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There is a huge difference between having opinions and having the ability to discern. Those who have an agenda realize this and they prefer that you NOT have the ability to discern. The prefer that you are reactive, fearful and trust what they tell you. They make issues black and white and demonize the opposing camp. These are all manipulative ploys that have worked for centuries.

Those with an agenda, understand how we think. They spend a lot of money researching how to get us to respond a certain way. Right now in advertising you will see the world love thrown around more. That is because advertisers have tapped the pulse of mass consciousness and understand that love and kindness are important to the individual at this time.

There are some huge companies out there with warm and fuzzy messages. They put a beautiful farming backdrop onto the wholesome spokesperson to the message of fracking. There is a really endearing jingle about love being endless on a commercial for a fast food burger place right now. There is also an energy commercial that says something like, “energy is complicated.Let us worry about it for you”.

In my opinion, they are all good commercials that make me feel like everything is fine the way it is. That all is well. If I allowed myself to NOT discern.

My ability to discern reminds me of the horrific toxin and abuse to the earth that fracking does.

My ability to discern tells me …




LISA RANKIN – How Can You Tell If You’re Being Spiritually Guided? – 15 Discernment Tools By Lissa – 8-30-17

03-13-2017what would love do



Lissab Rankin

I’m in Boulder, Colorado right now leading a Sounds True event about trusting the invisible forces of love to guide you in your life. Yesterday, we spent all day talking about how we can invoke spiritual guidance, the tools and practices that can help you receive guidance, and what gets in the way of opening to this kind of guidance. Today, we’ll be focusing on the tricky topic of discernment.

As Sounds True founder Tami Simon pointed out yesterday, without discernment, we can become flat out delusional in our efforts to seek out spiritual guidance. “What if someone sees seven butterflies,” she asked, “And he assumes that means he’s supposed to get seven wives?” We laughed at her example, but seriously—Hitler thought he was being spiritually guided to purify his race. Discernment is key. Without clear tools of discernment, an attempt to seek out and follow spiritual guidance can turn psychotic. After all, schizophrenics think the television is talking to them. The only thing that separates the mystics from the sociopaths and psychotics is discernment.

We’ll be talking about many tools for discernment in today’s Sounds True program.

In short, there’s no simple answer to “How can you tell if you’re being spiritual guided. In fact, the very question calls to mind a story Rabbi Reb Zalman told about an enlightened master whose disciples were concerned about choosing another spiritual teacher after he died. The master told them to ask any prospective teachers a question. “Ask him what we should do with our thoughts that interrupt us in meditation, that drag us away. If he answers you, don’t take him as a teacher. It’s too facile to give such an answer.” In some ways, discerning whether you’re receiving accurate spiritual guidance is similar. If anyone tries to tell you they know for sure when they’re receiving clear guidance, be skeptical.

With that disclaimer, here are some key questions you can use to double check yourself when you think you might be receiving spiritual guidance. Keep in mind that no single one of these questions is adequate for discernment. Don’t interpret your answers to all these questions literally. Use these questions as a prompt for your own intuition and discernment.

15 Discernment Questions

–Does it feel like shackles on or shackles off?

Does this make you feel like you’re in prison or unfettered? Is the cage door open or closed? Do you feel the heaviness of the shackles or the lightness of being that comes with freedom. Martha Beck writes, “The Buddha often said that wherever you find water, you can tell if it’s the ocean because the ocean always tastes of salt.” By the same token, anywhere you find enlightenment—whatever improbable or unfamiliar shape it may have assumed—you can tell it’s enlightenment because enlightenment always tastes of freedom. Not comfort. Not ease. Freedom.” If you feel like you’re being guided, does it feel like freedom?

–Is it kind?

If you think you’re being guided to do something overtly cruel, insensitive or unkind, think again. Don’t mistake kindness for people-pleasing though. Trustworthy spiritual guidance is kind at heart, but it can also be tough love—complete with strict boundary setting and ferocious love. You may be guided to break a people-pleasing co-dependence pattern that may feel to someone else like your new boundary setting isn’t as kind as usual. Check the kindness meter in your own heart. Your heart will know.

–Is there Aliveness here?

