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MELANIE BECKLER – A Return to Divine Love – 10-29-18

Return to Divine Love- Channeling the Ascension Council of Light



We bring you the simple reminder now to return to the underlying peace and knowing of the Divine Love that is within and all around you.

The Divine Love, and Life Force Field, which will guide you through the maze of density perceived as your present reality. Through the seemingly “Haunted House of Lies” spun as the web of illusion, which from within your present paradigm perspective seems and feels very real.

Just remember, there is so much more.

Drop out of the insecurities and fear of the mind and become one with the light and the peace within you. Attune your body and energy to the crystalline grid, and the new earth paradigm of peace and love emerging from within the old.

And as old energy, as past pain, as trauma and fear arise… As challenge and hardship present within your experience…

Consciously choose your response.

Choose which reality and which timeline you will feed and call forth through your divine force of magnetism, your-co creative potential through action and conscious creation, yes, but also through simply vibrating in perfect coherence with your soul tone, with your highest light, with Divine Source.

Through this, calling forth the highest possibilities from the infinite into the earth plane, into your life playing field, we understand this is no small task, aligning your energy, action, thought, intention and word in every moment.

Seeing as reality and the many facets of which naturally press your buttons naturally press your buttons and trigger a response of anger, frustration, sadness or fear lower coping mechanisms which well they do yes help you in a limited way to cope with lower energy. They also keep those lower patterns locked in.

You can choose to respond in a new way, which leads to a new outcome, a new reality filled with the brightest potentials. You can call forth the dawning of a new day You are the one who can.

Your every moment is your living prayer, your living ritual, and manifestation exercise. Hold the field of love within and while it may presently seem like a long shot, like the villain in this story is too powerful, the obstacles to vast and the hill to climb out of the pit of despair to steep…

Know that your journey of love, your steadfast commitment to peace, your willingness to embody spirit and to resonate with crystal clarity in alignment with your divine soul song, your soul tone, your frequency of coherent love vibration, this is the key to unlock yourself and humanity from the web of fear, the matrix of densities…

And to call forth the highest and best, the most vibrant loving and true new paradigm, New Earth, new reality if you like … To call forth the resolution, transcendence, from beyond time through love, through choosing the crystalline template of harmony, love, and peace now

Return to love. It really is this simple and this profound. Love opens the pathways for the light field of transformation, which can truly rewrite and realign humanity with the highest and best outcomes, possibilities, the highest and best timeline.

Choose love to support this in realigning now. Love in the greatest, most absolute sense. The underlying peace and knowing, the Divine plan unfolding, the love revolution, you are a part of.

Rewriting the script for the future the past and present now. Awakened hearts and clear minds at the helm.

And you’re up!

Your part to play is here and now.

Let go of the struggle, let go of where you’re holding on. Let go of fear, let it unlock from your field..

Allowing your team of guides and angels to step in now to clear and elevate your vibration, your energetic signature in this now to harmonize you with the highest crystalline potentials for creation.

Realign with love. Tuning into the love force vibration within your heart, and breathe love.

Breathe every breath through your heart center to free yourself, to free humanity, to restore the highest divine blueprint across space and time, in this now.

This is your opportunity to choose. Your ballot to vote.

And you do so through energy, through frequency, through everything, through who you are.

And so realign all of this with the highest and best, the most authentic and true…

Let love reemerge from within to call forth its full manifestation around.

You are this force of love.

You are this field of light.

You are resonant with the Crystalline, with the Divine, with peace, and yet yes, there are layers of programming of conditioning, of belief of past pain of fear.

This is your reminder.

Your clarion call… To let this go old patterns go and return to the truth and knowing that all is well…

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And that through the love you choose, through the love you shine, through the love you broadcast…

Through love, you rewrite the script, the playing field, the paradigm…

Calling forth love on earth for all.

