Stepping into the Role of Wayshower

Inside timelines of transcendence you engage with yourself, with others, with the environment, and with all living creatures as the limitless, divine being that you are.

Timelines of transcendence bring many powerful breakthroughs. Creativity greatly expands and your powers of perception expand. You experience radiant health. Your desire to assist others expands. As you seek to help others transcend whatever binds them to limiting life tracks, you transcend your own limitations. This allows you to step more fully into your role as a wayshower and guide into the new time.

©2010-2014 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved


DL Zeta – Your Soul Volunteered to Help Shift Human Consciousness – 10-31-14

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow more than at any other moment in human consciousness you are asked to live in a state of constant change. Your soul volunteered to come here at this time and help shift consciousness to the paradigm of the new earth.

There will be times when you will move easily through these changes and times when you will feel resistant to them. When you experience resistance, stand back and observe yourself, and hold in loving awareness those parts of your being that feel threatened by the change.

These are younger parts of yourself that need your patience and understanding just as you seek the guidance and assistance of your higher self.

Hastening the Shadow

As prevailing energies hasten a time of greater love and compassion on the Earth, energies of un-love and indifference are hastened as well.

There is a hastening of the shadow taking place at this time as all those things that are most feared in human consciousness are pulled forth so they can be understood and loved into a place of healing.

Stand Strong in the Light of your Spirit

Do not attempt to run from what from what comes before you. Do not feel you must know how to respond to what you are seeing.

Do not feel these energies are here to harm you. Just stand strong and allow them to pass before you. Your spirit will shine its strength of wisdom, understanding and awareness on everything that comes before you.

This allowing and willingness to see all that is will open the flood gates for you to see more of the wealth of beauty and possibility that surrounds you at all times.

The fear of what you don’t want blocks the arrival of what you seek to manifest. By becoming transparent to all energies you encounter, you are able to flow unimpeded into the expanded time of the new earth.

As you flow with these energies, you discover and manifest new aspects of your being that know how to navigate and manifest new realities within the paradigm of the new earth.

Those realities in harmony with the new earth are steeped in the love, understanding and abundance of spirit that are signposts of the new time.

For more on navigating fifth-dimensional consciousness, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

DL Zeta – 20 Steps to Activating Fifth-Dimensional Timelines – 3-13-14

New Human Divine Blueprint Divinity

Fifth-dimensional storylines can be accessed and experienced from within the present moment through awareness and conscious action. It is not a given that one will “fall into” timelines that run along themes of peace and love. However, each person holds the potential to awaken to these new reality threads and choose to shift toward them.

Such shifts can happen in the blink of an eye. The future is not fixed. Rather, it exists in probability lines that are energized through intention, vibrational frequency and action.

Twenty Steps to Energize Fifth-Dimensional Probability Lines

Once we become aware of fifth-dimensional reality threads in our field of potential, there are steps we can take to embrace and energize these probability lines. We offer here some steps:

1) Be present, awake and aware. The only way to be present in the future is be here now. Make a regular practice of slowing down, looking around you and allowing your consciousness to expand into the present moment. Too often, we fall into the trap of filling up our lives with commitments and activities that don’t feed our soul. To cope with the pain of this lack of fulfillment, we fall asleep in our daily lives. This creates more pain because sleeping through life slams us into more obstacles, perpetuating a vicious cycle.

2) Embrace grief and loss as essential components of creativity; the old must be destroyed to make way for the new. Love and appreciate what has been; express gratitude for it and release it. Many people hold back from new and more fulfilling realities because it will mean leaving behind and releasing what has been. Learning to embrace grief makes this process much easier.

3) Send love into any situation you don’t understand. As we move further into the new time, we may encounter many new situations and events we don’t understand. Love is always the answer. Send love into all situations and the answers will soon appear.

4) Recognize we are already part of all-that-is. Our job is to merge with the force of creation by allowing ourselves to remember our oneness with the Divine order of the universe. We are not creating ourselves anew, but rather, allowing who we are to shine through.

