Beings of Venus via Natalie Glasson – Divine Intervention of Venus – 12-31-15

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Beings of Venus via Natalie Glasson   –   Divine Intervention of Venus   –   12-31-15   –   Audio version


Welcome to a new shift of awakening upon the Earth and within your being, this is a time of profound shifts which you have been preparing for since 2012. The Era of Love will more fully manifest from your being and into the Earth in 2016 for your greater experience.

Know that the love you feel within your heart and soul will intensify becoming a powerful force moving throughout your being and influencing your physical reality. This is due to the preparations you have made especially the releasing of fears and energy patterns in 2015, however it is also due to the Earth now being of an appropriate frequency to create a powerful alignment with the planet and civilisation of Venus.

The Earth has increased its energetic vibration due to your devotion to emanating and expressing the light, love and truth of the Creator. Mother Earth is preparing herself to align her soul with the core soul of Venus to experience an infusion, and love codes exchange to further support the presence of love upon the Earth. Throughout the entire year of 2016 Mother Earth and the core soul of the planet Venus will enthuse their energies and merge their love to support the strengthening of Earth’s love vibration.

This may also signify that, we, Beings from Venus, will be more influential and present with you during this cycle upon the Earth. You may notice new guides entering your community of guides of Venus origin to support and instigate powerful shifts of love within your being. You will recognise us as we will come to you emanating love which will appear to you as tremendously beautiful.

Please accept our presence we have a great deal of wisdom, insights and information to share with you concerning creating a reality of love within your being and reality as well as supporting others upon the Earth in achieving the same. Our wisdom, as will our light, fill the Earth and humanity creating blessings of love.

It is not our purpose to overpower the Earth or humanity, we have been called forth by the Creator to support the next shift in ascension, especially during the cycle of 2016. Our love is gentle, inspiring and immensely healing, it is the grace of our love which we share with you to empower your own love source within.

We, beings from Venus, will appear to many in our energetic forms to bring forth personal healings born from love with the purpose of instigating love in abundance within you. Our healing because it is born from love is very powerful against the grip of negativity, blockages or fears within your being offering an experience of release and freedom.

“Beings from Venus, I wish to request a personal healing with you to promote the strengthening of my love, erasing of fear, negativity and blockages as well as the embodiment of love within my being.

“Support me in experiencing a beautiful loving healing with you so I may recognise myself existing more fully as a beacon and expression of love in my everyday life. I am open to receive your loving healing now or when it is divinely appropriate. Thank you.”

One being of Venus may come forth to you or many. We have numerous members of our civilisation assigned to achieving personal healing treatments for those who wish to receive upon the Earth. Please know you may invite these healers from Venus as many times as you feel is appropriate. The atmosphere and your being will fill with love; this is how you will know we are present with you.

We also have members of our civilisation assigned to distributing the wisdom and consciousness of love from Venus so many of you may feel inspired to connect with these beings or invite them forth to anchor a download of Venus Love Consciousness into your mind, brain and mental body to support your shift into love; the embodiment, expression and emanation of love.

“Beings from Venus, I wish to request a personal love consciousness infusion treatment from a member of your civilization who holds the most appropriate love consciousness for me to absorb into my mind, brain and mental body to aid my ascension upon the Earth.

“I am ready to receive and ready to align my consciousness and perspective with the love of my soul and the love consciousness of Venus.

“Please help me to see, sense and acknowledge as a being of love, from a space of love within me, viewing the truth of love all around me. I am ready for love, I am love. Thank you.”

Again one or more members of the Venus civilisation will draw forth filling your being and the atmosphere around you in love, projecting their energy into your mind, mental body and brain over a period of time appropriate for you to aid the infusion of Venus Love Consciousness. Whether you choose to personally commune with our energies or not our love will be present flowing throughout all, with the purpose of enhancing the presence of love.

This can also become a purpose which you may choose to accept for 2016, simply allow yourself to focus upon enhancing the presence of love whether within or around you. Inspiration of how to achieve this will flow to you allowing you to experience your influence in amplifying love upon the Earth.