We love you

We are the Ascension Council of Light



JALELLE AWEN – Leaving The Safety Of 3D Shore To Swim In Divine Waters – Soulfull Heart Way Of Life


You cannot cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore (2)


Standing on the shore of your previously anchored into 3D life, the waters of change and the unknown call to you. The waters of Divine love and embracement beckon you inward, onward, and upward. 3D parts of you have known more of the surface and its easily accessible stories. They have been schooled, bred, and taught the familiar and comfortable that remains seemingly unchangeable and unchanged.

The depths of the underneath and all the unexplored places represent the depths of YOU to still be plunged into and discovered. Your deep dives into your emotional body and Metasoul legacy invite the revelation of all sorts of wonderful ‘creatures’ that live in your shadows waiting for your light. Each dive down brings another piece of your soul’s puzzle into your awareness. Each dive down opens you up to what has previously been mysterious BEcoming known.

To begin this journey of inner exploration is to leave the safety of shore. To cross your own ocean is to be courageous and willing to lose sight of the shore. To BE with the parts of you that are afraid to let go and feel insecure, frightening, concerned, worried about what will happen. To hold their hearts in your heart as you invite them to let go of their gripping. To let the shore fade from your vision as you face forward into the seemingly empty horizon together. To trust that what is next and NEW will meet and greet you as you choose love, as you choose life, as you choose growth.

There may be other people on the shore that want to stay there. Friends, birth family, romantic mates that want you to stay with them. They have been BEloved to you and are still loved. Yet, parts of them want to remain in what is known and haven’t woken up yet to the soul’s capacity for Infinite Questing. Yet, you understand that you need to move on and away in order to grow. You realize that you need to venture out alone to discover and draw the resonance and intimacy, the GOODNESS, that you most want and deserve in relationships.

Negotiating with the part of you that protects and guards, your Inner Protector, can allow a smoother transition into the New. Often, the Inner Protector actually wants and aches for new explorations and discoveries. They often have a sense of your soul purpose mission here to serve love. They can offer you this inspiration and information once they feel safe to let go of the ‘care and feeding’ of all your other parts (such as the Inner Child, Inner Teenager) that they have been overly protective of and over. As they feel more YOU show up in your BEing to become head of your own household and loving parent to all parts of yourself, your Inner Protector can transmute to the frequencies of multidimensional Gatekeeper, guide and bridge to your Metasoul/other lifetimes. They can become a navigator helping you guide your ship, rather than the reluctant captain! More about these parts here:

As you let go of the shore, the waters of LOVE embrace you and hold you. The currents of Divine guidance steer you. You are pulled by the undertow of a growing curiosity fueled by your soul and NEED to know and feel yourself. You are unanchored and free to float, to swim, to dive, to BEcome who you really ARE as Infinite Love. And, your sacred humanity rises up from within to meet and greet you as you land safely, always and over and over, onto the shores of your INNER home.


Jelelle Awen is a Soul Scribe, Sacred Feminine and Sacred Union Facilitator, co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond.

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ARCHANGEL GABRIEL – Filling Yourself with Divine Love – via Shanta Gabriel – by Forever Unlimited – 11-6-17

Filling Yourself with Divine Love,

by Archangel Gabriel By Shanta Gabriel

| November 3, 2017

Dear Ones, You all need quiet space away from your busy lives.

Even small amounts of time taken with great intention

will give you the energy you need to thrive in your life.

Filling your inner cup with Love …

via Shanta Gabriel: Filling Yourself with Divine Love, by Archangel Gabriel — Forever Unlimited

Lady Nada via Fran Zepeda – The Vastness of your Divine Love Essence – 9-19-16

LadyNada.picture credit: cosmicgaia.comBeloveds,

Let us speak today of your soul embodiment and reality as you see it. You are beginning to understand that your reality is a composite of your earthly experiences and emotions. However, these have just been a bridge to your greater understanding of your True Self.

Seeing what you have been through as a stepping stone to your higher consciousness way of being is the purpose of your sojourn here on earth.  Seeing your experiences and emotions in a detached way and as a helper/friend to raising your consciousness changes the fabric of your reality, where your soul and higher consciousness are really at the helm of your being and experience.