5) Remain transparent and neutral to all you witness. It is not necessary to have an opinion about what you see. Awareness is everything. As you allow yourself to see what is there, you see through illusion. Within the moment, our conscious mind will not be able to grasp all that is beneath the surface of physical reality. This power of inner seeing helps us navigate times when we encounter paradoxes. For instance, separation as the path to unity, darkness gives way to light; dissolution of relationships and other life situations makes way for the new. Illness and accidents can serve as preludes to opening of heightened awareness and intuitive abilities.

6) Practice self-love at all levels. Pay attention to the needs of your body, mind and spirit. Eat fresh, unprocessed foods, especially root vegetables and dark leafy greens. Practice self-nurturing through the use of herbs, essential oils, gemstones and other healing modalities. Spend time each day communing with your spirit and expressing gratitude for everything in your life. Appreciate the Earth and all-that-is. Focus thoughts on expansive, loving themes that expand your inner light.

7) Observe all that goes on around you; observe yourself. Keep in perspective the big picture of your life and the up-close picture. Do not allow yourself to be overly absorbed into the events of your life. This causes you to lapse into states of less awareness.

8) Stay positive on no matter what happens in your life. Negativity drains your life-force energy and weakens your overall system, draining you of your ability to cope with what you are experiencing.

9) Practice self-reliance and self-responsibility in all matters. Disconnect from dependency on all systems, groups or institutions. Disconnect from mechanisms of mass thought that feed on your energies. Parasitic life scripts are everywhere. By remaining awake you are able to sidestep them and write your own script. Working in cooperation with others is not the same as participating in dependency relationships which keep one enslaved to mechanisms of mass thought.

10) Connect often with nature. The natural world exists in accordance with universal law. As we commune with nature and align ourselves with its essence, we unify our mind and spirit. A unified consciousness is essential for existing along fifth-dimensional timelines.

11) Practice preparedness; always have your affairs in order. Allow completions. Hold in awareness that each goodbye could be your last. Complete with everyone; be willing within each moment to release all that you are and all that you know; be willing to embrace the unknown. Change is the nature of life. When you are present, awake and aware, you begin and complete each moment impeccably with no loose ends.

12) Open to the new. Allow yourself to wake up in a new world every day. This makes it much easier to slough off old ways of thinking and re-invent yourself. You’re not the past, nor are you bound by the past.

13) Embrace freedom. Do not give your power away to enslaving thought forms; if a situation does not serve your highest and best, it does not serve the highest and best of others.

14) Become a detective of your own life to gain awareness of old patterns and scripts operating in the background. As you gain awareness of these scripts, visualize and rewrite them according to choices aligned with new visions and goals.

15) Review your beliefs, perceptions and goals on a regular basis. Create a 10 most wanted list and update it regularly. This helps you set priorities and release old ideas and beliefs that no longer support your higher evolution and growth.

16) Breathe and energize your physical system. Practice regularly forms of movement that unify body, mind and spirit such as yoga and tai chi.

17) Maintain a sense of humor in all you do. When you feel yourself becoming overly absorbed in the dream of your life, watch a humorous movie or see your life events from a comedic perspective.

18) Meditate and act on love. Unconditional love is the highest vibration in the universe and supercedes all other frequencies.

19) Give to others what you would like to receive and you will see your desires manifest all around you.

20) Set your intention to practice all of the above and expect miracles each day.

For more on timelines, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta http://www.celestialvision.org/timeline-and-identity-shifts-e/
For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.com/

DL Zeta – Future Vision – Awakened Timelines of New Earth – 9-28-14

DL ZetaFuture Vision and the Awakened Timelines of the New Earth, by DL Zeta, September 27, 2014, http://www.celestialvision.org

We are standing in the gateway to a powerful time when we’re being asked to step past those things that previously held us back.

The energies of October’s eclipse series are already swirling around us, inspiring us to transcend old identities and step more fully into the awakened timelines of the New Earth.

Waking and nighttime dreams are preparing you to embrace more fully your true identity as an infinite and divine being. Working with dream states now helps you develop future vision – a tool that can help you chart your course into fifth-dimensional life tracks.

Future vision helps you intuitively see where a situation, a choice or an idea will take you in the future. It helps you look at a situation and see straight through to the intention that created it. Viewing potentials before they manifest allows for course corrections and fine-tuning of intentions and visualizations.

