Christine Day, Pleiadian Message – July 6th: The 2nd Lifting of the Veils – Dimensionally to Glimpse Aspects of Remembering – 7-5-14

Christine Day

Christine Day

I do hope that this newsletter finds you in a place of ‘letting go’. With the energies of ‘the great shift’ that began to impact all of us who are consciously awake a few weeks ago we all need to be willing to allow a new phase of consciousness of thought and action begin to arise within us.

We are about to experience a 2nd lifting of the veils somewhere around the first week of July. My calculations energetically place it on July 6th. The Pleiadians have spoken to me about this process of the veils lifting taking place approximately every 3 weeks through to December 29th 2014.

Remember in a 10 second period, as the veils lift, you are moved dimensionally to glimpse aspects of remembering. Through these glimpses you immediately are able to realign back to Truth and witness the 3rd dimensional dream that you have been living. You ‘awaken from the dream’.

I do know that there has been a huge increase in activity up here in Grand Marais. I have been directed to open more dimensional layers to the Communication Portal and this has resulted in the Lemurian Portal within Lake Superior to emerge more completely.

We will begin work on opening a 2nd Communication Portal on our land in the next few weeks. The Pleiadians have informed me this Portal will carry a higher frequency of light and will align with the 1st Communication Portal, beginning the first level of the energetic creation of a receiving station.

I feel excited and exhilarated by the powerful openings taking place here on the land. We have had many Pleiadian ships around us in the last few weeks and I know it is due to the energies created by ‘the lifting of the veils’.

My own personal transformation has allowed a more complete telepathic connection to the Galactic energies and Pleiadians. It is hard to put in our limited language the full impact of my process as it unfolds. I do know that I am filled with yet another level of consciousness and love. This energy experience goes beyond anything that I have previously known.

So I hold the space for all of us to continue to let go and move into being. Trust because we can, knowing all is in hand and remember you are not alone!

On my Awakening Zone radio show and the free Pleiadian Broadcasts you can participate in many processes to support your ongoing work at this time. This will lead you to fully utilize these powerful awakened energies within you. Just go to my website, to the front page, to find with the latest video transmission from the Pleiadians.

love and Blessings,

Beloved ones,

We greet you and witness as you move with the waves of the sacred sun’s flow, as you let go and allow this flow to awaken you from the dream. The sacred sun’s energy is going to continue to impact you as it births forth through you, as it brings a further realignment to Truth. This flow of truth will impact you in waves, bringing clarity, remembering and then new understandings and experiences of your strength and personal power. It will assist you to open to your sacred alignments and be able to anchor these through your consciousness within your cells and energetic field.

These powerful rays of energetic light move through you and expand as ‘the veils lift’. It’s through the rays from the sacred sun that you are enabled to embody each moment of truth and maintain the expansion of consciousness and at the same time stabilize within the energy of that truth.

This expansion of your own consciousness activates a further opening within your Pineal gland. Know that this further opening will create a sensitivity within you. It may feel as though you can barely tolerate the energies around you. Just know that the natural forces can support you in a rapid integration process of this sensitivity. Be aware that the sensitivity is your re-entry into higher source frequency realms of your light.

You can expect this process to begin just after the 2nd ‘lifting of the veils’. You must let go of all that you believe and all that you know at this time. Let go and just surrender. Witness truth and insights as they unfold.

It’s an essential time to let go and trust your connection through your heart center only.
It is not the time to engage in the magnified human drama, unless this is what you consciously choose to do.

We witness your transformation.

Blessings, The Pleiadians


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