This is a vitality check. True spiritual guidance rarely tells you to do something that makes you feel dead inside. The rational mind, the fear-based inner critic or the task-master superego may order you to do something that feels deadening, but spiritual guidance will not.

–Does it exhaust me or fill me with dread?

Your true nature may ask you to complete tasks that require you to hunker down and focus. You may even feel a certain weariness after saying yes to a calling that puts you on the front line of something big and scary. But even if your body is tired, you will also feel a certain excitement, a rightness and lightness of being, and positive flow of energy through your body. You may feel scared. You may have butterflies in your solar plexus. But if you feel dread, you can be pretty certain the guidance isn’t pure.

–Does it nourish or deplete me?

Even when spiritual guidance asks you to do something that requires a lot of energy, true guidance will only ask you to do things that fill you with spiritual energy and do not require you to give away all of you own personal energy.

–Does it feel natural, efficient, easeful, peaceful and graceful?

This question, from Joan Borysenko and Gordon Dveirin’s wonderful book Your Soul’s Compass, always help me breathe more easily when I’m discerning whether guidance is real. As they discovered by interviewing priests, rabbis, Sufi masters, Christian mystics, sages, intuitives, and gurus, spiritual guidance usually feels natural, efficient, easeful, peaceful and graceful.

–Does it make sense?

While spiritual guidance may often ask you to do things that feel crazy, common sense is still a useful discernment tool. It certainly didn’t make sense when my spiritual guidance told me to leave my job as a doctor ten years ago. So as with all the questions, this question doesn’t work on its own. But if spiritual guidance is asking you to do something that violates your common sense, slow down. Ask for clarification and confirmation. If you’re not sure, it’s OK to ask for more guidance.

–Will it hurt anyone?

As with the “Is it kind?” question, this doesn’t mean your irresponsible 30-year-old son won’t get his feelings hurt when you set a boundary and tell him he has to move out of the house if he can’t contribute to the household as a mature adult. It also doesn’t mean you may not be guided to hurt someone who breaks into your house and is threatening your kids. It’s simply a prompt to remind you that if your guidance is potentially dangerous or hurtful to someone else, double check yourself.

–Would love do this?

This is one of my favorite questions because it’s so expansive. What would love do? Sometimes love forgives unforgivable acts. Sometimes love leaves. But there’s nothing more powerful in the universe.

–How does this feel in my body?

Does your body feel contracted or expansive? Is it saying “Hell yeah” or “Hell no?” When you consider what you feel you are guided to do, do you get a headache or feel nauseous? Do you feel exhausted or enlivened? Does your heart light up? Check in. Let your body be your compass .

–Am I rushing?

In my experience, trustworthy spiritual guidance doesn’t rush you unless someone’s life is at risk. If you’re not clear, you can always ask the invisible forces of love for confirmation. Pray for another sign, a dream, a clear knowing or seeing or gut instinct. Slow down and get quiet. Listen deeply. Pay attention. You will get your answer. You just may not get your answer on someone else’s deadline. If you feel pressured to rush, the answer is probably “Not yet.” Urgency usually stems from fear and scarcity. But true guidance isn’t afraid and it’s ever-plentiful. There’s always enough.

–Is it coercive or controlling?

If what you feel guided to do is coercive or controlling of someone else, pause. Love doesn’t coerce or control.

–Is it ethical and aligned with my core values?

This one is so important that I could write a whole blog post just about this. I met a shaman who defended his sexual molestation of a client because he said, “I was being spiritually guided to give her a sexual healing.” Bullshit. I’m not saying that ethics are black and white or that you might be led into grey territory from time to time, but if you think you’re being guided to do something that might be a blatant ethics violation, think again.

–Will this cultivate the stillness in me?

This one is HUGE and it’s not often emphasized in our busy, rushed culture. So many things you might enjoy leave you feeling hyped up, manic, and on edge. As one guy who lived on a wild game reserve in Africa told me when he was breaking up with his girlfriend, “I used to think that the excited feeling I got when I was with her was love. But then I realized it was actually the feeling I get when I’m with an unpredictable wild animal.” Sometimes what we interpret as excitement is actually a physiological stress response. Choose the people, work, and experiences that cultivate relaxation responses in your nervous system.