Opening to future vision makes it easier to ‘plug in’ to the expanded energies that are now abundant on the Earth plane. These energies are helping an ever-increasing number of beings experience moments of expanded vision.

Future Vision reveals the Simultaneous Nature of Time

Future vision opens a window into the inner workings of consciousness. Through this window we are able to witness the simultaneous nature of what we think of as time. Future vision takes place when we bring our vibration, intention and focus to a synchronistic intersection that allows us to access visions of our future. The future moments we view correspond with our present-moment focus, our intentions for the future, and the degree to which we are aware of and open to our field of possibilities. One way in which the future creates the present moment is through glimpses of future potentials.

Future Vision brings Elevated States of Heightened Perception

Future vision allows us to see through anything that obscures the true essence of our being. It’s not difficult to recognize moments of future vision. They are accompanied by a heightened sense of perception and elevated feeling states. They may only last a few seconds, but within each second, all of eternity is revealed. In this way, time is experienced differently; one second can equal days, months and even years of linear experience.

Future Vision brings Awareness of Soul Contracts

Through this lens, our purpose is revealed; the future of life on Earth as well as the next step in our spiritual path becomes clear. Future vision also sharpens our ability to recognize friends from other lifetimes, and brings awareness to soul contracts we share with others. Older souls who have shared many lifetimes together are here now to meet once again in a ‘reunion lifetime’.

Those who have felt this lifetime to contain several ‘mini’ lifetimes are experiencing a reunion lifetime. Early on, past friends from denser lifetimes were encountered so that past misunderstandings could be healed. Later in life, friends from more awakened lifetimes are showing up to join their light with yours and to fulfill your mutual purpose of anchoring new waves of energy to the planet.

Dreams and Dimensional Bleedthroughs are Primary Sources of Future Vision

Dreams are a primary source of future vision. Images of future life tracks can be downloaded more easily into consciousness during sleep states. These images trickle into your waking mind with divine timing.

There are other sources of future vision. Your higher self regularly downloads future insight into your consciousness. Another source of future vision comes through the fluid nature of time, which can result in ‘dimensional bleedthroughs’ that allow us to communicate with past and future aspects of other lifetimes, as well as aspects from our past and future within this lifetime. Dimensional bleedthroughs are energetic portals that open when there is sufficient resonance between life tracks.

Future vision is possible because each being is multi-faceted, multi-dimensional and multi-connected. When you open to consciously embracing the many-layered nature of your being, you are able to tap into a much wider and deeper range of conscious perceptions. All moments exist parallel to our present, and become accessible to us when we enter fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Future Vision is a Tool for Shaping New Realities

Future vision is a valuable tool for navigating potential timelines because it brings a subtle experience of potentials that are starting to crystallize in your future. If you remain alert and awake to these subtle shifts, you will be able to use this feedback to fine tune the futures you are creating.

Energy flows in all directions, so events crystallizing in your near future are always sending out waves of energy that cast a sphere of influence that extends in both directions – past and future.

Future happenings affect your life and awareness as much as past events do. In some cases, you are more affected by future events because they exist in your subconscious and are not always accessed in the way you are able to ‘pull-up’ and understand past times and the influence they are exerting on your present.

Quantum Awakening and the Timelines of the New Earth

It is by opening to moments of future vision that you are able to align with the expanded timelines of the New Earth. Your powers of perception and precognition are important tools for navigating future life tracks in which the technologies of the human spirit are more widely known and practiced.

When these technologies are awakened, we will easily see through anything that has held us back – bottlenecks of unprocessed emotions, parasitic thought viruses, limiting belief systems and more. The quantum awakening of many incarnated beings will trigger a deeper experience of the timelines of the New Earth where unconditional love and inner peace are primary frequencies.

This and much more is available to us when we choose to stand in the truth of our infinite beings. When you bring your focus to the images future vison brings, you are able to perceive events setting up in your present moment, and follow their development through time to view the shape of the New Earth. When you better understand the changes currently taking shape, you will understand your role and purpose within the transition times ahead.

©2010-2014 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved


D L Zeta – Stand Strong in Love as the Shadow Hastens – 8-29-14

DL Zeta 2


Stand Strong in Love as the Shadow Hastens

We are at a transition point when energies of the new time are strengthening inside future moments. Realities crystallizing in not-too-distant future timeframes are created from increasingly different templates. These templates are infused with greater frequencies of love, peace, harmony and compassion.