What is put before you to experience is a function of your growth; it is what is the best way to weave the aspects of your Self to a more full and complete fabric of higher consciousness and divinity.

And beloveds, you are so adept at this. Sometimes you forget that you are not your experiences, that you are not your emotions, that you are not your physical body separate from all else. These all are just a part of your true being that allows your True Being to flourish and exist on a higher realm.

And this is your truth. With this you can see everything from a lighter, higher perspective. It is all as it is, designed for your greater growth. You, as a physical being and ego, and your higher self are combining to orchestrate and build your true self to fruition and higher exaltation.

You are much more able with this perspective to find joy in the moment, to find fulfillment in the moment, knowing that you are in consort with your soul. You are one with it and it is at the helm of all your experiences now.

And you even can feel lighter in this knowing, that you have arrived at a place of lightness and joy that is not tainted so much by your emotions and physical experiences. They are more your friend now and they can dissolve into wisps of light energy as your soul awareness anchors more within your physical body and you realize this Beautiful Divinity that you are.

You can glide through life with more ease and joy, and what used to seem like an obstacle is not so much an impediment because your higher consciousness knows the reason for it and thus the creative solution for it. And it becomes your guide and impetus for higher frequency and full embodiment of your divinity.

With all this new perspective, your body feels lighter, and more clear, and aware of a limitless existence where all is possible and all is probable and all is infinitely glorious in its beautiful expression of this vast love energy that you are feeling now … this beautiful Love Energy that you ARE now. You are integrating it with ever-increasing speed, and it serves to validate and enforce your knowing that you are a Beautiful Light Being, glowing with abundant Divine Love and possibilities, limitless possibilities.

You are vast in your expression of Love now. It is you because it has always been you. You have just paved a way and allowed it to become front and center of your life. See yourself now as a walking Glow of Love Energy, extending out as far as your mind can imagine, then allow your soul to show you it can go further, without limit, without end. That is how you are to look at yourselves now: Vast expressions of Love which has no limit.

And you cannot help but know that this is your true reality. All the experiences and emotions you are experiencing are but a small speck in the reality of your Vast Love Essence, which is You, Now. Believe it, dear ones. And with that, all the impediments and obstacles become but a speck that you can dissolve with ease with this vast Love Essence Energy that is you.

Your new perspective allows you to detach and thank all the experiences and emotions for allowing you to become more of who you truly are, with each realization of the truth and meaning of the experience as it shows itself to you, to enhance your Love Essence to greater degrees, for love conquers all, beloveds —  Know this on a deep level. It can shift something and everything immediately.

And feel the buoyance and lightness this discovery can bring you. That nothing can stand in your way of becoming, of being, the pure Soul and embodiment of your Soul within this physical body, replete with all the knowledge and strength of Creator, of Source, the more you let it build within you and the more you welcome the beautiful glowing golden Love energy entering your world to refine and make this so.

So feel the joy of this, beloveds. You have come so far…. you are well on your way to complete Divine Embodiment the more you allow yourself to see yourself from this perspective, a vast expression of Divine Love affecting every cell in your body, and every atom of energy throughout your world and the universes, so that it becomes so vast that you feel yourself safely nestled in the center of Pure Divine Love Energy that makes up your world and the multiverse.

You are but a gem making this happen for all, while you allow it to happen for yourself. See yourself as the center of this glowing love energy that affects all, including you, and you are well on your way to seeing your true reality, which colors all experiences and emotions to a brightness and glowing divinity that is always at the core.

And with this you can perceive the Oneness of All That Is, the glorious expression of Divine Love inherent in all, and in unity with all, forever and always.

I extend my love to you now dear ones, and want you to know how far you have come in this journey of yours, of ascension. You have reached places that no one could have imagined thousands of years ago, yet, your soul has always known that you were capable of it, of reaching places in the unknown that once you only dreamed of.


All my love,

Lady Nada


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