–What’s true and not true about this situation?

Sometimes we get confused because we think it’s a black or white answer we’re seeking. But maybe it’s both/and. Sometimes the solution that resonates in your heart is a paradox.

Are you being guided? Do you have what the Quakers would call a “leading?” Run through these questions and see if they help. Also, don’t be afraid to seek out trustworthy guidance from therapists, spiritual counselors, and reputable intuitives, energy healers and shamans. Often, they can help confirm what you already know in your heart of hearts.

Trusting your discernment,

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PRIME CREATOR via ALEXANDRA MEADOR – Techniques of Discernment for the I AM – 11-17-16


Galactic Connection

Published on Nov 22, 2016

To Alexandra

I am saddened and disappointed by beings and humanity in their inability to discern truth, especially after 250,000 Quad-trillion years of deception and Illusion by shape-shifters claiming to be me or other benevolent beings, who are here to help you now and have always been with you.
I have and always will send you more than your physical consciousness can comprehend.
You need to discern the validity of the information I Prime Creator am giving and bring forth to you, and humanity.
I have Chosen to bring this information to you through Alexandra at this time. It is up to the individual to discern where the information is coming from. I will never bring forth any information to you or humanity through any being who “Fell From Grace.” For those of you who can see, and feel truth, ask your “I AM” where this information is coming from. Meaning, it should look and feel like a tube of light moving straight up from your head and it will never come from the left side of your head. If you or anyone else receives information from the left side of the head it is from the false Gods, those who fell from grace. For example, what did Jesus’ Light look like? It looks like a tube of light coming from his feet and moves up over his head. There are too many ways to count that many of you are still allowing and accepting to be deceived, enslaved and manipulated, including the control of your mind. When you are unable to discern Truth and live in the depth of the illusion, what can you expect but to receive distorted truths, and inaccurate information? I am telling you this because 90% of humanity is able to discern only 20% of the information being stated to you, let alone whether that information is true or not. With this understanding that you are unable to discern the truth of who you are, receiving information from here and beyond, I would like to provide additional instruction that will help you and is listed as follows.

1) I am here to give you some information on how to discern Truth and false information and how to do this without too much trouble. You may start by closing your eyes and sitting in a quiet place.
2) Say “I AM,” please show me what truth feels like in my own body.” If you can’t feel this, ask for it to be amplified until you can feel it. See and sense where it flows within your body. Next Say “I AM,” please show me what false information feels like in my body.” If you can’t feel this, ask again for it to be amplified until you can feel it and can sense where it goes in your body.
3) Please know that you can ask many questions of your “I AM.” This is your Higher Self which exists 12 inches above your head. You can ask your I AM yes and no questions. They are felt the same way within the body as truth and false information is felt. You should also know your “I AM” Higher Self would never lie to you!
4) If you would understand that you have never needed to go to someone else for information, other than yourself or the Prime Creator, We would not be having this conversation today.
5) This may shock many of you but If you understood that I brought forth the “I AM” teachings long ago. This information was plagiarized, and distorted by St. Germain, as he claimed it as his own creation, and therefore is one of the reasons it is so misunderstood today, and seems to be too complex on how to use.
6) I will give you this important I AM Statement to help yourself and others. Say “I AM,” Please bring in Divine Love to disintegrate (subject matter, negative situations, conflict, troubling things).” Then say “I AM” now refill it with Divine Love.” It will immediately be flattened out and raised up, while shutting down the negative issue or event that is happening and still be done with neutrality and love.
7) The only beings that were here in the beginning were those who created the “Fall from Grace” and the receivers of it. Let me tell you a story you can understand and the distortion of the Truth. I do believe you all have a basic understanding of the Bible? Many of you are under the impression that Jesus died for all of you, as that is what you have been told in false stories. I will tell you this – that all the disciples were the beings Jesus was working with while he was on earth. This is a true statement, but what is distorted is that he did not die for you, but rather those same disciples handed him over on a silver platter to save their own skin. The fact is that they killed him with a spear through his side slowly, then dismembered his limbs, removed his organs, and then used them for their rituals. These disciples were all the beings who also created the “Fall From Grace.” Jesus agreed to work with them in order to heal and resolve the choices they made in the beginning off-planet.