Increasing numbers of souls are awakening thanks to these powerful transformative energies. The other side of this is that the energies are also triggering tidal waves of resistance. We can expect in coming weeks and months to see waves of higher energy clashing with denser energies, much like two storm fronts meeting in the atmosphere

Higher Energies trigger Love and Resistance

Increasing numbers of souls are waking up and starting to anchor and incorporate the higher frequencies now accessible on the earth plane. As new energies ramp up, new levels of awareness flow in. In some this influx of light evokes fear. It is this fear that sets darker events into motion. In coming months, shifting energies will give rise to increasingly dramatic events on the world’s stage. In areas where ongoing tensions lie, there will be an escalation. Even relatively calm areas will experience spikes of tension and resistance at times.

We are at a transition point when energies of the new time are strengthening inside future moments. Energies of the new time send out vibrational waves in all directions. As these waves approach our present moment, we respond to these energies individually and collectively according to our current level of spiritual understanding. As these energies interact with the prevailing frequencies of this timeframe, some will enter new levels of seeing with spiritual and psychic openings and acceleration of their spiritual path. Others will meet these new energies with resistance. Wherever there is resistance, there will be violence, war and disease.

Stand Strong in Unconditional Love

It is important to stand strong in a place of unconditional love no matter what transpires moving forward. At times you may feel yourself being pulled into the vortex of unfolding events. You may feel overwhelmed and lapse to sleep during these times – literally in some cases. Adrenal fatigue is common in those who allow themselves to be pulled too strongly into third-dimensional events. Some events will be painful to witness as greater frequencies of light in parallel quadrants hasten or quicken the shadow in quadrants still lingering in frequencies of un-love.

Those who volunteered to incarnate to this timeframe understand at the soul level the magnitude of the task they signed on for. Even so, at the conscious level, there is no way to prepare for the levels of cruelty and darkness now manifesting. We have seen waves of intense darkness and cruelty rise up in recent times and this will intensify moving forward.

It is essential to remain in a place of love. Love is the strongest force on earth. When we remember we are love, we stand strong in the power of love. Love is the transformation point to the violent images now coming to us from the world’s stage.

Send Love to All Life Forms

This is not a matter of judgment. Each soul travels its own journey to love. Each soul goes through various phases of learning and expansion. Those souls playing the darkest roles in this dream of life are also on a journey to love. They are presently exploring a painful location on the spectrum of human experience. Those who bear witness to their journey are afforded the opportunity to visit and embrace their own shadow and to reaffirm their journey to a greater experience of the love that they are.

Even those who embrace ongoing waves of transition are finding this doesn’t guarantee a smooth transition into the new time. Anything that is incomplete, denied, pushed back or trapped in emotional trauma will cry out for release as the shadow hastens. Use this time to home in on any aspect within your consciousness that needs your assistance. Join with others in consciousness and send love to all life forms. Everywhere in every part of the world are those who hold the earth in their awareness and send love to all beings. Join with them and send love to all forms of life, including animals, plants and minerals.

Holding every situation that comes before you in the highest light allows you to merge into the ocean of higher consciousness. This ocean is vast; it embraces every soul and every journey toward love. If you allow yourself to fall into the drama unfolding around you and on the world’s stage, you will be of no use to yourself or to others. Stay focused on love and join with many in consciousness who are sending love to the planet and all its inhabitants during this transition time.

©2010-2014 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved http://www.celestialvision.org These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute this message with others as you feel guided to do so. Please be sure to include the author & source website link.



For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta

For more on fifth-dimensional realities, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

For more on working with your future self, see Messages from the Future: Adopting Your Future Self as Guide and Mentor by DL Zeta

For more on healing the past, see Traveling Time to Release Energetic Bookmarks by DL Zeta

DL Zeta – Spirit Journeys to Future Timelines – 8-18-14

Spiritual Journey
Image Source

Spirit Journeys to Future Timelines

Our consciousness is not limited to physical reality. Lightworkers have known this for some time and we are still finding new horizons for exploring the potentials of spirit travels. The energies now make it easier than ever before to travel time and dimensions to facilitate healing and make expanded realities more accessible to others.