The greatest question which has been asked to you many times and yet its importance is immense, ‘Are you ready to receive love and are you ready to be love?’ Your answer and the response of humanity to this questions determines the shifts and transformations to move into love upon the Earth that we can support. The more you can answer with a deep seated knowingness within you that you are ready to receive and be love, the more we will able to support miraculous shifts born from love within you.

You may also wish to ask your soul as you breathe deeply, ‘How can I more fully open up to love?’ This practice offers your soul the opportunity to inspire you of areas to focus upon concerning your acceptance of love. Holding the intention of being ready to receive and become love in your everyday reality even if you do not truly believe it will allow for us to work closer and closer with you as the cycle of the year continues forth.

With the presence of our love amplifying all forms of love you may notice a greater internal presence of love continually strengthening within you. We wish for you to also be accepting and aware that with an amplification of love this will continue to instigate deep and profound clearings from within your being each time you allow yourself to embody a new vibration of love.

This is natural as the love and light of the Creator always brings that which is not born of love and light to the surface to be released and healed. The release of fears and healing process will lessen as your vibration of love reaches a high vibration which it will towards the end of 2016.

You may wish to ask your soul in quiet time, ‘What is the love percentage of my entire being?’ Meaning how much love do you embody. If this is documented, you can continue to be observant of your love percentage throughout the year so that you can follow the journey of your Love Ascension in 2016.

It is in and with a profound volume of love that we, Beings of Venus, approach the Earth and align with your being. We are present in service to you so please allow us to support your soul in the coming months.

Your Love Ascension is now,
Beings of Venus


“Beings of Venus: Divine Intervention of Venus,” Channeled by Natalie Glasson, December 30, 2015,

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT BY ZORRA – This is Zorra’s Final Call! – Green Light Moment – Star Fleet Will Manifest – Mass Healing of Humanity and Earth – Divine Intervention – Time To Begin Your Projects – 11-30-15


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT BY ZORRA   –   This is Zorra’s Final Call!   –   Green Light Moment   –   Star Fleet Will Manifest   –   Mass Healing of Humanity and Earth   –   Divine Intervention   –   Time To Begin Your Projects   –   11-30-15


Listen and share – widely!

Sandra Walter – Divine Intervention – Creating New Everything – 7-31-14

SandraWalterBlessings Beloved Light Tribe,

What a magnificent end to July energetics ~ Stimulating, heart-opening, expansive Light. Our next Cosmic Gateway is August 4 – 12, however I AM excited for the NOW of this Light and what is has to show all of us.

Clearing the Path for MORE

My dear 2008 Mac, a parting gift from my last employer, reflected my desire to create the brand new and stopped being of service last SUNday. As Divine Will would have it, this happened the day after a deep conversation with a friend when I shared that I wanted to spend August focused on this New Light and all it has to reveal to me. New Moon manifestation said *SO BE IT!* – Mac gone, no more creating with the tool that graciously supported me through this transition into the New Light. And a big YES to taking the time to experience the powers of August, which prepares us for another trigger-like energetic shift first week of September (what a fine Birthday Presence!)

While my Divine Team and I manifest the abundance for a new computer, which will enable the creation of the brand new work (very excited, more on that when the moment is right), my online tools are quite limited. Purposeful and brilliant.

Some had commented on the Mac dissolvement with the old energy response of *It means spirit wants you to quit*. (Pause for Higher Realm laughter… ) To them I respectfully say *Oh Beloved, We are just getting started!* My Higher levels show me that the New Light requires more powerful tools, a better space (Aho to that, bring it on), and more outreach than ever in the coming months. I feel that the new skills awakening in me (my goodness beloveds, I had a channel the other night that contained 12 voices at once, and somehow I comprehended all 12 simultaneously) require new creative platforms.

New Earth Communication

This phase feels very Earthy, very New Earthy to me. I sense it is the integration of the Galactic aspects grounding in with the New Light expansion. Remember the previous mentions of enjoying the experience, and how valuable it is to the Higher Realms as we sort out new roles, new leadership attributes, new skills, new levels of Ascension itself.