Read further at Galactic Connection :…

Gregg Prescott @ – 6 Ways To Access Higher Consciousness – 6-5-16

6 Ways To Access Higher Consciousness

By Gregg Prescott, M.S.,


Would you like to access higher states of consciousness? The following are 6 ways you can do this!

6 Ways To Access Higher Consciousness

1. Discernment.Discernment involves using your cognitive abilities by questioning EVERYTHING! When you do so, you begin your spiritual journey by seeking answers through truth.

2. Intuition. Similar to discernment, intuition is basically using your gut feelings to guide you.

3. Opening your 3rd eye. Your 3rd eye will show you things that were previously inaccessible to you. I give a tutorial on how to do this in the article, “Do THIS Right Before You Go To Sleep To Open Your 3rd Eye!“.


4. Meditate.Meditation helps to bring your mind into the alpha state where you can easily tap into higher states of consciousness.

5. Use the Law of Attraction. Try asking the universe for ideas and suggestions on what your direction should be… or any other question you may have. The key is to LISTEN and to OBSERVE what is shown to you, as you are always being guided toward your life purpose.

6. Ask your spirit guides and guardian angels. Your spirit guides and guardian angels are there for you, 24/7/365 but they cannot act without you first asking them to do so, due to the Law of Free Will. Of course, they can gently guide you by giving you symbols such as a feather appearing out of nowhere to let you know they’re there for you, but you have to ASK them for help if you need it!


4 Tips in preparing yourself to access higher states of consciousness

1. Ground yourself.Staying grounded is a great way to prepare yourself for higher states of consciousness. Try going for a walk (barefooted, preferably) and connecting with nature. Similar to #4 (Meditation) you may be able to connect with nature to reach higher states of consciousness.

2. Live in the heart. Stay heart-centered as much as possible, thus keeping the lines of communication open between you and higher consciousness.

3. Ho’oponopono. With feeling behind it, say Please forgive me, I’m sorry, thank you, and I love you at any given time throughout the day. The Universe LOVES gratitude!

4.Turn off the TV! The biggest deterrent to accessing higher consciousness is watching television or low vibrational movies that feature horror or the killing of someone.

Deciding to live in higher states of consciousness is a full-time job. Take it seriously, yet have fun with it. As you change, the world changes around you.

Click here for more articles by Gregg Prescott!


About the Author:
Gregg Prescott <a href=Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit. He hosts a weekly spiritual show on In5D Radio and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. His love and faith for humanity motivates him to work relentlessly in humanity’s best interests 12-15+ hours a day, 365 days a year. Please like and follow In5D on Facebook as well as BodyMindSoulSpirit on Facebook!


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Steve Beckow – A Time for Discernment – 7-13-15

ascended-mastersSteve Beckow   –   A Time for Discernment   –   7-13-15

I’ve just read a channeled message that advises us that there have been meetings with the cabal to tell them that their end is nigh.

The message says that Sananda was accompanied by the Mother and Father and “others” of the Company of Heaven. It says the meeting was held in the Third Dimension and it was necessary to appear before the cabal because it needed to see that the Company of Heaven meant business. It argued that the cabal didn’t believe in the higher dimensions. It said that members of the cabal were astonished because they had never seen such beings before.

And the message went on.

Folks, tell me that your discernment is sharp enough to catch the tell-tale signs of a message that has no validity. As we head into what is being said to be the run-up to the first wave of Ascension, we’ll be reading a lot of channeled messages, many of them from new sources. The cabal itself may even disseminate false messages.  We need to be able to rely on our own discernment.

Some new channels will feature a little awkwardness in their messages. We published one recently that does. These don’t rule a message out of court.

Let’s look at the excerpt from the message in question and see what doesn’t ring true.

Accompanied by the Mother and Father? I doubt it. The Father is beyond the dimensions, beyond materiality, formless, transcendental. No one has ever seen the Father and ever will. And yet Sananda was accompanied by him?

Good luck getting him to a meeting.