As shamans of the new time, lightworkers are able to undertake spirit journeys by entering a meditative trance state and traveling through the doorway of the imagination. The information from these journeys in consciousness has the power to transform the spirit traveler at all levels. Sometimes these journeys yield gifts the traveler shares with the world. A single image shared from a spirit journey can open doorways for many.


Stepping beyond Time and Physical-Based Realities


We are able to undertake spirit journeys when we step beyond time and physical-based realities. While journeying in consciousness, we can track the threads of visions and intentions to the life tracks where they are realized. Once this connection is made, we are able to ask our ‘selves’ residing along those life tracks to teach us the steps to activate them. Through spirit journeys, we are able perceive and activate timelines where the seeds of our visions are nurtured in the rich soil of our subconscious and loved into being by the bright sun of our highest intentions.
Traveling the Energetic Thread of a Vision


Working with the imagination is essential to journeying in consciousness. It is through the doorway of the imagination that dreams and visions are downloaded to us. When we receive an image that excites us at all levels we can learn more about it by entering a meditative state, becoming deeply relaxed, and releasing our hold on the world. From this state, we can follow the energetic thread of our vision to the location in consciousness where it is realized. Traveling energetic threads is a skill you can practice as you go about your daily life. For example, when you go for a walk in nature you can pick up on the essence of various life forms. Every life form, be it animal, plant, or mineral, emits a spark that contains an energetic signature.

The energetic signature of a hibiscus flower is different from a magnolia tree, a stone, a bird or a lizard. Practice feeling the energetic currents within all living things. Expand your awareness to sense the energetic threads that arc from tree to tree. Close your eyes and follow the arcs in your mind’s eye.


Exploring Life Tracks where Visions are Realized


Once you have tuned into the frequency of life forms in your environment, you are ready to follow the energetic threads that spin off your thoughts, beliefs, visions and desires. You are able to track these threads into the future to see where they will take you. If, for example, you hold the vision to use your intuitive gifts to help others, find the golden thread of this vision extending from your present moment into the future and follow it.


Allow your imagination to take you on a journey to life tracks where this vision is realized. Images of moments and milestones will unfold, offering glimpses of the realities that reside along the path of this thread. When you make a practice of journeying in consciousness you will find you are able to track the energetic signature of all your dreams and intentions. This allows you to clarify and fine-tune them before they crystallize into physical reality.


The Future Seeds itself within a Past Moment


Sometimes visions reveal the steps you will follow to create something new. This might be a soul mate relationship, a book, a work of art, or an invention – the possibilities are limitless. In some cases and especially with creations of greater complexity and magnitude, you may need to pay numerous visits to the life track where your vision is realized in order to learn the steps of its creation. This is one example of the future seeding itself inside a past moment. Time is a mental construct that does not exist in the higher dimensions. All of these moments – past, present and future – are occurring simultaneously in one eternal moment. When we look through this window, it’s easy to see how simultaneous moments enable timeline “bleedthroughs” via frequency and resonance.


Establishing an Energetic Connection with Future Timelines


Returning to our creation process, if your imagination brings you an image of a reality where you have developed a unique healing technique, sit with this vision and hold it in awareness. Feel the energy of it and set your intention to follow the thread of this vision to the location in consciousness where it is realized. Imagine this golden thread extending through time, into the future. You may receive actual visions of this reality or you may experience it as a feeling state.


Ask your Future Self to Download the Steps to Realizing your Visions


You can speak to your future self – the version of yourself that resides inside this timeline – and ask this self to download to you the steps you took to arrive at this life track where your vision is realized. You may see images of actual steps or you may simply be guided within the moment by your intuition to make the decisions and choices that will bring you to this life track.

Let whatever happens on your spirit journeys be perfect for you. Sometimes all you need to accomplish initially is to establish an energetic connection with the location in consciousness where a vision, creation or intention is realized. Once you find this location, you can return here as often as you want, immersing yourself in the energies and feeling states of this space.

