Gaia The Goddess

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A tribute to The Great Mother, Gaia, The Goddess, Mother Earth. Music by Medwyn Goodall – “The Gold Talisman”

Divine Sophia Wisdom

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Goddess Sophia on Earth, incarnated in Eve Anderson invites you to learn the higher truths and receive her healings that will set you free as a result of karma clearing and DNA activation into thousands of strands. During a healing with Sophia, your spirit in heavens instantly learns the karmic lessons. As a result, you are granted a DNA activation of thousands of strands and a higher Christ consciousness. Eve Andersson is the healer of all healers on Earth. Her healing is mostly needed at this time, as the Earth is already in the 5th Dimension. The healing prepares our hearts and minds to be able to inherit the New Earth already created in the higher dimensions. See info:

Teri Degler – Unleash Your Divine Creative Energy – Lilou Mace

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Interview with Teri Degler. An award winning writer, Teri is the author/co-author of ten non-fiction books, including The Fiery Muse: Creativity and the Spiritual Quest (Random House of Canada) and one for young adults, The Canadian Junior Green Guide (McClelland & Stewart). Written in conjunction with the highly respected environmental watchdog, Pollution Probe, it became a Canadian best-seller.

After completing two books on the environment, Teri began to focus much of her writing on topics related to creativity and contemporary spirituality, subjects of deep personal interest to her. Teri first began studying yoga in her twenties in Paris with a teacher who had lived in Mahatma Gandhi’s ashram for more than twenty years. Several years later she traveled to India to meet Gopi Krishna – considered by many to be the world’s leading authority on kundalini. Since then she has been a student of the philosophy behind yoga and has been involved in researching the link between creativity, inspiration, and mystical experience. Both her latest book, The Divine Feminine Fire: Creativity and Your Yearning to Express Your Self (Dreamriver Press), and The Fiery Muse deal with this topic; she has also written a number of articles and spoken widely on the subject.

Shamanic Dream – Vima Lamura – Signals to Her Heart – WingMakers

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Vima Lamura, Vocals, Lyrics
Ancestral Voice CD – Shamanic Dream…
Poem, Signals to her Heart, WingMakers
Images, Dohrman Prophecy, SpiritState