“Others” of the Company of Heaven? The Father is not a member of the Company of Heaven and could never be one among many or one in any group. Where the Father is, there are no “others.”

If either the Mother or the Father attended these meetings, all the participants would now be instantly ascended probably by a number of dimensions.

Meeting in the 3rd Dimension? That was gone some time ago.

Appearing to the leaders of the cabal for them to believe we mean business?  Envoys from the Company of Heaven have been appearing before the cabal for years. It hasn’t stopped many of the cabal.

The cabal was astonished by the appearance of higher beings? No, the cabal has been speaking to extraterrestrials and higher-dimensional beings for decades and have seen Archangel Michael and others for years.

The cabal even refused to believe there were higher dimensions above the 4th where they thought they reigned supreme?  The cabal knows about the higher dimensions. They know sufficient about universal law to ask a group of higher-dimensional beings visiting our solar system in a very large mothership recently to leave (and the ETs respected that request and did leave).

So, yes, we may post some new channels at this time, even if they feature a few awkwardnesses. But we draw back from posting those with so many inconsistencies, contradictions, implausibilities, improbabilities and impossibilities that the credibility of the source is seriously brought into question.

Illumination and Inspiration – Lady Nada and Sananda – Discernment and Openness in place of Judgment – Channeled by Fran Zepeda – 8-7-15

Illumination and Inspiration   –   Lady Nada and Sananda   –   On Judgment   –   Channeled by Fran Zepeda   –   8-7-15

Fran Zepeda

Fran: This capsule of information came in as I was pondering how much judgment has been a part of our lives, but also how things are changing, and asking for illumination on the subject, I received this and share it with you now: ,


Lady Nada and Sananda  (Received August 2, 2015):

“Throughout your long existence in duality, judgment has been your stalwart, your guidepost, your guiding light to navigate your many twists and turns within your reality. And it has served you well. It has seemingly kept you safe and kept you moving towards your goals. We say seemingly, because while it has moved you forward and kept you safe in many cases, it has also limited you in your many experiences in your journey of moving into higher consciousness.

Yet judgment has served its purpose. It has been necessary and has served you in your sojourn in duality, in navigating your many phases of evolution towards enlightenment and higher consciousness and Oneness. It has been a necessary phase to move you further along in your development and to allow you to move into your continual refinement of your energies as you move out of duality, and ultimately to discover that judgment can now be replaced with discernment and openness to new experiences in consciousness.

Looking at and examining the many times you have used judgment as a compass will be an enlightening exercise in discovering and examining the workings of your old ways of moving through life — that although they have served you, it is now time to allow yourselves to shift into the new perspective brought into your consciousness by the new higher energies, steadily becoming more comfortable residing within you.

You can now look at each new choice, idea, thought and occurrence as a canvas to explore the many sides of a question, occurrence, thought or idea as all-encompassing and all-pervading, with many facets and points of view, allowing you to see that within all of it holds the whole truth, to which you become open and more accepting and to feel more comfortable living within all of it, as a whole, with a feeling of “it is what it is”.

It is important you do not judge yourselves for judging, for in many ways this form of navigation in life has served you as you have moved through your eons within duality. And as you know, it is always a challenge to move out of the old ways. However, you are finding that it is becoming easier to move beyond this older mode of operation you have used to guide you, as you merge with your higher selves, aspects, and higher consciousness and embrace the new vibrant energies of change that are upon you now.

Dear ones, it is becoming easier for you to recognize when and how you judge things as good or bad, black or white, negative or positive, as you allow yourselves to ride the waves of change and open your energies to embrace all perspectives, all expressions and all thoughts as containing a multitude and plethora of possibilities, embracing it ALL in the present expansion of your consciousness.

And discernment will serve you in guiding you in the direction of your highest good, of your highest consciousness, your highest vibration, bringing you into new territory, allowing you to stay in the higher dimensions with more ease and sustainability.