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DL Zeta – Merging with Peace and Oneness in Dimensions Beyond Words and Time – 8-9-14

moon water reflection


source: http://celestialvision.squarespace.com/journal/2014/8/9/merging-wit…

By DL Zeta, www.celestialvision.org

“Ego is no more than this: identification with form, which primarily means thoughtforms.” — Eckhart Tolle

As we move further into the new time, more souls are stepping past limiting identities that previously held them to lower-vibrational timelines. The transformative energies of the new time have the power to carry us into deeper waters of consciousness beyond realms of thought. These inner dimensions exist beyond thought-based constructs such as time. Inside these dimensions we experience ourselves as more than an endless stream of words flowing through our minds. Here, our awareness expands beyond the world of form, allowing us to step past limiting identities, beliefs and thoughtforms.

Merging with the Peace, Oneness and Wisdom of our Soul

Inside this dimension we experience oneness and communion with source energies. Here we gain awareness of the multidimensional nature of our soul. Immersing ourselves in these energies helps bring awareness of our parallel lives occurring simultaneously. This immersion allows us to see the interconnectedness of all things and the spiritual intelligence underlying all physical realities. Here we are able to receive intuitive guidance about any question or issue we are working with. In this state of direct communion, we exist in a peaceful, joyful state. By daily entering this dimension, we merge our physical world with the peace, oneness and wisdom of our soul.

The Dimension beyond Thoughts is our Natural State

This dimension beyond thoughts is a natural state for us. Old programming and thought viruses have separated human consciousness from this natural state at times. This state of inner separation is the wellspring of all separation we see in the outer world. A house/mind divided against itself fosters realities steeped in separation that lead to violence and war. The frequencies of the new time are moving consciousness past this separation and toward reunification with our natural state.Those who heal the separation within themselves are able to help heal the destructive divisiveness that exists in the world.

Releasing Over-Identification with our Thoughts

Regularly immersing ourselves in the dimension beyond thought liberates us from over-involvement with the physical world. It keeps us from being over-identified with our stream of thought. Over-identifying with our thoughts gives way to compulsive and addictive thinking. We may identify with our thoughts to the point that we lose the sense of who we are apart from them. We may not know who we are apart from thought-based aspects of identity.

If one loses touch with their natural state, they begin to derive identity solely from relationships, the physical body, thoughts and memories, race, religion, gender and other roles. When we move away from such strongholds of identity, we are able to shift to a new identity that incorporates the infinite, limitless nature of our being. This new identity is derived from the awareness that exists in the background our minds.

Time Disappears in the Space beyond Words

When we enter this place beyond words, time and other constructs of thought disappear. Since there are no thoughts here, we are beyond the grasping tentacles of thought viruses. Inside this realm we experience the real love we are seeking behind every third-dimensional reality we construct. There’s no need to look further.

Inside this space, we are aware that we are one with all-that-is. We are aware that we are infinite, limitless and loved. Each time we enter this space we energize and activate these frequencies within our energy field. These frequencies are always within us; they are always a part of us. When we bring our focus to them, we strengthen our experience of them. This allows us to manifest physical realities infused with the energies of the space beyond words.

Connecting with the Essence of what we Seek to Manifest

Inside this space we can connect with the essence of whatever we seek to energize in our physical reality. We can enter this dimension beyond words and time with the intention to connect with subtle energies that contain the essence of that which we seek to manifest.

An example might be the essence of a book, a work of art, a relationship, body of knowledge, or an invention. There are an infinite number of potentials. Many creations, inventions and gifts to the world have arrived through the doorway of someone’s soul travels beyond words and time.

Re-Centering Daily in the Dimension beyond Words

While the dimension beyond words is a part of us, your experience of this inner space may at times be hindered if you have been strongly embedded in thought and physical-based realities. It is helpful to make a daily practice of re-centering yourself in your eternal and timeless nature.

You may find it helpful to use some simple techniques to energize your experience of the dimension beyond time. Our vehicle might be transcendental meditation, binaural beat technology, relaxation training, dream work, automatic writing, channeling, or candle gazing. The possibilities are infinite. Whatever carries you into this space is your perfect vehicle to strengthen your experience of the space beyond words and time.

©2010-2014 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved www.celestialvision.org These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute this message with others as you feel guided to do so. Please be sure to include the author & source website link.

