Christ, Mary Magdalene, Archangel Michael – via Lea Chapin – Bringing Forth The Energy Of Divine Grace – 3-1-18





Trish LeSage – Ascension and Divine Grace – 11-19-14

When one is on the path of ascension, they may eventually experience random acts of kindness. They are miraculously in the right place at the right time to lend a helping hand to those in need. Such a path may eventually lead one to experience divine grace.
What exactly is grace? When we speak of grace in terms of ascension to higher consciousness, we are not referring to being graceful in regards to the poise and confidence that is typically conditioned due to one’s upbringing or social class. Grace as it relates to ascension to higher consciousness refers to kindness and thinking of others first, instead of, thinking of oneself first. This “service to others” orientation, instead of, being “service to self” oriented is internal beauty that can be found within a person.
It is often said that when one experiences grace, our Creator is literally working through them to bring light into the world. When one is intuitively tuned, they may actually feel spirit working through them. A feeling of peace, bliss, and wonderful beauty may wash over them. Likewise, when one is intuitively tuned, and they witness others exhibiting grace, they may feel the same sense of peace, bliss, and beauty wash over them. In other words, when one experiences grace and when one witnesses grace in others, it can be felt intuitively.
The movie, “Paper Angels”, provides a good example of this. It is a story about a woman and her two children who live in poverty. They cannot afford to buy Christmas gifts. Therefore, the mother encourages her children to participate in the Salvation Army’s “Paper Angels” program. Children in the program make out a Christmas list of items that they want or need, and someone in the community where they live who has sufficient financial means buys the children four gifts on their list. On Christmas morning, the two children sat down with their mother near the Christmas tree to open their four gifts. Thomas, who is one of the children, had no gifts to open on Christmas morning. The reason being is that when he made out his Christmas list, he did not write down what he, himself, wanted and needed. Instead, he wrote down what his mother, father, sister, and a schoolmate wanted and needed. On Christmas morning, instead of, opening gifts himself, he gave his mother, father, and sister a gift from his Christmas list, and he went to school and gave one of his schoolmates who had bullied him the fourth gift from his Christmas list. He also paid it forward by organizing a gift drive at school in which he asked students to donate to the Salvation Army’s Paper Angels program. Not only did Thomas exhibit grace when he organized a gift drive and when he gave gifts to others from his Christmas list, instead of, thinking of himself, he also showed grace when he gave a gift to a student who had bullied him. In other words, even in the face of adversity, he showed grace! Although this took place in a movie, instead of, occurring in real life, a feeling of beauty, peace, and bliss could be felt as a result of the character in the movie’s acts of kindness and grace.
In another movie titled “Comfort and Joy”, a husband and wife work at a homeless shelter. One of their children walked up to a homeless man at the shelter and cut his meat on his plate for him since the homeless man’s hands shook so badly from a health condition which made it very difficult for him to cut his own meat. Once again, the feeling of beauty, peace, and bliss could be felt as a result of the character’s act of kindness and grace.
Of course, grace does not only happen in movies. It can also be observed in everyday real life. These movies are simply perfect examples of grace that are worthy of mention. Experiencing grace does not have to be financial nor materialistic in nature neither, nor does it necessarily have to be related to poverty. Oftentimes, it involves noticing the seemingly smaller things in life. For example, taking the time to help animals, plants, and even insects in their time of need is an example of grace.
As an example of this, a lady found a butterfly one day that had a broken wing. She scooped it up into her hands and took it inside her home. Fortunately, she found a local organization that was knowledgeable about butterflies, and they advised her to keep it inside and to feed it fruit juice. So, every day, she fed the butterfly fruit juice and ensured that it was kept safe from harm and could live in peace for the rest of its life. This is a real life example of beauty and grace!
Of course, there are other forms of grace. This article simply gives us a few examples of what grace is and how we may experience it and witness it in the world.
We all came from our Creator. Our Creator is love, light, beauty, and grace and all that is divine. When we are on the path of ascension, we are on our journey back home, from whence we came. We are called to serve and to shine light into the world, and in such a way, we experience the beauty and grace of our Creator.
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Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff – Let us have Discourse on the Quality of Love known as Grace – 6-20-14



Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as grace. This quality is present in an individual who realizes that their life here on Earth is a gift, and they seek to live in harmony with the supreme power that creates everything in the universe which brings spiritual, emotional and mental freedom and profound feelings of happiness. They realize that the universe contains infinite blessings which support them with abundant life, joy and prosperity. There is a recognition that there is always a flow of good into their lives, even though they feel that they have not done anything to deserve it.  When a person lives in alignment with reality rather than struggling with illusions, they are living in a state of grace and their expanded awareness inevitably leads to intense gratitude and actions motivated by compassion towards others. Grace frees an individual from the impulse to act on feelings that serve anything less that the highest good.

Giving service to others is a natural expression of grace, and its associated feelings of kindness, love, compassion, radiance, joy and serenity. Grace gives from a sense of abundance. When one is in the state of grace, service to others never feels obligatory or has any trace of resentment in its expression. By maintaining balance and equilibrium in the face of challenges and obstacles upon their path through life, a person lives in a state of grace.  Grace is a process of enlightenment and gives one the ability to discern priorities from the countless distractions that clamour for one’s attention. In the grace of unity with the ultimate source, one is able to let love flow through them, allowing for a deeper intimacy with others. Grace allows one to see their connections to those beyond their biological family so that even as they see flaws, one can also see their divinity.

Grace is the warmth in one’s heart that gives the courage to carry the knowledge that love will prevail in the face of seemingly impossible predicaments. It is having so much love in one’s heart that giving up is not an option. This expanded awareness leads to intense gratitude and actions that are motivated by compassion and the realization that the power that creates the universe, (Creator, Source, God) supports the individual and that if they align with these forces, they can co-create a life of abundance and joy by effortlessly surrendering to living in harmony with reality. When one has developed the ability to thrive with grace under challenging conditions, one develops faith that one can attain grace at any time, knowing this individual is certain that their thoughts, feelings and actions will always be in harmony within them, no matter the uncertainty about the outcome of a situation.

Grace is feeling gratitude for all that is. It is feeling gratitude for one’s blessings, despite the circumstances. It is the individual’s realization that trillions of cells in one’s body all coordinate to give them life and they become aware of all the events, synchronicities, and coincidences that must happen to support them in their life. Grace is a state of mind in an individual in which they freely acknowledge the adversities in their experiences and which they transcend by rising above them. As an individual moves in unison with all beings, all things and all events, it leads to a deep sense of belonging and connection, which is a state of divine love. A person living in grace realizes the interdependence of all existence and depends upon no one person or thing. The individual experiences the realization that self and the other ultimately arose from the same place and are thereby not separate, but are connected as part of the whole. Grace is when one is at peace with themselves, their communities and the world. The state of mind in grace is pleasing to the Creator and such ineffable power enables one to maintain this state.

Grace is the sense one feels that the forces in the universe are conspiring on one’s behalf as they realize that they are being supported by something beyond their own individual power. Grace is all around each person like the energy of the universe. As a spiritual strength, grace allows a person to realize their convictions, to do the right thing even when it is difficult to do so, and it is cultivated by exercising right actions each day, nourishing one’s spirit, and taking breaks from the challenges of life in order to replenish one’s vitality and life force. All living things wish to survive and thrive. When humanity experiences grace, they know they are thriving in harmony with themselves, with all others and with the universe. Grace is a benevolent transformation into greater wisdom, compassion and joy as a result of communion and connection with the Source of the universe. All people, regardless of religion, personal history or ability have access to grace.

I leave you now with the thought that your hearts and minds be opened and filled with grace from above in the realization that everything is working for you and that the entire universe is conspiring on your behalf.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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