And discernment is a means of choice based on your inherent compass housed in your heart and higher consciousness, your inner voice to which you are learning to listen and abide by, based on your Divine Love Essence and Soul-stirrings as you climb the ladder to higher consciousness, perceiving things from the perspective of your Christ Consciousness ever-building within you, as you merge with your higher aspects and lovingly take in the higher energies pervading you now…

…And thus inherently choosing all action and thought based on this higher consciousness, anchored in Divine Love, guiding you now in place of the way judgment used to guide you.

And there you have it, dear ones, as we offer you another means of opening up your perspective and consciousness to a higher level of clarity within your inherent journey into the higher realms of consciousness.


Healing to Wholeness Sessions and Channelings by Email are back on Special, to assist in your further Awakening:

Copyright © 2011-2015 Fran Zepeda. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and share this message provided that the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been altered in any way, is distributed free of charge, and this copyright and links are included. ,

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Michelle Walling, CHLC – The Three Levels of Learning Discernment – – 3-27-15

The Three Levels Of Learning Discernment in5d

by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Staff writer,


Our consciousness is experiencing this lifetime in a holographic matrix, and we are existing on many levels and many places at the same time. Really, the only thing real here is our Source energy consciousness. However, in order to move out of this reality into one that is more pleasing, we have had to become a sleuth in order to find the highest path. Discernment is the tool that we use to accomplish the highest and best outcome in any particular moment.

I had a really sweet lady on Facebook ask me, “How do you know what you know”? I have been asked this many times, so I thought it would be helpful to share the most important things that I do in order to discern. I told her that I have practiced running things through my inner guidance, and in response she asked me how to do this. She said that she has relied on her critical thinking skills to discern. Although practiced discernment can involve balancing the left/ logical side of the brain with the right/ creative side, real discernment involves being grounded in your center by using your heart, balanced brain, and your solar plexus chakra or gut instinct.


Beginning discernment- questioning everything

When I first began my awakening about five years ago, it started with the subject of ghosts. I was drawn to watch a show called “Ghost Hunters” on television, where evidence of disembodied spirits was presented and then left to the property owner to discern the validity or meaning. I had always questioned religion, heaven, and hell, and from this show I realized that people never really die. This sparked a million questions and I began to read all I could about this. I followed clues and my gut instincts which led to many different subjects of study, including near death experiences and psychic mediumship. I began to question everything and to immerse myself in as much learning as I could.

Along the way I was faced with some really tough discernment lessons. I joined a group that had convinced me that I was going to magically “rejuvenate” my body which would prepare me for ascension in to the fifth dimension in 2012. I always questioned that something was not right about this, especially the fact that I would be leaving some of my friends and family “behind” and that I was special. It was a long agonizing wait until the day of ascension came…. and went. I got lost for a while in disappointment and began to review things that had given me clues that I had previously ignored, showing that something was not right. That was my first big lesson and I learned a lot about discernment from it.

Along the way I was faced with some really tough discernment lessons. I joined a group that had convinced me that I was going to magically “rejuvenate” my body which would prepare me for ascension in to the fifth dimension in 2012. I always questioned that something was not right about this, especially the fact that I would be leaving some of my friends and family “behind” and that I was special. It was a long agonizing wait until the day of ascension came…. and went. I got lost for a while in disappointment and began to review things that had given me clues that I had previously ignored, showing that something was not right. That was my first big lesson and I learned a lot about discernment from it.  in5d

From early on, the people in this group had taught about discernment. They said that everyone needed to “go within” to find all of the answers, and to not take everything that people offer outside of yourselves. The irony of it all is that if I had learned how to do this, I would have realized that we were all being misled! Another thing I learned is that the timelines and possibilities shift every moment in the now, and our consciousness also time travels into the past in order to change the future. I realized that it may have really been a possibility that we were supposed to transform into our light bodies by 2012, but something changed in our collective timeline.

These people, whom I still care about, had been clinging to a particular timeline that did not occur. Somehow I knew we were headed for a different timeline but I never spoke my truth about it until now. It is also interesting to note that for me, I am neutral as to whether that timeline was a missed opportunity or if I am better off not on that timeline. For all I know, they could have all joined that timeline and left a remnant of themselves here to keep my illusion going. What I do know is that I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now, and I realized that I was practicing the best discernment available to me in a limited capacity at the time.