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DL Zeta – Soul Synching with Past and Future Selves – 8-2-14

  When you reach a sufficient level of awakening you are able to make contact with other selves that exist simultaneously in other locations in time and space. This is possible because you are a multi-faceted soul that sends forth multiple aspects to experience the pain of separation and the joy of oneness on the earth plane. These aspects exist in various timeframes and consist of what we think of as both past and future selves.

Your future selves exist on the map of your consciousness in locations you have not yet experienced. The order and location of your present-moment self on this map is determined by your proximity to energies of awakening. Proximity allows you to retain a greater degree of “other life” memories. Selves that hold less “other life” memory awareness are generally considered past lives while those with a greater amount of other life awareness are generally considered future life selves.
Your Awakened Selves Facilitate Healing of other Selves

Part of the awakening process involves facilitating the healing of other selves. The awareness of other selves is a key piece of entering mastery consciousness. As a mastery self assists other selves with healing and entering deeper levels of awakening, it becomes more powerfully awake, serving in effect as the higher or coordinating self for other aspects of your soul incarnated throughout time.

Recognition and Awareness of other Selves leads to Soul Synching

When you enter resonance with your future self, this self joins its light with yours and begins telepathic communication. In much the same way, you are able to reach back to your most awakened past self and make this connection and so on.

This synching cannot take place until the current focus self of an incarnation holds the recognition and awareness of other selves. Your focus self changes throughout various phases of a given lifetime. The focus self is akin to the ego, the part of your conscious mind currently in charge of navigating physical reality. When your focus self embraces the idea that physical reality is best navigated in communion with your soul and higher self, you are ready to begin the process of unifying your past and future selves. The energetic influences of recent years have fostered an unprecedented level of spiritual growth and sharing that has brought many focus selves to the point of awakening to past and future incarnations.

Your Future Self is a Wise and Caring Mentor

When your focus self is assured that contact with your future self will make its job of navigating the earth plane easier, it poses no resistance to continued connection with your future self. In fact, it will likely come to respond to your future self as a wise and caring mentor able to provide a greatly expanded vision of the landscape you are presently navigating.

Contact with your future self can take place during meditation, or any time you still your mind and bring your full focus to the highest frequency you can access. From this point of still focus you can reach out with the intention to make contact. Once you are connected, you may experience a warm, loving energy and presence. From inside this connection, you can ask your future self for guidance and assistance with issues you are working with. Because soul synching places you in an expanded and altered state, you may find it helpful to prepare in advance questions about your present situation. Your future self will perceive your questions and download guidance and information to you.

Your Future Self is dedicated to your Self-Realization

You future self is as invested in this connection as you are for your growth and awareness are one and the same. Though you are experiencing different time frames and realities, this self is as dedicated to self-realization as you are. Your future self is as intent on carrying out the desires of your soul as you are. This is a powerful, loving connection that holds the power to heal you at all levels and to assist you in making choices that allow you to magnetize meaningful and uplifting realities.

Synching with your future self allows your light to shine brighter. It expands your consciousness and helps grow your field of potentials. This synching brings both you and your future self into greater resonance with your higher self. It brings you into greater communion with your soul and allows you to bring forth the unconditional love, higher information and healing that is much needed in the world.

©2010-2014 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved http://www.celestialvision.org

These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute this message with others as you feel guided to do so. Please be sure to include the author & source website link.

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DL Zeta – Setting our Internal GPS for Timelines of the New Earth – 7-26-14

DL Zeta 2

We can begin amplifying our experience of the new time at any point we wish to have a greater experience of love, peace and spiritual connection in our lives. Those who have already begun this process are finding the energies of the new earth readily available to be woven into the fabric of new beginnings.

With the July 26 New Moon in Leo joining forces with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, this is truly a time to begin anew. This is an excellent time to begin a new spiritual practice, expand our creative horizons, forge new connections with others, start new health regimens and re-invent ourselves in some new and daring way. Our efforts toward expansion are greatly supported now. For lightworkers, this holds special significance as we allow the gentle winds of this time to speed us along on our journey of self-realization.

