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Ute Posegga-Rudel

Dearest Friends,

knowing and sensing What and Who you could Be, when you transcend separation –  how are YOU growing into That, to enter the path of Self-or God-Discovery? Firstly you purify and let go what no longer serves you on that path.

It requires a conscious process, facing what stands in the way. Without it there cannot be growth, there cannot be awakening, especially not an awakening on the most profound level, the awakening from the dream altogether.

The path is in the long beginning very tangible, down to earth, very concrete and not in the clouds. In fact, the true way is never somewhere in the clouds. You will feel your hidden emotions and motives which you rather wanted to forget, because situations arise where you have no choice but to accept them, – for the sake of letting them go. This allows you to rise in consciousness and frequency. It is a preparation to recognize the Ultimate.

But inspite of all of that –  you cannot Awaken from that dream by yourself, only very, very few are destined for It because of profound Self-Mastery achieved in former states of existence.

The ego or mind cannot become Divine Consciousness because it is not its nature. Rather it must be transcended as it stands in the way of your Awakening. Therefore secondly, you need for this last and Great step the Help and Grace of a Perfect Divine Master, a Master Who descended from the Divine Source Itself to here, and Whose Consciousness is Divine Source Itself. He Is The One to Transmit His Divine State to you. This has always been so since ancient times and has not changed today, although New Age teachings claim, the ego can liberate itself.

Did you consider what pulls you out of the matrix of your mind? How do you enter the space of mindlessness, That Radiant Space, in which your body-mind is arising? Even the temporary stillness that might alternate with your busy mind in meditation is still part of the Great Maya, it is mind-borne and therefore not the Absolute Stillness of the Ultimate.

It is impossible to transcend the body-mind with the means and on the grounds of the body-mind. To try that you would continue to be the body-mind, no matter how subtle you are. But the truth is: nothing else but the body-mind, or even the light-body-mind is available to you in that process, where even God or Ultimate Consciousness remains merely an idea of your mind, as long as you are identified with it.

And generally there is no awareness that there is a difference between the idea of God (an “other” being) and Real God, or the Subjective Divine Reality, Consciousness, Source, the Field of Eternal Love-Bliss. The God in the dream is merely an idea about the Ultimate.

Don’t betray yourself: what you consider to be God, is a God in the dream. He is not the Whole Truth and remains therefore always an image of the Infinite, like a veil that hides the Truth, even if thin, perhaps with the experience of energy, light and higher love, but cannot be compared with the Ultimate Clarity and Power of Supreme Radiant Reality and Love-Bliss.

Because the God, imagined with the body-mind is only a pale reflection of Truth. In this reflection the ego-mind would think it is God itself. While you remain identified with the body-mind, you perceive “God” as an “other”, a from you separate Being, whereas in Truth there is no separation, but Only God, or Truth or Divine Reality That Includes you.

The apparent impossibility of Realization from the ego’s point of view might confuse you, and you might become upset that you can do nothing whatsoever to realize the Truth on your own.

So it is about surrender in Love.The ego-will and -effort can do nothing. No ingenious technique is available. The body-mind needs a Divine Revelation to understand That. The Divine Revelation comes from the Unfathomable Other Shore. It is not enclosed on your shore of limitations. And this Revelation is given by Grace.

How does this work? It is Mysterious. It can never be understood with the ego-mind, with the usual spiritual means and for sure not with the many false New Age teachings, driven by illusions. It is a KOAN. And therefore it is your deep heart-desire for Truth that  penetrates the forest of your mind. What is really desirably other than Truth? There is no greater Happiness, Beauty and Freedom than in Truth.

How to fulfill this heart-desire? Follow your truest heart! And doors will open. Opportunities will suddenly appear, because your very essence of light that yearns to meet the Supreme Being, is creating it.

There is always Divine Grace but you must be prepared to open up to It, to transcend and heal the obstacles to receive It. To purify the energy channels of your body, and to recognize the very depth and bottomlessness of your heart beyond the body-mind to become truly Free.

If you still think proudly you have already discovered all your spiritual potentials and that you are already fully enlightened, please consider that you still remain in the box of the body-mind, and you are not even aware of it because your involvement in the matrix is so deep, the programing is so overwhelming, the glue is so dense and blinding. So many illusions are holding their power over you.

The biggest obstacle is to believe to be free, while you are still captured in your bondage, because you have never really left the box. This is not about astral travel or OBE’s, what’s leaving here the physical body is just your subtle body-mind, exposed to many cosmic forces. Ultimate Freedom is the Realization of Divine Consciousness. It has no concepts, no worlds, no dreams. It Is Fully Awake. It Is The All That Is.

It is said, one must so desperately desire Truth as if one’s head is held under water, yearning for air.

With all my love to your heart!


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DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS – Riding The New Plateau Of Energies – by Rainbow Phoenix – by Rumor Mill News – 105015


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Rainbow Phoenix

The giant Wave from Divine Consciousness has rolled in, but it has not dissipated! In a new message from Cosmic Awareness, It explains how to ride the higher plateau of energies that we have now reached. More and even more powerful waves of energy are coming, much to the chagrin of the Powers That Were!