I was still very much “in my head” in the beginning of my awakening. It does take some realizations and lessons to learn what that means and how to understand the mental mind. The mental mind is the main thing that is interfered with because it exists in the astral realm and is tied into the physical brain. It is used to keep us programmed and naïve. Getting out of the mental mind doesn’t mean turning off your mind as much as learning what is being placed there by others and taking full control of what thoughts you allow yourself to experience.


Gradual discernment

While trying to learn how to practice discernment, it helps to have someone you can run things by. Yes, sometimes outside opinion does help in order to figure out how to reach your own inner truth. You may read or write something and then you seek the approval of others in order to get a consensus of opinions. Then you can think back to what different parts felt like to you. For example, complete bullshit may have left you with a depressed feeling or maybe a little queasy, and something that really rings true to you will excite you and make you want to learn more.

In gradual discernment, the main focus is moving out of the mental mind where you are using logical thinking. This has been the program most of us have been running our whole lives. This reality we exist in is not logical, and in fact everything is backwards and upside down. It is like a hall of mirrors in a fun house. Getting down into your heart and your sacral chakra, or gut, is the key. It is important to pay attention to your body’s clues, for each cell in the body has consciousness and is able to communicate with your spirit and higher mind.  ellner in5d

In gradual discernment, the main focus is moving out of the mental mind where you are using logical thinking. This has been the program most of us have been running our whole lives. This reality we exist in is not logical, and in fact everything is backwards and upside down. It is like a hall of mirrors in a fun house. Getting down into your heart and your sacral chakra, or gut, is the key. It is important to pay attention to your body’s clues, for each cell in the body has consciousness and is able to communicate with your spirit and higher mind.

For example, when I am speaking my truth or when I hear someone else speaking their truth, I get chills up and down the inside of my body on the left side. My cells are vibrating at a higher level and I feel the difference. Everyone will have their own barometer and it does take a little work to practice feeling and comparing things.

The body can lead you anywhere. It will tell you what it prefers to eat over what it does not like by how it reacts to certain foods. It will tell you where stuck energy is through pain or disease. It is a wonderful barometer of truth and is not able to lie. Learning to listen to your body and even having a conversation with your body is possible if you are aware that you can do it.


Advanced discernment

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that in order to know the real truth, I needed to fully embody my “higher self” into my physical body. Because the higher self is of a higher vibration, it has a hard time existing in something that is full of negativity or denseness. The higher self is comprised of your higher mind, your guidance, and your other ‘selves” that have achieved a broader understanding outside of the matrix. Really, these are all one at a higher level, but this is how we can understand at this level of illusory separation.

My body certainly needed a lot of clearing work to do before I even got the idea of inviting my higher consciousness to join me as much as possible in this denseness. I had to clean house in order to make room for this energy. It has been a gradual road but I can definitely tell that communicating with this part of me and inviting it in to join me has made a huge difference in my ability to discern. I feel like healing and integrating the wholeness that is our higher self is one of the most important things we can do right now.

Also see: Going Within – The Door To Higher Consciousness


Centering and grounding

When your higher self is invited into your reality, you can use your higher mind, high heart, sacral chakra, and whole body to work together to begin to access the truth. This is called centering. In this matrix of duality and polarity, the truth is twisted in order to keep you confused. This confusion keeps you from being centered and calm. Centering allows you to see what parts are over-layed onto the truth so that you can dissolve the deception.

Another important element needed to integrate the wholeness of you is grounding. Grounding to the core sentient consciousness and energy of the planet is vitally important for many reasons. For one, Mother Earth is resonating at a frequency that will help to clear out the “gunk” we have accumulated not only in this lifetime but in all of our lifetimes. She is doing this service for us in order to heal the past and to raise our consciousness. Another reason is that some people’s higher self can have a hard time staying in the body. It could come and go if you do not provide a stabilized place for it to exist. Grounding will take care of that.

Another great benefit of grounding is that when you connect to the planet, you are fully connected to Source. Who has all of the answers? Source, our creator, the “all that is” does, and we are a fractal of that.