Accessing the Etheric Internet and Facilitating Rapid Healing

Lightworkers have known for some time the direction we are moving individually and collectively. Whatever we have experienced thus far by way of intuitive knowing, dreams and visions, we are able now to greatly expand. We are able to shift to life tracks aligned with high-vibrational frequencies; to facilitate rapid energy healing and conscious access to the “etheric Internet” where the information of all-time exists; to experience telepathic communication with our higher self and to consciously blend with others. We are able to access timelines where every spark of life in every form is valued and respected, and where slavery does not exist. We are able to experience life tracks where inner peace gives rise to universal peace and the true nature of love is expressed and experienced instead of the pale reflection that sometimes passes for love in the third dimension.

Setting our Intentions activates our Internal GPS

Whatever we have experienced thus far is just the first wave of these energies. The next wave is available whenever we’re ready. We don’t have to know the steps to join the dance. Strengthening our connection with timelines of the new earth is a matter of setting our intentions to further align ourselves with the new time. In a sense we are setting our internal GPS for life tracks of the new time and allowing ourselves to be guided to these high-vibrational realities. As we are ready, a new step appears. Intentions guide us to the right place at the right time, bringing us into connection with people, situations and information – whatever is needed to help us take the next step on our journey.

If we sense internal resistance to taking this step, we can look for any way in which we may still be invested in third-dimensional timelines. If we are still tied to past traumas this will create a rubber band effect, pulling us back time and again to lower-vibrational realities until we heal sufficiently to gain our release.

We exist simultaneously at various Points throughout Time and Space

Some simple steps will help us anchor the light of the new time. This includes learning to work with energy and intentions and a willingness to see the world from a new perspective of limitless potential. We see what we expect to see. If we expect to see a linear progression of events, our life will seem to move along a linear progression of life tracks, each one building on the other. This way of seeing things may work in some cases but not in others. Energy extends in all directions. As a result, our past, present and future selves all exist simultaneously at different points along the map of our consciousness. At some points our energy expands while at others, it contracts. We are able to balance these times by embracing and celebrating the study in contrasts that is life. When we work in connection and harmony with aspects or “selves” that exist at all different points on the map, we create inner unity. This state of inner oneness strengthens our connection to timelines of the new earth. When we exist in a state of inner unity, there are always aspects we can call upon for support, energy and guidance regardless of the circumstances we are dealing with at the time. This is a benefit of inner unification – we can unify and strengthen our different aspects to form a framework that supports growth, healing and the cultivation of higher consciousness.

Our aspects consist of past, present and future selves as well as our repertoire of selves from our present lifetime, all operating simultaneously under the umbrella of our higher self. When these selves harmonize and work together to carry out the desires of the soul, everything is possible.

Uniting with Past and Future Selves

When you set your intention now to cultivate inner unity and higher consciousness, your past and future selves are entrained to this higher frequency and your consciousness throughout time expands. Past selves are healed and released from spiritual misunderstandings. Communion with future selves expands your alignment with your soul and higher self.

In a moment of meditative alignment, you can reach out to your future self and ask this self to join its light and energy with yours. Uniting present and future greatly expands your field of potentials moving forward. When our selves join together to amplify and join their light, this accelerates our efforts, heals us at all levels and assists us in times of need. Likewise, we can reach back to unite with past selves to facilitate their healing and growth. When we create inner oneness, we are able to join with other unified souls to amplify the timelines of the new earth.

The Path of Quantum Growth and Healing

As a result of efforts toward unification, in 5-10 years your expanded future self is able to radiate energy back to your present moment. When you make a practice of sending light to your past selves, in a short time you will begin receiving energetic infusions from your future self that is still carrying out this practice. When you set an intention to radiate love and light and healing energy to all aspects of your consciousness, past, present and future, you create the causes of a spiritually aware and empowered future self. Each day reaffirm your intentions toward inner unification. Set an intention to expand the light of your consciousness. Your sense of joy, love and inner peace expand exponentially as you daily send light and love to all aspects of your being and open to receive from all aspects of your being. As you expand your light and empower your selves throughout time, you become a brighter light for others.

As you set up this energetic exchange, in a very short time you will begin to experience the results of these intentions. The light of your future self, greatly amplified by your intentions and efforts, sends light back to you as you in turn send light to past and future selves. This is the path of quantum growth and healing.

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These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute this message with others as you feel guided to do so. Please be sure to include the author & source website link.



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