We communicate differently; you’ll notice this in the vibrational mis-match of social interactions with awakened ones, the subtle moment of, *Hmmm … There’s nothing in this exchange for me.* In our Mastery, we graciously dismiss ourselves from many conversations to focus on the experience of New Light. It is not isolation – it is Divine Neutrality and Divine Self-Empowerment in a balanced, peaceful state of beingness.

Our vibrations are changing so dramatically during this passage, yet we are still in the Bridging the Worlds phase. There is a lot to contemplate as the new creativity takes root within us. Focus on the patience to welcome this expansion gradually, completely, in a full integration; it is important to working in alignment with these New Light energetics.

Flowing with the power of August

August is typically powerful with Lion’s Gate energies, Arcturian Corridor dynamics, and Solar activity. The Revelation Gateways continue and I AM guided to share some personal observations. I AM still able to post articles, however videos, photos, etc. will wait for a new computer.

I AM guided to spend most of August in the exploration and experience of these revelation energies. Plus, it’s one of the few months in Shasta of pleasant climate on the mountain. I intend to take advantage while the weather is nice.

I have a more technical article coming in which I intend to post this weekend. Until then, I send Divine Light and Love to all of us during this potent passage!


If my work has assisted your journey, and you would like to assist in the manifestation of a new computer, I gratefully accept donations!




Divine Intervention Has Been Activated

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The Galactic Free Press Update: Divine Intervention has Been Activated
Bringing Humanity Home Energy and Event Update With Love from The Galactic Center
The Real News and The Whole Truth

Greetings Love Beings, When We Began July We shared the Energies would Be Intense and We have not been let down. We just went through a huge amount of energy which will stir things up so to speak even more then they are already, with more intense energies INCOMING. These Next 2 Weeks are Going to Be exciting Movement for the Light and a Huge Victory for Love On Planet Earth=Heart. More Exciting Energy is indeed On the way as We enter The Third SuperMoon in Aquarius, The day Out of Time, the Lions Gate Opens and We begin The New Planetary Cycle, major shifting is underway, truth is Being Revealed and nothing can stop this momentum! As We have Shared In Previous Updates, The Signs Are Everywhere and a Intense Vibrational Upgrade is Occurring!

Quoted from Jim “Aquarius Full Moon July 22nd 2013 unmask the lies. The chance to find the truth is everywhere. Most of what has been created in the world is not what it seems.”

What is Happening on this Planet is truly Unprecedented. Light Groups Who are carrying The Activation Codes for the Vortex’s are Getting into Position, LITERALY, TO LIGHTEN It All UP! Meaning Lights On! Divine Intervention has Been Activated.The Thirteenth Stargate and a Unique Solar Opening To The Soul of Mother Earth=Heart and All of Humanity is being activated July 29th By Divine Decree. Along with all Vortex Points across the Planet. What this Means is All is a Go, many Will Be Welcomed Home into 5D!

Cosmic History Chronicles – Divine Intervention – For Humans Only – Eng -2.3.4 (Part 1) –

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The Cosmic History Chronicles

Volume II – Book of the Avatar: Harmonic History, Cosmic Science and the Descent of the Divine.
Time and Cosmos: History – the Relative Pole

“We are but the secretaries,
the authors are in Eternity”

Transmitted by Valum Votan—Jose Arguelles
Received by Red Queen—Stephanie South

“The vision contained within Cosmic Science is above the whole Earth; this means it establishes a view of reality, galactic in nature, encompassing different galaxies, star systems and planets. This is an entirely new description of the universe from the point of view of extraterrestrial intelligence.”

This book is vast and requires careful study. It touches on a variety of themes, including a re-envisioning of the history of the cosmos, the nature of revelation in history, and the descent of divine knowledge as the means of renewing and evolving the consciousness of humanity, all as viewed from the lens of the Law of Time and the synchronic order. Of special note are: The treatment of the 13.7 billion year history of the present cycle of cosmic evolution; the description and analysis of the principle spiritual messengers of history; and, most significantly, the presentation of cosmic science as a startlingly new (extra-terrestrial) descent or revelation of knowledge, including as an appendix, a complete translation of the original treatise, “An Introduction to Cosmic Science.”

The seven volumes of Cosmic History Chronicles published by