Finding your truth

When you begin to speak your truth, it is imperative that you share the parts that you have personally experienced. Parroting another’s lessons is only as beneficial to another as the energy you give it. If you really feel like someone has laid out their truths and this is interesting enough to share, then of course it may benefit someone else. However, the highest level of help you can give another is by sharing your own story. Your truth can be derived from this lifetime combined with all of the experiences of other lifetimes as well, which can be accessed within.

We are a part of Source and you would think it would be easy to get all of the answers, right? We have to get around an illusory veil that is experienced in this particular version of this human body in order to access this information. Dissolving the veil by going within and connecting with your own truth is the best way I know to be able to discern.


Elements of the truth can change

We exist multi-dimensionally and are having many different experiences at the same time on the other side of this veil. Because we are always learning, expanding, and healing, there are various levels of understanding that must be experienced in order to grow. We have to trust our guidance and know that we may have needed a certain experience in order to heal a past life or to finalize some thread of our existence. Your truth, one day, may have been an intended lesson in order to know what others might be going through. Or, perhaps you needed to fall for some deception in order to know what it felt like to question it in your gut? Just like a baby learns how to walk, we sometimes must fall down in order to get right back up and move forward.

Timeline and possibility jumping, healing stuck energies, and every decision we make in the now determines our future experience. The more we embody our true self and bring in our higher consciousness, the more we will be able to transform our existence in this now moment. Almost everything I have learned throughout my life has been a lie, including the New Age studies I had in my earlier level of awakening, what I was taught in school, and most everything I have watched on television.

An important part of discernment is to be able to trust that where you have been and what you have fallen for was not a waste of time. Judgment of the path behind you will not allow you to turn around and sprint forward.

I have determined a set of hard core truths for myself, which include:

  1. The high frequency of love is changing the world, galaxy, universe and beyond
  2. I am more powerful than any of the beings that are fighting to steal my Source energy
  3. I am existing in a holographic illusion that someone else created
  4. I am co-creating this reality within this illusion but have been trapped in cycles of time by those who tricked me into accepting their reality.

I have smaller sets of sub-truths that help me to stay sane in an insane world. There are very few truths I can align with in the esoteric, spiritual, and metaphysical communities, because all of us are learning that we have been mind controlled and greatly deceived for a very long time. Getting out of the mind and within our Source energy is the exit to this matrix existence we find ourselves in, and is one of the biggest challenges we face. It becomes easier as you practice and the veil dissolves faster and faster the more you give it your attention.

One day soon, a small group of very powerful humans will break through the illusion barrier for all of humanity. We are all connected and we are all helping each other whenever we work on ourselves. Our truth has been hijacked and we are demanding that it be returned. Until then, our body, Mother Earth, and our higher consciousness can help us to discern if we spend the time to connect. Being centered and grounded allows a sense of calm peace in a world that has gone completely insane.


About the author:
Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, webmaster, writer, and and Radio Host on In5d radio’s The Cosmic Awakening Show. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. Michelle has joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, and as a contributing author for Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model. All of Michelle Walling’s articles and radio appearances can be found on her database Holistic Counseling sessions can be booked through her website The truth about the holographic nature of the matrix and how we are going to dissolve it can be explored on her website Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here.

Polona of Ascension Pioneers – Channeling – Sourcing – Discernment – Soul Awareness


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Join me as I discuss the difference between sourcing and channeling and how to use inner discernment. I myself do not channel anything. What I tune into is my own Soul and the consciousness of my Beloved I AM. Therefore, everything I share comes from within my own Being and the Group Oversoul. It is my own Soul awareness. When we connect to a certain group of Beings, it is always our authentic Soul knowing if we tune into our Soul group and Oversoul, for we tune into our Soul awareness. If we do not, we channel a certain consciousness (a Being, an entity, etc.) that comes from another spectrum, or another Variation of Creation … with a different Soul awareness. This is important to understand, for if the Soul knowing is ours, we won’t filter the incoming information through. We will not distort it, for it will be pure … emanating from our Soul. We will have the inner tools to understand the awareness that flows through us. If not, we might manipulate the information through our own filters. That is why it is so important to be discerning when we tune into other people’s channeled material. True freedom and inner knowing is only found within … by tuning into our Soul Essence.

Within Divine Love, Polona



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