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The Team via Peggy Black – Seed All Celestial Energies – 2-18-15

Peggy BlackWe are here to support and encourage you as the magnificent beings of light consciousness that you are.

We realize that your main focus is in your physical reality; however, we continue to remind you that you are energy packets of light.

You are divine consciousness in a unique physical form. You are here on this planet at this time to lay the foundation of a new world.

When you look out at all that is occurring that is life-diminishing, we know that you can become discouraged, despondent, and even depressed.

We want to remind you of your personal power to create. When you allow yourself to drop into the frequencies and vibrations of mass consciousness, you will always feel the denseness and the despair.

So we invite you to lift your personal vibrations and shift your viewpoint of what is occurring on the screen of this dimension. Remember, every time you make a personal shift, every time you heal or uplift some aspect within yourself, you are adding that shift or healing energy to the collective.

We continue to repeat this message as many times as possible in as many different ways as possible so that you may claim your personal power to shift your reality and the world around you.

You are an important aspect in the collective consciousness. You might feel insignificant or small or unimportant, however we are here to remind you of your true magnificence. Your thoughts, words, and actions are always influencing the quantum field of neutral energy.

This neutral energy, this quantum energy, is awaiting your impression. By your very observation of events, you truly influence the event itself. Your scientists have proven that energy will become a wave or a particle depending on the observer.

What you focus upon, you strengthen. Whatever you push against, you strengthen. Whatever you worry about, you strengthen. Whatever you judge, you strengthen. Now is the time to empower yourself. Know this truth. You have been taught to use your co-creative ability upside down and backwards.

You continue to create the very things you do not want. Remember, energy follows thought. So begin to watch what you are focused upon. Where is your attention? To what do you give your mental time and emotional vibration?

If you continue to worry about your finances, your health, your relationships, or the state of the world, you are adding your most creative, powerful frequencies and vibrations to the neutral field of quantum energy that will match and manifest them every time.

Now imagine the collective consciousness focused on an issue, a judgment, a fear, or prejudice. Imagine how strong that collective energy is in the creation of the very thing the collective is opposed to, afraid of, or judging.

We are inviting you to be the shift. We are here to inspire you with confidence that you are the promise of the change. You are the alchemist to transform the lead of unconscious life diminishing actions into the golden vibrations of harmony and life sustaining probabilities.

When you hear news of horrendous events and your first reaction is one of horror, fear, and even rage, you and the collective individuals who are aware of your awesome ability to influence all that occurs on your planet do your best to make a conscious shift in how you can view this event differently.

We realize we are asking you to behave in a manner that is different from how you have been trained and taught.

It is going to take a major commitment on your part to become this conscious alchemist. Your behavior, reaction,s and your state of being are embedded in your connection and entanglement with the collective matrix.

Your religions and your educations have not taught you of your true celestial nature. You are a magnificent multidimensional divine being of consciousness.

You are an active part of the divine mind, manifesting your thoughts and emotional vibrations into this dense reality and timeframe.

Everyone on your planet is a part of this divine mind. However, from our observation most are still swimming in the energy pool of limitation, feeling powerless and unable to change or shift any part of this reality.

The energy and dynamics on your planet are out of balance. Most individuals have lost their true connection to the non-physical realms, their connection with the consciousness of nature and of all living things. Your planet Earth is conscious, as are all living things.

Begin to telepathically, heart-connectedly send your love and gratitude to everything and everyone, especially the people and the places of most conflict.

Begin to see and envision your air and water clean; begin to envision clean sustainable energy for all. Begin to see and call forth well-being and health for everyone.

Begin to manifest with your words and thoughts financial ease for all. Be the co-creator and anchor of political and world leaders that have the best intentions and actions for the people. Hold the vision for peace on earth.

Seed all celestial energies and gifts with your best visions and intentions. Call upon all the divine beings in the non-physical realms of love and light to be in partnership with you in this awesome endeavor.

Remember you are powerful beyond measure. It is a matter of you claiming this truth and acting from this incredible place of connection and entanglement.

Energy in the collective matrix is always connected. When you know this as your truth, your thoughts and intentions trigger the shift and transformation within others, no matter where they are physically. Send healing light and love to all, especially those who do the most harm.

It takes great will and commitment, as well as honoring your true nature as a being of light, to begin to be the shift, to think ‘outside the box,’ to hold, call forth, envision, and anchor a new existence, a new experience.

You are here to offer and secure this foundation. Your numbers are increasing as more and more individuals realize that they absolutely, literally, actually have the ability to bring about the shift to humanity.

We are honored that you hear our words and you are doing this work and service. Know that the realms of truth, love, and light are ever available to support and assist you in this adventure.

We acknowledge you for the courage and fortitude to be in a physical form with all the challenges that are presented. Know that you are loved, know that you are seen, and most of all know that you are appreciated. the ‘team’

“The Team: Seed All Celestial Energies,” channeled by Peggy Black, February 16, 2015, at http:/www.morningmessages.com

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